• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Movies Based on True Stories: Seduced by Madness – the Diane Borchardt Story

dv awareness

Ruben Borchardt

Seduced by Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story
(a great site for this movie and others like it)
Ruben Borchardt – The Murder For Hire Killing by Diane Borchardt, Doug Vest, Mike Maldonado & Josh Yanke
Wikipedia: Diane Borchardt
2 teens say they tried to talk 3rd out of Jefferson killing (first part)
2 teens say they tried to talk 3rd out of Jefferson killing (second part)
Borchardt’s son found father covered in blood
Third suspect in custody in murder-for-hire case
Suspect in murder-for-hire freed on bail
Murder-for-hire suspect will clam coercion
Borchardt told friend her plans
Borchardt’s son found father covered in blood
Suspects ate burgers after killing
Teen guilty in murder for hire
Vest murder verdict `unfair,’ mother says
5th person is charged in murder plot
Daughter tels of altercation on eve of slaying
Borchardt’s lawyers rest defense
Teacher’s aide says she doubts kids killed
Diane Borchardt loses her appeal for new trial
Diane’s appeal
Douglas Vest appeal
Murderpedia: Diane Kay Borchardt
Flunking Murder 1
Wikipedia: Seduced by Madness

Snapped: Diane Borchardt
Scorned: Love Kills: Shot for Teacher
Seduced by Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story
American Justice: Murder & Mrs. B DVD
Deadly Women: Eternal Revenge

Diane Borchardt – received life sentence
Douglas Vest, 16 – received life sentence
Michael Maldonado, 15 -received 18 years
Josh Yanke, 16 – received 18 years
Shannon L. Johnson, 20 – received 88 day jail sentence with 2 years probation


DOC #: 00298089
Birth Year: 1949
Age: 62
Height: Weight:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
PhotoDate: 04/16/2009

Institution: Taycheedah Correctional Institution
Region Unit: 7 09
163 W. Rockwell St
Jefferson, WI 53549-1632
Maximum Discharge Date:
Mandatory Release/Extended Supervision Date:
Parole Eligibility Date: 08/01/2035

Court Cases

Case #: 94CF00313
Statute #: 939.05 , 939.63 , 940.01(1) F , 948.36
Convicted: 05/20/1995


DOC #: 00293372
Birth Year: 1977
Age: 34
Height: 5′ 8″ Weight: 142
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BLUE
PhotoDate: 11/23/2011

Institution: New Lisbon Correctional Institution
Region Unit: 7 09
163 W. Rockwell St
Jefferson, WI 53549-1632
Maximum Discharge Date:
Mandatory Release/Extended Supervision Date:
Parole Eligibility Date: 04/03/2020

Court Cases

Case #: 94CF00336
Statute #: 939.05 , 939.63 , 940.01(1) F , 941.28(2) F
Convicted: 02/04/1995


DOC #: 00288750
Birth Year: 1977
Age: 34
Height: 6′ 0″ Weight: 150
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: GREEN
PhotoDate: 01/09/2008

Region Unit: 7 09
163 W. Rockwell St
Jefferson, WI 53549-1632
Maximum Discharge Date: 09/29/2012
Mandatory Release/Extended Supervision Date: 09/30/2006
Parole Eligibility Date:

Court Cases

Case #: 94CF00335
Statute #: 939.05 , 939.63 , 940.05(1) F
Convicted: 01/26/1995


DOC #: 00296414
Birth Year: 1979
Age: 33
Height: 5′ 9″ Weight: 160
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: BROWN
PhotoDate: 12/29/2011

Institution: Fox Lake Correctional Institution
Region Unit: 7 09
163 W. Rockwell St
Jefferson, WI 53549-1632
Maximum Discharge Date:
Mandatory Release/Extended Supervision Date:
Parole Eligibility Date: 04/03/2044

Court Cases

Case #: 94CF00330
Statute #: 939.05 , 939.63 , 940.01(1) F
Convicted: 04/28/1995


41 Responses

  1. Your information regarding sentencing for Joshua Yanke is incorrect. He received a sentence of 18 years. He has since been released from prison.

