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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Update: Kelsey Smith murder *Edwin Roy Hall arraigned; Cause of death determined to be strangulation*

Kelsey Smith

News Archive: Kelsey Smith murder
Suspect in Kelsey Smith’s Death Charged with Murder, Kidnapping
Kelsey Smith Case: Edwin R. Hall Appeared Confused At Arraignment
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Neighbors of Suspect Stunned Over Charges
Man Charged in Kelsey Smith’s Death
Neighbors of murder suspect talk about his wife, son
Sources: Kelsey Smith Died of Strangulation
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Murder suspect’s likely MySpace page sends chills
Edwin Hall’s Neighbor Tipped Off Police

Edwin Hall
Edwin Hall


811 Responses



  3. Sweetness,

    He will have his time in court to defend himself. And he is guaranteed a lawyer, so no need to freak out over that.

    And why would you bail him out unless you know him, which is my guess? Would you also bail out Michael Devlin? Would you bail out every other violent offenders/murderers? Remember, it is not as if he has a clean record and never threatened or hurt anyone else either. And that time was his own sister.

    When he has his preliminary trial, we will see what evidence there is to support this charge.

  4. EVIDENCE, there isnt any as far as I can see. As of being his friend, I may be the only one that he has got right now>>>

  5. Show me some freakin DNA. Show me some skin under her finger nails. Show me some of his fingerprints at this crime scene. Anything but this skrewed up blurry video tape, than, if he really is the killer, will I admit that i was wrong. Until than, he is INNOCENT in my eyes.

  6. Sweetness,

    They didn’t just arrest him because he resembled the blurry picture on the video camera. There WAS other evidence…there has to be in order for them to make an arrest. Just because you know someone, doesn’t mean they’re not capable of committing murder. Let it take its course.

  7. He seems as though he is about to wither away in there. He just does not in any way come off like some freak serial killer. Hey at least he has finally gotten himself a good attorny. I real feel for him here.

  8. Sweetness–

    What is this “wither away” stuff? Is he not eating? Are they not feeding him? Show pictures of this! Prove that he is “withering away”.

    Since you say you are his only “friend”, then you must be his wife and child all wrapped up in one person, huh?

  9. mylifeofcrime,
    Obviosly he is indeed scarred shitless of this crime that he did not even commit. as i said before, i am not his wife, but wish that i was because i would be doing a hell of a lot more to prove my husbands innocence, and get him outta that jail cell. He is suffering here for a crime that someone else committed. He is the sacroficial lamb in this situation, and telling by his voice, and eyes, he is terrified that he will never see the light of day again. Withering away in, ifact, putting it lightly. Besides, kelsey looks like she could kick his ass wouldnt you say, seeing that he has been sick for the past 2 months.

  10. Also, if they are not feeding him, just as they are not releasing him, than I will send him some canteen money. Infact, that sounds likde a dambed great idea. Hold on, let me go write a check, and get a stamp!!!!

  11. sweetness,

    You seem awfully positive of his innocence, which makes me ask: How do you know he is innocent? Now DON’T say just because you know him so well. That is not evidence or proof. The same thing has been said about several murderers who then confessed. So give details as to where he was, since for you to be so absolutely sure, you had to be with him. I hope you have told the police this information also. But, since you are not even in Kansas, you could not have been with him, could you?

  12. No, iwas not with him, and how do you know where I am from. I am positive of his innocence because i am the perfect judge of charecture. His eyes, as I said before, are definatly the windows to your soul. If i told the police that than they would hang up the phone in a second now wouldnt they. I know just as many facts as you do-ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!!!! Which is exactly my point. If he did turn out guilty, which he wont, i will still stick by him. That is what my definition of a friend is. Havent you ever had one before. Now please do not write back to me calling me nuts, or wacked out. I am just me. I am not you(thank god)I am me-get it now????

  13. I can not believe that someone would even post such garbage. Sweetness, maybe you should change your name. How dare you discount Kelsey Smith. How dare you say “she looks like she could kick his ass”. What are you trying to say about someone so young and bright and full of life. The police have evidence, and I hope he does get the death penalty. Most of all I hope that the Smith Family doesn’t ever have to read such trash. What if she was your child and he was the same suspect, then how would you fee. Do you have children? I have one son and I could not even imagine what this family must be going thru, and for you to defend someone you don’t know just because of a picture, it saddens me. I just don’t even know what else to say. My thoughts and prayers are with Kelsey’s Family and Friends, as well as Ed Hall’s wife and innocent child.

  14. Sweetness, please calm down and help me understand why you think Edwin Hall is not involved with Kelsey’s death.

  15. I support Edwin and his family as well, not because i think he is guilty or not guilty, the court will decide but because they need support now and friends. It breaks my heart as a parent to imagine what Kelseys parents are going through but i cannot condemn a man without the proper evidence. Kelsey is in a much better place, we all know that and if Edwin did do this he must be insane because no rational person could take the life of another. I feel sorry for Edwin, he looks so lost and alone, as for his wife,Sweetness, im sure she loves her husband no matter what and you cannot judge her or know how she is feeling. I think you are too caught up in the innocent way Edwin looks and you are “star” struck by him. Dont let yourself fall into that business GF, he has a life with a wife and son, in or out of prison. I have written to him and offered my support but i never would slam his family like you are doing, its not right.

  16. Hmmm…it’s his truck and him walking out after Kelsey and it’s him wrestling her into his car. Yes, let’s wait till the trial and then hope that he gets the death penalty.

  17. Wow Sweetness.
    I am so glad you have absolutely no say whatsoever in whether or not criminals are convicted or go free. Let’s see…you say Edwin Hall simply could not have done this because the eyes are the windows to the soul and you can tell from looking in his eyes and how terrified he looks. Of course he looks terrified…no one wants to be caught and actually PUNISHED for their sick crimes. You probably would have sworn up and down that Ted Bundy was a falsely accused, innocent man had you been there 30 years ago when he was arrested. In fact, you would have been one of the hundreds and hundreds of women who wrote to him in prison, desperately in love with him, right? Geez.

  18. That video is so grainy you cant tell you is pushing who into a car….yes i think sweetness is in lust alright.

  19. Sweetness, you are NOT a perfect judge of character unless you are God…which it is obvious you are not. Get a clue. I used to be in law enforcement and they DO NOT wish to arrest the wrong person. How stupid would THAT be?

    I am a very, good judge of character myself and see you are one who lives in their own little world of what you think is reality, and very easy to persuade based on how the person relates (sucks up) to you.

    Yup, innocent until proven guilty, and he will be proven guilty. In case your all-knowingness is not aware, the police do not make all of their evidence public because it would cause a mistrial. Ever heard of that? Ever wonder why the wife is not talking? I can tell you miss judge of character…she believes he was able to commit the crime and knows he was not home.


  20. Dear Darlene,

    I am sorry, but you are very, very wrong about a person having to be insane to do such a thing. I have learned 2 important things in law enforcement regarding criminals:

    1. Some are insane. They do NOT blend into society as “normal” persons…not ever! The crimes they commit are full of evidence and they often brag or have an excuse that gave them “permission” in their own minds to commit the crime.

    2. The vast majority of criminals are UN-sane. In other words, they have no feelings for their victims. They are in this world for themselves and no one else. The Scott Petersons, OJ Simpsons, Al Spectors, Jim Jones…such are those who are actually quite intelligent, but equally evil.

    Every person on the face of the planet leads a secret life. I mean, those secret thoughts of those you pretend to like but really hate…the “dutiful” husband who secretly hates his wife, or job, or neighbors….the priest pretending to be a good person and molesting kids behind the alter…

    Come on folks! This is a scarry world anymore and we need to pull the think-tank out of the sand…or your butts…where ever it is currently. Evil is alive and well. You may believe it or not.


  21. Whether or not the video was grainy for all of us, the police have the video and can enhance it to within inches of his face so they now know wether Edwin Hall or his fucking twin brother pushed Kelsey into that car. So therefor, they do have good reason to hold him. And if she was raped, they will find DNA, which they can compare to Edwin Hall. It probably won’t be a matter of “no proof”. Wether he is guilty or innocent, they do have the right to hold him because that’s how out just systems work. If he is innocent, he will probaby be proven innocent. If he is guilty, he will probably be proven guilty. I know that innocent people have been convicted but in this case it does appear that there is sufficient evidence but we are not judge and jury.

  22. Sarah Lou – I agree with your comments. Grainy or not the video can be enhanced. Another thing to keep in mind is that the video shown on TV is probably a copy to begin with, which would make the quality less desirable than the original, and would definitely be even more flawed by the time it makes it to some ones home television set. I’m sure that the authorities have more information to go on to have this thug held on a $5 million bond also (the truck and what was found in it, the clothes he was wearing, evidence at the crime scene(s), and the shaved goatee…). They just don’t put a bond that high if there wasn’t supporting evidence presented to the Judge.

  23. Brenda – Amen to all of your comments! Good point about the “wife not talking”.

  24. Man, oh freakin’ man- you are just so closed minded. I want to know all of the facts. Yet as i stated before, I would still be his friend if he did it or not. Kelsey is in such a better place. Sometimes I wish thta I was in that better place too. Let me guess, all of your reples will be,”Ihope you kill ypuels then.”,or “then go on a date with Jack”, or even “then do what whats his name told you, and drink some drano you frak.” so, am I right, or wrong. I still believe in him, good, or bad, I will stand by him.

  25. sweetness,

    Actually, you are the one who is closed minded. You defend Edwin at Kelsey’s expense. In my book, that is wrong. You state that Kelsey is in a better place, so you are implying that she does not matter. But she does. She is who matters MOST, not Edwin. Even if he is innocent. Kelsey is the victim and she is the one who deserves justice.

    Remember, you are not the only person who has an opinion. Everyone does. And it is just that, their opinion. And they have every right to it, as you do to your own opinion. Give others that same respect. (you might also want to proofread your comments before submitting them, as your spelling makes it hard to read or understand at times)

  26. Sweetness

    You are obsessed. What, do you wish you were Kelsey? Obviously she still had her life ahead of her. She still wanted to enjoy life. You only live once. And someone took her life from her. Most likely, she wasn’t like you, she most likely didn’t want to be in that place just yet. She probably wanted to grow up and raise a family. She wanted kids someday (according to her myspace), those dreams she had are gone. Someone (whether it be Edwin Hall or not) took all of that away from her. At this point, with everything being said and done, yeah, she may be in a better place, but she DESERVES justice. She did not choose to end her life so short. Now you on the other hand, you get to live and breath air by choice. But what if someone took that away from you? What if it was your daughter? Would you just be content with knowing “she’s in a better place.” Or would you want to bring her killer down. Not only so he get what he deserves but so he can’t harm another child/teenager and devastate another family. It’s good to stick with friends through thick and think. But also be aware of what’s right and what’s wrong. What if he killed someone you love? There has to be a point where you draw the line. If he is proven to be Kelsey’s killer, it’s not wrong to still care for him as a friend, but don’t praise and reward or even god-forbid support him for his horrible decisions. With every bad action, there is a concequence.
    Time will tell, truth will unfold, justice will be served.

  27. Sweetness, please remove your name to something else u are not sweet enough cause you are defending somebody that doesn’t deserve it at all. And yes I think he is guilty and he need to pay is obvious that he did it and he looks crazy and he needs serious help he looks really bad maybe mentally help like if he is crazy or pschyo. And for Kelsey’s family I’m so sorry about this sad tragedy and God be with u all. We need Justice for this family.

  28. Sweetness, I am a psychologist and have studied deviant behavior for many years. While there are not many things in this world that are an exact fact I will tell you that with all the experience and research I have had you cannot judge truth or lies by the look in someone’s eyes. It is of course your choice in the decisions you make but I encourage you to examine your values and beliefs and be mindful when you engage in behaviors and the comments you make. I would hope that you do not value having relationshps with sociopathic murderers.

  29. Sweetness,
    very sweet….

    Are u his wife??
    You sound like if you were.
    I dont know his wife and I would hate to offend her for the reason that she’s also a victim here, but you sure sound like if you’re totally in love or obsessed with him. (You will wake up soon).

    I think is not even worth to speak to you girl, how can you say Kelsey is in such a better place and that Sometimes you wish that you were in that better place too, Are you retarded?? You make nonesence girl. You sound like if you dont have too many brain cells left honestly.

  30. Sweetness,

    Everytime you write, it makes me SICK to my stomach. You need to be ashamed of yourself, defending a man that obviously seems to be the killer, then you have the nerve to say that Kelsey is in a better place, she might be in a better place but coming out of your mouth it just sounds horrible and then you also wish you were at that place??? what kind of crazy person thinks like that…. Just so you know, you wont be hanging out with Kelsey in heaven because you’ll end up going to hell for agrreing with a murderer, but hey, who am i to judge you anyways hopefully he does pay for what he has done, 18 years old, only 18 can you believe that and I cant believe he will do that knowing that he has a 4 year old kid and a wife at home is so sad to know that somebody like him will make the family pay for his mistakes. His kid is only 4 years old he should of thought about his family before he commited that crime but maybe he can’t think right. Im done talking but just wanted to let you know that im embarrassed to live in the same country as you, american citizen MY ASS BITCH, the president should send your ass to IRAQ and suffer like a dog that you are so PUDRETE.
    Have a bless day

  31. DARLENE,

  32. “sweetness” you obviously have issues. The point is, there is a dead young girl because a psycho, yes psycho, murdered her. How can you defend him? In my eyes he is guiltl, he is in the video and he owns the truck. Thats plenty. He is sick and he should not only go to jail, he should be executed for what he did. Imagine how her parents must feel? What is wrong with you? Let the girl have some diginity left. By writing all the comments that you do, for fun or whatever your purpose is, it lets everyone else see that you are just as sick as he is. EVERYONE knows he did it but you and he will pay for that crime. If he goes free, which he wont, he will just do it again. He is nothing but a sick freaking pervert molester that should die! He needs to pay for what he did! You call yourself “sweetness”? Who the hell are you kidding? Your just as bad a he is by defending him. You should go to hell with him!

  33. CW,
    I know Jack personally. We do speak on the telephone. That is why I am speaking out on his behalf. Please, all that iask is for you to take a chance, lets say he was found totally innocent, and he spent all of this time incarcerated worrying about his family, and as he says, worrying about his “future”. WE cannot kill, or commit an innocent man of such a crime that he did not commit. Simply put yourself in an innocent mans shoes….. This is all totally political. It is election year. The DA running is toatlly for the daeth penalty, and is spearheading Jack Hall calling him the killer simply to get votes. Cant you see that politics are running this case?????

  34. sweetness,

    Now suddenly you are saying you know him and talk to him on the phone (which CAN be verified you know) but the other day you said you have never met him. So which is it? If you have actually talked to him (which I do not believe), did he come out and say to you, NO I did not kill Kelsey, that is not me in the video and I have no idea why my truck or image was in that video?

    You have now said you speak to him on the telephone. I hope you know that the phone records at the jail are NOT confidential and are public record. This can and will be checked out.

  35. mylifeofcrime,
    here is what is going on. i wrote to him in jail leaving my number to see if there is anything that i could do for him. he called me a couple of days ago(check it out if you would like). he did say to me that he did not do it, he was at the target, but still, as i said before, maintains his innocence, and still more then ever, now that i have spoken with him, beleive that he is most definatly innocent. so No, i did not know him before, but yes, now that he has phoned me we do talk daily. please give it up. critisizing me is not doing anything to hepl either kelseys, or jacks situation. if it makes YOU feel better to do so, than great. i am just here to try to help.

  36. mylifeofcrime,
    so did you check it out yet, if you did then you will know the truth too. I just wanted to let you know that I give up on you people,and the internet. That hardly means that I am giving up on my friend locked up in Kansas for no reason. He, and I would like to tell you that the truth will all come out in the wash, and that is how we know that there is a chance for him. I will speak with you people when that truth does come out. Until then, i bid you farwell. Oh yeah, I decided not to drink that drano that you wanted me to drink!!!!!(lol)

  37. sweetnes,

    No, I have not had time to do anything about this as I do have other things to do with my time, such as my family and my job. Maybe you don’t have those but I do. But, if it is true, I hope you can handle the media attention as your name will be all over, along with your phone number and address. If I can get it, so can the detectives, media, etc.




  40. I agree Sarah! Also, don’t let “sweetness” get you all fired up. She has no clue on life and is very naive and is only in here to stir the pot. Like Indigo (who has left the site “YEAH”), she contradicts herself and has no foundation to support her comments. I feel sorry for her in the sense she will become this scum-buckets (“Jack” Hall) next victim if she continues a relationship with it. I just want to be the first in line to turn on the electricity when this dude gets found guilty.

  41. Well that’s good sweetness we will see when everything is over and hopefully we find out all the truth about this case and all my prayers to the Smith family.

  42. Sweetness,

    You need to get a life!

  43. SS,
    You are absolutely right. Why did I let “Sweetness” get me all fired up??? I just think it’s so unfair Kelsey, and I feel the need to defend her. But you are right, she’s only here to stir the pot. But watch out Sweetness, you may get burned. Respect once again to you SS.

  44. Sweetness, You can not hold someone or charge someone without evidence that points to them. I believe in Innocent til Proven Guilty too. But, the police have got to have something on him to lock him up or charge him. The police can not hold him just on suspicion. A police officer can only hold you for so long before they have to charge you or let you go. I’m not saying his is guilty BUT I am not saying he is innocent either. All I can say is so far it doesnt look good from him. You just need to keep an open mind and weigh the evidence as it comes in. Instead of spending all your energy defending him, maybe you should spend that time and energy learning about the law so you understand what is going on with the investigation and with the evidence they do have, that way you dont end up looking the fool if he is found guilty.

  45. He drove his truck to the far side of the parking lot and as anyone who has ever sat in a truck you know you can see a lot becuse you sit higher up then someone in a car anyway he picked the far side of the parking lot becuse if i am right there is one entrence and exit to that store so he can see when she entered the lot then he drove his truck into the same section as her so he would have clean and easy way to take her. He went inside the store and most likely was watching her shop ( i am sure the DA has the tape of him watching her in the store that day) then when he seen she was heading to the check out he went out side and waited maybe next to his truck for her to come out then he made his move. for him to have known when she was going to show up at the store he must had been watching her for awhile maybe she even put on her myspace page she was going there for something that day. i think Hall don’t like rejection for females i belive he takes rejection hard he wanted to rape her only but knew if he left her alive he would be fucked.

  46. Sweetness, you just want the guy for whatever DEMENTED reason. Check out his mySpace page closely. He clearly is a fruitcake and proud of it–a serial killer in training & just starting his career with Kelsey (possibly others too). He was disoriented at his arrest and hearing because he seriously didn’t see it coming. He thought he was clever enough to have a long and fruitful career spreading pain to others. Check out his yahoo i.d. too. He said many ills of society could be eliminated if there was simply more “fleshly pain” endured by people. I hope he feels pain knowing that his career of murder has been stopped dead in its tracks.

  47. Oh,
    p.s. Sweetness, you need serious help

  48. I don’t know if it’s ok to put myspace links on here but i think this is sweetness myspace page for this Hall guy

  49. Sure it is ok to post that MySpace link. And I agree that it does sound like sweetness. Read the comments.

  50. I looked at that site and I think it’s absolutely disgusting that there is a picture of Kelsey under friends!

  51. Melissa, I looked at the site also.. I agree with you..

  52. Sweetness,

    I just checked the Myspace link – “mylostsoul1” and is very cute how they made this page so very diferent from his original page where he mentioned that he likes “eating small children and hurt small animals” and also he mentioned that his hero was his “bastard father”, but who ever made this page doesnt care about what happened to Kelsey or what her family is going through, this weird people are already planning to get funds to take this (sicko) out of jail, they dont give a damn if he’s guilty they just want him OUT and that’s the bottom line.
    Now, read his comments and really.. all you have to do to confirm he’s the killer is to read his poems here is just the first paragraph:

    I’m an angel, I’m a devil
    I am sometimes in between
    I’m as bad it can get
    And good as it can be
    Sometimes I’m a million colors
    Sometimes I’m black and white
    I am all extremes
    Try figure me out you never can
    There’s so many things I am

    Now, sweetness btw ( I really hate to call you that) tell me if you need to have a degree on psychology to realize what this guy is all about. That was just the first paragraph and to be honest you dont need to read further to be convinced this guy is an evil soul. You might be his friend or lover, but that doesn’t mean you have to be or pretend to be so blind.

  53. Please tell me I was seeing things when I saw Kelsey’s picture on his my-space. This is very upsetting. The nerve!! I’m speechless. That goes aganist the grain. It’s almost like O.J going to his victims funeral. Amazing!!! Sweetness, please stop it. Your making everyone sick to their stomachs.

  54. I think you all need serious help. Acting like you’re all fucking judges, psychologists, lawyers, Gods…Making up stories about not just Edwin Hall but the poor Kelsey also. It’s pathetic.
    Who says he (or whoever) raped her? I guess you were all there at the time so you know all the details.
    Making psychological profiles out of their myspace page? That’s pretty lame…Getting things out of the context…

    Quoting lory:
    “all you have to do to confirm he’s the killer is to read his poems here is just the first paragraph:

    I’m an angel, I’m a devil
    I am sometimes in between
    I’m as bad it can get
    And good as it can be
    Sometimes I’m a million colors
    Sometimes I’m black and white
    I am all extremes
    Try figure me out you never can
    There’s so many things I am”

    I hope you’re not a lawyer or a judge, cause if you are quit it right this moment.
    You must be joking. Even if he’s guilty this is such a bullshit. According to you, every single person who wrote something other than love songs/poems is a killer or rapist?Nice evidence… Even my little sister wouldn’t come up with something like this.
    Have you ever heard of fiction? Has anyone ever told you to get a life?

    Quoting jess:
    “He was disoriented at his arrest and hearing because he seriously didn’t see it coming. He thought he was clever enough to have a long and fruitful career spreading pain to others.”
    I guess you can read people’s mind. Good for you.

    Quoting Amy:
    “But, the police have got to have something on him to lock him up or charge him. The police can not hold him just on suspicion.
    Since when? Soooo many people were sentenced to prison and were not guilty-it was proven too late.
    And about death penalty…If you all hate him so much why do you want him to die? It’s so much easier to hate him if he’s in prison and you know he’s suffering…If he’s guilty he’ll have to live with it or maybe… you’re expecting of God to punish him so that’s why you’re hoping for death penalty?
    If you’re all so good how come you want anyone to die…Bad, bad people
    It seems that so many of you still live in the Middle Age? An eye for an eye? I can’t believe…

    Not every suspect is guilty, hope you’ll all aware of that.
    But hey, why not kill him right away, we read it in the newspaper and seen it on tv so it must be true. Shallow shallow people…Not everything you see on tv and read is true. Brain washed…
    I’m not saying that Edwin Hall is not guilty, I just think he deserves a fair trial, just like anyone else.

    I hope I haven’t offended anyone ( and this only goes to Kelsey Smith’s family and friends). I hope they catch the killer or maybe they already did. BUT WE DON’T KNOW THAT

    Have a nice day
    Enjoy your little shallow American lives

    Have a nice day

  55. What are you talking about SHAUNCEY? Kelsey’s photo on HIS myspace? If you were smart enough to read and comprehend you’d easily realise some things…One step at the time and use your brain (if possible) a bit before you write bullshit.

  56. Whisperer,
    I support finding and convicting the person who killed Kelsey, whoever that person may be. We are all entitled to our opinions. As I said, ” there has to be some kind of evidence to hold him and charge him” that is true. I am not saying he is guilty but they could be holding him because of the video tape. Who knows what the police have. I do know for a fact and you can ask any officer, lawyer, or any other legal figure. You have to have some kind of evidence to charge someone for a crime. You can only detain someone for a week before you have to let him go or charge him. A terrorist can be detained for any length of time without being charged. If he is innocent, then I hope his defense finds what they need to have him found not guilty but if he is guilty then he needs to be locked up. I have not said anything about the death penalty. It is not up to me who lives and who dies. There is a higher power for that. Yes there have been many people found guilty for crimes that didnt commit. Maybe their case was built on circumstantial evidence. Just like whatever the cops of on this guy could be. Maybe they have DNA evidence against him, maybe not. I have not condemned anyone and will not either without I know every detail of the crime and what evidence the police have and dont have. Until the police release all the information they have, we all will be sitting here speculating on this.
    That is all I am gonna say on the subject. You have a nice day also………… Enjoy your shallow life as well.

  57. Amy,

    I apologize (but only to you) cause the only person here whose posts make any sense. I just wanted to point out that there were numerous cases similar to this one before and that media always make a story, usually out of nothing.
    It’s easier to sleep at night when you think they got the right guy.
    “Maybe their case was built on circumstantial evidence. Just like whatever the cops of on this guy could be. Maybe they have DNA evidence against him, maybe not”
    That’s my point. But when the wrong people were sentenced to death or lifetime in prison no one thought of their cases as ones with circumstantial evidence. They had the same bad publicity just as Edwin Hall. And if someone decides to say something other than “Kill Edwin Hall” than you’re working against your society blah blah blah… That’s the opinion no one wants to hear at the moment.

    I think the way he’s presented in the media (already called a killer and rapist) will have an effect on his case and final verdict and that’s not the way it should be. It’s a fact, no matter how much you want to put it aside.

    Now I’ll go and enjoy my shallow life.

  58. Whisperer = sweetness under a new name.

    Oh Whisperer, learn how to spell and run grammer check before “correcting” the opinions of others.

    I have an idea, find the guy innocent and have him move in with Whisperer…..

