• Destiny Ann Norton

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    July 16, 2006: 5-year-old Destiny Norton was lured from her home to the home of Craig Roger Gregerson, where he raped and killed her, then put her in a plastic tub until law enforcement found her. He pled guilty to avoid the death penalty and was sentenced to LWOP.

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Deliza Bullard murder 6/26/2007 Comal County, TX *Kevin Wesley Jamieson charged with capital murder*

6000 block of FM 482, where grave with Deliza’s body was found

UPDATE: Police find body in freshly dug grave
Abducted woman’s body is recovered
El Paso Woman Found Murdered In Central Texas
El Paso Woman Killed In Central Texas
Body of EP woman is found near San Antonio
Police arrest suspect in death of Hanks grad in San Antonio
Missing woman in San Antonio found dead
News Archive: Deliza Bullard murder


72 Responses

  1. Deliza was a beautiful, brite, and wonderful soul, who brought life into any place she inhabited. I had the pleasure of knowing her as a younger girl in El Paso, Texas and she will be sorely missed. May God bring peace to the hearts and minds of her family and may justice be swift on the person responsible for taking this woman out of this world.

  2. Deliza Bullard was my neighbor and I didn’t know her well…just in passing. We didn’t know what to think when the incident first came about and we were not expecting this outcome. This is a stunning tragedy that has shaken everyone here. May God rest her soul and my prayers go out to her family and friends.

  3. Such a tragedy that has taken place. In rememberance, Deliza was a good friend during my four years at Hanks High School and during her early college years at Our Lady of the Lake in San Antonio. She as a bright girl with tremendous potential. After watching Good Morning America this morning I was shocked to hear that she was no longer with us. May god be with her family, close friends, and anyone who has been touched by her spirit. She will be missed.

  4. She was my best friend. I had worked with her, for about a year. Ever since then, we became very close. I have never met anyone in my life that can be so energetic, full of life, huge heart and with so much potential. She inspired me in every way possible. I know one thing that she wouldn’t give up for anything, was dance. When she danced, she danced with her heart, seemed like everyhing else would dissapear around her, just her, dancefloor and the music. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her, a friend that i loved so much and miss with all my heart. But God needed his Angel by his side. I will always love you and miss you “D”. My prayers go to her family, all the friends and may her soul rest in peace.
    Love, Always

  5. I knew “D” back in college at Our Lady of the Lake. She was a beatiful person from the inside as well as out. She was so loving and trusting to almost every one she met. She was so silly and boy was she fun to hang out with. It’s sad to know that someone as special as her has been taken from us. I can still remember her smile as she cheered at Our lady of the Lake. We will miss you “D”You will always be remember.
    LOVE YOU “D”,


  7. Deliza was so beautiful with moves on a dance floor that I can never hope to imitate. She had a sweet spirit, and a genuine smile and never failed to put me in a good mood. We were “the white girls”!!! Those who know me and D know exactly what I mean. Deliza, I promise you, I’ll learn to dance….possibily… LOL. You are missed and always will be…keep dancin’ and smilin’! I love you…

  8. I had the pleasure of knowing “Dee” for many years. She was my neighbor growing up, and as little girls, we spent a lot of time playing together. We attended school together from elementary to high school, and I’m deeply saddened to know that the world is a little darker without her light. She was always a vivacious soul, and so full of energy. I never saw her not smiling. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

  9. Deliza and I were band geeks together. She was always such a joy to be with and always had fun doing anything! You could always count on her to brighten up any situation. She had the courage to speak her mind and for that I admire her. My thoughts and prayers are with her family always.

  10. Dee and I know eachother a time that seems like it was lifetimes ago…we were in band together and there was never a dull moment when she was around. If ever there was a something that put a cloud over head she would be the sun that brightened up the day. She wasn’t afraid to live. My thoughts and prayers are with all who loved hurt and especially her family.

  11. I am so saddened to learn Deliza has been so brutally taken from her family and friends. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. I feel so bad for your loss, a wonderful person taken so tragically from this life. I am sure she is blessed in eternity.

  12. I’m so socked about this incident. I knew Dee from Our Lady of the Lake University and I can remember her as such a friendly and caring person. My heart goes out to all those who held her dear to their hearts.

  13. She had a nature you could not help loving
    And a heart that was purer than gold.
    And to those who knew and loved her,
    Her memory will never grow cold.

