• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Missing: Jessie Marie Davis 6/13/2007 Lake Township, OH

Jessie Marie Davis

Police Searching for Missing Pregnant Woman in Ohio
Mom Finds Pregnant Daughter Missing, Room In Disarray
Jessie Marie Davis 9 months pregnant missing in Ohio
Expectant Mother Missing
Family awaits any news on missing pregnant woman
A nine-month pregnant mother from the Midwest is missing
News Archive: Jessie Marie Davis murder


367 Responses

  1. 1998 CRB 02698 BOBBY LEE CUTTS Birth Date: 05-21-1977
    908 11TH ST NW CANTON OH 44703 Judge: ELUM
    2911.211A M1-AGG TRESPASS

  2. I hope they hurry and find this beautiful young mother. She’s due to deliver soon. God bless her and her family.

  3. I hate to say it, but a lot of my neighbors have said that she was trash, a whore, and a n-lover. I think that is unfortunate, but that is what they are saying.

  4. Even if she was what they say, does that mean it’s ok that she’s disappeared and left her 2 year old child alone?

  5. schweinhund

    Actually, there is NO reason to say that kind of stuff here. Just because it is possible that her choices and lifestyle are different than yours or anyone else’s, that DOES NOT make her a bad person, trash, a whore, etc. I personally see no proof of that. None whatsoever. Just because she was in a mixed race relationship does not make her those things. But it does question those who judge people that way. Makes them quite small minded.

    And even if she were trash, etc. does that mean that she and her unborn child deserve what could have happened (and I think evidence bears believing the worst, unfortunately)? The answer is NO.

  6. Do you think it’s possible that this infant they found could be hers?

  7. Schweinhund,
    If you hated to say it, then why did you? Whats unfortunate, that she loved NIGGERS? Isn’t that what you meant? It sounds like your neighbors are as ignorant as you are. Do you know how many bi-racial relationships there are these days? How many bi-racial children? And guess what? They are every bit as special as any other child on this earth. As a black woman, this is EXTREMELY insulting. Whore, tramp, slut, whatever your “neighbors” want to label her, she does not deserve to be taken from her child and possibly killed. As mylifeofcrimes states, ther is no room here for that. If you don’t have any nice to say, please keep your big mouth shut. Thank you mylifeofcrime, for putting this person in their place. Well said.

  8. Schweinhund,
    I cant believe you would say something like that. the most important thing is a mother, daughter, sister, a girlfriend someone people love very much is missing and her unborn child is at risk. we all bleed the same when cut what difference does it make who we choose to love and live our life with? If we were all judged on something someone else thinks is wrong then you too would be at fault for something. Maybe you always hear the negative things and no positive in your life. Well here is to hoping today turns your life around….

  9. Shauncey, I with everything you just said. As a white lady, with bi-racial nieces I find that very offensive. GOD love us all no matter what race we are. NO ONE NOT MATTER THE RACE deserves to be taken from their children. Nor does she deserve to die. I hope the neighbors are not claiming to be christians because they will have to answer for their trash talking.

  10. I had to quit reading the following messages because it truly hurts me. My name is also Jessie Davis, understanding their are many of us out there, but ever since her disappearance I have been glued to the television. MY HEART GOES OUT TO HER AND HER FAMILY. I WISH THERE WAS SOMETHING I COULD DO TO HELP!

    As for you Schweinhund go to HELL. Do you really feel that your opinion is that necissary to share. A beautiful young girl and her baby are missing and could possibly be dead. Obviously you have never lost anyone close to you ( or your so mean and cold hearted that you dont have anyone close to you to love and care about you) to understand the hurt and pain her family is going through.

    I believe in karma and Schweinhund its going to pay you a visit. You have me outraged with anger, and I dont even know you. Please do everyone a favor and keep your nasty thoughts and opinions to yourself. You have no right!

  11. Those nasty comments about Ms. Davis are really uncalled for. She and her unborn daughter are missing. The important thing is to find them. Her little boy witnessed whatever happened to his mommy. He was left alone and afraid in the house until his grandma found him. I hope and pray Jessie and her daughter are found unharmed.

  12. Schweinhund.. you should be ashamed of yourself. A mother, and her unborn child is missing and your only thoughts and concerned is what your neighbors may have thought of her. Sounds to me like the police should be investigating you and your neighbors for hate crime. You all should be number one suspects. Does her choices in african american men have any baring on this case. You are so clueless. Tells us where she’s at!!! I bet you and your neighbors know. Sounds like she’s living in the KKK neighborhood. Poor girl.

  13. Schweinhund,

    What is your problem? Do you believe in the Bible? Love one another that is what it says in numorous places. Its ignorant people like you that keep the racism crap going. Get over it guess, As pastor Randy says from Without Walls international church. when you die guess what, there will be blacks, hispanics, arabics, etc. So get over the racism its not the race that makes us who were are, its how were are raised and whether we choice to carry on the cycle or break the cycle. Most importantly, Jessie does not deserve to be treated like trash. She is human and not something society can throw away just because she doesnt live up to everyone’s expectations. I would have a milllion black people as friends than to have one ignorant peron like you as a friend. Thank god I dont know you.

  14. Thank you for your comment Theresa. And you too Amy. I enjoyed every word on each of them.

  15. I have never replied to any blogs before but for some reason I feel compelled to reply to this one. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, but really come on? You really had to write that…I have a hard time thinking “that is what your neighbors are thinking”…sounds like you are just afraid to say that is how you feel…shame on you!!! I can’t believe someone can be so cold!!!

    Anyway, the last thing I read was they had 1000 people searching the area in which Jessie lives today. Does anyone know anything new? Ever since I heard of this story it has broken my heart. I myself am due in two weeks and I can’t stop thinking about this poor woman and her family. I am hoping for the best, however I feel the more time that goes by I am fearing the worst.

  16. I was a part of the search crews that were out looking for Jessie today. Not much was found, little things here and there that may or may not have to do with Jessie’s dissappearance. We are meeting as a community again tomorrow morning to continue the search for Jessie. The scary part is knowing that we have to fear the worst and realize that we may come apon a dead body, which we all hope and pray is not the case. On behalf of our community, I would like to extend a big thank you to those who are not around us who continue to send prayers to Jessie and her family. I know that they are very appreciative of every little thing that people are doing while we are all searching for Jessie.

  17. WHAT the HELL is YOUR problem – racist bastard! I’ll bet if your kid was with another race, you’d probably accept it and love the child that came from that relationship. I have a bi-racial son who is a lot smarter than trash like you! You deserve to be the one out there alone and pregnant and possibly DEAD! YOU SUCK. You are so offensive! Jessie’s neighbors probably want to burn a cross on her lawn, KKK supporters.


  19. Everyone needs to focus on who this blog is about, Jessie, and not people’s opinion of her… this blog is not about a bi racial child, or how trashy this young lady may have been.. Stop focusing attention on schweinhund’s comment, and leave worthwhile comments which actually pertain to Jessie’s case, or give heartfelt comments thanking those who are dedicating time to look for her, or let people know that for Jessie, her family, and her community are in thoughts and prayers.

  20. Maybe it’s just me but I would be looking at the boyfriend. Think about it, He has one child out-of-wedlock with a former girlfriend; He is married to another women that he has a child with; and he was cheating on his wife with Jessie and has two children out-of-wedlock with her. He doesnt sound like a guy with alot character, does he? I hope they find her and her baby safe. Her son needs a mom and that innocent child deserves a chance at life.

  21. Molly,
    I agree with you and schweinhund got one rise out of me but not again… I hope and pray that Jessie is safe but if she isnt I hope they put the person responsible behind bars where he/she belongs. Seeing a picture of that little boy broke my heart. How could someone be so cruel? To hurt an innocent unborn child , a mother , and to do it in front of her 2 yr old is beyond anything I could ever understand.

  22. Molly,
    I, too, agree with you. Unfortunately, arguments arise when insecure folk (aka: Shauncey) fall for such comments in the first place. She does that a lot in other blogs as well. Quite lame. But anyway, back to Jessie – isn’t the boyfriend’s estranged wife a potential suspect?

  23. Newsqueen,
    There you go again. What’s the problem with keeping my name out of your mouth?? It seems like you have some kind of sick obsession with me. If your that lonely, I could give you the web address for E-Harmony. Grow up!!

  24. E-Harmony huh? Do you owe your Mrs. Jenkins status to E-Harmony?? I’ll pass. But like Molly said…how ’bout you focus on the subject revolving around this blog, and less on responding to what you think are personal attacks. K? Try hard….try very hard.

  25. Newsqueen,
    Why don’t you take your own advise?

  26. Unfortunately from the news channels I was watching last night…I doubt this young woman is alive. I am so saddened by this story, though…and hope whoever did this to Ms. Davis and her unborn child get what they deserve.

  27. Thanks molly, I also helped, I hope they find her, they
    are in need of fruit, they have water, but if anyone can donate, that would be great, as for everyone, we should be just praying and helping, as much as we can.

  28. Erin,
    The last thing I saw regarding this case, the dogs searching for her were interested in a fresh mound of dirt. Have you learned of anything more?

  29. Hello, im not Erin,
    but I did just hear that they do have a witness, who says
    there was a vehicle in her drive way between 1am and 3am,
    and when the vehicle left the music was blairing, so that is something new, I just heard. mt

  30. mt,

    Thanks for the info.

  31. If there was someone that went to her house at that time of night to commit such a crime, why would they leave music blaring? Wouldn’t that bring more attention to them? Is the father of the boy definitly the father of this baby? And, where is the wife of this guy? They are separated right? I think they need to be searching her home as well.

  32. I really hope she is found safe but it does not look like that might happen. But lets put things in prespective. They are making it out that she is an all american girl. The truth is that she is far from that. ! child out of wedlock and another one on the way. Both children fathered by a married man of another race. Does that sound like an all american to you

  33. Shauncey,
    The fresh mound of dirt found yesterday ended up being a marijuana patch, cadaver dogs also found the grave of a buried dog as well. None of the dirt mounds found in the searches so far have any significance with the disappearance of Jessie.

  34. Here is a video of a new conference on updates thus far..

  35. If you search through the videos you will find Cutts 1st interview

  36. I can’t believe some of the things that I recently read. I agree some of the statements made are very offensive to Jessie Davis. She is a human being first, a mother and a daughter. No one deserves to be taken away from their home unwillingly. I am also clued and in prayer because no child deserves their mother to be taken from them in such a tragic way. My prayer is that; someone was involved with this and no matter what the consequences they will face, I prayer that they will either turn her over to the authorities alive or lead them to whatever they may have done with her. Life is so precious and we all make mistakes but when it comes to life, we should all try to do what is the right thing. I also prayer for Bobby Cutts Jr. and his wife Kelly. As a wife regardless if I am divorce or not this has to be hard to hear over and over again that my husband is involved with a women on her second child for him. We would hope for Kelly’s sake that she is very strong to deal with this now that her business is in the public. That would be the part that would really hurt me as a wife, it is one thing to deal with your husband having another women but now to have the whole world know of his infidelities. And then for him to be either a suspect or not, how do you stand by his side in a matter like this??

  37. Is there any update of the search?

  38. I feel very badly for this woman and her family. If she was killed (I believe she is dead) then so is the baby unless for some reason the person(probably Bobby Cutts) took her baby out somehow. Didn’t Lacy Peterson deliver the baby after she died? Which is another thing, if she died and delivered post mortum, then that poor baby died worse then if she was still in the womb. The whole thing is just awful. Who could have this much hate and evilness? It’s one thing to hate Jessie, but she had a baby in her. As for schweinhund, I don’t think she was being offensive, I think she was stating that people did not like her and that someone besides Bobby could have wanted her dead. I don’t think she meant she personally thought these things, just that other people did.

  39. Amy, I am still being hopeful that this is not going to end in a bad outcome. I am prayerful that she and the baby will be found. I read that you have been following this, do you know why did the FBI take so long in beginning a massive search? It took almost 7 days before they organized teams to go looking for her. In any missing person investigation time is so crucial. Why is the team of searchers from the Natalee Holloway search involved.?They did not find any evidence to secure one way or the other if she is alive or dead. My husband and I were in Aruba a month after she disappeared and it did not look as if any one was looking for her. We stayed at Aruba Grand a few feet from where she disappeared and it was so quiet there, no one was really talking about the teen that had a wild night and disappeared.
    Question- Is Bobby Cutts, Jr. helping in the search? My thoughts are also that if he had anything to do with it, his 2year son would have said, daddy made mommy cry and and took her away in the rug. The child only stated from CNN news, that mommy was crying, she broke the table and she is in the rug. What do you think? The son seems bright enough to lead the police to his dad if he had done it. We never want it to be the person that is the most likely to be the suspect. But again, it seems like he may have some motives. And actually what would it be? He pretty much looks like he is confused about both women but neither seem to have pulled away from him. His wife not filing for divorvce and Jessie still having his second child.

  40. I pray she is alive. I pray that her baby is okay. I pray that if she is no longer alive that she or her baby did not suffer. I feel so helpless, and I wish I lived closer to help in some way.

  41. Ladies, if you are watching, at 6pm on CNN news they are going to announce the latest developments on the case. There is so much power in praying, so let us keep praying for everyone involved with this case. (Even the people looking for her)!!!

  42. He was taken into custodyand charged with two counts of murder. That is so sad!!

  43. Her body was found in a lake.

  44. I hope he burns in Hell!

  45. Teresa, we are now learning that he also had another child with another woman in the same county. Why do you think he did it?

  46. Whitey Ford, please don’t refer to African American people as nigger. Why are you so mad at the fact that she loved this black man and had a child with him? Why are we so hateful, did something happen to you by a black person?
    When that guy kill all those people at Va. Tech did you say that all those white rich kids deserve what happened to them because they bullied him? No one deserves to die so tragically.

    Do you know her? Did she reject you is that why you are so hostile?

  47. Panther,
    I really didnt know what to think. I had the same questions you had. I thought that if the father did this the little boy would say the same. But from reading the update just now, I guess it goes to show that sometimes things are not what the seem. I really didnt want to say what I thought without knowing what evidence they had. My heart goes out to that little boy. He has lost his mother and now it looks like his father will be going away for a while.. I am gonna finishing reading the lastest now… I just got online so I havent had the chance to read in detail about today’s search other than they found what they believe to be her body..

  48. Here is the link to what I am reading ………

  49. Her pregnant body was found today 50 miles away in a State Forest. How they knew where to go to find it isn’t clear but common sense would tell you that either Cutts or his present gal friend or a close friend of his confessed to the location and crime. Cutts has been arrested and is charged with a double murder, hopefully a capital murder. What he HASN’T been charged with is a hate crime, which this may very well have been. I wouldn’t want to see him get away with life.

    Whether Jesse was, shall we say, “less than respectable” is of no import here. Remember how the O.J. lawyers tried to paint Nicole Brown Simpson as a whore? It is of no import. Whores and prostitutes have as much right not to be murdered as any of us.

    In a similar vain, his sleeping around with other white women in the area and fathering countless other little “Cutts” children isn’t really the issue. Lots of men sleep around with many women and some father children by them! It’s what he did that counts against him. Irresponsibility ISN’T what is on trial here, or will be.

