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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Parents Gone Wild! Jason Miko Putnam killed his 20-month-old son, Jordan; Sentenced to 20 years to life in prison*

Jordan Makai Putnam

Jordan Makai Putnam obituary
Father Accused of Killing His Own Child
Dad accused of killing tot
No Bail for Man Accused of Fatally Beating Infant Son
‘Physical torture’ cited in beating death of toddler
American Fork dad could get death penalty if convicted
A.F. man pleads guilty in child abuse death
Prosecutors want life sentence for child abuse death
Sentencing hearing held in baby-death case
Judge to weigh sentence for man who killed son
Father gets 20 years to life in baby’s death


Offender Number: 165948
DOB: Thu, 1 Mar 1984
Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight: 220
Sex: M
Housing Facility: OQUIRRH
Parole Date: N/A
Parole Hearing: 06/2031


25 Responses

  1. Hearing this devistated me. I know this man. He was raised in an amazing family, a family that was and still is highly respected in the community. I don’t think he did it on purpose, but I think he should be in jail for a long time. He hasn’t been making the right choices for about 5 years now. He started out as a sweet guy, one of my best friends. His wife is a monster, that was his first mistake. I haven’t seen him in a few years, not since he went to jail the first time. His poor parents. There is no excuse for what he did. I cry when I think about how he used to be and how he is now, and what he could have become. Again, I hope he goes to jail for a long time. And hopefully that will prompt him to think about all the stupid things he did.

  2. Could it have been drugs that made this man do this to his child? Because he sure as hell looks high to me on this photo. Anyone who can do that to a defenseless kid is crazy. God bless this little boy’s soul. I hope they throw away the key.

  3. I actually dated this man when we were in high school. He really was such a sweet and caring young man with the most amazing smile and wonderful personality. This is a man that would write and sing me love songs and leave flowers in my locker at school. Genuinely caring. However, I can see now how things that happened in his childhood and young adult life have led him to this point. Life for Miko has not always been a cakewalk. I pray that his younger siblings can make better choices and not end up like their older brothers–yes, plural. My heart goes out to his family–his parents and his sweet wife and daughter.

    (And his wife is no monster. But, she really should wake up and realize that she needs to take her little girl and get away from Miko.)

  4. Deeply sadened (aka Nicole):
    Thank you for posting something relevant in the midst of judgement and hate.

    Thank you for judging someone based on his appearance. That is big of you. If you knew him you would know that he isn’t high in this picture. I was once one of his closest friends. He may look rough, but I know sad eyes when I see them.

  5. Tears-

    “Thank you for posting something relevant in the midst of judgement and hate.” Nice of you to thank someone for doing what you couldn’t manage to do. His wife isnt a monster. You notice she’s never beaten the children…. Things aren’t going so well for them right now and sitting here speculating about this and that or what they were like then is irrelevent.

    Do any of you people still talk to or know Mary or Miko? You all sit here and say, “I knew them when…” or “They were like then..” I know Mary NOW and have known her years. She’s a very dear friend of mine and she’s going through a difficult time. You can’t imagine how hard it is for her to lose a children and a husband she loves all in one fell swoop, so if you want to do something or say something…think of something relevent instead of wasting time posting about how horrible you think they are.

  6. Just my thought and OPINION on the situation. I just cant see this man intending to do this to his child. I have read what the autopsy says. I can only say this……I think he may punish himself more that society. He may get locked up but that is nothing compared to what he will do to himself. That is something he will relive in his mind for the rest of his life. I believe he needs to be locked up but I dont think his wife needs this junk right now. She lost her child and her husband, the last thing she needs is people trashing her..This is a said tragedy and to feed off someone elses pain is plain out mean…

  7. OPPS Rephrase Sad Tragedy.

  8. let me tell you, his wife is no monster and I can’t believe any one could say such a thing about Mary! She is the sweetest person I have ever known and has stuck by Miko through all the “crap” he has put her through. She is a very strong women and an excellent mother. She has raised those two children on her own and I admire her for taking such good care of her family. And for Miko, I have known him for a long time and I was absolutely shocked when I saw the story. He has had problems in his life, but I never would have thought he was capable of something like this. He will get his judgement, so we should not judge him. He will pay for what he did. I am deaply sorry for this tragedy and pray for Mary and her family! May God bless her!