    Thank you for creating this lovely memorial to Deliza Bullard. I only learned of her death from news stories on the internet after trying to reach my old friend by phone.
    The memorial web page to Deliza was wonderfully done, and a tribute to an inspiring and talented person. Her enthusiasm, joy, and pure zest for life was infectious.
    Our friendship begun as little girls, as neighbors we were very close. We spent a lot of time playing together and this hits me very hard. It is a startling and tragic event. I can’t begin to say…
    It is unfathomable to me how someone as sweet and as well liked as Deliza’s can be taken from us in such a manner. My heart and prayer goes out to her family as they deal with this tragic loss.

  14. I had the pleasure of meeting Dee in college at OLLU. From the first time I saw her she had an ear to ear smile, which never left her face. Even after we both had graduated I ran into her a few times and she always welcomed me with the same enthusiasm. She always cared for others, and was such a genuine person which rare in this day and age. This tragic end was not deserved, and my heart goes out to her family and all who knew and loved her. RIP – we will miss you always.

  15. I knew Deliza from college. She was a great person and full of energy. She was always there to make you smile when you were sad. She was loved by everyone. Deliza was a great friend,sister,listener,comedian,dancer and much more. She will be missed. Rest in Peace Dee you will always be remembered. God bless……

  16. Deliza and I meet many years ago when she wanted to be a dancer at our high school events. She never missed an event and she never stopped for one second. Deliza was always a fun person to be around. I enjoyed knowing her all these years and watching her dance. As soon as she saw me, she would run up and give me the biggest hug. It will not be the same without her. No one deserves to die, let alone be murdered. Especially her. I really hope all her dancer friends and any other girlfried she had, please be more careful. I do not accept or believe her talent is what put her in harms way. I do believe all of us, no matter what age or race, should be more aware. We allow ourselves to believe everyone is our friend and forget about the viscious evil people who are always looking for their next victim. Let’s not let her death be in vain. As woman, we need to remember her and we need to do what we can to prevent another deadly rape attack from happening. Deliza I love you and I will do what I can to make sure you are not forgotten.

  17. Deliza is my cousin and I have know her all her life. When my own mother called me and told me of this horrible horrible thing I was in shock and still am. It is like reading a story about someone elses family not your own. For those that know her, you no she was so free spirited that is event is unimaginable!!! I will miss her laughter and funny stories at the family Christmas Eve Gatherings and most of all her positive and loving energy. I know Dee touched many lives in a positive way.

  18. Dee and I go waaay back to High school. She was my number one choice for dancing partners at all the quincianeras and parties back in high school. She was an awesome great fun loving person that always kept you on your toes. She had a great love and respect for her family and friends and there was never a dull moment with this girl. She will be sadly missed.

  19. I’m a reporter with the San Antonio Express-News. I’m trying to do a followup story regarding this Kevin Jamieson case and I’m trying to find out more about Deliza Bullard. If you have any information about her or know her (esp Mercy Music) please e-mail me at and leave your full name, phone number and your relationship to her. I’m also trying to get a hold of her parents if any of you know how.

  20. The killer, Kevin Jamieson lived with my wife and me prior to moving to San Antonio. He’s a bad seed. A demon.
    He’s actually my wife’s sister’s son. (I’d say ‘nephew’ but that sounds too family like). We made him leave our residence due to his demonic nature and sociapathic behavior towards women.

    I find the comments about Deliza heartbreaking. No words I say could express my feelings, but I hope the knowledge that the our family is devastated about her loss is affords some solace.
    May God bless Deliza. And may Texas be, well, Texas with Kevin.

  21. Dee was my roommate at Our Lady of the Lake. We had a blast going out dancing and hanging out with all our friends. Dee was a beautiful and intelligent woman. I have never met another woman with as much “life” as Dee. She made everything fun and knew how to live. I was so sad to hear that someone could do this to such an amazing person. My heart and my prayers go out to all her friends and family that mourn the loss of such a superstar. I am also trying to find out information about a funeral if anyone knows. Please email me at

  22. I ask anyone who can help Brian Chu to please contact him. We want to know all we can about this tragic, unnecessary murder. It is so important the public learns she is an innocent victim and he is a mrderer.

