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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Update: Jessie Marie Davis body found; Boyfriend, Bobby Cutts, arrested and charged with her murder and the murder of her unborn baby

This is not the news I wanted to post this weekend. Sadly, Jessie Marie Davis’ body was found today, however, she is not alive. Police are not commenting on where she was found, but I have seen speculation that she was found in a lake or was buried. She deserves neither, and neither did her unborn daughter, Chloe. However, her boyfriend and father of her two children, Bobby Cutts, was arrested and charged with two counts of murder. He is to be arraigned on Monday.

I saw a bit of the news yesterday and today about the searches for Jessie. It is wonderful to see a community come together to help someone in need. It was reported that approximately 1500-2000 showed up to help search for Jessie. I am sure that Jessie’s family was grateful for all of the help and support. Right now, they need all of the love and support our nation caan give them to get through this tragedy. If by chance they read this, I hope they know that my love and thoughts, as well as my entire family’s, are with them through this time. We can only hope that justice will prevail for their family.

News Archived: Jessie Marie Davis murder
Body Found in Ohio; Missing Woman’s Boyfriend Charged With Murder
Police: Pregnant woman’s body found; cop arrested
Boyfriend of missing pregnant woman arrested
Missing Pregnant Woman’s Body Found
Woman’s Body Found; Boyfriend Arrested
Sheriff: Boyfriend Charged In Connection With Death Of Missing Pregnant Woman

Bobby Lee Cutts


86 Responses

  1. I am so sad right now. I prayed that they would find her alive. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends.

  2. She deserved to die. That’s what she gets for screwing around with black men. Any white woman who does that deserves to die. It’s a crime higher that treason. It’s betrayal of one’s people and heritage. All white-black interracial relationships are based upon taboo and race worship. This slut got what she deserved. I hope she suffered tremendously before she died.

  3. Al,
    I refused to let you get under my skin from your comment. But I will say this, I hope you burn in hell for what you just said.

  4. Al,
    Race should not be the issue here.. She didnt deserve to die because of her choice in who she was with… How dare you speak like that? Who made you GOD? You are no better than the Ted Bundy’s of this world… My GOD have mercy on your soul.

  5. Al,
    Go back under the rock you climbed out from!!

  6. T.
    Tell it like it is……… I back that comment……..

  7. its just sad that she died with alot of shame surrounding her life, dealing with a married man and having a second child wiith him when he was unwilling to support the first one, those issues cannnot be overlooked because it shows that she played a role into their dysfunctional and immoral life style in anycase nothing justifies the actions of Bobby Cutts and he should be punished for what he did. they are just too many women who are dying needlessly because they subject themselves to alot of un necessary things when it comes to relationships.

  8. I am ashamed about what Al said, this is the 2000’s , but I also agree with what Tracy said. This woman came from a respecteful family and I’m sorry for what she indured for love It’s so sad that her surviving son has to live with the fact that his own father commited such a horrific crime and killed not only his mother, but also his little sister, a jewel that he never got to meet or protect. God Bless his surviving family.

  9. Way to go t! Tracy, you had some valid points, but we don’t know anything about her personal life except what was heard on television. Shame, blame, dysfunctional family, none of these things make murder ok. But like I said, you did have some good points.

  10. NO ONE deserves to die like Jessie and her unborn Cloe. No two year old like Blake should see his father doing this to his mother. The person(s) responsible for rehiring Bobby Cutts to the police force should be fired and put on trial. Just how bad is our government going to be before judgement comes?

  11. Al,
    You know what? To hell with being nice. You deserve to have your d**k cut off and shoved in your mouth for what you said. You prick! I know some people who would love to get a hold of you, black AND white. What a looser! Hardly worth mentioning. Fucking scum!!!

