• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Reggie and Carol Sumner murders 7/8/2005 Charlton County, GA *4 People have been arrested and charged with these murders*

Reggie and Carol Sumner

[Note: Please read my comment policy before posting a comment.  I will not approve any that are in ALL CAPS, threatening to me or other readers, etc.  Even if you are family of the defendants.  Or rather ESPECIALLY if you are the family of the defendants. Yes, I have received posts and emails like this and it won’t be tolerated.]

Archive: James “Reggie” and Carol Sumner murder (full archive of posts on the Sumner’s murder)
Find-A-Grave: James Reginald “Reggie” Sumner
Find-A-Grave: Carol Margaret Alfred Sumner
Missing Couple Feared Victims Of Foul Play
JSO Suspects Foul Play in Missing Couple Case
Police Suspect Foul Play In Missing Handicapped Couple’s Disappearance
Sumner’s Sisters Visit Shallow Grave
Police Speaking With ‘Persons Of Interest’ In Search For Missing Couple
Police: Missing Couple Believed Dead
Police Recover Bodies Believed To Be Missing Couple
Family Hears Tragic News During Vigil
Bodies Removed from Georgia Forest
Family: Missing Couple’s Kindness Led To Their Believed Death
Medical Examiner: Missing Couple Buried Alive
Sumner’s Sisters Visit Shallow Grave
Police: Missing Couple’s Graves Dug Several Days Before Being Buried Alive
Missing Couple Murder Suspects To Be Tried In Florida
Two Suspects In Missing Couple’s Murders Extradited
Man turns on co-defendants
Suspect Pleads Guilty to Murdering San Marco Couple
Second Man Goes On Trial In Couple’s Slaying
Defendant In Double Slaying Called ‘Ringleader’
Killers dug grave three days before burying couple alive

Wicked Attraction: Good Deeds Punished
Deadly Women: Loathe Thy Neighbor
Snapped: Killer Couples: Tiffany Cole & Micheal Jackson
Women On Death Row 5: Tiffany Cole

Michael James Jackson
Tiffany Ann Cole
Alan Lyndell Wade Jr.
Bruce Kent Nixon Jr.


60 Responses

  1. I found a photo of Michael Jackson as well:

  2. Am I the only one who cares? I know about the other murders in the counttry, inclculing the high profile ones of Channon Christian and Christopter Newsom, but no one cares for an elderly couple like this?

  3. Now, this is sad, I am the only one leaving comments. Do you people only care for high profile cases?!

  4. People do care, even if they don’t leave comments. This post has been my top 2 or 3 post all week, with more than 400 people reading it each day. Not everyone leaves comments when they read blogs, that is all. I have an updated post on this crime also, whichI believe has no comments either.

  5. Thank you for your reply! I just recently found out about this awful murder, and must have missed all other posts. Thank you for keeping your site so up-to-date and with so much information.

  6. Hello – I think it is a great blog you have here. Bless the Sumners – no one should be done that way. People do care, just like I care…..they just don’t comment.

  7. Ya, Bruce Nixon happens to be someone whom I have grown up with my entire life. When I heard it was an utter shock, none of you have ever known him, but he was the sweetest most gentle kind person I have ever known. It’s sad how the influence of older peers can make you fall. No offense but the others deserve to FRY!

  8. 2nd trial is under way for the conviction of the murderers of Carol and Reggie Sumner. Michael Jackson was found guilty last month and sentenced to death. Tiffany Cole’s trial began today 10/15/07 and Alan Wade’s trial begins next week. Please pray that justice is done. I am a friend of Carol’s son and it has been very hard on the family to relive these details over and over in trial. It will all be over soon. Thank God!

  9. People need to accept that blame for doing a horrendous crime such as this murder must be assumed by each individual involved. Each of the people involved in committing this murder are very probably very likable people individually, but together they decided to committ an evil act that ended in to people being murdered. Unfortunately, the four murderers will always be remembered by this one act…not how nice or helpful they could be.

  10. I hope they all fry. An eye for an eye…a life for a life.

  11. Tiffany Cole has been given the death penalty by the jury. Although, the judge is reviewing it.

  12. Yeh Ahsley your right…Bruce Nixon is a real sweetheart lol (sarcasm)…every damn one of them deserves to die even Nixon..unfortunately the law kills people in a more humane way than these scumbags..i hate when people try to blame things on peoples older peers…he could have easily said no and been a man..but he didnt and will be punished for it..I heard Nixon was sentenced to 52 years – life in prison..personally i would rather have had the death penalty..These people should only be remembered by this murder..nobody should ever think of them in a fond way again..wipe them off this earth and keep them from influencing anybody else and also to save tax dollars..we shouldnt have to pay to keep pieces of sh*t like that in jail…kill them!