  10. i can not believe anyone would call mary a monster. she is one of the most genuinely nice people i have ever met. I can not imagine what is going through her head right now. she and miko have been through a lot, and i know she does love him. I know this was never his intention for this to happen, but its a result of his actions. I hope she will make the right choice and keep herself and her daughter away from him. mary – i doubt you will read this, but i think of you and the pain you must be in, and wish there was something i could do to help. We used to be good friends, and I wish we had kept in touch. I can not imagine what you must feel, but please stay strong, your little girl needs you now more than ever!

  11. You know something, i have known Mary and MIKO for quite sometime. When i first moved to this hell hole of a town called St. George, I met a couple of guys that had already graduated from high school. I was still in school at this time but it was the summer that i had met them. The more i got to know them, as well as my family ( mom and dad ), got to know them they were the best guys i could have ran into. A couple months went by and they introduced me to MIKO. He is a hell of a guy, along with his sweet wife MARY and baby trin. MIKO took me under his wing. We were like brothers. To this day i still think of him as my older bro. i got to know his family in Veyo. Awesome people. But the fact of the matter, yes MIKO has gone through some shit, not taking anything away from Mary, but i know MIKO first hand as well as my family. He has been here more than 1,000 times. Ive seen how he treats his kids. I’ve seen everything bout him. He has Marys, Trin, and Jordans name tatted on his fingers. My opinion is that everything is a BIG HUGE mistake. I pray for him and Mary Damn near every night.

  12. Twinz,

    What do you mean it is a mistake? They have the wrong person? Someone else was there and killed Jordan? Please be more specific.

  13. well to all of you who think they know what is what you are all wrong. I am the older sisiter of Mary and MIko and i am here to tell you that First of all I do not blame Miko for what happened, it was a accident and yes a bad outcome but hey SHIT happens that we cant explain but we need to deal and live with it. I had him watch my kids everyday fro about three months, i saw him with the kids and they were happy and he would always be playing kindly with them. not once did i notice abusive tacks. Mary is also not to blame for what happened to her child. HE was in a tight spot at that time and may have lost his nerve but that is all, i know as a parent i have lost myself with my children as others do , so for you to jugde is just as bad as you doing a crime yourself and you all should be jailed for putting your opinion on here when you no not what went on. So bite your tongues please and leave our family to grieve and deal with this tough situation ourselves.

  14. I dont know if anyone is reading this anymore i just needed to give my input. i was so numbed by the horrible news that i haven’t been able to it until now. I grew up with miko, we were very close friends since the elementary. I always looked up to him and to his family. They were such a good example. my little brothers and sisters were just as close to him. I would come into the room and see miko wrestling with my little brother or playing some kind of game with my little sister. he was always so good to the little kids.
    I haven’t seen him for about a year and a half, but I can’t imagince that he is much different than how he was then.
    I dont excuse what he has done but I cant help but wonder what influence he has had recently to drive him to this.
    What he doesn’t need is a mob of judgement. I pray for him and hope that he will do better.

  15. I don’t know Mary or Miko and I am glad I don’t know him or I would shake his stupid butt myself..
    How can those of you on here defending him sleep at night? Seriously, he confessed to beating the child. Jordan had a ruptured spleen and a fractured skull; there was bruising on the child’s waist and belly button, consistent with being grabbed. The skull was fractured in two places. And he confessed to abusing his son and yet half of you on here are like “oh, I know him, I dated him’ So and that means what? Nothing.. Were where you when he was beating on his son?
    Very sad, pisses me off when people are stupid.

  16. I’m just wondering if out of control rage was a part of this tragedy. I was a neighbor of Rick Worthington who took hostages at Alta View hospital and killed a nurse back in th 90s. He was prone to uncontrolled fits of rage with his family members. It just makes me sick to hear what Miko Putnam did to his young son, whether he intended to kill him or not. I’d rather die myself than do that to my child.

