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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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House of Horror discovered at 304 W. Oneida St. Portage, WI *One woman’s body, Tammie Garlin, discovered buried in backyard, tortured and abused children in home*

Oneida Street
304 W. Oneida St. Portage, WI

Stunned residents worry about what’s happening in neighborhood
House of Horrors in Portage
Missing Girl, Tortured Boy, Body of Mother Found at Wisconsin House
Woman’s body unearthed behind Oneida Street home; abused boy found at residence; 3 in custody; motive in death not known
Body Found in Portage Backyard During Child Abuse Investigation
Missing-Child Case Raises Questions
Bay Area ties to gruesome situation
Woman whose body was found buried behind house was strangled
News Archive: Tammie Garlin murder

Portage Four

Michael Sisk
Candice Clark
Michaela Clerc
Felicia Mae Garlin


16 Responses

  1. Ummm, whatever these three people are accused of, I’m certain they did it. Their faces scare me. But you gotta give it to them – they really know how to pose menacingly for mug shots. Whenever something bad happens, I’m accusing them, even if they’re locked up. They’re that scary.

  2. These people are sick. How can you do those horrible things to anyone much less a child? If only this country practiced an eye for an eye. They deserve everything that little boy got and then some.

  3. Good thing this country doesn’t practice “eye for an eye” tactics – you know how many people are accused every year of crimes they didn’t commit??

    My brother-in-law is a state judge – he nor anyone else he works with supports the death penalty for this very reason. The law can be argued – all it takes is a prosecutor and a lawyer with superior debate skills and your’re screwed.

    How would you like to someday be accused of something you didn’t do, then be threatened with death or a very lengthy prison term?

    Don’t snicker, it can and does happen. Think about this when you form your opinions about the law and before you vote on proposed laws.

    Now, having said that…I myself was shocked when I read this story today. It looks as though they were all wrapped up in identity theft as well. Now, the question I have is…was the mother who was murdered part of this identity-theft crime ring, too? It sure looks that way, the jealous girlfriend who murdered her is named as part of the group, so it’s hard to imagine that the mother wouldn’t have also been a bad seed herself.

    I’m also coming to this conclusion because her daughter was a willing participant in her murder (as it appears), so it seems like everyone definitely knew each other very well – well enough for the daughter to trust in them to kill.

    And so my point: following everyone’s logic about bad people and the law on this blog, it seems that the mother got what she deserved. If you commit very bad deeds and hang around with very bad people, this is what happens. I mean, an eye-for-an-eye, right?

    Of course, the mother might NOT have been a part of this – i’m just sayin’ to illustate my point to you fine folks of the web.

    The children, well…that’s just awful. That 11-year-old is most likely going to have very deep problems for the rest of his life. Perhaps he’ll someday take solace in Allah.

  4. Maybe we should just say “perhaps he will take solace in the high power he believes in”

  5. “Ummm, whatever these three people are accused of, I’m certain they did it. Their faces scare me”

    Typical logic coming from a woman. Thank goodness we have a legal system to prove guilt. The facts seem to be stacked against them.

  6. Because their faces scare you they did it! Good work Dick Tracy! I am not saying either way if they are guilty or not. But in this country people are tried and convicted in the media before they even get to court. How can you get a fair trial that way.

    Insted of freaking out about the ugly people that are the accoused. Perhaps you should worry more about the poor 11 year old boy! Send the poor boy money in a card or flowers. Pehaps even volunteer to help at homeless shelters or elsewhere.

    We in this country are to good at pointing fingers. Insted of having constructive solutions to help others, and to help break cycles of abuse!

  7. I have read other reports, Clark has been doing interviews from her jail cell, the dead mother was in on the serial torture of her own son and was part of the identity scams. My sister lives in Madison where interviews with local police that had taken photos of the boy after he was brought into the UW Hospital said that the boy just had a big smile on his face the whole time they were doing the pictures because he was so happy to finally be safe.