  13. its sad to say this but i used to see tiffany cole when i was in highschool. i found this out a couple of months ago and was completely shocked.

  14. I was a juror for Michael Jackson’s trial. What a horrible, horrible crime these 4 punks committed!! If you only knew! I just wanted to give an update. All four have now been sentenced by the judge. Michael Jackson got the death penalty (Aug ’07), Alan Wade got the death penalty (Mar 4, 08), Tiffany Cole got the death penalty (Mar 6, 08) and Bruce Nixon got 45 years (for pleading guilty and helping the prosecution, Oct ’07).
    May God Bless Carol and Reggie Sumner and help them to Rest in Peace and also to help their families find peace.

  15. Anne,
    I have never been a juror and truly I don’t think I could sit through something like that without breaking down and crying and maybe even getting angry.
    I hope the families are able to find peace but I know it will be hard.
    God bless the family.

  16. Lavonna,
    I can only hope that in this lifetime I am able to sit on a homicide jury.

  17. Shauncey,
    If it involves babies or older people there is no way that I could I don’t have control of my feelings (sorry but truth) and I could not do it. I hope that you are able to because you are in control of your feelings than I am 🙂

  18. You HAVE to be able to control your feelings in order to put the bad guys away! No way around that. If not, those creeps will walk on a technicality.

  19. Rage takes over and my mouth starts running and I can’t hold back. I would be held in contempt of court. I would just cause trouble. 😦

  20. It was really hard for me to read this one. I’ve always had a bizarre fear of being buried alive (taphaphobia) and I’ve learned (the hard way) that reading such an article, although compelling, will have it’s cost to me in the wee hours of morning in my deepest sleep.
    But finally I did read about what had happened to this couple, and it just made me sick to imagine such a thing done by so-called humans to other innocent people.
    It seems the death penalty is given in such a rare few cases, I was surprised (and pleasantly so) to see that it was agreed upon and given to these lowlifes. What a responsible and courageous jury; they saw what needed doing and did it. Nice job.

  21. Hi,
    Everyone. This is a very, very sad crime these four young people commited. I have been following this case all the way to the end. I figured I would throw my thoughts in on this subject. I was in jail here in Jacksonville Florida, and was Alans Wades cell mate for seven months, after having to live with him for seven months, and listening to his lies, and not seeing a single drop of remorse from him, I can truly say he got what he needed, (The death Penalty). While I was in jail, Alan wade showed me all the letters he got from his attorney (The Copy of The victim’s family Letters to the judge). What shock me the most, is Alan Wade would laugh after reading the letters and joke about them. I read them and almost cried, I do not even know these people, but my heart sunk in my chest when I read there family’s letters to the judge. I can say Wade is a piece of trash, and I hope he rots in Jail. Thank you all for your time. Jason…

  22. ok well basically you can all say exactly what u wnat about me and about my comments on bruce but he heas a good heart just mad a stupid decision. i’m not saying omg dont lock him up or whatever but honestly there are plenty of good ppl who make mistakes and this one just happened to be his. trust me i talk to him all the time. he’s paying for it dearly… but he’ll alwyas be the sweet young 16 yr old i have always known and loved. i true freind is there and never turns thier back and i dont have any intention of turning my back on him!

  23. oh and for that eye for an eye comment thats utter ignorancE!! because an eye for an eye the whole world would be blind!

  24. These people were kind and they got hatred and evil in return. Lets see what was Bruce doing with these people if he was a good person. Good people hang out with good people. Three days digging the grave? Come on now Ashley either you are very ignorant as to Bruce Nixon is or you believe that who he was determines who he is now. Sorry, sweetheart he is not going to ever be the Bruce you remember because he participated and then ratted out his friends to the police so he would rot in jail rather than lose his life. What kind of friend is that?

  25. ok heidi i understand what he did was wrong i ahve never defended his actions and he knows what eh did was wrong there isnt a time hes not cryin when he calls me or writes me he does regret it. i mean these ppls daughter forgave him and thats enough for me. if she found it to beg mercy on his behalf before the judge then..she sees what it is i see in him.

  26. Here’s a clue Ashley, your little friend is remorseful because PRISON life has sunken in, not because of what he did! He would’ve NEVER participated if he were a decent human being, capable of any type regard for another person’s life.

