• This Day in Crime History

    October 21: 2005: Terry and Darlene Anderson were bludgeoned to death in their Mongo, IN home. Sadly, it is still unsolved. If anyone has any information at all, no matter how small, please contact them or even Crimestoppers (800)342-STOP or Sheriff Terry Martin LaGrange County Sheriff Dept.

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Update: Jessie Davis murder *Allegations of child abuse against Bobby Cutts; also, wife files for divorce*

                   Bobby Cutts

Jessie’s Mom Looks Suspect In The Eye
Slaying suspect Cutts had complex personal life
Daughter Alleged Abuse by Accused Murderer Bobby Cutts
Cutts’ wife seeks divorce
Wife of Bobby Cutts Jr., Suspect in Pregnant Woman’s Murder, Files for Divorce


62 Responses

  1. Why is this not suprising to me?? The guy is now considered a murderer AND child abuser. Boy, it just keeps getting better and better. See, cops are human. Thats why not ALL of them can be trusted either.

  2. That’s funny because I just recently had an argument with my boyfriend, who is a lawyer, where I said if I were driving on a secluded road at night with no one else around and being pulled over, I didn’t have to stop until I came to somewhere I felt it was safe to do so. He said that’s illegal, but I told him I don’t trust anyone, even cops. They are no better than the rest of us.

  3. […] Davis murder update Bonnie’s Blog of Crime has a quick update on the Jessie Davis story, one that I had not found while reading the news […]

  4. The wife, living in California was on the phone, interviewed by Fox News giving her take on the murders.
    The wife said her husband, Cutts, was abusive BEFORE he became a cop. That’s why she left she said ; he was a wife and child abuser.
    The abuse should have been picked up by the hiring process but obviously wasn’t.

  5. UR,
    You are SO right. I’m in the process of being a correctional officer, and when I say they do an EXTENSIVE background check, I am not playing. I don’t know how this went undetected. Someone dropped the ball with this one. For someone to attain a “license to kill”, which all police officers have, they should have been absolutely SURE he had no criminal record or history of abuse. I wonder did the ex-wife ever report this abuse.

  6. Shauncey,
    Sad to say this but she probably didnt report it. The number of people who are abuse and dont report it is very high. Because they dont report it is hard to say what the numbers are. Some times they are scared of the consequences if they report it. When a person is arrested for assault on their significant other they dont stay locked up but for 48 hrs. ( in some cases)

  7. From when Jesse Davis went missing I told my husband Bobby Cutts Jr was guilty…He did not go out enough for a missing girlfriend with his second child. Can you imagine a toddler left with a room full of bleach. You know this guys was keeping his fingers cross that something happen to the toddler also. This guy showed no concern and no respect for any woman including his own daughters. Me, me, me that is all Bobby Cutts Jr care about. They should throw the book at him with no mercy !!!


  9. There is a lot that does not make sence. Cutts a cop makes an appointment he knows he can not keep to kill his girl friend, making him look guilty. Not a bright move by anyone let alone a cop. Does not make sence. What is the scoop on the wife? Where was she when the murder occured? The Mother of his other child is making it on tv finally for her career. Could Cutts be covering for the Mother of yet another of his children? A playboy womanizer does not mean a killer. If being a father by multiple women makes you a killer then the county is full of them. OJ took the rap for his son. Who is Bobby Protecting? If it was truley him that is responsible then he should pay the price. But if not the real killer should not go without justice.

  10. OJ was found not guilty and he didnt plead guilty if he took the rap for his son he would be in prison.

  11. Does anyone know if Cutter is still getting a pay check while he waits for trial?

  12. Katie,
    He was probably fired from his job. I very seriously doubt he is getting anything.

  13. Another black male killing a white female. I could swear I’m starting to see a pattern…

  14. Josh,
    You are seeing what the media wants you to see. The only show the majority of crimes that we get their ratings up.

  15. That’s a good point. The media could be skewing the news any way they see fit. Where can we find a dispassionate source for scientific data on violent crime broken down by the race of the victim and perpetrator? Oh I know! The FBI’s crime statistics.

    Wait, this won’t do at all. According to statistics, blacks are approximately 250 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white person than vice-versa.

    See “The Color of Crime”.

  16. Did you actually research white on white crimes? Why do you all continue to live in the past. and why do you all chose to focus on just one race… Ted Bundy, Henry Lee Lucas, Ottis Toole, Scott Peterson, Jeffery Dahmer, and countless others…. I could keep naming but I dont have all day.. Why is it that people ignore whites killing and stealing, dealing drugs, gang banging, robbing banks, and killing for sport. What about the KKK…..They kill black people for fun…….. get real…….The FBI isnt a source I would call reliable… Or the CIA who had ties to mob figures who had JFK assassinated……. Come on get real……..Thats a laugh… Did the FBI website also tell you about the information they had before 9/11 happened and how they could have prevented it…

  17. I believe Mossad and our own government pulled off 9-11, probably using thermite explosives, but that is another issue.