  59. Whisperer,

    Please tell us where you heard through the media that this guy is being called a killer and a rapist. I have only seen “suspect”. Quit making stuff up, and tell us who you know to have been executed that was innocent if you are so up on this type of information.

  60. SS
    I have come to the conclusion that no matter what the evidence whisperer, aka sweetness, is not gonna believe he did this horrible crime. He could decide to confess or the police could find DNA evidence to confirm their suspicion and she would still defend him. She is a lost cause and I think we all should just ignore her and spend that energy on Kelsey and her family. By saying this I am not saying he is guilty but I think we are wasting our time on her and him.

  61. Amy,

    I agree 100%! The police have this guy locked up because there is such a high bond that he can’t afford to get out. The reason for the high bond is because they do have strong evidence against him.

    And I agree Whisperer (aka sweetness) can go enjoy her shallow life. It’s too bad that it would take a catastrophic event like Kelsey’s murder to happen directly to her before she believes…

  62. Whisperer,
    There is a project out called the Innocence Project. If someone is wrongly convicted they can contact these lawyers. Yes, there are people sitting in jail for something they didnt do and it is sad but sometimes justice is blind. If there is a chance that media coverage will cause a conviction then his lawyers can ask for a change in venue. I accept your apology but at the same time I am done with this. I am not gonna waste my time debating this issue any longer. As I said before and I dont care who it makes mad. If he is innocent then so be it but if he isnt are you ready to accept that. You seem to be putting too much heart into this and as a compassionate human being, I hate to see you get hurt. And there is a possibility that can happen. Be realistic here.
    Now I am gonna go and enjoy my shallow but open-minded life.

  63. SS,
    Thanks. Yes the do have some kind of evidence that was enough to arrest him. Now we just have to wait and see if the grand jury believes there is cause to support an indictment.

  64. Amy,
    You’re welcome!

    Just to let “Whisperer” know that we are not judging this punk (Jack), merely monitoring his actions and demeanor and based on passed serial killers, that have been found guilty of crimes, this guy has all the symptoms.

  65. ok am i getting this right is Halls myspace page still up or am i NOT getting it? LOL

  66. Hellfire,

    No, his page was taken down right after he was arrested. The one that has been mentioned in the last day is one by a “fan” of his, a loyal supporter who does not know him personally, but believes beyond reason that he is innocent, due to the look in his eyes. The same look Ted Bundy had!

  67. To anyone who wants to answer this.

    I just saw a video from one of the news stations. I didnt know he held and threatened his adoptive sister at knife point. I still do my own investigation. I like to have all the facts before I decide whether or not someone should be locked up. The news person also said the police and the FBI has taken out several bags of evidence from Hall’s home. They have over 40 detectives on this case with over 300 possible leads. Just thought you all might would want to know that.

  68. anyone who seen the video of him leaving the store did you see how he looked left and right i found that odd like he was scanning the area out i think most people don’t leave a store that way they may look to make sure they have a clear way to cross the street to the parking lot and begining looking for the car but NOT at the exit of the store.

  69. Banned? BUHUHUHU…It’s pathetic that you can’t handle someone’s opinion

  70. Whisperer,
    It doesn’t matter WHO’S my-space page it is. The fact that someone had the nerve to put Kelsey’s picture anywhere near his is sick. I agree with Amy & SS. And Whisperer (aka “dumbass Sweetness) please try and find something else to do. This is Kelsey’s blog and should be reserved only for people who care about her and want to bring her killer to justice. Charles Manson could use a friend like you. Why don’t you waste your time writing him??



    Well said!

  73. Hellfire – Good point! I agree, he was acting very suspicious and the media/Target/Police have yet to release any of the video from inside the store.

  74. Shauncey,

    I hate to break it to you honey, but you don’t care about Kelsey. Your only feeding off the attention you’re getting from this and every other blog on this site. Get a life sweetheart.

  75. SS that i would like to see myself i am sure the video from the store is of much better quality then the parking lot

  76. Whisperer,

    I have some information for you. I talked with a friend that is a police officer. She said it varies from state to state how long you can hold someone without charging them. In the State of North Carolina, you can hold someone up to 24 hrs without charging them. She also said in some cases, the suspect could have a warrant and they can hold that person on the warrant. In the meantime, they keep looking for evidence. Just thought you might would like to know that.

  77. Hellfire,
    The video can be ditigally inhanced to try and get a clearer view of the person on the tape. I havent seen the footage from inside either.

  78. Joe,

    Who gives a shit what you think?? And don’t call me honey.

  79. Hellfire – I agree! I bet the police have it and have viewed it many times, saw additional evidence that isn’t blurred, that’s how they were able to get such a high price on this jerks bond.

  80. Why not Shauncey? You call everyone bitch. What makes you so special?

  81. Why do people get so upset when someone calls another person a bitch?
    Opps I just described myself. LOL. Shauncey I would feel so priviligedif you called me one.
    Shauncey I like you, you speak your mind…

  82. you all are just amusing as hell i LOVE reading the postings

  83. Have to agree with Joe on this one. Shauncey seems to get off on the shock factor of her posts. Seems like she writes more about putting down others than anything.

  84. Newsqueen,
    What shock factor?? I say what I feel. Are you Joe’s wife???

  85. Whisperer,

    haha are you covering sweetness shift? .. anyway is obvious that you are the one who made his new myspace page and is obvious that you are a “retard” and from sweetnes to whispere haha nice try.. you’re still a retard. But yeah… I think that the one that needs to get a life here is you, I though I already told you that, ((sweetness)) remember?

    I’m from Spain and my English is not perfect and I’m not a psychology or a lawyer, but I tell you what I don’t need to be or speak perfect English to realize that YOU ARE full of shit.

  86. Iory,
    Ha!! Your right. Full of s**t is full of s**t. Any real person can recognize it, whether it’s said in English or Swahili.

  87. have to wonder what makes a person want to get that close to a criminal ive always heard of the women who marries a inmate. but to see this chick put up a fund for this killer just shocks me what about the girl who has lost her life what about the family that has lost a child
    the criminal the “ultra” bad boy?

  88. look at this this is getting sicking >

  89. Hellfire..

    thanks for the link…. I can only say that I will pray for her and hope that she doesnt have a mental break down IF he is found guilty..

    Did you all watch the news today? The investigators carried out some stuff from his house. Makes you wonder what they took out of there

  90. if anyone has any recent links to this case i would appreciate it.

  91. If I find something I will send the link to you.

  92. Here is a news site that gives a little detail about the search today.

  93. Thanks

  94. Sorry hellfire
    Wrong case….. I posted in the wrong place…..this site is about the pregnant women that is missing.

  95. lol np

  96. Sweetness aka Whisperer – Here is a website these people need penpals. When you talk to Edwin Hall on the phone today, you may want to mention finding him more supporters beyond the wall. These guys and girls will be able to relate to you and Edwin (innocents). The majority are innocent as well (just look into their eyes) website here.
    I believe you relate and feel sorry for Edwin because you are alot like him. You probably like the same movies, music as Edwin. I think you have very little friends and family that support you. Please start supporting a cause that will actually help people. You apparently have a open heart. Redirect you focus and start supporting a cause that actually will benefit from your help. I would suggest volunteering to help children. However, I wouldn’t want you putting nonsense into my childrens heads. So maybe try your local animal shelter.

  97. are you kidding? her working with animals i think they deserve better care then what she could ever give them i love animals way to much to let this nutcase be near them.

  98. just checked he isnt in there i think LOL she out of luck LOL

  99. Yeah, I guess you really wouldn’t know what I am talking about “Miss Jenkins.” I think everyone here speaks their mind, kind of the point of a blog. All you are doing is hiding behind your keyboard…let’s see you speak your mind to someone’s face.

  100. PLEASE DO NOT LET ANYTHING THAT SWEETNESS SAYS BOTHER ANY OF YOU. SHE CAN’T EVEN SPELL CORRECTLY, LITTLE ALONE JUDGE SOMEONE CORRECTLY. I found it very humorous for her to say he looks innocent. Have any of you ever seen what Ted Bundy looked like? I read some Anne Rule books about him and it sucks that we didn’t have that “grainy video”. That grainy video with that cell phone is huge. I have followed this case because my mother told me about it from the local news there in the KC area. Then I followed it online. I am so very happy that technology helped out so much. However, I think that if a company is as big as TARGET- they should have better cameras and they should have to pay for someone to patrol or watch over the parking lot. They make millions of dollars and I think they owe that to their customers.
    As for the act of crime. That was very very sad and it must suck very bad for the Smith Family. The girls parents seemed very cool and kept themselves composed. I can’t compliment them enough because anyone I know would have been losing their. I wish we could have seen a grainy video of Kelsey’s Dad pulling up in the parking lot and seeing that little sicko messing with his daughter. Edwin is a small punk kid that was going after younger girls online. From everything I have read and seen online he was low on money and very few friends and his alone time turned into something very very terrible. My grandmother always said that free time is devils time. His empty mind and spare time turned into a devils workshop. And to be honest, I bet he is involved with that other missing girl in the area. Once the story plays out you will see that he was a loner loser dork that used the internet to feed his brain with retardedness.
    The entire thing sucks for her parents. I think it is sad. I wish America could focus more on right and wrong and prevention. I don’t want a reply, I just didn’t like hearing these donkeys defend this little punkass. My prayers go out to the Smith family and friends.

  101. LOL..I thought if Sweetness aka Whisperer visited the local animal shelter she might be able save a few animals that were going to be killed. Could you look into this guys eyes and give me your personal opinion if he is guilty or not.

  102. Hellfire,
    Have you found any more info at this case?

  103. The fact is that this young girl didn’t deserve to die. I can’t imagine what the Smith family are going through waking up with you daughter like any other regular day and going to sleep that same night without her and the worst came reality, this was NOt meant to happen! This looser is evil very evil and I know that who ever defends him doesn’t care about the Smith’s family or about that a young girl is dead because of this fuck, all they care about is to support his ass regardless of what he did. Is really sad, but all I can say to all Edwin’s supporters… dont you worry you all working for your own “KARMA” ( You can run, but you can’t hide).

  104. Newsqueen,
    What??? Hiding behind my keyboard?? Girl please. I speak my mind to other people’s faces EVERYDAY of the week. Thats the business that I’m in, I have to. And I don’t mince words. Make no qualms about it, I’d love to speak my mind to your face. “Newsqueen, get over it”. This is a real woman your talking to.

    Mrs. Jenkins

  105. Haha…oh wow…I was just testing you Miss Shauncey! And you validated everything for me: Yes, you are in fact GHETTO! I knew you would get all fired up and talk smack about wanting to speak your mind to my face directly. Don’t you have a smidge of self-confidence within you to NOT let some stranger on a blog get to you! Poor, poor thang!!

  106. unbelievable!

  107. As former law enforcement employee (911 dispatcher), you can be sure that a prisoner is not going to waste the ONE phone call he/she gets per day on a lunatic-fringe stranger like “sweetness”.

    Sweetness is probably a man, full of crap, and pretends to be Scott Peterson’s writing pal…OJ’s best friend….Al Spector’s latest girlfriend…whatEVER!!


  108. Brenda,
    You are absolutely right.

  109. I think sweetness does know him real good, I think she’s either his wife or a girl/friend, maybe she’s lien about him calling her everyday, but honestly who ever she is.. she definitely has a crush on him, disgusting!!! or maybe an obsession disorder.

  110. Newsqueen,
    Why am I ghetto? Because you know I’m black? How lame! I can put someone in their place without cursing, fighting, spitting, etc.. People like “Sweetness” get me fired up. Your opinion of me is laughable, but that’s your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own. Please don’t show sympathy for me. I don’t need it.

  111. Shauncey: go have a baby girl, love her, nourish her, relish in her beauty, laughter, life, let her grow up to graduate high school and then send her to your beloved Edwins way and when she’s returned back to you raped and murdered,
    I would like to hear what you have to say: UNTIL THEN SHUT UP! AND GROW UP!

  112. ERROR; THAT last comment was meant to be in response to sweetness reply’s not Shaunceys! SORRY Shauncey!!!

  113. SWEETNESS: go have a baby girl, love her, nourish her, relish in her beauty, laughter, life, let her grow up to graduate high school and then send her to your beloved Edwins way and when she’s returned back to you raped and murdered,
    I would like to hear what you have to say: UNTIL THEN SHUT UP! AND GROW UP!

  114. Shauncey….funny how you associate “ghetto” with black. Hmmm…I didn’t say it, but you did. Ghetto is associated with a mentality, not a race sweetheart.

  115. Trisha,
    No worries. Simple mistake.

  116. Newsqueen,
    Get a life and get off my nuts!! There, was that “ghetto” enough for you?

  117. shaunceyn and newsqueen,

    you both are hallarious!.. For a second I though I was in the wrong Blog Post… talking about racism and been ghetto, ladies please…
    This blog is about Kelsey, remeber now?

  118. FOR KELSEY………Sorry we are turning you blog into a fighting match…… May you rest in eternal peace.

  119. I don’t go on a persons looks or what they say to tell me weather they are guilty or not I go by FACTS is what know for sure. a lot of killers will tell you they didn’t kill anyone and some will tell you they did kill becuse they are proud of what they did and want to relive it by tell ing the story.

    Heres a link i use to keep track of what i can about this case

  120. lory…
    Yes, I am aware that this blog was orginally intended for Kelsey, but I think that intention was tainted the moment “sweetness” posted her twisted opinions. Therefore, as I have already expressed my sorrows to Kelsey and her family, I have decided to direct some attention to Shauncey and her underlying cries for help. No one can help Kelsey at this point, but there is still time to help Miss Jenkins.

  121. Newsqueen, Dragqueen, whoever you are-

    I laugh at bitches like you daily. Your the last person I need attention from. And if I did need any help, I have a mother. Unlike you, who carries on like you’ve been hatched.

  122. Hey people are we not suppose to be talking about the kelsey smith murder case here?

  123. Ladies please stop it already we are here to talk about Kelsey and what happened to her not about us ok Thank you

  124. Hellfire @ Amor,

    I agree. I will not respond to DRAGQUEEN anymore. That’s a promise.

  125. newsqueen,

    Yes, I agree sweetness drop some sweet evil energy around this blog, but you shouldn’t keep feeding the beast, you know.

  126. Let me make one thing clear here. I AM NOT THIS SWEETNESS CHICK OR WHISPERER AND THIS IS MY WEBSITE NOT HER’S. It is on private due to threats against me and the friends i have on my list. The so called poem there is a song by Hilary Duff called “Iam” and its about me not Edwin Hall. I know Aletha, his wife and have this page to support her and Jack. DO NOT COMPARE ME TO THIS LUNATIC SWEETNESS. SHE IS OBVIOUSLY OBESSED WITH JACK AND WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF TALKING TO HIM ABOUT THAT. The page is for his support, not to have crazies like SWEETNESS bring it down. OH BTW, the pic of Kelsey in my friends is actually her friend that believes in INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. He has more balls than any one of you and honor too. Go find someone else to lynch, maybe you can try Jessie Davis’s boyfriend now, he has been arrested now, go lynch him for awhile….god!

  127. Before you so all…..get something straight…..I have not said either way whether he is guilty or not.. I said so far it did not look good for him… My heart goes out to his family as well. Just because you are married to someone doenst mean you know everything about him or her. I have been where she is……I had an Uncle kill his wife, my great-grandmother and told the judge if he knew his kids were hiding he would have killed them too. I didnt think he did until I saw all the evidence they had…. Shit happens and there is nothing we can do about it. But I do think that if he is guilty then he deserves whatever the jury gives him…If is found not guilty then I hope they keep looking for whoever did this to Kelsey cause she will NEVER get married, and NEVER get to feel the joy of having a baby…….. That was taken from her or have you forgot that……….ATLEAST I am thinking of both families… They both are losing something from this tragedy……

    But again, so far things are not looking good for him………..

  128. WHOA! Darlene, let me say, this is MY website, not yours. If you are talking about the MySpace being yours, then you need to say that. But that is not what your comments said.

    For everyone else, at least from the IP addresses, Darlene is NOT sweetness, nor is Whisperer. They appear to all be 3 different people. At least, that is what I have found.

  129. Yawn Yawn Yawn

  130. Thanks for clearing that up mylifeofcrime.. Now maybe we can all have a civil conversation about Kelsey and concentrate on her… WE INCLUDING ME need to stop letting his supporters get us all wound up. Just here thinking about all this…. all we are doing is letting this take our focus off of the most important thing and that is that an innocent life has been taken from this earth.

  131. i think JACK has other things to worry about other then who is OBESSED with him. and i am danm sure if he was to see these females acting the way they do he would be laughing at them you think this guy cares about any female off here? HELL no i have seen some of the things he has talked to his wife about and i am danm sure he loves her not any other. so who ever is obessed with this guy goooooood luck.

  132. i personally don’t care who knows who in this case i go by facts and i hope whoever is on the jury remembers that to not what they have seen or heard just the real evidence.

  133. Thanks My Life of crime for coming to my aid, i do not want to be associated with Sweetness or Whisperer. I do apologize, i meant to add that i meant myspace page not this site. I am not obsessed with Jack at all, again i know how much he loves his wife and how much she loves him, thats why i said to sweetness in a previous posting that when all is said and done in this case, Jack will still be married and will live out the rest of his life with his wife, he isnt interested in anyone else and she needs to get this through her head or she is in for some heartbreak. We need to concentrate on getting closure to this case and assistance for all the victims involved, not worrying about who talks to Jack on the phone if anyone..sheesh.

  134. I would love to know what evidence that have in this case. Truthfully I am tired of sitting on the fence about this case. So far I have only heard about and seen the videos. Do they have any other evidence in this case yet? I know that they cant tell the public everything because that could screw up the outcome of the trial..A mistrial is not something we need.

  135. Darlene,
    Just a hypothetically question.. What happens if and this is just an IF here… What happens if they find DNA evidence to link him to the crime. I am still not saying he is guilty.. How will his wife handle this? I cant not imagine what she will go through. I am sure she will still stand behind him but how is she gonna be able to handle this? Im not saying any thing bad, so dont take this the wrong way, but she is gonna need help handling this no matter what the outcome is… I know she will have family and friends but sometimes it is better to talk to someone who is not so close to the situation.

  136. If he is guilty, she will stand by him im sure. She loves him. I know she will have a hard time whether he is guilty or not and she also realizes that her or Jack will never be able to live in Kansas anymore. Its gonna be a tough road for her and all the familes involved in this case, thats the whole point of myspace page support for a family in need. If he turns out to be guilty my page will remain but dedicated to supporting Aletha, god knows she needs all she can get.


  138. Darlene,

    That is what being a true friend is all about. I am sure she will, if he is guilty. My thought in all of this, is the children. The Smith’s have had to bury their childr and a little child may be in a sense losing his/her father. I am still on the fence with this because I dont know what evidence the police have. I am a criminal investigations student so I am all about evidence. I wont make my decision until the trial and all the evidence is put on the table.

    Right now I am praying for the victims (Kelsey and the Hall child). I hope I never had to experience that lost of a child.

  139. Lory so you are saying the person that wrote this is a killer?
    Now, read his comments and really.. all you have to do to confirm he’s the killer is to read his poems here is just the first paragraph:

    I’m an angel, I’m a devil
    I am sometimes in between
    I’m as bad it can get
    And good as it can be
    Sometimes I’m a million colors
    Sometimes I’m black and white
    I am all extremes
    Try figure me out you never can
    There’s so many things I am

    Shame on Hilary Duff..she is the author of this Lyric in her song “I am” LOL OMG thanks for that, it proves my point…

  140. Thanks Amy, i talk to Aletha daily and she doesnt know anymore than we do at this point regarding evidence etc. I just pray she and her son will be ok when this is over as well as Kelsey’s family. Sorry i am still laughing from Lory’s post about the Hilary Duff Lyrics i had on myspace page, i have the song there now instead…She said the person that wrote that song is definetly a Killer….LMAO Hilary Duff the purest of them all wrote it…point proven ching ching…LOL

  141. The thing is songs can be interpretted any many ways. Its all on the person’s mind at the moment.

  142. But Hilary Duff wrote it, its so damn funny..sorry but its an awesome song, i love it, its about being yourself and not being ashamed of who you are and Lory says it is from the mind of a Killer? im still laughing……

  143. mylifeofcrime,
    I didnt know how to get up with you. I wanted to know if you know anything on the African American girl missing her name is Stepha Henry.

  144. if anyone has seen the movie strangeland(halls fave) the bad guy does his time for his crime and gets out of jail only to have a town lynch mob waiting to hang him you damn right hall can never stay in that town again. so is this life imitating art?

  145. Amy,

    I plan to post on Stepha tomorrow (Sunday). I have been very busy with work and being sick, so I am very behind on my blog. I am not missing her on purpose. I WILL post on her. Her situation does not look good either. I saw her parents on tv and feel so bad for what they are going through. I am hoping for the best for them.

  146. So am I. Due to school and a toddler who just learned to walk, I have not been following the news except when I want information on Jessie and on Kelsey. I did get a chance tonight and that is when I saw Stepha. I will be here tomorrow night to read what you have.

  147. “mylifeofcrime”.
    Please get better. People like you inspire me, so take care of yourself.
    Congratulations on your toddler walking. It is safe to say you will be running around alot more.

  148. LOL that is true…… Maybe now I can get my body back in shape….

  149. Goodnight everyone…

  150. In Connecticut, 264 registered sex offenders have been found on MySpace. if that isnt enough to shock you nothing is myspace seems to be the new hang out for the sickos of this world to play.

  151. Please tell me that isnt true… I have a teenager with a myspace……..Well, not anymore she wont.

  152. Hellfire,
    Sad and true. I try to keep my son off my-space.

  153. and thats just Connecticut what about our bigger states with larger populations?

  154. if anyone cares, darlene is not me. i had a few meetings with her via the internet, and if you think that i am nuts, just talk to her for a few hours. please do not look at her website for that is a wierd thing. it makes all of us supprters of him look as though we are in love with Jack. I mean even Jack says for me to stay away from her, and i know how nuts that you think that jack is. you like to insult me, i know that, but thinking that i am darlene is one of the worst insults that ihave ever had. yeah, jack wrote to her, but has no intention of trusting, or thinking that she is somewhat normal. my advice, if you guys beleive that i am full of it, then darlen is a hell of a lot worse then me…. Just a warning.
    p.s. who puts a man on who is on one of the worst days of his life ( walking to the judege) to music. if you dont thimk that , that is weird, then you all have got some unbeleivable minds. i mean jack even says that he wants to stay away ( meaning not to writting her, andif he does then he is just trying to shake her money tree). i am trying to fight for an inocnet man, while she is making us all who is doing so look nuts.

  155. Darlene, give it up. imean even jack told me that you do not even know aletha!!!! so if you could, whomever thinks that i am lying that i speak to jack everyday, please feel free, if aloowed to check the jails phone records. i amy be a lot of things, but i lyer i am not

  156. if anyone cares, darlene is not me. i had a few meetings with her via the internet, and if you think that i am nuts, just talk to her for a few hours. please do not look at her website for that is a wierd thing. it makes all of us supprters of him look as though we are in love with Jack. I mean even Jack says for me to stay away from her, and i know how nuts that you think that jack is. you like to insult me, i know that, but thinking that i am darlene is one of the worst insults that ihave ever had. yeah, jack wrote to her, but has no intention of trusting, or thinking that she is somewhat normal. my advice, if you guys beleive that i am full of it, then darlen is a hell of a lot worse then me…. Just a warning.
    p.s. who puts a man on who is on one of the worst days of his life ( walking to the judege) to music. if you dont thimk that , that is weird, then you all have got some unbeleivable minds. i mean jack even says that he wants to stay away ( meaning not to writting her, andif he does then he is just trying to shake her money tree). i am trying to fight for an inocnet man, while she is making us all who is doing so look nuts.
    Also, not to be a menace, but this girl darlene is absessed with jack, or maybe a lezbian for aletha. when it is all said and done, ii anything, that website of hers is bringing insanity to his case. according to him, he beleives that all should be out there is his words aginst all of you non beleivers. i mean darlene evenwnated for me to do a conference call with jack so that she could speak to him. his reply to that was, and i quote “No Way, that girl is definaltly crazy, and i would stay away from her>>>”

  157. Okay sweetness whatever ………. Please learn to spell before you can insulting her or anyone else for that matter.

  158. Yeah, thank you mylifeofcrime for helping us get to the bottom of that.. Something is wrong when people think that just because we are all for the same cause that we ar all the same person.

  159. Sweetness,
    Why are you getting so worked about it. If you know that you two are different people then why care what everyone else thinks. Let it go. You havent been a topic of our conversations. Neither has Hall, give it a rest. If you look at the comments nobody has said anything about you since mylifeofcrime cleared that mess up..

  160. Sweetness,
    OK, we get it.
    mylifeofcrime has Stepha Henry news.

  161. Thanks Shauncey

  162. Really – can’t you ALL tell this “sweetness” is bluffing? Don’t fall for this b/s – you are ALL smarter than this! She is trying to yank our chains! Let’s get real here! The guy is in jail – probably solitary – probably not even allowed phone calls for goodness sake!
    God Bless Kelsey – poor girl. May she rest in peace and that animal stay where he belongs. What a terrible thing he did. Yeah I believe in innocent till proven guilty and we’ll all see the evidence soon. This guy is guilt as s**t! I wouldn’t even respond to such a delusional nutcase.

