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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Kenneth John Freeman: *Alleged* child rapist arrested in Hong Kong *update-agrees to extradition*

(Update at bottom) Alleged child rapist John Kenneth Freeman, a former Washington State Sheriff’s Deputy, was arrested and jailed in Hong Kong on Wednesday. Freeman is wanted for mulitiple counts of child rape and for videotaping and photographing these assaults. In plain English, he raped his daughter several times and then posted video and pictures of it online. What a scumbag. He was arrested orginally on the charges and posted $50,000 bail and then fled. His daughter, Kylie, is now a teenager and an advocate against child sexual abuse, who has spoken out against her father. It was with her help that investigators and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children pieced her story together, along with evidence of the videos online that had appeared of this child rape.

Authorities charge that Freeman raped his daughter over a two-year period, starting when she was 10 years old. He videotaped the scenes and posted them online in what, they said, became “one of the most widely downloaded child pornography videos” in recent history, seen by millions.

And then there is her mother, Maleka, who has been arrested when she returned from China on May 3, as it appears she has been helping her husband, yes, the man who abused and raped her daughter. What a loving mother.

Alleged American child rapist arrested in Hong Kong
Notorious American Accused of Child Abuse to Appear in Hong Kong Court Friday
America’s Most Wanted
US Marshall’s Wanted Poster
US Marshall’s Press Release
Captured: ‘King of the Child Exploitation Suspects’
Wife of ‘most wanted’ man charged with lying

**updated posted**
Update 9/10


63 Responses

  1. Okay isn’t Maleka the wife of Kenneth and step mother of Kylie?

  2. Yes, she is and she is in jail currently.

  3. This man must be shot. Rather than that, lets get someone of intimidating size, everywhere, and do unto him as he did unto his own daughter. Pull out the video cam and post these photos on the websites that he and other creepy, evil individuals frequent, just as a reminder that when you hurt a child, you are dealing with many more than ol’ Ken can probably handle. Prison should be a whole lot of fun fer ya, ya ol’ sick freak! He does know he is going to hell for ever!

  4. this man must be directly shot on the head when he is arrested. this type of people who cant rape his own daughter has no right to live. if they cannot shoot him lifetime imprisonment can justifiable.

  5. I Just learned about this whole thing from a former co-worker of mine. I worked with “John” (as he was known in China) in Suzhou, China for about 3 months. I knew there was something not quite right about him, but never dreamed he was that evil. In fact, he was one of the main reasons I left that company. I can’t believe my former US based employer didn’t do a backround check before hiring him. If they had, he would have been captured a year or so sooner. This company had me sharing an office with one of the most dispicable and dangerous human beings of ALL times. John even worked on my computer several times and I introduced him to my then 10 year old daughter whom he commented was “a very beautiful young lady”. How unbelievable!!!
    Kylie is a hero for helping put this monster away!
    Have fun in jail Big John you ANIMAL!

  6. If only, all rapers, go to jail… Priets, Parents, Teachers… hard hand on all of them..

  7. Is he already trialed a found guilty?

  8. Innocent until proven guilty,

    No, he has not even been returned to the US yet. He just agreed to come back.

  9. It is time to start microwaving people like these. Build a living room size microwave with furniture and the like and televise how he is put to justice so that others don’t even dare of thinking to ever commit rape or child abuse. Microwaves shouldn’t be too strong so he doesn’t explode and we don’t have a mess to clean. Opponents of “cruel and unusual punishment” against child rapists should be raped.

  10. […] Posts John Kenneth Freeman: *alledged* child rapist arrested in Hong KongUpdate: Camille Cleverly *Police searchin river around Bridal Veil Falls, no sign of Camille yet23 […]

  11. Shoot child rapists in the head? Promises promises. Talk is cheap, etc etc.

  12. I think we should get some one to rape him let those vids and pics get posted on the web then after all that remove his sexual organ and let him live a life of shame

  13. It’s really awful what Freeman did. He should get a thousand years for this. another unfortunate thing is, is that he’s facing trial on these charges in a liberal, soft on crime state. Had he committed these crimes in Florida or Louisiana, he’d be facing the death penalty.