  2. Even if the information on here is wrong he should be serving life in prison without parole. He was in on it for a ring and $20,000 so he should be locked up for life.

  3. I was wondering if anyone had their address. I would like more information. And the only way to get that is to write to them and ask.

  4. I watched this movie on Lifetime movie network recently. It’s very sad how she convinced those boys to murder her husband, regardless though, they knew right from wrong and should have gone to the police with their concerns.

  5. I would love to see a real photo of Diane–I’m sure she doesn’t look like Ann Margaret!!!!!

  6. We watched the movie . A rerun Aug 2008. What a sad thing for a family to have to go through . I pray that the children come out strong. That it doesn’t completely ruin their lifes. The story stayed right with the facts. It doesn’t really happen. The story will have very little just a hint of the truth . The only thing I don’t know is if the daugther really had a child and named him Ruben . Also it was hard to understand why a boy would have to wear glasses with tape on them. The pictures of the real boy didn’t have glasses on in the picture I saw. Especially if it was true that the father had $6000. hid in his wall. That part may not have been true. Any way Ann Margaret was too good lookig for that part. But her and her husband Roger Smith has a true love story of their own . He manages her and he was one of the producers of this movie . Hey Roger ,Ann why not do your own love story ? It would be a good one with Roger’s health problems , you falling off the stage and being hurt and raising his children. Keep bringing the truely good real life stories . Its just so sad that they are true. Janice Shivers Cleburne ,Texas

  7. i know some of the people involved personally. ruben was a very nice man and he never hurt that crazy woman. yes josh is out of prison now. michael is incarcerated at the fox lake correctional institution in fox lake wi. doug is incarcerated at the new lisbon correctional institution in new lisbon wi. that woman really did coerce the young boys into killing her husband. i happen to live in the same town where that crazy bitch is in prison, a few miles away. she was at the high school when i attended there. she was very very good at getting people to feel sorry for her and to get people to do what she wanted them to do. yes brook did name her son ruben. and no, chuck didnt wear glasses with tape on them. the movie is pretty much how it really happened. except jefferson is not all spray painted it is a very nice town.

  8. Get this… Josh even lives back in Jefferson. He lives across the street from the fairgrounds! SOME NERVE!

  9. The murder charge against Shannon Johnson was eventually dropped. I don’t know whether the perjury charge was dropped but either way, she is definitely free today.

  10. Maldonado received life in prison and wil be elegible for parole after being served 50 years not 18…..

  11. Josh was a stuttering loser in school, and rumor has it he was a few inmate’s girlfriend in prison.

    Doug was a want-to-be drug dealer that would pay anything for a bag a ditch weed.

    Michael didn’t go to school in Jefferson, but I do remember seeing him around town with his pants down to his knees.

    Diane was a whore. She had sex with at least three students plus Michael.

  12. Just wondering what this small town is like where these people came from??????

  13. I think all the boys and the stupid bitch should spend their lives in prison. The boys were old enough to know right from wrong. I know a few of the boys she contacted first. At least they were smart enough to walk away. I know 2 of the kids that were not smart enough to walk away. That is really sad. I know they all came from broken families. That is no excuse.

  14. I was in prison with Josh. He was very young but not a bad guy and I assure you, he was no ones girlfriend.

  15. first of all none of you knew these people i did and it is so sad that this even happened and you guys think its some joke. and the movie is an even bigger joke. none of it was real jefferson isnt like that and the people were not like that doug was no prep boy thats for sure and mrs b didnt seduce any of them they were just young and not thinking clearly. its jsut crazy that people get a kick out of this and really none of you know how it was or what they were like and you want to sit here and talk about them. get a life

    • jefferson girl,

      Most people do know that the movie and the real events are not the exact same. No reason to get defensive. The murder did happen and the victim needs to be remembered. Those who participated in any way in the murder do not matter if they were not portrayed correctly. Ruben Borchardt is the victim. You never even mentioned him. And he is the one who counts. He deserves justice and to always be remembered.