  163. Hey Sweetness,
    Guess who i got off the phone just talking to, Jack, he called me today and i told him to stay away from a nutjob like you. He told me that you said i was crazy but he has to side with me cause Aletha knows me , he also asked me to print off all the nasty thinks you are saying about me so he can read it when i mail it to him…You are one psycho bitch. I told him you were crazy and he beleives it , his WIFE has writtent to him to tell him you are crazy too..buh bye Christine…..Loser.

  164. Darlene,
    Down girl………

  165. They are entitled to phone calls…….. Just during certain times of the day.

  166. i think both of them are full of it i bet they don’t know shit it’s stupid kid stuff i have not seen this kind of talk since elementary school. you two kids don’t play well together. LOL

  167. LOL Hellfire.. You are so funny… Where have you been hiding? Havent seen you in the last couple of days.

  168. where have i been? i ve posted stuff just about everyday see you people are sooooo into fighting with each other that i get totaly overlook now i think my feeling are hurt boo hooo. I think i shall get my pitchfork and go. LOL

  169. for the people that never did get a chance to see halls myspace page and wants to i found a mockup page of it.

  170. Just to set the record straight, I have never spoken to you sweetness/christine over the internet. You emailed me like 50 times rambling about your obsession for Jack and I blocked you. He is a married man girlfriend and loves his wife and son. When he told me that you said i was nuts i laughed so hard, he even told me that you admitted you were obsessed with him……ok enough said i think.

  171. what i will say about hall is this guy was in need of therapy for a long time and he never got it. in some way i think that state that had to care for him till he was 18 did not do its job all anyone did was to put him back into a system that was no good for him. i dont know what his childhood was like but from what ive been reading it must have been abusive i think that is why he pulled a knife on his half sister. children learn from what they have had done to them. so in fact hall is a victim himself of system that did not care about him.

  172. will Darlene ever get along with Sweetness? will Sweetness ever find out if Hall has her number guess you will have to tune in tomorrow for another episode of obsession for Jack. LOL to funny i had to make fun of this

  173. Hellfire,

    Thank you! You have made my day! I started out a Monday with a laugh, because of you! Thanks!

  174. LMAO @ hellfire you are soooo funny. I needed a good laugh this morning.

  175. Darlene, sweetness.. it seems that everyone supporting this guy is Full Of Shit at least the ones on this blog. And Darlene…. you shouldn’t be talking about sweetness because you’re not too much of a difference from her and you are NOT too far from sounding obsess with him your self.

  176. Ok, leaving the High School drama behind.. My God! with Edwin’s obsessing compulsive supporters is hard to get back in track.

    Anyway.. I was reading Updated News on “Kelsey’s Case” and they said: Kelsey Smith Case – Edwin R. Hall was hunting Kelsey Smith. New surveillance video shows that Edwin R. Hall was looking at several different women inside the Target store Kelsey Smith vanished from, but when he saw her, his focus became her.
    Edwin R. Hall, who was arrested last Wednesday and charged with pre-meditated, first degree murder and aggravated kidnapping in the death of Kelsey Smith on Thursday, was following several different women inside the Target store, including one woman with a baby, but his focus was turned to Kelsey Smith as soon as he saw her.

    An official who viewed the video said that when Hall spotted Kelsey, it was like “a shark on chum,” and his eyes locked onto her at that very moment.
    So… it seems that this guy woke up that day with something in his mind.

  177. lory,

    What is the link to this information. I would like to read it myself. As for Edwins supporters, I wouldnt say all of the are obsessed. Sweetness maybe, but I have had to chance to speak with Darlene and outside the Edwin case she seems to be pretty nice. I am not a supporter of Edwin but I cant condemn her because she is. Some people just dont like to make assumptions about a person until they see all the evidence. I have talked with her in length and think that the point she is trying to make it that we shouldnt condemn him until we know all the facts. She has also stated in some of her post that she isnt saying he is guilty and she isnt say he isnt, she just believes that in the country people are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    Back to Kelsey,
    It is tragic when a life is cut so short. I hope she gets the justice she deserves so she can rest in peace.

  178. The sad truth is we may never know what was going through his mind when he got up that morning. All we will ever know for sure is that her family will never get over this. A father will never get to walk his daughter down the isle to give her away. Nor will he ever get to see his daughter have a child of her own.

  179. Can somebody please tell me how to get more info about this case

  180. Amor,
    I havent seen anything recently but CNN, MSNBC and possibly court tv should have something.

  181. Darlene,
    Let me get this straight. You TOLD “Jack” to stay away from a NUTJOB like Sweetness??!! I just laughed so hard, I swear there are tears streaming down my face. Wow.

  182. Shauncey,
    You okay there….

  183. And Shauncey have you scrolled up and seen Panthers statement. I laughed so hard….

  184. opps I meant Hellfire

  185. Hellfire,
    That was great! I’ll stay tuned in.

  186. LOL @ Shauncey,
    Do we have a soap opera doing on here?

    Lets get back to Kelsey. Have you heard anyting else on the case.

  187. Amy,
    Yes! Hilarious. I’m ok, but still laughing.

  188. I have not. I hope they don’t let him bail out. I’ll probably loose it for real then!!

  189. He wont get bond.. Unless he has a rich uncle with 5 million dollars.

  190. Then he may get bailed out. The last I heard that was what his bond was set at.

  191. Amy,

    copy paste this website:

    Amy I totally understand and is not about making assumptions about a person, I don’t like to judge, but come on! let’s be realistic here.. They have evidence! they have the video tape with a person looking “exactly like him”, not that they look alike… NO, is the same person! driving the same pick up truck that he drives, same color pick up truck, they even have the parking video even though you can’t see it clear. But, the guy even lives near by… please, what else you need? all they’re missing is DNA results that i’m sure they already have those if they haven’t let the guy go free yet… Im sure they wouldn’t want to get sued. “This people” “the supporters” I’ll tell you exactly what’s going to happen, even though they find him guilty they’re still going to be supporters and they’re still going to say( he’s not guilty) (he’s not the guy) and the reason I tell you that is because after seeing all the evidence they are still coming here as a supporters of this being?? This person named “Darlene” said it since the begining of this conversation she said “I’m a supported of this fuck Edwin R Hall and his family” meaning she saw the evidence, she cant tell me that it doesn’t look like him in the video and after seeing the pick up truck matching his and the video you are going to come here and say ( I’m a supporter) please!!! and still make a page for him to get funds to take him out of jail without knowing for sure if he’s guilty? is that how much you care about that a girl is dead because of this sicko? How ignorant can you be or want to be? Darlene you mentioned in your myspace page that if you had $5,000,000 you would take him out of jail, Right? Your intentions are really sad

  192. Iory,
    Couldn’t have been said any better.

  193. in that report they said the store video showed he was looking at other women i don’t buy it he parked his truck in the same part of the parking lot that she did he knew who he wanted.

  194. that’s one of the things they’re still investigating, if it was coincidence that he parked near her or if he was stalking her even before she got to the store.

  195. Iory,
    I know they have evidence and I think he is guilty but I will not mistreat someone based on their opinions. Have you ever thougth that maybe she needs more than circumstantial evidence to say he is guilty. If there is DNA, and DNA doesnt lie, then they have to face the facts. I dont need it because a picture is worth a thousand words. So, dont go attacking me because I think she has a right to her own thoughts and opinion. By the way thanks for the link. I will check it out later.

    Shauncey and Panther I will be back later.
    Hell fire I will look at it when I am done with dinner. Thanks you are a real sweatheart.

    See ya soon Shauncey, Panther and Hellfire.
    Funny comment you made Hellfire about staying tuned in.

  196. Please Excuse my English is not perfect.

  197. Shauncey, Panther, and Hellfire,
    I have will not be posting here anymore if you three would like to keep in contact with me my address is
    You all have been great.

  198. Amy,

    Oh Your Welcome!

    And please I’m sorry, I’m not attacking you at all, those were not my intentions. I was referring to Darlene when I was talking about evidence, I think she’s ignorant and it gets me fire up that she can’t or doesn’t want to see more. Believe me I totally understand your point. And I agree when you say she has a right to her own thoughts and opinion I just don’t agree with them and that’s why I’m saying mine.

  199. Iory,
    I can understand that. I dont agree with them either. I think the evidence speaks for its self. It just felt as if you were attacking me and hey we are on the same side here.

  200. Amy,
    Why are you leaving?

  201. Tired of the bullshit up here. You, Panther and Hellfire are the only reason I come up here anyway…. plus to see any updates

  202. That and I cant deal with racist people and there are alot of those up here

  203. Iory,
    I didnt say if i had 5 million i would bail him out, that was sweetness..gawd I am a friend of Aletha Hall and the family, I will support my friends, is that enough said? Im not sweetness, i dont agree with the things sweetness says and shouldnt be compared to her. I didnt tell Jack to stay away from her, thats not my business, he told me that she said I was Ive had enough of the feuding here, all i have left to say is they are my friends and i will support them to the end. Please dont pick everything i say apart and analysis it, you dont know anything about me.


  205. i am not saying if jack is guilty or not i am playing it on both sides i guess becuse i dont know what are the real facts here. i know what my eyes see on the outside cam of that store i know that he has a rcoky past of some kind of abuse and i know that from th

  206. i am not saying jack is guilty or not i am playing it on both sides i guess becuse i dont know what are the real true facts here. so i think anything is possible in this case.

  207. gosh i hate when it post like twice and not all my post sometimes lol

  208. hey someone deleat that first post of mine

  209. Darlene,
    I wasnt calling you nuts…..Go back through my post. I said sweetness maybe but I have talked to you and I dont think you are crazy. I think you have a right to your opinions just like we have a right to ours.

  210. Im just upset that im being compared to her. I am truly a family friend and im being called an obsessed teenager, I have 2 teen kids for god sake. Im not after Jack for anything only to offer friendship to him and Aletha at this time. everyone is blaming me for things that christine/sweetness has said and think we are the same. It just bugs me when people call me to the dirt when they dont even know me.

  211. Darlene,
    I understand that. I wasnt feeling too well early when, what I thought was someone jumping down my throat for coming to your defense.

  212. lory,
    I just looked at the site you gave me…. They arent showing the video……. I read what they said about it…….

  213. goodnight all ……..

  214. my lord all this drama i can’t keep straight whats being said to whom. LOL

  215. Darlene your need to let everyone know that you’ve even talked to jack is odd to me any good friend to someone especially
    someone in jacks circumstance would need less being said about him and more privacy i would not see you as a good friend i would not like someone calling themselfs my friend then telling when we have talked to each other last thats our business not anyones elses. things that make you go HMMMMMMM

  216. Amy,

    You haven’t seeing the video??
    If you haven’t just let me know which one, if the one from inside Target ot the parking lot video and I send you the link.

  217. The one inside Target… I saw the one in the Parking lot.

  218. Darlene,

    You’re right, I don’t know you. All I know is that a young girl is dead and they have evidence on video of who’s her murderer and again, you CAN’t tell me you are so BLIND, that to you, he doesn’t look like the guy in the video or that besides that they look exactly alike, they both drive same pick up truck..oh and same color truck, but you see all this and call it … coincidence,, Maybe?

    And YOU get upset at ME because I compare you to sweetness? DARLENE, I TELL YOU WHY I COMPARE YOU TO SWEETNES.. I GOT SO ANGRY when I read in a blog YOU posted: “Kelsey is in a much better place” (the same thing sweetness mentioned) what do you know about Kelsey been in better place? Tell me, do you have proof that Kelsey is in a better palce? Do that thought make you feel better? And the other thing YOU mentioned in your blog: “I feel sorry for Edwin, he looks so lost and alone”…. Please Darlene, of course he feels lost and alone! I’m sure he never thought he was going to get caught on video! Darlene, I know you mentined that you cannot condemn a man without proper evidence, fine I respect that, but I had to tell you the way I felt about you because of the things you say, I completely disagree with you and I feel that you want to be blind.

  219. Amy,

    First one is Kelsey in Target. Second is Edwin coming out of Target. And other videos of Edwinn in custody and Kelsey’s beautiful life.. she had.

  220. lory,
    I am looking at all the videos this link has….. Who is this wooten fellow kccrimefighter is talking about?

  221. Amy,

    HA! first time I see it. I didn’t notice it before. I want to hear what the heck he’s talking about, but I’m at work. damn!

  222. Amy. Thanks for the info . I can’t believe this guy if he did it he should be punish. ANd if he didn’t he has to go to his wife and son because they need him. For Kelsey’s family I’m so sorry for your lost I myself have a daughter and I wil go crazy if someday that would happened to her. ALl my prayers go to the Smith family.

  223. Iory,
    I guess he is saying he has gotten tips ( and this was at the beginning before they even found her) that some one name Wooten may have been the “person of interest”

  224. Amy,

    Well I don’t know if we are looking at the same video here, but the video I saw and just heard is from( kccrimefighter) A black guy talking about racism and how the “Media” only focus in certain cases like “Kelsey’s” and not other crimes that are as important. I’m at work right now so if I missed anything he said I would have to go over it again.


  226. Iory,
    Im sorry if my blogs upset you, i really am. Thats why my page is on private now. If people want to know my opinions and how i feel they can add me as a friend. I tell you why I believe Kelsey is in a better place. I am a christian and i believe in heaven and am sure whereever Kelsey is is better than here on earth. You have to admit, the world we live in today is not that great of a place. About the video, alot of people go into target everyday, i bet alot of people looked at Kelsey, she was beautiful. Im not trying to excuse anything that Jack did or didnt do, all my point is that until they show me DNA evidence i will believe in his innocence. For today example, they executed a man in Ohio and they arent even sure that he really was the killer, just circumstancial evidence against him, gives me the chills. I really do want to say im sorry to everyone ive offended, I really never meant to do that, i was just supporting my friends and maybe the things i said came out the wrong way.

  227. lory,
    I will find the video I was talking about and post the link after I finishing watching Alpha Dog

  228. Darlene you are full of it both wiccan and christian? lol

  229. lory,
    TJ Wooten is the name and here is the link

  230. Of course that was a mistake but I thought you would like to see that video also… This was before they arrest Edwin Hall of course. You know how tips are sometimes they lead to a dead in and I think this was one of them that kccrimefighter got.

  231. I was raised a christian you moron Hellfire, i still have beliefs in that faith, you are so fukin lame trying always to b the smart ass….dummy

  232. Hellfire,
    Thanks for the link

  233. Amy,

    Thanks for the link.

    That’s the same guy I saw in another video, I guess he has several.

  234. lory,
    I saw the second one also. You’re welcome

  235. ive been in the wiccan religion for 18 years so i know someone whos full of it. lets see whos a moron when your little boyfriend Jack ends up in prison with a boyfriend named Bubba. and you are just another forgotten nut on myspace Darlene. it’s seems you pick religions and locations to suit your needs. and what makes this more better is that i know for a fact that some of Jacks own friends think that he did it. and one of them said to me he was one of the people that called to turn him in. now Darlene lets just see whos laughing in the end.

  236. Hellfire,
    There needs to be more people like you around. You are an absolute trip……Boyfriend name BUBBA ……….LOL

  237. I just got off the phone with one of my friends and she was telling me about a magazine she was reading . In the magazine one of Edwin’s best friends said that Edwins little boy had a pet rabbit and it was out one day. The rabbit had crapped on the floor. So Edwin took this rabbit outside and broke its neck, killed it, then brought the rabbit back in the house and showed his son. Then said now he cant shit on my floor.

    Have any of you by chance read about this also… Just curious to know everone’s opinion on that.

  238. OMFG did she tell you what magazine it was in? some magazines are online now maybe we can find the article

  239. She thinks it was People’s magazine but she cant remember because she reads so many.

  240. I am gonna email people’s magazine and see if they covered that story and if so if they can email me a copy of it.

  241. Darlene,

    I believe there’s a heaven and yes for once we agree on one thing (this world we live in today is not that great of a place) is not, you’re right! but this world we live in is made by “God” even though is deformed by Humans.

    Don’t get me wrong Darlene, I do understand where you’re coming from and now I totally understand why you say: (she’s in a better place) even though I feel that when we say something like that … psychologically, is a form of making our selfs feel better is almost like playing reverse psychology but on our selfs. That is something we do NOT know for sure (if she’s in a better place or not) as much as we would like to think is true. She might be in a better place, but she sure had a great happy life down here.
    It just gets me upset to hear that in a case like this.

    And regarding Edwin… I’m sure a lot of people looked at Kelsey also at the store, but it just seemed strange that Edwin walked out with nothing in his hand the fact that he didnt purchase anything that day.. I don’t know.. is very possible, but in this case are too many coincidences.

  242. I just search people’s magazine and all i see are celebrities

  243. Hellfire,
    I am gonna do some research on the internet. I will post any sites that I find about Edwin that you would be interested in.

  244. i just did a search on people online and no article of edwin hall found

  245. thanks Amy i would like to read it or anything you find on this guy and the case

  246. Okay.. I just talked to my friend and she is gonna find out from the lady she got the magazine from since she subsribes to them. The lady own a beauty shop so I am sure she can give me the names of all of her magazines

  247. Hellfire,
    Here are some links for ya…Still trying to find out which magazine quoted Edwin’s best friend

    I will get some more. .. In cosmo, there is an article about a man that Jack worked with in one of his many jobs who was charged with the murder of Pamela Butler. When he was asked how can you kill an innocent child he said he wasnt that hard… Here is some informaion of that if you are interested. This took place in 1998.

  248. Here is a link to the complaint filed in court.. just gives actual charges.

    It was in Globe magazine..

  249. The article I was telling you about..

  250. mylifeofcrime,
    Have you heard anything about Scott Peterson getting a new trial?

  251. Hellfire,
    Globe isnt always truthful. I cant pull it up cause its not in their archives…
    My friend is reading me the article right now.. Chris Crone supposebly told Globe… ” he once told me he fanastized about chopping porn star Seka’s head off and having sex with a corps”.

    In the corner of the magazine it says Did he have another victim? referring to Kara Kopetsky

  252. It is in Globes June issue…….

  253. Hi AMY!!!!

  254. HI Shauncey,,
    Whats up?

  255. Amy,
    I wanted to talk to you personally. I will e-mail you soon!!

  256. That is fine……here is my email address again… I will send you my personal email address when you send your email…

  257. Globe is what i would call a cheesey mag they write some strange articals to stupid to be real.

  258. Yeah as I said Globe isnt always truthful but not all is a lie.. They also discussed Keith Nelson, which was someone Edwin Hall worked with the killed a little girl. That is true cause I read about that case on one of those sites.

  259. Maybe if they did happen (with the rabbit) it will come out in court as to his character. Hurting animals is a characteristic of a serial killer.

  260. yep all this guys past will come out at the trial. i am sure the da has stuff on hall that no one knows about yet and when the case goes to court and they tell it i bet a lot of people will be shocked at what kind of person he is.

  261. I really feel sorry for his 4 year old, I have a four year old my self and I couldn’t imagine how sad it would be to have a father going through something like this, so terrible.

  262. Here is another link to read:

  263. Please guy read this website comments is the very last one I believe you’ll fing whispere here.. too funny!!

  264. And this is another link:

    Here you find: Sweetness and Darlene participating in Edwin defenses.. hmmm… I guess these are the only two friends he has…..

  265. So is Sweetness!

  266. lory,
    I wouldnt waste my time hun….. Sweetness if a few beers short of a six pack.

  267. These two sound like if they’re fighting for the same guy.
    Is crazy!

  268. you know i still think its one and the same person maybe goes to some place else and uses someones computer or something for another ip address they chat to much alike you dont see her making myspace for anyone else whos on trial its just this hall guy. im telling you this chick has the hots for hall what she needs is some saltpeter in her coffee.

  269. Hellfire,

    I agree with you about them been one person. I even mentioned it at the beginning of their appearance on this blog

    Is almost like if they are in a contest to see who gets to sleep w/t him at the end (the one who supporter him the most).

  270. Hellfire,
    I read in one of the many sites ( i will see if i can find it again) that he has a girlfriend since he got married and that he finally told her that he was married with a child.

  271. opps had as in past tense…….Sorry

  272. Here is a site I think you all should read ..

    Read down to the comments……

  273. Darlene said: If people want to know MY opinions and how I feel they can add me as a friend. now is she the only one that has a opinion worth reading on that myspace page of hers? then she states she talked to hall then sweetness does to. what she is is a attention seeker and drama queen. she can call me or anyone on here what she wants but ill bet its not the first time someone has called her this stuff and she knows it.

  274. Hellfire,
    Did you look at that complaint document? This last site I post has up there that DNA was found under her finger nails and that he had scratches he could not explain.

  275. Amy this guy is a creep he was dishonest to his wife and his friends and if the rabbit story holds true can you think how his son felt seeing his pet dead before him? the man has no soul and no heart.

  276. yes i seen it whats Darlene going to say when it is presented in his court trail? he is going down lol

  277. get a tin cup ready for him Darlene LOL

  278. HellFire,
    You are one lame, nasty, bored, please get a life..duh person. Im sick of all the crap thats posted here and this is my last blog. If im wrong about Jack, im wrong and i will cease contact with him, however, being Aletha’s friend I will not. This is my business and nothing to do with you or anyone else here in this blog. As for me and sweetness being the same person, beleive what you want, you are only gonna beleive whatever is in that thick skull of yours. I see you posting here all the time during the day? Too lame to get a job?????Or too much of an ass with an attitude for anyone to hire you. So long, hope i never have to read anything written by you again but i know thats a pipe dream…..

  279. you need to get a life and a man of your own and stop trying to take someone elses and if you dont want anyone to know your business then stop posting it on here and every place else on the web so you go away with your bs for hall. if you dont like whats posted here dont come here. you damn right i will post here its called freedom of speech.
    do you talk the way you do on here in front of your kids? taken parenting skills from hall? lol sick mofo


  281. another ip and name Darlene? please nothing you can say will bother me on here this is cyberland and me wanting jack the killer? you have got to be kidding i have a man and he is better then jack could ever be you see he dont go around killing women and animals and he is damn well off soooo little do you even know but you go ahead say anything you like LOL

  282. Every link you log in to post blogs you will find same supporters (Whisperer, darlene and sweetness) that’s it, no one else the same people or same person. Let’s see after DNA test what these have to say.

  283. Hellfire,
    Your opinion is valued here.

  284. Hellfire,
    I second that. We value your opinion.

  285. And now Karen……..makes you wonder about this world.

  286. i cant help it this chick comes on here and makes this guy jack sound like some poor poor boy who couldnt help himself awwww thats bull everyone here has had something sad or bad happen to them in the past it doesnt give anyone the right to go out and kill someone her pitty for him makes me sick. and i not the only one telling her off. check out what they are saying about her on this site.

  287. I have read some of the post in there and yeah a lot of people are telling her and sweetness off. I think once this goes to trial that the evidence will speak for its self. The DA’s office will not proceed the case if they think they wont get a conviction.

  288. let me tell you this case cant get to court fast enough for me so they put this nuts killer boyfriend away. i wonder if court tv will carry it i hope so.

  289. I sure hope so I have been trying to find a way to contact court tv. Maybe if enough people demand the trial be shown then maybe they will cover it if the judge will allow them in the court room

  290. SOmebody on some website is saying that they found skin under Kelsey’s fingernails check it out people.

  291. Amor, Thanks for the site.
    Here is a site I have been reading that a friend of mine post in. read the last 10 or 15 post. Someone anonymous and someone name Vita.

  292. Hellfire,
    the prosecution will be laying out the evidence for the Judge on Aug 15. This is the lastest update I could find. i am sure we will not hear anything else until the gag order is lifted.

  293. thanks for the link

  294. Your welcome.

  295. i dont know if anyone has had the chance to read the book HOWDUNIT but it deals with every aspect of bring a murder case to trial i love it.

  296. Hellfire,
    Who is the author and I will try to find it? For anyone that doesnt know anything about criminal investigations here is a book you can read. It teaches you everything

    Criminal Investigation fifth edition by Wayne W. Bennett and Karen M Hess.

  297. no i have the book HOWDUNIT

  298. Who is the author of that book? I would like to try and find it.

  299. by John Boertlein
    ISBN-10: 1582970157
    ISBN-13: 9781582970158
    Howdunit – How crimes are committed and solved. This book gives an overview of the criminal justice system, criminals and the crimes they commit. A good read for anyone who is interested in crime in general.

  300. tHANK YOU AMY FOR THE INFO . I Appreciate your help with all this . I wish we had more info on this case. Is been to long already and we all need some answer about who did it and why this person did this. I feel really sad about all this things going on what is this world coming to . Is crazy .

  301. Jacks page:

    First friend is: Aletha his wife

  302. I found this

    Never the coldest,

    in this heart of mine,

    surrounded by those ive fooled.

    never the coldest,

    in this head of mine,

    with the thoughts of those who ive never loved.

    but for those ive killed never catch me,

    allways the coldest,

    in a killers memory.

  303. Here i found this link with details in the muder of Kelsey’s Smith

  304. lory,
    Thanks.. I have been wondering when someone would post something more..

  305. Amy,
    You’re Welcome.

    It seems there it could be a connection between the disappearance of Kara Kopetsky and Kelsey Smith.

    Here is a link where they explain:

  306. Here is a link to the guest book for Kelsey Smith

  307. there was a guy who used the name SlaveMaster who was into S&M he use to find his slave playmates on yahoo he was found guilty of murder and he was from kansas.

  308. Hellfire,
    Wonder if this man was his idol….I dont think this is the first time or even second time he has done this. For all we know he could have victims that were never found.