  14. Knowing this man is in jail now lets me sleep at night. I came across the video accidentally 2 years ago and I’ve wanted to know who he was ever since & who that poor child was. I cried for 2 days afterward & it occasionally will pop into my head @ random moments. When I saw the AMW with her on it last weekend, I freaked out. I would not have been as calm as Kylie was about the whole ordeal. I’d go fuckin’ Rambo on the man, at the very least. I hope he spends the rest of his unnatural life in a small, smelly, damp, 4′ by 4′ cell. Or, if we’re lucky & God CAN hear me, he’ll be raped & murdered within 6 hours of entering prison. Fingers crossed!

  15. This guy will become a clinical study which will continue to feed his sick behavior by giving him a lifetime of people showing interest in his crime. That is why he posted on the web. So much public attention gives other sex offenders sick ideas and “heroes” to imitate. The U.S. laws governing sex offender’s needs to be revised. A murderer can not own a gun. Drunk drivers can not drive. Yet a sex offender can own a computer. A person is judged worldwide by their credit score. At they same time a registered sex offender can avoid public knowledge of their crime. I personally know that offenders are everywhere in our daily life. You can not tell them from another. In the Pacific North West there has been Pastors, Police, Fireman, Teachers, Foster care parents. Even the Gov. Ted K of Oregon has a indirect play in a crime on a child. Change the law. And hey, watch you kids. It comes down to not making them available for abuse. kac

  16. Bobby Hass, why the hell do you want to see this video? Sick fucking freak.

    This guy needs lethal injection if you ask me. Disgusting. His daughter is my hero for fighting back.

  17. Timothy,
    I’m interested in what you said about Gov. Ted K of Oregon about his indirect play in a crime on a child. Can you please give more information about the subject or where I can read about it for myself. Thankyou

    What a sick sick person that Kenneth Freeman is. He should be locked up for the rest of his for doing that to his daughter.

  18. And to think this Scum Bag was a Law Officer. Yes he will probably go to Prison for what he did, but he will be put in Protective Custody Isolation, not General Population. Washington State will protect this Scum Bag Rapist !

  19. My prayers and thoughts are with Kylie Freeman..what a brave young women. If Ken was put in General Population he would not last long at all..(I unfortunately worked with him at Hanford for several years) he is so narcissistic, a control freak and arrogant..his fellow inmates would get tired of him fast. He is so in love with himself..I wonder if they will give him one of those prisoner haircuts..Kenny Jr. will hate that..he was always so proud of his looks he could never walk past a mirror without studying himself. I always thought there was something off with was like he had an ’empty soul’, but raping his own child and broadcasting it so the whole world could see..maybe it was a ‘evil soul’ I sensed.

  20. rollins, very good point, this guy might be sick but the things these people come up with doing to him is something much wore than what he did. People like these are the reason capital punishment has been around for so long

  21. I had read somewhere that Freeman stated that although he may have had ‘relations’ with his 10 year old daughter (AND publish said act for the viewing pleasure of sexual deviants), she was not harmed…Ugh, makes me dry heave.

    A question for Reagan: Having ‘come across’ this video did you consider informing authorities that such a thing was circulating? I realise that there is fear of being dragged into something so nefarious but assuming one’s unconnected to such scum I would hope that you did….

  22. After reading many of the comments on here I came to this conclusion: Freeman is a piece of dog excrement for what he did……… but many of the people leaving comments on here are sicker than he is……… both men and women…..”microwave” the guy??? You sick F*cks!!!!

  23. People who rape and murder children (including their own) do not deserve to live. That’s my opinion and I stick by it. I’m sure the people who are saying how “sick” we are would change their minds if this were to happen to one of their OWN children.

  24. rollins,
    Please kiss my ass.

  25. Shauncey,

  26. For all of you suggesting that he deserves to be raped.
    Well, he was raped by his own.
    It started when he was a young boy, now you know why he is sick in the head. God will judge him.
    Kylie did the right thing, hopefully it will put to end a 3 Generation illness.