  12. Shauncey,
    Dont let him get to you like that. He isnt worth it, not the time nor the energy.

  13. Such a tragedy for all involved–Jessie’s son has been given a horrendous memory to carry throughout his life. As for the blatant bigotry reflected in earlier comments, remember, “fanaticsim is a defense against doubt.” For those who have such hatred and racisim coursing through their veins, it seems that they need to put up a fanatical, adamant, one-sided argument–for you see, if they were to feel some sadness and connection to the victims in this story, their entire world view might come crashing down. From another standpoint, the racism expressed here is a form of delusional thinking…per all clinical practices in the Western World. What I would like to see, rather than worry about racial issues, is an end to relational violence and the victimization of women and children. Jessie’s BF did a number on more than her and her little daughter, he left his violent imprint on his son, who must now grow up without a mother, and who must come to terms with this unthinkable crime. I know that most people who respond to this news story are moved by compassion and sadness and anger at the crime…and the one numbskull who added his two cents is a pitiful exception.

  14. Amy,

    Your right. Thanks for understanding and calming me down. Much love.

  15. Your welcome……Hey anytime you need to let out your frustrations just let me know and I will give you my email address and it will be between me and you. But dont let people like that get an upper hand on you…

  16. Amy,
    Not an upper hand, just in an uproar. I case you haven’t noticed, I am very passionate regarding right and wrong. Maybe it’s because I read so much. Nevertheless, thanks for your kind words. Some people just don’t GET IT like we do. It’s called compassion, whatever the color. Talk to you later Amy.

  17. Goodnight Shauncey…….

  18. By the way all… Here is link to the news that has a little more detail about the case.. There is also a list of items taken from one of Cutts friends home.

  19. The outcome of this case has had me tossing and turning all night long and I can not sleep. I can’t stop thinking about what her son Blake may have witnessed, what Jessie had to endure, what her last moments were like? What Blake’s life will turn out to be.
    I pray that one day all the racism in the world would come to a complete end. I am very sadned to see some of these comments posted on here. When will it stop?
    Just think for one moment to yourself and think if something were to happen to you. How do you think you may be perceived in the eyes of the media or society? I am sure there are some people out there they could find negative things about you, right? Well, does that still give someone the right to hurt you? The answer is “No”. Not everyone is perfect, you are not perfect, even people who we may consider to be close to perfect still have things I am sure they would change. The bottom line is that we are all human beings and we all need to treat one another with respect.
    No one, especially not a young very pregnant mother needed to be taken from her son and her family. It’s not fair that her life was cut short, no matter for whatever reason. Now she will never get to see her son grow up and he will never have his mother to experience all the good that this world can bring. What saddens me the most is that not only is he going to be off to a rough start not having a mother who was murdered by his father, he will now have to still face the challenges of the ignorant people that still do not except race in this country.

  20. My heart is broken .I have never read any blogs and such,it just happened that I am lingering around the web-decided to read this particular one.There is much cruelty in several comments people made.Perhaps that is the only way they can express themselves.Whatever the reason,my heart goes out to Jessie Davis and to all her family,friends.Her demise was in the hands of a person whether black or white,it does not matter the color,evil hearts bleed the same color..I am compelled to write -why? Because she is a human being first of all .And she was a Mother and the baby was her daughter.Her son is another victim.Her will be motherless.With so much pain in this world,I cannot fathom anyone wishing ill on anybody,we’ve got plenty already out in this sick ,evil world.As I was reading the news on her dealth-what stood out with me more than the horrible act-was the beauty on her face and the precious smile of her beloved son,the weeping face of her Mom ,the strength her Dad tried so hard to show (without breaking down in front of all the media)and most of all is this:The compassion of the strangers ,never mind the difference in the color of their skin-they met in compassion to look for this girl,this daughter-never mind her morals, she was just a woman needing to be found and these strangers(alot may be friends)covered her in love and hugged her in their hearts and souls ,not caring personal business-they just came together quickly as a family to embrace this Jessie -who is our family.She may not have been found by all of them or worse not found alive-But she meant much to these angels who set out to rescue her,that is a gift in itself when you see and hear all the hatered that makes thsi world turn.My love goes out to others who may have suffered also in this manner,and to you -who feel the need to condenm,I love goes out to you ever more so.We need to learn to give of ourselves ,such as those Strangers who are really angels ,waitng to serve.

  21. He’s on the docket for tomorrow at 3:00 PM.


    2007 CRA 02802 BOBBY LEE CUTTS Birth Date: 05-21-1977

    06-24-2007 2903.02 (F1) – MURDER COMPLAINT FILED
    06-24-2007 2903.02 (F1) – MURDER COMPLAINT FILED
    06-24-2007 DATE OF ARREST: 06/23/2007
    06-24-2007 2 COMPLAINTS FILED.
    06-24-2007 FORM 8 FILED
    06-24-2007 ARRAIGNMENT SET ON: 06/25/2007@ 3:00 P.M.