    Normal people who actually give a damn about others would NEVER participate in such a heinous act! He CHOSE to become a participant, he CHOSE to dig that grave, he CHOSE to bury those poor people alive, and he CHOSE to go on spending their money like it was nothing.

    Tell me Ashley, when did he stop and think to call the police? When did he stop and think, “Hey, this is wrong?” NEVER! He did NOTHING until they were busted, and then he sought to save his own ass. He deserves to fry, literally, just as the rest of them do. They all deserve to be burned at the stake, not this joke of a DP we have in this country now!

  27. I been following some cases and this is case makes me sick. To bury someone alive. Still, I don’t think anybody should be killed as a penalty. For example, I hit someone and then my mother hits me as a penalty for hitting the other one.. My penalty is the same as the reason that I been punished… I’m against the death penalty and I’m sure that I would suffer more to get sentenced to life without parole. I’m not much younger than Tiffany Cole for example (I’m 21). To be behind bars for the rest of my life, maybe 60-70 years, that’s way more painful than to be “released” directly. If you know what I mean. But maybe I’m against the death penalty beacause I’m born and raised in Sweden where we have no death penalty. The last death sentence in Sweden was back in 1917 (Wikipedia).

  28. this is to stan…. first off, u knew nothing about bruce. i couldnt care less about the others, but at least he had the decency to step up and help the authorities out in the investigation. the others sat there and did nothing. as if wishing they could get away with it. he isnt a scumbag. he made a very bad choice and i disagree with it. but when u grow up going thru the things he went thru u tend to find yourself lost in others perceptions. what he did was unjust but he is a human. i ‘m sure if i looked you up i’d find serious dirt on you that i could smash on you about.. but i’m an adult so i’m gonna act like one. i think you should do the same. honestly i believe that if you dont know anyone who’s involved in this case you really shouldnt have anything negative to say….

  29. i would just like to say that my heart goes out to the the sumner’s and their relatives.i am sickened by these scumbags and would do anything to personally turn the lights out on these fuckers

  30. Seeing all these bad comments and all just makes me wanna cry.. Im am Jennifer.. I am Tiffany Coles cousin. I grew up around tiffany and never in my whole life would i have expected this… I also knew Reggie and Carol… I knew the good they had in there hearts after my step dad beat my mother and her and i and my younger sister went to my neighbors, reggie and carols, house back when they lived in ladson… Its a horrible feeling to be torn between your blood and you family…. which i considered both to be family… Now when i hear ppl say things like let them burn and murder then… stop and think about this… what if one of these people were a part of your family, a friend, or a lover… would you honestly be saying that to them…. Now im not saying that what tiff or wade or the jackson kid(whom was not her boyfriend, just a mere friend) was ok in any way shape or form.. i still have nightmares about the trial… seeing those photos in my dreams… its disturbing, but think about it… what if this was your sister, brother, cousin, anything…. would you stilll say these things

    • Jennifer,

      I am sorry for the pain your family is also enduring, but to answer your question, yes, many people would still feel that way if it was their family. For example, I have a brother in prison for trying to kill his wife. I do not condone his behavior and I also believe he did not get enough prison time (14 years). Another thing to remember, this is a place for justice and the victims. NOT the defendants. While I have compassion for you and your family, I do NOT have that for these defendants. I am sorry if that offends you, but Reggie and Carol lost their lives for no reason.

  31. probably nobody is reading this anymore, but I’ve just read these responses and I want to punch something ! To all the people who ‘realize that what they did was wrong but so-in-so is really a good person gone wrong because of the influence of others; Bullshit. Think about it. Think about the hours, the days these people had to reflect on what they were going to do. the time, the preparations, the knowing that their victims were older, were disabled (and were very loving helpful people) and then to go ahead and participate..minute by minute, help shovel the dirt on top of these two people while they still lived,..walked away, spent their money, didn’t say ANYthing (in the case of the little piece of shit Bruce Nixon) who DIDN’T ‘step up’ but only spoke out to save his skin.

