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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Update: Jessie Marie Davis murder *Body identified as Jessie Davis and the investigation is continuing*

  Jessie Davis’ body found in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

News Archive: Jessie Marie Davis murder
Body Identified as Pregnant Ohio Woman Who Disappeared Last Week
Police Search Home of Classmate of Jessie Davis Murder Suspect
Home of friend of suspect searched in Ohio
Missing Pregnant Woman’s Body Recovered…Boyfriend Charged With Murder
Body of Missing Woman Found, Boyfriend Charged
Deputies Raid Myisha Ferrell Home In Search Of Evidence
Deputies raid home in search of evidence

Bobby Lee Cutts


45 Responses

  1. This is sooo sad. I hope they find this lady and she is charged as well.

  2. I believe there is research that pregnant women in particular are at a very high risk of domestic violence. This is sad and disgusting…

  3. Yeah I read that somewhere… It is not just domestic violence but also because you have women out here that are so desperate to have a child they will kill a pregnant lady kill her and try to pass the baby off as theirs

  4. therefore pregnant women are at higher risk having being a victim of murder

  5. I think this is very disgusting that someone could do this. Why would someone even think of this? It doesnt make sense… The baby didnt do anything and the woman prolly didnt either.. Murder is not an answer… its the problem… I think who ever did this should lose their life.. An eye for an eye… Or better yet.. put their ass in jail for ever and make let everyone know they are a baby killer.

  6. I’m sickened by the news. I knew Bobby Cutts was guilty when it was reported that Jessie was missing. Just too weird with his past. I can’t believe he would leave that little boy home alone; that in itself is sick!! I’m sure little Blake woke up and saw/heard what was going on and went to his room, hugging his teddy bear of fear. I just hope and pray he’s not traumatized for the rest of his life over this ordeal. Jessie and Chloe; rest in peace.
    This “woman” who the cops are looking at also, needs to be thrown under the jail along with Bobby Cutts. And this crap that since he directed the FBI to Jessie’s body, he shouldn’t get the death penalty – BULL!!!! He took TWO lives here. And he’s a COP on top! Gheesh! Who can you freaking trust these days???

  7. Crystal,
    I use to hear stories about how child molestors get it so bad in prison for other inmates. I have a friend who is a correction officer and in the prison she works at, the other inmates do nothing to them. And they know they did this to little kids cause some of the officers make it a point to tell the whole population. That is in the prison she works at. I cant speak all the other prisons in the world

  8. Everyone,
    Is it just me, or has everyone noticed a high rise in crimes of murder aganist wives and girlfriends? Also, police officers are murdering people and still NOT getting away with it. It is safe to say, ladies, be careful who you choose as your mate. You don’t know what they could have going on.

  9. Amy,
    I’ll be a correctional officer soon. I have alot of friends who are sargents, and they say the same thing. It’s hard on child molesters, child and women killers in jail.

  10. “It’s hard on child molesters, child and women killers in jail.”

    Oh boo hoo. It’s funny how I don’t feel any pity for child molesters or children and women killers.

  11. Me either but I wouldnt count on general population giving them what they deserve.

  12. The corrections officer give them more hell than the inmates.

  13. Shauncey
    remind me later to tell you about one incident my friend told me about. Pretty harsh but they felt justified.

  14. Back to my research paper.

  15. Goodnight eveyone.

  16. who cares — she was a race mixing slut and got what she deserved — whites who place themselves in an unnatural environment are unfit for evlolution — that’s why she is dead — good riddance – that should be the fate of all white female race mixers

  17. Rahowa – I can’t believe your post. What is the matter with you? How were you raised that you can even type some of the words that are your post? “Race mixing slut…got what she deserved”? Obviously you are not a Christian or a person with any sense – common or otherwise? The world is the way it is because of people like you. I hope that somehow you are enlightened and your narrow mindset fades. If not, I truly feel sorry for you and any children you might have. I am appalled that a mindset such as yours even exists in today’s society, not to mention that your mindset allowed you to post such comments. GROW UP AND OPEN YOUR EYES.

  18. rahowa,

    When judgement day comes and you have to stand before God, I hope you have a very good explanation for what you just said… even though there is not one……..You are gonna fry in hell for that…….