    I also don’t doubt that white-on-white and white-on-black crime does occur. However, I believe that blacks commit violent crime against whites at a rate far greater than whites against blacks, and that blacks are disproportionately prone to violent crime.

    You seem to dismiss the FBI’s crime statistics as a reliable source. Do you believe the statistics are simply fabricated? If you don’t make a judgement based on that data, what if any scientific data do you base your opinions on?

  18. Amy – he hasnt been found guilty yet. My guess is hes still getting paid and his lawyer is the police departments lawyer. Police have the best lawyers so that would mean that his lawyer is the best too.

  19. A lot of people are asking how did Cutts got into the police force? I have a very strong feeling that the police force needs to hire blacks and other ethnics on a regular basis to keep the government happy and the civil rights people happy.

  20. Katie,
    That is a load of crap.. There are some good black cops out there just like there are alot of white crooked cops……. Bad cops come in all races. Look back in history to the days of the Mafia. They had so many white cops on their payroll and some drug dealers now days do also.

  21. If the police force is desperate to hire black cops then they might take just anyone. It happens all the time.

  22. This guy Cutts is going to get off scott free – you wait and see.

  23. Well that depends…… If they have no concrete evidence then he probably will Katie. He may get off now but he will have to answer for his Crimes one day. Besides I think its a little too soon for say either way. We dont know what kind of evidence the investigators have. Let them do their jobs and if they do have evidence especially DNA or trace evidence then he will most likely not get off. There is more to a crime scene that locating the body and finding the cause of death. There could be hair, carpet fibers, duck tape and etc. When you move a body, most times you will have carpet fibers on the body from the vehicle used to transport the body. You would be suprised at what you could learn even from something as simple as duct tape. From what I hear that took some from his friends house.

  24. The police force now realizes that they made a mistake hiring this guy. They dont want one of their own to be found guilty of such a crime. He’ll get off – one way or another – but he will get off.

  25. The police department has nothing to do with the trial. 12 people of the community will decide his fate..

  26. 12 people in a community miles away

  27. What will be his defense? Hes going to cut Jesse apart. Make her look like a slut. I can understand her getting pregnant the first time but a second time? Hes in debt paying child support. Hes going to be made to look like the victim.

  28. Katie,
    Think about it… Lots of people blame the victim. That is just the way the defense is sometimes doesnt mean he wont get convicted. It happens all the time. Just because he plays the victim doesnt mean that they jury will buy it. Yes they may be from another community but that doesnt matter. The STATE has to proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed this crime. Leave their job to them…

  29. Id like to have faith in the justice system but so many times it has failed and the killer is set free. I see this one as being no different … but … I could be wrong. I hope Im wrong.

  30. Just like the defense has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he didnt do it.

  31. Yes this justice has failed many times but you have to look at the evidence in each individual case. Sometimes the evidence is stronger than other times. Plus when research a crime you have to look at the year of conviction. What was the technology like during the time of investigation? Was there advancement in DNA technology then. There is a lot to look at.

  32. sounds like he beat her till she had a seizur e because he
    talked about her eyes rolling back in her head.
    He should know the same terror she must have .
    Poor girl, being attacked and probably worrying if he
    was going to hurt her little boy too. I hope for a
    quick conviction,death penalty. and if anyone saw his
    “friend’s” mother’s interview on TV, all she talked about
    was how her daughter was always cleaning…and her
    cleaning didn’t mean anything…oh ya, cleaning the
    crime scene with bleach…….. the friend’s mother looks as insane as the daughter.

  33. I think he will get convicted. It’s going to take alot to convince a jury that he’s innocent. What’s up Amy!!!

  34. Does anyone know the results of the autopsy?

  35. i wonder that too, it was never mencioned how she has died. Nobody saids if she was shot or what, because i think if he hit her then how come noboby was able to hear? Maybe he sufocated her?

  36. Shauncey,
    I think he will too. Not much really. How’s it been going?

  37. The Jessie Davis story/situation brings back so many memories of a past situation I was in. Like Jessie, I accepted Christ at very young and began witnessing to others. After I graduated from college (20) I married a man who I felt was a great catch = he was handsome, kind, respectful, educated and I felt he adored me. However, he was not a follower of Christ and for that very reason I should have not gotten involved with him. But nevertheless I did. (The enemy is a master of deception and tricky to boot.) Anyway, I slowly began to move away from Christ but eventually I realized I want to began serving God again. I knew I needed to get away from this man as his lifestyle was not a Christian lifestyle and the bible says- be ye not unequally yoked. I remember clearly calling and telling him that I wanted a divorce. He adviced me that it was disrespectful to do so on the phone and told me we needed to meet in person to discuss this. Against my better judgement I went to meet with him. When I met with him I could tell he had been drinking and also that he was sleep deprived. He kept asking me the reasons and all I remember saying was “that he probably wouldn’t understand”- the next thing I knew I was getting beaten and I thought death was the next step. I apparently was knocked unconscious because when I woke up = I noticed it was very dark outside. I was raped also. I remember very vividly that I was beaten so bad – I did not recognize myself – I remember the only thing that looked like me was my hands. I was so afraid- but happy that I was alive= at that point I knew I had to devise a plan to slowly get away from this man. He kept telling me – He was sorry= and that he loved me and that he did not want to break up. I never reported this mainly because I was very embarrassed. (my youth). I survived this situation but I learned a very painful lesson. Let God decide whether the man is for you. We don’t know what the person is really about- but God knows everything.. We must seek his Guidance in all decisions especially such a serious matter as marriage. And when we don’t we have noone to blame but ourselves. There is no need to be desperate, there is no need to settle, there is no need to lower one’s self to have a male species around- God will find the perfect man for you and all you have to do is walk with him and put him 1st in your life. And finally, just because a man professes to be a Christian or is an active man in his church doesn’t mean he is walking with God. And remember as we walk in the last days – the enemy is busy.
    Ladies, don’t say or think it can”t happen to you- you are deluding yourself. Trust in God – he loves you unconditionally.

