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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Murder-Suicide: Benoit Family murder 6/25/2007 Fayetteville, GA *WWE wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife, their son and then himself in their home*

Benoit Family

Professional Wrestler Chris Benoit, Family Found Dead in Georgia Home
WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit, Wife and Child Found Dead
WWE wrestler Chris Benoit and family found dead
Pro wrestler Chris Benoit, wife, son found dead
Wrestler, family dead
Wrestler Chris Benoit, Wife, Child Found Dead
Wrestler Chris Benoit, Family Found Dead
WWE Wrestler, Family Found Dead
Wikipedia: Chris Benoit double-murder and suicide
Wikipedia: Chris Benoit
Official: Wrestler Strangled Wife, Smothered Son, Hanged Self
Wrestler, family dead
Benoit’s death part of a double murder-suicide
Pro wrestler Benoit killed wife, son, then self
Police: Wrestler Killed His Family, Hanged Himself
Federal agents raid office of Benoit’s doctor
Benoit, wife argued over care for son
New Details Emerging on Life of Pro Wrestler Chris Benoit Before Murder-Suicide
‘We have no understanding of why’
Nancy Benoit: A Career Woman in Wrestling
Wikipedia: Nancy Benoit
Wikipedia: Chris Benoit
Benoit Death Notice Posting May Have Been Coincidence
Benoit left trail of calls, online messages
Benoit “loving person,” ex-wife says
Slam! news articles

Benoit Family home


23 Responses

  1. According to a report on WAGA-TV, investigators believe Chris Benoit killed his wife and son at some point over the weekend, and then killed himself earlier today.

    They reported first hearing from a concerned neighbor and that the three bodies were found in separate rooms.

    Detective Bo Turner told the station the case was being investigated as a murder-suicide, but it could not be confirmed until the evidence was examined by a crime lab.

    When WWE chose to run an elaborate three hour memorial program immortalizing Chris Benoit as a great family man, who demanded respect, They chose to depict one side of the story.

    But what really happened?

    I don’t see how a man who allegedly murders his wife and son and then commits suicide, get a three hour memorial. Not to mention cancel a live event. The show must go on. The case is still open, but if the events did happen the way they did, Chris Benoit deservs no respect!

  2. Jay,

    I said the same thing to my husband this morning. If this is indeed a murder-suicide commited by Chris Benoit (which it appears to be), he did not deserve to have people praising him. That boggles the mind!

  3. How sad. AND how selfish. What is going on in this world that people feel they have to kill their families. It’s one thing to take your own life, but selfish to decide that other family members don’t want to live theirs. That’s why I always have a smile and a kind word for everyone. Because you never know what people are going thru in their personal lives.

  4. ITS REALLY bizarre and know one knows, supposedly he got a call to come home for a family emergency, how much do we know about her, she could have done it, or had someone there, they always accuse the guy

  5. kgore-
    Actually HE called and cancelled his appearance for the Pay-Per-View event. And now the cause of death has been announced and is not good for Chris Benoit fans. I am sorry.
    I was incorrect–he did not call and cancel. He just did not show up for his appearances. I am watching the news conference right now. They were not aware of any phone call informing Chris of an emergency. Also, apparently his wife had a protective order against him at one time due to domestic violence. Please remember, he strangled her first after binding her feet and hands. He meant to kill her. It was not an accident. Don’t try to shift the blame to her. There is no evidence that she caused this to happen. Then he smothered his 7 year old son. This is not a good situation. I sure hope you did not look up to him in any way. I would not consider him a role model, even before this happened.

  6. Chris Benoit, some no talent hack, kills himself and takes his family with…

    Like I said yesterday, I don’t understand what would drive someone to kill another person.  It really blows my mind.  Well, there is another semi-high profile case.  It came out that Chris Benoit, some person I never heard of but apparently was fa…

  7. I was shocked to find out what had happened and was able to get some of the detailed information before it was released to the press, and while I am in disbelief that Beniot killed his wife and child I am also frustrated with the media and local authorities ignorance about the alleged “roid rage” that may have led to this tragedy. Things to consider are this; what was their life like behind closed doors, maybe there were underlying problems between Chris and his wife that were not known to anyone else, which doesn’t make this right in any way because any kind of abuse in any way to a spouse or a child is unacceptable. Also, what needs to be taken into consideration is the possiblity of drug abuse other than steriods, perscription pain killers oral and injectable, cocaine, meth etc, and also the possiblity that maybe Chris had a form of depression that he was being treated for. Steriods play a small part in the death of an athelete BUT if they are combined with narcotics and alcohol or the user simply thinks that more is better and combines several anabolics together that is a cocktail of eventual death. Next consideration, of all of the professional wrestlers that have come and gone think about names like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, any one of these men more that likely have used steriods but have not killed anyone due to “Roid Rage”. In all of the years that I have been involved in wrestling and bodybuilding the one standard that I have seen is that anytime someone loses their temper and blows up some of the indivuals blame the outburst on “Roid Rage” because of the stigma that has been created by the medical community, law enforcement and the press is nothing more than a crutch to lean on to take the blame for unacceptable behavior. Finally, the fact that he was in the public eye constantly and looked up to by many, doesn’t mean he didn’t have demons that he dealt with, which is something that happens every day all over the country when you hear about another family man that couldn’t deal with his life anymore and took drastic and desperate measures, so before people jump to the conslusion that steriods were the cause of a premature death or murder, keep the afore mentioned in mind before you make that assumption.