    It seems as someone else pointed out, that people have a hard time seeing that someone can do unspeakable evil and have ‘crossed over to the dark side’ when they themselves see the good parts of a person. People aren’t 2 dimensional, most horrific monsters have done some good things too, and maybe have been good to some people. But these people considered and carried out this crime against a loving, helpless, disabled couple. This means they ALL had/have the ability to not see the humanity of others, maybe of old people but somehow they ALL decided these 2 poor people did not matter. At all. No empathy. None. Because if even one of them had felt empathy they would have stopped it or not participated. They were all monstrous and have committed an act that separates them from all humanity (at least all humanity of who aren’t sociopaths) IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THEY WERE FRIENDLY TOWARDS YOU OR CRY OR ANYTHING. NOTHING CHANGES WHAT THEY DID, OR (MORE IMPORTANTLY) THAT THEY EACH WERE A PERSON CAPABLE OF DOING WHAT THEY DID. It’s not understanding important things about human nature that allows people to think if THEY had a good experience with someone that it can be concluded that the person is essentially good.

    Sociopaths are extremely appealing, fun, charming ..and capable of anything if need be to accomplish their goals. Also, they may cry and shiver and wail when they’re caught, and facing the consequences of their actions. It may cause a feeling of wanting to protect them because they seem sorry about what happened, and seem so sad and afraid, but it is only for themselves.

  32. The death penalty is dead wrong – i just pray that people will realize one time that “legal” killing is not better than what the murderer did. who tells us what we do is good? no one…..we build our own law system, but who above us legalizes our behaviour? the death penalty doesn´t help anyone. if we feel so much hate inside that we are happy to see a person dead ( whatever he or she did ) we should be the next one and we are all offenders. the jury system, well….most of the american criminal law system is based on emotions and not on bills. this is sick. a system based on violence creates violence. what do we expect from the people? how can we say killing is wrong when we kill? it makes me sick and cry to read such violent comments. that only shows one thing to me…..we are ALL equal…and we could all become a murderer. maybe people should start to understand why people get violent….it is because a lot is going wrong in our society. it is because we exclude and discriminate. i am sorry to say that but the usa is a country that is based on war and violence, always trying to pretend to be good and above everyone. they start wars and wonder why violence is coming back. well…..everything is coming back… is just a reaction of how you act……

    • traineelawyer,

      You are entitled to your opinion. Please answer one question: How many of your family members have been murdered? Your answer should be short and just have a number in it, not any explanation. Just a number, and maybe their names, but that is it.

      • Not sure if anybody reads this anymore or not but I just saw a story about this on TV today and found this site on the internet and began reading. Trainee lawyer is an absolute IDIOT. I agree completely, lets see who in his family has been brutally murdered and then see how he feels about the death penaly. People like him are what is wrong with this country now. No, lets put them in prison and give them 3 meals a day, a warm bed, cable TV. a workout area, a free education, heating, and air, hell who wouldn’t prefer that over death. He wants to tell us what is wrong with our country. Maybe he needs to get the hell out of our country. I see he never answered your question did he???? Figures.

  33. death row is wrong y should it happen in the usa when it dose not happen in the uk. They are just kids so treat them like kids not adults. They should not be on death row. They have got live with what they did for the rest of there lifes surely that is bad enougth

    • Emma,

      They committed an ADULT crime, so they should be treated as adults. They knew what they were doing. Maybe you believe it is okay to murder, but I don’t. It was callous and cold-blooded. I hope they all get what they deserve.

    • Emma how can you talk about these people like they are just innocent children? This couple did everything in their power to help this girl Tiffany while her father was dying. She makes the adult decision to start doing drugs and hanging out with a bad crowd and when they run out of money she decides to take advantage of the Sumners knowing they will help her out. Then this group made the adult decision to go and rob these people, put them in a trunk and bury them alive and you do not think they knew what they were doing? They were all over the age of 18 which makes them adults by the legal definition. They know right from wrong. Also, Tiffany and Michael are sociopaths. They have no emotions so they are not
      remorseful for what they did. They are not living with any burdens. They both deserve to die. I also have to wonder is you would feel the same way if this happened to someone in your family? Also who cares about what does or does not happen in terms of death penalty in the UK. This is the USA and some of our states choose a punishment that suits the crime and that is the way it should be. The end.

  34. well i think that they all should have gotten death because i didnt know carol but i new reggie he was my uncle at one time. and he was the sweetest man ever, .

  35. I am Rhonda….Carol and Reggie’s daughter. I have forgiven them all. They are God’s to deal with.
    Bruce did the right thing! I believe he told the truth.
    As far as the death penalty, I still have a hard time with that ruling. It grieves me that their life has no quality because of a terrible choice they made. My parents are dancing in Heaven with the Lord, and that gives me great peace! I pray for the families of Bruce, Alan, & Tiffany. Alan’s mom is a precious woman who probably does not see the wrong her son did. I pray she, too, is comforted somehow.
    Thank you for all the kind comments. God Bless! Rhonda Alford

    • I was so sick watching this on TV…there is such evil on this planet. It is heartbreaking to imagine what your parents must have endured in their last moments. They seemed so sweet and timid. I am crying as I type this…I feel so sad for your family. May angels watch over your parents until you meet again…

      May I ask what happened to Mikey? God Bless.