  23. I knew Deliza since elemantary school. We shared many great memories growing up. I hold on to the fact that she’s dancin’ in heaven. See ya soon, girl. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

  24. I am so happy to see how many lives that Dee touched but yet not at all suprised. I am also so sad and angry that she was taken this way. I was a cheerleader with her and I remember how I could talk to her and tell her anything. She was one of the most trusting person’s that I have ever known. I am so glad that I had the chance to know her. Ever since I met Dee I remember telling her how she had a place in my heart, she was just so sweet and you couldnt help falling in love with her. Dee and I would talk and laugh and could never shut up. She used to come over to my house in highshcool and we would “study” but then our minds would float off and we would start talking and before we knew it one, two, three hours would pass and I’d say D we didnt even study and my math test is tomorrow and she would say dont worry dude ill spend the night here and we’ll sleep a few hours and wake up at five in the morning before school and study and then go to cheerleading practice at six, but we never did wake up. Dee was the coolest and everybody loved her. During our cheerleading days we would all spend a lot of time together and she was always the one to make us all laugh. We all have so many hilarious memories of Dee we were just remembering and talking about this one time she had to leave practice early for an appointment or something and we were all practicing flip-flops and she was walking to the door to leave and walked right behind this girl while she was in mid air doing a flip and they both collided and fell the girl hurt her neck and was crying ( she ended up being fine and laughing about it)and Dee was like oh my go* i am so sorry and her ride was like Dee we gotta go hurry up and she didnt want to leave this poor girl but didnt want to miss her appointment and was like standing in the middle looking back and forth at her ride and then at the girl who fell in the end the girl was fine but we were all cracking up so hard. No one will ever forget the pom-pom incident. Just thinking about her makes me smile. We would be at practice and she could never stand still you would be talking to her and she would be movin her hands and hopin around all crazy she was always doing a move while you were talking to her. We were watching some old home videos of us all out of town and she was just so comical on them and i will never forget that laugh. I honestly loved her. She was funny, enrgetic, hyper, intelligent, and so much more. She was unforgettable. She always would hug you and say she loved you and was so eager to help anyone. That girl would literally help a stranger. After highschool I ran into her and we spoke a few times but I never forgot her. She will always be remembered by me and greatly missed. You are back with God and I am so thankful that he lent you to us. My deepest condolences go out to her family and friends God bless you all Justice will be served I love you Dee you were my girl! I will never ever forget you.

  25. When I first heard of this horrible incident happening to Dee, I was totally upset. How can anyone do such a thing to anyone so innocent and full of life? I knew Deliza from college at Our Lady of the Lake University and I remember her walking around campus some days with a hot pink wig on. It would crack me up to see her with it on and she would just smile and say hi as she walked by. She was so full of life and ofter college, I would run into her at the clubs/bars and she always made it a point to wave and say hello to me, even when she was dancing. I loved and admired that about her. One of my guy friends has the biggest crush on her, but I told him that she was way out of his league! I hope that her family and friends find closure and peace in knowing she is in a better place and will be forever missed. May God continue to wrap his heavenly angels around Deliza “Dee” and her family!!

  26. I knew Dee from High School and the church we grew up in as children. Dee was the kind of person that always had a smile on her face, and a great attitude. She was always so joyful and happy. She made others happy – just by being herself. I know that she is in heaven now. But, we will miss her terribly. I pray that our justice system serves it’s purpose. My thoughts and prayers go out to Dee’s family and friends. We love you Dee – always!

  27. Dee carried that special glow with her. Her positive happy attitude had an effect on anyone who was in her presence.

    Take care Dee.

  28. I grew up with Dee. I have known her and her family almost my entire life. I sung on the worship team with her, and was involved in our youth group with her. From the sound of her voice to the way she laughed to the way she stole the stage when she danced, Dee was a unique and astoundingly talented young lady. Our prayers are with Nate and Betty, and Deliza, we will NEVER forget you. Rest in peace girl…

    Let justice be served!!!!!

  29. I’m a reporter with the San Antonio Express-News. I’m trying to do a followup story regarding this Kevin Jamieson case and I’m trying to find out more about Deliza Bullard. If you have any information about her or know her (esp Mercy Music) please e-mail me at and leave your full name, phone number and your relationship to her. I’m also trying to get a hold of her parents if any of you know how.

  30. Bryan,

    That would be a great story. I have not found much on her except a post she made for an actress on a golden globe nomination. Have you seen that?

    I hope you will share your story with us. Her story and the love that is shown towards her has really touched my heart, as she obviously touched the hearts of so many.

  31. I have had the distinct honor of knowing Deliza, I worked with her and her Father when they purchased her new car, and lived next door for about the past year. She would never cease to amaze me with her charm and ability to put a smile on anyone’s face regardless of their situation. Deliza was habitually happy, and seemed to be a ball of energy. All of us, (her neighbors) are shocked and horrified that she was taken from us so prematurely.

    On a second note, please be very wary of the reporters asking for information. We have had many in our neighborhood who have acted very unscrupulously, intentionally reporting inaccurate information, going door to door trying to coax people into saying things to make their story better so on and so forth. In other words, just being down right disrespectful. They have edited interviews to make people sound like they are saying things that they are not.
    Deliza, we loved you, and we will miss you sorely. Our prayers are with you, and your family who I know are devastated. I know you are with God looking down, and I look forward to seeing you amidst the clouds.