    The guy was an ex-pro football player, he was huge, strong (has a neck of a linebacker) and carried a gun (as he is a cop). How could a woman defend herself against that? Not very easily. Though it is true that women who get iinvolved with viscious men like this need to go into these relationships with their eyes wide open, few realize what can happen to them. They like the guy’s physique, his size, etc. They don’t realize know these guys. Their attraction blinds them to the negative.

    The question that SHOULD be being asked by the wussie press of that pin-headed police chief (who urged us thins morning “not to jump to conclusions”) IS…WHY was this skank allowed onto the Force? Was it Affirmative Action (which is unconstitutional)? If so, WHO brought him into the Force? Those police managers who passed him need to be questioned by the Ohio AG to find out HOW this guy got onto the Force. Did he get his “criminal record” BEFORE applying to become a cop? Or did he break the law and have a record while he was a cop?

    It is entirely possible that other people helped him hide the body. If so, those people need to be named and arrested for aiding and abetting, etc.

    Justice can only be called “metted out” when the truth comes out about Cutts. For now, it looks like a double muder capital case. The only question is…what criminal defense lawyer will defend him?

  50. Oh my god!!! I hoped they find Jessie alive. I wanted to cry when I found out they found the body of her and the unborn child Chloe, but deep in my heart I knew this is what they’d find, unfortunately. How immensely sad. Bobby had to be involved. The fact that Blake looks just like Bobby Cutts Jr., he will always be a constant reminder to his grandmother if and when Bobby is convicted. My prayers go out for the family. I’m glad in one sense that there is some closure for the family now but it’s absolutely heart wrenching. Jessie was so……… beautiful in all of her pictures with Blake. You could tell she loved Blake and was a fantastic mother. He was the joy in her life. and it showed on her face. Her face lite up when she was with him. The story just entranced me. To her family; May you find peace in life after this aweful tragedy. She IS in a better place now. She couldn’t have had a better mother and father. I don’t know why bad things happen to such amazing people, but I send my love and hugs from a far and please do try to take care of yourselves for you are blessed with other amazing children as well. I don’t think as many people would have been involved if it wasn’t for her loving and tenatious parents. My prayers go to you and the family!!!

  51. How sad for the family and to think what she might have suffered at the hands of someone she apparently trusted.
    You just wander how long is it going to take for authorities to realize this type of behavior has to punished seriously. If there is not swift and harsh punishment it will just keep happening all across America. That saddens me even more. Pretty soon you won’t be safe outside your door.

  52. Valorie, I think the only reason this ended the way that it did was because of all the press release that was given. It was so smart of the parents to press the issue that they would not stop until she was found. I am glad that people helped out. I only wish that more people would help when people go missing, then maybe more people would be found. Do you know that at the same time a young (black girl) educated in college when missing from a night club in Florida and because of Jessie there is no more information about whether or not she is found. It just depends on the interest of the story. When I hear someone is missing especially children, I pray for them and their safe return, no matter what color they are. I orayed for the couple that was missing in the snow, for the miners that were stuck in the coal mine, everything that is announced and things that are not. I pray for my children and for all the children that are around me that they will be safe and kept away from predators that like little children.

    levtob, you sound very intelligent and I really appreciated reading your comment. Everything happens for a reason, so I am actually glad that we have an opportunity to write this to each other. Please don’t let the fact that Bobby Cutts was black, color blind you from the real issue. He was a man that killed a woman and an unborn baby. We need to focus on that and not the color of his skin. I would hope if this was a black woman pregnant and it was a white cop as her boyfriend, our reaction and prayer would be the same. We are in a time that we need to get beyond color. We are at war in another country which at any time can slip over into the United States, will color matter when we all have to pull together to fight. Black, white etc… are all fighting to keep our world safe, color should not play any role in what this man has done to this beautiful woman and her unborn child.

    While we are on the subject, are you going to vote for the next President of the United States because he may be a white man. And not look at candidates like Barack Obama or even Hilliary Clinton because she is a woman. Let use everything that has been instill in our hearts and our brains and use the intelligences and make sound decision based on the importance of the issue. Lastly, I am really into politics and we have to take a look at the current issues and look at what Bush and Cheney are doing to our country and they are highly respected white men. What if other people begin to say because they are white they are destroying our country. We don’t say that we just say the President has not made reasonable decisions.
    Let’s get beyond that and pray for all involved and especially like Valorie say their son.

  53. Man charged in deaths of wife, 3 kids (
    What about this case, where this man kills his wife and his three children.
    Should he be get the death penalty?? He is a white man killing his wife and their three children. (all white)
    I am curious to hear your response.

  54. George McRae,
    Come on. All american or not, she didn’t deserve to be taken from her home and her small child and killed. Your comment was not only tasteless, but totally lacked class. Instead of insults, you should be praying for her AND thanking God that it wasn’t your daughter, sister or mother. Too much!

  55. As far as the death penalty – why should this man be allowed to live when he took the life of another who also would have loved the privilege to live. You know nothing cuts crime like punishment that is swift and strict enough to make a difference. I promise you that if those in jail knew when they committed murder that their life would be taken in a short time they would have thought twice. Yes, I do believe in the death penalty. What happens is they allow so much time to pass before any judgment goes against them that the people forget about it and they start feeling sorry for the criminal instead of the victim. Why do you think lawyers love for it to be postponed in court. People forget the horrible crimes and then start feeling sorry for the criminal. We wouldn’t have a crowded jail problem. I heard the other day that a man that had killed his wife (and people KNEW he did it) got 20 days in prison. Can you imagine? I get upset about it and don’t quite understand why others don’t see it.

  56. Panther,
    You make a lot of valid points in your post. Today so many people look at color. Evil is color blind and it affects every race in this world. Looking beyond that fact that his is (and lets be politically correct here) African-American and look at the nature of this crime.. Should he get the death penalty? I cant really say for sure at this moment I dont know how I feel about the death penalty in any case.

    We all have different views on the death penalty, so I am sure we will have a different answer for that.. If I was a family member going through this my opinion could possibly be different but I am not in that situation so I really cant say for sure how I feel about it.

    When this world loses a child it breaks my heart, cause like you and so many others, I have children as well. With everything that has happened lately, I am terrified the moment my teenager walks out the door.

    Should the man charged with the death of his wife and 3 kids get the death penalty? I am still numb and I guess in shock that this happened to them. So on this issue I am still not sure how I feel about the death penalty.

  57. Carol, what about the preacher’s wife that killed her husband because she claims he made her dress up as a hooker, should she get the death penalty? She got time served!!!

  58. Shauncey, it is nice to see you on tonight. You were the reason why I jumped in this blog. This is my first time blogging. How long have you been doing this?

  59. I’m saying that in the case of outright cold blooded murder I believe in the death penalty. I’m not a lawyer or defense attorney so I’m not good at making a case, haha, but I do believe if you kill someone then your life should be taken as well. Maybe in her (preachers wife) case there might have been able to have another solution on the front side, I don’t really know.
    What I do believe is that if a person knew if they walked in a place, shot and killed someone, and got caught. They confessed to the crime or was proven without a doubt that they were guilty – why should they live for another 10-20 years sitting in prison and the state (or you and I) taking care of them? In fact, why do we taxpayers have to pay for a trial of someone that says “their guilty”. They don’t need a trial, they said they were guilty. Doesn’t make sense to me when they confessed. That should be enough.

  60. What does this gal have in common with Nichole Brown Simpson? Nuff said!

  61. That statement is not worth a comment.

  62. Gregb, what was that statement about?

  63. I love it Amy!!! You go girl!!!

  64. Let’s not make this a case of what color people are but what the crime is : an innocent life was taken and that is the pognant factor. This poor woman no matter what she did or who she liked didn’t deserve the ending she got… Let’s not jump to conclusions on this but remember there is two lives that were taken and no ONE deserves this ending no matter who they chose to love and to make babies with… Some say he had an accomplice (present wife/girlfriend) let’s not jump to conclusions (we are always so quick to point fingers). Let’s focuss on the family’s of ALL parties involved. This is a sordid fate no matter what the race of the person is. Let’s just pray for the healing of all involved! Justice will be brought being through the justice system or in the eyes of god…

  65. Mel, I really didn’t think of this like that. I thought that maybe they had an argument and he killed her accidentally. Then moved the body and called his girlfriend to help move the body. You may have shed light on something I didn’t think about. Great point!!!
    Why would you call supposedly, a girl to move the body? Not your boys??? Ok this is a mystery.
    It has been a pleasure to talk with you tonight. Thanks everyone and goodnight.

  66. Panther,

    About 2 months. But I’ve been reading true crime forever.
    Amy: Thank you.

  67. Shauncey,
    You’re welcome. One thing people dont look at when it comes to interracial dating and having kids is this.. Interracial children do not chose to come in the world as interracial children. So how can someone say she got what she deserved without saying the same for that unborn baby. I have interracial nieces and let me tell you, they have it harder than anyone. People dont deserve to die for their racial preference. Just like their children dont deserve to be look down on. It pains be to know that people can be so harsh with their words. God made us all and he loves us all. As for all these racist people, we all are going to the same place when we leave this world. Whether it be heaven or hell so get over it….

  68. I will be praying for the family & the little boy that was left all alone & his mind knowing he seen all that happened & will have to live with all of this Fussing & dighting or if she was wrong or right doesnt matter anymore as if it did to begin with She will stand before God noone else so what does it matter if they are white or black purple or green they are brothers & sisters no matter what. I pray she was ready to met her maker & for the familys loss, They have enough to worry with beside someone fussing over who she was with or what color they are they have lost a daughter & grand child NO MATTER WHAT THEY CANT COME BACK aint that enough??????

  69. Amy,
    That was very well said. If more [eople thought like you, the world would be a better place.

  70. Thank-you. You hit the nail on the head there. If people could be just a little more open-minded.

  71. You people are a bunch of thoughtless, mind-controlled slaves who crawl around this planet in the guise of being free men and women. (Most of you, anyway.) I recognize you by the words you use (ignorant, open-minded, tolerant) Not neccesarily bad things in themselves, but you have become monomaniacs in regard to them. I pity you social slaves. Start using you eyes and brains, people.

  72. I wonder what OJ is thinking right now.

  73. Jessie Marie Davis was the daughter of Patricia Porter. Jessie Marie Davis was the sister of Jane, Whitney, Aubrey, and three other lovely young ladies. As the eldest of seven, Jessie Marie Davis was also another maternal force in the lives of all of her sisters. Jessie Marie Davis is the mother of Blake Davis. (I will not use that man’s last name to describe such a beautiful and innocent little blessing.) All these things are the important things to remember about Jessie Marie Davis. She was a loving mother, a compassionate and protective sister, and an adoring daughter who was just about to give her sisters another niece, and her mother another grandchild.

    What then is the rationale behind the brutal beating, torture, fear and hell she must have experienced? What then is the justification for a mother to be violated and brutalized in her own home, feet away from her two year old son? What then is the one thing that makes her dying in terror that her son was going to be next, her sorrow that her son saw her violated in so many ways before the final gory conclusion, okay? Because I have to tell you all, I’m not seeing the rationale, the justification, that one god damned reason that makes any of it make sense…that makes ANY OF IT OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL NEVER BE OKAY AGAIN!! It will NEVER be okay for her mother, the lady that nursed her, loved her, nurtured her and saw her and spoke to her every single day even at the age of 26. It will never be okay for her siblings who will forever have moments they pick up the phone to call on their big sis for advice or just to have their daily chat, only to have the agony of reality strike as they place the undialed phone back into it’s cradle. It will NEVER be okay for baby Blakie, who saw the horror, who heard the torture, and who will now live forever with the memories of “mommy broke the table” “Mommy was crying.” “Mommys in rug” and countless more he simply hasn’t, as yet, been able to articulate with his two year old vocabulary. He carries Jessie’s picture with him everywhere. He carries a picture of his mom everywhere, refusing to put her down, refusing to let her go…I mean…MY GOD!!!

    Those of you who have spoken in gentle tones with kindest wishes and condolences, you are the ones whose compassion and collective work and prayers have enabled Jessie to be found, brought home and laid to rest properly, with her family surrounding her and able to say what no one ever thought would be the last good-bye. Her beautiful Chloe, though never given the chance to meet her Aunts, Uncles and beautiful Grandmum, will now be properly laid to rest with her loving and wonderful mother. And though it’s small comfort at this time, I believe the opportunity for the family to say good-bye properly, to have a place they can go to visit their sister, their daughter, their niece, their grandchild…they will have a place to lay the baby toys Jessie, her sisters and her mom lovingly purchased. They will have a place we can go to talk to Jessie, and tell her how sorry they are that her life, lived with such passion and zeal, had to end in such horror, terror and heartbreak. Jessie loved her son so much, he was the light of her world, and she was NOT a whore, she was NOT trash. She worked for an insurance company, and was never late a day nor absent unless unavoidable. (Ie: If Blakie was ill and needed her.) Yes, she did date a man whose skin didn’t happen to match her own. That is not a crime, nor is it a reason for hateful, spiteful lies about her personality and life. Jessie’s mistake was not in dating a man with a different skin color, rather, Jessie’s mistake was in not realizing how truly dangerous the man was. Considering he was a police officer, however, I think we can forgive her that error in judgement. Many women make them everyday, and oddly enough, very few are brutalized, tortured and then slaughtered like cattle along with their unborn baby blessing for their oversight.

    How can any of you (and please know, I’m not speaking to the majority of you here. Most of you have been simply lovely in sending the family your prayers and best wishes) possibly even broach the thought that Jessie asked for what happened to her and her sweet baby girl? How can the color of a man’s skin darken your minds to such an extent that your willing to dismiss the slaughter of a young mother and her child as less of an issue because you’ve decided she’s trash??!!! HOW DARE YOU! I assure you, Jessie had more class in her little toe than the lot of you, schweinhund, George McRae, Gregb, joec and joe blow! How any of you can make such comments is completely and utterly out of the depths of my understanding. A family is in grieving having lost a daughter, sister, grandchild and niece to a senseless, violent, depraved animals incapable of separating child support from child, false pride and an inflated sense of power from sociopathic tendencies coupled with a heavy dose of narcissism. Cutts believed he was above the law, because Cutts reckoned HE WAS THE LAW.

    I am trying so hard not to hate him. I am struggling between intense anger/fury/ire and a sorrow so deep I feel as though I’m drowning in it. When something like this happens, something so unexpected, so unnecessary…so unfair…it’s almost as though sleep affords the family a holiday away from the nightmare they wake to. It’s the oddest thing, those few moments after just waking up in the morning before the memory hits you in the gut, stealing your air, your heart and tearing your very soul. They are with Blakie now, and though I’m sure he’s a comfort in ways, he’s presence will also serve as a constant reminder to Jessie’s painful, gut wrenching absence. An unfilled space in the room and in the heart, a hollow space once filled now ripped open and emptied of all it’s joy and laughter. There is a guilt in laughter, in feeling alright ever again when something like this happens. One almost feels as though daring to smile is equivalent to having forgotten her…

    To close, I want you all to know I am NOT Jessie’s family. I am, however, linked to her in a way I can’t possibly begin to properly explain at this time. My heart is breaking for her mother, her sisters, and most of all, her dear, sweet little Blakie boy. There is no excuse for heinous acts such as these…there are no reasons good enough to commit a family to a lifetime of heavy sorrow and horrorified thoughts of Jessie’s last night alive. Regardless of the fact that Patty couldn’t have known, her sisters couldn’t have known…they will all carry within them a million “if only’s” all bringing grief heavy and cloying into their hearts and minds.

