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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Update: Bentler Family Murder *Shawn Bentler found guilty of the murders of his family; Sentenced to life in prison*

bentler-familyShawn Bentler was convicted of killing his family by a State District Judge. In his 35 minute statement, the Judge stated that Bentler’s alibi did not hold up, as the timeline would allow for him to had been able to commit the crime. He also stated as strong evidence the 911 call by his sister (which is heartbreaking to hear). He also said that even if the lights were off, his mother and sisters would not have misidentified him. Personally, I was amazed that he would have even said that was possible. To me, that says his relationship with them was not as good as he said, if he thought that they would think someone else was him. Just does not ring true to me either. For me, the 911 call did it. I cannot imagine the terror his sister felt while on that call. Imagine the last person you ever saw being your killer, and that it was your brother, who professed to love you so much. I can only imagine how much anger and hate Shawn had to have inside of him to have killed each member of his family as they begged for their lives, from another member of their own family, one that they all loved so much.  And for what?  Money?  From everything I have read, his parents continually helped him out as it was.  I am sure if he needed money, they would have helped.  But maybe (and I am only speculating here as I do not know him) his greed was greater than just the day to day stuff.  But, was it worth it?  I don’t think so.  Shawn, your family did not deserve this. Now, you will spend the rest of your life in prison.

The Family: Bentler Family murder 10/14/2006 Bonaparte, IA *Son, Shawn, charged with their murders*
Remembering the Bentlers (a memorial site)
Trial for Shawn Bentler set to begin May 7
Bentler Murder Trial Begins
Trial Opens for Man Accused of Killing His 3 Sisters, Parents in Iowa
Shawn Bentler news
Defense Presents Case In Bentler Murder Trial
Shawn Bentler Takes Stand At Murder Trial
Shawn Bentler takes stand
Bentler testifies, disputes 911 call
Bentler testifies he stole from parents, but didn’t kill them
Family now waits for verdict
Illinois Man Found Guilty of Killing Parents, 3 Sisters at Home
Bentler Convicted In Five Counts Of Murdering His Family
Bentler found guilty of 5 murders
Sean Bentler Found Guilty Of Killing His Family
Wikipedia: Shawn Bentler



Name Shawn Michael Bentler
Offender Number 6140607
Sex M
Birth Date 2/5/1984
Age 32
Location Anamosa State Penitentiary
County Of Commitment Van Buren
Commitment Date 6/19/2007
Duration LIFE


9 Responses

  1. Iowa does not have the death penalty. I think crimes like these deserve the death penalty

  2. For some reasons, I didn’t know anything about the Bentler murders until today when the AOL news printed an article. After reading the news of his famil murders and that he was found guilty, I was heartbroken. I even went to a few web sites, looking for his family photo. They were a beautiful family.
    I can’t believe that Shawn destroyed them completely. He chose his greed over his family love, something that I cannot fathom the comprehension of his action. He’s so selfish. Very selfish. It is so hard to see that a person of crime was raised and loved by his parents, but in return he killed them. I’m sure his parents would have helped him if he asked for it.

    In fact, I’m a pro-death penalty advocate, but in this case, I would have demanded his death, but in this case one more death would have been too much that wipe out the whole family. There is one thing I detest him so much is that he still maintain his innocence. That tells you he would kill YOU in a heartbeat with any remorse. He still won’t admit that he killed his family. I think I have said enough for the day.

  3. I wish that I could suggest to the judge that he order pictures of his family members to be placed behind plexy glass where they were happy and then on the other wall put the murder scene pictures and make him look at every day. This sentence was suggested by a relative and I think it is an excellent idea.

  4. I knew of this family and went to school with Sandra’s brother. My heart goes out to all of them at this time. Please remember that God commands us to forgive. Shawn will have a long time to reflect and hopefully talk to God and ask for forgiveness for the pain and anguish he has caused

  5. I went to school at harmony in kindergarten through fifth and I knew the girls and they were awesome but shawn I hope he thinks aBOUT WHAT HE DID and gets what he deserves im sorry but Im do. From me Justin Folker of Bonaparte,Iowa

  6. Shawn needs to realize that no matter what happens to him here on earth, it will be nothing compared to what awaits him for eternity. His only hope is true repentance. He has affected so very many lives. Not just of the ones he took away, but also of the ones that were left behind. The friends, neighbors, and family that loved these precious angels so very much. He will never know the sorrow he has caused my family. My oldest son was one of Sheena’s best friends and my youngest son was in Shayne’s class. These two young men have been devastated. They are both strong Christians, but still have many unanswered questions, I can only imagine what the ones are going through who do not have God to carry them through this. I pray daily for Shawn to finally confess what he has done because that will be the first step to finding repentance. God is very forgiving, but only if we truly ask. I do agree about putting the pictures in the cell. I also would play the 911 tape daily. Sorry, if this sounds cruel, but these people did not deserve any of this. His parents were wonderful to him and what thanks did they get. My heart and prayers are with the Mendez and Bentler families daily. We love them all.


  8. ever since the murders took place, all anyone can say is “why, what happened? what made him snap?” and to this day, all we have are speculations. will we ever know? does he even know why? having known shawn for a while, i thought i knew him pretty well, but aside from the shock of him murdering his family, i have been suprised at alot of his unsavory actions. i wouldnt have seen him being the type of guy to steal from his parents, and their business. or lying to his boss about his dad dying of a heart attack 2 weeks before he shot him. in the beginning i wanted to think it wasnt true, that it was mistaken identity, and when they actually arrested him for it, i wanted to believe it wasnt planned, things just escalated. but how can you deny premeditation when he already said his father was dead? coincidence? only 6 people really know what happened, and at least 5 of them will hold the secret forever. shawns actions have made a ripple effect. not only do i pray for his parents and sisters, but for the family who lost loved ones at the hand of one of their own, and his daughters who are too young to understand why, or where, daddy is.

  9. I just wonder how Shawn was raised. Some kids get to be monsters by being spoiled, by their family giving them whatever they want, covering up for them, never making them pay for their mistakes.

    Something is whacko about Shawn — apparently he was desperate to appear rich to women. He felt he had to have lots of money so women would pay attention to him. Well, lots of guys want to attract women by a nice car, nice things, a good job — nothing wrong with that. But Shawn was so eager to attract women that he probably thought he would not only get money by killing his family — he would get sympathy too.

    So Shawn is stupid — evil — and a punk.

    They should put a picture of his family in his cell — both before and after he killed them. Thats a great idea. Otherwise — he will just block out what he did.

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