  16. they lived in jefferson and not all of us make mistakes like that. and it is a nice little city by the way

  17. I am looking for the book based on the movie (If there is one)
    Does anyone know.

  18. May Rueben Borchardt rest in peace, but why did he wait until he had another woman lined up before he decided he had enough of Diane. Sure you want your kids to have a mother, but with a mother like Diane Borchardt, who needs enemies? He should have divorced her long before he took up with his new love! After all, Brook and Chuck were his children before Diane was ever his wife!

  19. i see the movie and i think diane borchardt is very evil woman.she need help the movies is a mandess.joshua/douglas/micheal all did make a mistakes and they was very young at the time.joshua is now out of prison let him live his life in peace.people need to stop make him suffer. so what if the guys come from a broken home.i did and today am a financial accounting inl london everyone need to move on in life.

  20. wow what a story a teacher convinces her students to kill her husband and low and behold they did it i mean did they have half a brain or what that women is so evil to ruin the boys future
    as adults it is our duty to teach youngster right from wrong she is pure evil but our simphaty should be with the victim ruben borchardt

  21. is there a book dose any one know

  22. I met Josh when he got out of prison. Very nice guy. All of you know that when we were younger we made mistakes too. When the time came to do it Josh was the only one that backed down. what about the other two they should rot in hell. I sure hope that their someones bitches in prison!!! I know he wasn’t.

  23. Jefferson Girl: You’re right. None of us really know exactly what happened, but how do you know what happened either? Were you there when Ruben was murdered? By reading the court transcripts and other documents it appears that the movie was basically correct since Diane was charged with conspiracy to murder and a murder for hire plot. Are you saying that all that happened at trial was bogus too? Are you saying the jury was wrong in their verdict of guilty when sentencing Diane. What about the evidence. Why would teenage boys kill a grown man – for the fun of it?? They had to have a reason. There had to be something in it for them to do such a thing. They believed they were going to receive money, jewelry and a car. Who was providing these items – Diane was – who else. I agree that movies are not always 100% accurate but I think the main points of the crime were correct. I also agree with the other blogger about Ruben being forgotten in all of this. His untimely, tragic and senseless death is what should be remembered and by making this movie at least that end is served. What’s wrong with people discussing that? You need to get a life!

  24. LOL at Jefferson Girl. Save me the BS about we all make mistakes. They planned out and executed a murder!

  25. I remember the movie, and remember feeling so sorry for the family. Nothing that anyone says can bring back Ruben. It’s amazing to me that even after 15 years that people still are so angry at the people involved. If you all were to pick up the bible or go to church just once you would find out that we are to forgive( doesn’t mean we have to forget). As much as the family has to live with what happened( I’m very sorry they have to feel that pain), The boys that commited this crime have to live with their decisions as well. They have served or are still serving their time. According to god their debt will be paid in full, wether it’s now or in the end. So we need not be so vengful!

    • Wis.grl

      Please remember that not everyone believes spiritually/religiously as you do, so it is unfair to tell people to “read the Bible” and forgive. Many people do not believe in God or religion or the Bible, which is their right. Please don’t bring religion into this. Justice is what is needed here.

  26. I do not know why you have not published my last post. Was in Italian language and you were not able to translate it?

    • If it was in Italian, then it went to the spam folder and has been deleted. I do not have time to translate into English. To be perfectly honest, since my blog is in English, all comments should be in English as well and to post in any other language is rude. I would not go to a blog in a different language and post in English. Why would you be so rude to post in Italian and expect me to translate it to approve it?

  27. I saw this movie back in 1996, when it was broadcast by a pay-tv italian in the original language with subtitles. The story really impressed me so much that when I had the opportunity to surf the web, study in detail with photos and original documents. Needless to add that on youtube I saw him at least five times. What else to say, perhaps according to local laws, that of Wisconsin (right?), criminals have obtained the proper punishment. Certainly, here in Italy, after fifteen years Doug would probably come out, perhaps with some constraint that you would call “probation.” In Italy too the law is guaranteed, there is no certainty of punishment, people minding her for fear of retaliation. Diane, Doug, Michael and Josh are just the result of a deformed society, bound by the materialist vein, their minds are clouded (maybe someone is also okay), consciousnesses are zero, the sensitivity and common sense are the residual part the common life. I conclude with a big applause to the interpreters of the film, really very very good: every single performance of actresses and actors exudes emotions uninterrupted. Hello from Italy.