  32. I knew Deliza in high school and we were in band together, I know we were band geeks. Deliza however didn’t stop there, she was also in track and a cheerleader! Her smile just lit up the room and you knew that “D” was there by her unique laugh! She was the life at any event with dance moves that would put you to shame. MAN THAT GIRL COULD MOVE! She was kind and caring to everyone she met, and was always willing to lend an ear to you. You will be missed so much and hope that you are at rest. We all miss you “D”.

  33. Deliza was a great friend…she will be missed. I knew Deliza for two years while working at USAA. Everyday we would laugh and look up and hope that we wouldn’t get in trouble. Deliza was a spunky girl who knew what she wanted in life. She will always be remembered. I love you girl.

  34. I don’t know where to start. It hurts to know that Deliza is really gone. I’m still having trouble understanding what happened. Or even WHY? I had the pleasure of meeting her years ago. Before I got married, we would always go out together. I loved being in her presence. She was so full of life. She was an educated woman who still knew how to have a good time. It breaks my heart that I didn’t have the chance to talk to her. The last time we contacted each other was back in March. Even through a text she would bring my spirits up. She was there to talk to about my husband being in Iraq. She was so caring and thoughtful. I can’t believe that someone would do this to her. I know now that she’s an angel watching over us. It’s painful because we all rather have her here again. But all we can do know is remember her loving soul, incredible smile and outragious passion for dancing.

    To Deliza: “I’ve known you forever girl but I don’t have enough memories. There’s never enough. I wish we could of made more. You’re beautiful in every way. I’ll miss you girl. Love Ya.” May god bless your soul.

    My prayers and thoughts go out to her family in El Paso. Your Daughter was and will always be the best friend a person could ever have. She will be greatly missed. I’m so sorry for your loose.

    If anyone has any info about her rosary or funeral, please e-mail me at I would appreciate it so much.

  35. I met Deliza when I was 15, whe went to hanks and I went to andress. Then it seemed like we were so far away from eachother. She was my first real girl friend and we always kept in touch even after she moved to San Antonio. I just heard what happened about five minutes ago and I think I am in shock. I dont know what to say. I am sorry to the family and hope they are doing well.

  36. I had the pleasure of having Deliza as a student in one of my graduate courses at OLLU. It is amazing how accurate all of the comments are about her. I was most impressed with her energy and passion for learning. She told me that she would one day be the CEO of her own company, but for this tragedy, I know she would have achieved that goal.

    Deliza the world and the SA community has lost a wonderful soul. May God’s grace and mercy be upon your family and may you rest in peace in the comfort of our Lord and Saviour.

    If anyone has any info on funeral services please email me at

  37. I was in total shock to hear the news of Dee’s horrible death. I’m still numb all over from the very thought that someone would do something like this to someone so incredibly special. Dee was the kind of person that you could not get enough of. She had this infectious positive attitude, kind spirit, and fabulous sense of humor. I had known Dee since elementary school and we grew up together. I have so many wonderful memories of Dee and the fun times that we shared together. It was NEVER a dull moment with Dee! She was always the one to be there for her friends and make you smile. She touched so many lives and left an incredible impression in each of our hearts. It makes me so happy to hear all of these wonderful and cherished memories from all of her friends on here. I know that she is in Heaven with our Lord and Saviour and we will meet again one day to laugh and dance. May God bless her family (Betty and Nate) and friends that are mourning now. They will continue to be in my prayers and thoughts.

    Dee, You are strong and beautiful! You touched many hearts and I know that you will forever stay with each of us. You loved each person you met and gave of your time, heart, and love. Thank you! You will be greatly missed!

    God truly blessed each of us with Dee’s friendship…I’m so thankful that I had the chance to know her as my friend.

  38. I had the pleasure of meeting Deliza during my days at OLLU.

    Dee was such an amazing girl. She’s someone that you could never forget.

    She had such a big heart wrapped up in a tiny body. She was so much fun to be around, she would lift your spirits no matter what.

    When I heard the news, I was completely devastated. It is disasterous that this would happen to her. I don’t understand how anyone could ever do this to someone like her.

    I have many memories of you, Dee. I will cherish them forever. I’ll never forget driving to Corpus with you, I’ll never forget all the fun times we had dancing our hearts out.

    You were obviously too beautiful for this world.

    We love you.