  22. I would be suprised to learn he actually confessed. He was a cop, so he probably thought he could get away with it.
    The worst part of it all is:

    “The medical examiner’s office said they would perform an autopsy Sunday and try to use dental records to identify the body, but that they might have difficulty determining the cause of death because of the advanced state of decomposition.”

    If they cannot find the cause of death, then he can try to weasle his way out of the death sentence.

    The person who assisted with the cover-up needs to be held accountable as well. That will be the next chapter of the story.

    Although I knew the outcome of this story from the getgo, it is still sad to see such disregard for innocent lives. I hope Blake will make it through okay.

  23. Oops! I meant to post the link where the quoted part came from:

  24. kyrose91,
    That is a good question you pose. I will ask my professor about the stage of decompositon and the possibility of finding the cause of death. I do know this though if he use something to hit her with and she has a skull fracture then no amount of decomposition will hide that. When I get a response from my professor I will post her response here..

  25. hey Al,
    God is not a respector of a persons color so you are not alowed by God to be!

    Amy, he’s not God! he is a child (deciple) of satan who is a lier even to himself.

    The View From Out Here

  26. tvfoh,
    Satan needs to take his son back to hell where he belongs.

  27. There are some things that they can see, like a skull fracture, even after decomposition. Also, a broken or fractured hyboid bone in the neck can indicate strangulation.
    It is just harder without the body intact, because you can’t see bruises, cuts, etc. I’m sure that the experts will do their job as well as they can to determine the cause of death.

  28. Curious to know if anyone has heard court tv covering any of this? I haven’t been able to watch much court tv lately. Maybe they will cover the trial as it unfolds.

  29. Also, there are toxicology reports that can be done on a decomposing body; just not sure to what extent they can cover.


    Is this him? He is a Gemini, lists location as Canton, OH, & is 30.

    Wonder why it says under Children: I don’t want kids

    Maybe this is an insight into his true feelings for children. He could have chosen Children: Proud Parent, but didn’t.

    I guess he could have not wanted anyone to know he has children, since he seems to be a womanizer.

    Also, he lists his status as single. He logged in last on 5/4/07.


  31. By the way, I found the myspace page by doing a search for Bobby Cutts on myspace.

  32. Toxicology analysis is used to check for presence of chemicals and drugs in the body. He could possibly have used something like that. I watch court tv and so far I havent seen anything recently. Nancy Grace was on last night but she wasnt saying anything we dont already know about.

  33. […] Update: Jessie Marie Davis body found; Bobby Cutts arrested and charged with her murder and the murd… [image][image] […]

  34. You people who focus on a black person committing murder as opposed to a person committing a crime, tell me what the difference between what Bobby Cutts did and what Scott Peterson, Timothy McVhee, and most recently Chris Vaughn did. They are all murderers. Bobby Cutts just happens to be black. Why focus on his color and type racists comments?

  35. Brenda,
    Ignorant people make racists comments.. That should tell you alot. There is no difference between Bobby Cutts and Scott Peterson. None whatsoever.

  36. Back to work…… Talk to everyone later

  37. This is so sad. What kind of person kills the mother of his children and leaves his son there by his self. If there was ever a reason for the electric chair. This is it.

  38. An Evil person, that is the problem with this world too many people have turned their back on GOD and let satan take over.

  39. God has nothing to do with it. It’s whether or not you have morals.

  40. Can you believe this guy had the balls to join in on the search for her? I guess if he didn’t it would’ve made him look guilty. But the nerve!!! Gosh, I wanted a different outcome so bad, but I knew in my heart the longer she was gone the less of a chance it was of finding her alive.

  41. Melissa,
    I believe in God and when you have people who turned their backs on him, that leaves the door open for satan to take control..No where in my statement did I say “its God’s fault”. If you dont believe in that, then thats you. I am entitled to my opinions.

  42. I know what you mean Shauncey

  43. I never said that your comment meant it was God’s fault. All I’m saying is that I don’t believe in God and I would NEVER kill anyone.