  8. I am deeply shocked and saddened by this news. To kill your family is so horribly tragic. Unfortuantely the wrestling business has lost many stars to similar pain due to the rigours of the road ! This time it has taken a mother and a little boy. Very sad times!

  9. why did you die! are drugs

  10. Why is it that when someone who is on drugs ( a regular person ) people are so quick to say ” Drugs had nothing to do with it, that is just an excuse so” but yet when a public figure does the same horrible act everyone wants to blame the drugs. He is just as responsible as a non public figure for his own actions.

  11. I think Benoit still deserves respect but it doe change you prospective about him but you can not blame him for it he was taking sterooids ect so you can not persume that it was all of his falt so dont go saying things that you cant prove i still think that Benoit deserves the respect but he was a good man in character of the wwe family but no one actually knows wat was happening wen they were behind the sence i guess u would say but he and his wife [Nancy] could have had big problems but this is no proved to be a fact but that could of been the problem but that does not mean you can no longer respect him.

  12. Shauna,

    Why does he deserve respect? Because of his career? That is no reason. Do you respect OJ Simpson, who had a far better career than Benoit? Do you respect Phil Spector? Benoit was not a good man of character. He planned this murder. He bound Nancy’s feet and hands and strangled her. He put a chokehold on his son and killed him. He is NOT a good man. Maybe he put on a good show for the WWE, but that does not mean in reality he was the same. I just heard on the news that the WWE is now distancing themselves from him, which is very smart.

    Yes, there was proof of problems. Nancy filed for divorce at one point. There was a protective order. I am sure more information will come to light also. He deserves no respect. He showed none for Nancy or Daniel and the victims are the ones that matter.

  13. Shauna,

    Sorry, but I don’t show respect for murderers and child killers.

  14. I agree, Shauncey. Chris Benoit may have been a good wrestler but he does not deserve any respect. How can anyone show respect for someone that not only killed his wife but his seven year old son as well? I can’t.

  15. What is up with the blaming of steroids. That man knew right from wrong and he still chose to kill his family. That is total bull crap.. The steriods didnt tie his wife up and steroids didnt kill his son either… STERIODS DIDNT MURDER HIS FAMILY HE DID………

  16. yes this is power to his. i bet his wife was cheating on him and his son was going to be gay. also the steriods!

  17. Oh my god you are so lame. He killed them and you all cant handle the fact that he did this so you gotta blame someone to keep his imagine up. There is no justification for murder. I hope his soul stays trapped in purgatory……….

  18. As a personal friend of the Benoits please know that on the surface they were all very nice, respectable people. To Garrett — Nancy WAS NOT cheating on Chris, you have absolutely no idea what went on in that house on a daily basis but she was devoted to her husband. Daniel WAS NOT going to be gay. He was a sweet, innocent little boy. How dare you?!?
    I am definatley venting right now as knowing them the way I did I am sick of the distorted speculation by people who did not and do not have a clue. These people were not just public figures, they had friends and family who cared deeply for them and their well being and are still trying to even comprehend the fact that they are gone in such a manner is devastating to those who cared for them as people.
    None of us who were close to them understand the how and why and maybe someday we might have some answers but until then keep your ignorant comments to yourself and allow those of us who were their friends and family feel their loss privately and are in the midst of grief please grieve in peace.

  19. Wow such highly intelligent people, so intelligent the only words they know are curse words. Respect, since when does a murderer deserve respect. And everyone ask why this country is getting so bad. LOL ……….just look at some of these post and they will know the answer. Idiots who idolize murderers and respect murderers. There is absolutly no excuse to kill someone.
    Just because you can fake wrestle good doesnt mean anything lol… Peace the the families of this tragedy……… My GOD have mercy on this Country

  20. Chris Benoit was a wise man who demanded respect and at one point and time felt the need to comit suicide and kill his famliy mabe so they would not have to suffer from his death. Romers say that Chris took many drugs in his life otherwise. He must have felt trapped in his mind and will definetly be remembered around the world and in the WWE most importantly. The way I found out about his death was from the WWE and knew him as my first wrestler when i begun to watch the WWE in my days.

  21. i do not beleive cris benwo could have done this and 1st of all eddie gurrieo died so i think all of us ho thinkbenwo killed peeps then u dont no shit i think somebody killed both of them

  22. Hi everyone my name is Denise I just have one question for everyone people just assumed that Chris killed them bebecause he was the only one theire. Dhow do we know? Why did the cops just assumed Chris killed everyone & then himself the cops & everyone just assumed Chris have to have done it because because he was the only one theire. That’s what I’m saying how do we know? What if someone else was theire?let me ask everyone this question why would Chris do this bow why not a couple of years ago why did he wait until now what’s the reason? It seems funny that Kevin Sullivan threatened to kill Chris at one time.I’m not saying that Sullivan had anything do do with this but why didn’t the cops at least investigate him. No everyone just assumed he had to do it because he was the only one theire. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. If Chris did do it then we as Chris benoit fans have to except that & never know why but what if Chris didn’t do this?doesn’t Chris & his family deserve justice?well that’s My thought thank you everyone out good & god bless you all out théire.

  23. Hey everyone this is Denise again I want people to check out this website click on /did Kevin Sullivan murder Chris benoit & let me know if you believe Chris still did this?thank you peace & love to everyone our theire.

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