  27. Tessa in regards of your reply of contacting the police about the said video, well lets put it this way if he did and he knew he was not apart of making the video or anything else but did contact the police he would still be dragged into the investigation, trust me I know for the very same thing happend to my husband, he used to do design custom websites and had a guy from i don’t remember contact him and had child porn on it hmm and gee guess what one of the videos was child porn i told him to burn it to cd and give to police hmm and next day feds were at our door and took our computer so you see my husband was innocent of not being part of making the video but still was investigated. so yes the man who found the video would have still been investigated.
    A question for Reagan: Having ‘come across’ this video did you consider informing authorities that such a thing was circulating? I realise that there is fear of being dragged into something so nefarious but assuming one’s unconnected to such scum I would hope that you did…. that is what i am refering to yeah he would have been dragged into it.

  28. So *THAT’s* what happened to Vicky.

  29. It has been said in the press that the video was one of the most downloaded child porns ever… how do they know that exactly?

  30. Oliver,
    Search for ‘Vicky’ in limewire, emule, or any other p2p program. In about 2 seconds in you’ll have the answer to your question.
    While your at it, since most p2p’s have a chat feature, feel free to contact those sharing these videos. It doesn’t do any good to talk about microwaving pedophiles and the like unless some of you grow some balls and tell it to their faces.

  31. I first became aware of this whole Scandal Years and years ago when Kazaa Lite was just starting.Every now and again I’d dl a Misslabled (Wrongly Tagged) Video.And To be honest I did expect porn. Just not THIS KIND. and His face was readily Identiiable. I’d Delete these evil things and be glad y imperfect life was still better than others may have.What got me was HOW the FEDs and the rest of the world could MISS them or have a hard time recognizing the man in them and his victim.He is truly EVILE and stomachturning . He’s destroyed his Daughter’s Life.Alleged My A** His face was visible and so was thier home.He should have to face every ounce of Pain she must live with since he not only abused her , but SHOWED everyone. I really feel sad for that girl andwhat she must have to face daily.She’s got guts not commiting suicide over such a Hell.
    In short the Mother and father should be publicly violated DAILY during thier Lifelong Sentence.

  32. People, totally understand how all of you feel, and Ken needs to pay for his crimes, and hopefully gets the max that the law will allow. But remember these comments can be read by Kylie, and although what Ken did is unforgiveable, she is the one that has to live her life with the consequences of her dad’s action’s. I worked with Ken and knew his ex-wife gaye real well, and remember Kylie as a toddler before I moved away. Ken had issues back then and you could tell something was not right with him. We all did not know what his child hood was like, but something was not all there with Ken. Bottom line is please be careful what you write as kylie needs to heal and some of the words that have been written could do more damage then do good. Ken will be punished not only by more then just our justice system.

  33. Maleeka isn’t Kylie’s mother. Maleeka is Kenneth’s new wife. Kylie’s mom is supporting her.

  34. I very much enjoyed this young ladys work. If some of the outraged people who have posted here could also forward the videos they have seen. So I too, could be ‘outraged’. I would very much like that.

    Kind Regards

    Mr P Bear

  35. Why would you want a video of child porn? That is nasty and something that you should not want to see.

  36. Mr P Bear,
    I agree with Lavonna. Now, if your desperately in need of some legit, grown-up porn, I may can dig up a tape or two to send to ya. (not that I have a stash) But kiddie porn, come oonnnnnnnn man! Doesn’t that make you a sick, demented, creepy pediphile????

  37. Please don’t microwave him. thats gotta hurt.

  38. so what!!!!!!

  39. For the hurt and pain he suffered by the victim, he must suffer 10 times more. For doing that to his own daughter add another 10. Only then can he know how she had suffered all this time. Her scar is for life. Then send him to his maker for the final judgement.

  40. Time to bring back castration and not the chemical kind and not just the men in this country.

  41. 10 years for that crime is too lesser, should teach others a lesson, hence it should be tortured death is the best one to eradicate future offenses, what do you all say ???

  42. He got more then 10 years. Although he deserves horse whipped and left to die.

  43. I think you are all right. I used to report this crap untill it got too much for me. I could not stand to look at it anymore so I let others do it, they finally caught the bastard now all they need to do is take down p2p downloaders or find a way to filter them. We all need to do something to stop this. I think he should be tortured the rest of his life… wait when he dies he will be.