  17. It has something to do with control, whether it is out of control or just trying to control.. It is heartbreaking to imagine the hell that some children go through and then I start crying only to end up being mad…

  18. lavonna, i think that you misjudge the postings. As his friends i think most of us agree that he should be harshly punished. However because he is or was once our friend, this news is very disdurbing and sad. the news of miko killing his baby came as a terrible blow to all of us and we are left with alot of confused feelings because this is out of character of the man that we knew.
    I understand your anger at hearing that a child was abused. anyone should feel sad for this baby, it is wrong! and miko should be punished. but try not to be so judgemental and prejudice.

  19. I have read the recent articles about the family not wanting life without parole for Putnam. I don’t find that as concerning as relatives who state that even now, they would have no problem leaving their children with this man who has brutally murdered his own son.

    “Oh, he was so loving” “Oh, the kids still ask for him” F*cking IDIOTS! The man is a masochist!!!!!!!! He intended to inflict pain, the dumb ass wife states that he was having a hard time finding a job. BOOOOO EFFING HOOO!!!!!!!!! Who hasn’t???? Hell I can barely afford to live and my childhood has been pretty shitty, should I go murder a few young boys? Punch them repeatedly, strangle them, break a few ribs and oh hey, maybe squeeze his testicles as hard as I can? Just so good measure!!!

    The guy needed a punching bag is what it boils down to. I think the relatives who are feeding the judge this malarky should be jailed as well.

    I wonder why it is family members are so willing to prove their trust that they would use their own children as sacrificial lambs?

    Forgiveness is mandatory as a means to heal but outright stupidity should be a crime. It has always boggled my mind, the sheer number of women that repeatedly make stupid choices that put their children in harm’s way. It’s almost like we are wired to be completely stupid when it comes to such matters.

    How many women refuse to leave husbands who batter, abuse and torment them? How many family members (mostly women) would leave their own child with a family member who is a known rapist, murderer or abuser?

    Sadly, probably about 80%. It’s shameful and children deserve more from their family members and parents.

    Shame on all of you who are willing to sacrifice your own children to a man who brutally murdered his own. There are other ways to prove love and forgiveness but there is no other way to bring a dead child back from the grave should the same man lLOSE CONTROL AND NEED A PUNCHING BAG–AGAIN, and why even flirt with fate in such a way?

    Harsh? Yes.

    We women need a wake up call and society in general has a right to be PISSED. It’s irresponsible family members who outright admit to the world they would leave their children with someone who has committed such a heinous crime that need to get their heads on straight.

    Quit your boo-hooin and put your kids first. NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN WITH SUCH A MAN. Forgive him in other ways, never at the expense of children.

  20. Regret,
    I did not misunderstand the postings. I can read and I am able to understand what I am reading (all at the same time).
    I think it is sickening that many of you want to get on here and uphold a man who murdered his own child.

  21. Zelda,
    Amen for saying what needed to be said. It doesn’t matter how many “friends” he has that thinks he “looks sad”. He KILLED a child, someone who could not defend himseld, and ADMITTED it. It a mothers DUTY to protect her child at ALL costs. No one is promised tomorrow. Even my child could die tomorrow, but I will guarantee you this: it sure as hell won’t be from the hands of his father or a boyfriend.

  22. First of all I would just like to say that if you don’t know Miko or Mary you shouldn’t even be commenting AT ALL! I too dated Miko. I was very good friends with Mary as well. I went to church with Miko. He attended as many church activities as possible. He was an inspiration to me. He was always making all of us laugh, being ”Mr. Entertainer”. I know a few of the people that are commenting on here, and I agree with them. Miko was such a sweet spirit when I knew him. It is so unfortunate that such a fit of rage resulted in the death of his son. I also believe times can be hard. When you have that much pressure to provide for your family and can’t find work, money is tight. Stress can do terrible things to a persons psychie. My heart goes out to Mary. Who is the sweetest thing ever!