  44. Okay.. then that is cleared up……….. I can see your point of view. I am very open-mined to other peoples opinions.

  45. Melissa,
    I can’t judge you for not believeing in God. But I am curious to know, do you believe in a higher power?

  46. Shauncey,
    I am curious to know the answer to that. I dont judge anyone for their believes. Guess thats why you and I get along so good.

    I am also curious to know. Since you dont believe in God, how do you think we got here and what do you think happens once we die.

  47. Opps beliefs

  48. I know there is some reason we’re here, but I don’t know what it is. I wasn’t raised in a church, so when I hear the stories now, I just find it all hard to believe. I guess that’s the kind of thing you have start on a small child.

  49. Yeah that is true. I wasnt raised up in the church but I did go for a little while when I was younger. Maybe it is something you need to research. Unless you are okay with the not knowing. Either way, I think you are entitled to believe in whatever you feel is right for you. I talk with everyone no matter their beliefs

  50. Melissa,
    I respect that. Sometimes things happen in my life that shakes my belief, like for instance this case, and makes me want to ask, “If there is a GOD, why did this happen”? But I can’t question him because I have no right. I know quite a few people who don’t believe in God. This does not make me love them any less, and I don’t preach to them about it. Because sometimes something has to happen to you to MAKE you a believer.

  51. I belive that. I am a 30 year old woman who has NEVER experienced anything bad. No one close to me has ever died or been injured for that matter. I guess I’ve been very blessed up to this point.

  52. Shauncey,
    I think we all have our beliefs shaken at one point. Some times I pray and ask God, “show me some sign you really exist cause at times like this I wonder if you are really there”.

    you have been very blessed and I wish you would never have to go through it but everyone at some point in their lives will have to deal with the death of a loved one.

  53. Amy,
    Oh believe me, I understand.
    You are blessed. May your good luck continue.

  54. Shauncey,
    Have you seen Panther around today? I know she posted on Kelsey’s update..

  55. bobby cutts, this is a man that sends out the wrong signal to wemen that he dates, he is a womonizer and he tell them what they wont to here. i have been there with my exhusband, and if i had not had the balls to walk away i would have ended up just like jessie. Jessie was just like many of us; she fell in love with a man that only thought about his self and what he wonted he is a very selfish person. if you look at him doing the surch for her you could see it on his face, he new where she was and what he had done. No matter what the motives she did not deserve to die, he didn’t even care about his son seeing his mom being taken away, he left that baby there by his self, that shows what kind of person he is and i’m sure he came from a nice family they had know clue that he would do this, but i bet at some point in the relationship jessie saw the red flags and like many of us she thought she was the one to make his life better or she thought she could change him. she was not what those people said she was, she was just a woman and to the girl that helped him with her body; what the hell were you thinking, why would you help some one do this to another woman, what did he have on you? you should have turned his ass in. what was he gone do lock your stupid ass up!

  56. I agree Dee. Personally to me, the person who helped him should be charged also. To hid the fact is just as made as doing the actually killing. How are these two people different from one another? She might as well have killed Jessie herself. By helping him hid the body she contributed to the crime.

  57. Bobby Cutts Jr. and former classmate to answer to charges in court; WATCH LIVE AT 3 P.M.

    At 3:00 PM:

  58. Well said Dee. She could have actually been the hero here, but instead she chose to go the other way.
    I haven’t heard from Panther today.