  44. Boy, when I saw the Vicky video once I downloaded it off emule – that’s got to be one of the saddest and gutwrenching videos ever. Nobody should have ever experienced that, and such a cute girl. These children are robbed of their childhood and of their sexuality later in life. Hope she lives a full and happy life; and I wish he stays in prison for as long as possible.

    note from blog owner

    Are you saying that you downloaded illegal child porn from the internet and watched it?

  45. Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. What you all must realise is that young kylie may still love her father so if you don’t want to hurt her anymore i suggest you all leave messages of support for her rather than posting nasty statements about har dad. He was very mixed up himself just like his daughter may be in years to come,so show some sympathy for both of them and anyone else involved. Kylie,i support you and i hope your life changes for the better. Take care

  47. Boy,it’scrazy how there are some pedophile making themselves aware on here.i hope the Moderators are keeping their eyes on this crap

  48. He was very mixed up himself just like his daughter may be in years to come,so show some sympathy for both of them and anyone else involved
    Be a cold day before he gets sympathy from me

    note from blow owner

    Same here! I hope he burns in hell for what he did.

  49. * Taken from on March 25, 2009

    Washington man who raped daughter sentenced to 50 years
    U.S. District Court Judge Lonny Suko sentenced 46-year-old Kenneth John Freeman on Wednesday.
    Freeman pleaded guilty in December to production of child rape, child pornography and interstate transportation of a minor for the purpose of unlawful sexual activity.

  50. Since when is it you people’s job to decide what is “morally right”? You keep calling it rape. Is it?

    note from blog owner

    When it is illegal, when someone cannot legally consent. A child, depending on the state can be 16 and under, CANNOT legally consent to any kind of sexual behavior or act. Who are YOU to decide that a child loves or wants sex? That is just disgusting. And as a victim of child sexual abuse, I can tell you that it only brings on nightmares for many many years and can interfere with normal sexual relationships as an adult.

    And yes, sometimes children act like they want or like something when they don’t. Imagine that. They just want to be loved.

    And by the way, stop trying to post comments under more than one name. The other offensive one, with the name of Lisa, will NOT be posted. I do not allow those types of comments.


    Before you post a comment, remember this, if you say anything about how the victim looks like she is enjoying herself in the video or anything like that, then that means you are watchin CHILD PORN, which is illegal. CHILD PORN is not legal. Not only will I not post your comments, but I will send your information to law enforcement. If you don’t like it, go away. It is my blog, my rules. Exploiting children is unacceptable to me. Child porn is exploitation and illegal. Children CANNOT consent to having sex. If you disagree, leave my blog and never come back. It is YOUR own choice. Try being the victim of child sexual abuse and what they go thru for the rest of their lives. But I am sure some of you don’t agree and think that children love it. But, they don’t. Regardless of what you believe and how they act. They just want the adult to love them so they act like they like it. But anyone who believes child sexual abuse or sex with children is okey dokey and good, GET THE HELL OFF OF MY BLOG.

  52. “Washington State Sheriff” Do you mean “State Trooper or State Patrol?” because there is no such thing as a State Sheriff, I’m just curious because my late father was a long time Trooper in WA and would turn over in his grave, please tell me he was a local sheriff.

  53. Bobby,
    You are really a sick bastard and I hope Bonnie’s sends all of your info to the cops. Your condoning RAPING and MOLESTING children. “Morally right”? Someone should kick all your teeth out your mouth. I pray to God you don’t have or are around ANY children. You seem ok with what this sick perv did to his daughter. Get lost creepo.

  54. Umm I seen that someone said enter vicky on Kazza or something. So I did it on Limewire and guess what I found. Videos of Vicki or Vicky of whatever her name is. Is anyone doing anything to find this girl. I mean, she deserves a life just like the rest of us. I would kill anyone who would ever touch a little kid, especially if they are mine. Someone with power should help this little girl. Because if I were to find out who she was and what sicko is “hurting” her, they would end up dead.