    They are in my prayers, my thoughts, and my tears. May they know we hold them all in our arms tonight…and I’m sure that Jessie, wherever she may be, is holding her baby boy Blakie and her family close to her heart as they walk about like Zombies in what is now for them a never-ending nightmare. The only thoughts that bring any comfort are those of Jessie smiling down upon them all as she holds her beautiful Chloe tightly to her.

    Jessie…you are so dearly missed. Do you see how many lives you’ve touched, girl? Do you see how many prayers, how many tears, and how many hours total strangers gave to you, to your family, in the quest for your justice? Do you know how much your mother and sisters miss you? Do you think they feel you comforting them, telling them you are at peace now? I believe they do, Jessie. I believe they do, that Blakie does.
    Be at peace, Jessie Marie, you lived as a beautiful human being inside and out, and have given the world the gift of another human being that’s always going to be a part of you and your infectious laugh and pure spirit. Be at peace, Jessie. Your son is loved, your child is safe, your family is strong within each other….so please, Jessie, allow the horror of that last night to leave you now and be at peace.



    HE LEFT HIS SON A L O N E IN THAT HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Joec,
    Kisses my white A**, people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

  76. DariaBlanche, All I can say is WOW!!! That was so eloquently said. My heart aches along with yours, not only for Jessie and her family but for all the families and loved ones that have to go through something like this. Please, please let also focus on others that may not receive media cover like this and prayer for their safety and their safe return to their families. We always say something like this is done for a reason, let this reason be to unite as a world and stop hating and killing people. PERIOD. Fight for a higher cause to bring our men and woman safely from Iraq and hopefully this war will not spill out into Iran or Korean.
    The British pulled out, hopefully America will follow their lead and wage a war on poverty and education right here in America.
    Peace and love to everyone, including joec, and WhiteyFord.
    We all have our own opinion and we must again respect the rights to express our thoughts even if we don’t agree with it as along as it doesnot spill out into the world and become violent.

  77. Panther,
    You are right. Her post was great and I shouldnt have commented back on joec. Lapse in judgement there. I wish it was that simple for the world to unite. My husband is a soldier and I would love for them to come home. But I feel that if we leave that country so war torn its gonna put a bigger target on our backs. I may be wrong but for now I can only support my husband and his fellow soldiers. Pray for them and their families and for the families like Kelsey Smith and Jessie Davis.

  78. Daria, that is pretty darn wonderful that you took the time to write such a wonderful statement…eulogy, for Jessie Marie Davis. I did not know her, but followed this story closely. I only found this site by doing an Internet search. If the moderator/owner of this site had any decency, she would remove the statement from that disturbed person who left that ugly comment. Some people really loathe themselves so much. Feel sorry for that person.

    I’m confused that Bobbie Cutts is already being labeled as guilty, however, without having had a proper trial. Like many others, I have my own strong suspicions that he is likely the person who took Jessie and Chloe’s life, it just makes logical sense. I would love to hear more about the evidence that was found. So far, haven’t heard anything.

    Take care all,

  79. Claudie,
    Unless the trial is shown on TV, we may not know what evidence they have until the end. Right now they cant give us anything cause it could hinder the case. I did whoever see on yahoo news that they were some evidence taken from a friend of Cutts home. I post the link to the site on one of the blogs… I, like you , would love to hear more but we may have to wait awhile.. I hope Blakie can one day move beyond this tragedy and may take this tragedy and turn it into something positive. I have seen families take tragedies like this and the experience to help people become aware of this world and teach people to be more careful. Maybe someone out there who has a child and sees them in a dangerous relationship will take this and try to get their child some help before they become another statistic.

  80. Claudia, according to the news (CNN), he confessed to his family first and then he left his home with his attorney, confessed to the Sheriff’s office and that was how the body was found. He lead them to where she was buried. A second person was named but not charged as of yet, or may not be charged. He called an ex-girlfriend and she came to Jessie’s house and they removed the body together.
    My only question now, is it premediated murder? And according to DariaBlanche, I did not hear that he had beat her badly and tortured her before she died. According to the news, Bobby Cutts said she was on the floor pulling at his pants leg and then her eyes rolled back in her head and she was dead. Which we all know is a fabrication because if that was the case as a police officer you are sworn to save lives, why not call for the paramedics to come help save her life? Or at least the baby’s life? Why call an ex- girlfriend ?Why didn’t she convince him to call for help. Another woman comes to help you and that is what she advised him to do bury the body? (I am hoping she will be charged and not get off because she is willing to testify against him) What she did was DEAD WRONG!! This story is so far fletched that he better not go to trial because any jury even if they didn’t watch this would see right through his pack of lies. He is guilty by his own admission especially since he lead the police to where she was buried. No one would have found her. That is the hurtful part of all of this, I thought it was an accident and he panic, but it sounds as if Mel and DariaBlanche maybe right, he deliberately took her life and for reasons that does not make any sense; child support?

  81. I bet Cutts wishes Mike Nifong was the prosecutor in this case. May the guilty person/people here get the death penalty! We have to reinstate that so “justice for all” can really make sense in the pledge of allegiance.

  82. I’m sorry……I didn’t mean to say reinstate, I meant to say USE it!

  83. Panther,
    What site to you vist to get all your information? Will we ever know the answers to your quetions? I do not understand this either. I think his accomplise needs to fall to the same fate as Cutts. How can someone do such a horrible thing? Not only did he cut her life short, but her baby will never get to take that first breathe, this saddens me to no end.

  84. Amy, I watch CNN news all day long. You can also view They have podcast and videos. The reports of the information was on all day yesterday. That was how I knew that they had found her body.

  85. Panther,
    Thanks. I saw some information on yahoo but I have been so busy with a research paper for class that I havent been able to watch the news. I knew they found the body, I didnt know that Cutts lead them to her. I will check out the site when I take my next break..

  86. Good luck with school. I know about research papers, I just completed my Master’s Degree last year.
    Enjoy the rest of your day. I am going to catch a flight to Sweden (that’s how I take my naps). Peace and Love.

  87. That is awesome. I am working on my Associates in Criminal Investigations once I am done with that I am going for my PhD in Chemistry.

    Have a safe flight and enjoy your nap…

  88. fuk all of you racist people!!!im a 26 year old my self with 2 bi-racial chilren and waht tha bitch wrote that was dead wrong!!!!!!regardless of who miss. jesse wanted 2 love or wanted 2 b with thats her buisness~~matter fact there is more white men killing there lovers that black!!!this whole stor makes me wanna puke!!1i cry every time i hear about it and it saddens me that there r so many crazy people in this world!!!i just wish there was something i could do 4 tha davis family!!!my prayers go ut to anyone who was close 2 miss.davis jesse and little baby chloe’ are now in a better place togeher at rest with our creator!!!!i hope bobby cutts gets raped and tortured in prison!!i wish they would just shoot his sorry ass!!

  89. d. hoffman,
    Dont let people like that get to you. There are not worth it and in the end they are gonna have to answer to a higher power for their attitudes and actions. When we make remarks back to them ( and I did it to) it just feeds them. We are better than that, lets not stoop down to their level.. I know how you feel, I have two bi-racial nieces and two bi-racial great-nieces.

  90. Sick people come in all colors and we shouldn’t make this a racist forum as ignorant people will always take a pleasure to urk us here with unbelievable comments and hope for a response to their idiocities… Will there be a foundation for this family to pay for expenses or a trust for Blake? I know money will never replace his mother but knowing his future is secure will be a constant reminder of how people were touched by this story and his mother was loved by people that didn’t even know her (no matter what choices she made, they were her own and no one should judge). There are so many cases that end up this way and each time, no matter the race of the vicitm, it touches me deeply. Our human nature is to want to help the victim’s relatives and understand why such attrocities take place. But there is no answer and we must be compassionate to both families here as if Cutts is guilty his own family deserves our prayers too.

  91. I am praying for everyone who is hurting/involved. I especially hurt for Jessie’s mother and 2-year old son. This devastates me.

    I am a black woman with a white mother as well and I really hope these filthy comments about her personal choices in men stop. White men kill their wives/women every day too. WATCH THE NEWS BIGOTS!!!!!!

  92. Jennifer,
    You are correct and some people overlook that.. Evil is color blind and the effects that these evils have on us, will affect everyone no matter the race.

  93. Re: DariaBlanche….

    Thank you so much for your beautiful kind words…your words made me cry…..I believe every positive thing you said about your dear friend and I am so sorry for all of you….I am truly heartbroken beyond words……..

  94. Claudia,

    I think part of the reason for people to talk about Bobby Cutts being guilty is twofold. One, statistics show that the number one killer of pregnant women is homicide and almost always it is the boyfriend, husband, or ex-husband.

    And second, Bobby himself has admitted that he was involved and even led the police to her body. Out if guilt and/or remorse? Maybe. However, for me, that does not excuse that fact that he left his son alone and without any help for food, water, love, etc. for over a day and a helf. No excuse!

    Remember, this is a blog and people are commenting. It is their opinions and they have every right to their opinions and feelings, just as you do. You may not like their opinions, but, that is the way it is. This is a place for people to express those opinions, just as you have.

  95. Why? Why did such a beautiful, young, white woman get mixed up with such a piece of trash? Sad. May Justice be swift.

  96. These are the facts. Bobby Cutts Jr. is an animal,savage,beast…
    He has many women where he makes his sperm deposits. These women seem to not care about his past. They are willing participants. Please stop calling these women in his life girlfriends,wives,partners. This animal was put on this earth to stud. Cutts is a breeder. When he goes to prison, I guarantee you, he will have many women visiting to get their fill of this animal’s sperm. How in the hell was he hired to be a cop?

  97. I agree that we should pray for his family as well as the Davis/Porter family. I saw a picture of his family, Bobby Cutts, Sr. and his mother was on CNN, they believed his lies. I know as a mother, my heart would break to hear that I have raise someone that took someone’s else life. My prayer is that the two families can mend and do the right things for Blake’s sake. It will be hard for the Jessie’s mother to bring him to see them, but after awhile, I pray that this will not infer with a families’ bond. I hope and pray that is family will be very remorseful and turn to Jessie’s family and feel their pain and pray for their son as he will go through something in prison because of what he has done.
    A statement was made by Sharon Reed on CNN that the family as they stayed in the home of Bobby Cutts, received death threats by the Klu Klux Klan. They live in Ohio, and in that part of the world those racist people still exists and they said to the family, you rape our women and kill them, now he will pay. So the family secured Bobby’s house and took his electronics out. I am so thankful too that his wife, Kelly was not hurt, or we don’t know her status, whether he abused her or not. She had to be mentally abused as not to divorce him.
    Any news on the woman that helped him?

  98. Panther,
    She quit her job Friday night and wasnt not home yesterday when they raided her house. Some items were taken from her house.

  99. Do you think, he may have killed her too?

  100. Anything is possible at this moment. I am interested in knowing how this part of the investigation unfolds.

  101. Unfortunately, schweinhund is right, although I don’t care for his/her language. I knew her in high school, and she had a reputation then for being a bit promiscuous. Also, the rap around the neighborhood was that she was a “bad seed” and only dated black guys. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Her death is tragic, however. Could it be that she was just hanging with the wrong crowd? Nobody deserves to die like that, but I cannot say that I was surprised when I heard Cutts did it.

  102. Bob: If it were a white man that killed a black woman, the poor bastard would probably be fearing for his life right now. The fact that the killer is black works in his favor because it ensures he will get a fair trial.

  103. I can believe the wrong crowd theory but the way schweinhund put it was cold. I wasnt surprised either but at the same time I dont think we should be attacking her character like schweinhund did..that was plain Wrong

  104. BAD SEED…….. What is their idea of the meaning……there are lots of way to interpret that………..My interpretation is of being in trouble all the time and doing illegal drugs, among other things……

  105. Who cares what kind of person she was, it’s not her choices in the color of her men that killed her, it’s her trust in the wrong one… She was a human being period and no one deserves her fate. Bad seed??? What would you call Cutts??? You may take the wrong path in life but no one is a bad seed because of it… Maybe she was a very insecure person and that would explain her choice in a married man or whatever… Let’s not tarnish her memory even with the truth or make her out to be a saint either but focuss on the healing of these families.

  106. The rap around our neighborhood, then, is that she “took the wrong path in life.” Yes, she was rumoured to have been doing drugs, although I cannot confirm that. Yes, there were often loud parties at their house, and more than once my wife and I have seen police cars parked in her driveway (although that might have been Cutts). I have never met her, but knew her by sight. My wife had met her before. At least now the freaking CNN trucks might go away and we can all get back to our mundane lives.

  107. I didnt say she deserved this… I think this is tragic. I ask that question Mel because I wanted to know what is going through the minds of her neighbors..In case you havent read some of the other person.. Some jerk left the comment that she deserve it because she dated a black man.

    Bob, hopefully everyone can get on with their lives and let the heeling process begin.

  108. Was Cutts’ wife Kelly white also? and the other woman that has a child by Cutts’, is she white as well?

  109. thats a good question… Anyone know the answer to that.

  110. I wander that too? Bobby, why do you call him Curtis? This is truly a mystery. Do you think that maybe they got into an argument because she may have been doing something to hurt the baby and she really died the way he said she died? We are not going to know until the autopsy, what killed her. Bobby, I am really interested to know more about the situation and not so much about Jessie’s background, that is not relevant to me. What is Ohio like? It doesn’t seem to be like NY city. It seems as thought everyone may know each other. Race is important there, whereas it is not important where I am. Their are Puerto Ricans, Italians and so many other cultures that integrate here, so you are only dealing with one color. Bi-racial relationships are a norm, our world here now is learning to be tolerant of homosexuality and color is secondary.

  111. Amy, I wasn’t making the comment towards your question about bad seed, just the people that are commenting on her lifestyle. Once again this will be about race, I believe the other one of the MANY women he got pregnant IS whitish… nikki giavisis and this is the name of his possible accomplice according to CNN:Myisha Ferrell so all races are involved!

  112. Oh okay…I am sure it will be… It wouldnt surprise me, every time something happens when the victim and the suspect are different races it end up to be about that and not about the fact that the victim is no longer with us.

  113. Are you serious. I saw the pictures of Nikki and I wander why she was with the profile. She is a model. Amy, remember the in your early blog, she is there. Click on her picture and you will see the profile of Nikki.
    Oh, my, this is truly horrible. Mel, is he involved with her?
    I am be watching this case closely. I have given so much thought to becoming a lawyer to defending women that are abused, I think that is why I am so fascinated with this case.

