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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Senior Airman R’Chardrick Markray murder 4/29/2007 North Las Vegas, NV *Still unsolved after more than 6 years*

R'Chardrick Markray
R’Chardrick Markray

Find-A-Grave: R’Chardrick Champagne Markray
Airman fatally shot outside baby shower
Military airman killed in weekend shooting in North Las Vegas
Military airman killed in weekend shooting in North Las Vegas
NLV shooting victim was airman
Police Need Your Help Catching Airman’s Killer


15 Responses

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with the Markray family. I graduated with R’Chardrick in 2002 and was also a member of the same church as him. I am deeply saddened that a young life was lost so very soon.

  2. This was my nephew, his mother and I have the same father. We were never close as I would have liked us to be and now its too late. I have always wondered what could have been different for this not to happen. He could have stayed or spent time with his aunt, taken another route. But I guess this was God’s will. I pray and ask for anyone who knows anything about the shooter, to please come forward so our family can have closure. Please.

  3. R’chardrick, was a great neighbor and boyfriend to me, here in Las Vegas. We are all mourning the loss of him. He touched alot of people’s hearts when he was alive. After knowing him I am no longer the same person I used to be, because he’s changed my life in a special way. I didn’t know how much of a big role he played in my life until he was gone. I took his presence for granted and I will forever regret that. I can’t figure out for the world who would want to take his life for any reason. And I just pray for whom ever did this, and that they know that they took a great man from this world and that justice will be served to them in some way.

  4. I dont know R’chardrick but I wanted to say he’s family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. There isnt a day that dont go by that I dont think about Chardrick. He was not only the love of my life but my bestfriend for the two years that we were together. I miss him and pray for his family and daughter to keep there heads up. Untill we meet again…….I Love You

  6. I miss R’Chardrick everyday. He is my bestfriend. His love for music will continue to live through me. I would sing and he would accompany me. Music brought us together but nothing will ever tare us apart. He’s my Superman and now he can fly because he has wings. I Love you Always! See you later and I’ll never forget our precious moments together.

  7. To know you was to love you Champane… Times with you were very few, but were always filled with laughter. You are missed.

    God Bless the family. One more up there on your side.

  8. Hello to ALL,
    Chardrick was a very sweet, kind and gentle soul that we’ve all lost so soon. He is in a better place now. Chardrick was my lil cousin. I can re-live him and my lil Brother Brandon playing the piano and singing their hearts away. Chardrick would always, have us recorded on video. Chardrick, I miss you dearly and will always love you. I’ll be in Springhill around Thanksgiving, so I’ll visit with you then. Cousin Detra – Houston, TX

  9. Las Vegs should Re-open the investigation into this senseless murder.

    It’s been 8 months and no one has been arrested.

  10. i was his uncle, it hurt me soo bad that my dawg left because he was the “only” person that i could go to and wouldn’t have to worry about any one else knowing… Me and him made music together some people even thought we were brothers… I talked to him the same day he was killed. And we were talking about when was i gonna come stay with him for a while and i told him that as soon as i get my money up i was gon fly out there….And for some reason that night, me and my homies were just about to go to Gram that night, something was holding us back. And we didn’t go, to find out our boy Hound Diggity was killed.

    I bet not ever find the people who did, even if they catch them. Thats tha only way i’d feel better. You take my blood ima take yours..

    R.I.P Hound Diggity

  11. HI this is Chardrick’s aunt again, its been over a year and no one has been arrested. This is the hurting part, justice has not been served. Its not fair that whoever did this is probably sleeping evernight soundly. But deep in my heart being a christian, i kind of feel that whoever did this, that was there way of life and nothing normally good comes to people who live like that – that don’t value someone else life. So whoever you are, where ever you are, i hope you are suffering just as much as my sister and her husband are. This has not been forgotton. Chardrick you have not been forgotten, even though auntie was never there, I love you. Tishia

  12. It’s been a little over two years since the love of my life was taken from not only me but also our beautiful baby girl and the rest of his family and still it hurts as if it happened yesterday. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of this awesome man and all the great things he did, I pray that the person that did this to him and brought me, our daughter, and the rest of his family sooo much pain realizes exactly what they have done. In the beginning I had so many thoughts of hatered for the individual that took his precious life, but then I went to God for guidance and now I realize it’s not up to me to justify the wrong that was done on April 28, 2007. God will pass the final judgement! I am at peace now because I know R’Chardick is in a far better place that I. R.C.M. please know that there is not a day that you don’t cross my mind and I don’t see that beautiful smile of yours, I love you until the end of all my days.

    Love you always & forever,

    Bridgetti & Toot

  13. I was with Hound in Iraq in 2006. We were both stationed in Vegas. I remeber him and I playin college football on the PS2 over there. Of course he was LSU, I was Oregon and we used to go back and forth a lot. I also remember him making fun of me in the gym because of how little weight I could lift (a lot has changed since then). I did not know Hound very long, but he was an awesome guy. His daughter was in the CDC classroom next to my daughter. I feel for her, him, and all of his friends and family. I lived around the same neighbor hood where this happened and I still can’t believe it. RIP hound, I think about you a lot…I’ll be rootin for LSU jus 4 u!!!

  14. Chow Hound was my best friend. I still cant believe someone would have did something like that to him. He was a great man and father. He always use to tell me that he was ready for me to come to Vegas. I was so ready to go, until I heard that someone took that good man life on my prom night. He really meant so much to me. The day his family and I went to watch him graduate from boot camp in San Antino was a great day,but when he told me that he was going to be stationed in Las Vegas was the worse news to me,which I couldnt figure out why,but Now I see. Rip Hound I will never forget u…

  15. Still, nothing has been done! A cop was killed less that 1 mile from where R’Chardrick was killed and they caught all the people involved.

    I think it’s ironic that 2 similar crimes happened so close to each other. They may be related.

    How can we get the police to re-open this case?

    I’m going to write to America’s most wanted.

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