  59. Me either, must be working. I gotta get going. I will be back later tonight.

  60. I feel really bad for the little boy Blake. To have seen what he saw and to be left alone like that. Were they leaving him there to die too? Why not just take him? It seems stupid to me. I feel bad for Jessie and the unborn baby Chloe. What kind of a person could kill a woman let alone her unborn child? Especially when you are the father?? Aren’t you supposed to protect your family? And he was a cop too, I thought that they served and protected too!! I just hope that Blake did not see too much! I think that he saw enough though with the comments that he made. I can not imagine the thoughts and nightmares that poor child must be having now. I hope he knows that his mother loved him. I am sure that he does. Cutts will get what he deserves, he is definately no better than Scott Peterson. They are all ruthless and mean. To kill someone that you are supposed to love and a child that they are carrying, your child, makes no sense. Race is not an issue here, and I think that there are too many people that are looking into that, and the fact that she was playing with a married man. It makes no difference to me what or who she was with, there was an innocent life that was involved here, an unborn baby that never had a chance. A baby that never got to cry, see it’s mother’s loving face. And how do we know that the baby was killed right away? What if he just killed Jessie and the baby suffered in the womb to survive? It is a horrible thing to think. What must have gone through that baby’s and Jessie’s heads. I would like to express my sympathy to the family. I hope that they find happiness in her son that is still alive. I think that they really need to focus on him right now. I am sure that Cutts will get what he deserves in the afterlife. There will be no excuse on judgement day. I hope that he dies slowly and painfully. Just like that psyco mom that killed all of her kids in the tub needs to drown and those sick losers in virginia that killed little Christopher Barrios need to get their d**ks cut off and shoved up their a**ses as well as the woman needs to be imaplaed. No child should have to go through that. There are too many sick people in this world. I just hope that life settles and peace can be established for all. It is sad to lose a family member, but be assured that she and baby Chloe are safe now. They are where no suffering is.

  61. To Al, your ass is know different from bobby cutts or the scott pettersons of the world, it didn’t have any thing to do with color are who she was sleeping with, it could have been you, or one of your kids; if you have any. you are a freeken looser Al, the man could have been whit,black,green,blue,red or yellow, it could have turned out the same if it was an evil person, hell with the way you are talking if he didn’t confess to the crime it could have been you and your friends like you. I’m glad they found her i wish she could have been found alive and well but we all new that wasn’t the case. GOD BLESS THE FAMILIES THAT HAVE BEEN AFFECTED BY THIS MANS SELFISHNESS.

  62. Dee,
    Al is a loser and isnt worth the energy it took to type your post.

  63. Well, well! Who and where is Bobby Cutts father?

    Who/where is Bobby Cutts mother? Who raised him?

    Have his parents/family had the pleasure of seeing/meeting little Blake?


  64. I just wonder does anyone have anything to say about his wife? She still loves him and gives him support. Maybe they should examine her head. And Al shame on you your the type of person that gives white people a bad name and keeps the race war stirred up. Remember people are not born prejidice they are taught it. Shame on your parents or whoever the influence is in your life. i will pray for you because you need it.

  65. Dear Al:

    Have you ever really sat and wondered why some white women choose to date black men? Well as a black woman wih a white parent, I’m here to tell ya…..THEY ARE SICK AND TIRED OF MEN LIKE YOU WHO ARE JUDGEMENTAL, ANGRY, AND SO DAMN NARROW-MINDED…….some of these women actually just want to have fun, love and be around people who don’t judge or compete all the time…there!

  66. That is absolutely true JS. My sis is married to a Black man, he aint shit but her ex before he was black and he treated her like a queen………..No white guy she dated before treated her like that.

  67. Thank you Betty!!
    And thank you Amy, I really wish more people would understand that.

  68. Also, I think Jessie was a beautiful woman and so is her mother and sisters. She would have no trouble getting a man of ANY color! She chose what SHE wanted.

  69. No matter what colour or race people are, NO ONE DERSERVES TO DIE LIKE THAT. Al, you are a disgrace to the human race for your comment!

  70. I can’t believe people murder PREGNANT women. Seriously. That is so disgusting. Pregnant women are off limits to be murdered. Get that all you sickos out there?

  71. I hope that Mr. Cutts gets life and spends the rest of it in Ohio’s infamous Lucasville Correctional Institute. As a dirty cop and killer of a pregnant woman, he’ll be able to call it Hell.

  72. There are some areas in life where women are smarter than men, but in other areas they are absolutely dumb. No wonder they get taken advantage of so easily. It’s sad to see it. It’s happening right on this forum, but the woman is too dumb to know it.

  73. You guys are all right. No matter what color the a**hole is, he killed her. He just happened to be black. Chris Vaughn is an a**hole too, and he’s white.

  74. A**holes come in all colors. And they all bleed red blood. This racist s**t is whack!

  75. Al,
    Hopefully you will one day realize how wrong your statements have been and be smart enough to ask God for forgiveness. If you see nothing wrong, then you truly are as sick as the people who commit these crimes. God help you.