  28. a site about true story movies

  29. I didn’t know Josh, but i did know Doug, and Michael.
    A few weeks after the murder, I was with Doug when he said he’d kill for money, and had already done so. Thinking it was a load of crap, I asked him about it. He said a couple guys were with him as lookouts, while he pulled the trigger.
    Michael was a home schooled boy. Very quiet, well dressed, and reserved.
    He was living with his Father, in Texas, when his Mother asked if he knew anything about the murder. His first response was “Oh shit”.
    It was arranged for him to cross into Mexico, but he insisted on coming back to Wisconsin to tell the truth. Yes, he was involved. No, he didn’t pull the trigger.
    Michael deserved to do time for Rubens murder without a doubt.
    Doug was a punk that couldn’t tell the truth.

  30. I knew Rueben and his first wife Sue who died tragically in a car accident. Very sad…and both are missed greatly. Sue was my best friend…and I was actually in Rueben and Sue’s wedding. I would love the opportunity to talk to all involved face to face….and give my thoughts to all of them….especially Diane. I return often to Wisconsin….and have been tempted many times. Nothing I say will bring Rueben back. I loved them both….nothing else to say.

  31. first off i dont know how i stumbled on this ridiculous page but somehow i find myself reading comments on doug and josh, i didnt really know mike so i have nothing to say about him. i ran with doug and josh on a regular basis, did a paper route with doug. ya he slang some ditch weed but that has nothing to do with happened. ive talked to both since the murder and they are both good guys. they were young and impressionable in the day. its 15years later and people are still talking about it, let the past be the past and move on with life. im sorry for the borchardt family, i lived with raegan for 2 years, but its time to move on.

    • raether,

      Yes, people may still be talking about it, but remember, no one should ever forget the victim. Ever. The killers and those involved should remember the victim and everything they did, ever day of their lives.

  32. Am still trying to find a book on this crime – anyone know of one?

  33. She hired those three cats and used them as pawns to carry out the dirty deed .

    • I have been friends with Brook since Kindergarden…..throughout all the years of elementary and high school, Diane was a bitch to Brook and Chuck and all there friends (except Shannon, but then again she was doing Shannon) Brook would come to school crying almost daily because of how Diane treated her. Wouldn’t let her grow her hair long, wear make-up etc…..I was witness plenty of times through the 15 yrs I went to school with Brook…whether it was in the car, at the house, at the screen printing business, or even at the school….plain and simple Diane was a bitch. I went away to college and my freshman year came back to visit and this happened to be the time Ruben and Diane were having their differences. Brook took me out to the house where we surprised her dad (who by the way was an awesome dad). We got talking about Diane and the crazy things she was doing. I noticed some empty jars by the doors and steps going to the basement. I asked what that was all about, and Ruben said it was his security system…This way if anyone tried coming in at night they would knock over the jars and he could hear if someone would come in…….eerie…..because 4 months later he ended being killed…..The night he was shot Brook called me and said her dad had been shot to death…..immediately I knew she had something to do with it……People are saying move on with this….well let me just say it has affected their kids….I am reminded of this every time I speak with one of my true best friends….Brook….

      • It’s ashame. I am sure Rueben was a good guy, but he failed Brook and Chuck. As I stated earlier, why did he decide he had enough of Diane when he had another woman lined up. He should have left her in view of the way Brook and Chuck were treated. He could not have been that awesome a Dad to stand by while his children were being mistreated. He did not deserve to have his life taken, but it makes no sense that he would be ready to leave this psychopath he was married to once he got himself another broad, but sacked it out while Brook and Chuckj were being treated like crap. That’s bullshit!

  34. Josh didnt get life if u knew wat really happened ud know hes out and mike got life and doug didnt get life he got years stop actin like u know these people

  35. I know the family that this movie is based off….. brook is like my second mother, and is very close to my heart!!

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