  114. According to a website:
    One of his ex-girlfriends, hottie model Nikki Giavasis claims that Cutts once kicked down her door when he broke into her house after they broke-up because he was upset that she was dating someone new.
    She had to have several restraining orders taken out against him, she said, including one in 2007.
    He also hit and verbally abused their daughter, who no longer is allowed to see him.

  115. I am fascinated with all the cases because I am going from my degree in Criminal Investigations. I didnt think Nikki had anything to do with this. That was something that happened before. I remember reading about her in the yahoo link. Matter of fact, he was able to be a cop after the fact which is something I still dont understand.

  116. Mel, Nikki is not the accomplice. (Thank God), who is she???
    Myisha Ferrell, has been arrested and charged with obstruction of Justice.

  117. There has been another arrest in this case. Here is the link

  118. Don’t know if he is involved with the other woman (cnn says obstruction of justice for her) but he seemed to have gotten around a lot and seing his dating page profile shows he wanted to spread his seed around even more! I believe his wife (estranged) is white… some are trying to point the finger at her as he might of said he was leaving her for Jessie… There will be so many accusations flying around different websites and rag magazines, this really is a sad case that has grabbed my attention once again (it was the same with Laci Peterson and our rag mags will make another fortune on these stories)….

  119. No-no I never said Nikki was involved… I just posted that comment to show what kind of person this Cutts is… Nikki had to get restraining order against him…

  120. Yeah, I read that. Plus he was charged too, I think it was aggravated assault.

  121. What’s up Amy, Panther?
    Anyways, can we all just pray for her and her family?

  122. How many kids does this man have and how many mothers is it?

  123. Hey Shauncey,

    Yeah i think that would be a good idea….
    How have you been today?

  124. Amy,
    I’ve been ok. I’m trying to deal with the outcome of this. This has deeply affected me personally, as the Vaughn murders. I wonder how people can be like this, and I’m trying to stay positive.

  125. Ya’ll are being a little ridiculous about the race thing. It does not matter, all that matters is that the jerk killed this woman and her unborn child. He’s a sick bastard. I want him and the other woman to rot in hell. I wouldn’t do the death penalty because he needs to live with the consequences of his actions.

  126. I dont think we will ever know the answer to that other than pure evil.. Its hard to stay positive at a time like this but I think you are doing good.. I dont how this has affected you on a personal matter but I do understand how you feel on the case.

  127. Hi Shauncey. I saw a profile of Nikki, she is so beautiful. He did have good taste in woman. She has a myspace page. I also read that she was dating the famous basketball player Shawn Kemp when Bobby, broke into her house. Thank God, she broke away from him.
    There will be all kinds of spectation of the case, but like what everyone said, at least the family will be able to put Jessie and Chloe to rest. The hardest thing is not finding out whether or not they are dead or alive. Like the Natalee Holloway case. It is horrible not knowing if your daughter is alive or dead.
    Ladies, tell me more about this website, do you blog anywhere else? I am really interested in this, I like being able to hear other people’s thoughts. Like Mel, shed some light for me and both you Amy and Shauncey got me interested in blogging because of how you expressed your thoughts. This will give me something to do other than watching CNN.

  128. Amy,
    Personally, I’m just really sad right now and can’t get this case out of my head. I may go out to dinner with friends tonight just so I won’t think about it. Don’t worry about me though, I go through this alot with true crime cases. I cried when Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered. I cried again when O.J was found not guilty. Just from the injustice of it all. It’s sad, because you know we can ALL be victims like this if were not very careful. They are murderers among us EVERYWHERE. And whats scary, some of them we know personally. Everyone reading this, God Bless and be careful.

  129. Panther,
    This is the main one for me. There were a couple of other places but they are all about Edwin Hall. If I find anymore interesting blogs I will let you know. I did join the community blog here on this site. You might want to check it out.

  130. Shauncey,
    Maybe you should do that. Take a break from all of this for a couple of hours. It will do you some good.

  131. Also, I am involved in promoting Barack Obama for President. I know that is awhole different discussion because of his race. (Which should not matter!!) He is bi-racial. He is so eloquent and very highly intelligent. He has a positive stances on all issues that are important for me. I first fell in love with him when he did the Convention for John Edwards and John Kerry. And I have watched him grow as a Senator. I am so glad that they have assigned Secret Service agents to protect him because of people that will judge him by his skin color and not the fact that he wants America to be a truly united country. Hiliary Clinton, I would vote for her only because it would mean getting Bill back in the office. Does anyone know where I may join a blog group to expand my opinion on politics? I would love to learn more about politics and economics. I am trying to be very well-rounded.

  132. Panther,
    To be honest I dont like any of the candidates. I wish Collen Powell would run for president myself. I would vote for him in a heart beat. I dont care for any of the candidates because they want to cut funding for our troops and my husband is a soldier. I dont want him overseas but at the same time dont send him there without the proper equipment. If you cut funding then that cuts ammo and everything else they need to defend themselves over there.

  133. Amy,
    I just normally stay on “Bonnie’s Blog of Crime”. I like to stay informed. But there is another site for missing persons called “Scared Monkeys”. That is where I saw Channon for the first time.

  134. Panther,
    Here is a site I just found for political blogs.

  135. Amy,

    May the LORD keep your husband safe and sound until he is returned to you and his family.

  136. Thank-you. Luckily he is home now… He is going on rotation for the desert very soon.

  137. Panther
    I dont agree with us being over there but my husband says that is his job and he knew that coming into the military so all I can so is support him.

  138. Signing off for now. Gob bless. See you tonight.

  139. Shauncey, please do take some time and do not be so sad. Rest assure that we all have a place where we will eventually go to. There are so many things that we need to look at and just pray without being sad. Sadness is so devastating because it is a hard emotion to shake. Live life to the fullest and remember that people’s tradegy is God’s blessing. He brings them home. And Amy, again, I still believe that we wishing some one to go to Hell is so final, we all commit sins that people would think we should go to Hell for, but God is so loving and forgiving and we should strive to have his qualities. I know I had sex with my husband before we married and the church I attended blasted us for doing that and God has saw pass that and has blessed us with twelve years and three children. According to the church what we did may bring us both to Hell. And that is a scary place for me to think about. Pray for him as Christ prayed for the people who put him and the crossed. As he said forgive them for they do not know what they do.

  140. I know I thought about it after I hit post. It wont happen again. I like you had sex before I was married. I repented and asked god for forgiveness. I will pray for us all..

  141. Amy, how is the paper coming along? See you later too. I will be back on later tonight. I really would love to hear more from Bobby Wilson.
    Thanks Amy for the website.

  142. Panther
    I will be back later. This is my last two weeks of this semester and I need to get busy on my class assignments. When i take a break I will jump back up here..I have a research paper to do on Autopsies so I need to get all my information and resources so I can start on my paper. Plus I have another research paper that I need to finish.

  143. You’re welcome…… I am almost done.. with that one anyway.

  144. Amy god bless you and your husband for protecting your country (I’m in Canada) it is their jobs and they should get proper funding as my cousin came back alive from there but only because he brought his own body armor! Here more and more troops are going and there was a parade over the week end for those leaving to give them one nice day with their families and unfortunately, protesters came and put a damper on things. You may be for or against the war but there’s no reason to rain on their parade… This is my first time blogging and I found all you people very interesting even the closed minded ones! To get back to Jessie I am glad her family can put her to rest now and pray no other cases like this one turn up soon!

  145. Yes I know what you mean. And thank you so much for that. I tell people all the time it shouldnt matter whether you are against or for the war. Our soldiers need the support of the American people and when people protest they do not understand how it makes the soldiers feel. My husband says people like that make him feel like that dont appreciate the fact that he is sacrificing his life for this cause. He know I will alway have his back no matter how I feel about this war.

  146. Schweinhund,
    I saw what u wrote on June 20th and i think that is terrible. just 4 u saying that-u should be ashamed, especially now after we all found out the outcome of this whole thing. What someone does on their own time has absolutly NOTHING 2 do with u and u have no right what so ever to saw nething about that. If Jessie was literally a hooker…who gives a crap?…what gives u the right to judge or say nething about her? and who gives a shit what color ppl she loves?…does the color of any1s skin matter? no, it doesnt at all. The fact that u wrote it when we all just thought she was still out there missing is just terrible. She was missing and u felt the need to make a comment like that? regardless of what she does-noone deserves to be talked about like that and especially since u said that when people are in the process of trying to find her alive. No body in the world deserves to go through what she went through, regardless of her past or what she does. I am disgusted in your comment and in u. You should feel terrible about youself.

  147. This is all I can find on Bobby leading authorities to Jessie’s body – from, is this all there is so far?:

    “Officials have been tight-lipped about exactly where the body was found and how it was discovered.

    On Sunday, a source close to the investigation told CNN that Canton police patrolman Bobby Cutts Jr., 30, led police to the body. (Listen to Cutts discuss the investigation June 19 )

    Authorities declined to confirm that.”

  148. Amy, sorry, but I am not willing to get sexually involved with somebody who is married, so i won’t kiss your ass. Getting involved with a married person just seems like a bad idea. Gee. Go finish you term paper, slave.

  149. Shanuncey, you are as phony as they come. I can tell a wolf in sheeps clothing when I see one. wink wink

  150. So the trailer beeatch had jungle fever. Is that what this is all about?

  151. Yopappy, how do you come in at the end and try to figure things out and get it all wrong? Who uses the term jungle fever any more? And no this is not about her chosing to love a Black man. It is about the fact that this man can take the life of a woman about to give birth to beautiful baby girl. (An actual child). My daughter was born at 23weeks less than the fetus in Jessie’s womb. The baby was a child!!!!That is why he is charged with two counts of murder.

  152. WoW! I can’t believe all the crap I started reading in these replies. Some people are so narrow minded. The whole focus of this was supposed to be on a missing mother and her children. Not who she slept with, whether she like black men or white men. She was murdered by a heartless, piece of crap! This man deserves the death penalty for what he has done. Jessie did not deserve death regardless of her choices. That would be like saying “We all eat doritos and you only like cheese puffs” therefore you should be beat, shot, killed whatever! It’s people like these that give everyone else a bad name.
    Shame on You.
    My prayers do go out to the family and the small child left beind without a mother.
    Hopefully, the bastards that were arrested for this will see justice!!!!!!

  153. Joec,
    Call me whatever I really dont care. When I said kiss my ass I didnt mean literally. I wouldnt stoop down to the level of cheating on my hubby… I have more class in my little finger than you have in your whole body. Maybe you need to get to know someone before you start passing judgement. Another thing you dont know anyone by the words they use. In this country we are free to say how we feel and if you cant get past that then leave………. There is a whole big world out there. Go get lost in it.

  154. Amy,
    Go girl!!

    I repeat, who gives a shit what you think?? You don’t me or Amy.

  155. What I wanted to say was, you don’t KNOW me or Amy. Get a life.

  156. Panther,

  157. Shauncey,

  158. This is a public blog, of course people are going to say their opinons. You don’t have to like it, but it should be respected. You all seem to have very distinctive points of views. A person, Amy or Panther and I don’t know which of you, but one of you said this blog is about Jessie and then you went all into your husband is off in Iraq. Pantherwas then discussing politcal issues, these have nothing to do with Jessie,so why are you discussing this here?

    Another note, Jessie may have been into jungle fever per say but it doesn’t matter. I am happy to see that Cutts was arrested and so was the other woman and hopefully justice will be served. Honestly, I feel bad that Jessie died but so much worse for the baby. That baby, Chloe, will never breath, never know her brother. Chloe was full term and was a baby, not just a fetus. The man is sick in the head.

  159. Yopappy,
    A prostitute sells her body. Does that give anyone the right to take her life?? A woman takes her clothes off and strips for a living. Does that give anyone the right to take her life?? You need to understand that you don’t have the right to judge anyone. People will have to answer for their own sins, and it won’t be to you. What makes people like you think that one color or race is more important than another? I think God made us all different so the world wouldn’t be boring, not so one race is superior to another. I am a very light-skinned black woman, and could actually pass for white, but I don’t. There is no need for me to be ashamed of what I am. It was God’s will.

  160. Could someone please explain to me how the media chooses what missing person crime to focus on? Is being young and white the main criteria?
    There is a young black woman in Florida that has disappeared from the face of the earth, her name is Stephan Henry. She recently graduated with honors with aspirations to go to law school. Why hasn’t she been afforded wall-towall coverage?

  161. Dee,
    I dont know the answer to that but I live in Florida and I have been following the case.
    That is something you would have to ask CNN and MSNBC about cause I dont known either. Maybe it was because she was pregnant, maybe because she was involved with a cop. I dont know but there is info on this site about Stepha. I wish I could understand how they choose but I think every missing person should get the same amount of media coverage.

  162. schweinhund
    I am a black woman and totally agree with everything that you have stated. No one is justifying her and her unborn child’s murder. However, she was conceiving children with a married man. Yes, Bobby Cutts is a reprehensible character but the victim was no saint as she’s being made out to be in the media.

    I also agree with the statement regarding lack of media coverage for black victims.

  163. Dee,
    I live in California, and Stepha Henry has been on CNN AND Nancy Grace since she disappeared. I have seen tremendous coverage regarding this young lady.
    I disagree with you. There were not making Jesse Davis out to be a saint. There were trying to find a pregnant mother who disappeared as quickly as possible. The details of her life wasn’t the focus then, and shouldn’t be now. How should the broadcast of went to you? “CNN live here. A pregnant mother of one is missing. She was sleeping with a black man that was married and may have deserved this”. Come oonnnnnnn!! It just shouldn’t matter.

  164. Maureen in Miami,
    What are some of the news channels in your area? I would love to know if they have any information that no one else is covering.

    I hope they find her alive and if they dont I hope the police find the people responsible for this. But, I am gonna keep praying that they find this beautiful young lady alive. My heart goes out to her family.

  165. Shauncey,
    How is your day going? Did you go out for dinner and get your mind off of all this? I got my research paper finished, well one of them anyway.

  166. I’m going to ask sort of a morbid question, so, I’m sorry if I offend anyone here. Anyways, if a pregnant woman is killed, especially one who is carrying a 9 month old fetus, how long does it take for the baby to die? It just really bothers me to think about how long the baby lived after Jessie was killed.

  167. That is a very good question and I dont know the answer to that. I agree with you. That is sooo inhuman…

  168. Amy,

    Yes, I went to dinner last night and had a nice time with friends and family. Thanks for asking. Glad you finished your paper.
    That is a very good question. I’ll wait for the answer also.

  169. Shauncey,
    I am not sure when we will get the answers. I remember a case in my hometown where a pregnant woman was shot and her when her body started to shut down it started to abort the baby. So, maybe the baby didnt have to suffer long. I hope she didnt at all but I am not sure. That is a good question for me to ask my professor.

  170. Here is a most recent post on CNN about the case. It really doesnt tell you anything more than what we already know.