  19. I find this whole thing disgusting. Whoever did this did it in front of the little boy. I hope if it is found by a jury to have been done by his father, that man should NEVER be allowed contact with his child(ren). I do have a question. If both Davis’ children were fathered by Cutts, and from what I’ve heard/read he’s been seperated for a couple of months, why was Ms Davis screwing a married man? NOT THAT THIS MEANS I THINK SHE ASKED FOR IT or anything like that, I just think it does got to show that there were some bad choices she made. The one married guy I dated 23 years ago ended up killing his wife a year after I got smart and ran 2000 miles away from him. Hope that serves as a warning to any would be “other” women or men!

  20. This is unbelievable sad news. The murderer should be identified as soon as possible and should be punished severly.

  21. What I don’t understand is how someone can take away their OWN child’s mother. I mean, it’s one thing to kill someone (which is horribe), but to leave this 2 year old boy without his mother, and now obviously his father as well? I think you’d have to be pretty sick, I mean, c’mon, he DID leave the boy ALONE after he carelessly dumped Jessie’s body
    I’m just glad that this child was probably too young to remember what he saw, in the future. He might have witnessed it, but I think he was to young to actually comprehend it. And it’s a good thing she has such a great family, my biggest concern is the baby, and from the looks of it he’ll be taken care of, as long as his father doesn’t get custody somehow

  22. Shauncey – yes I have noticed an increase in crimes against pregnant women…or mothers recently. I was actually thinking the same thing. Michelle Young, Renee Pagel, Tara Grant, of course Laci Peterson to name a few…it seems like every week on CNN there is a new missing woman somewhere
    Amy – I heard somewhere that Scott Peterson had to be put in isolation because of the death threats and hard times he was getting, so I’m almost HOPIng this guy goes to jail forever. I mean, if you think about it, there are things worse than death
    Rahowa – go to hell

  23. anonymous,
    That wouldnt surprise me at all. I was watching Dr. Phil one day and they had some of his jurors up there. Even some of them received death threats. One went so far as writing Scott Peterson, what she was hoping to learn from his, I dont know.

  24. this is so hard to believe. why would someone take another life like that. and not to mention to take the life of an innocent unborn baby who could have had an awesome future. that is just so wrong on so many levels. did anyone here know that every 9 seconds a wife/girlfriend is beaten and abused by her boyfriend/husband and every day 4 are murdered. some are pregnant. this is so sick. anonymous, ur totally right. it is sick to take a 2 year olds mother and leave him vacant without a father whos going to be thrown in the slammer. that poor kid. it makes you appreciate the awesome parents you have, fathers that love their wife is an amazing thing to see. i hope this guy sticks his face in the dirt and think about what hes done.

  25. Rahowa – go to hell, do not pass GO – do not collect $200 – You must be a direct seed of Satan!! Burn, Burn, Burn!!! Jesse and Chloe may you forever rest in peace!!

  26. Faroot feet,

    Could I have said it any better?? The answer is “NO”!!!!!
    Like Amy said, you WILL burn in hell for what you said.

  27. I stumbled on your site, reading about The murder of Jessie Davis. I agree with so many of you. BUT the real reason I am blogging is because of the Rahowa blog.
    It is obvious that Rahowa is a racist. That aside, Bonnie, this being your blog site, I think Rahowa has much deeper problems, and is capable of this kind of crime herself. Her anger, and Hate is so strong that I would not be surprised if she is not somehow personally connected to this crime, I do not mean because she african american. So Bonnie, hang onto her anonymous email addy, as you may need it if she decides to give anymore ” insight”. Maybe she is Myisha Ferrell’s relative, or that of Bobby Cutts? who knows? Karma is instant. God Bless

  28. Bobby Cutts is a babykilling pig who used women for his own selfish needs, including Myisha.
    Jessie Davis, may she RIP along with baby Chloe, was an innocent victim whose only “crime” was falling for the wrong guy. She is dead only b/c she and the baby cramped his style. HE WILL ROT IN HELL. I hope he gets charged with child endangerment too for leaving poor little Blake alone in the house, and making him witness his own mother’s murder. At LEAST he let little Blake live.
    I read today that Cutts’ first child, 9 yr old Taylor, was afraid of him–that he emotionally and physically abused her, that’s why the mom was trying to keep Cutts out of her life. What a monster. The fact that he was still a cop is very disturbing… Guys like him give good cops/husbands/fathers a bad name.
    I didn’t think it was possible, but i think he is sicker than Scott Petersen.
    I hope he frys, i wish he could get the chair.
    That little boy Blake is sooo cute and innocent–he should be ok raised with a lot of love in the hands of Patty Porter, who BTW is a very dignified and courageous woman.