  39. I was shocked when I heard the news. I knew Deliza from high school. I was two years older but there is always those certain people that no matter how much diffrence there was between you two you still some how managed to get to know them. Deliza was that type of person. Her personality was so outgoing and yet so down to earth. I was in flags and she was in band. She was a friend to everyone she met and anyone she came in contact with. I know she will greatly be missed but never forgotten. If all these years have gone by and shel has not been forgotten she never will. Deliza may you rest in peace and keep on dancing girl becasue you are the best.

  40. Another beautiful black woman has come to rest in Gods hands. When you speak with him tell him that we need help down here and you are now there to help him save the world. You will be missed. My prayes go out to all who loved you.

  41. I too, like others who have posted was in shock when I found out about this tragedy. Deliza and I were both cheerleaders in high school together and there was NEVER a dull moment when she was around!! Sounds of laughter and scenes of constant dancing never seemed to end. I am fortunate enough to have known her and cheered with her- she was amazing. I pray that she is resting in peace and that her family finds happiness in all of these wonderful memories that are being shared about her. God Bless you Dee, you’re missed greatly!

  42. I new Deliza growing up in El Paso, Tx. In fact I’d say her my brother Jelani, and my self all came out of diapers at the same time. Deliza was just one of those people you got along with. Her smile and charisma were infectious and to know that she is no longer with us is a true definition of tragedy. My heart and love go out to the Bullards.

  43. I am the girlfriend of the peron who did this to Deliza. My heart is with her family. I didn’t know her well but I never had a problem with her. It is a shoke. People might be judging me as a bad person but I am not. I didn’t do this and I never saw this coming. I saw some comments made about the killer. The only person who knew him is me. I was his soulmate. I don’t understand how he is capable of doing this to a sweet girl. We both thought that she was sweet. Kevin and I would say hi to her when we saw her outside. May she rest in pease. I pray for her family and friends to get through this. I pray that I can get through this. As you all know we have children together. This is really hard on them. No one probably cares but I am voicing how I feel. Kevin has a troubled past but I changed him in so many ways. I feel like a failure. Such a failure. How can I do this to Deliza’s family and to my family. What kind of person am I? I’m sorry for everyone’s loss. May her spirit live on and the memories of her remain in everyone’s heart forever.

  44. I am so greatful to have met Deliza. She was a wonderful and very energetic person. She had the most contagious laugh and believe me she laughed a whole lot! Every time I think of her I can picture her dancing to the drum line during the football games with Christina Vera. My favorite of her dancing moves is when she would do an exaggerated “running man” or when she would break out in a dance when you were having a conversation with her. You knew she was interested and listening but there she was dancing. I was honored to have her as part of my court in my quincenera. And I will hold onto that memory forever.

  45. I also had the pleasure of knowing Deliza. She was such a wonderful person and so full of life. She was always willing to help you out. We were cheerleaders together and I remember her trying to help me do my flip flops because I was such a scary cat!!! But I will never forget her love of dancing. No matter what she was doing or where she was, she was always dancing!!! It was and is still a shock that she is no longer with us. My thoughts and prayers go out to her friends and family!
    “I’m Free”

    Don’t grieve for me for now I’m free.
    I’m following the path God laid for me.
    I took his hand when I heard him call.
    I turned my back and left it all.

    I could not stay another day,
    To laugh, to love, to work or play.
    Tasks left undone must stay that way,
    I’ve found that peace at the close of day.

    If my parting has left a void,
    Then fill it with remembered joy.
    A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss,
    Ah yes, these things I too will miss.

    Be not burdened with times of sorrow,
    I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
    My life’s be full I’ve savored much,
    Good times, good friends, a loved one’s touch.

    Perhaps my time seemed all to brief,
    Don’t lengthen it now with undo grief.
    Lift up your heart and share with me,
    God wanted me now, he set me free.

  46. Well first of all I just want to say that I LOVE YOU and i will miss you A LOT, especially my sis Mercy, she loves you A lot a lot a lot. I will never forget the day my sister introduced me to you that day you left a great impression on me. Your smile was sooooooooo contagious your personality was outgoing, and you were always there for me from that day on.I cannot believe that some monster would take someone like you away from all of us, epically your dance crew. But we know that you are in a better place watching over us and resting in peace. We will make sure you are never forgotten, and we will miss you greatly, my prayers go to your family and friends, I will always love you…

    Emina Music

  47. It’s still hard to believe that Deliza is up above. When I heard the news of her death on Friday, June 29th I was in shock. It immediately made me sad and I was in shock. I don’t think it really sunk into my head that she was no longer living on earth till I saw a news story on the evening news that Sunday and they showed her picture. At that point it just became more real and brought me to tears. I’ve known Deliza since middle school. We were in band together. I can remember when we hit high school, we had several classes together, still in band together and I can even remember taking summer school together. She was such a sweet person with a heart of gold. She would be the first person to put a smile on your face when you were down. She was always happy and had the best smile. A smile that would make you smile. She was always so full of positive energy. She will be greatly missed. During this hard time my thoughts and prayers are with her family and all of the people that knew her on a personal note. We love you Deliza and know that you are in a much better place. May you rest in peace sweet angel.

