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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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This Day in Crime History: Lindhurst High School Massacre 5/01/1992 Olivehurst, CA *Eric Christopher Houston convicted and sentenced to death*

Lindhurst High School

Robert Brens
Beamon A. Hill
Judy Davis
Jason E. White

The Hostage of Lindhurst High School Classroom C106, May 1, 1992 (a survivor’s story)
School gunman surrenders; 4 killed in 10 hour ordeal
Hostages families waited in terror
Siege suspect sought out teacher
Suspect in high school siege pleads not guilty to 4 killings
Rampage victims kin face two trials
Friend says suspect often told of plan for school killing spree
Gunman killings not planned
Houston was sane during school rampage
Dropout guilty of 4 murders in rampage
Jury urges death for Houston
Houston plea for mercy rebuffed death penalty likely
Houston cries out to jurors
Town without pity for killer
People of the State of California v Eric Christopher Houston 2012 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Lindhurst High School, Olivehurst, California (about 1/3 way down)
School Shootings
Recent shootings at U.S. schools
Murderpedia: Eric Christopher Houston
Wikipedia: Lindhurst High School shooting

Detention: The Siege at Johnson High



CDCR#: H94300
Age: 42
Admission Date: 09/24/1993
Current Location: San Quentin
San Quentin, CA 94964
(415) 454-1460


45 Responses

  1. I went to Lindhurst exactly 6 months before the school shooting. I was in Knoxville Tennessee when I saw it over the news. I couldn’t believe that something like this could’ve happened to a place I have been to before, or even to people that I have known before for that matter. Just wanted to write a little on my feelings about this school shooting, and also pray for the students and families of the victims at Virginia Tech. God Bless all of you.

  2. […] 5/01/92 Olivehurst, CA *school violence/mass murder* Posted in school violence, homicide, high profile, cases/theme of the month, Eric Christopher Houston, hostage situation, Mass Murder, Movies Based on True Crimes, death penalty, crime, shooting, murder, murder in the 20th Century, 1992, California. […]

  3. this is my last year at lindhurst and i just wanted to say we still every year have the same teachers say and explain the loss and fear the victoms and families dealt with .

  4. I was a senior at Lindhurst High School the day of the shooting in 1992, and there is not a day that goes by that I am not, in some way, reminded or affected by the horrific events of that May 1 day. I was 19 at the time of the shooting when I lost my first period teacher. He was more like a lifelong family friend than just my Civics Instructor. He was a true mentor to me and an inspiration to everyone who knew him. He will continue to be missed and never forgotten.

  5. 15 years later and still we wait and pay taxes for the piece of shit who killed our friends and teacher who was always there to help. While we still grieve It gets to have visits with his family and friends weather it be letters or in person. It as an inmate where he is housed is aloud to have picnics with it visitors as well as timer outside with compatable inmates. All the things it took from our friends it still has. Our state should stop putting out so much money on those who do not even deserve to be called men and just put them to death, Eric thought not of Jason life as he looked at him smiled then shot him. I was on the field back the year he was a senior and did not graduate and I heard him say the school was going to pay for him not graduating , he had 3 years to get over the fact that he messed up. No one made him not do his work that was his choice. We all have choices in our lives .

  6. I just wanted to write in and say how sad I feel for those who lost there family members, and friends that day.. I moved here to Olivehurst just a short time before this happend. I remember being outside the place I lived. We were having a Bar B Q starting that evening when I looked up and saw several helecopters over head. I don’t even know how I heard of the news. But my husband and I drove to the H.S. but you couldn’t even drive down, it was so packed with cars, and cops… We had to watch it on the news. Our little girls were only 2yrs and 3yrs at this time. I was shocked to come from a small town where we lived, and thought “OH MY GOSH” what kind of place did we move too? I never saw anything like this around us before? I worried, thinking, “Will my girls go to that school one day?” I was kind of hoping NOT…..but, we however never left this area, we lived in Marysville for awhile, but then ended back to this location. And now they attend there and its their last yr. WHEW………I still worry and get scared from time to time.. I still have a son who will attend one day… And it haunts my memories and I never had to live it the way these parents, and friends of those love ones that they lost goes through day by day…..My love and prayers are with them….I recently drove by to show a friend where it all happend… She was shocked to know That this is the school where this sad and horrible tragic happend…I know what it’s like to love my children….and I cant even contain the thought of how these families and mothers and fathers are still feeling over loosing there children…..I worry with every pain that my children feel….My heart goes out to you all………..GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF THEM…. and will DEAL WITH ERIC H. IN HIS TIME…..

  7. I am currently a student at Lindhurst High school and just like every parent,my parents didn’t want me to go to this school. I AM GLAD I GO HERE and i always think about the shooting,sometime sim scared, but I realize our school is nothing liek that anymore and it never was. This was one very bad incident and I just hate people saying our school sucks or if you go there your gonna get shot. It kills me to have people say this because they dont even know. Lindhurst is moving up so much and im proud to be a Blazer. Every year of the day when those students were shot i am always reminded of the story, and my fellow peers and I just cant imagine how others felt when this happened. But we give our blessings to those that were killed and to the teacher and we continue on at school one place i will ALWAYS REMEMBER AND REP.
    Blazers for life

  8. lindhurst high will always be apart of me im still dealing with the shooting but i think it only made all of us stronger it is not the school you have to fear that was a 1 in a million thing that happend there it all comes down to a guy that could have went to summer school to get his deploma
    or adult ed or somthing instead he shames his famaly and kills kids we all went through hell in that class room and in a way we still are and now we pay for that basterd to live when i would volintear to end his life today he killed my freinds a good teacher and took alota childrens inocents that day he raped us all but i sleep at night in the knowledg that maybee buba is raping him im sorry if i ofended any one but i earned the right to this post we all did R.I.P. MAY -2-1992 ….JOHN MILLS

  9. 16 years later and you are still missed Beamon. I will always remember!