  171. Dee, I mentioned the young lady in Florida and wandered why she did not get any coverage. It was the same time as Jessie Davis. That is so sad, I was hoping that we would have heard more.
    As for Amy I, part of blogging is discussing information. Amy, Shauncey and others have been blogging for a few days, and if you read, I wanted to find out more information because I shared my interest in Politics. You have been on one day and already you are sayings that are really not necessary. Yes, we have talked about other things than Jessie and yes that was why this blog was formed, but part of living is talking about things that may affect you or have an interest and to be honest, one day and one line is not going to make me stop sharing other things that I am interested in with this blog. And I have been very appreciative of all the things that we have discussed because that is how we grow as people, being able to share opinions and expand on information. Amy has shared some websites with me that I did not have any idea about and I appreciated her doing that because of her hectic schedule. So Amy I, thank you for your input and hopefully, if this is not the kind of place where you would like to blog you may move on, or if this is only centered around Jessie and the bloggers have a problem with me asking for additional information that I am interested in then it is time for me to move on. But this has been a great sharing experience for me especially with members that have been here for the past few days.
    Amy, you go girl! Joec is one of those people that only have negative things to say and again, don’t feed into him because he is not on your level!!!

  172. Unfortunately as the saying goes “when you lie with dogs you get flees”. Be careful of the company you keep.

  173. Panther,

    I believe you are talking about Stepha Henry, and I have made a post on her. I have just been way behind on posting, even though I actually intended to post it last week. I saw her parents on Nancy Grace and it just broke my heart. I hope we hear something new and good soon.

  174. Panther,

    Don’t leave!!!

  175. Caty,

    Your statement is very harsh and makes it sound like you believe she “got what she deserved”. Well, Jessie and her unborn child DID NOT deserve to be murdered. Period. Maybe you don’t approve of her life or her choices, but does not mean you have the right to condemn her. She was a human being, with family and friends that love her. Yes, she made mistakes, but don’t we all? Would you want each and every mistake you made played out in the public’s eye? Her life is now in the public arena and she cannot defend herself. Have some compassion for her and for her family and the tragedy they are dealing with.

  176. Panther,

    I have no problems with you or any questions you may have. No need to leave! I hope you don’t. Your opinions are valued!

  177. I never said she deserved to die. It is a fact and a warning to others – be careful of the company you keep. The world is full of evil people and if you let them into “your world” beware of the consequences. Simple as that.

  178. Yes we need to be careful of the company we keep but who the heck would have ever imagined that this would happen… I’m sure Jessie never thought this scum could do such a thing… We fall for the wrong people sometimes and sometimes we are blind sided by their actions but this was far from an imaginable consequence. Panther, you better not leave, I value your comments!!!

  179. Caty,
    You have to realize, the man was a cop. She probably thought, if only for that reason, that he would not harm her. Me, I don’t trust anyone. Cops, senaters, judges,etc…

  180. Caty
    I am gonna rephrase what you said so it doesnt look at bad.

    We need to start paying attention to the people we deal with. We dont know everything about someone but we do need to watch our backs at all times.

  181. Jessie’s life meant something and so has her death. We need to learn from her so that we dont fall to the same fate as Jessie.

    To Jessie Davis, you cant help who you love, you did nothing wrong and you did nothing to deserve the fate you received. I hope you are up there smiling down on your mother and letting her know that you will always be there in her heart. May you rest in peace with your beautiful angel Chloe.

  182. Shauncey-
    Thank you for the respone. However, I totally disagree. The coverage for her has been paltry. An interview by MSNBC was cancelled in order to focus on the Paris Hilton saga.

    But I will not continue to harp on this. God Bless the family of Jessie Davis and I hope justice is served.

  183. Dee,
    What coverage were you referring to?

  184. Shauncey,
    Do you remember the song We are the World by Michael Jackson? I think people have forgotten that it is time to put race behinds us and start loving one another. After all we are God’s children, every single one of us, no matter our life styles…

  185. PANTHER WERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. Amy,
    If it makes you feel better to sugar coat, then by all means….. But I stand by my words – even if you or others think them harsh. Unfortunately, these are not unimagineable consequenses these days. How many times have we seen women murdered by their scumbag husbands in the past few years: Laci Peterson, Laurie from Salt Lake, Michelle Young, Mrs. Entistle (sp?) from Mass. – these are the few I can pull off the top of my head and have made the news. It is not that uncommon. Bad things happen to good people all the time, but you increase your risk by consorting with shady characters. Choose wisely!

  187. People have been murdered by people who dont have shady characters either.

  188. Thanks. I won’t leave. This is a great place to express your opinion and I am really enjoying the blogs that I am reading. As for the developments in court, Bobby Cutts, Jr. bail was set to 5million dollars. I am getting the feeling that they are not going for capital punishment or making the case appear that it was brutual.
    Mylifeofcrime, is this normal? I really thought in most cases like this no bail is set. So there is no way for someone to come up with bail money? And 500,00 for Myisha, why was her bail set for that amount? Do you think these charges are appropriate? Are there other charges that may come later, like first degree murder. Please help me understand the differences between two counts of murder versus first degree or premediated murder. Bobby’s charges just seem like there is so much room for things to end in his favor.
    What are some things that we can do to help with cases, like this? Like Shauncey said, you feel so personally involved; I prayed until I left asleep for Jessie in the beginning to be found alive or if something happened that she would be discover so the family could have closure. That is the hardest thing the not knowing. Is there away to help in our local area for missing persons? The closest we came to something publicly view like this was Natalee Holloway in Aruba. But again, all you could do was pray because we don’t know the victim.
    Thanks for the information on Stephna Henry. I will keep her in my prayers until she is found. (hopefully alive!!!)

  189. shauncey –
    I am referring to the stepha henry coverage -or lack thereof. why isn’t she deserving of the same wall-to-wall coverage as jessie davis, natalie holloway, kelsey smith, jennifer wilbanks, etc. ?

  190. Good point Amy. Caty, if Laci Peterson knew Scott was shady, do you think she would have married him? If I go off of what I’ve seen and heard about her, the answer would be “no”. Some people have a way of covering up their “shady sides” well. Look at Ted Bundy. He was the least suspected. It has nothing to do with “Sugar coating” or being “harsh”. Have a little compassion for our lovely friend Jesse Davis. Haven’t you ever heard the saying, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”?

  191. Shauncey and Panther,
    I will be back later on tonight. I need to get dinner done and finish my research on Autopsies.

  192. Dee,
    Maybe different parts of the country get different coverage. I live in Cali, and I know when I leave work and get home, she’s always on Nancy Grace and CNN alot. I see her ALL the time.

  193. Amy,
    Yum. OK. Talk to you later. Hi Panther!! Welcome back!!

  194. And what murderer do you know that isn’t shady. Scott Peterson was less obvious, but Cutts was a suspect upfront – even by her family – they knew he did it. I wonder why??? The little the press is reporting about him NOW is not flattering to say the least. Quite frankly what are you two arguing about? This is not a derogatory remark about Jessie – this should be a lessoned learned to others to be more careful – period. If you don’t like the message or the way it was said – too bad.

  195. Scott Peterson may have been less obvious to YOU. He was always a suspect up front to alot of people, including myself. Anyway, who’s arguing. My point? Jesse is not “a lesson to be learned”. She was just a woman who fell in love with the wrong man. Facts, plain and simple. TOO BAD if you don’t like it.

  196. Caty,
    Do your own research. Good bye everyone. I have a lovely time and for some of you I am gonna miss you guys.

  197. Thank you for agreeing – the wrong man!

  198. Shauncey and Amy ~

    Why don’t you guys just exchange personal e-mail addresses, and then you can discuss term papers and dinner dates all you want, without having to bore and inconvenience other bloggers here with your unrelated-topic babble.

  199. If you dont like it newsqueen then dont read it…………

  200. Dragqueen,

    Once again and I’ll say it nice. KISS….MY….ASS! There, I feel much better. I knew you were somewhere lurking, like a dragqueen. Go get back under the rock you crawled from under. HA!

  201. Shauncey!! I thought you ‘promised’ never to respond to me again?? I feel so special that you broke that promise and gave me the high-school-esque reply I so expected from you. What are you, 17 years old? Lemme guess, 17-years-old, two kids, two different daddys? Anyway, my previous comment was a simple question or perhaps a mere suggestion…nothing to get heated over.

  202. Shauncey.
    I changed my mind…….. I am here……….

    it has been so peaceful lately. Why are you determined to screw that up.

  203. Is there a way to exchange email address without given it to everyone?
    I was waiting for the Newsqueen to come back but not in this way. I thought if you were here you would add some revelant information. Gosh, why are we being so hard on each other. Mylifeofcrime said it best, let’s respect each other’s opinion. We may not like how things are said but the message is well taken. Caty, was merely pointing out that we should be careful of who we are involved with. Bobby Cutts or any man that comes into our lives. As much as we love our husband some woman may flaunt her p***y and he may go crazy and before you know it we are out in the cold. Not necessarily in an abusive way but in a way that will hurt us. So we have to be careful at all times. We don’t know why they snap; look at the Vaughn’s case. He killed his wife and three children, and what was his background. Did any one see him coming?

  204. Ladies, we all know that Jessie’s choice is too late to change, but the bloggers are saying to be careful out there. Women are dieing at the hands of men, whether we are walking to our cars, or talking to some one on the internet , or we meet them at church, men come in sheeps clothing. Just let us be careful. Bobby Cutts, was a married man that should have been the first warning signs. I tell my friends don’t believe that they are telling the truth, wait until the divorce is over before you sleep with them. Men cheat and that is what they do best, just be careful and don’t fall for it. We have to empower ourselves as women and want what is best for us and our children and realizing not to settle for less. The message people may want to say is to learn from Jessie’s mistake and really check into a man’s background and if looks bad it is bad. Don’t think because he beat the other woman he will not beat you. That is what we think and we end up being in a worst situation. Nikki got out alive and I am so proud for her. And lastly, I thank God he did not also kill his son, Blake. At least he did give us that!!! Our message may not be clear but it is to say, Be Careful and That Goes for Everyone!!!

  205. I am still crying for this family and Mr. Cutt’s family as well. I especially continue to pray for that sweet little boy Blake, Jessie’s beautiful mother, sisters, father, brothers and friends and the rest of her family. I’ve never been quite this affected by a case, I just wish I could be there to do anything……anything at all because I care so much…..and I am HEARTBROKEN!


  207. Panther,
    Well said………
    Where is Shauncey?

  208. Hopefully, Shauncey will be on tonight!!! Thanks, Amy.

  209. Welcome,
    You know, like you I started to give up on this blog, but I decided I wouldnt let people get to me. I guess everyone’s emotions are running high right now with everything that is going on.

  210. Amy, you are so right(emotions are running high). I really am impressed with Ms. Porter- she is such an inspiration. I liked what she said today, that she thought she knew Bobby, but he became a different person as of the 13th. It is so hard to understand how someone can be in your presences and then something happens to change them into a totally different person. She still has no bad words to say; she still prays for his family and all of Bobby’s children. She also mentioned the things that were being said about her daughter and none of it is true. She said she was in bed by 8:30pm every night and all she lived for was Blake. This is so difficult to understand because we wish we could turn back the hands of time and hope that this would have been a different outcome. Only time and God can heal the hurt this has caused.
    As for Stephna Henry, what can we do to help find her; maybe it is not too late for her!!! Let’s think of something collectively.

  211. Panther, she also said the Blakie has an old cell phone he has been talking to his mommie on… I had tears streaming when she said that. I will try to think of something in the mean time I will do some research on this and get back with you…

  212. That was so sad. I am waiting patiently to hear the autopsy results. This case is so mysterious. Did you hear today, that the facts are that Bobby did not cofess? I was watching Nancy Grace and a reporter in Ohio said we all are spectulating about what has happened. He is right, I am going to watch how this play out in the courts, because we are not getting all the information. Also, I heard once the results come back then they will have a cause of death and then more charges may come about. I don’t know what is factual and what is now hear say.
    Amy, or any one how do you keep this case into perspective?

  213. I dont believe that he killed her on purpose. I believe that her death was accidental. They probably got into a heated argument. He panicked because hes a cop for goodness sakes. I can imagine he was under a lot of stress. All those ex-girlfriends and a ex-wife and children to support and another on the way. They were probably arguing about money – support money. How can a single woman with a kid and another on the way afford such a nice house? Was he also paying for her house? I think he lost it.

  214. I was wondering about the nice house too… As if she was trailor park trash (as some are trying to portrait her) why such a nice house and well kept?? I believe she was a good honest working loving mom and fell in love with the wrong man as he did seem charming. Let’s wait for the facts before speculating the conclusions, what if he didn’t kill her? Maybe she had an ”accident” and he panicked?? But all seems to point towards him. I’m not sure I will be following this case to the closest detail as I did that with Laci Peterson / Nicole Brown and that took so much out of me… Why do we need to follow theses cases inch by inch when we already knew who the guilty parties were. I think I will just check in once and a while and not this consume me. I will keep all families in my prayers but don’t need to know how he did it and what happened to the letter. I hope some can step back from this as it seems to have consumed a lot of your emotional energy. I know it’s sad and terrible and I feel for these poor people but let’s not make it our own little personal tragedy even if it could happen to any of us.

  215. The house was a duplex,she only lived in half of it.

  216. There are some women who are very manipulative and lets face it – men arent too bright sometimes. Her mother said that she was the strength in the family – the one who held everyone together. She could have been very domineering and controlling. Im not judging her but we dont know and dont hear everything. Today women dont have to get pregnant – certainly not women her age. I doubt her pregnancies were accidental. He mother said herself that their relationship was a complicated one. The police are going to protect this guy because he is one of their own no matter what the charges are. Women need to be careful when they manipulate relationships. I hate to say it but I believe that she went a little too far.

  217. Amy & Panther,
    I’m back! Panther, your point was well taken regarding what Caty said. Sorry Caty. This case has gotten to me.

    Everybody: Did you guys hear about the woman who stabbed her 2 teenage daughters to death?

  218. Nope didn’t hear about that, but heard about the wrestler that killed his wife and 7 year old son… I agree that with Katie that the cops might protect their own as he had been under investigation before for lending his gun to his drug dealing cousin but that was dropped. I also heard how such a great guy Cutts was coaching little league, soccer, football etc… (he probably figured that odds were some of those kids might be his) just kidding but seriously, no one could of seen this one coming!

  219. Shauncey,
    I havent heard about that . I saw on court tv down at the bottom of the screen, a 7 yr old child shot an 8 yr old child while playing with an illegal, unregistered gun.. Saw that this morning.

  220. Panther,
    If you have the Court TV channel make sure you watch it… The show updates, plus I watch CNN and MSNBC. Very good channels to watch… These channels will also have updates of Stepha Henry too.

  221. That is horrible. Amy, don’t you dare threaten to leave again. When I get in my office, I will e-mail you from my personal e-mail.

    Any info. on the mother that stabbed her 2 teenage daughters to death. Oh, and I read your interview. Great!

