• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Amber LeAnn Hess murder 6/22/2007 Queen Creek, AZ *2 teen boys killed her just because they did not like her*

Amber LeAnn Hess

Amber LeAnn Hess obituary
Authorities Suspect Foul Play In Case Of Missing Girl
Body found near residence of missing teen
Burned body may be missing girl
Pinal County sheriff makes arrests in teen’s disappearance
Car of missing girl found, police say
Two teens arrested in murder of Queen Creek girl
2 teens arrested in killing of girl, 17
Two Arizona Teens Arrested After 17-Year-Old Girl’s Body Found in Desert
News Archive: Amber LeAnn Hess murder


61 Responses

  1. It had to of been someone she knew.

  2. God be with her family and give them strength. I hope they receive the justice that they deserve. God bless Amber.

  3. I wonder what the world is coming to. Kids are starting to kill other kids just because they don’t like them? This has been getting more and more disturbing. My thoughts and prayers also go out to the family and friends of this girl. May they find some justice.



  6. I say we skip the trial and just burn the alive because that is the only way they will truly understand what she went through. Even though their pain would be much worse.

  7. Violent music has nothing to do with this. The two boys killed her because they have no respect for human life, have no morals and no conscience. Music is too easy of an object to blame when we should be blaming these kids themselves. They did this of their own free will. They knew what they were doing when they did it. Now they will have to pay for what they did. Amy, doing to them what they did to this girl would be too easy and it would make us no better than they are. We just need to keep in mind that justice will be served fairly for Amber and keep her and her family and friends in our prayers.

  8. Melissa W,
    Yeah, I’m not buying the whole “music” thing either. This is just total disreguard for a life right here. Poor Amber. How scared she must have been. RIP and may God bless your family now and always.

  9. Melissa W,
    You have a point there. My emotions are running very high right now. With every story I read, I think that could have been my daughter. Since I have started blogging here, I go into panic attacks when my daughter walks out the door. I call her cell phone every 15 mins to check on her. Maybe I need to take a break from all this.

  10. This whole thing has come to a complete shock to me, Amber was a really good friend of mine back in middle school and high school. After a few years we lost contact and I keep beating myself up over ever losing contact with her. She was such a sweet girl and never did anything wrong, she always strove to fit in with everyone. She always stayed true to her friends, and was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to. I can’t believe this happened to someone so innocent and caring as Amber. I feel so bad because I never realized how much I missed her until I found out about this. I miss her so much and wish she was still here. I love you Amber I hope you find peace were you are now. I’m so sorry for ever letting you slip from my mind. You will always be in my heart, and will always be remembered.

  11. These boys deserve life or the death penalty. It makes me angry to hear that the two of them and Amber went to the movies before they killed her to see Evan Almighty. And then Todd’s mom quotes her son as saying he’s sorry and wants forgiveness. Right he’s sorry he got caught murdering someone who was his friend. These two boys do not deserve to ever set foot out of prison again if they are that cold blooded to methodically befriend a girl they don’t like and hang out with her so they can kill her really should be put to death IMO.

  12. What a surprise, the killers are two Mexicans.

    Boy, I didn’t see that one coming.

  13. Josh,

    FTR one of the boys is not mexican, he is indian – not that it matters. A terrible thing has happened here. Two young people did an awful. Judge them for what they have done – not what race they are. My heart goes out to the Hess family.

  14. See “The Color of Crime”. Some races are genetically predisposed to this sort of behavior. Before I researched the matter I would have thought such a conclusion preposterous. The media does their best to make you feel guilty about even considering this hypothesis, and there are reasons for that, too.

    If you are happy with your outlook on life right now, I urge you not to research the matter. Once you open the door, you will learn many things that you might have been happier not knowing. For some people, it’s probably best to remain in ignorance.

  15. Josh,
    The media will always show more minority crimes than anything else.
    1 for the ratings
    2 because some whites (and I am white) cant handle the truth and wouldnt believe it even it slapped them in the face.. Whites are committing the same crimes. I have not chosen to remain ignorant. I just chose to look at all the facts. And I research farther than just minority crimes.

  16. As I said above, the media is irrelevant. I don’t trust them either.

    The FBI’s crime statistics are probably the best source for real data on the matter, and they show that blacks commit violent crime at a vastly disproportionate rate.

    If you have another source for data, I would love to see it. I’m drawing a conclusion from what seems to be the best data I can find.