  48. I never had the pleasure of meeting Deliza, but i have met her mother Betty. After reading these comments, it goes to show that the apple does not fall far from the tree. I hope that Betty and Deliza’s family are able to find some peace in these trying times. I have truly been touched by all the comments. You are all in my prayers.

  49. It was hard for me to write anything on this page but I’ll tell you this. Me and Deliza were tight. I don’t think there is a person she knew that at one time or another feel like her best friend in the world. Full of life, happiness, energy, and yes sometimes, just full of it. When the news about her came my way it was like a truck hit and didn’t stop. It just about eclipsed all other thoughts for me. This was the girl I grew up with, who always had time for a friend and would defend one until the trumpet. I couldn’t help being extremely sad until I realized one thing. I, and everyone that KNOWS her, knows exactly where she is. Still smiling, still laughing, and impressing the Lord with her dancing. I am certain that she has already infected all of heaven with that goofy “SK” language she created. Her fingerprints are left on the hearts and souls of so many. We will always love Deliza and she has always returned the favor. Now is no different.

  50. I did not have the pleasure of knowing Dee the way all of you have. I grew up with her brother Nate, but the way you descibe her is exactly how he is.
    The comfort of knowing she is face to face with our Heavenly Father is was makes this time a little easier for me to handle. My thoughts and prayers are with Nate, mom, dad and brother. May the peace of God be with you to comfort and lift you up through this hard time.
    Love You!

  51. Words cannot express the sorrow we feel for Deliza and her family. I cannot think of a more gracious and beautiful family than the Bullards. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. and Mrs. Bullard, Fred and Nathan. May Jesus, the Prince of Peace, comfort you and strengthen you in this difficult time.

  52. well me and dee were very good friends we had the pleasure of meeting through a friend ever since i can remember me and dee were close.. we dance all night and laughed the night away. i am shocked that this is what happens to good people. i am so sadden to know that this woman who has such a positive attitude to all people had to be taken away from us. and mercy who is her best friend knows what i am talking about we all had the pleasure of meeting at the same place with smiles on our faces from girl don’t be down to girl lets dance……. we was a great person who will always be in my heart we will be praying 4 all of her friends and family whos hearts hurt from this tragedy. dee i promise to smile and dance at the same time for u cause that is what you always wanted me to do………. i want everyone to know that dee will dance her heart and soul to heaven cause that is what u are good to do…….. i hope that justice serve it place may god blesss you dee and her family love you girl……

  53. I knew Deliza from work (USAA) and she is going to be missed by her friends and family! May God Bless her soul!!

  54. I knew Deliza from highschool at Hanks. She was always the life of the party. I don’t remember ever seeing her upset about anything. She was always so happy, nothing could bother her or ruin her day. Her big smile is what I will always remember about Deliza. Sadly, its always good people that come across such senseless violence. My heart goes out to Deliza’s family and friends.

  55. To sum up the wonder of Dee in words is impossible. A young beautiful woman with the ability to mystify those in her presence by simply walking into a room.

    Deliza was one who was always anxious to learn what she needs to… as I discovered those few times I helped tutor her.

    Dee is my friend and did not deserve this. Women with that much rythm can never be slowed down and she will dance on the clouds without the confusion and heartache that life carries with it.

    I cannot even imagine what her family is going through right now, but my heart goes out to you, friends, and fellow dancers.

    My next dance I will attribute to you!

  56. Gosh the more and more I think of Deliza the more I become so depressed. Why is it always the good ones? I love her so much. Less then a month ago she told me to find a way out of my upcoming deployment to iraq and go to San Antonio and marry her, i wish i would have. I would really like to contact her family but it has been so long since i spoke to her mother and even longer since i spoke to her father. If anyone has any contact info for me, please email me at
    it will be greatly appreciated

  57. Dee and I grew up together in El Paso when I think back on our time together I laugh she never had a proble getting in anybodys face if she felt they needed it. She and I served in our youth ministry together we sang together on our praise team. I when she first went away to school I was pleased that she would call me to come pick her up so we could hang out. As crazy as she would be at times she would always make me smile she and I had kind of a brother sister relationship. I was most proud of her as she furthered her education with her Masters degree, She had such big dreams and I have no doubt she would have accomplished them. Dee I love you and I miss you sooo much. And to Ms. Betty and Nate my heart and mind are with you if there is anything i can do to help you know how to reach me.