  309. i am sure the da is checking into just that. but you cant really convict a guy on a strange sexual hobbie or being into witchcraft they still need that dna and store video of him stalking her. i know this guy did it and i think in time they will show he did then soon all the people that have been sticking up for this nut will have to admit it to

  310. Yeah, I know. One the site that I posted a link to, it says that he stranguled her with his belt. Every type of belt or rope has its on signature marks.

  311. all killers have a preference for a certain kind of female his seems to be females with dark hair and eyes maybe and i think the other girl that is still missing bleached her hair but has brown eyes.

  312. That is true. You also have guys that just target women in general to “pay back” because somewhere down the line a woman or their mother hurt them. I think the majority though do target certain women.

  313. Didnt all of Ted Bundy’s victims have dark hair? I remembered seeing the movie about him but not if all the girls had dark hair.

  314. but most of the time if not all the time they have something in common. in one case all the victims parted the hair in the middle so every female in that state started parting the hair on the side so not to be one of his victims. it dont have to be a look of the female it can be the job they hold or something like that. i like to know more about this guys past like what happen to him before he was 7 years old it could hold the reason he turned out this way to harm females. maybe his birth mother abused him and he is seeking revenge? or maybe his father was an abuser of females and he thinks its normal thing to do. who knows

  315. That is very true. I dont know what happened with his adoptive parents. He wasnt sent back in the system because he threatened his adoptive sister with a knife. There were other reasons that they arent saying. I wonder if maybe he sexually assaulted her.

  316. I know if I ever gave you this link but this is the motions his lawyer filed.

  317. Here is a site you would probably like to read. Its on psychology and crime news.

  318. opps here is the link.

  319. good links thanks

  320. I’ve walked a million miles
    in the last ten years,
    And for every time I’ve smiled
    I’ve shed a million tears.

    I’ve had a million lovers,
    if I’ve had but one
    And for every time we kissed
    I’ve missed the setting sun

    I walked the black pathways
    my back to the light
    I’ve seen the dark that makes
    To wish the light of night

    I give a grown testament
    of the horrors that I’ve faced
    for now I know my smiles but tears
    shall ever be erased.

    Edwin Roy Hall
    Copyright ©2007 Edwin Roy Hall

  321. Hi everyone!

    I am reasonably new here, mostly just a “lurker” until I saw this thread. I do have a couple of things that immediately stirred me at the beginning of the thread.

    Can you believe that Scott Peterson is getting more mail than other death row inmates? Hey, I’m not being judgmental whatsoever; however, I have often wondered WHY people are attracted to murderers and others who have committed heinous crimes.

    Just one more thing…(actually 2); I love this blog and kudos to those (her, him, they) who run it! I’ve traveled extensively and lived a very, very good life, yet it just seems to me that there is far more folks going missing than ever before in my entire life. Sure, we could all sit and argue that there’s more people in the country (USA) we hear about the crime more and so on which all things being equal is true. However, I only consider this to be a very small, miniscule, part of the whole.

    And lastly, how about the Smith family? Talk about class, dignity, and faith! Whew! On international television they just wanted to relate that they were celebrating Kelsey’s life and the affect she had on literally everyone that came into her space. Man, it’s one thing to say that’s what we’d do; albeit, doing it is altogether different. My heart rejoiced in a fractured sort of way! God bless!

  322. That doesnt surprise me. One of the jury members that sat on Peterson’s trial sent him letters. Dr. Phil had her and some other of the jurors on his show. I heard he may be getting a new trial too. Kelsey’s family is a mirror image to what we all should be like if this was to happen to someone in our family. Maybe it is easier to celebrate someones life than it is to mourn their death. If there is even a such thing as easier when going through a situation like this. I wouldnt know though cause I have never been through this. I hope and pray I never do. I couldnt even begin to imagine how I would react if that had been my daughter.

  323. Hellfire,
    Thanks for the link. I wonder if his lawyers will plead out if the DNA comes back postive linking Hall to the crime. Criminals can be so dumb its comical. I think they have no book sense especially if they rape someone, ejaculate and then say ” I didnt touch the girl” or ” I was not anywhere near her”. Hell even someone with common sense would know that their DNA is all in the body.

  324. he can also claim that he and she just had sex thats why the DNA. he can say he didnt kill her someone else got to her after they had sex and he can also claim that he dont recall the rape or killing her at all just like he did after he attacked his sister at knife point when he was a kid sometimes you have to think like the criminal to see what angles they may use.

  325. Hi Hellfire,

    Where are these poems coming from? Were they on his myspace page?

  326. they come from places all over the net. i guess people saved them before they took down his myspace page.

  327. Hellfire,

    That is very true.

  328. Thank you all for the info . And if u can get some more please. Hopefully they find who the killer is.

  329. Sure, I will post it as I get it. Hellfire has been following the story also and also post has information is happened upon.

  330. This is for all you idoits who think you know Jack. HE is INNOCENT. But due to is media crucifiction, even when it is proven, they won’t have the balls to admit it or appoligize for ruining a mans life. As a note, I did not read all that was said, but enough. First of all to the chick who is infatuated with Jack, he is happily married and his wife has been doing everything she can for him. Do not put her down. And no, I am not his wife, I have my own husband.
    Another item, if you any of you guys have half a brain you would know that the media is full of poopie. They don’t ever tell the story the way it really went, they slice and dice to get it to sound juicie to get people like yours attention.
    Jack is innocent and those of us who know him and were with him both prior and after the murder know this.
    I feel horrible for the Smith family, and I am sure that they would prefer that the real killer be put in jail, and an innocent man set free.
    I don’t understand how people can be so ignorant and actually believe the media. Phil Kline just lost an election, so he has to get what he can under his belt before the next election, and why not start off with a high-profile case. They jumped the gun, arrested the wrong man, and now lack the balls to own up.
    And for those who are concerned about his health and well being, he is very sick, I choose not to share his personal health issues with you, however I will say that jail food sucks and is gross by all measures (and no, I have never been in jail, I cooked at one) he is being fed.

  331. Another thing, Jack never had sexual relations with the 14year old, Kline is reaching, and so far it is only up his own ass.

  332. Dreamon,
    You keep saying Kline, well Kline is the District Attorney in charge of all the Assistant DA’s. Everything goes through him but he isnt the one prosecuting the case. Maxwell is and if you think I dont know what I am talking about here is the link.

    Futher more, I am so sick of all you Jack Supporter trying to make everyone else the liar. Let me tell you something, I hope like hell you dont have a daugher and if you do, I hope she never goes through what that 14 yrs old went through even if it was consentual sex. Because I would hate for a child to have a mother who supports a child rapist.

    If he is innocent good for him, but if he isnt I hope he rots in hell. If anyone is reaching, it would be these Hall supporters. I hope when all the evidence comes out , I hope they have DNA in that evidence cause DNA doesnt lie people do…

  333. Uh ok, idiot number one. If it wasnt for the publicity then why was Kline at the Jacks residence with gloves on. He isn’t a CSI. He was there for the publicity and DA’s don’t go to a crime scene and help look for evidence.

  334. And another thing, I am not just a HAll supporter, I am a friend. And i do have children. He didnt have sex with that child. Jeez you people are so judgemental and you don’t even have all the facts. U run your mouths like you know what you are talking about, but in reality, you don’t.
    Do you feel special that people are reacting to you or are you just venting.

  335. And Amy, Everyone feels for the Smith family, and no one would want to be in their position. But I would think they would want the real killer in jail, not roaming the streets looking for the next victim, while an innocent man sits in jail.

  336. Dreamon,

    How is it that you are so absolutely certain he did not kill her? I’m just curious. Were you with him at the time of her death?

  337. What is this about Jack have sex with a 14-year-old…does someone have the link to this accusation?

    I just knew that crazy chick would be back on here and i bet she was reading this shit all the time she was (cough cough) gone? LOL you freak on a leash go get some Jacko Ass and your freak on. ROFLMFAO

  339. Hopefully the TRUTH will come out in the end.

  340. Dreamon,

    First of all – the only idiot here is you “Im sure we all know it by now”

    what you mentioned (“when it is proven, they won’t have the balls to admit it or apologize for ruining a mans life”) please, THAT, we expected it for you to say, I mean really, what else can you come up with to justify that your little friend is a murderer.

    Just tell me one thing: what proof you have that he’s innocent?
    why are you so convinced?
    where you inside of him at the time of the murder?
    were you with him at that time?
    they have enough evidences that he is the one, now, what evidence do you have that makes him innocent, just because you know him? does that makes him innocent??… that is not a evidence of being innocent that’s just you being an idiot, you dont even complete half of a brain.

  341. Repost
    you know Darleen just becuse others dont agree with your views is no reason to start calling people idiots note how i have not called anyone on the blogs names and a few of them dont agree with my views on this case and thats alright with me you are a verbally abusive person you need to grow up or shut up.

    btw.. dont come on here with a diffrent name by the way you talk its not to hard to tell its you.

  342. Dreamon,

    You said “But I would think they would want the real killer in jail, not roaming the streets looking for the next victim, while an innocent man sits in jail.”

    What makes you think that it is possible they feel like the wrong person is in jail? Have you heard that they believe Hall is innocent? I have not seen anything like that, so I am curious. I am not asking for your assumption either-clear factst that they feel this way.

    Please remember, this site is for justice for Kelsey, not for Edwin Hall’s defense. Yes, I believe he is guility, but I am willing to see what the trial brings. It would take alot to disprove this for me however.

  343. My name isn’t Darlene. I am a friend of his. I have been asked due to gag order to keep what information I have to myself until such time it is appropriate to be released to the public. I will tell you that I am friend of his, and I do not believe him to be guilty. If he was guilty, then even as his friend, I would say justice should be served, but he would still be my friend. However, as I said I do not under any undue terms think he is guilty. And sights like this that go soley based on media, makes me wonder what this world is coming too, when we can convict someone thru the media. Their lives here are screwed. Because when he is released, which I believe this will happen, his family will have to relocate. That is a load of crap. They will have to uproot and leave a place they love, because people have already decided his fate, without evidence.
    And if anyone here truly believes that the justice system always follows the rules, then wait, someday, you might be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and see what they do to you. Lets see how the justice system works for you.

  344. well you believe what you want i’ll believe what i want and everyone else will believe what they want. thats what its all about.

  345. It wouldnt be the first time they moved and with their history it wouldnt be the last.

    Newsqueen I posted a link in a early post with the site to see all of his charges.

    scroll to the bottom.

    Dreamon, with a gag order, his family shouldnt be discussing anything with you either.

  346. 2 really great points Amy indeed.

  347. At least what I believe is based on fact. And I never said it was the family to whom was speaking with me.

  348. Totally unrealated to this, if I know of an unsolved murder from the 70’s, that I want reopened and investigated, how do i go about that?

  349. Dreamon,
    Contact the police department that had jurisdiction over the case. They may reopen the case if there is any new evidence. If that doest yield any results, hire a private investigator. Then if that person comes across any new information. That person could have contacts within the Police Department and then contact them. Sometimes, in cases like this, it may take new investigators to see something the originals may have missed. Check within your local law enforcement or the state. One of them should have a cold case unit.

  350. I love watching the tv shows cold case files and confessions of a cereal killer. lol

  351. Dreamon,

    You keep yammering about Edwin Hall’s innocence. But answer me this: If he is innocent, then why is there evidence holding him suspect? Why is he even connected to this case if he is ‘so’ innocent?

  352. now why wont the judge let halls attorney see the DNA evidence or any of theevidence ? isnt suppose to be that both sides can see ALL the evidence in the case they are dealing with? i think this guy did it. but when the justice system starts doing things against the laws of the land it makes me lose faith in their ability to make a fair trial you cant and you shouldnt pick and choose what laws work for just one side. JUSTICE 4 ALL?

  353. Hellfire,
    He has the legal right to see all evidence against him. They may not have anything back from the lab yet. That could be one reason. I am not sure. But they have to turn the evidence over to his lawyers, just not sure when. I guess what they are probably trying to do is make sure they have all their ducks in a row and make sure that they do nothing that would cause a mistrial. Plus, everything has to be right before trial. You dont want this to be a case where he is found not guilty and then they find even more evidence. Once a person as been found not guilty, you cant not retry them if new evidence comes to light. Double jeopardy, cant be tried for the same crime twice.

  354. Here is what I want to know:
    1 It does not appear that Kelsey was killed in the parking lot.
    2. The car pulls out in normal fashion. No swerving or erratic behavior.
    3. Can we conclude there is another person involved that has not come to light? Afterall, someone had to subdue Kelsey, right?

  355. someone know why the prosecution has halls wife on their list for the prosecution? i am not understanding

  356. They can subpeona her as a hostile witness and will probably treat her as one. The thing is she can use the fact that as a wife she doesnt have to testify against her husband. Their lawyers can fight this. In some states, a spouse can refuse to testify against the other spouse. I am not sure what the laws in Missouri on that.

  357. Can you post a link to the witness list?

  358. LOL………I didnt even look at the list……

  359. Hellfire,
    He is not allowed contact with any of the witnesses except his wife. That website that I left up here earlier, I was looking at the history of the case. So, if his lawyers have any of this friends listed as witnesses, he shouldnt be able to contact them.

  360. i miss things to @-)

  361. this case makes me feel dizzy. lol who was a witness it was just him and her in that car right?

  362. I think so, im not sure. This case is making me dizzy too. I do know that anyone who worked the crime scene will be a witness. All the investigators, the pathologist, toxicologist if they found anything in her system, the DNA expert will have to testify, anyone who had any kind of contact with Edwin, anyone who was at work at Targets that day and saw Edwin and Kelsey. There are alot of people.

  363. yeah i guess so but none of them actually seen when the crime happen just the before and after. and i still dont get how people where in that parking lot at the time she was pushed into her car and seen and heard nothing unless they do not want to come forward.

  364. I dont understand that either. That was a point I was trying to make to the Edwin Hall supporters when he was first arrested. He was in the parking lot, if he was so innocent then why didnt he see the person who did this. Of course no one answered that question. Someone had to have seen something. The thing is though with that gag order, if anyone did see anything and did come forward the media wont know about it until that gag order is lifted.

  365. I read the article that you posted the link to earlier. From what I got out of it, the judge may have denied the defense’s request about the DNA because if it were just enough to analyze once, then giving the sample to the defense so they can have their own experts examine it could destroy that what is left of the evidence. That if there was enough in the beginning to get a conclusive DNA profile from it.

  366. it was intresting seeing his wife in the courtroom i think she kind of does look like Kelsey the dark hair and all like i was saying earlier in my post about murders liking the same kind of females.

  367. Yeah that is true. I wonder if he had anything to do with Kara Kopetsky’s disappearance. She had her hair dyed at the time she disappeared but she use to have dark hair.

  368. her im not so sure of some kids just run away to be with a boyfriend or something it dont have to be someone murdering them for them to go missing. everyday kids run away from home.

  369. That is true. Plus there is still alot of human trafficking going on in the country. As far as Kara goes, I guess the only way we will ever know is if her body is found, if she is dead.

  370. you notice Amy that we two are the only ones on this blog most of the time? we keep it going. LOL

  371. LoL yeah. I notice that too. Someone has to keep this alive so it might as well be us.

  372. Thanks for the link… I dont understand unless the DNA had already been tested, why they wouldnt let the defense have their own experts sit in on the testing of that evidence. I know the test that they are doing is a more positive way of testing samples to get the DNA profile. I am not sure why the judge ruled against it. The sample should have been tested right way maybe that is why they were denied. I am interested in what is going on. Cant wait to hear more.

  373. Amy & Hellfire,
    Hi friends!! I’m still very busy, but I ‘m here to keep it going to. Miss you guys. I was pissed when “Dreamon” called you an idiot, Amy. I want to thank “Newsqueen” for speaking up and defending you. Some of these people don’t know what a heart of gold you have, but I do. Thanks Hellfire, for keeping my girl Amy company while I’ve been away, and vice-versa. About Kelsey: I haven’t seen or heard ANYTHING about her until I just got on this blog. What’s happening?

  374. July 14th, 2007
    7 arrested in MySpace sting
    Deputies teamed up with a group called Perverted Justice, whose workers posed as 13- and 14-year-old girls on Web sites such as and The men, ages 24 to 64, live in various parts of the states and are charged with a variety of charges such as computer child exploitation online and obscene Internet contact with a child. One man was a former high school coach, and another was a youth mentor at a church, investigators said.

  375. Welcome Back Shauncey

  376. Hi Shauncey,
    I understand that you have been busy. Dreamon can kiss my ***. Its okay Shauncey, people are like that sometimes. They think just because someone is tender hearted they can walk all over that person. I may be tender hearted but I am the wrong one to be trying to walk over.

    Here is a quick overview of whats been going on. The first degree murder charge has been changed to Capital Murder plus they added Sodomy charge and one other charge. I will repost the link to the court documents. Hall is also being charged with having sex with a minor. He allegedly had sex with a 14 yrs old when he was 23 I think, anyway it was 3 yrs ago. The judge denied the defenses request to have their expert sit in on the DNA analysis. Here are some links for you. They were pasted a couple of days ago.

    If I find anymore that you have missed I will send you an email with the links.

  377. Shauncey and Hellfire,
    I am not sure if I will on tomorrow night but I will be back. My hubby is deploying so I will be busy. Keep me posted if there is anything new before I get back up here.

  378. Is Aletha aware of the fact that her “friend” has spoke freely, to include topics I’m certain shouldn’t be discussed to co-workers which have spread through their place of employment? If not she will soon find out! You should of kept your mouth shut “friend”.

  379. Wow, I know your secret. Does gag order not mean anything to her? Aletha shouldnt trust no-one at this point, her husband’s life is at stake. Not that I think he shouldnt get the death penalty. After all he gave Kelsey a death sentence.

  380. are we talking about Darlene?

  381. I am not sure Hellfire. This person did say a specific name but it wouldnt surprise me if it were Darlene. By the way, this is the Amy that has been posting. My name is different because I joined wordpress

  382. ok i kinda knew that 😛

  383. what is wordpress btw?

  384. i mean why join it does it give you something by joining?

  385. Hellfire,

    WordPress is the blog site I use (like Blogger, LiveJournal, etc). Not sure what it does to join if you don’t have a blog, except that I believe it recognizes you and you don’t have to sign in? Really, I am not sure! But maybe Amy will start a blog too someday. I love WordPress myself as a blog site.

  386. k thanks

  387. LOL. I had to make sure. I am gonna start a blog within the next month or two. My husband is being deployed and will be gone somewhere between 30 and 90 days. I will be busy with school and taking care of everything. So just as soon as he gets back I am gonna start my own blog on missing children. I will still be posting here as much as I do now. I love this blog.

  388. is he being deployed to the gulf?

  389. Hellfire,
    It doesnt really give you anything if you join. I just joined because I want to start a blog and also I can keep track of the blogs that I visit that is done through wordpress.

  390. I am not sure. He is Military Intelligence so he isnt allowed to tell me where he is going for security reasons.

  391. my hubby was stationed in the gulf during the 1st gulf war in the navy.

  392. How long was he over there for? My hubby will be gone until his mission is complete. Has your hubby retired or did he get out before? This will be our first deployment.

  393. he was over there for 2 enlistments one for 2 years the other for 3 he is now retired.

  394. My hubby still has 13 yrs. left before he can retire. That time will not go by fast enough for me. I am ready for him to retire especially with the way things are going right now. The bad thing about it is his MOS. He could be sent anywhere from Iraq, Afghanistan to Africa or anywhere we are in conflict or doing peacekeeping missions and I wont know where he is unless it is unclassified.

  395. well he was at sea most and he did have a girl at every port he tells me this was before we met. lol

  396. Amy and Hellsfire,

    My husband is also military, but he is National Guard. He has served 2 deployments thus far also. And I have a feeling he will be going again when they make the changes in the fall.

  397. mylifeofcrime,
    Did he go to Iraq? I know a lot of people that have been over there. So far my husband hasnt had to go but I feel like my luck is about to run out. He wants to volunteer to go over there. In March he will be up for his E-7 and he needs a deployment on his record.

    My youngest’s godfather is in the Navy and this enlistment he has sea duty. They were stationed her in Florida for shore duty but I think he likes being on the Air Craft Carrier better.

  398. DreamOn………..

    If you’re under a gag order……………

    then shut the fuck up!

  399. lol where did that come from yeah right? that person hasnt said anything here in a few days.

  400. hellfire,

    You mentioned that it was intresting seeing his wife in the courtroom, I was wondering where and when did you guys saw this.

    I’ve been trying to catch up this case in CNN or something to see if they do a following on this case, but no luck.

  401. lory,
    I will find the link and post if for you.

  402. is it just me or does one of Halls lawers look like George Carlson? lol

  403. thanks guys for the link.


    I think Hall’ss lawyer looks like Hall’s big brother, they look alike to me

  404. Please if you guys find any more info let me know is been a long time know and we all need some answers . I feel bad for halls wife if I was her I will be embarrassed to be at the court knowing that it could be him the one who did it. Hopefully the family of Kelsey smith find all the answers so they can be a little bit better. All my prayers to the Smith family

  405. never seen halls brother

  406. no brother hellfire,

    im meant that they look like brothers – Hall and his lawyer, because they both look alike

  407. I can see what you all mean. They do look like they could be brothers.

  408. I wonder if there’s a possible connection between Kelsey’s murder and the disappearance of the other girl (Kara) I mean her house is just a few miles away from the Target store where Kelsey was abducted… what a coincidence, maybe it is who knows

  409. lol ok lory, does anyone know if Hall has siblings?

  410. All they have said is that he was adopted at age 7, I wonder where he was the first 7 years of his life, if he was abuse.

  411. you know there was a article stating that Hall use to get beat with a belt and now it is said that he used a belt to strangle Kelsey.

  412. i think he was truely abused for that ill give him some sympathy but you cant let your past control what you do as an adult and he let it get way out of control his wife must have known about his past she could have helped him seek help so many people past his path and no one seen this guy needed some help geez you cant say you love someone and your actions dont show it

  413. Im sure he had a tough childhood, just being adopted at 7 and returned at 15 is hard enough for a child.

  414. yeah but not everyone that has been adopted goes and threatens someone at knife point that is a classic sign of someone that has been abused i know alittle about the subject i use to have friends when i was a kid that came from abusive homes and they use to do some crazy stuff

  415. for sure he didnt get out of control because he was adopted im sure he went through some s… before that, especially his first 7 years of life.

    there’s no excuse for muder. I’m just saying that some kids don’t have a fair childhood and that can bring some psycological problems in the future, because a person that is capable of killing another person definetly CANT be Ok in the head.

  416. lory that is true. My daughter has a brother (not my child) who has bounced around from his mother to his father to his grandmother and it has gone like that for a while. For sometime he sleeped in a car with his mother. Never knew when he would eat, where he would sleep or what was going to happen from one day to the next. What else happened while he was with his mother, I dont know. She is a crack head, so there is no telling what he went through. Well he is seeing a psychiatrist twice a week and his family has been told his has characteristics of a serial killer. You wouldnt believe some of the things he says. Anyway, if it werent for his grandmother making sure he goes to his sessions I honestly think he would end up hurting someone. He still could, but he is getting help. So, I cant understand why no-one got Edwin help. His adoptive family should have gotten him help instead of throwing him back to a system that has failed and keeps failing so many children.

  417. just dont know how the halls can take in this guy knowing he had problems before hand and then just give him back. i am sorry but i think it’s wrong to get any kids hopes up thinking they have found a home and then throw them back into a system that is already over crowded with abused and neglected kids. i think the first years of any persons life is important because it is at this time that a child develops who they are and their selfworth.

  418. I agree Hellfire

    Here is a link to myspace page for Kara Kopetsky. There is a composite sketch of the teenage male they think may have had something to do with her disappearance. I dont think Edwin had anything to do with this one.

  419. lets not try to find the most convenient person to blame for Kara and let the real killer run loose

  420. and i still think she just ran away with someone.

  421. That is very possible.

  422. This is for Bonnie, Please compare my IP with the one of Dreamon to let everyone know that that crazy biatch isnt me. I havent posted here for weeks now, im just not interested in fighting about Jack or his innocence. I am his friend and im just spending my time being his friend quietly. There is a gag order and i think you need to find this dreamon’s IP and block it, she/he is making a circus of this and its not fair.

  423. Darlene whats not fair is what Edwin Hall did to Kelsey. He made a circus out of this with his animalistic appetite for young women. Darlene you and Dreamon are both crazy. You talk about the media. What about the video inside and outside of Target of this guy. Not to mention they have him coming back once he was done violating Kelsey to pick up HIS truck.

  424. Amy07,

    I totally agree with you,
    as a parent specially if I decide to adopt a child and to make a difference on that child i wouldn’t just give up on him and throwing him back to the system without trying all the way to the end to help this child and to really make a difference on that child, I mean.. that was the purpose of adopting him in the first place! come on..what do they expected from a kid that was already 7 yeARS OF AGE without parents or abuse by his parents in the past or God knows what he went thru you can’t expect this kid NOT to have any psychological problems, I think if they made the big desition of making a “difference” on a child they shouldn’t have giving up on him and instead help this child like if He would have being their real son.