  17. Sorry, my first sentence in the last reply was related to another thread.

    Please address the issue of the FBI crime stats.

  18. FBI crime stats. I am suppose to believe them when they withheld info that could have prevented 9/11……..LMAO get real.

  19. What do you base your opinion on?

  20. Josh,
    I am not saying that blacks arent committing the most crimes. All I am saying is that we have to quit ignoring the facts that our whites can be and have been just as dangerous. Have you ever thought that maybe whites contribute to the problem? Think about it. Whites are always so quick to point fingers at the blacks, they are so quick to treat blacks like they are nothing ( not just blacks either) When you treat someone like a criminal they will start acting like one. Maybe if our whites would stop being so damn racist then maybe you will see the black on white crimes go down.

  21. Do you agree that blacks commit violent crime at a disproportionate rate?

  22. I have read the Commission report for 9/11……its all in the report. Our government failed to protect us…… FBI and the CIA.. I keep up with why my husband puts in life on the line for this screwed up country and some of these screwed up people. I always watched the Commission on TV.

  23. Josh,
    Yes I do but I am also willing to admit that my fellow white americans arent being the picture perfect citizen either.

  24. I should have specified I wasn’t asking about 9-11. I think just about everyone by now knows Mossad and our own government did it, probably using thermite explosives.

    We may disagree on the reasons for this, but do you agree that blacks commit violent crime at a disproportionate rate?

  25. I can also tell you that the crime rate for blacks has risen because today mothers are having children at younger and younger ages and dont care what there kids do as long as they dont have to deal with them. You will start to see an increase on white crimes for that reason. If parents today would pay attention to their kids and ask questions you wouldnt see the gang issuses that we do.

  26. Okay. Why do you think blacks commit violent crime at a disproportionate rate?

  27. I think society has a lot to do with it. The parents have a majority to do with it. Some not all blacks cant afford to get the help that they need to deal with issues they have. Mainly the parents, and why I say this is because I have a lot of highly educated black friends who raise their kids to be respectful, hard working and dedicated to proving that they are just as capable as us in getting good jobs and living a productive life in society.

  28. And the way we are raised as alot to do with the we behave no matter the race. If we raise our kids to be racist then the chances are our grandchildren will be the same. Just as if we raise our kids to believe that can have whatever they want and then not give it to them they will go out and get it even if they have to rob someone.

  29. I believe that blacks evolved in a different climate with different evolutionary pressures, and developed different evolutionary strategies. For Europeans, the primary enemy was the climate. Seasonal changes required forethought to prepare for the coming winter. Therefore conditions in Europe favored an individual with the ability to plan ahead and make preparations. Additionally, Europeans had a diet high in fish which lends itself to building more complex brain structure.

    In sub-saharan Africa, weather was warm and food was plentiful. An individual’s primary enemy was other individuals. Thus, hand to hand combat was an important skill, and Africans developed thicker skulls, denser bones, and longer reaches. A European with more advanced cognitive abilities would have been at a distinct disadvantage in such an environment.

    It’s not really about superior or inferior. Both races developed distinct survival strategies to suit their particular environment. It’s highly unrealistic to think our brains developed exactly the same way, even as our skin, muscles, bones, and blood diverged. In fact, it has been proven that Africans have a less developed pre-frontal cortex than whites and Asians, and a lower brain volume to body ratio. Lest you think I am being an evil “racist”, Asians have a higher brain mass to body ratio and IQ than combined whites.

  30. I think that these crimes have nothing to do with race. I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that poverty plays a HUGE factor in this. The fact is many blue collar crimes are committed by people who live with poor conditions. Look at all the white collar crimes that white people are committing.

    Plain and simple – you are judging these kids by their races and not their actions.

    You most likely don’t know how they grew up – was there abuse in their homes? Neglect? Were they wealthy? Poor?

    I grew up in a poor highly Hispanic area and I know from experience that yes there was a lot of crime. I think that the crime would have been there no matter the races living there.

  31. Josh,
    I didnt say evil but some of your comments are the same as some of the racist people I have seen up here. Do you considered blacks equal to you? If you were dieing and the only person who could save you was black, would you let him? Do you sociallize with black people? If so then no I wouldnt call you racist. But we all have a tendency to be racist. I am not racist against blacks, some hispanics, or other races. I do however have some racist tendency toward mexicans.

    Given your lengthy comment……. How do you explain blacks that are more successful than whites?