  38. My god Julie and S.S…..
    sounds like you need some friends to talk to. Rambling on and on about your personal experiences…nobody cares.

  39. Newsqueen:

    I have a few good friends. I only wonder how many you have.
    I did not write this for the sake of empathy or sympathy. The sole reason for writing this is because I am tired of hearing stories after stories of woman being abused, used and killed by there mates when it is possible it could have been avoided.
    Not just young naive woman but old worldly woman as well.
    And also to let woman know that there is a better way through
    following the way of God Almighty versus following the way of the world/enemy.
    Maybe someone read it and GOT IT- if so great- obviously from the statistics and many stories of dead woman someone needs to speak the truth in hope that these woman will wake up before its too late. I happen to care about people – so that is why I also wrote it – it is apparent you don’t – I hope you never find yourself in a situation where you need someone- they might just say ” Who Cares”.

  40. Newsqueen,
    I hope you never have to go through something like that. These ladies are only trying to reach out to women everywhere who are abused. Maybe just Maybe their stories may save one of these women.

  41. S.S.

    I commend you on your passion in trying to forewarm/nurture women who are in abusive relationships, but has this blog been the extent of your preachings? Have you done anything more prominent?

  42. Newsqueen,
    I see that it is in your INHUMAN nature to be mean to people. These people on this blog (myself included) are actually interested in what other people have to say. Since you obviously don’t understand or like to hear what other people have been through or what they will go through, why don’t you just NOT visit this site DUMBASS!

  43. SS- GOD IS GREAT! But no one wants a preacher around all the time!

  44. SS,

    Anything you have to say I would love to hear. Your opinion is valued here.

  45. I agree with Shuancey SS, you opinion will always be valued here.

  46. Ahhh…there she is…Shauncey, you do love me after all!!! Once again, thanks for enlightening me with your vivid opinion. I appreciate opinions just as much as the next person, however when Christ and/or God is mentioned every other sentence, it gets a bit tedious. And the crazy length of some of these entries, geezus…you need a friend to talk to…for real!

  47. Shauncey has a friend to talk to …….ME

  48. Amy,
    I will e-mail you later today.

  49. My comment about people needing a friend to talk to wasn’t in reference to Shauncey…

  50. Does anyone know the latest on the Jessie Davis case? I haven’t heard anything on the autopsy results. Have they revealed the cause of death? I can’t find an update after July 2.

  51. kaycee,
    yeah really what the heck is going on anyways? they need to get the ball rolling, and find out the truth! i haven’t heard anything about jessie, chloe or even bobby in like a month! all i hear is this stuff about britney, paris and lindsay and it is sick! why is the media so cruel or maybe it is the police dept that can’t do their job, something is going on and it better not be a cover-up! i want some answers and i bet her poor mother does too! WTF is going on CANTON? do something already! how did he kill her? i know he is guilty i mean we weren’t born yesterday!

  52. Amen!

  53. The trend that I am seeing here, is that we now have many, many more men killing their pregnant girlfriends and pregnant wives. Statistics show that more pregnant women die from being murdered by the baby’s father than from pre-natal health risk issues. This trend has increased dramatically since the government has begun to crack down on deadbeat dads. Women of childbearing age should be VERY choosy when making important decisions like haveing sex, becoming pregnant, etc. Their very lives may depend on it.

  54. To Kaycee,
    I believe that the reason why law inforcement is being so tight lipped about this case could mean that they are not willing to jeopordize the state’s case against Bobby Cutt’s.
    Too much press, and Bobby’s lawyer’s will have a field day in court about how he can’t get a fair trial.

  55. tonight fox news has info..throw away the key

  56. ilene glick,

    I’m there!

  57. Im not there so Shauncey give me a update please. I just found out and I am going to bed with a bad head cold. Let me know what the lastest is please.

  58. Thanks Amy I

  59. you actually do NOT have to stop if you’re on the highway/ at night in dark alone, you’re allowed to drive into a lit area where you feel safe.

    dont ever pull over alone like that!! nottt wise.

  60. Thank you Brooklin – I don’t plan to.

  61. Hey whatz up? I was just reading all reply and i must say that we have some very dumb asses

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