  425. haha.. talking about psycological problems… Darlene and all her imaginary friends : dreamon, sweetnes and on and on….lol

  426. Darlene who ever you are you need to stop already what if he would of done it to one of your family would he still be your friend like you say he is .Think about it when somebody wants to kill they will kill anybody so you might want to be careful

  427. it seems this is all they know about Hal’s childhood

    I found this link:

  428. Thxs lory for the link

  429. Im sure before his court date they’ll be a lot more come out about Edwin Hall

  430. You seem to know alot Iory, I think it is so sad that you have to resort to digging up the past of Edwin Hall and posting it for all to see. I am really really taken back by your cruelness and the joy you seem to by posting things that are past history regarding a 15 year old child. What 15 year old doesnt get into mischieve? It seems to me that you are constantly trying to push Mr. Hall out in front to hide your insecurities…wonder what skeletons are in your closet..This whole blog is a sad reminder of what American really is.

  431. Darlene, Sweetness, Dreamon and now your Julie. Holy shit how do you keep up with yourself. I would hardly call holding a knife to your sisters throat childish mishieve. Your a Dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  432. LMAO, Carolyn I totally agree with you. Some people are just airheaded like that. I think his past (no matter of the age) is just another sign of what was to come had he not been caught this time.
    Julie, you dont like American leave.. Bye… I’ll buy the plane ticket. See ya…. This blog is about Kelsey not Edwin and Kelsey deserves justice. You say this blog is a sad remind of what America is like. Well, I sure dont want America to be a country that defends murderers. I am sure your closet isnt clean. Just back of off lory, atleast she has a heart unlike you who defends a murdering rapist.

  433. LOL so much DRAMA!!!

  434. you think the courts arent going to bring up Halls past? you are fooling yourself they will bring up all his past cuz it will show that he has the kind of person to commit this crime.

  435. that’s right hellfire.

  436. someone should go to Pueblo, Colorado and find out what happend to Hall before age of 7.

  437. Yep, they should. Arent adoption through Child Protective Servics closed. I know that when a child is given up for adoption you can either do an open adoption or a closed adoption but I dont know how CPS does it.

  438. some are closed some are not btw my hubby was a adopted kid and he turned out alright a real sweetie pie 😛

  439. If this blog is about Kelsey, stop posting stuff about Hall…Idiots

  440. Carolyn and everyone else,

    Please don’t jump to conclusions. Julie, Sweetness, Dreamon, and Darlene are NOT the same person. Unless it is one person jumping from IP to IP in diffeent parts of the world, they are not the same. No where even close to each other. One is in VA, one in Canada, one in CA and I don’t remember where the other is.

  441. mylifeofcrime are you able to block ip’s from posting on here?

  442. Hellfire,

    You’re welcome!

  443. Julie,,,,

    whisperer/sweetnes/darlene and now is julie…Wow!! that’s a lot of names! and who you said is here trying to hide insecurities?? please! I’m LORY and what ever i have to say I tell ya, Im not the one here changing personalities and hiding behind a keyboard using different names, the funny thing about it is that now is Julie and we won’t hear from darlene/whisperer/sweetnes for a while until Julie is done and another personality takes over

    I’m not here to explain my self to a you because you dont seem very smart to me and i post whatever the hell i want and please if you are telling me Im cruel because im posting things about “hall’s past history” don’t feel bad for me.. feel bad for Kelsey that is dead, feel bad for Kelsey’s family and dont call me cruel again call cruel your little friend hall, that because of him a family is never going to see their daughter again

  444. mylifeofcrime,

    can you post from which part of the world im posting from, I give you permission to post it on this blog.

  445. amy07,

    and thanks Amy07 for remindind this crazy chick ones again that this blog is for kelsey’s justice not for idiots defending a murdering rapist.

  446. Hellfire,

    I know there is a way, but I have to find out how to do it permanently. There are a few that I want banned. If you have any suggestions or anything, email me off of here.

  447. Lory,

    Okey dokey! Looks like you are in Florida. With the gators that eat people, or so I have read!!! 🙂

  448. mylifeofcrime,

    that’s right! Im here with the gators!..thanks

  449. looks like Hall has groupies like Mason did. hey you know what part of the country im in btw by my ip just wondering oh Oz. lol

  450. LOL hellfire
    lory, I am with the gators too.

    Carolyn, you people are just crawling out of the wood work. I am a support of Kelsey’s and I will post whatever I chose to as long as mylifeofcrime doesnt have a problem with it. If you dont like hearing about your psycho friend then dont read the post. We want justice for Kelsey and if that means analyzing the life of a psycho then that is what will be done. Get over it. I hope you never fall into the hands of a psycho like Kelsey did. But that is a big possibility since you are so gullible.. I will pray for you.. Bye Bye now…

  451. Amy I support Kelsey and have never left anything supporting edwin hall. I think you are mixed up. My husband is a gator.

  452. Sorry Carolyn, I meant Candy and Julie. I had a long day and night. Sick baby and husband had surgery. LOL innocent mistake.

  453. it seems the great Oz doesnt know all he hasnt replyed hmmmmm


    the profile of a serial rapist who takes sexual pleasure in killing young women fits Edwin Hall to a T. There’s no such thing as a non-serial rapist. I guarantee this Hall character is a sexual sadist. He loves to see females suffer. Most of these guys carry on perfect relationships at home with their wives and kids and families. I’m writing a book about a guy right now who worked for Hewlett-Packard. Graduated from Rutgers. Everyone in his circle loved him and said he was the perfect gentleman. His fantasies included seeing women helpless. He liked to strangle his women unconscious and then gratify himself sexually before stabbing them in the chest. He was in his mid 20s when he began. Skinny and white, too.

  455. Whats up AMY & Hellfire????

  456. Hey Shauncey,
    How are you doing? Its been awhile since we talked.

  457. Ive been busy just got a new car 😛 whats been up with you Shauncey?

  458. Hey Iory,
    Sweetness/Christine is from FL too, maybe you are her…LMFAO

  459. Hey there Hellfire, Amy07 & Shauncey…you are my girls…way to represent KELSEY and what we know is the TRUTH! I haven’t posted anything on this blog or any other related blogs until now but I’ve been reading the postings and I am in total agreement that “Jack” did this and that he is a “cereal” killer (as he himself incorrectly spelled it on his own yahoo profile).

    It’s funny how these “whack jobs”, that believe he’s innocent, avoid answering any specifics as to what facts they have to back up their statements other than his supposed word (which has no merit even if they truly have spoken to him). I know some of you think this is one person with different screen names but, unfortunately, the reality is that there are a lot of ignorant people in this world. As for all their statements of “innocent til proven guilty” that holds true in a court of law but we are entitled to review the facts, form our opinions, use common sense, speak our thoughts, express our feelings and draw an accurate conclusion. Also, since none of us claim to know anyone directly related to this tragedy we can look at this objectively. Once he’s convicted (and hopefully sentenced to die a cruel, unimaginable, tortureous death these “kooks” will then be claiming he was wrongly convicted.

    Keep up the great posts!
    RIP Kelsey

  460. oops…missed giving a shout-out to lory in my post…you go too girl!

  461. lory is not some crazy fan. she is not sweetness.

  462. oh who in the hell cares who who is anymore just ignore anyone you dont like and lets get on with it.

  463. Amy, Hellfire, Panther:
    Hey ladies!! Been busy but I wanted to let you know I’m still here. Thanks Teledebbie. Amy: girl you have it going on! Glad were friends.

  464. lol Hellfire, its time to ignore the weak and stand proud with the strong. R.I.P Kelsey Smith We have your back honey.

    To all the Edwin Hall fans, quit spitting on Kelsey’s grave. She deserves justice and hall deserves to be where he cant do this to anyone else.

  465. Intelligent
    Yep were are idiots. Thanks for the compliment Candy

  466. candy,

    halls “groupies” may not be the same person, but sure they all sound the same.. is almost like if they all sharing from the same half of one brain…

  467. its ok if people want to be on Halls side but they come on here and start bashing anyone whos not on his side and they act like he is the person who lost a life when it was Kelsey who did.

  468. Amy, I’m going to have to use that one. LOL!

  469. it looks like Darlene is on the move again. maybe she wants to be closer to her man for conjugal visits. LOL

  470. Hellfire,
    I just burst out laughing! That was HELLA funny what you said.

  471. This page is for the rememberance/mourning/pleasant memory of Kelsey Smith. Not a forum for friends to chat or make fun of each other.

    Innocent until proven guilty, yes, but by the evidence shown…it is far to obvious that this man is MOST LIKELY guilty.
    As far as the fairly outrageous comments made by Sweetness, and at SOMETIMES Darlene (no offense, because you have some good points sometimes.) This is a truly sad and sickening story/case/occurence. Rest in Peace, Kelsey, and God bless you in Heaven. It makes me sad to see such a promising soul gone so young. Condolences to the Smith and Hall families. (BESIDES EDWIN)

  472. ah hell with eddy

  473. Hi all. Longtime lurker, first time poster. My life of crime, you have a wonderful website.

    I debated about whether or not to post, but I decided that I should. I realize that this website is an “outlet” for those outraged by these heinous crimes to discuss the facts of the case and to give their opinions. However, I think that some may be jumping to conclusions.

    I am not saying that Hall is guilty or innocent, or that a lovely young woman who lost her life for nothing doesn’t deserve justice, just that we need to remember that there are always facts in a case that the media and public never know.

    I believe that Darlene’s purpose to posting here was just to remind us that there are two sides to every story. She herself has said that she is a family friend and sympathizes with all parties involved. Regardless of whether Hall is innocent or guilty, doesn’t his family deserve support to help them cope? Why are their lives any less important than Kelsey’s family’s? They aren’t. I am not saying that I am supporting Hall, but his family did do this crime and they deserve the comfort and support of friends.

    My son is going through legal battle right now and although it is not as heinous as murder, if convicted it could change his life forever. As his mother, I want to believe that he is innocent. My family and friends are standing by me and my son as well. Does that mean they are “ignorant” people or that they have no compassion for the so called “victim” and their family? No, they are just offering support and comfort during a difficult time.

    Again, if Darlene is truly a family friend, then she is doing the same. I do not see anything in her posts that would be hurtful to Kelsey’s family or her memory. The evidence may point in the direction of Hall’s guilt, but again, we need to let the courts decide that. Too many times trials are “tried” in the media and innocent people are convicted and guilty people are let free.

    Amy, not to be ignorant, but you claim that you are a criminal justice student. Aren’t you taught to review all of the facts of a case before deciding the outcome? Yet, you right away jump on the band wagon when people on this blog start bashing the Hall “supporters”. The only “supporter” that deserves to be able to speak her mind is Darlene. The others are just here to cause trouble.

    Sorry that this is so long, it’s just that I started to feel more “passionately” about these statements as I read. I do hope that if he is found guilty he is given the death penalty, although that is to “neat” of a punishment. I think that criminals should be put to death the same way or worse than the way their victim died.

  474. Aloha people — first time poster here but after reading most of the stuff here I felt like I should post links to other areas where I have been posting in the hopes that it’ll add more to the conversation.

    My first report on court appearance that I attended.

    My report on court appearance for July 13th that I attended.

    Someone made mention of Spousal Privilege, and here’s what I have about how it works, at least how I think it does :P.

    The Camouflage Society.
    This article is really interesting and has analysis’ of ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY, SOCIOPATHY, AND PSYCHOPATHY.

    I’d say I think I see a number of traits in there that fit ERH.

    And here’s Hare talking about psychopathy and ASPD.

    In my book, Without Conscience, I argued that we live in a “camouflage society,” a society in which some psychopathic traits- egocentricity, lack of concern for others, superficiality, style over substance, being “cool,” manipulativeness, and so forth- increasingly are tolerated and even valued. With respect to the topic of this article, it is easy to see how both psychopaths and those with ASPD could blend in readily with groups holding antisocial or criminal values.

    As for the poems of Edwin (Jack the Strangler) Hall, they can still be found online at their original source…49#post1520749

  475. I personally dont mind someone supporting Edwins wife and son I understand that But i dont agree with anyone supporting a killer who took someones life that to me is just plain wrong.

  476. I agree. I don’t support killers either. Unfortunately, both families are affected by this. In reality they both have lost a person (assuming that Hall is in fact guilty). I don’t mean to come across mean and ignorant in my earlier post, and I certainly do not want to offend anyone. It’s sad that we even have web pages like this. I hate living in a world of such cruelty.

    I hope in fact that they do have the real killer behind bars. I would hate to think that a murderer would still be on the loose.

    My sympathy and prayers to Kelsey’s family. I am also praying for Hall and his family and that justice is served.

  477. I am new to this.

  478. but you still are supporting Edward not just his family i can see it in your wording it is a rather smooth way to say it without saying it out right. and i will never agree with anyone who supports such a evil person.

  479. Hellfire,

    My “words” do not support Hall’s innocent or guilt. I am truly saddened by what has happened to Kelsey and my heart goes out to her family. Do you know what I am thinking when I am typing? Can you see the words forming in my mind before I type them? No, you don’t and no you can’t.

    It saddens me to see that people can be cruel. There is no reason to call each other names on this blog. We are all adults and should act like it.

    I for one want to see justice served as much as you do. But does that mean we have to be mean, spiteful, and say hurtful words about the accused? That is not being supportive of him, that is being a human being with compassion. I’m sorry if my “compassion” for a human life makes it sound as if I support evil, but I was raised to treat people with respect and kindness. Would I feel this way if this happened to someone I loved? I can’t say. But I would want to make sure that the right person was punished.

    Again, I am not saying he is guilty or innocent. Only the evidence and trial will be able to decide that. But no matter how much the evidence points to his guilt, until it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, we should not throw stones. How can we ever expect the accused to get a fair trial if everyone on the jury thought the way most of the people on here did? Is that fair for either the victim or the accused?

    Everyday “trials” are held in the media. How the accused can even get a fair trial is beyond me. Does that make me evil? Does that make me a supporter of those who do evil crimes? No, it doesn’t. I just believe that until all the facts, evidence and information regarding a specific crime is released, judgement can not be made.

  480. In re-reading my first post, I realized that one of my sentances was cut off. This is what I meant to say:

    I am not saying that I am supporting Hall, but his family didn’t do this crime and they deserve the comfort and support of friends

  481. I am on the east coast and caught the last few seconds of the abduction video of Kelsey Smith that was aired on our local tv station. I stared in shock, unable to believe what I was seeing. Since that moment my heart has been with the Smith family, every tear they shed, every tear that I saw them hold back, every deep breath that they took just to get their pleas out for their daughters life, I was right there with them doing the same. The next time you run across the video that shows her parents with Kline when he anounced the charges had been upped to capital murder, just take a look at her father when the words rape and sodomy are spoken, it still breaks my heart. I hope Greg and Missey know how much they are loved by strangers and admired for the way they have carried themselves through all this. They deserve some mighty big hugs, wish that I were closer.

  482. I feel for his wife and son but NOT for Hall himself i stand by my words and always will. he made his bed now he must pay for what he did to Kelsey and her family and friends.

  483. The video I was mentioning is located at

  484. Thanks Terri0224, ive been trying to say the exact same thing for a month now but no one takes the time to actually read what i post, they just want to crucify me. I am a friend of Jack and until he is proven guilty i have to stick by my friend and his family. Just a note for Hellfire, Kansas dont have conjugal visits, darn, now i cant move there and fulfill my twisted fantasies, PLEASE… you really dont have much of a life do you, to constantly make fun of people and post such stupid comments here..lame lame lame.

  485. Jacko didnt have much of a life to go and have killed Smith he should had been at home taking care of his son and wife and not at Target. Darlene you are so full of sh*t you are a friend to someone you dont even know you. what now over the phone and behind jail bars you can get to really know someone? LOL you damn right your twisted and f*cked in the head you say “im not going to post on here anymore” and here you are time and time again. and how do you know Kansas dont have conjugal visits? youve check? LOL thank god people like nutcase you and wacko jacko are far far away from me. you just cant stand it that i have you peged just right. and as for not having a life dont worry about mine you worry about Hall not having his after he is found guilty of murder.

  486. My goodness, I leave for a while cause well I have a life and have been helping Jack and his family take care of things, and i come back to being grouped in with psycos.
    Ok first of all as a friend of the family, Darlene or Sweetness which one of you is from Canada? The one from Canada, is suppose to be ok, but really doesn’t have contact with Jack, and the other one is just a plain psyco and is not friends with Jack. Oh darn, I really am a friend. And if Kansas has conjugal vistits, it will be his wife seeing him not physco.
    As for evidence, for people who don’t even go to court, ya’ all sure do seem to think you know it all. No offence intended.

  487. I hope that people take good hard looks in the mirror and consider the fact they we all have parts of our pasts that we are not proud of. But without a past you have nothing to learn from for your future. But past is past.
    Jack has isn’t purfect, but he is not a murderer. I am not going on my personal opinion anymore, I am going on fact. Yes, Jack and his wife are friends of mine and my family. We care very much for them and are in mourning for their current situation. I feel for the Smith family as well, don’t ever think I don’t. I know things that I cannot talk about right now, but they will be revealed in time.
    I also know that justice will be served in time when the right person is picked up. I don’t expect those of you who have already made up your mind, to understand.
    It saddens me.

  488. oh BTW New INFO: The Canadian Chick is Crazy too, and is not in contact with the family. Please do not associate Jack or his family with these crazy girls. I am not crazy or psyco.

  489. Dreamon I will give you no ones perfect and I’ll be the first to admit I am far from being perfect myself but what makes me mad is Kelsey is without her life and her family is in pain and people get on here with the poor Hall pitty party I have nothing bad to say about his wife or son they did nothing wrong. If Hall turns out to be innocent great but i do think they have the right person in jail but I like the rest on here will have to see how it plays out in the courts.

  490. Hey all. Just read the Edwin is now charged with Capital Murder, aggravated and intentional sodomy, rape, and all the same charges in a June 2004 case of a 14 year old girl.

    If he is convicted of either one, he is going to get life w/out parole w/ or w/out the d. penalty. I’m not sure about the 2004 case…and I’m not saying Jack is guilty, or innocent. But evidence is certainly there and whether this just an unimaginably unfortunate coincidence, or Hall really did one (or both) I hope he recieves either his public apologies for a major flaw in the justice system, or his worst nightmares in prison.

    This man certainly sounds like a scarred and scary individual, based on his myspace page. or maybe he just has a sick sense of humor.

  491. Sorry, I accidently hit enter. Whether or not Darlene is a friend of the family, or dreamon is, because there seems to be some playpen antics and outrageous comments made by people who are saying so.

    I have to side with Hellfire. No one is perfect, and I am far from perfect also. But I’m no sociopathic murderer/rapist. I’m waiting to see what happens in the courthouse, and have been for awhile.

    I also agree with Hellfire on his comment about Kelsey.

  492. Oh and a few other things. Hall is now held w/ out bond…and about a few comments about “looking into his eyes and seeing his innocence.”

    That’s what they said about a suppoedly nice, handsome man named Ted Bundy…and I am by no means gay or homo/ homophobic but still, people who are twisted enough to commit a crime that violent could easily lie shamelessly to a room full of suspicious prosecuters.


    t’s funny how these “whack jobs”, that believe he’s innocent, avoid answering any specifics as to what facts they have to back up their statements other than his supposed word (which has no merit even if they truly have spoken to him). I know some of you think this is one person with different screen names but, unfortunately, the reality is that there are a lot of ignorant people in this world. As for all their statements of “innocent til proven guilty” that holds true in a court of law but we are entitled to review the facts, form our opinions, use common sense, speak our thoughts, express our feelings and draw an accurate conclusion. Also, since none of us claim to know anyone directly related to this tragedy we can look at this objectively. Once he’s convicted (and hopefully sentenced to die a cruel, unimaginable, tortureous death these “kooks” will then be claiming he was wrongly convicted.

    Keep up the great posts!
    RIP Kelsey

  494. Dreamon/sweetness/christine
    Not that i really care about you or your opinion but i am a friend of Jack and Aletha and if you were thier friend you would know that i talk to both of them everyday…As for being a crazy Canadian, Hell Yeah I am and proud of it. Again, im here to support my friends, these comments about Jack really do bother me since i honestly feel he did not do this but again, you have a right to your opinion, the media has made sure to help it along. I just want you to think about how you are going to feel when it comes out that he is innocent, you have been lynching a good man and the real sicko is still out there and bound to do this to another innocent girl. Jack and Aletha need support now, they dont need to read these blogs full of hate and yes Dreamon, if they had conjugal visits it would be his wife going and not you….LMAO Talk to Jack my love and see who he calls for support twice a day, talk to Aletha and see who she vents with, its not you for damn sure CHRISTINE..

  495. Hey Everyone lets congratulate DARLENE on showing support for the murder/rapist and his family. Dumbass what you are doing is nothing to be proud of. If they didn’t have enough evidence to convict the little pervert he wouldn’t be held without bond. The best thing Althea can do is to move herself and her son far far away because her husbands sexual appetite has ruined their lives there. Tell him his Daddy died. No child should have to grow-up knowing his father is a nasty freak. RIP Kelsey.

  496. This beast left a chain of pain. Now two families will suffer for the rest of their life. He never loved his wife or son, but now he wants support from them. I understand his wife supporting his ass, but I hope the day he gets convicted she would stop living in denial.

  497. You guys are more to be pitied than anything…you spew hatred and cruelty….Guess you have never read the bible.

  498. Darlene don’t pity me. Show some empathy for Hall’s victim Kelsey.

  499. I hope oneday Althea finds her someone worthy of being a father to her son and a loving husband to her someone who will show her son a better way of being a man and a better way of being a father himself to his kids when he grows up I hope the chain of cruelty ends with Hall in prison I just wish if Jack was going to mess up he would have done it sooner then his son would really have no memory of his father at all.

  500. Is not hatres Darlene, but just how you are so convinced that he didnt do it, just because “u know him” even though you have 0 evidence that he’s not guilty… I’m convinced they have the right guy, I think we all have seeing enough evidences.

  501. …and he should pay for what he did.. im sorry you dont care that a family is never going see their daughter because of your little friend’s sick mind. He should of thought of the consequenses of his actions.. now even his own son will suffer for the rest of his life knowing that he cant see his father because his father decided to take an innocent life. I”m sorry for you if NOT supporting a criminal means hatres, I want justice to be served and Mark “my words” the day he of his conviction you still will be coming around to post blogs talking about injustice and how they have the wrong guy behind bars. Please darlene and You talking about reading a bible.. must probably you havent even hold one in your whole entire life

  502. A lot of people always use religion to do the wrong things in life or to make persons feel they are the wrong ones and they are in the right that sh*t dont work with me Dont use religion when it fits your own selfish needs. Its also says in the bible an eye for a eye so I say a life for a life.

  503. Darlene,

    You want to quote the bible? How about “thou shalt not kill”!

  504. The addy for the video I mentioned earlier has now been moved to

    Does anyone one know if the trial will be televised?

  505. Im working on finding that out.

  506. “Treat others how you want to be treated.”

  507. All Jack supporters:

    Please sop it. I’m going to throw up. This space is for Kelsey. Why don’t you “Jack supporters” make your own site to defend him. It’s not wanted here. Besides that, it’s disrespectful to Kelsey to be mentioned in the same sentence as this monster.
    Dreamon: Please explain to me (if you can) how you know he is innocent. I would really like to know.

  508. has found more than 29,000 registered sex offenders with profiles on the popular social networking Web site — more than four times the number cited by the company two months ago, officials in two states said Tuesday.

  509. # Dreamon Says:
    July 23rd, 2007 at 12:49 pm

    As for evidence, for people who don’t even go to court, ya’ all sure do seem to think you know it all.

    And which court hearings have you attended?

    # Dreamon Says:
    July 23rd, 2007 at 12:59 pm

    but he is not a murderer. I am not going on my personal opinion anymore, I am going on fact.

    And what pray tell are these FACTS that you’re going off of?

  510. You go Luke!!!

  511. all anyone has at this point is just an opinion the court case has yet to show the facts 19 days and counting

  512. # Hellfire Says:
    July 27th, 2007 at 1:52 pm

    all anyone has at this point is just an opinion the court case has yet to show the facts 19 days and counting

    You are mostly correct on this, the fact is that they do have DNA evidence a “pivotal” piece along with more DNA evidence – and what that shows we don’t know yet, my opinion is that if the “pivotal” DNA didn’t match ERH that his lawyer wouldn’t have been griping about having his own testers there or their own “original” sample, when the JoCo crime lab did their test.

  513. Sorry, but we are going on the “tape” that would mean the target tape! sorry guys but the man ” Murdered” her and he shall get his just rewards for that! scream at your will but he is a rapist murderer!!

  514. the tape proves he was at the store that we do know. i am waiting to see if they have found his DNA in her car and on her person if they have that and show it in court it will prove to me he really did kill her and im sure the jury will think so to then.

  515. Seems like I sure missed alot in the week I have been gone.

    Hellfire, let me know what you find out ( if it will be televised).

    As for the comment someone made about me being a crime scene investigation student. I just started my classes last semester. I am not doing crime scene. I am gonna say this one last time….. As for the evidence I know about so far, he sure looks guilty to me. I am still waiting to see what happens. If he isnt guilty good for his family but if he is then Kelsey deserves justice. Another thing too is if he is guilty and he is found guilty, I hope his wife can go on with her life and focus on her son cause he will have a hard way to go and will be known at school as the kid whose father killed Kelsey Smith. This isnt something people in that area will just forget about. I hope and pray that the son can be protected from the harnishness of kids today and in the future. My heart goes out to that little boy. It is gonna be a very hard life for him if the DNA evidence comes back to match his DNA profile. DNA doesnt lie people do. That little boy doesnt deserve it and Hall will have ruined his little boy’s life too.

  516. Amy 07,
    Hey girl!!! Welcome back.

  517. Hi amy
    I have not gotten any reply back yet to see if its going to be televised. But Im sure it will be in some form or another.