  23. I doubt that anyone reads this anymore but I just had to put down a few of my own thoughts.
    This has been a huge blow to our whole family. (I am mary’s youngest sister) It has taken me over two years to even get the courage to see all the sh!! people have posted on here. I agree that everyone has their own oppinion and you are all entitled to it.
    The day I found out I had the same reaction as most of you. I was shocked, angry, sad, hateful,… I was pretty much an emotional wreck!! I still have the hardest time even thinking about it. And those of you who dont know M and M, I can see how your reaction is justified to you.
    But the truth is.. you have no idea what exactly went on, I know that you all think you’ve read all the stories, all the reports, the autopsy, but does it ever occur to you that there is a reason why everyone else on here who actually knows them only has kind words . We know them, have grown up with them, love them… It is a hard situation and it’s hard to believe all that has happened, some of which(that are on the reports) are wrong.
    Some of the things that miko “SAID” are not true. Reporters reported on what the police and detetive had told them.,
    I was at the court hearing deciding weather Miko got life with or with out parol.
    It was very interesting to hear all the “so called truths” from the state and listening to the autospy and how different their opinions and facts were. It also was very tough to decifer who you could trust and who you could not. I think the hardest time I had and the most angry I got about the whole ordeal is when I heard that the detective told my dad a bunch of lies about what miko “did” to jordan which were totally false and wrong and the autopsy proved that the detective lied about it. It was so hard because if anyone knows my dad, he is the strongest man i’ve ever known and it put him in the darkest depression and pain. it hurt him so bad that he wouldn’t tell us what that man had told him until he found out it was all false. I dont know why that man would lie but thats when I stopped trusting what the news and people told me.
    The autopsy I trust. because it is facts.. but the thing most people dont know about that is some of the injuries jordan had could not have been caused by blunt force and he was just a sick little boy to begin with, weakened immune system and thats why his spleen had been ruptured, not because miko beat him all the time like everyone thinks.
    Mary is the most amazing sister! she is a good mom, goes to school, works and does the best she can. a lot of people say she should have know, should have stopped it. But there was no child abuse for her to stop and the day it happened she was being responsible and at work, supporting her family while miko was not only taking care of his children but another sisters children so that she could work as well.
    He was trying to better himself, I dont know all the nitty gritty details and truthfully i dont want to. all i know is that you can’t judge a book by its cover especially when you dont know the previous chapters and also because NONE of you were there.
    I want to say thank you to all of the people who have stood by our side and have helped us through all that has happened. and i also want to say shame on all those peole that run their mouth when they have know idea because they think they know. Those people have families that are hurt by everything you are saying and you dont realize how painful it is for us to have you bad mouth us and miko and especially my hard working sister who has never given you any reason to talk shi!! on her. So the next time you want to run your mouths and tell everyone what you think, just stop, and think #1 what would jesus do,,,,NOT JUDGE~ and #2 take a lesson from bambie,,,, if you cant say something nice, dont say nothin at all!

    • Tabitha,

      Yes, you are entitled to your feelings and opinions and so are others. But please remember, not everyone who reads or writes this blog are all religious, so do not try the What would Jesus do? thing because for me, in particular, it does nothing. Excepts angers me that people try to push their personal religious beliefs on others. I do not come on here saying “thou shalt not kill” or anything like that. I do not push people to forgive (that is up to each person – as it is not always as easy on some as it is for others and no one should be made to feel guilty or ashamed if they don’t forgive, even if they don’t ever forgive. My mother was murdered. However, it has been over 30 years and I have not forgiven. Don’t try with the “get rid of the hate” because I don’t hate anyone. At all. But I have not forgive whoever it was that took my mother away from me before I ever got to even meet her.

  24. oh and ps… Zelda… the whold testical squeezing you mentioned. was also proven in the AUTOPSY that miko did not do it. The bruising was caused by something on the babies inside, a previous condition that was NOT cause by an outside trama. Atleast thats what the man who did the autopsy said… in COURT! so F off!

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