This Day in History: Bath School Massacre in1927 in Bath, MI *45 people died, including 38 children*


Arnold Victor Bauerle, 8
Henry Bergan, 14
Herman Bergan, 12
Bromundt, Emilie Marian, 11
Robert F. Bromundt, 12
Russell J. Chapman, 8
Guy Cleo Clayton, 8
Forest Robert “Bobby” Cochran, 8
Ralph Albert Cushman, 8
Earl Edwin Ewing, 11
Katherine Onalee Foote, 10
Marjorie Fritz, 9
Carlyle Walter Geisenhaver, 9
Beatrice P. Gibbs, 10
George P. Hall, Jr., 9
Willa Marie Hall, 12
Iola Irene Hart, 12
Percy Eugene Hart, 11
Vivian Oletta Hart, 6
Blanche Elizabeth Buehler Harte 30
Galen Lyle Harte, 12
LaVere Robert Harte, 9
Stanley Horace Harte, 12
Francis Otto Hoeppner, 13
Cecial Lorn Hunter 13
Emory Eli Huyck, 30
Doris Elaine Johns, 8
Ellen Agnes “Nellie” Price, 52
Thelma Irene MacDonald, 8
Clarence Wendell McFarren, 13
Nelson McFarren, 75
James Emerson “Jay” Medcoff, 8
Emma Amelia Nickols, 12
Richard Dibble Richards, 12
Elsie Mildred Robb, 12
Pauline Mae Shirts, 11 (would have turned 12 the next day)
Glenn O. Smith, 33 (it was his birthday)
Hazel Iva Weatherby, 21
Elizabeth Jane Witchel, 10
Harold LeMoyne Woodman, 9
George Orval Zimmerman, 10
Lloyd Zimmerman, 12

On May 18, 1927, the worst school violence in American history (to date) occurred. Andrew Kehoe, an angry farmer whose farm was foreclosed due to taxes not paid, blew up the new school that taxes paid for. There were 45 innocent people killed and 58 people wounded, most of which were children. This also includes Andrew Kehoe’s wife who was killed probably the day before and also Andrew Kehoe himself. Kehoe left a sign at his farm that read: “criminals are made, not born”

Find-A-Grave: Bath School Disaster (has links to each victim)
The Bath School Disaster (an excellent site)
Consolidated School of Bath, Bath, Michigan
Wikipedia: Bath School Disaster
Wikipedia: Andrew Kehoe
the worst school massacre in American history: not Virginia Tech (a very good article)
Mass Murderers
The Bath School Disaster
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Innocent Targets: When Terrorism Comes to School
Inside the Minds of Mass Murderers: Why They Kill
The Encyclopedia of Mass Murder: A Chillling Collection of Mass Murder Cases

Andrew Kehoe

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  1. Thanks for the link! Glad you liked the article: unfortunately, they just found that a girl’s school in Iraq had been wired up in much the same way, with bombs built right into the walls. Fortunately they found out in time.


  2. One of the victims, a superintendent named Emory Huyck is the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather of the New Netherland governor Peter Minuit, and also the distant cousin of Willard Huyck, the Hollywood director, and the Eighth President of the United States of America Martin Van Buren and his wife, Hannah Hoes. He is of German-Dutch origin.


  3. To date, there are three injured victims left. They are Marian Markham, Donald Huffman, and Bob Dickinson. It is the worst attack upon a school in the history of North America and it has been unbroken since Calvin Coolidge was President, and William Howard Taft, the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.


  4. Hi,
    I’m just wndering if the image “bathschoolmuseumflag.jpg” is available to use in a publication, and if yes, then whom should I credit?

    Alternatively if you have any idea of sources I could approach to recieve High-resolution images of the Bath School disaster, your help would be greatly appreciated.


  5. Mary, the image is copyrighted, and you should contact the man who runs the Bath School Disaster website cited above.


  6. […] suicide at the scene. This was the fourth-deadliest school massacre in the U.S., behind the 1927 Bath School massacre, Virginia Tech (see below) and the 1966 University of Texas massacre. It was the deadliest massacre […]


  7. A woman from Colorado, Lorinda Ann Huyck, a distant cousin of Emory Huyck went Home to be with the Lord on June 17, 2010.


  8. I devote a couple of pages to Kehoe in a chapter of my book (With Christ in the Voting Booth) entitled “Whenever I Kill Somebody, It’s Not My Fault.” It was relevant to my thesis that criminals are born and made.


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