  59. Many of you have been interested in funeral arrangements info and I wanted to be sure to share it with the group.

    Wake: Sunday, June 8 7-9p
    Where: Hillcrest Funeral Homes, 1060 Carolina Dr, El Paso, TX 79915
    Phone: 915.598.3332

    Funeral: Monday, June 9 11am
    Where: Community Baptist Church, 7801 Phoenix Ave, El Paso, TX 79915
    Phone: (915) 598-7778

    I had the pleasure of attending Our Lady of the Lake (or the Lake as we call it) with De for many years. During our time together, we shared tears, heartache, joys and many celebrations. De was such a fantastic person who touched so many lives. One of my fondest memories is when she and I would have our alone time and talk about what we wanted out of life. I remember she told me thank you for being like a big sister to her and teaching her so many things that she never knew. Her heart was so full of love and she was willing to help others even if it meant she had to go without.

    I’ll never forget how she took my family in during the Hurrican Katrina evacuation of Houston. I called her all the way from California and without hesistation she opened her home to my family. For four days (maybe more) she provided my family with shelter and without her helping hand I don’t know where they would have ended up. The following year she came to Houston to be with me and mom on Mother’s Day and we had a fantastic time together. She told me that she was never close to her mom and really envyed the relationship that me and my mom had. I told her that she could borrow my mom whenever she wanted and that’s exactly what she did. Everytime we talked she would ask about her to make sure all was well.

    A week before she died, during a visit to Houston she visited my mom in the hospital. I had not seen De in such a long time and was so great to catch up with her. We took pictures together, had some girl talk and planned my next trip to SA. I would have never thought that would be the last time I’d see my friend alive.

    I could go on and on about my love for De. She touched my life in my ways and I’ll never forget the many wonderful times we shared. She was more than a dancer, more than the life of the party…she was a divine spirit with a heart of gold. I’ll never understand why God took her away from us all so soon but I will say that I’m glad to have known her. As I right write this , I feel her spirit here with me so I just want to let her know…

    De, I love you. You were a great friend and I miss you. You’re in a wonderful place with both of my parents and although I can’t be with you, please find comfort with them. My mom really liked you so I know she’ll be happy to see your wonderful face. Keep an eye on ’em for me, girlie! Please tell Q I said hello. I know how much you missed and loved him but now you can both be together without the drama from his family. One day it’ll be my turn and I expect for you to be my tour guide :).

    Love ya!

  60. I met De through my daughter, ‘Ris who me her through another friend. She volunteered to help choreography the dance for ‘Ris’s 15th year dance recital. She met with my daugther on several occassions. She told ‘Ris she was looking forward word to our moving to San Antonio because she never did this big sister, little sister thing.

    Ris’ called while I was attending a funeral in South Carolina to tell me of De’s fate. My heart is broken as a mother and as a human being. When we dropped ‘Ris off my husband and I commented on how safe we thought the gated town home was.

    De entered our lives but for a brief season but she will leave us with memories of a life time. She made a copy of the dance for my daughter and I was in awe of her agile, energetic moves when I saw it. It is devastating to think of her death.

    I rely upon scripture to ease the burden of sorrow.
    Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understandings. In all thine ways acknowledge him and he will direct you path. God is to wise to make a mistake. He wanted this angel with him.

    Our prayers are with De’s family and friends.
    Callis Family

  61. Deliza was a beautiful, brite, and wonderful soul, who brought life to any place she came into. I met Deliza four years ago always full of life, happiness, energy, and yes sometimes, just full of it. When i saw news about her murder i was in shock and could not believe she was gone. In this hard time my thoughts and prayers are with her family and all of the people that knew her on a personal level. May you rest in peace Amor.

  62. I first met Dee our first year of college at Our Lady of the Lake, She always made me smile, it was a shock to hear what happened to her, I thank her for lending her shoulder when I needed it…..I Love You Deliza.

  63. Had the distinict pleasure of working at USAA with Deliza at USAA. Wasn’t in her unit too long, didn’t know her that well, but what I knew, I liked. She had a such a sweet spirit. Her friends and coworkers really miss her. May God comfort her family and friends.

  64. First of all i want to say my heart goes out to the family and friends. We are not only shocked, but horrified about this tragic happening. I cant say i knew Deliza like the rest of the people on here, but i tell you one thing she was amazing to watch on the dance floor! She always made it a point to say hello to me. I guess you can say we had something in common. “MUSIC” not only was it our passion but it was like we were in our own little world on the dance floor. Not only will she be missed, but loved by many. Deliza you will always be in my heart.