  55. I’ve been investigating this stuff for about eight years, after getting an email that led me to the child porn links. As an aspiring writer, once I got over the utter disgust, I decided to go “under cover” and try to expose these creeps. There has been some success in putting them out of business, but many sights remain, and get newer vids and pics all the time. Unfortunatly, even after arrests are made, the videos and pics are still out there…many being passed off as “artistic.” Yeah, right. Currently, I’m working on a book using the garbage I’ve collected, that I hope will wake people up to this epidemic of perversion. Here’s hoping more kids like Kylie in Washington State and Masha in the midwest, come forward.

    • pete,

      While you may have good intentions doing this and going undercover, be sure what YOU are doing is not illegal as well. If you possess child porn, it is illegal, no matter your intentions. You have to work with law enforcement. I hope you are already, as posting here on this can be considered an admission of guilt as well.

  56. Masha as in mashas world? that aint illegal thats legit she’s well over 18!

    As for this dirty shite it’s the first i’ve heard of it but when i first started downloading movies i started with kazaa (not anymore) and this sounds familiar. I was trying to download goblet of fire and kept getting porn but one of them i still have nightmares over when it started the video you couldn’t tell she had her head down then she lifted it up and spoke to the guy at the same time i was horrified it was only a few seconds in! I didn’t know what to do i panicked and smashed my pc up and threw it awayy that’s why i remember it so well. I don’t go near them apps now limewire or kazaa i use private torrent trackers. And i think anyone that still does use them apps are only using them for one thing, my neice was looking for britney spears on limewire and most of the searches had words in like pedo and lolita.

    This guy could be anybody he doesn’t look like what id call a pedo but then again what does a pedo look like? Me and my mates when i was younger used to beat up suspected pedos or guys that were boning underage girls like a 19yo with a 14yo (my bird). I’de lovce to cut this guys nob off and stick hot pins in his gonads!

  57. All of the people make a hipocrite coment here and then they search for the video ,if they haven,t already seen it …………..its been watch by miilions so that means most men with a computer have seen it………….hipocrisy rules

    • Sorry, Don, but that is human nature. However, how do YOU know that millions have watched it? Obviously you have. I have not, nor have I even searched for it. No one I know has either.

  58. Yeah. Millions have seen it. Its easy to call a million people “pedophiles”. But far from the truth. Curiosity is more like it. Plus, you can’t ignore human male sexual instinct. Young girls have been getting “sexed” for thousands of years. History overrides modern day ideology. You hypocrites can sit around and judge others based on your narrowminded beliefs. And I could care less if the majority of today’s believers condemn Kylie’s dad. But the facts were made when the story initially came out. She never knew she was being abused. He treated her like a queen. That all changed when the truth came out and others started brainwashing her. “He was hurting you!!” “Really? I never would have guessed..I was having fun.”

    History proves that the world is full of hypocrites who condemn ANYTHING they do not understand. They create a label for it and make it sound ugly. Thats what happened when the telephone was invented. It was the work of the devil according to hundreds. And they were all uneducated people. On the subject of sex, there is nothin dirty about it. Its nothing more than a recreational activity and can be a 100% positive experience. So calling Kylie Freeman’s dad a RAPIST or ABUSER is completely inaccurate. The present world is still far away from being purely intelligent. Maybe “book” smart, but not open-minded intelligence. i prefer to understand my enemies instead of standing and waiting to toss them into a pit of fire when they do something I don’t agree with. HYPOCRITES.

    • Wow – the power of self-delusion and rationalization about what sounds like your own rabid delight in the sexualization of children is astounding. You are seriously, seriously, mentally ill. Take care of it, before something seriously horrible happens.

  59. Speaking of hypocrites, have these aggressively over the top pedophile haters noticed that the people who hate pedophiles the most are already in prison.Most of them are locked up away from their own children which has to be an indirect form of child abuse within itself. As the bible says ‘he who is without sin cast the first stone’.
    Just had a thought, if we lock up all the pedophile haters maybe there would be less crime…..think about it.

  60. Yak, yak, yak: bunch of semi-literate moron immigrants are hereby given an opportunity to espouse their pathetic, backward ideas (tomtom being the exception).

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