  32. Melissa,
    As I said, alot has to do with how we are raised. I am not judging anyone just commenting on what Josh said……Make sure you specify who you are talking to. If you look at my post I have not said ” people commit crimes because of their race.

  33. Amy,

    I’m curious,

    What is the difference between Hispanic and Mexican?

  34. I apologize, my comment was to Josh.

  35. I was refering to other hispanics……. you know Dominicans, Ricans, etc……

  36. Amy,
    Do you care to explain why you have a racist tendency towards Mexican? I’m not trying to nit-pick. I just want to understand the dislike for a entire group of people.

  37. There is a bell-curve distribution of traits, so of course some whites are more intelligent than Asians, and some blacks are more intelligent than whites.

    I believe we should all be treated equally, and let individual merit sort itself out. Unfortunately in today’s political climate, that itself is considered a racist position.

    The PC view of the world states that all races are inherently equal in aptitude. Not that they should be treated equally, that they ARE precisely equal. Therefore, when blacks commit more crime or drop out more often, it MUST be due to external factors. Therefore, they believe it is essential that blacks be given preferential treatment (affirmative action) to correct this.

    So one is forced to take a position. Some believe all races are identical, and any deviation is due to external forces which must be mitigated with affirmative action. Others believe different races have a variety of diverse strengths and weaknesses, and individuals should be judged by merit rather than a prejudiced expectation based on what whites believe to be desirable traits.

  38. Its not really a dislike to the whole group really. I feel uncomfortable around them ( mainly the men) because they creep me out when they stare. Some of the mexicans are over here illegally. I detest illegals, not matter the race. Mainly because they just totally creep me out.. I realize other races do it.

    This is not for just mexicans. One thing that really gets my nerves is……….We are in American, the language has been english for a very long time, why should we have to learn spanish just to be able to communicate with them.. They should have to learn english. Sorry but I do have a mexican in my family. Do, I like her, she is okay i dont like her ways.

    This is just my opinion of course.

  39. Melissa,

    I am trying to change my way of thinking about Mexicans. It just takes sometime. Because I dont believe that a whole race should suffer from the actions of a few..

  40. Josh,
    So you are saying the self-serving bias is a factor here. In self-serving bias we tend to blame external forces for the negative in our lives.

  41. Melissa,
    Have you been keeping up with the Edwin Hall case or was that another melissa. There is a link on that site you should read if you have been following that case also.

  42. Amy, I believe you should move to a primarily Mexican area in order to enrich yourself and learn about other cultures. If you only had more day-to-day contact with Mexicans, you would not be so ignorant and prejudiced, and would learn the true value of diversity.

  43. Josh,
    I am trying to change my views. I go where the military takes my husband. So why dont you give me some information that I need…. I am always up to learning about other races. I am not like most people I dont like being like that. As far as moving to that kind of area. If it were just me, I would but see I think about the safety of my kids therefore I live in a gated community.

    You seem to be so intelligent so I would love to hear what you have to say.

  44. That didnt sound the way I intended……… What I meant is since you seem so intelligent I would love to hear what you know about mexicans that would give me a better understanding of them.

  45. Why would you be concerned about the safety of your children? Aren’t Mexicans industrious hard-working individuals with strong families? Don’t you want your children to grow up in a culturally diverse enriching environment.

    The truth is, you know Mexicans are dangerous. You are afraid to be seen as “racist” so you try to change your perceptions you know are right. It’s an amazing feat of mental acrobatics caused by the Social Marxism that has overtaken the West in general and the U.S., Canada, and U.K. in particular.

    The will to ignore the obvious in the comments I see by Americans on forums like this is what convinces me this country is doomed to become another Latin American kleptocracy. Americans won’t stand up for themselves out of fear of being called “racist”. At the same time, Mexicans openly call for genocide against American whites. When one side is weak and the other aggressive, there is only one outcome.

    I know who is behind it and why it is happening, but you have been conditioned to react to emotional triggers that would be activated if I told you. If you want to know the truth you will find it.

  46. I fear for my children safety because 1. Crime has gotten worse since I was a child and not to any certain race. 2. There are too many child pedophiles around here and none in my community. It has nothing to do with race other wise I wouldnt have them in public school. Whites are the minority at their schools.

    Oh my god…..Dont tell me you are one of those that believes the government has some sort of mind control thing going.

