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Update: Haines Family murder *Arrest made – Kevin’s friend Alec Devon Kreider*

Haines Family

Thomas Alan Haines, 50
Lisa Ann Haines, 47
Kevin Haines, 16

a href=”http://wp.me/p1gRX-asL”>News Archive: Haines Family murders
Police arrest teen in slaying of Lancaster family
Police Arrest Teen in Slaying of Family
Teen charged in slaying of Pa. family
Police Arrest Teen in Slaying of Lancaster Family
Teen Arrested in Pennsylvania Family’s Slaying

Alec Devon Kreider

11 Responses

  1. It will be interesting to learn what this kid’s motive was for killing his friend and his friend’s parents. Was it a love triangle over a young girl? Was it to eliminate competition for the best grades? Was it a gay teen crush gone bad?
    What a waste of so many lives.


  2. […] Update: Haines Family murder *arrest made – Alec Devon Kreider* [image] Haines Family Teen Arrested in Pennsylvania Family’s Slaying Police arrest teen in slaying of […] […]


  3. I find it very interesting to read the ‘conclusions’ that your readers have to ‘why’ these murders-any of the murders-listed in your blog-have been committed…such as the teen in the above-the speculation it was gay motivated or ove a teen age girl…or the Vaughn family and the conclusion the husband did it-why he did it-how he did it!!
    When Danny Rollins murdered the students in Gainesville Florida back in 1990 EVERYBODY assumed it was a young man who always wore camoflauged clothes -the same hunters wear in the fall,just this kid wore them all year round-and because he had a scar on his face!
    They arrested him-and things kept popping up about him being cruel to his grandmother (she denied those allegations) and the newspapers and citizens wamnted him locked up….yet,he was guilty of nothing but looking odd to others.
    Yes-this teen in the picture most likely did it-and the appearence of the husbands actions do raise eyebrows….but it is a bit frightening to read peoples thoughts in regards to why these crimes are commited when most of us are very distant from the real reason.
    Not defending these people…Danny Rollins murdered a friend of mines daughter,he died later of a broken heart…yet I find it strange how decent people can come to such a conclusion with out all of the facts!


  4. Jay
    I think you are referring to the blog by Ludovic. You should read it again there were no conclusions made but merely questions asked. Hence the ?’s.


  5. Jay,
    People just try to work things out. Crime is frightening, especially the life taking kind. Blogs seem to be cathartic for some of us. Obiviously I am still alive, but I have been a victim in the past. So I tell ya what, if someone ever takes my life, I don’t give a rat’s a$$ if people come across as being insensitive to my loved ones. Tear my history apart, deconstruct every facet of my life, theorize away, keep it going. As long as LE eventually gets the monster.
    I would also understand if bloggers cast aspersions, in the hopes that they could distance themselves from my end. (Hypothetically)


  6. What we should all be concerned about is the remaining family member Margaret and how SHE is going to carry on with HER life now that her entire family has been taken for whatever reason. This killer need not get the attention of us-there is someone that deserves it far more than he does-the surviving victim. Let’s all try to keep her in out thoughts and chanel the energy to her and not her families killer. Thank you.


  7. Does anyone yet have the faintest idea what the motive might have been here? I followed the case closely after the murders occurred, but since the Kreider arrest, there has been an information blackout. (Perhaps necessarily, to protect both the prosecution’s case and the rights of the accused.) Yes, I’ve read claims that a homosexual relationship might have been involved, but that is mere speculation. Does anyone have more solid information?

    Incidentally, I’ve been disturbed by some sites’ mention that Kreider’s father took two days to contact police. Doesn’t it occur to anyone that it might take some time to wrap your head around the idea that your child is a murderer and to come to a resolution to do the right thing? Or that it might easily take two days to get a referral to, and a meeting with, a criminal defense attorney?


  8. Was it true that Alec Kreider cut off Kevin Haines’ member? If so, I think homophobia had a lot to do with the motive.


  9. Everyone keeps looking for the motive in this crime, and it was plainly stated by Alec himself…he said he hated happy people, and the Haines family were the poster family of happiness.


  10. Johnny E.: Where are you getting that story of Kevin’s penis being cut off???!!! Please read your facts before spreading such horrific gossip. 😦


  11. I just say this story on ID channel its truly sad that a 16 ur old killed his best friend and family… A serial killer in the makings…white on white crime and its crazy that someone takes a life and acts like they don’t know what’s going on..Today I don’t trust anyone.. Neighbor’s especially and that’s truly sad..the world we live in is coming undone… Its a Murder nation… And that’s scary…if people aren’t disappearing their being murdered by people they know and don’t know.. They need to bring the death penalty back…


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