  222. Oh my goodness, I feel so much better because I thought maybe I was the only one starting to rethink this whole case. I don’t want to rush to judgment with this case or any other case. Normally, I can guess the outcome, like with O.J. I knew he would get off because of the lack of evidence not because he didn’t do it and plus he had one of the best attorney’s that existed. But this case is so uncertain. One thing I thought about was the way they have said she die, most women know that if you continue to have sex while you are in the last trimester if is likely to start contraction. What happens if he had sex with her and she started bleeding (that could explain why they used the bleach), then something went wrong and she just died. That would support what the media has said he said, but then what would explain burying her? If this goes to trial and something like that happens can he be tried for covering up a crime, her disappearances instead of murder? Did anyone hear when the autospy will be back.
    Amy, is this the kind of things you are studying? Are you also interested the phsyical aspects of cases?
    Mel and Katie, you really have me thinking???
    I agree, this has become something that is a mystery, most of these cases you can say without a shadow of a doubt that they did it, but this one is so shaky for me.
    Thanks Amy for the info.

  223. Well, if she was having sex with her 2 year old sitting in the other room, she wasn’t a very good mother anyway.

  224. I don’t believe there is anything to rethink. If in fact it happened that way, there would have been time to call 911. If he didn’t do something himself to kill her, he played a major role in it. And if it was an accident, why leave a 2 year old child alone for two days waiting for someone to find him. What a joke.

  225. Panther,
    I am studying to be a Crime Scene Investigator… my classes are Biological Evidence I and II this course covers everything from Forensic Entomology, Forensic Pathology, Toxicology, etc.., Fingerprints and Classification & Latents I and II, Crime Scene Photography I and II, Crime Scene Dynamics I and II, Technology Crimes I and II, Criminalistics I and II, Graphics and Documentation I and II.

  226. At that time of night a two year old should be in bed asleep. He probably heard the two of them fighting and he woke up. If she had him sleeping in a bed it would have been easy for him to leave his room. From what Ive heard – they were always arguing. If mommy broke the table she either fell backwards or she was pushed. When I was pregnant I was clumsy on my feet from the weight of my babies. He was charged with murder so he did kill her but what made him kill her we dont know yet. She might have told his wife that they were sleeping together and that was why his wife left him. She was probably crazy about him and wanted him in her life permanently – a nice little cozy family. He liked her well enough to have sex with her but not enough to want to live with her. He probably had enough and lost it.

    My sister is an alcoholic and was living with my father. She verbally and physically assaulted him. One day I had her arrested. She wouldnt leave his home otherwise so I had to force her out. I know she would have killed him in time and probably would have killed herself too. People are criticizing me for getting the police involved but there was no other way to handle it. She couldnt be reasoned with. None of these people know what went on in my fathers house while she was living with him. They only want to believe what they want to believe.

    Im sad that this happened to Jesse but things like this just dont happen for no reason.

  227. Regardless of the reason, you have absolutely no right to kill someone, unless she threatened his life first. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter if he was mad or not.

  228. Of course he had no right to kill her but people dont have the right to play mind games with people either. She was not only risking her own life but also the life of her unborn child and her two year old. Life has rules and we shouldnt mess with people because we dont know really what their mental state is. I dont argue with aggressive drivers yet there are people who do. They dont believe that the worst can happen.

  229. I just don’t get all the speculation. Nobody knows what happened except Jessie and her killer.

  230. That’s why I say we need to wait and see before judging the parties involved, there are always 2 sides to a story… Of course right away I believe he killed her maybe by accident and panicked. He’s a cop and he knows how he would of been judged on the evidence present so maybe that’s why he covered it all up??? We really don’t know what happened. Is there a full moon out or something, I mean 7 year old shouts 8 year old cousin… wrestling smothers his 7 year old son and wife, mother shoots daughters… what the heck is going on???? As for Katie’s comments about her own personal experience and having her sister arrested, I applaud you as it must of took a lot of courage to do such a thing as with alcoholics you never know what could of happened to your father if you hadn’t put a stop to it! More people should act in this way and many unfortunate incidents would be prevented!

  231. Geez, people, I never meant to offend anyone when I wrote about what my neighbors had been saying about the woman. I think you are all wound up a little too tightly…lighten up. On the other hand….where is all of your self-righteous outrage when blacks rape, rob and murder whites on a daily basis? You dont seem to care about that; you only care that we have politically-correct conversations that dont offend anyone. Well, I happen to have a black friend which should prove I am not racist, but more to the point, we just had a black family move onto our block and I intend to be perfectly civil…if they can afford to live in my neighborhood ($800,000-1,000,000 homes) then so be it. I can get used to them. Again, my apologies to anyone thin-skinned enough to be offended by my prior comment about this woman’s unfortunate choices….

  232. Schweinhund,
    Its not hard to offend me because I have bi-racial nieces and when people like your neighbors down people because of who they decide to be with, especially if it is the opposite race, it just reminds me just how hard my nieces will have it.. Bi-racial children did not ask to be brought into this world as a mixed child but yet society treats them like it is. Have you ever thought, and other people for that matter, maybe some black people wouldnt act they way the did if they werent treated like trash. If you contantly down grade someone eventually they are going to say hey If I am gonna be accused of something I might as well do. That goes for any race……. You may not hear about it, but just as many whites are targeting blacks, as is blacks targeting whites. The same goes for latinos too..
    I appreciate you apologing though, and making yourself just a little more clear on the matter.

  233. Schweinhund,
    The KKK is still around and they make other white people look bad sometimes. God make us all, blacks, white, latinos, Arabics, etc….

  234. Schweinhund,
    I was warming up to you until I kept reading what you wrote. Your whole comment just validated what an asshole you are. Case in point. I live in a $1,000,000 home, but that does not make me better than anyone in THIS world. Then you said, “I even have a black friend”. Tell me, does this “black friend” read this blog? If she does and if she’s smart, she’ll shake your ass like a bad habit. The nerve!!!

  235. Come on, I am trying to be sincere. I really do not want to hurt anyone. The only reason anyone might want to read my opinion is that I am honest about what I hear my other neighbors (whites) saying amongst themselves….it is quite different from what you see, hear, and read in the mainstream media. Maybe it sounds harsh….I don’t mean for it to, and I am sorry for those people who have “mixed” relatives, because maybe things will be a bit tough for them. On the other hand, mulatto children seem to have been elevated to quite a high status in society these days, so maybe they will actually have it easier than we whites do, at least in some ways, i.e. affirmative action education, jobs, etc. For example, I pay about $27,000 per academic year to send my three children to excellent, overwhelmingly white private schools. Nevertheless, every year there are several black children getting a free ride (full “scholarships”) at the schools (lowering standards and being disruptive into the bargain) while we have to sacrifice, scrimp and save to afford the tuition. That is one reason among many that makes me think the mulatto kids today will not have it so hard…I say this without malice in my heart, I am just reciting facts. Why all the visceral hatred, folks? I am just stating the truth as I see it….why would that offend so many people? By the way, I didn’t mean to imply in my prior post that I felt superior to anyone because of where I live, etc.., but aren’t we free to associate (or not) with whom we choose? Or is that some kind of “thought crime” these days?

  236. Don’t be so hard on schweinhund, the person is only sharing their honest opinion and deep down there are valid points… This person is not being a racist just pointing out truths… I totally understand the thing about the school giving free tuitions to minorities and it’s not fair for people (white couples) that need to scrape by trying to send their kids to go to a descent school while others are handed the same opportunities on a silver platter while they deserve it or not but according to their skin. I’m sorry to admitt this but sometimes I kringe when I see a darker person walking by as I was raised believing they are all animals… Of course I fight hard to break off what I was tought, as I don’t agree with that. But I just can’t stand seing the rappers on t.v. with criminals pasts being idolized by kids for example. Or when I see a wave of crime and say to myself: oh of course another black criminal… I know those reflections are ignorant but I need to break off the ignorance cycle I was taught and that is not easy but I’m being honest… I do think bi-racials might have it easier then their african-american parents did so that’s a good thing but not by getting a free meal. Plus in Jessie’s case they are trying to paint her, the white girl as trash (what race are the accusers of this?) I hate making this about race but deep down it will be some of the main arguments.

  237. Mel,
    From my understanding it is her white neighbors that are saying these things about her.
    As far as mixed kids having it easier, I know because I have mixed nieces, that is pure BS. The have it hard because they are not being accepted by both races. There are just as many blacks that are racist as there are whites that are races. How easy do you really think it is when you are not accept by either one? The white girls is school dont want to be your friends because you are black and the black girls dont want to be your friend because you are white. As far as free meals, it goes by your income. Where my husband and I are stationed at, there are just as many whites getting free meal as blacks, and lets not forget the hispanics.

    Just a little facts here on race and poverity. Our military, which the enlisted rate for blacks is down to an all time low, who put there lives on the line each day so we all can have what freedom we do have, are living in poverty. You wouldn’t believe how many have to go on welfare just to be able to feed there children. These soldiers are on duty 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. They are never off even when they are home because they can be called at anytime. They are getting paid less than you think and a lot less than they deserve. The school my daughter goes to is mostly blacks and hispanics but yet there are more whites getting free lunch than blacks and hispanics. So do not think for one minute that blacks are the only ones getting welfare or free lunch. It is all races. I see people all the time fussing about paying a black persons way through life but none of them are fussing about all the illegals here. Or the fact that they are supporting the hispanics that have came here and are on welfare. What really gets me is that most black were born and raised in this country whereas have the hispanics came here from another country.

    I commend you for trying to break that idea that you were raised on. Atleast you are trying but you have to look at all the facts. You said “you see a wave of crime and you think of course another black criminal”. There are whites committing these same crimes you just dont hear about it because people dont want to face the fact that our race is just as bad as the race of a black person. All races commit crimes against other races and against there own.
    Another fact that you dont here on tv. Is that there are more blacks killing there own race than they are killing ours. Maybe if the News would show that instead of all the black on white crimes half of our society would see the truth for what it is. Same goes for showing more white on white crimes.

  238. I was more afraid of what would have happened if I didnt do something than I was of turning my own sister in mel. She still hates me for what I did but deep down I feel that I saved two lives – my dads and hers.

    schweinhund – my parents sent me to an all white private girls high school in the late 60’s and early 70’s In my second year of high school – the school allowed a handful of black students in. I think the school was in need of funding and thats why they were allowed in. It was a Catholic school and the black students were all Baptists. The school started teaching Black History. These girls were trouble makers right from the beginning. They easily influenced some of us to go along with their pranks and when we got caught guess who didnt get into trouble? I had to take public transit every day which went through the black only neighbourhood. Friends of these black students would also ride the bus and if they heard that any of these black students got into trouble or we didnt play along with them – they would threaten us. My parents kept telling me to just stay away from them but it was easier said than done.

    My ex husband is a police officer. We were married 25 years before we split up. When you live with a police office that long you develop a sixth sense about people. Cutter was wrong to kill Jesse but my gut feeling tells me that she aggravated him and in doing so she put her life at risk.

  239. Schweinhund, Mel & Katie Smith,
    I read thru all your comments and though I don’t agree on your points, thats how you feel and I have to accept that. Schweinhund: Blacks are not the only people that get scholarships. I know plenty of whites that have. You “scraping by” to send your children to an exclusive school is by CHOICE. Some of these black children DON’T have a choice. A scholarship is THE ONLY way for some of them to have a better life, the same for some whites. I don’t call living in a “$1,000,000” home scraping to get by. You live in that home AND send your children to an exclusive, expensive school by CHOICE. Some of these unfornate children, white AND black, are foster children, or maybe homeless or have just had a hard life due to bad parental choices. Now remember, this happens in ALL races. You should COMMEND these children who are able to rise above adversity and make something of themselves, not put them down. A scholarship is not a “free ride”, it is EARNED thru VERY hard word and sacrifice. The $27,000 you spend to send your children to an “overwhelmingly white” school is your choice. But please be sure and let them know that in the real world, they may encounter an African-American or two. Please prepare them so they won’t run away screaming. You say the things you say without “malice in your heart”, but in the same breath you say something discrimitive. I thank you ladies for your opinions and comments because it shows that this world still needs alot of work AND education regarding race. I live in an up-scale neighborhood by standards. I have alot of white AND black neighbors. I can afford to send my son to college, but he will probably receive a FULL scholarship due to his skills in BASKETBALL AND FOOTBALL. It is something he will have EARNED, and who are you ladies to say he doesn’t deserve it? I have never once had a race problem with a WHITE neighbor, or black for that matter. Our children play together, eat together and spend time together in each others homes. Race doesn’t matter to us. Raising decent human beings does. Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel the urge to go and make my WHITE neighbor breakfast.
    Have a good day ladies and God Bless.

  240. yes, well I am not down on all blacks at all…some of the kindest and most noble people I have known have been black, but having said that, I am just more comfortable with my own kind. When blacks and other minorities band together it is “black pride” or “ethnic pride”, but God forbid whites show any pride in OUR race. How come? I dont mean any harm to anyone, but I want to feel pride in my own race.

  241. It’s fine to be proud of your race. But don’t put people down who are proud of theirs. Respect it.

  242. Shauncey,
    How are you doing? Havent talked to you in a few days… You are absolutely true. I am very proud of my heritage my ancestors are scott, irish and french. I think we all should be proud of our heritage no matter the race……… I agree we should all have respect for each others pride in our heritage…

  243. Schweinhund,

    If you’re “scraping buy” to send your children to a $27,000 private school, why don’t you sell your $100,000.00 home?

  244. Schweinhund,
    If you are struggling that bad sell your home.. You live in a million dollar home….. then maybe you need to stop trying to live above your means. I would rather have a cheaper home if it meant that my kids could go to a good school and not struggle. Some one who lives in a home of that price shouldnt be struggling to put their kids through a good school. What is more important how you look to other people or your kids.

  245. Shauncey,
    If you lived close by I would let your kids come to my house anyday.. Matter of fact……One of my daughters Black friends has been spending a lot of time here. He is the most respectful young man I have every met…

  246. Re: Schweinhund once again……..

    Why in the hell would there need to be such an event as “white pride”??????? You’ve been running everything in this country for so long, you’re living in “white pride” 24/7/365! Give me a break. And yes I am a mulatto, thank you very much….

  247. Thank you Shauncey!

    Schweinhund: Saying you have a black friend is the biggest joke to black folks of all time! “YOU WILL BE CIVIL TO YOUR NEW BLACK NEIGHBORS IS PATHETIC!” They probably know how you are and don’t want to be your friend anyway.

  248. I am a mixed woman that deals with blatant racism everyday at my job. I will also add, I am the only person of color in the corporate level.

  249. That would be great Amy.

    I love you for that, if only that.

  250. JS,
    Please excuse the comments by those narrow minded white people. .. I am white also and can tell you that not all white people are that ignorant… Keep doing so good maybe my bi-racial nieces will see other bi-racial people doing so well that they will not let no white or black person hold them back from being the best that they can be.

  251. JS,
    You go girl!!

  252. Thank you ladies…

    It’s really hard out there though…….that’s what hurts me so bad about this young beautiful 2-year old Blake….I cry for him……..I know what he will endure.

  253. I grew up around nothing but Scweinhund’s, I know all about his type. And yes, Scweinhund, you are extremely offensive and you know it!

  254. I dont have a problem with blacks or any other race. Today Im much more careful how I pick my friends – black and white.

  255. Scweinhund:

    I am patienly waiting for your response!!!