  47. Amy,

    I’m new to this blog. I googled info on the Hess case and found this blog. This is the first blog I have seen on this case so here I am. I thank you for your honesty in your answer. It makes sense. I live with people who feel the same way.


    I wonder, does your original statement change any after learning that one of the boys involved in an Indian and not Mexican like you previously thought?

  48. Melissa,
    Josh is just rambling.. Some of what he says is true but I showed my huband his comments and he said he is just trying to sway us toward his opinions.. I wonder what is comment will be to that one.

    Sorry I got you mixed up with another Melissa.
    I think as a society we need to look beyond color and pull together to stop all this racism. I am not a happy person when I feel racists toward a mexican. I am learning though…

    You’re welcome

  49. Of course I am trying to sway you towards my opinions. Swaying you towards my opinions is the point of me explaining them. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

    Was he Indian (from India) or Amerind? I’d be a little surprised if he is from India, because theirs is a bit more civilized society, but there’s not much difference between Mestizo and Amerind.

    I recommend reading the article “The Morality of Survival” (Google it). It’s the best summation of the current situation the West finds itself in.

  50. I think there are a couple of papers by that name. Find the one by Michael W. Masters.

  51. ok

  52. Josh,
    He is American Indian.

  53. Dear Amber,my name is lilia.And I don’t know you,but I herd alot about you and you do not deserve this.My cousin Kayla and Niko said that they saw you at sonic and you were really nice to them.I hope where ever you are at god bless you.Cause you did not deserve this at all.And it makes me really sad to keep hearing of what happen to you.god bless you amber hess i’ll keep you in my prayers.And those people that killed hope you go to HELL!!!!!

  54. Dear Amber,I don’t know if you remeber me and my brother at sonic because you were really nice.It’s really sad that you had died cause you do not deserve to die.I bet you were a really nice person.And I wish I would of knew you.I hope that they die just like you did so that they will feel how you felt.I’am really sorry of what they did.I’am going to the ymca dance support thing for the Amber Hess family cause I truely care about you.Love ya Amber Hess and hope where ever your at your in a good place.


  55. Nice little hate crime hidden form the public.

  56. Seems that the younger generations are desensitized to violence. I don’t want to be one of those parents that blames music and video games, but I will say that hearing lyrics over and over than say it’s ok to stab/kill/torture or playing games that are violent and put one in a first shooter position have to have an impact. How could it not??

  57. “If you give a man the correct information for seven years, he may believe the incorrect information on the first day of the eighth year when it is necessary, from your point of view, that he should do so. Your first job is to build the credibility and authenticity of your propaganda, and persuade the enemy to trust you although you are his enemy.”

    Propaganda of this nature, especially if carried out over a long period of time and with the intent to achieve specific social or political changes, is usually part of a larger conquest called “political warfare” — and is almost sure to be accompanied by diplomatic pressures against national leaders, economic actions (e.g., foreign economic or military aid), cultural intervention, and surveillance. As such, it can have a profound or even devastating impact on the target peoples.

    Skillful propaganda is capable also of manipulating its audience at the emotional level. Psychological studies done in the United States two decades ago proved the disastrous impact of widespread racism on children of African descent. Black children in one test all believed a doll with light skin to be more desirable than one with darker skin — a measure of the “self- hatred” instilled by social attitudes so prevalent as to be taken for granted. In much the same way, protestant missionaries from the U.S. have long promoted various forms of “biblical capitalism” which instill in followers the belief that the “good” are rewarded by God with material “blessings,” and that poverty confirms the moral inadequacy of an individual, a group, or a class of people.

    in the course of only a few short years, comments about the pathology of people of color generally, and African Americans in particular, have gone from the margins of political discourse to the center. Discussions of crime have become increasingly racialized and our dialogue on race has become increasingly criminalized, such that deviance is now seen by many as synonymous with melanin or Black culture. Meanwhile whites—no matter how criminal or “deviant” our behaviors may be—are allowed the privilege of individualization. We’re allowed to be “just bad persons,” unlike non-whites who come to be seen collectively as “bad people.”

    Mainstream media contributes to this process in myriad ways; from news clips showing Black men being taken to jail, to the headline in my local paper concerning a newly-released study on “injurious behavior” among teenagers, which read: “White teens more likely hurt selves; minorities more a threat to others.” Oh really? Go tell that to the victims of the white kids who shot up their schools in Pearl, Mississippi, Paducah, Kentucky, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Edinboro, Pennsylvania, and Springfield, Oregon. I’m sure they’ll be glad to know that Kip Kinkel was only a threat to himself.