  36. carol &geggie where my grandparents

  37. This story came on the show “Deadly Women” recently and I am very sickened by this. It made me cry. Some people are so heartless and sick. True justice for these people will be handed out when the execution is carried out. However, I hardly consider lethal injection a fair method. It is too humane. They deserved to be buried alive like their victims. RIP Carol and Reggie. I hope you are at peace together.

  38. Just watched on ID channel about this very very horible crime,,, I wanted to do a little more research… Am so relieved that the maniacs are sitting on Fla Death Row… The death penalty should be reserved for evil people… They will met there end in some level of comfort, compared to the terribly manner in which they killed those two kind souls… Some time justice prevails, lets us hope sooner than later….

  39. I also just watched this program on Investigation Discovery. I am glad to have found updated information on what the final sentence was for these criminals. Although I believe in forgiveness for our own healing I certainly believe that the proven guilty should live a life in prison without many choices, activities, etc. No one commits a crime like this, so well planned out and executed without being a sociopath. Bruce did do the correct thing and his level of sickness may not be as deep as the others, but, nonetheless he deserves the sentence he was given.

  40. This is Rhonda again…the daughter. I am grateful for the comments and compassion being shared on this blog. I must agree with sweet Heather. There IS terrible evil in this world, but the Lord is bigger than the evil one. Whether one believes it or not, there is an evil presence. God says that He made us in His image. So, if we LOOK like God, and Satan hates God, then everytime he sees us, he sees God, and is only out to destroy….and on and on it goes. Without the Lord, we are left uncovered and exposed, naked, and in the cross-hairs of the enemy. With God, however, we can call on Jesus to fight what we cannot even see.
    God knows exactly what it will take to bring us to our knees. He speaks our individual language. Before the murders, I was so lost! God, in His mercy, allowed the deaths of my precious mom and that sweet Reggie to occur (read the book of Job). I even believe that the Lord’s heart was breaking that night, and it continues to break over all the people who reject Him. Bad stuff is gonna happen! We live in a fallen world..I mean let’s get real here, this world is JACKED UP!! But God is still in charge. Nothing that happens is a surprise to Him. He doesn’t freak out when stuff happens. That is the coolest thing about belonging to Him. When I go into freak out mode over whatever, big or small, I hear His still voice whisper, “I got this, girl!” Mom and Reggie are in Heaven, and as a result of their deaths, I have given my life to the Lord, and so has my household. I may still have lingering questions, BUT, I had to learn to be ok with a little mystery. He’s got this!
    As for Mikey, well, if you know him, write to him. I can tell you he is not the same person. He, too, has given his life to Jesus. That kid is wrecked for the Lord. The others, well, it is a dangerous situation they are in, and my prayer continues to be that they come to know the same God I do.
    Giving it all to the Lord ain’t for the weak! It is for the lost, the depressed, the addicted, the confused, the frightened, the sick, the bitter, the cutter, the suicidal, the broken, the abandoned, the forgotten, the orphan, the widow, the cheated, the slighted, the DESPERATE! If you are in any of these categories (I was in at least 4!) then invite Him in. I promise it it so worth it!

  41. Rhonda,

    I thank GOD for your strength. I just watched this story on ID and must tell you, my heart was/is broken by this. I don’t know if I could handle this BUT through CHRIST, ALL things are possible. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, as well as those that committed this terrible crime. We never know what we’re going to endure in this life, what we do know is that GOD will never leave us nor forsake us; but we have to trust him. When reading your comment, I got to the bottom and I found myself having several of these issues and I’m giving my entire life to the LORD; for he’s the only one that can restore me and give me perfect peace. Thank you so much for sharing and giving us all something to think about (forgiveness) May GOD continue to bless you and your family, You all are in my prayers.. GOD BLESS!!! RIP Mr. Reggie & Mrs. Carol…

    • You are so beautiful! i’m happy and excited for your life and what all is about to joyfully explode in you and through you! God is good ALL the time, so hold on sister….it’s just getting started! =D Rhonda

    • well said Caroline, i myself just watched the story for the first time, im at home still in tears as im sure most of Australians thats watched this tonight are.

      Rhonda like Caroline said, i to thank god for your strength.

      i have to say this god forgive me, may all four of them rot in hell.