  65. I grow up knowing all the bullards. D was not bashful or shy about doing things to make your day. you know the bullards all have that about them when things seem to be going okay they all put smiles on your face. it’s a very sad time for the family and if you are a reporter right now is not a good time to try and find out anything they are still grieving and trying to get on with their lives and all that they ask right now is that they have time to grieve for their daughter and sister and as soon as they are ready to talk they will let you know. please respect their wishes as they would respect your.
    you are loved delizia and you are missed and you are family
    god has a great place for you up in heaven. till we see you in heaven you are sorely missed.

  66. If anyone knows about the relationship that Deliza and her roomate shared please contact me @… From what I have heard they didn’t have a good relationship. Maybe this is why her roomate is responsible for this tragic murder. Evidence. Once the trial is set there will be evidence of the relationship that the roomate shared with Mr. Jamieson.

  67. I still miss u and pray for u ma! There is no day that goes by and that the gurls and i don’t remenesence on our friendship, our happy and sad moments, no day goes by that i don’t mention u, and i always look at ur pic that i have at my office and i know ur there, watchin over me and that makes me go on with my life every day. There is no words to describe how i feel and how this loss changed my life, but as everyone said, ur a true angel and God needed u by his side. We “the girls” will never stop dancin, and as long as we are there together, dancin, we know ur there with us. i will always love you and miss u. May ur soul rest in peace and good bless u and ur family.

    love u,
    Mercy and the “Girls”

  68. Words cannot express how much i miss u D. I am so glad i had a chance to meet you, work with you and know you. You somehow always brought a smile to my face with a kind gesture, a silly remark, or with your beautiful smile. I know now you are shining brighter in heaven than you ever did here on earth. I adored u and what you did for me. You let me shine when it was my turn. U took care of me and the other girls. U were the mom of the group and now we live without you, but your knowledge, strength, passion, courage, wisdom, and love live in us forever. Thank you for all you did. I love and miss you very much. Lord knows we all do.


  69. I too knew Dee back in high school-never in my life have I met someone with so much love and passion for other people. I honestly can’t even think about all this without becoming ill. I know exactly what everyone is saying about the dance moves….she was awesome on her legs…never met anyone who learned a “standing back” (cheerleading)in about a day. I can’t help think of the crazy stories Dee would tell us everyday…and I can still remember her getting that tattoo on her ankle of her name…in her neighbors garage!! Crazy! I love her. I pray for her friends and family-including myself who is still in shock and disgust over this tragedy.

  70. “D” its amazing how many lives you touched mama I still miss seeing you out in the clubs we be getting it krunk with your dance moves even showing me out at times It feels wierd at times when I hear a certain song that we got down on together and you nowhere around to get HYPE wit us everyday I remeber you and your smile and i remember our arguments about things in life you was a very strong minded woman and we loved that about you i remember thats how we met lol a friendship kindled out of a petty argument but thats who you where, your own person but had so moch love for everyone else…I still dont understand how someone could take someone like you and hurt you in anyway but ill let GOD be the one who fathoms the punishments all i know is you where another sister to me and I will always hold you in my Heart and to your Family we love you also..

    Yours Truly
    Malik Suarez and the rest of the streamlyne family

  71. I met Dee at Our Lady of the Lake University. She was a cheerleader with my sister, Crystal (Trigo) Torres, they were good friends. While I did not know Dee that well, she was one to brighten anyone’s day. I knew Dee as a smart, beautiful soul who was kind to everyone and who also love to have fun. Crystal and I heard about Dee’s murder just last month, so we missed all her services. But our deepest condolences go out to all of Dee’s family and friends. One thing that Dee and I have in common is trusting and being friendly to others. We both would trust anyone off the street and we would see the good in people. A horrifying lesson that I have learned for Dee’s murder is that you can’t trust people. You never know what psycho might live right next door. To all of the young ladies who may be reading this, please remember Dee when you decide to be too friendly with a anyone. God bless you, Dee! You will be missed!
    Angela Trigo

  72. Deliza and I go way back to middle school. She was a heaven sent to me in high school, always saying hi, laughing, we hung out so many times at each others houses. A fond memory was when we fought over how to make a cheese cake. I just got news of her death, and I suppose moving to Northern California has left me out of the loop. But my heart is dark and sad now knowing someone I love is gone.
    I know she is up there dancing around in Heaven showing her awesome moves to those angels.

    I love you D, with all my heart.

    Nate, Betty, if you read this please get in contact with me.

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