  76. I think it’s a shame that this precious young woman fell victim to her own choice …to love and be loved by a “bad-boy”. Cutts’ ex-girlfriend Nikki Giavasis (the mother of his nine year old daughter), ALSO likes bad-boys. Nikki went from Cutts to ex-basketball player Shawn Kemp!

    She’s speaking out about Bobby Cutts’ prior bad behaviors.

  77. To the person who said Jessie Marie Davis deserved to die. You have my deepest sympathies. You are going to need them when you go where you are going to go.

  78. Jesse’s death is very unfortunate. I am extremely sorry for her family, especially Blake. I knew Jesse when we were a bit younger. She was an extremely sweet, bright person who loved her savior. I have no doubt that she is with him now. Al, I am sorry that you have had the experiences in life that have lead to your mislead beliefs. I am sure that you, yourself are not 100% anything. Not white, not black. We are all a mixture of races, all made from one God and we will all return to Him and we will have to explain our actions, words, and hearts to him.

    Jesse and Chloe rest in peace!

  79. Al

    You must be a black person..Freakin negro…go to hell…Black people are 8 out of 10 in trouble with the law…race not a problem here…Booby Cutts committed the crime,,you must pay!!!!!

  80. Hey Al,
    You must be BLACK!!! That is why this country is SCREWED, because of your people!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Al,
    You are either white suppremascist trash or you are an African American racist against white’s …. Which is it?
    Freaking Psycho! How dare you wish what happended to her on anyone and let alone be so happy towards the crime committed to her. Their were two children involved. Oh I get it, you two are one of those dead beat DAD’s…..It doesn’t matter that we’re Black, White, Mexicana Women, we would kick your ass without even touching you….
    You will suffer someday with your harsh and unconcious feelings.
    Good bye SCUM

  82. Antonio,
    Your remark made you look like the asshole that I am sure you are.

    This country is filled with black people. I happen to be one of them. If you don’t like it, you may want to pack your shit up and leave now. There are more African-Americans being born as we speak. Run!!!

  83. Lisa and Antonio,
    I wasnt going to right anything after Al’s comment but I am going to right after yours.. Yes he may have been wrong for what he said but how dare the two of you attack the whole black race as a whole. I am a black woman and proud to be one, and the country is NOT screwed up because of my people, I hate to burst your little bubble but white people are in as much trouble with the law if not more, and the only reason your statistics are screwed up is because white people and thier dirty little crimes aren’t publicized like black people. Crazy people come from all different races, mine and yours. The two of you need to open your eyes a little wider and stop being shielded by what they show on t.v. I am not going to attack your race like you attacked mine because I am also mixed with white and I would only be talking about myself.

    FYI, no where in Al’s statement does he specify his race so in reality he could have also been white.

  84. Lisa Says:
    August 1st, 2007 at 12:22 pm
    Hey Al,
    You must be BLACK!!! That is why this country is SCREWED, because of your people!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No the country is so screwed up because of all the ignorant ass people like you and they come in all colors.

    Antonio Says:
    July 9th, 2007 at 7:13 pm

    You must be a black person..Freakin negro…go to hell…Black people are 8 out of 10 in trouble with the law…race not a problem here…Booby Cutts committed the crime,,you must pay!!!!!

    So the fuck what. A crime is a crime regardless of the color. By the way its Bobby not Booby. You are a disgrace to the white race. So when you make comments like that make sure you let everyone know that you are one of the few white people that feel that way cause I sure in the hell dont. Its people like you that makes African American people feel like all whites are racist. I dont like you people making me look bad. I LOVE PEOPLE OF ALL COLORS.

  85. white men kill hundreds of white women a year
    are those worth less than the women who killed by black
    men. people who killed should be punish period

  86. This guy Cutts was a real sleaze ball. He had a wife, a previous girlfriend whose house he had broken into in 1998, and then his relationship with Ms.Davis. This might have been avoided if in 1998 he had been charged with home invasion, but since he was a cop they let him off with disorderly conduct. It hey had charged him with home invasion and convicted him, he would have been a convicted felon and lost his job with the police. This is what happens when the people in authority refuse to punish these cops.

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