  42. When do they get the well earned needle.

  43. My god.. I dont know what to say about this case.. I think its horrible what happend to the Sumners..

  44. My heart was so heavy and I felt sick after watching this on Investigation discovery. How could anyone do this to a fellow human. If i could, I would inject these evil trash myself.
    I only hope these murderers will feel the horrible fear when it’s their time to die.

  45. I hope they all rot in fucking hell. its the first time i heard about the sumners and i am so freakin mad i would rip their face off with my hands. That freaking idiot girl who they trusted should of never got involved with that bytch. I say pray for your soul cause it might be the last thing you ever do. I feel so sorry for the sumners and i pray for them and their families. You are all peices of shit in my book who did this. I am so freaking mad i cant even see stright. micheal jackson doesnt deserve that name he will never be like the music legend.

  46. I’ve seen their story twice on ID and I honestly cannot believe someone could do such a horrible crime. When the details of the autopsy where revealed coupled with how they were found..I burst out in tears. NO ONE should have to endure such a death..least of all a helpless elderly couple. I’m glad at least three of them got the death penalty. They showed no remorse in their crimes. I did see the kid crying when he showed the cops their graves, he has a bit of a heart but more could have been done. Money is truly the root of all evil.

    It softened my heart to see their dtrg, Rhonda and how she’s dealing with their deaths. I know many of us may not have been able to handle this the way she has…but she is a courageous woman. Forgiveness truly is the first step in recovery. It’s not letting anyone off the hook, instead it’s allowing you to take back control over your heart.

    God Bless the Sumner family.

    • These people are evil, this was a senseless crime and they inflicted unessesary suffering, they deserve a slow agonizing painful death. Rip Mrs carol and Reggie sumner.

  47. I just wanna say that for real people u have no right to judge anyone on any actions that is for God and God alone yes my brother made a mistake and he will pay for it with the rest of his life you have no idea how many nightmares he has and sleepless night thinkin about these people and all the wrong that he did but just to clear somethings up and speculations my brother was not the one who buried them he walked away because he couldnt handle it and the whole time my brother was comforting the sumners tellin them just to do what they say and everything will be ok and just for the record my brother is far from a “scumbag” and let me ask yall something who thinks that he is ok have you ever stolen a piece of gum or told a lie have you ever looked at a woman or man lustfully have you ever cheated on a school test or assignment because in Gods eyes no sin is greater than the other so in Gods eyes we are all “scumbags” but yet God sent his son to die so that we may ask for forgiveness and the merciful God that we have will always grant us that if we come to him and my brother has gone to God and asked for forgiveness and tries to live for God now but he is only human we all are so of course he makes mistakes but still that is not for anyone to judge him on only God….. My heart goes out to the family of Carol and Reggie Sumners I just pray that God blesses yall thru this terrible tragedy May God forever be with yall….

    • Brian Nixon,

      This is not about sin but about breaking the law, man’s law. In the court of law, religion has no place. I am sorry, but that is how it should be. Everyone has different beliefs and it is unfair to force people to go by someone else’s beliefs. You are expecting atheists to think about sins, when they don’t believe in that. You expect everyone to forgive, but that in reality, is easier said than done and has no place in the criminal justice system. It should not be a requirement. While your brother may show true remorse and such, that does not take away from what he participated in and has to pay the consequences. It is easy to say he has remorse and everyone should not judge him. But if society goes by that, then all killers and predators would walk free and then what? It does not work that way. He participated in the crime and has to pay the consequences, regardless of how harsh you think it is. It is felony murder, so of course he is treated as a full participant. But his sentence shows mercy, compared to the others. Carol and Reggie’s families apparently forgave him, so that should help him to make it through.

      Honestly, you should not worry about how others feel about him. Just worry about him and be supportive to him. There is nothing you can do to change how anyone else feels about him or the others involved.

  48. And here we are Jan 2014 and these pieces of shit are still alive.
    I would have preferred they got death sentence in exactly the way the couple died. Buried alive including crybaby young guy.
    I want them to die thinking of victims death. Sitting on death row is not
    good enuff nor death by injection a joke. I am heart sick just after
    viewing this program. I’m also so angry they are alive. I do believe this is the worst crime I gave ever read of. It is cruelty beyond description.
    I do add I find the daughter unbelievably charitable. Good grief she is
    Almost blasé. I understand asking Lord for support,etc but my God woman this is the worst ever for torture.

  49. This story is horrendous and these people ALLLLLL of them should be buried alive as punishment.

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