  518. Darlene, you are a psyco. You are not friends with the family, cause anyone who is a family friend, would know that Jack’s wife, does not go by her given name.
    I want to make something clear, that I don’t believe anyone here is a bad person or anything of the like simply because you have a different view than mine.
    And as far as evidence, if it was in the DA’s favor, they wouldn’t be keeping the results from the Defense.
    Everyone is seems so closed minded and going off mostly media influenced garbage. Please keep in mind that mistakes are made. I don’t really care to change your mind, but I would like if you can keep in consideration that Jack may be innocent (of couse I believe he is). Innocent until proven guilty.

  519. Dreamon,
    I am really interested in hearing why you think he is innocent. I’m not here to judge, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I just don’t see them charging an “innocent” person with capitol murder. Please explain.

  520. Dreamon Says:
    July 28th, 2007 at 11:10 am

    And as far as evidence, if it was in the DA’s favor, they wouldn’t be keeping the results from the Defense.

    Bzzzttt… wrong. I’ll take that to mean that you weren’t at any of the hearings and were just making snide comments then. If you were you would have noticed that EVERY TIME the defense was asking for something and the State rebutted by saying they have given them EVERYTHING and Cramm nodded his head in agreement, i.e. DNA evidence has already been handed over to them. It would appear to be you who going off the media without actually understanding what is being asked for. Take for example the following from the KC Star:

    Attorneys for murder defendant Edwin R. “Jack” Hall have filed a second motion for access to DNA evidence they said prosecutors had refused to provide without a court order.

    If you read that then yes you’d think that the DA isn’t handing over evidence, but if you were at the latest hearing you’d notice that it’s the same argument that he made in court for “unlocked” “open” format, NOT that the actual test results weren’t provided. So, what evidence is the DA withholding or are you just pulling more stuff out of the air?

    And I’ll just have to assume that your silence about the FACTS that you have that prove ERH’s innocence is also lacking.

    How about you open your mind to the possibility that your “friend” is a rapist, sodomizing killer. You’re not above being fooled by someone into thinking they’re a good person when they’re evil (no one is). If killers (serial killers) walked around with signs on their foreheads or “looked” / “acted” different then sane people we wouldn’t have a problem finding them before they kill. BTK is a relatively recent and close example.

  521. a nicely organized and well thought out post luke

  522. Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline today filed a Capital Murder charge and added charges of rape and aggravated sodomy against Edwin R. Hall for the death of 18 year old Kelsey Smith after she was abducted on June 2, 2007.

    Capital Murder carries one of two possible sentences, death by lethal injection or life in prison without parole. Rape, Aggravated Kidnapping and Aggravated Sodomy each carry a possible sentence of 653 to 147 months in prison depending on the person’s criminal history.

    District Attorney Kline has not yet decided whether he will file notice of intent to seek the death penalty. That decision must be made within 5 days of the arraignment which generally occurs after the preliminary hearing.

    Judge Peter Ruddick revoked the bond set and ordered Hall held without bond pending the capital murder charge in accordance with the State of Kansas constitution.

  523. Hellsfire,

    Thank you for the info.

  524. Check out this sh*t OMFG this nutcase never stops cant wait till they send his murdering a*s to prison.

  525. And before you say anything to me on here Darlene STFU and go away.

  526. You are the one who posted the link hellfire, god she really does bother you doesnt she… need to chill.

  527. Oh my Hellfire, look at it now!!…….way to go..

  528. anyone who would give the money they worked hard for to that murderer needs HELP it dont matter what link here i posted people know right from wrong save the money you worked hard for for your own needs not his. sarah or whoever you are lol you damn right a stupid chick getting money together for some guy who took someones life bothers not only me but a lot of people so you can STFU also.

  529. Man Darlene, you’re a nutter. Look, if you’re that close to them why don’t you make a real web page and use some original pictures and not just the same old sorry crap that anyone could snarf off of the press’ websites.

    Why don’t you just quit being an attention whore or else take your antics to (you just doing this crap for the lulz is retarded).

  530. no matter what she or anyones else does they will NEVER be able to save his sorry ass and soon Kelsey and her family will have justice. Knowing that gives me some comfort also.

  531. I have read through most of this forum and have to tell you all that Edwin Hall is guilty of kidnapping, rape, and murder in the first degree. How do I know this? Lets just say I know people. Everyone has to go through the legal system but there is overwelming proof in this case beyond any doubt that Edwin killed Kelsey Smith.
    To Sweetness all I have to say is you are what we refer to as “If I cant be loved by anyone on the outside then maybe someone society doesnt want will love me”…. You are societys rejected… Be careful what you wish for.

  532. luke Says:
    July 27th, 2007 at 3:36 pm
    # Hellfire Says:
    July 27th, 2007 at 1:52 pm

    all anyone has at this point is just an opinion the court case has yet to show the facts 19 days and counting

    You are mostly correct on this, the fact is that they do have DNA evidence a “pivotal” piece along with more DNA evidence – and what that shows we don’t know yet, my opinion is that if the “pivotal” DNA didn’t match ERH that his lawyer wouldn’t have been griping about having his own testers there or their own “original” sample, when the JoCo crime lab did their test.

    —In response to what Luke posted they have overwhelming evidense in this case. DNA in her car , DNA in his Truck, DNA in his home ( yes his home to) , DNA on her body ( he violenly attacked Kelsey). DNA doesnt lie..

  533. what still bothers me is that in the target parking lot video you can see people real close to her when she was being pushed into her car and not one person seen or heard anything? wtf

  534. Yeah it bothers me to Is like they could of help and they didn’t and well the video we really can see anything I just see two people moving a lot. Is so sad how most the people feel to know that they could of help and they didn’t. I once saw two people fighting on the streets and I called the cops and he got arrested what would of happened if I didnt call them she could of been dead. We all need to take care of each other from people like Edwin. The once that look like him all dumb and innocent like if they wouldn’t even kill a fly they are the killers. So be careful all. And all my prayers to the Smith family may God be with you.

  535. Hi All,
    Yes I for one cant wait to see him get the death penalty. I just wish he could die the same way he killed Kelsey.

  536. Yes, he is (right now) innocent legally under the court of law’s Innocent Until Proven Guilty rule.

    But cant you see? DNA against him, Surveillance against him? They have good reasons to have held him for this long from 5,000,000 bond to no bond. Obviously they have proof against this wacko. He is also charged in another case under most of the same charges. Stop trying to collect money for this guy, Darlene, Sweetness, Dreamon. You can’t buy him out of jail. And the Olathe Department won’t accept bribes from a bunch of murder-groupies. I just wanted to speak it how it is. Kelsey Smith and her loved ones deserve justice, and anyone who has eyes or has read the updates, they are going to get it. I believe they have the right man incarnated. People who commit these kinds of crimes deserve a consequence, and he is going to get one. Darlene , Dreamon, Sweetness, please, please leave this forum because support for a murderer is not welcomed here. Thank you!

  537. I remember once me and my hubby was sitting in our home watching tv and then we heard a female scream my husband got up and ran down our street looking for who it was when he found her she told him her boyfriend was hitting her so he started looking for him he was going to beat the guys ass my hubby called the cop and stayed with the girl untill the cops came. thats what kind of guy im married to knight and shining armer 😛 LOL

  538. That was really nice of him. We need people like him that helps others.

  539. Bob you think telling them to not come on here is going to work? HELL no they are like kids Halls little groupies if you tell them to go away they will keep comming back maybe not under there own names but they will come back under some other name just the same. I find it funny they are on here all the time they may not post stuff everyday but they are sure on here looking at everything. as soon as i posted that link they where right on it. they had to post something on here about it. they are NOT fooling anyone. LOL

  540. Hellfire,
    Have there been any recent updates since I have been gone? I went on vacation last week and decided to take a vacation from all of this also.

  541. nothing other then Hall is still going to prison and the same old bs here.

  542. Luke, you are so funny. I read part of your blog and well, you are jaded in your idea’s of what went on in court. Get your facts straight. U must be a reporter fishing for info on blogs.
    Anyway Darlene, u are the Canadian chick, yes. How do I contact you outside this blog???
    I have to appologize I thought you and sweetness were the same. I would like to talk to you.

  543. Dreamon Says:
    July 31st, 2007 at 8:44 am

    Luke, you are so funny. I read part of your blog and well, you are jaded in your idea’s of what went on in court. Get your facts straight. U must be a reporter fishing for info on blogs.

    One, I don’t run a blog so I don’t know what you’re reading. Two, “jaded” ??? I don’t think that means what you think it means, how am I “jaded” in my idea’s of what went on in court? Three, totally wrong. I don’t work for the press and have never written for the press, I hold a completely different job.

    P.S. My facts are straight, I was at the hearings where were you? You have yet to actually respond to any of my questions, observations or facts in a coherent and articulate manner. Until you can do any of those things all you’re doing is trolling, so go back under your bridge and think of something to add to the conversation.

  544. Dreamon,
    Take for a few minutes and put yourself in Kelseys shoes and drive to Target and try to picture in your mind step by step the horror Edwin Hall put Kelsey through the last couple hours of her life. Maybe you would like to be in her shoes dear. To bad you werent, instead of this young innocent girl being brutally attacked and killed by Edwin Hall. I hope you are there in court to listen and see pictures of what this monster did to her. But you know what I believe there exists in this world evil people and those that also support evil. Are you also evil? Do you have a child? Look at your child and picture what happened to Kelsey happening to your child.. But then again most people like yourself are to self absorbed and cant see past the end of your nose. I truly hope you are in court to see the mountain of concrete proof against your buddy Edwin Hall. The only thing he is sorry for is that HE GOT CAUGHT. He thought he was smarter than anyone else.. EVEN DOWN TO HIS LITTLE TRICK of removing his license plate off his truck. I also feel there is more evil deeds this guy has done and hopefully they will be unraveled also…

  545. Wow sasha, I understand you are upset. I am too. My friend is wrongfully arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. And there is no evidence, except that he went shopping that day. Thats it folks. Nothing else. Now what kind of justice system is that???
    I feel absolutely horrible for the Smith family. I feel worst that the DA is dragging them through all this and they already know they have the wrong guy. Is that not sick???
    I feel sorry for you… Of course, I understand. Until this, I used to believe the media and cast my conviction. I will never do that again.
    And do you really see yourself as good Sasha, when you wish ill will apon someone you don’t know simply because they have a different belief. I don’t wish ill will apon you, even though you have already convicted my friend of a crime he didn’t commit, and that you base all of this on what the media has told you. I don’t feel you are bad just because of what you believe.
    Do you know what it is like to be raped or sodomized?? Probably not. Then why would you ever wish that upon someone??? Just because I feel he is innocent based on my own personal knowledge? Maybe I should ask you, what kind of person you are? But alas, we are all entitled to believe what we do. And I will not convict you or wish ill will upon you for your belief, I only wish that people would not jump so blindly and take in consideration that mistakes do happen and I believe that they have the wrong man, and know it, that will come out eventually.

  546. OH yes, and what facts do you have to prove he is guilty. Because they have in jail and currently have charges pressed against him??? Many, many people have been in his shoes who were just as innocent, and proven soo.

  547. All I can say is I cant wait to see your face when you see the evidence against your buddy (husband)… IP adresses dont lie either… DNA is overwhelming in this case. Cant wait for you to see it but then again you are the type that would stand by evil even if Edwin was to admit what he did to save himself from the death penalty. I dont wish evil on anyone it wishes upon itself. There will come a time when you feel what Kelsey felt and went through. Hopefully it will be in time to save your own soul.

  548. Is it just me or what but if he was out “shopping” at the same target Kelsey was at then please tell why he had no shopping bags in his hand when he walked out the store. I sure didnt see any bags in his hand on that video. Yeah he was shopping alright, shopping for his victim.

    And yes many people are innocent and proven so. And yes there are people who are charged then the charges are dropped because there is no evidence. What does that have to do with Edwin? He isnt many people.

  549. dreamon,

    you say there is no evidence, except that he went shopping that day??? you are sooo full of shit girl and you know it, you cant be that dumb.

    So he went shopping, but it seemed he didn’t find anything interesting except kelsy.. He walked out of Target with no bags … nothing in his hands. Darlene i feel you want ur friend out of jail regardless of him being a murderer. You dont believe that his innocent You just DONT give a damn that he’s a murderer and you use the excuse that you believe his innocent to hide you evilnes .. you know you dont give a shit that a girl is dead because of ur fuck friend all you want is him out.. and that is the sadest

  550. DRAMA Queens….. Very, very, sick DRAMA Queens…. I go shopping all the time and don’t always buy something. Especially if I didn’t find what I was looking for……Lory, Amy, Sasha, I didn’t say anything bad or wrong. Nor did I try to insult you.
    And on an additional note, he is not my f&*# friend or husband. Not my type. But keep reaching if it makes you feel better.

  551. We choose a path in life. Dreamon has chosen her path. Her soul will know the difference. Maybe the Edwin she knows wouldnt do this. Evil has a way of disguising itself and not surfacing to those that are closest to it. I just hope your soul is able to cope with the reality of what you will learn in court.
    Ted Bundy didnt admit to his dirty deeds until near the end of his life before he was executed.
    Dennis Rader ( BTK) didnt admit to his evil dirty deeds until 30 plus years after the fact.
    Dreamon will get the shock of her lifetime when she sees in court the evidence against Edwin and also the pictures of what he did to Kelsey. I hope shes prepared to see and hear this.

  552. Dreamon Says:
    July 31st, 2007 at 2:10 pm

    OH yes, and what facts do you have to prove he is guilty. Because they have in jail and currently have charges pressed against him???

    * The Troll must be hungry.
    # Feed the Troll.
    * Nooooo, Trolls must not be fed or else they don’t go away.
    # But Troll baiting is fun.
    * Ok, but we must’nt do this too often lest the Trolls spawn more.

    ERH drives truck to Target. ERH “shops” in Target by following Kelsey around the Target. ERH leaves the Target empty handed. ERH’s leaves truck Target while he mysteriously vanishes for ~two hours. ~15mins after Kelsey’s car is dropped off at the Macy’s ERH drives his truck out of the Target lot.

    Feed Troll, feed. Is that tasty Troll?

  553. Dreamon,
    you can contact me at

  554. Darlene and Dreamon one in the same. Same IP numbers folks… It always makes one seem more powerful when they appear to have support.

  555. Yes Luke and they have a lot of video that hasnt been seen by the public but will be revealed in court… even right down to him getting back into his truck after he kidnapped, raped, and brutally killed a young woman about to be given a promise ring that very evening but instead was killed by an evil man.
    1. Edwin Hall pulled into Target parking lot ( Fact)
    2. Edwin Hall followed Kelsey all over in Target ( Fact , on video)
    3. He exited Target store empty handed because he knew Kelsey was heading to the check out counter. ( Fact)
    4. He is seen on video hiding waiting for her to exit. ( Fact)
    5. He is seen running at her and struggling with her to get her in car. ( Fact)
    6. The car drives off … Edwins truck remains in parking lot. ( Fact)
    7. approx two hours goes by Edwins truck is still in Target parking lot. ( Fact)
    8. Edwin on video coming across Target parking lot walking to get into his truck from the direction of Macys parking. ( Fact)
    9. His truck leaves Target parking lot on video ( Fact)
    10. His DNA all over her
    11. His DNA and prints in her car
    and much much more… the best will be seen in court so make sure youre there Dreamon. Theres no smoking gun here this gun is so packed full of fact its on fire…. Edwin thought he was smarter than anyone else. Thank god for video forensics that can make a blurry picture CLEAR AS A WHISTLE… THANK god for forensics and DNA… Yes everyone has their day in court and so shall Edwin Hall. Edwin needs to be sent back to the pit he came from.

  556. not to be a smart ass or nuttin but how does anyone know they found his DND on her ive never heard anything on that if you have the report showing this fact i would love to read it.

  557. oops DNA

  558. # SASHA Says:
    July 31st, 2007 at 5:29 pm

    Darlene and Dreamon one in the same. Same IP numbers folks… It always makes one seem more powerful when they appear to have support.

    Where’s our Troll located at? Expose the Nutters for what they really are, Trolls who probably don’t even live in the KC area.

  559. # Hellfire Says:
    July 31st, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    not to be a smart ass or nuttin but how does anyone know they found his DND on her ive never heard anything on that if you have the report showing this fact i would love to read it.

    Nothing has been released, I’d guess people are assuming that there was his DNA evidence on her from a couple of things.

    1) Rape and Sodomy probably lead to male only DNA being left on, around or in the victim.

    2) There’s “pivotal” DNA evidence processed by the JoCo crime lab (the stuff that Cramm is trying to fuzzy the chain of custody on).

    1 and 2 = assumption of what the DNA they have is and where it was found.

  560. Police: Teens Planned to Kidnap Woman, Steal Unborn
    Baby The women met on
    Two teenagers were charged Tuesday with kidnapping and assault after they allegedly plotted to kidnap a pregnant woman and cut the unborn baby from her womb.

  561. Sasha is a fucking idiot. Darlene is in Canida and I am in Kansas moron. IP address’s the same my ass. U do nothing but talk a lot of bull. There has been absolutely nothing released about DNA or any other evidence since the gag order and none of that had been done prior too…. So where r u getting your info, oh wait you aren’t and you know nothing. U have just decided. At least if you are going to speak, tell the truth, like our IP address’s….. Freak

  562. Inicted unfortunately the Trolls get to spout the same non-sense for awhile longer.

  563. So that means they dont need to have a preliminary hearing they have enough on him right now to say it should go to court.

  564. Indictment issued in Kelsey Smith killing
    A Johnson County grand jury tonight issued an indictment accusing Edwin R. “Jack” Hall of kidnapping and killing Overland Park teen Kelsey Smith.

    The indictment, which replaces earlier charges filed by District Attorney Phill Kline, means that grand jurors believe there is enough probable cause to take the case against Hall to trial.

    It also means that prosecutors can avoid a preliminary hearing in the case, which had been scheduled for Aug. 15. At that hearing, prosecutors would have had to present enough evidence in open court for a judge to decide if there was probable cause to move to trial. Taking the matter to grand jurors, who by law meet in secret, bypasses the preliminary hearing phase.

    Hall, 26, of Olathe is charged with capital murder, rape and aggravated kidnapping and aggravated criminal sodomy. The capital murder charge, which Kline had added earlier, makes the case eligible for the death penalty.

    Hall will be arraigned at 1 p.m. Wednesday and will enter a plea to the charges. Kline said that by law he will have five days from the arraignment to decide whether to pursue the death penalty.

    | Benita Y. Williams,

  565. Wow Thanks TinPan

  566. Sounds like a longer wait, but a better case. Your welcome Hellfire 🙂

  567. Dreamon,
    Your name fits you. And yes your IP along with the other match and both are from Kansas.
    When they bypass a preliminary hearing the case is pretty rock solid. I just hope they go for the death penalty. I would like to be there when Edwin Hall is thrown back to the pit of hell.. Who’s the Freak Dreamon? You and your buddy are the freaks of society and when reality hits you then hopefully you WILL Dreamon…. lol…lol…

  568. Luke,
    You assume right Luke…

  569. Hall is going DOWN!!! and soon Bubba will have a new roomie 😛

  570. In response to the “Help Edwin Hall Fund” Aletha’s good friend (the one she confides in daily) could donate her share of the reward money she will soon receive. It seems that her great friend, one that defends him daily is also a witness that called the Tips hotline which you will find on the prosecution witness list. Even Aletha’s best friends are certain of his guilt….not to her face, but behind her back. HaHaHa

  571. Hi I know your secret,
    Like I said anyone who is standing by his innocence will be shocked when they see the rock solid evidence against this monster. She may never admit in public but she knows in her own soul what a hideous monster he is. I just wish the justice was eye for an eye.. Meaning I wish he could be put to death in the same manner he put Kelsey to death. But when hes thrown back to the pit of hell he will be tormented as he tormented Kelsey.
    As to Alethas friend: She is what I call a spot light seeker. She doesnt care about Kelsey, Aletha, guilt or innocense. All someone like that cares about is attention. And ususally they feed off chois and get their kicks off others pain and suffering.

  572. To all the Hall Groupies,
    Yep, per Hellfire, Hall is going down…..”The Help Edwin Hall Fund” is a joke enough to send monopoly money as that is all he is worth.
    Why does he appear to be photo’d in a straight jacket? Oh that’s right, BECAUSE HE IS FREAKING CRAZY!

  573. Hes in a straight jacket because youre right hes a violent man. This is a guy that attacked his sister with a knife at age 15. Extreme violence and anger is all I see when I see any pictures of him. A very dark evil soul. And to be very honest I believe this isnt his first murder. Isnt there another missing girl from that same vicinity? I believe he will also be linked to her disappearance and probably murder. I just hope Aletha isnt involved in this. If she knew and hid it then it will come out… Sometimes spouses of a muderer often conceal evidence and or knowing of the crime itself.. If this is true then it will be revealed in court.
    Also note that his little beard on chin was shaved off and Im sure it was because on the video he had a small beard on chin. Yes I would have loved to have seen the look on his face when the news channels all aired him on video. The next door neighbors said it was also that time that his son wasnt coming outside to play and blinds/curtains were all drawn on the house. I am sure he was pacing back and forth realizing he was caught. That was the big thing with Edwin is he thought he was smarter than everyone else. He was wrong and thank god for todays technology.

  574. It is Dreamon or DEMON?….. get your name right DARLENE!!!

  575. Nar,
    Yes you have it right. Demon. Anyone that would stand by this monster is demonic themselves..

  576. This BLOG is more popular than …..”The Help Edwin Hall Fund” It has had a whopping 54 HITS (Ooops, 55 not counting me)- WOW, I see those donations just raking in….
    The 54 HITS are from the majority, Kelsey supporters looking at the pathetic generic webpage created for an individual from some foreign gene pool…..

  577. The Death Penalty is being sought.

    P.S. That’s not a straight jacket. They put that brown blanket thingy over all the other people too.

  578. Luke,
    You just made my day with the great news…..

    Well, it looks like a straight jacket anyway…..Blanket thingy or not, he is still pretty scary, freaky and not credible with me.

  579. All Hall supporters,
    He’s GUILTY ladies and gentlemen!!! Stop being in DENIAL!!!

  580. The Pitch interviewed ERH.

    Pitch: “You drive a truck. That was the other thing, right?”

    Hall: “And that was my truck, I left it there. There’s some coincidences. I left my truck at Target. The news got that part right.”

    Thanks for admitting that Hall, now where’s your Troll? Big coincidence that you left your truck at Target for the exact time frame that Kelsey’s car went missing. And ~15 mins after her car returns to the area you take off in your truck.

    *chirp* *chirp* *chirp* That’s all we’re hearing.

  581. Yes and has no idea where he went for over 2 hours and left his truck at Target… What a fruit cake… What did he do park his truck at Target and then walk around with no one seeing him for over 2 hours… Wow yes thats what I want to do is drive to a Target shopping that is 45 minutes or more from where I live , go into Target shopping and walk out with nothing and then leave my truck parked at Target while I just walk around for over 2 hours…. What a joke.. Anyone that supports this guys innocence is demonic just like he is… I wish I could pull the switch on this guy.. and while doing it remind him of what he did to Kelsey…

  582. This is part of what he said on “Pitch”
    I can’t talk to anyone — they’re all on my witness list. I can’t have contact with witnesses. There are over 1,200 people on my witness list. Some of them are on there once, twice, three times. My wife is the one exception. She’s on there, but the judge made an exception on that.”

    So whoever it is on here saying she speaks to Edwin daily is either a liar or guess who…. Aletha his wife. Because she is the only one allowed to speak to him because everyone else is on his witness list and not allowed to speak to him…
    All the names on here , Darlene, Sweetness, Dreamon are one and the same person… yes you got it Aletha… All the same IP address… she is the only one allowed off his witness list to speak with him. No one else is allowed to speak to him…

  583. Read also he strangled her with his belt. DNA my friends. Another pivotal piece of evidence. Wonder how Darlene, Dreamon, Sweeteness are going to explain his belt being the muder weapon. Like I said the evidence in this case is beyond rock solid… Hey also read where he had a room downstairs in his house where he liked to do S&M….. I believe his wife knows much more than she is saying. I hope if she knew about this they give her whats coming to her also… And my own opinion I believe she knows more than shes saying… So yes demon is the right word for her…

  584. I might also add when Aletha was asked what she knew about the little torture room downstairs in their home she replied that she didnt partake in those things… Come on folks if she didnt partake in those things what was the room for???? Did Edwin go down there and use this room by himself??? hahahhahahahahhahahahaha… It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this case out… Did Edwin maybe kidnap young girls and use this room????? With his wifes knowledge??? He was seen around Kara also the other missing girl from that area. I believe this monster committed many more atrocities… And I honestly feel his wife knows more than she is saying and if thats the case it will come out in trial…

  585. Sasha,

    No, Darlene, Sweetness, Dreamon and whoever do NOT have the same IP address. I have posted this information previously, including where they were.

    Blog Owner

  586. One in the same person. How do I know? Cant tell you that wish I could..

  587. Time for Edwin to fry in hell…..

  588. Amy 07,
    Hey girl!! He will get whats coming to him soon. Oh, thanks for the e-mails.

  589. RIP Kelsey. We love you and you will be missed always.

  590. Hey Shauncey,
    I thought you would like them. I get a lot of forwards like the ones I sent you.

  591. Amy07,

    Isn’t it just great that when you pray like I did for a creep like Hall to get whats coming to him your prayers are answered?? Hopefully, this will ease her family’s pain JUST A LITTLE. God bless them.