  256. JS,
    I am sure you do.. My nieces endure a lot of crap from both races but some people seem to think they are gonna have it easy. No one understand how hurtful it can be when you have society against you. It pains me to see my nieces go through some of the crap I do.. It tears my heart out.

    It is never gonna be easy for a person of two races because there is always gonna be ignorant racist whites and black out there that will make it very tough for them. Why cant we all just get along? We bleed the same, we feel the same emotions and some of us pray to the same higher power every night before we go to bed and every morning when we wake up…

  257. Katie,
    That is how we should all be cause evil comes in all colors, shapes and sizes.

  258. Blake is a beautiful little boy. It breaks my heart that he lost the love of his life – his mother. When my son was that age – he was glued to me. Mommy was his whole world.

    I read that Cutter has a history of mentally and physically abusing his children. Something is seriously wrong with that man and Jesse should have had enough brains to stay away from him. Some women just never seem to learn.

  259. Katie,
    Some women are so beat down that they believe it is safer to stay than to leave. Many men threaten to kill their wives/girlfiends if they leave them. When you hear no will ever want you but me………after so long you actually start believing them and then you feel you are better to stay in the situation then to try to get out of it.. For some women the man is like a drug to them… My sister is a battered women that is how I know……

  260. I hate to say it, but women like that don’t have much respect for themselves if they let get to that point. The first time you notice anything abusive from a man, you should leave.

  261. One more thing Schweinhund,

    If for any reason you encounter any problems in the future by any WHITE would-be rapists or murderers, I hope that there are no “black people” around to save you. If in fact there is, make sure you tell them “No thanks, I’d be more comfortable being saved by my own kind”. And please promptly refuse their help.

  262. Melissa,

    You obviously dont know a thing about being abused… So I guess it is easy for you to say something like that. Well honey it aint that easy when you have kids with them. I have been in my sister shoes. Yes I got out but that was because I could afford to move to another state and he couldnt afford to hunt me down.. The difference between me and her is that I am a stronger person, emotionally and financially… You cant judge people until you have been in there shoes. If you have been there, then good for you that you got out of it… Not everyone is the same…..

  263. oh and its not about respect is about fear of the consequences….

  264. Cutter wasnt living with Jesse but maybe he was paying her bills. Maybe she felt obligated to him and allowed him to come around whenever he felt like it. Maybe he wanted sex and she said no for once.

  265. I’m just saying, especially if you have chldren, there’s a lot of places to go for help. By staying, you’re only putting your child/ren in danger. A grown woman should know that.

  266. And no, I have never been abused, but I tell you what…if I every thought for even a second my daughter was in danger, I would leave without hesitation.

  267. Yeah maybe they should know that. If there are so many places to go get help then why are there so many women and children that are homeless to get away from it. That is some help to leave them homeless.

    Besides my sister isnt a saint… or all the other women for that matter….

    But you know we both have different views on the situation maybe if I wasnt so close to the situation and see what some many people dont see, then I would probably have them same view. There is more to the picture than what you see…

  268. Does anyone know if Cutter has a drinking or drug problem?

  269. Katie Smith,

    I think someone with the balls to kill a pregnant woman and then show up to help search for her KNOWING where she is already, drinking and drugs are the least of their problems. The question is, “Is this person mentally ill? OR “Does this person have a soul”?

  270. I don’t know if Cutts had a drinking/drug problem but I believe he will try to say Jessie did… I remember reading somewhere that he said or someone said she grabbed his pant leg and her eyes rolled around in her head… God I hope they don’t paint her out to be a drug addict… I think he will try any defense to free himself…. I’m sorry, if I thought bi-racial children would of had it easier than their ”darker” parent, it never occurred to me that they would be discriminated by both races… That sucks… Like I said, I am trying to break the hatred cycle that has run in the family but it’s not easy… Some of my family members have succeded by marrying an hispanic woman (oh yeah they weren’t racist just about black people but all ”diffent” people) another one married a Japaneese so I guess some really noticed that the way we were brought up wasn’t right yet some of our prejudices still prevail today!

  271. Mel,
    You get credit for at least TRYING to break the cycle.

  272. It seems that I keep making some of you angry even when I try to put my opinions sensitively….there is a lot of anger flying around in both directions, it appears. I understand most of the comments, but the only thing that really mystifies me is all of the talk about how “bi- racial” children are not accepted by blacks nor by whites. I was always taught that “bi-racial” is another way of saying “black”. Aren’t children of a mixed marriage (or “union”) automatically considered black anymore? Everyone I know considers that to be the case….well, I guess even an honest request for information on the subject will enrage some of you, but I honestly thought that these children were considered “black” by both societies. No???

  273. I will say that I have always thought that same thing about bi-racial people.

  274. Schwienhund,
    Please stop with the “I’m so innocent, I just want information and I’m trying not to offend anyone” act. I patiently explained in my comment earlier to you and 2 other people whats up. Bi- racial means you are of MIXED race. It’s not just black and white. In case you haven’t noticed, there are OTHER races out there besides those two. There is no “sensitive” way to put a racial remark. Stop harping on “black and white” so much. If it bothers you so much to TRY and be “civil” to blacks, go to some far away island where ONLY white people reside. I’m “ENRAGED” that Jesse lost her life to a heartless human being. I’m “ANGERED” because after reading this blog, you still don’t get it that color doesn’t matter. Go get educated on race because in case you don’t know, “WHITE AIN’T ALWAYS RIGHT”. They kill people too.

  275. Re: Schweinhund…
    Yes mixed people are consider 100% black unless their features donot completely look black. I do not actually support mixed relationships because of how hard I had it and still have it. I am 36 years old and it doesn’t get any easier.

  276. But you do see me supporting Jessie Davis and her beautiful child and family. The fact that she was with a black man is of no consequence to me at this point.

  277. I have had enough of the racial crap…. I dont think it is getting us anywhere.. The point is a man killed his lover and her unborn child.

    Shauncey, You are very right. White aint always right..
    Even though I am a genius ( just kidding, just wanted to make you smile) My feelings are this you cant help who you fall in love with.You are not suppose to. Sometimes it happens and you dont realize it until its too late..

  278. Smile….Amy, when you get a chance, check your e-mail.

  279. Okay……

  280. I checked my email. I replied back using my personal email address.

  281. Amy,

    I agree that you can’t help who you fall in love with but you can choose not to have children with someone when the relationship is not stable to begin with. Obviously this relationship wasn’t stable, he was still a married man.

  282. JS,
    That is very true. I do not disagree with you there.

  283. I was just asking if anyone knew if he had an addiction problem because then that would explain his abusive behaviours.

  284. Hi, Ladies and Gentlemen, I see I have been missing out on some good conversations. I am so proud of the responses that I read in response to Schweinhund’s statements. No need for me to reply, you guys handle your business. But I would hope that Schweinhund would continue to blog with us because it seems that there are an array of colors represented here. The only thing that I would say is that I feel bad that you have to pay all that money to live in an exclusive area and then pay so much money to try to stay away from blacks but I am glad that you are doing that because we would not want to be around some one that have the mind frame like you do. And I am proud of those black children’s parents that took full advantage to send their children to that school, I hope they learn every thing that they will need to be successful. Realize that you can no longer rob our children of their education!!! I think what you are most afraid of is that we become more educated than you, and we will live in a 2million dollar house (which we already do)while you struggle to pay the extra. Blacks are doing and doing it well, so get over it and see that the color of a skin does not define a person. We can only continue to advance ourselves, just look everywhere. We are no longer be ing shown in the media as negative, we are everywhere even in the race for the next President. Then what will you do leave the country because you have a Biracial man running the country.

  285. Katie,
    I havent heard anything or seen anything that says he had one so I dont know. That is a good question.

  286. Schweinhund
    I think that would depend on who you are asking. Most people consider mix kids black, even their birth certificates have their race listed as African American. I dont look at them as being either one or the other. I think bi-racial children should be just that bi-racial because in reality they are half and half. So how is it fair to them to label them as either. I think on any document is should also have bi-racial. My nieces will tell you that they arent white and they arent black, they are bi-racial.

  287. Panther,
    Were have you been hiding? How are you doing tonight?

  288. I am good. The week days are busy for me, the weekends are better to blog. I read most of the post trying to catch up some interesting stuff was said. I did want to add we need to get away from color and start to identify ourselves with nationality. Where I am from, color did not exist; we are identified by our country where we are born. I understand the issue of color I always checked other because I am not American and the questionaire said the list and I would not identify with being American. I am Jamaican, I just became a citizen two years ago.

  289. I don’t send my kids to private school solely to segregate them from blacks. Where I live, the public education system (coincidentally 90% black?) is terrible. I never intended to take up George Wallace’s mantle on this issue 🙂 I am not some extremist, after all…..based upon the conversations that I have with other people around here, I would say that I take a moderate view of things political and social. I am 43 years old, married 20 years, wife who doesn’t work outside of the home….I guess kind of a throwback lifestyle from an era when “normal” Americans lived like that….I see so many people having child after child out of wedlock, absent fathers, with full social acceptance. When I connect the historical dots, I see the decline of my white society start with forced integration of schools, housing, etc. Instead of uplifting blacks, this mixing seemed to result in a drastic coarsening of white society.

  290. Panther,

    It would be nice if color wasnt an issuse here. I read sometime back, I believe it was a couple of years ago that a genealogist did some extensive studying and tracing back of all our ancestors and he came to the conclussion that every race originated in Africa. Back then people decided to start moving away to other lands like France etc. So you have to wonder if what he says is true. If we really be honest with our selves, we will all see that none of us are truly American. Yes we were born here and so was our family before us but the Native Americans ( indians ) are the true Americans. This was their land and the whites came and took it from them. Our ancestors came here and took over their land.

    You are right we need to get past the color of someone’s skin because on the inside we are all the same.

  291. People like you are a disgrace to the human race.. NUFF said..

  292. Schwienhund,
    You don’t send your children to private school SOLELY to SEGREGATE them from blacks? What a joke!!!

  293. ron Bowers,
    Eat s**t but don’t die. SUFFER…..

  294. Wow! I’ve seen a lot of different opinions on here before, but nothing quite like that.

  295. Ender,
    No need to call her a whore I am sure the women in your family arent completely spotless… She didnt stand on the street corner selling her body.
    You’re the dumb ass……….. cause anyone with a head on their shoulders wouldnt have made that comment…

    White trash—–you shouldn’t be telling your dirty secrets like that. We dont care if you are white trash. You really shouldnt talk about yourself like that.

  296. Ender,
    By the way,, you will be the one burning in hell, you better start repenting now..Its gonna take the rest of you life to make up for what you just said.

  297. It is clear that she may have not made the right choices in life…it still doesn’t excuse what happened or mean that she deserved it.

  298. Wow…a slew of opinions, and I just wanted to add to the melting pot. I am half Japanese/half white. I think racism will unfortunately always exist in some form. And arguing about it, especially in a blog, could get very tiring with no real positive outcome. Just wanted to wish everyone a good week/weekend!

  299. Obviously these racist people have too many negative people in their lives. Wonder what their reaction will be when they get to heaven and see that there isnt just whites there..(that is if the make it to heaven)

  300. Good point Chelle as it has heated this blog up talking about race etc… Who cares what Jessie did or didn’t do, the plain truth is NO ONE deserves such an outcome (beit murdered or overdose or whatever story will come from this). Stories like these make us stand back and think and thank god we are still alive today as I am sure we have all done stupid things in our life and some could of been dangerous. I will be signing out for a while as I am going away on vacation and will be tuning out the news as I need to relax and enjoy life! Take care all this has been quite interesting I must say!

  301. Mel,
    Hope you enjoy your vacation..Stay safe..

  302. I think a lot of people like Ender just make those comments to get people all fired up. I doubt they are even sincere…probably just a bored person who should think of better ways to occupy his/her time.

  303. Chelle,
    Your right. And why would any decent person give a s**t what somebody like ENDER thinks. Opinions are like assholes, and unfornatualy everybody has one.

  304. Shauncey,
    I have to agree with you on that one..

  305. Spineless vermin. Hmmmm…. never been called that before. Thats a new one. I’ll roll with that. One question before I go and purchase a spine… If we’re spineless vermin, then what does that make Bobby Cutts?? And what does that make you for condoning what he did??? Just curious.

  306. Oh, by the way. I sleep too well at night for a person not to have a spine.

  307. Shauncey,
    LMAO you go girl.. I have told Ender once to stop talking about himself/herself like that. I mean why would you want to tell people things about yourself.. I didnt realize Ender had no spine…

  308. Amy,
    You and I are on the same page.

  309. Shauncey,
    Great minds think alike

  310. To Ender,

    Yes, I have deleted both of your posts. I WILL NOT allow people to blame the victim or make rude, derogatory remarks about the victim of a heinous crime such as this, especially when they blame the victim for what happen. People like you are are not needed here. Just go away.

  311. Did anyone read about the 5 cheerleaders who died in a fatal car crash? That SOB she passed stepped on it when she was trying to pass. The van was only doing 40 when she passed it. I hope that van gets the book thrown at it.

  312. Mylifeofcrime, I am glad that you deleted Ender’s comments. I did not have a chance to see them but I am pretty sure that they were not appropriate.

    I agree that this is not a great place to talk about race because it will not solve anything or very little. What I am hoping is that by us displaying our ethnicity it wll lend it self to people like Schel… to realize that there are more to people than their race. We have really had very intelligent conversations and handle our opinions in a positive manner. Everyone has the right to express themselves about their feelings and some of us like me may have hang ups that I may not discuss, but the great thing about life is that it is a learning experience and with opinions and personal feelings we will grow. I don’t think we were being too hard on Shel. we merely wanted to point out some facts about race. She is not alone in the way she thinks, yesterday there was a landmark ruling on a decision to not let race be a factor in deciding where students attend schools. At this point in life, there is no use fighting those forces, all we can do is try to educate our children and children that come into our lives the right things to do. This new generation is different from us, they are making choices that are heading in positive directions. They are chosing to integrate themselves in a way that is leading the world to accept things that are not in the norm. Years ago we couldn’t have had access to computers or other means of even communicating with other races now we are integrating ourselves in ways that may not be transparent but moving in the right direction. Schel. may not have the sense of integration that we have but one day she may change her mind when her children bring home a spouse that is another race or produce bi-racial children, or better yet the route they are going may have a partner in business of another race, and then she may see things differently. But in the meantime, all we can do is to continue to converse in the professional manner that we have conducted ourselves thus far and continue to use this forum as a way to escape into a world that we seem to develop virtual friendships and understanding and compassionate for one another.
    We have already displayed a sense of caring by extending our prayers not only for Jessie’s family but for Bobby Cutts’ family and the children that he has fathered and the lives that both these young people have touch. Let us grow from this experience learning to be careful of who we choose to sleep with or those we let enter our lives; not only learning how to protect ourselves but protecting our children and people that we come across.
    This is really a great place to be and I would hope that as people enter the blog that we take away a positive experience to make our lives even that much better.

    P.S. I am sorry for always writing so much, but this is my place to talk because I am always surrounded by children and not too many intelligent and sopishicated people as I have met here.

  313. Does anyone know the status of the autopsy?

  314. At the stage of decomposition it could be awhile before the public knows the preliminary report from the Coroner. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks or more.