    Or for that matter, what about Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, or Jeffrey Dahmer? I guess white folks only become a danger to others once they’re adults. Or more likely, their race remains invisible, seen as irrelevant to their actions, even while lawbreakers of color are made to represent their larger communities.

    Consider that after the Oregon shooting, “experts” tried to figure out “what went wrong,” with Master Kinkel, noting similarities between his killing spree and those of his predecessors: well, all the similarities except one. Kinkel, like the others was a boy, it was noted. Kinkel, like the others used a gun. Kinkel, like the others talked often about violence. Hmmm…Anything else, perhaps? While we can rest assured these kids would have been “raced” had they come from Black “ghetto matriarchs” in the ‘hood, it was as if no one could see the most obvious common characteristic among them: their white skin. It gives new meaning to the term “colorblind.”

    Of course this kind of vision defect is typical. After all, we hear a lot about “Black crime,” but nothing about “white crime” as such, only “white collar crime,” although usually the collar isn’t the only thing lacking color. We hear of “Black-on-Black” violence in American cities or African nations, but nothing of “white-on-white violence,” even in Bosnia where the practice has become routine. In fact, I recently did a Yahoo internet search, finding only 217 entries for “white crime,” (most all of them dealing with the pale collar variety), while finding 973 entries under “Black crime”—interesting considering that the majority of crimes are committed by the majority of the population, which in the U.S. is still Caucasian. Similarly, “Black-on-Black crime” netted 559 entries, compared to only 17 for “white-on-white crime”

    Nowhere is the de-racing of white violence more blatant than in discussions of mass civil disturbances, or what less sanguine commentators might call riots. Consider a November, 1996 USA Today article concerning a recent study at Northeastern University, which found that race had played a role in only half of all riots since 1994. In other words, when people of color rebelled against police brutality in St. Petersburg, race (but apparently not racism) was implicated, but when mainly white rock concert attendees or sports fans rioted in stadiums, race was irrelevant. The white rioters certainly had a race, but it didn’t matter. Thus, when riots erupted in the past few years at Colorado University, Iowa State University, Penn State, the Universities of Wisconsin at Whitewater and Oshkosh, Southern Illinois University, the University of Delaware, Michigan State, Washington State, Plymouth State, the University of Akron and the University of New Hampshire—all of them white events, and over nothing so serious as police brutality, but rather crackdowns on underage drinking or the results of a football game—no one asked what it was about white people that makes them burn cars and smash windows for the sake of $1 tequila shots.

    It’s amazing how many crazy white people there are out there, none of whom feel the wrath of the racial pathology police as a result of their depravity. Killing parents is one of our specialties. So in 1994, a white guy in New York killed his mom for serving the wrong pizza; last year, a white 17 year old in Alabama killed his parents with an axe and sledgehammer; and in 1996, Rod Ferrell, leader of a “vampire cult” in Murray, Kentucky, bludgeoned another member’s parents to death, and along with the victims’ daughter, drank their blood so as to “cross over to the gates of hell.” Which brings me to rule number one for identifying the race of criminals you hear about. If the crime involved vampirism, Satan worship, or cannibalism, you can bet your ass the perp was white. Never fails. Every damned time. But you’ll never hear anyone ask what in the hell it is about white parents that makes their children want to cut off their heads and boil them in soup pots.

  58. beautiful girl!! That is to bad. I am so sorry Amber!!

  59. i am so sorry for the lost i just visted the website and she poped up i hope who ever did it rot in hell but rip

  60. hey im srry for the loss and i think it was stupid and wrong!!! i thought me and my friends seen a 17 year old girl getting killed behind my house and we went to leave to go to the house and i turned around and i heard a dragging nosie and it was a truck right behind us across the gate from us and we seen him drag something in the truck IM SRRY AMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  61. Josh & Amy
    I believe you’re both forgetting why this sites here, its here for Amber Hess and the loss her family went and is going thru even today. Instead of arguing about race and poverty, try talking about what we as parents/and communities can do to make this world a better place, try educating the children of the world and setting good examples and good morals into our children of the world. That would be far more productive than the arguing you’re both doing about what race the killers were. I feel you’re both smart individuals, take that smartness and educate other kids starting with your own to make sure they understand what those boys did wrong and why its wrong.

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