  592. I dont care who it is Aletha or whoever that person/persons comes on here and insults just about everyone a nasty human/s

    And Halls interveiw I find all kinds of contradictions he says one thing then turns around and says something totally diffrent. And just scarry wording in other places in the interview.

  593. does anyone know in what month Hall get married?

  594. got*

  595. I don’t believe that Althea, Darlene, Sweetness, etc. will be back. At least, I have blocked the IPs I could find. I apologize for taking so long to do this. There is no reason for anyone to disrespect Kelsey and her loved ones. If you want to support a murderer, go elsewhere 🙂

  596. You know this is a long shot but I wonder if Hall used his insulin to knock out Kelsey I know if your blood sugar gets to low you can pass out. All he had to do is to inject her with to much.

  597. SASHA Says:
    August 1st, 2007 at 4:09 pm
    “And I honestly feel his wife knows more than she is saying and if thats the case it will come out in trial…”

    There’s no question Aletha knows more, as do her “friends”. Anyone within 6 degrees of separation between Aletha and her place of employment knows this to be true.

  598. Shauncey,
    It is reall great. Kelsey’s family needs this trial and the sooner it is done the sooner they cant start the grieving process.

    My life of crime,
    If these people are using standard dialup, depending on their ISP, their IP address will change everytime they dial up to get on the net.

  599. Hellfire,
    That is a very good question.

    You said in a earlier post you wonder if he had anything to do with Kara. I saw a myspace page of Kara and they had a composite sketch of a person who they think was in the area at the time Kara went missing. He is a teenager, I will see if I can find that sketch again and post the link to it. At this point anything is possibe. If he did have something to do with her going missing also, he wouldnt surprise me at all.

  600. Sasha,

    Here is the link to the myspace page on Kara Kopetsky. The composite sketch of the guy they think she was with.

  601. well then you know what you can do as they start making the nasty comments you block the IPs sooner or later they will get tired of comming on here if you take the fun away 😉

  602. If anyone(one of the regular people) has an email addy or has msn messenger that I can send some pictures to, you will probably feel the same way as I do, “you can just about bet the farm” that the same person got Kara. There will probably not be much said because of the gag order, and not wanting a mistrial.

  603. Sent Amy07 🙂

  604. Sent Hellfire 🙂

  605. Shauncey
    Since I have your address, would you like me to send them to you so you dont have to post your email address since it is personal.
    Thank-you for those pictures. I sent a message to whoever is maintaining the myspace page for Kara.

  606. Thanks TinPan

  607. If you want to read of some truth of what Kelsey endured those 2 hours, go to this link and scroll down till you see his mug and read that heart wrenching story.

  608. maybe he will be sodomized in prison so that he knows exactly how Kelsey felt when he did that to her. I know you are not suppose to wish bad things on people but my god, he is pure evil and deserves exactly what he gave her. May he rot in eternal hell for what he did. The death penalty will be too easy a death for him.

  609. I dont believe that wanting him to get the same that he gave is a bad thing. The death penalty will be easier than what she endured. At least it wont take 2 hours.

  610. I agree with you there. I hope the big boys give him what he deserves. He is gonna be looking mighty good to the lifers in there. Fresh meat, someone new to teach the was of the inmates system too.

  611. I do NOT belive he didnt know her or at least he been stalking her for awhile how does he explain how he just happen to ended up in the same part of the parking lot as her? I think he knew a lot about her maybe not directly but he knew what kind of car she drove. Frankly I think he wanted her knew but she had a boyfriend and he knew he didnt have a chance with her. She was the popular girl at school and he just didnt fit in any place.

  612. I think you are right and his anger or resentment of being ignored made him be careless, resulting in being identified and caught quickly. Had it not been for his mistakes, her family may have still been searching for her.

  613. Its a good thing he screwed up this time. I just have to wonder if Kelsey was the first and if not how many others. He moved around alot.

  614. TinPan,
    If anyone else wants to link to my myspace you can send it to them. I would put it up here but you know how the crazies are on the internet.

  615. my feelings are hurt im not a crazy well not untill the moon comes out. 😛

  616. i just found out that Kelseys birthday is one day after mine.

  617. hey amy or pan can i have that myspace addy?

  618. I think that this is Edwin’s first murder. why? because he was not even good at hidding it. He basically led police to the body, HMMMM…….unless he meant for it to turn out that way which makes him even more crazy, just in it for the fame but only the lord will determine what will happen to him.

  619. Thats a good point Cassie but murderers in the past have killed more than once and screwed up that last time they killed.

  620. Just cuz he didnt plan everything out well dont mean he didnt kill her. he just forgot the cell phone and that stores now have cameras in their parking lots. that cell phone lead them to her body with out her body they wouldnt have a case cuz you need the body to show someone killed someone and to do DNA samples. Her cell phone signal was truely his undoing.

  621. Hellfire,
    In this case, they needed a body but there are cases where a suspect has been charged and found guilty with no body. We did research and a paper on nobody cases last semester in my Biological Evidence class.

  622. Hmmm and what did they use to prove the guilt?

  623. “mylifeofcrime”,
    Thanks for blocking out the filth and disrespectful characters.

    Take care, NAR

  624. I can look up some of the cases we used if you would like to read up about it. It all depends on the case. Here is a link about a nobody case and tells a little about nobody cases. I think the crime library may have something on the woodchip murder. In that case the victims body was put into a woodchipper.

  625. Here is another case for you……
    I would like to see the outcome on this one.

  626. Here is a great blog about “no body” cases:

  627. Thanks mylifeofcrime..

  628. wow Thanks i like the information i get from the people here.

  629. Amy07,
    That would be great.

  630. I really dont get how you can arrest anyone without a body
    I mean if I was on a jury I honestly couldnt not find someone guilty without one cuz I couldnt really know that that person was dead in the first place. They would have to give me more to go on A Lot more. after all we are still talking about people lives. its true someone may have died but you cant and you shouldnt use your emotions when looking at a case.

  631. Sweetness is on another blog, pulling the same stunts with about 5 other names. Doing the same things she does everywhere else. She puts in her name says stuff, then puts in the name again, and acts like she didnt write it and someone else is using her name. She seriously needs help.

  632. Hey Amy can I have your myspace page if you dont mind maybe in a email so the wack jobs that sometimes see this page cant see?

  633. I dont care as long as she/they whoever is not on here.

  634. Thanks amy a real nice myspace page. 🙂

  635. Thanks. I havent been able to do any more work on it lately. Did you see the video of baby Kelsey? She is a victim of child abuse. When I first show her sight all I could do was cry. The things she went through and the judge put her back in that situation just to end up losing her life.

  636. I know its sad and sometimes the system just doesnt work to save the innocent. I hope her case will bring about change in the way they handle child abuse cases now so she wouldnt have died in vain.

  637. I hope so. I do know this, the judge was not reelected. He is no longer a job. Talk about the worlds worst judges.

  638. childern services seems to be doing a bad job keeping kids safe anymore. i dont know how many cases ive heard where the case workers have failed in keeping a watch on the kids they are suppose to over see they have such a large case load they miss some visits and follow ups on abusive parents in the household. but sometimes a teacher or someone sees something and they report it.

  639. Yeah. I know that the social worker in this case took the girl out of her mothers home. ( i read this on the site for baby kelsey). The mother visited the little girl and during those visits she ended up with bruises. I just dont see how a judge send that child right back into that situation. If the case worker felt it was enough to move her out of the home then why would the judge send her right back. I will never understand some people. When you have concrete prove of abuse ( I think two broken legs is prove) you dont send the child back into the situation. I feel sorry for her father. He was serving in Iraq and instead of coming home to see his baby girl and spend time with her, he came home and buried his baby girl.

    Subject change ( this little girl always puts me in tears)
    I will be glad when the trial starts against Hall. I am interested to know the list of evidence they have against him.

  640. Ok someone from courttv has seen my postings here

    Hellfire Says:
    August 1st, 2007
    You know this is a long shot but I wonder if Hall used his insulin to knock out Kelsey I know if your blood sugar gets to low you can pass out. All he had to do is to inject her with to much.

    Runaway Scholar: 08-03-2007 what if that was Hall’s method to immobilize Kelsey? He had ready access to the drug, could have easily carried/concealed a syringe, and I think there have been a few previous cases or crimes (Von Bulow comes to mind) where this was the alleged murder “weapon” of choice.
    Because insulin is so difficult to detect, according to various articles on the web, it has been used or suspected in a number of crimes and murders.
    I’m not theorizing that Hall killed Kelsey that way – just that he may have rushed up, stuck Kelsey with a needle and instantly injected the drug, sending her into insulin shock which would give him ample control over her for the necessary time. It could explain how he overpowered her so completely when he is not a very big guy and her parents say she would have fought.

    A few days after I posted it LOL

  641. When your good your good I wonder if the DA needs some help LOL

  642. Ever thought about becoming a crime scene investigator Hellfire.

  643. lol sure I have when i was in high school I wanted to be a judge or something in law so I could help people get justice just didnt go for it 😛 I am rather good at figuring people out.

  644. It is never too late to go back to school.

  645. LOL Oh God

  646. LOL. I am 33 now by the time I finish with all of my schooling I will be in my 40’s. My associates will only take two years. (Criminal Investigations) and I have no clue how long it will take to get my PhD in Chemistry.

  647. LOL try 39 here and i hated school but then we had to learn what they wanted us to crime scene investigations would be something i wanted to do NOT push on me.

  648. LOL…..Hellfire, if I can do it, anyone can do it. I once heard a lady ( who was 40 when she went back to school) say, I’d rather be 40 doing what I love then 40 doing what I dont or nothing at all.

    To all you Hall nuts, what dont you do something useful with your fund you are collecting. Like helping a couple who’s house is about to fall apart and have a baby (under the age of 1) who was born with a Heart Defect and has had numerous surgeries.

    There is the link, if you care about someone besides a murderer.

  649. Do you really think that the nut heads for Hall will help anyone else? HELL NO who really knows what the money they collect will be used for. I think something crooked will be done with it thats for sure like I said before people use your hard earned money for yourself and your familys needs.

  650. Amy,
    Wow, i saw the page for baby logan and family…….how sad, new born and already havin 2 heart sergery……..and you are right \about what you said, for all the Hall lovers, just try to help good people instead of fantasizing about bad ones.

  651. Amy,

    In general it takes 4 years to get a Bachelor’s, then 2-3 to get a Master’s and then 2-3 to get a PhD. I am almost done with my Bachelors (double major: Criminal Justice and Psychology) and then plan to get a Master’s and a PhD. I am not in school right now (due to finances) but when I do, it seems like it will take forever to finish!

  652. Hello People, This is my first post, but I’ve been following this interesting Blog. I decided to post due to Hellfire’s interesting theory about the insulin. Anyone who is diabetic will tell you when you bottom out you’re in shock. It’s an awful, awful thing and you are rendered unconscious. He’d also obviously have acess to needles so who knows what other kind of drugs the guy had?

    The other thing I wanted to touch on was Hall’s adoption and his violence towards his sister. He was not merely thrown away by his adoptive family. A Judge ordered him from that home, and in my opinion did the right thing. The fact that it has not come out if he was in a home for orphans from birth on up leaves alot of speculation. Was he taken from a birth parent at age seven? We have no idea. So, considering the attention the media has paid to this case leads me to think his adopted family was told to keep their mouths shut. Surely, someone, somewhere would have leaked more information.

    No matter what happened to him as a child in no way allows for him to attack his own sister or another child leaving a head injury. He’s violent. Is it genetics? Or is he as we have learned just one of these people thinks he can take whatever he wants? His record speaks for that. His blatant disregard for a little 14 year old girl reeks of that. For that alone he should rot in jail because he will do it again. All the friends and supporters of this man should be concerned if their kids were left alone with him and that would include his own son.

    Alas, in the end all it comes down to is a vibrant, bright girl had her life snuffed out in the most awful way possible. Her family will live with this forever. None of us will ever forget the name of Kelsey Smith. But her family won’t have “closure”. The pain will never go away. Meanwhile let’s not let the way this young lady was murdered be what is remembered. Let’s not let the groupies of a man up for murder have all the attention because they’ll move on. They’ll have their children and their lives. Even Hall’s wife can change her son’s name, and move on. Plus he’ll be sitting in prison alive. He’ll have visits and books, and phone calls. The Smith’s will have a grave to visit. God Bless Kelsey Smith and her family. My heart breaks for her parents and sisters.

  653. Sorry, I forgot to say I was wondering about another theory. In photographs that were making the rounds on the internet I thought Hall looked very effeminate. I also think he looks like he has makeup on in his mugshot as well as some of his other pictures. He sports a tattoo in one of the pictures and I wondered if that was real ink. It is a pagan symbol, but where did he get money for that tattoo?

    Also, you could see his wife was a pretty young lady, but in later pictures she had gotten way heavier. In no way am I judging guys who are effeminate or pagans. I certainly am not justifying a man running around on his wife because she has gotten heavy. Honestly this guy I believe was stunted if you will. Stuck, and could only try and relate to younger people. Probably because any adult wouldn’t fall for his act.

    Anyone know if he was into wearing makeup? Taking self-portraits like he did shows some self-absorbed behavior. It was the manner in which they were taken got my attention. All dolled up for the camera, but on his wife’s myspace we see a picture of a little boy (their son) sleeping on the floor outside their bedroom. I can’t recall one picture where it was of him and his wife together. Another oddity. I guess none of that matters, but them pictures of himself obviously taken of himself well no doubt he used them to send to girls over the internet. hat I was thinking any way. Thanks again to Hellfire for his interest and quest for justice for Miss Kelsey Smith.

  654. what a well written 1st post Greets as for the tattoo hall has i think its real but for what i think its a symbol for mind control some use it to put a person in a trance i dont think its pegan related.
    and Hellfire is a female i know it hard to tell on here lol

  655. another thing i have not seen any pictures of his wife they took her myspace page off before i could get a look at it.

  656. I havent seen any pictures either but I did see a glimse of her on TV on one of the days they went to court.


  658. An ‘HONORABLE” MAN? You have got to be kidding me? If he is so honorable, why did he threaten his sister with a knife? Why did he kidnap, sodomize, rape and murder Kelsey Smith? Why was he dating a teenage girl, (Iva Rath’s teenage daughter) while married and had a 2 year old child? And, if you are telling the truth, why is he disrespecting his wife with you? You are obviously not so respectable, if what you say is true, which I doubt.

  659. Sweety,
    you must be dreaming. You better wake up before you fall and hurt yourself. Honorable men dont kill, honorable men dont talk about leaving their wife for a attention wH$$$, and further more honorable men dont kill innocent animals and show them to his son. Get a life and get a clue. You are just as sick as him. Change your name darling cause there isnt a damn thing sweet about you. More like psycho b&&ch.

  660. LOL another nutcase? or maybe just the same person I think she comes on here and says something crazy just for attention no matter if its good or bad attention i seen her post and had to laugh its so damn stupid Darlene try to be more original. today i was thinking about Kelsey and it makes me soooo sad i think of that damn video of her getting pushed into her car thinking that was the last time she ever was free and alive i just dont understand how anyone could ever stand up for a man who took her out of this world and away from her family. Darlene and whoever is sticking up for this guy you really have no heart at all.

  661. Hellfire, about the insulin, when I first read it I thought it was one of the more original ideas on how he subdued Kelsey. I didn’t get around to doing any research back when you first posted and haven’t done any research yet, so I’ll just ask — how long does it take from the time of injection to basically render a person too weak to do much of anything?

    Greets Says:
    It is a pagan symbol, but where did he get money for that tattoo?

    Where he got the money, who knows, I’m always amazed at the resourcefulness of people to find money – but what they do with it is another matter, and that too amazes me.

    P.S. The Billings Gazette, Amy – you from MT or was it just something from google?

  662. I cant believe that girl Sweety, Why it she writing this stuff on this blog is sad to know that people like her believe people like HAll. The only one that can believe him is th eperson that what with him

  663. You can develop hypoglycemia by taking too much insulin
    warning signs of hypoglycemia including nausea, a jittery or nervous feeling, a rapid heartbeat, mood changes, blurred vision, and difficulty walking. Severe hypoglycemia can lead to loss of consciousness, seizures, and coma and may be death.

  664. maybe he fixed someones car in exchange for them giving him a tattoo or the money to get a tattoo done.

  665. # Hellfire Says:
    August 6th, 2007 at 11:09 am

    You can develop hypoglycemia by taking too much insulin
    warning signs of hypoglycemia including nausea, a jittery or nervous feeling, a rapid heartbeat, mood changes, blurred vision, and difficulty walking. Severe hypoglycemia can lead to loss of consciousness, seizures, and coma and may be death.

    True, but to immobilize in ~20 seconds is what I’m looking at (unless we’re talking about different things). The quickest I’m finding is ~15 mins for what’s called (Very) Fast Acting insulin.

    Which may have helped immobilize her say by the time he made it out to Longview Lake, but I’m wondering about the 10 second struggle at her car. I think it’s an interesting idea but I need to be convinced that it’s feasible. 🙂

    From what I’m reading it seems that the “better” insulin and probably the most likely prescribed is “human” insulin. I’m not a doctor nor a diabetic nor have I read much about this so I’m really kinda new.

    I found it interesting that they used to use massive amounts of insulin on psychiatric patients to send them into comas as a treatment for schizophrenia, psychosis and drug addiction. It looks like that took some time to get them into the coma though.

  666. I am sure it would not be immediate but it may have made her feel out of sorts never the less. You can bet he had something with him to scare her. He is a small framed man so he would need more then his built or his words to keep her from giving him trouble. With most murderers its all about the control he would had done anything to keep her under his control at all times the murderer has onething in mind and that is to complete the crime no matter what. How is it that he drove all that time in traffic and no one seen or heard a damn thing or was it she was slumped over in the car in a hypoglycemia shock? He was driving for 2 hours or more right? thats a long time for no one to have seen nothing. And he drove right out of that parking lot so calmly. Hall is as guilty as hell.

  667. He was driving for 2 hours or more right?

    Well he kidnapped her at 7:10pm and it’s no shorter then a 20 min drive out to Longview Lake from Oakpark Mall and he returned to the Macy’s parking lot at 9:17pm. So it all depends on how long it took him to do the horrible things he did because he probably left Longview Lake at about 9pm since someone saw a car out behind a locked gate around 9ish.

  668. Im wondering if he had that belt already in a circle, and when he ran up he slammed it down around her neck and jerked it tight. He could have used it then to hold her head down on the seat, and drive with the other. He could have scared her by saying he had a gun or knife, if she was unable to see from the way she might be laying on the seat. I am like you all, I keep looking at the abduction also and know that she has only seconds before her life is over, except for the 2 hours of horror. If any of you look at it soon, watch over on the very left side of picture as Kelsey is putting the stuff in the passenger door. You can see him doing something like he is hammering or slamming something just before he runs up behind her. It must be where the back of his truck is. Its strange.

  669. Luke, it was something I googled. I am from all over, being a military spouse I move every 3 year. I wonder if he could have gotten his hands on some chloroform. That is one possibility. Whatever he used, if I am remembering correctly, couldnt have knocked her out too long for her to have defensive wounds. In one of the Kansas paper articles, it was said she put up a fight.

  670. Amy07,

    Hey girl! If you call me, make sure you leave me a message so I can get back to you.l Working late hours, ok. Get with me.

  671. Hellfire, I agree with you. I just cant understand how no-one saw what happened, or maybe they did and we dont know about it because of the gag order. With the gag order, if there are any witnesses to the scene in the parking lot then we wouldnt know about it. But that still doesnt seem right being that if I saw two people struggling in the parking lot, I would be on my cell phone dialing 911.

  672. Shauncey,
    I will get up with you tomorrow. I will leave a message with my phone number.

  673. mylifeofcrime,
    at this rate I will be 44 by the time I get my PhD. I wont start working on that until I finish my A.S.

  674. If I recall right I think they didnt at first say anything about if she struggled or not so maybe at the autopsy they found signs on her that showed she did struggled in a fight with Hall.

  675. Hellfire Says: June 20th he wanted to rape her only but knew if he left her alive he would be fucked.

    The Kansas City Star Wed, Aug. 01, 2007
    Smith was killed in an especially heinous, atrocious or cruel manner and (because the crime was committed to avoid or prevent arrest or prosecution)

    so i was right he wanted to just rape her but he felt he had to kill her so he was not found out.

  676. Yes. Most rapes that end in murder are for that reason alone. Fear of being caught and sentenced to a prison term. Not all cases but most cases.

  677. Shauncey,
    I will get up with you this afternoon sometime after lunch.

  678. I think that when somebody wants to rape somebody they do it and than they kill the person you seriously need to be dumb to keep them a live. It seems like he did something to her when he got her inside the truck I think that maybe he had a knife or a gun to keep her in. I just feel so bad for the Smith family and they been taking long with all this stuff and they need to do something already he doesn’t deserve to be a life if it is him who did it. Most likely it was him who did it. My name is Karen and if somebody has any more info please let me know thank you all.

  679. Karen,

    If you scroll up and look at most of the messages, you will see some links to some information. Here is a link to a site for the court calendar in is county. If you type in his name you will see two different doc. numbers. The first one is for the last charge he has for sexual relations with a minor and the second is all his charges for his crimes against Kelsey.
    This site gives you all the up to date on his cases as he or his lawyers go before the judge.

  680. Hellfire,
    I just looked up Pitch to see if they have anything new. These people are comical. Well should I say some of the people. I cant believe one of them Kasey, she is sick just like sweetness.

  681. true true id have to agree with bad times he may have used a knife also he did before with his half sister he may have been trying to rape her too. thats why its so important to go into a criminals past to see if he is capable of commiting such crime.

  682. btw anyone seen the stupidness going on the Pitch blog my lord im so glad they took that sh*t over to that site.

  683. oops lol just seen amy was looking at the site to amy isnt it just stupid? it seems the same people that had been on here are now acting like kids on pitch now.

  684. Yes I saw that on Pitch blog and everybody from that blog are acting weird specially Kasey . Is so sad to see that we have people like Hall in this world. I feel sorry for Aletha she has nothing to do with this and on the other blog some of them are saying mean things about her I just always put myself on others peoples shoes and I wouldn’t want to be blame for what my crazy husband did, I dont want u guys to think that im on Halls side but I’m just saying what is fair. If Hall did it than he should suffer , he doesn’t deserve to be in this world. And neither do the wife or son have to suffer for what he did.

  685. does anyone know whats the time limit they can keep someone alive on deathrow after they have been found guilty?

  686. Obviously a long time cause he is still a live and we see no good results at all.

  687. Obviously a long time cause he is still a live and we see no good results at all. HEllloolokojkljjklhlklhkljoihoil

  688. AFTER they have been found guilty… He isnt been found guilty in the court of law yet.

  689. I don’t know whast the time limit is, but with all the appeals they get, my guess is a really LONG time. There are people being executed today for crimes committed 20+ years ago.

  690. so hall maybe 40something before he gets it? STUPID Laws
    and the smiths will be footing the bill to keep him alive with the taxes they pay have they not payed enough?

  691. Hellfire,
    Yeah that crap on the Pitch is messed up. Melissa is correct though. Most people on death row will be there atleast 20 yrs before they are executed and that is because they have a right to the appeals process. It really does suck to a certain degree but sometimes it is good though because there really is innocent people are death row. I remember a story I saw on Montel Williams about 5 yrs ago. There was this high school kid who was on death row for a crime he didnt commit and they know he didnt commit it because there is a video tape of him playing a high school basketball game at the time the crime was committed. He was found guilty because a lady positively ID him. The thing is though she didnt have her eye glasses on when she saw the crime being committed and it was dark. He was also African American. I dont know what ever happened in that case but I know that they were trying to get a lawyer to help the family out. Montel showed the video and there was the time and date of the video.

  692. Bad Times,
    You are correct about Aletha and her son. But with all the evidence thus far, she needs to try and put her life back together and forget about Hall. She deserves better than that and so does that little boy. It isnt her fault and no-one should be giving her grieve but at the same time you have to put yourself in everyone else’s shoes also. I know she loves him but it isnt in the best interest of the child for her to be defending him as if he didnt do anything. I believe he did this and he needs to pay the price. Im sorry she will being paying that price too but she doesnt have to. All she has to do is walk away. Forget the life she had with him, pick up and move on.

  693. lol amy if you dont get some backlash for saying halls wife should just walk way i’ll be surprised. i dont think halls wife will walk just yet cuz of her religious beliefs. but the day will come when she will have to go on without him she will have no choice.

  694. I dont think she will ever leave his side. She has been a mother to both son and husband. When the son gets old enough to know the whole truth, he may feel differently. He will almost be his fathers age when the state acts on the death penalty. Its will be a sad life for him and the Smith family.

  695. Hellfire,
    If I do, it will be alright. If the Hall people dont like my opinion they can go take a flying leap off of the tallest building. LOL.. I dont think she will either because of that also but it is also in the bible “Thou shalt not kill”. Her husband did exactly that. It isnt her fault and I get that but I just think she needs to move on and make a better life for her child. Please dont take this wrong hellfire, you’re my girl right along with TinPan and Shauncey. I think she needs to put her child first and be there for him. I just dont see how she can do that and stand by her man.

  696. I understand the standing by your man thing but there comes a time when standing by your man when he has took someones life is just WRONG you then look like the fool. i am married and i to believe in standing by your spouse i have done it many times but i will tell you if my husband was found guilty of such a crime and i seen all the proof they had on him you can bet i wouldnt be by his side why should i live in prison with him? to me killing someone NOT in self defence is a sin i would close that door and not look back.