  315. Amy, did you also read that she was not found buried but on the ground outside in the field. That really broke my heart. I am so glad she will get a proper burial. I just hope people will respect the family at the funeral.

  316. Panther,
    No I didnt hear that. I have read anything lately. I have been busy the last couple of days with my classes.

  317. Still no word on the autopsy…anyone?

  318. No not yet.

  319. Hi I’m back, hope all had a happy 4th… I did tune into Nancy Grace while on vacation and they said her state of decomp was like 3 or 4 which is pretty bad! Atleast her family got to burry her, god rest her soul.

  320. I am SO outraged! Some people have the nerve to post comments saying Jessie is a whore or N-lover!?! Heck no you people have your nerve Jessie was not a whore. She was a wonderful person. She didnt leave her son Blake alone intentionally, Someone took her against her will. People are awfully immature to talk about such a wonderful person who went threw such a HORRIBLE ordeal. Remember KARMA – What goes around COMES around!

  321. Ender,

    One day you will get what you deserve… People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

  322. Its hard for me to even see things like this. It makes me worry about my kids to a point where its too much and I want to shield them from everything but if I do that especially too much they will miss out on their childhood all becuase I wanted to be safe and keep them in the house at all times. I’m so tired of these people.

  323. You and me both Zaiaku.

  324. I like how you keep removing my comments. Quite cowardly.

  325. Ender,
    Maybe if your comments were so negative she wouldnt have to. The things you say are horrible. How would you feel and someone killed one of the women in your life and then turned around and called them whore and she deserved it. NOONE deserves to be murdered. How are you any different than Bobby Cutts? No one is being a coward… What are you? Satan’s son …..

  326. that is a very evil thing to say… Maybe the owner of this site doesnt want that kind of crap up here… Do you think anyone in your family including yourself deserves to die?

  327. Ender,

    I am no coward, however, As I have said so many times, I WILL NOT allow anyone to basha victim here. I believe in justice and especially justice for the victim. Jessie did not deserve what happened to her. If her lifestyle or choices upset you, that is your problem, but not mine.. Are you perfect? Have you only made perfect choices since the day you were born? I am positive you have not. Especially since I told you to go away and you came back.

    Now please, do not post again. No one wants to hear your crap. Your opinions are not constructive nor adding to this discussion.

  328. You really shouldn’t be so pushy when you are a sitting duck on the ‘net with your sockets wide open. You might one day find it hard to keep your site online for more than a minute or your provider hanging you out to dry for redlining your bandwidth.

  329. mylifeofcrime,
    Have you heard anything else on this case yet?

    threats arent necessary.. This is her site and she can do whatever she choses.

  330. “Like absorbs like” – I hate to say this but perhaps Jessie got what was coming to her. Perhaps she was given multiple chances to remove herself from unappealing situations. Although it is terrible, her choices might have gotten the best of her.

  331. Amy and everyone else, if you would stop responding to the things ender says, he would probably go away. No one knows if Jessie was a good person, we know she was a mother that was sleeping with a married man. That does not scream good person to me, but everyone makes mistakes. She did not deserve what she got, no person with the exception of murders and sex offenders deserve to die especially not a mother who loved her child and the baby in the womb.

  332. Why are we still talking about the choices that Jessie made in her relationship? No one is perfect in chosing spouses or people that they are involved with. There is only one person to judge and (that being what ever name we chose to call the force that is beyond our understanding) is the only source of judgement. My life of crime stated this before that she created this site to help victims. I think if we are going to write it should be to help people to be positive. So if there are comments that may refer to Jessie and her choices it should be done in a manner where it is constructive and positive.
    And according to race; people have suffered long enough and it is so apparent that we will continue to make the say mistakes that all of our ancestors have made and that is why this nation will always be a world of violence and love will not win until God has destroyed eveything again.
    Peace and forgiveness should be on our minds because as Zaiku said that our children lives are now at stake. We shape their outcomes. And if we still send the message that only one race should attend schools and victims deserve to die then people have lost their lives in vain. Lastly, if we can’t mourn for someone that has lost their life and will never see her family again and never have brought her baby to life than our hearts really need seriously healing.

  333. Newsqueen, I wander when you finally close your eyes, what will your family or friends or people that know you will say? I hope your death will not be tragic so that your life will not be an open book for people to be negative.
    Already just by the people here I can tell that we will probably have to restrain our tongues to be able to say something nice for you. Think of Jessie has a life that came to an end and pray for her soul as if something happened to you that we will pray for yours.
    I can’t wait to Shauncey make her comment to you because she seems to know how to handle you best!!!

  334. Panther,
    Where have you been? Hellfire and I have been posting in Kelsey’s Smith. I quit coming to this one because I refuse to let these people to continue talking about Jessie like she was nothing. So I figured as long as I didnt respond to them then they will sooner or later get tired of trash talking to themselves.

  335. Panther,
    Don’t misunderstand me, as my previous comment was not intended to offend. My point is that we all have choices and those choices can affect the outcome of our lives. Although we can’t necessarily choose whom we fall in love with, we have a choice as to how we handle it. And the reason I talk about choices is because it is much more constructive than just rambling on and on about the tragic nature of the crime and how Jessie didn’t deserve this, yada-yada. Yes it is tragic, yes Jessie (nor anyone else) does not ‘deserve’ this – is this really anything new?? Uhmm…no. So why not learn from this instance and stress the importance of our choices. And in the same aspect, be more aware of trouble signals and learn to better deal with them.
    And I really doubt Shauncey is gonna say anything to me, as I would think she is getting tired of being shot down. But I do welcome anything she has to say.

  336. Newsqueen you contradict yourself. First she brought it on herself now her choices should have been different and nobody deserves this. What because he cheats on his wife he is capable of murder?(If thats the case half the country would be capable) I don’t think she chose to have the father of her children come to her house and kill her that night and Im sure if she thought he was capable of that we wouldn’t be writing this blog. Be real most of the negative comments about Jesse are because she was envolved with a black man. If he was white and married we wouldn’t be talking to much about choices. Its shame that Human race is still so full of small minded racists. She was beautiful mother with a son who witnessed her murder and than abandoned. I would never think a father much less a policeman would do something so horrifying. What are these choices that you speak of that should have clued her into the fact he is a homicidal murder?

  337. Nope…not contradicting at all, you just have to pay attention to what I am saying. Nobody necessarily ‘deserves’ to be taken from this world as Jessie was, but that doesn’t mean that her actions and choices didn’t somehow contribute to the incident. And I could care less if the guy was black, white, whatever…I never mentioned anything about his race. But the choices I am speaking of is her involvement with a “married” man – not a black man.

  338. Oh I get it Married Men Murder. Oh it all makes sense now NEWSQUEEN.

  339. It’s okay if you are too dense to “get it” Carolyn. I never implied married men murder. But when has getting involved with a married person ever turn out positive? Somebody always gets hurt. And Jessie’s case was just a drastic example of that. I am not at all supporting Bobby and what he did, but if this guy had several illegitimate children and apparently a past of violence, why would you even have one child with him, let alone two. The red flags should have influenced her choices.

  340. Newsqueen I guess its easy for someone like you to set back and say she should have seen the signs and that she brought it on herself. He had two illegitimate children one which was hers and the other one from a relationship 9 years before. His wife knew about her. Its not like they had to sneak around town to meet one another. As for his past it couldn’t have been to violent or he would not have been able to join the police force. Don’t get me wron I’m sure there are healthier relationships she could have had but for you to say her actions contributed to her death is insulting to her memory and her family. According to you I guess Lacie Peterson, Teresa Parker, and Lisa Stebic should have all known their Husbands were killers since it was their choice to marry them.

  341. As insulting as it may seem, I can’t help but think that our choices play a huge role in all aspects of our lives. I don’t have extensive background information on the past cases you have mentioned, but every case is different as to what choices contribute to which outcomes. On a different note: Do you have any insight as to why this man would do such a thing to Jessie, as I do not?

  342. I am sure the motive for this will come out in trial as also the circumstances surrounding her death. That is if there was a motive. This could be a heat of the moment situation that turned bad. It is known to happen, and its called crime of passion. The sad thing is we will never know the truth as to why this happened. The only two who will ever know is Jessie and Bobby. The little boy will not remember this because of his age and the fact our mind has a way of suppressing bad thing as a way of protecting us.

  343. Newsqueen,
    Wrong again. I really don’t care to argue with you but I will say this: Your comment totally lacked taste and class. But then, what are we to expect from a moron??? Maybe if you get brutally mudered, someone will say you deserve it.

  344. I will defend Newsqueen. She stated facts and handled it with dignity, why shauncey are you name calling? Carolyn, your comparrisons have nothing in common with this case and Newsqueen has done nothing wrong. She never said Jessie deserved it, just that she could have made better decisions. IT MAKES SENSE!! I tried to pay attention to this website but I find it disturbing how argumentative and bitter you all are to each other. I don’t see anyone discussing Jessie, just judging everyone else’s opinions. Opinions are like a*sholes, and everyone has one….

  345. Amy I,
    Your last sentence said it all. My opinion is that Newsqueen IS a moron…. And like you said, opinions are like assholes….
    Before you go siding with Newsqueen, have you been on this blog for the last month and a half?? Enough said.

  346. I think it was good that we all took some time away from this blog because most of you are right this has become very emotional and we are deliberating attacking each other. We are going at each other when we should try to be supportive of each other.
    Newsqueen, I may have misunderstood you but I think again we do not know why people make the choices that they do. Normally in a situation such as Jessie the person ends up with a broken heart because the married man does not leave his wife that is the typical consequence not losing their lives. I think you are right on one count, as humans we should all be reflective of relationships we get into because people may not always have good intentions. And if you know a man was abusive in a past relationship those are signs that he will treat you the same. Just like the saying goes that once a cheat always a cheat. And that goes for woman too, they can also be abusive.
    So yes we can learn from Jessie in the respect of being very careful with the choices we make to try to be more protective of ourselves and our children.

  347. Amy07, do you know the details or dates of the trial? And have we heard any more about the involvement of Ms. Ferell?
    This case will be interesting as it unfolds because I think we are very interested in finding out more about why would Bobby kill someone he once “supposedly” loved.
    Do you believe that this may have been a crime of passion. I don’t think we have heard that theory yet.
    Mel, usually helps me get things into perspective with theories.

  348. Panther,
    Its me Amy, I am under another form of my name since i joined wordpress. I have heard anything lately. I have been searching for an update. I will look again and see what I can find. I am not sure about that theory but it is a big possibility. He may not have intentionally set out to kill Jessie. It could have been a big dispute that just erupted into a full blown attack that ended in her death. If my understanding is correct 1st degree murder is premeditation with malice.. So, maybe the prosecution has evidence showing this was premeditated. I am not sure what I think at this moment but a crime of passion is a big possibility.

  349. Here is a link to court documents. He’s name is up there alot.

  350. never mind that comment. Seems to be more than 1 bobby cutts in that town.
    Here is the doc number 2007 CRA 02802

  351. Shauncey,
    If you re-read my commments, it is clear that I did not imply that Jessie ‘deserved’ this, but that her choices played a role in this outcome. So maybe you shouldn’t participate in conversations that you cannot follow.

    Amy I,
    I appreciate your comments 🙂 Thank you. Don’t mind Shauncey – her name-calling is really all she has to fall back on because she rarely debates intelligently. It always resorts to a child-like level.

    Thanks for your understanding without judgment. I do not know (nor do any of you) the true relationship that Jessie and Bobby had, but I can’t help but think that there were warning signs for Jessie, but she just chose against them, perhaps because of her lack of self esteem (which some people claim she had). So ultimately, we all need to be perceptive and make those choices that will designate a favorable path.

  352. Newsqueen I re-read your comment from July 10 I copyed it word for word maybe you should re-read it I don’t know what else it would imply other than you think she deserved it. You made it very CLEAR!!!!!

    Newsqueen’s Comments from July 10, 2007 (not mine)
    “Like absorbs like” – I hate to say this but perhaps Jessie got what was coming to her.

  353. Yeah…..Carolyn, did you read my additional comments after that?? If my original comment seemed brash, I further explained what I was trying to illustrate. Once again, need to follow the whole conversation.

  354. Just pay attention to what your saying. All you did was back peddle from your first statement.

  355. Some people have a hard time placing any sort of ‘blame’ on the victim, because, well, they are victims. However, it is not unheard of that a victim somehow contributed to his/her death. No one here can confirm that Jessie didn’t have ‘red flags’ thrown in her face right and left and that she chose not to acknowledge. But I think it has been established that the relationship between Jessie and Bobby was nothing short of dysfunctional. Therefore putting yourself in a less than favorable position is a choice.

  356. Newsqueen,
    I see your point here. What you need to understand is that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Even if she did have “red flags” in her face doesn’t mean she got what she deserved. Thats like saying “I didn’t wear my seatbelt, so if I get in a car accident I deserve to be killed”. Emotions are still running high regarding this young lady’s murder. And though I can care less what you think of me, I do want to apoligize for calling you DUMB ASS yesterday.

    Hi Amy and Panther!

  357. Shauncey,
    Thank you. I do realize that the comment came across a bit harsh, but it was not intended to be insensitive. You are very kind to post such an apology. I, too, have directed some unnecessary comments your way. Forgive me. And I will be more aware of how I present my comments.

  358. Newsqueen,

    Why thank you.

  359. Shauncey- I have been on here since June 23. Also, no one has been on here for a month and a half because Jessie disappeared on JUNE 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have consistently argued with everyone on here aside from the other Amy and possibly Panther. You basically attacked me because I don’t think it’s fair for you to call people names. We are adults here, not 12 year olds. Calling someone a name is not opinion, it is a lawsuit, ever heard of slander? Enjoy this blog, I’m done here.

  360. Amy I,
    Let me correct you. I have been commenting on Bonnie’s blog for MONTHS, since BEFORE Jesse Davis disappeared. Not that it’s any of your business. Your comment SOUNDS like it came from a 12 year old. Why should it matter to you who I consistantly argue with?? Life isn’t fair, get over it. This blog will be enjoyed without you DARLING! So go ahead and sue me.

  361. Amy I,

    Shauncey is correct. She has been visiting my blog and many different posts for several months now. Not just the posts on Jessie. My blog has been around for a lot longer than just since Jessie disappeared. She has opinions, just like everyone else! I am glad to have her around here. For the record, she and I don’t agree on everything, but that is part of life.

  362. Anything updates on what is going on?

  363. HELLO, Is there any updates on the trial? I think this is
    the tightest lipped case I have ever seen, any idea on how
    the family is? How long does it normaly take for a court case
    like this? It seems it is taking quite some time, I wonder if
    it is because of collecting ALL of the evidence, since he said
    he didnt kill her, but he thought no one would believe him,
    Im lost on what is going on really, can anyone help me to
    understand? thanks in advance mt

  364. Where did everybody go?

  365. Probably on the update Mel. That is were I have been posting.

  366. Where is the update? thank you

  367. Mel,

    Here is a list of all of the updates:

    I plan to make a post with links to all of the posts on this case to make it easier to find.

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