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15 Responses

  1. Why spend all that money on an execution?? Someone should just stick her dumb looking ass in an oversized microwave and push COOK (on HIGH). Justice served!!!


  2. Well said Shauncey


  3. Is it me or do the crimes seem to be getting worse by the day or are we just more aware of them due to the media?

    This gal is sick and hopefully she will get what she deserves






  6. I cannot believe any human being can do this to another human being,….knowing that she could have just brought that baby to a police station hospital or fire house and just drop her off no questions asked,……wtf? when does her sill butt go to trial anyway? I hope they are having a hay day with her in jail


  7. i went to school with her….trustme, she’s as nuttyas ya’ll think.


  8. damn man!!!! what da hell is really goin on in the world nowadays??? it hurts my heart 2 c dat another innocent life, and a helpless baby noless, is taken away by confused pple. what she probly really needed was a friend at the moment, and dats all jokes aside:( yeah dats sick and whoever had 2 discover that sight must really be goin thru a lot right now. i would never b the same after an ordeal like dat. she needs a good prayer and a lotta bit of help. it ain’t my business how dey do whatever dey do 2 her, but man i really wish it was!!!!!!!! may her innocent angel rest in peace….and that’s all there is to say.


  9. What Has Happend To The World This Pour Baby Died Becausue The Mom Got Drunk And Stupid The Lil Baby Was Helpless No One To Protect Her The Person Who Was Supposed To Protect Her Killed Her That Sick Person!!


  10. You must be just as sick as her to think that she doesnt deserve to be in prison. Maybe you need to put in an oversize microwave right along with her. Sick demented trash, thats all I gotta say about a baby killer.


  11. What happened to Mothers who protect their kids not inflict such horrors? I’m glad that this beautiful child is with God in heaven! I’m just saddened that it had to be this way. I think killing her would be to easy, so let’s have her suffer everyday with images of her child. Let’s put her in a cell with pictures of her daughter both alive and dead.


  12. I have to disagree with you shaniqua. u should NEVAJUDGEOTHAS!!!! do some research like i’ve done and u will c she is innocent as hell. Lets bet on it.


  13. We will just wait to c what the jury has to say once the trial begins.



    This is NOT a place to defend China or to talk about her character. This is a place for PARIS TALLEY. any and all remarks that are contradictory to this WILL and have been removed. Have respect for the real victim here, the child that was murdered and no longer has a voice in this world.

    If you believe in China’s innocence, that is your right. If you believe in China’s guilt, that is your right. But this is not the place to concentrate on China.

    But remember, Paris is still a murdered child. She did not place herself in that microwave. Please remember HER over all else in this case.


  15. I would like to say a prayer for this little angel who was taken from the world..it is so heartbreaking that you did not get to live a full life, my heart is aching to death thinking about your pain and all i can do is cry..you never got to live… you never got to grow…you never got to learn…you never got to feel the beauty of life and love.sadly it has become a dangerous and cruel world to live in and eventhough im aching thinking about what you went through…im thankful you are now safe in the arms of the lord…never again will you feel pain never again will you suffer…you may now rest….i pray you are in peace…i blow a kiss to your soul and bless you to be forever with the lord …you are safe now…spread your wings and fly..amen


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