    Rahowa, you are very sick and disturbed and if you weren’t so STUPID and IGNORANT, i’d almost feel sorry for you. All that hate will bring you nothing but misery. I hope Jessie’s family doesn’t have to deal with idiots like you.
    Karma’s a bitch, you better watch your ass~

  29. oops! please disregard my first post, i was trying to delete that idiot rahowa’s name at the end of my first post, not good with the pc 😦

  30. I think the death penalty would be too easy for Bobby Cutts. Besides, the number of appeals would cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. Let him loose with the general population in the prison, to become someone’s “girlfriend”, to suffer the wrath of those who hate murderers and child killers. Death is too quick and easy for him. May he burn in hell for what he has done to Jessie, Chloe, and all family members he has hurt.

  31. Christy,
    That is a very valid point you are making… Death is way too easy..Plus tell me what is exactly the death penalty………. Have of the death row inmates are there for 20 yrs before they are executed plenty of time to die of natural causes.

  32. I am so sorry to hear that Jessie and Chloe were found deceased. I am also sorry for Blake- who is will be deprived of a mother, a father but I believe the Davis family will provide him with alot of love and support. Now, it appears Jessie Davis did not make some good choices in her life – but we all make bad choices and some of us suffer more consequences for our bad choices . So- he who is without sin-cast the first stone. We do not know what state Jessie was in at the time of death- she was raised a Christian- and WE DO NOT KNOW whether she repented before her death or what type of life she was living at the time of death. The enemy is very tricky- and the he will use whatever he can to take one away from walking with God. For men he will use women and for women he will use men. I know from whence I speak. It appears, Mr. Cutts was a charismatic man- athletic, fun to be around etc and sometimes women will focus on this rather than the fact that he was a playa, adulterer, out of wedlock children etc. Then they continue after the find out the truth- because they are in love. They really did to love themselves and demand better from a mate. I believe all the women involved with Mr. Cutts and aware of his lifestyle were suffering from low self esteem.
    Jessie was white, attractive and from a good family- so she surely could have found a better mate. Someone who respected her and could offer marriage and stability for her children. I’m sure her family told her many times she deserved better – but she has to believe that herself before she can make changes.
    I believe Mr. Cutts accidently killed Jessie- he was intoxicated and they argued. Regardless, he still killed Jessie and the baby. Maybe if he would have called 911 immediately the baby could have been saved???? He also does not appear to be the brightest bulb on the tree. He seems to have low self esteem and can only feel good about himself by being a playa. HOwever, I pray for The Davis family and the Cutts family. And only God knows what really happened. Bobby Cutts can still repent and turn his life around. God is the ultimate Judge. The death penalty for Mr. Cutts will not bring back Jessie or Chloe.

  33. SS,
    You had a lot of good points. But I believe because this crime was so HEINOUS, I think only the death penalty will do. Some people don’t deserve to live after taking a life so casually. Of, course, his death will not bring Jesse and her baby back, but justice will be served. Much respect to you SS. You always have something positive to say, even in a negative situation.

  34. Shauncey,
    I agree with you. SS does make a lot of good points and keeps things neutral. Maybe if more people could be like SS we would always have some kind of a fued going on here.

  35. opps I meant wouldnt

  36. I just want to make a few points about this case. First of all Bobby Cutts is not the first cop killer. I am from Ohio and just last year a cop was arrested for killing his estranged wife. Not taking up for Bobby Cutts but why should he become the poster boy for cop killers???? Also, Bobby Cutts seems to lure these women by lying to them. As Jesse’s mom stated in a press conference they didnt know who Bobby Cutts was until the last few days of the investigation. He lied to Jesse from the start of their relationship, keeping his marriage a secret. Interracial dating is very prevalent in Ohio and it would not be difficult for Bobby and Jesse’s paths to have crossed. According to the Akron Ohio Beacon-Journal newspaper Jesse attended a multicultural church meaning it was a mixed congregation so maybe that’s how she met Bobby Cutts. One last comment, when the police are investigating a possible murder case, all the details are not released to the public in hopes that the person or persons of interest will make mistakes and that’s exactly what Bobby Cutts did. Investigators love it when the husband/boyfriend talks to the media to proclaim their innocence in hopes that they will say something incriminating. If you want to read in dept coverage of the Jesse Davis murder go to or these are the two local newspapers.