    It’s fine and dandy to sit at home a read articles and post on blogs on how the world needs to change but can you say you are doing something to change it? All over the US there is need for caring and concern adults to help children in need. A rep for UW Hospiatl say they see a couple hundred cases of serial torture of young children every year- that’s just at one midwest hospital. These children need guidance to piece a life together for themselves, they need to feel safe and secure. They need a fostercare system that can provide for them. If you care you can Fostercare.

  8. The bad thing about Foster care is they dont screen these people well enough. There was a couple in the state of Florida who was doing Foster care and they starved that girl to the point where she looked like she hadnt eaten in months.
    As far as me doing Foster Care, I cant because I move every three years, once my husband retires from the military and we are stationary then will be doing foster care. We decided on this 2 yrs ago. The news station where I am from has what they call Wednesday’s Child. They video the anchor woman with the child thats in foster care in hopes someone will adopt them.

  9. Mail your donations to:
    Portage Cares Fund
    Associated Bank
    222 E. Wisconsin St.
    Portage, WI 53901
    You can make note in the envelope that you want the money going solely to the 11-year old boy instead of all 4 children found in the home if you like. It is a legitimate fund lead by the Portage Daily Register. No human being should ever have to go through such suffering and torture and pain. I pray to God everyday that he helps to ease some of the pain that this little angel has to endeavor and that he will become part of one of the most loving families out there. He deserves peace, love, safety, acceptance, and a happy life.

  10. This story is not as it seems. There is another victim here. The one thing that I read here is that more people need to help keep our society on track. It needs to start at home so our kids do not need to go to foster care. Teach parents how to parent and we can cut down a lot of this abuse. But… we definitely need good foster parents as well. These kids went to treatment foster homes which is a step up from county foster care. The foster parents go through intensive background checks and training. If you want to help look into that. It is a lot of work but the payoff of helping a child who has been abused and neglected is big. You stop a lifetime of ignorance and help a child to get his/her life on track. 5 years ago I stopped talking about it and started doing my part. It is not easy but it is very rewarding. These kids deserve more out of life than they were given and foster parents are going to provide them with a better and hopeful future.

  11. […] I’m sorry to say it, but this is EXACTLY the kind of thing that would happen in my home town. […]

  12. Wow i adopted one of the pets found in the house, and I know the people are guilty. If they even think about pleaing innocent they are even more messed up than we thought. (which is pretty messed up) They are evil. I don’t know how a girl could do that to her mom and brother. It’s just evil. I live in Portage and whenever i drive past the house on Oneidea street i always get this horrible feeling in my stomach. Its just so amazing that someone could do something so hanis and horrible. I hope everyone invalved with this horrifing tragity gets what is coming to them. I guess an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blinde but i mean come on who could do that to a little boy. This has strucken the whole town. Local people put teddy bears on the door step and pray to god for the family. The little boy, i think, is in a protective enviornment trying to recover. He will probably be mortified for the rest of his life! If you think about itwhen people die they say your life flashes before your eyes if thats true then this poor boy will see this tragety in his last moments of life. The evil monsters should’ve thought about what they were doing and the effects that their actions would have on the boy.

  13. Jimmy Hoffa Experience Says:
    How would you like to someday be accused of something you didn’t do, then be threatened with death or a very lengthy prison term?

    The sad part is I work in the prison system where these women will be staying for the majority of their life and the worst part is that they are bragging about the crime they commited. Pretty sad when some people think they are innocent. I say bring back the death penalty in Wisconsin

  14. I knewn felicia garlin she used to go to my school in 6th and 7th grade and she lived in my neighborhood then she moved for a reason that i dont know of but i hated her and she hated me…Mortal Enemies!!!!!!!!

  15. that was a horrible summer. I live 4 blocks from this house…quite sad. i remember being at the beach, then we had to leave because these people were “at large” and i remember the many hellicopters in the sky. horrible.

  16. I grew up with Candice Farris. I went to school with her for a while. I am still very good friends with her first identity theft victim. She is a very manipulative person, very cunning. I remember very clearly all the torment she caused my friend’s family. She was not ‘scary’ in school. She was quite normal-looking back then. But for some reason, I am not at all surprised she’s in this much trouble.

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