  697. I agree with you Hellfire. I stand by husband but if he intentionally killed someone, I would be saying good bye and going on with me life.

  698. I think the same if my husband those something like I wouldn’t and couldn’t be by his side the reason been that if I had proof and they had him as a criminal I would never see him the same and I can’t live like that. I would take my daughter and myself somewhere far to forget about him. Maybe in her mind she still thinks that he is not guilty and thats why she is still there, but she should have proof already with all those trips to the court.Oh well she only knows . I Just feel sad for his kid he will be the one to suffer and also forKelsey’s family that they will never bring her back

  699. yeah basicly he has fucked over a lot of peoples lives with just one action. Edwin Hall is a real selfish person.

  700. Yep he is a selfish person cause he never thought about his loved ones that care for him. How can people not think about what their kids will go through I know somebody that has two parents and because of both making bad choices they are not here right know and she is the one that suffering the consequences they never thought about her and her life . I feel bad for anybody that goes through that.

  701. I agree with you Bad times. He brought a kid into this world and in the course of 2 hrs, he destroyed his kid’s life and the Smith’s lives. I will never understand why he did what he did and I think it is sad that he little baby will end up paying the ultimate price. Hall will sit in prison and his child will be the one that gets all the hell from society, be one of the many children to grow up with only one parent, and be the center of such cruelty that kids can bestow on one another. I will always pray for his child because he sure wasnt putting his child’s best interest at heart.

  702. I did not realize you could listen to Halls interview as well as read it…that creepy voice is the last one that Kelsey had to hear? What a dumb ass freak he is!!!! He had to blame his being there at the Target on his wife, to get her an anniversary present, no wait it was a graduation wasnt either one, he was married in February and she is still attending school, right?

  703. Yeah TinPan, she is still in school. He also said he was looking at picture frames. Kelsey was looking for stuff to make a scrapbook which happens to be in the same are as picture frames. She walked out with a bag, he didnt. He admitted to his truck being there. The truck was there for two hours but he wasnt.

  704. Tin pan,
    How can I find that video that u are talking about . The one were u can hear him saying those stuff

  705. Welll has hall been put to death yet?

  706. Yeah I went in to pitch but it gave me alot of auctions can u please tell me were to go when I go into pitch I appreciate it. Thanks amy07

  707. Hey amy have you seen they are talking about the insulin idea on pitch? i should be writting a crime story. lol

  708. Did you find it ok Bad Times? Its a real thin, silver colored player, its easy to miss. I did at first, it is inserted in the text. I can still hear it in my head, he is one sick individual.

  709. Bet it would be a best seller too, Hellfire.

  710. yeah a real killer of a story LOL

  711. LMAO Hellfire,
    You are a trip…. Yeah I saw that. Told you, you need to go back to school and do homicide investigations with me.

  712. yeah ive been told i rock and are a trip but i dont wanna go to kool. 😛

  713. LOL

  714. Thanks I did get it Tin Pan, Hellfire send me the website for it. Thank you all

  715. Bad Times,
    What’s your thoughts on all this craziness? Where is a link for you to keep up with whats going on in the courts.

  716. what I dont understand is when the lady is asking him, Why where u at Target ? He mumbled a lot so he was nervous and he gave like two different responds is because their is something behind so I can say that he is hidding something somebody that is not guilty will not be that nervous . Have they put a lie detector on him. This people are taking forever doing everything .

  717. Hello everybody

  718. Hey bad times! What’s up?

  719. is that really Bad times? a small b not the norm Cap B

  720. I see what you are saying Hellfire.

  721. Hi Amy07 I dont know whats going on but maybe that’s somebody else I think trying to put Bad times in lower case. So have u found any other info .

  722. No I havent found anyothe information. I know he had a court date for 10:30 this morning. They did execute a subpeona but who it was for I dont know. The Kansas based news papers should have something tomorrow. I will be glad when the judge lifts the gag order.

  723. hopefully we get some better answers tonight I forgot that he had court today.At least something some kind of clue or so

  724. OMG are they saying that they are goin gto wait until January the 14th thats to long I can’t believe this crap.

  725. January is too far from now……imagine what the Smith family must be felling right now??? i heard the interview on pitch and when they asked him what he was doing @ Target he gave the reporter 2 different answers, how funny huh…..

  726. Yeah is so funny how somebody that says that he is innocent can say two different things if he knows that people are listening to the recordingand we pay good attention

  727. Bad Times,

    Here is an update that I have so far. This is from the website I have posted the link too before.


  728. Next court date is Sept 27. This is another motion hearing for them to file and the judge to hear any motions from both sides.

  729. amy07,
    Do you think that they might determine what will happen with him or they are going to wait untill january???

  730. Did anyone get the chance to look at the abduction video and see the action going on over on the extreme left hand side of screen, it appears to be Hall, thats where he parked his truck. But what is he doing? Kelsey had to have seen him doing what ever it is that hes doing. It looks like he is hammering or hitting something, he gets still while she passes by the rear of the car, then he runs across behind her. I havent heard anyone else mention it, it bugs me that I cant tell what hes doing. Here is one of the sites that has several views, there are others at different places also. Three or four sets of eyeballs are better than one.

  731. Cassie,
    We wont know what is going to happen until after the trial starts and that is if his lawyer doesnt plead out. Right now all they are doing is going through the evidence. Hall has a right to know what the evidence is against him. If they have DNA evidence linking him to the crime it would be in the best interest of Hall and his lawyers to plead out, if the prosecution is willing to plead this case. Most times in a Death Penalty case it goes to trial. To be honest it could be another year before we know what sentence he will get.

  732. Link to some video from today.

    I didn’t get to make it to today’s hearings but others from another site did. From the brief video ERH looks more worried then I’ve seen him. I’d also take it that since Hall waived his right to a speedy trial that it means the Defense is not ready — they have blood on his shoe and in Kelsey’s car.

    Apparently a few ERH showed up and they are as much jackasses IRL as they are on the web saying such things as “we’re here to support ERH, DON’T SHOOT US” and then laughing about it. Total trash and disrespect.

    Some other observations. The Defense gets the DNA in the format that they want (which they should have from the start) but when the Defense is claiming it’s a “mixture sample” and that provides difficulties he’s playing some games there because it’s true that it’s probably a mixed sample but of male and female cells and they are very accurate at enhancing the Y- male cells while at the same time getting rid of female cells. Also note that Cramm did say that their analysis may not change the outcome — it won’t.

    As a side not I have a feeling this bozo will NOT plead out — he’s a nut who thinks he can beat the system and thinks only of himself and that he’s better then everybody else. He’ll make his victims suffer as long as possible hence why he waived the speedy trial even after both sides said they could be ready in 90 days.

  733. Luke,
    I figured that he would do this. Hall is getting the attention he never got when he was growing up. He is loving all this attention so why not drag it out any longer. Thanks for the link. I will look at it now. I didnt think they would plead out, I was just saying if they did, which really I dont think the prosecution would take a plea anyway.

  734. Just looking at that monster makes my blood boil.

  735. amy07 Says:
    August 15th, 2007 at 7:10 pm

    I figured that he would do this. Hall is getting the attention he never got when he was growing up. He is loving all this attention so why not drag it out any longer. Thanks for the link. I will look at it now. I didnt think they would plead out, I was just saying if they did, which really I dont think the prosecution would take a plea anyway

    Ok, I get what you’re going for. I’d have to say that I think the prosecution would probably accept a plea of guilty and a life sentence. The reason I say that is because the death penalty really means the same thing here in Kansas at the moment and I’d guess they’re using at as leverage just in case in the future they decide to start putting the scum to sleep, ERH may want to save his skin. Plus the State is pretty inexperienced (call me a Kline hater but I don’t like him or his cronies… see how Maxwell got a case overturned because of his temper and ignoring a judges order).

    As far as the attention, I think you’re right…. he’s probably an egotistical douche, who thinks he’s better and smarter then everybody else.

    I’ll also note that ERH looks a little more scared in this video (I didn’t get to attend this hearing) then in the previous two hearings in which I was able to attend and observe him. I think he may be feeling some of the pressure for what they actually have on him.

  736. Did anyone have a chance to look at the abduction video and see what I was asking about?

  737. # TinPan Says:
    August 15th, 2007 at 8:16 pm

    Did anyone have a chance to look at the abduction video and see what I was asking about?

    I did and I’m seeing the same thing I saw before which is a smudge that may or may not be Hall moving on the left side, could just be the way the video flickers some times. Did Kelsey see Hall…. I don’t know…. what he was doing over there before he attacked her I don’t know. I’m not exactly sure of the location of his truck from the position we seeing him running at her, to me the smudge I see move looks a little lower then where I end up seeing him make his move from.


  738. Hi Everyone,
    Yes Ed was a bit scared looking wasnt he?? You guys will be happy about the MOUNTAIN OF DNA they have against this creep… I wish I was the one there to give him his lethal injection thats all I know…

  739. TinPan,
    I saw the video but I could hardly see her or him. The best I got out of the video was the car backing out of the parking space.
    What are your thoughts on Krane being the DNA expert for the Defense? He was one of the experts that was called for the defense in the OJ Simpson trial. I also saw where they defense is asking for the prosecution to turn over fingerprint evidence.

  740. Hi Amy07,
    Most likey Krane will try to debunk the DNA evidence. Won’t happen though they have to much on this guy. And his fingerprints are all over the place ……. Ed is GUILTY……..

  741. Hall wont get out of anything his lawers and him can pull anything they want in court edwin will still end up in prison. yeah he is getting attention for killing someone NOT for doing anything good with his life so the fuck what him and Darlene both negative attention sluts thats something to be proud of. lol

  742. Oh no I doubt he will get out of anything. That wasnt what I was implying. I just dont like the idea of Krane testifying for the defense. Law Enforcement has learned a great deal from the LAPD’s circus act of the OJ Simpson case. That case is used everywhere to learn what not to do. I just wanted to know Sasha’s thoughts on Krane. We are discussing the OJ Simpson case in my Biological Evidence class and of course I have learned a lot about Krane also.

  743. Ed’s attorney made a very grave mistake …. He made a statement about the DNA saying that they will be alos examing it by their own experts. He said ” it might not change anything”…..So what does that tell you? It tells me they have a huge amount of evidence against Hall and they might not be able to refute it ….. I thought that statement was pretty telling by Ed’s attorney.

  744. I’m back…missed u guys!!

    I read a couple mentions about ERH’s tatoo which is a pagan symbol. I researched the meaning of that symbol back in June and posted the following on the “feeling argumentative”site: There are some very interesting articles, theories, etc. on that site…check it out.

    So I figured out what the symbol tatooed on Edwin Hall’s left shoulder is…it’s a “Spiral”. I’m still looking for the meaning of the one on his chest.

    Check out this site for a pic of the symbol:

    Here is its meaning (see last paragraph for what it stands for in the Wicca religion):


    The spiral is probably the oldest symbol of human spirituality. It has been found scratched into rocks from thousands of years ago, on every continent in the world. The religious significance can only be guessed, but it has been found on tombs, and possibly has a connection with the sun- the sun makes a spiral shape every three months in its travels. A triple spiral motif found on Celtic tombs is drawn unicursally (that is, in one continuous line), suggesting a cycle of rebirth or resurrection. (this hypothesis is bolstered by the fact that many of these appear to be deliberately placed where they catch the first rays of the sun on the solstice).

    In modern times, the spiral is still spiritually significant. It is the symbol of spirit in Wicca, an emblem of the Goddess.

    June 30, 2007 7:08 AM
    teledebbie said…
    Here’s more…found at:

    A Spiral is one of the ancient Goddess symbols, as a sign of Life. As such, it is also one of the primary Wicca symbols.
    A Spiral is a created by a Circle moving forward, so to speak.

    As the Wheel turns, you come around again, but not to the same point as before. You arrive at same place, but on a new level. Just as May 1900 and May 2000 are both spring, yet a different experience.

    A spiral line uncoiling is “the movement of creation,” according to Arthur Avalon in Shakti and Shakta. The Spiral represents the path of life – from your Essence, outward to the world. Or, depending on your perspective, from worldly existence to spiritual Essence.

    As Walker so eloquently phrases it, a Spiral represents “death and rebirth as movement into the disappearing-point of formlessness, and out of it again, to a new world of form.” ( The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, p 491)

    The Spiral is one of the most common natural shapes, seen in nature from galaxies to sea shells to the pattern of a falcon’s dive.

    Spirals have been primary Goddess symbols since the late Paleolithic, where they were marked on tombs.

  745. Did you see Edwins suit and tie what a joke trying to fool the public into thinking this guys so clean cut he couldnt have killed this girl its a bs tactic by his attorneys.

  746. They do that with all defendants. Didnt help Bundy, Scott Peterson etc. and it wont help Ed Hall.

  747. I know I know just hate it

  748. Thanks for looking at that Amy and Luke, my internet connection was real weak last night, tried to post but it wouldnt go through. The blood they mentioned in her car and his shoe, was it hers? I hope the evidence against him is so monumental that her lawyers have an easy job in January. Hall was probably wishing he had a couple pictures of himself in that suit to hang in his cell. Maybe his groupies got a couple for him. He is still sickening looking to me. I recognized Aletha behind him and saw Greg Smith on the other side, Greg was looking over at him. I hope Hall could feel Gregs stare.

  749. Sasha,
    I saw that and I thought get whoever it wont change the fact your client is a murderer. Krane did a good job with the OJ Simpson case but then again the Investigator Jung made it easy for them. Most of the blood found in that case was planted. I know that because the preservation fluid EDTA that is used when taking a blood sample was found in the blood at OJ’s home.

    Edwin is going to get what he deserves.

  750. Sasha, Does that mean the glove really didnt fit?? Seriously now, was there really a chance that he wasnt guilty?

  751. Of course the glove didnt fit after being blood soaked and shrunk from drying.

  752. TinPan,
    Yes there is a big chance he wasnt guilty but the thing is we will never know for a fact since the LAPD botched up the crime scene. Too much cross contamination, hell there was 18 police officers at the scene walking around within 2 hrs of the 911 call.

  753. Well i think that bastard is guilty as hell…..i think it was a set up, someone was trying to et him out of it.

  754. I just went to that Edwin Hall Fund site. At the bottom of it, it says “Blessed Be”. Coming from a not so normal religious background growing up, I know this is something usually used in Wicca and other pagan religions. Not that it has any bearing whatsoever on the case. Just an observation that made me a little curious.

  755. Cassie,
    Do I know u, what are u talking about , so u think somebody is helping him out. Osea Naca

  756. And let the mob mentality continue…….

  757. Bad Times.
    I think she is taking about OJ Simpson.

    The investigator that is thought to have planted this evidence is white and racist so I doubt he was trying to help OJ out.

  758. Bad Times,
    Yes, you do know me. We are best friends silly and to top it of we work together. DUH

  759. Daniece,

    I was curious about knowing more about his deranged mind and self, too. Check out my post above from the 16th about the pagan/wicca symbol of the spiral he has a tattoo of. Also, there are some other interesting articles at specifically one about the song he had on his myspace account.

  760. Here’s the link to that article…everyone should check it out especially Hall’s groupies…very creepy!

  761. teledebbie,
    Thanks for the link. I just read everything and you know I think that is the best article I have read on ERH. Kinda lets you see how demented he is.

  762. Teledebbie,

    Thanks for providing the link to that post. And I agree, very creepy. From reading that, it makes me wonder if he did not have this planned out and found a moment of opportunity to make his plan work.

  763. mylifeofcrime,

    Thats a good assessment. With his demented mind there is no telling.

  764. Oh no I doubt he will get out of anything. That wasnt what I was implying. I just dont like the idea of Krane testifying for the defense. Law Enforcement has learned a great deal from the LAPD’s circus act of the OJ Simpson case. That case is used everywhere to learn what not to do. I just wanted to know Sasha’s thoughts on Krane. We are discussing the OJ Simpson case in my Biological Evidence class and of course I have learned a lot about Krane also.

    I doubt Krane will do much then what he’s already done, which is provide an affidavit that the Defense should be provided the DNA evidence in a format which allows them to look it over via the same computer program that produced the results. This is basically the same thing that he makes mention of in his article found here. The Defense is using their own DNA expert, who’s from MO, and has already done work in the JoCo courts before. Basically I wouldn’t expect to see Krane do much more, I seriously doubt he’ll look over the DNA results let alone come here to testify, I bet he had an already prepared canned response for what the Defense was asking for and just mailed it down.


  765. # Dreamon Says:
    August 17th, 2007 at 11:06 am

    And let the mob mentality continue…….

    And let the mentals continue……

    Welcome back Troll.

  766. Wow, I just spent an hour at that site, tks for the link. Found a couple of things of interest there, after you click on the video and it finishes (you can drag it over fast if you like) you see 10 different small links at the bottom of the player. On the 7th one going towards the right, you see 2 guys on pictur. If you watch that one, and the bar moves about an inch, the guy calls himself a “lost soul”. Does that ring a bell? Also on the 9th one, has a picture of a hand, when the bar gets about 1/2 the way across, out of no where a picture of a girl pops up and she looks very much like Kelsey. She is nowhere else in any of the 10 videos, and its not the girl in the video.

  767. LOL Luke They must get a weekend pass at the psych ward.

  768. Glad u all found the link interesting. Wow TinPan you’re good. I never would have found those things. In my opinion, the eeriest part of that article is the relationship to 6-6-6 and how many pieces of this murder’s puzzle are connected to the sign of the beast.

  769. teledebbie, you have it right he is a beast. Yes the 6-6-6 was eerie. I wonder if during the 4 days that they were looking for Kelsey, if Hall was watching it on TV or on line? Do you guess his wife was watching? Or do you think maybe he kept her busy hoping she wouldnt see it? Like the article said he did sign in to MySpace on the 6th.

  770. TinPan, my guess is that they both were watching it and he was admitting to her he was there “shopping” but that he had nothing to do with Kelsey’s dissapearance. At that time he was just considered a “person of interest” so I’m sure his wife wanted to believe that and convinced herself that he had just been at the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, it was beautiful Kelsey that was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  771. ur welcome mylifeofcrime, i think it’s very possible he consciously plotted to carry out this sick, disturbed act. he probably had a scenario in his mind, saw Kelsey, and that was the trigger he needed to carry out his plan since she does resemble the women AFI uses in their videos and it appears her look was his “type”.

  772. After reading everything there is out there on EH, I am convinced this guy lived in a very dark evil realm of self indulgence and sexual fantasy played out. As for his wife Aletha I still have a big question in my mind as to her involvement in his twisted life. I truly believe Kelsey was not his first.

  773. I too believe that it was not his first, seeing that truck follow her into the parking lot at that speed, you could see he was on a mission. Whether it was in him at birth or society had a hand in it, Hall is evil. I may be wrong but I think his wife was a meek, Ill even support us, you can do what you want to, Ill ask no questions or give you no grief about where you go, kind of wife, because they probably had at one time or another been seperated and she wanted back with him under any circumstances. I know this type of woman, my mother was one of them, they just fall in love with a sick, bad boy, and having children by them just makes her over look more, and more. Only difference in our family was that he wanted to kill us, he treated others extremely nice. Hall probably practiced all his lying on her, we all know he didnt get very good at that, because she never pushed the issue. Speaking of lies, do you suppose he is franticlly trying to get someone to help him with an alibi, explaining why his truck was there 2 hours and how he got back to the truck? Do you think with all his family and friends have seen on TV and online they will want to hop up on that witness stand and lie for him? He admitted in that interview he did not know Kelsey, so what kind of lies are going to explain the DNA he left behind? How does a defense lawyer go about helping someone with the amount of evidence they probably have against him?

  774. TinPan,
    He will not be able to lie his way out of it and if anyone gets on the stand and says he was with them and the DNA says otherwise, that person will get in trouble for lying under oath. I dont believe this is his first either.

  775. I agree somewhat with Tin Pan’s analysis of his wife however to give her the benefit of the doubt she may have been fearful of him so did not “push the issue” not knowing (or not wanting to know) what he was capable of. I was in love once with an extremely manipulative, emotionally abusive man. What initially attracted me to him, besides his very good looks, was this aura of danger he exuded. It was exciting. But then I started to develop some suspicions and, simultaneously, denial. One’s mind, and the influence of evil on it, is a very powerful and tragic combination. I truly feel empathy for his wife. I believe she was caught in the depths of this same mental and emotional state, amplified by having his child. And may even still be since we’ve heard she visits him daily.

    As far as people lying for him. No, not going to happen. I’m sure his defense team is more conscerned with “saving” his life with a life sentence rather than proving he didn’t commit the crime. Although, I have to admit I don’t know much about legal proceedings but instead psychology based on experience.

    Love this blog. Very intellectually stimulating!!

  776. I love it also teledebbie, Its the first one that I have ever joined in on, and I read for a long time before I did. Everyone of the regulars on here are so smart, I love the different perceptions and thoughts of all. I like that I can stay close with a group through the duration of this case and know that all involved are rooting for the same thing, justice for Kelsey and her family.
    This was well said tetedebbie, teledebbie Says:
    August 18th, 2007 at 7:22 am
    At that time he was just considered a “person of interest” so I’m sure his wife wanted to believe that and convinced herself that he had just been at the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, it was beautiful Kelsey that was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  777. Tinpan,

    Wow…you were right on with your analysis of the videos. The girls certainly resemble one another and the “lost soul” comment was eery.

    I didn’t know AFI was EJH’s song on myspace but now that I do – I really feel like he got caught up in the fantasy…and that ultimately Kelsey was simply an object to him. One that he craved and stalked – like he was living through the lyrics music except that Kelsey was the one who suffocated as he dragged her down [underwater] with him – she was the ulitmate sacrifice for his selfish, demented rebellion against what she was and all that he never will be.

    I’ve been reading this blog for the last few months and I think you are all great mystery slooths! I dispise what he did and what he stands for. Lies, deceiption, anger, selfishness, perversion, violence, murder, rape. He is all that I retaliate against in this world. Frankly, he scares me at the deepest level b/c he could be anyone’s neighbor.

    Enough for now. I just couldn’t help but post after watching the videos.

  778. EndersZoo I’m sure I speak as all on here would, Wellcome! You are right about that he reversed roles in that video, and he also took her through the woods to the water, I missed that.
    I fully understand what you mean about a sense of security with neighbors, I have lost that also, I find myself looking at guys around his age at work, and thinking you could just as easily be a killer as he is. That was really hard to admit and it pisses me off.

  779. TinPan,
    I agree with both you and EnderZoo. I see my neighbors through different eyes now.

  780. Exactly Amy thats what I was trying to say!

  781. Here is a copy of a filing from the defense. If I am interpreting this correctly. Either Hall wasnt the only person there at the time of the rape or she has sexual intercourse previously.( within a 48hr. time frame)

  782. Amy the only thing I saw at that addy was the legal document, I have never read one before but it seemed to me the defense was conveying to the courts all the possibilites that could affect the DNA results, that the possibility of more than one and the separating of different DNAs being some of the reasons they wanted the DNA turned over to them. Not that it was proven to be more than one, I think on that date defense had not yet been told of any results. I could be reading it all wrong Amy, heck I’ve only stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

  783. Amy07, I couldn’t view the page for some unknown reason.

    I suppose it wouldn’t surprise me if her and her boyfriend had relations prior to attack.

  784. It would not make Hall any less guilty, and it should be easy enough to clear up with boyfriends DNA, I would think. Lets hope.

  785. I just hope it was her boyfriend and not two assailants. Who knows what happen once he left the target parking lot with her.

    EndersZoo, go to and click on plog, scroll down just about to the end of the page and you will see a link to it.

  786. I have the PDF file saved on my computer, I can send you to you through email. If you want it here is my email address If you email me I can send it to you and I will not give out your email. I have TinPan’s and she can tell you I havent given it out and will not either.

  787. EndersZoo, yes its safe with Amy and the other regulars on here, its nice to be able to send large stuff, or talk other than on here.

  788. amy07 Says:
    August 19th, 2007 at 5:07 pm

    Here is a copy of a filing from the defense. If I am interpreting this correctly. Either Hall wasnt the only person there at the time of the rape or she has sexual intercourse previously.( within a 48hr. time frame)

    I’d go with another answer, that the “mixture samples” refers to male and female cells. See my post above where I comment on this exact thing from the filing. Is it possible that either of the other scenarios are possible, yes, but the Defense was mostly trying to make a point about how they need the evidence in a certain format but they are in effect playing games because a mixed sample means in rape cases when a swab is taken, that there are both male and female cells present…. it’s inevitable.


    P.S. If any body is having problems downloading the PDF just drop that link into wget or find the Pitch article with the ERH interview, I believe that’s where it’s linked from.

  789. yikessss MYLifeofCrime we can hardly scroll its sooo slow, do you have any suggestions?

  790. # TinPan Says:
    August 20th, 2007 at 8:38 pm

    yikessss MYLifeofCrime we can hardly scroll its sooo slow, do you have any suggestions?

    The problem is that WordPress really isn’t designed for long discussions, things that really should be threaded in some way and what we’ve got is a long list of text to load up all at once on a single page.

    The most direct solution would be for Bonnie/MyLifeOfCrime to halt all postings to this page and put a LINK at the bottom pointing to a new page where the discussion can continue. New page, less comments, faster load time.

  791. As a matter of fact, I updated this one yesterday. Here is the link to that post:

    So, everyone, go here!

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