  37. M A,
    Thanks for posting something real. I will look at those sites. Thanks again.

  38. Cops are humans- they have issues just like everyone else- health problems, relationship problems, financial problems, drug and alcohol problems, issues from their childhood and how they handle stress. So therefore , they make mistakes, committ crimes etc. The fact that they are a cop simply means that is the profession they chose at this time. It doesn’t mean they like the job, It doesn’t mean they are the most qualified for the job etc. We all know a “Bobby Cutts”- our co-worker, neighbor, brother, cousin, son etc. And we all know a “Jessie Davis” our neice , our sister, our hairdresser, our best friend etc.. Yes, I’m sure he was less than truthful about certain aspects of his life but eventually the truth starts to come out. Canton is not a big town. And when you are an interracial couple you do draw attention. Some women will continue even after they know the truth for a variety of reasons. I read somewhere that she met Bobby at a Canton bar. The police could not release all the information they knew to the public. They just keep an eye on the suspects. As I said before Bobby Cutts does not appear to be the “brightest bulb on the tree”. He should not have talked to the Canton Repository. What was the point- . He appeared guilty- he seemed to be thinking while he was talking- etc. He did not appear genuine. And of course “that interview ” is going to be dissected over and over. The point- the interview can work against him. Maybe he thought it would help in the court of “public opinion”. If he would have consulted with his lawyer he probably would have suggested he not talk with reporters at this time. Also, I believe Blake said more than “mommy was crying, mommy broke the table, mommy’s in rug” – if he remembered that I’m sure he also mentioned “Daddy” somewhere in the story. However, the police probably declined to release that.
    If you are a Bobby Cutts type of guy “change your ways”- by addressing your “low self esteem”. Woman are supposed to be loved, respected and protected.
    And if you are a Jessie Davis type of woman “change your ways-Love yourself- God have something better waiting for you” – He’s waiting for you to make the change.

  39. SS,
    Couldn’t of been said better. You know, these people (cops) are human. My friend out in L.A. said some years back they had 2 cops pulling women over under false pretenses and actually RAPING them. She was almost a victim herself. On her way home alone, late one night. The cop turned his lights on her. Right when she was going to pull over, he pulled up on the SIDE of her and told her “follow me”. She was very apprehensive, and when he pulled onto an unlit, unpopulated street, she got scared and drove off quick. A week later, she started hearing the stories on the news.

  40. I agree……..

  41. Supposedly Bobby Cutts uncle said at the arraignment on Monday- What kind of a Christian woman has 2 children with a married man?
    To Mr. Cutts Uncle:
    A human being (Christian) can make mistakes. We do not know everything and will never know about the relationship she had with the Almighty God. So it does no good to question.
    And………………………….I could ask alot of questions about your nephew. What kind of a married man (who has a wife) impregnates other women? And I’m sure you would NOT be able to answer this question – you could speculate but you don’t know everything about your nephew.
    So stop making statements that appear like you are Blaming The Victim. This issue at hand in the courts is not going to be “what kind of Christian woman has 2 children with a married man. It is going to be about did your nephew kill Jessie and Chloe. And if so was it premeditated , a crime of passion, etc And what is the punishment.
    Mr. Bobby Cutts uncle – you seem like you are part of the problem. Ask yourself where you an ENABLER? or in slang Did you support directly or indirectly the womanizing, trifling ways of your nephew?

  42. SS,
    Thank you for the statement you just made. I would like to know his uncles answer.

  43. If anyone wants to post a message to the Porter family, please do so at the following link or go to and click on obituaries.
    As you will see this story hit everyone nationwide and I am glad that we as a country are reaching out to the Porter family.

  44. Thank you M A. I have been looking for a way to send my condolences.
    have a nice day 🙂

  45. I watched the funeral service for Jessie Marie and Chloe Leeann. Patty Porter (Jessie’s mother) talked about Jessie ‘s missionary work. She also noted that Jessie took the wrong path like so many of us do. But a few weeks ago, while in that santuary- she was watching T.D. Jakes and felt God was talking to her – and added she needed to get her life together.
    Praise God.
    Jessie and Chloe may you R.I.P.

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