  10. I have nothing at all to do with this shooting. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even born when this tragic story took place, but we spent a whole class period talking about this event, and it was just horrible.

    I cant even imagine what was going through the students mind that actually saw these events take place.

    Just wanted to write a little on my feelings about this school shooting, and also pray for the students and families of the victims at Lindhurst Highschool. God Bless all of you.

    • Tiffany,

      Thank you for your kind words. I don’t know if you will ever see this posting since you wrote it so long ago. Just taking the time to say something to someone you have never met means so much to those of us that were there when it happened. I am glad to know that the teachers and staff are keeping the victims in their hearts and keeping them alive by telling their story. I was in the same classroom where Beamon Hill was shot and killed. It was a horrible tradgedy and when I choose to remember it, it kills me. I live it and it tears up my heart to know that I lost 3 friends that day and a respected teacher (who I never met).
      Thank you again and God Bless you,
      Holly ( if you want to write to me or have any questions.

      • u were in the same classroom?? so, did beamon even know that little girl angela welch????

        • They were currently dating or had just finished dating. They were very close. Why do you ask?

        • They were currently dating or had just finished dating. They were very close. Why do you ask? Angela and I were friends and still are in contact with each other.

  11. I acually had just started my freshman year there when the event took place. I didnt attend school that day. I truelly feel the same way as another person feels i hoped that every day eric huston is getting his innosence taken from him every day by big buba. hHe has truely hurt alot of people and I hope he gets hurt every day of his life. I pray for all of the victoms and their families. A guy named john wrote a story about his time in the building c106 with eric and john you are an absolute hero in my eyes and I’m sure lots of others as well. You saved lives and tried to stay to save more you did what a true hero would do in that situation and I praise you for that. I pray for you as well as the other victems and families. I also pray that all violence would come to an end. Just felt like I could put a little of my feelings out there. God Bless.

  12. I was a sophomore when this happened at LHS and there is never a day that I am not reminded of the tragedy. I have never been so scared in my life then! I still remember the events as if it happened yesterday, Being in Mr Ledford’s class and where Beamon was killed. Mr Ledford was a true hero that day, he risked his life for the rest of us.

  13. All these years have passed and I still miss and love Jason (White). He was my first REAL love in Rio Dell, CA, and our relationship only ended because he moved to Marysville. I remember hearing the news while meeting up with a family friend in the local grocery store. I was so unbelieving at first…. he was the ONLY student I knew in that school… how could it be possible? I was so shaken, the clerk called my mom to come get me because I couldn’t drive. I tried and tried to find his family and prove it wrong, but was unsucessful. I went through MONTHS of hurt, shock and disbelief until there was a news report of that ba$tard’s sentencing that showed a clip of Jason’s mother (Mary) telling him “you walked into that classroom with a gun and left my son to defend himself with a pencil.” It was then that reality hit home and I crumbled! I am now married and have children (one with the middle name Jason as a rememberance) and I still miss him and wonder if we could have stayed together, maybe married, if he’d just never moved to be in that damn school! ANYONE who reads this and knew him or has information on where to find his family, e-mail me please!

  14. Here it is Febuary 12, 2009 almost 17 years pass the most shocking tragic day of my life and now I am starting to deal with it. May 1st 1992 Lindhusrt shooting. I have spent many years of thinking I am ok and one day all this anger came to surface and I didn’t know where it came from. Scared me to the point of seeking cousling again but I had to find one who wouldn’t put me on drugs to cover up my feelings and one that could help me figure out what is going on. God led me to one and now almost 6 months latter I can say I am taking back control of my feelings and life for nearly 17 years I have let this on tragic thing control my thoughts, fears, and so forth. I have postramatic stress syndrom and most of you out there that lived through that ordeal probably do to. I am writting today after a very emotionally hard session but I want all of you that lived through this to know that you are not alone if you are still living in fear or never feel quite safe. It is normal yes even after all these years.

  15. i was a junior the year that it happened. it was a very scary situation. i was one of the lucky ones to get out….

    i think of it every day and remind myself that i had a second chance…

  16. This time of year I can’t get May 1st off my mind. Here it is almost 18 years and still can’t get it off my mind. For several years I would not even get out of the house on May 1st. I have gotten past that now, but still there it is, in the back of my mind, that horrible day that changed so many lives in a split second. I am not sure any of us who survived that horrific day are the same as they were before. That day has haunted me and I am sure many, many others since that day. I wonder daily if I will ever get over this. It is amazing how one, young man, could have such an impact on hundreds of people. I wonder some times, as he sits in that prison, waiting to die, if he ever contemplates on that one day. When not only did our lives change, but his life ultimatly changed. I hope he does. And some day when he does get his final punishment, he will meet his maker and I hope that he has made amends for what he did to so many of us. If he has not then God will not have mercy on his soul, and he will think of us every day of his life for enternity. Maybe then some of us will get the closure that we need, because justice has been done.

  17. Man MAy 1st, I lost a brother, Beamon Anton Hill, he was a special person to me and my family. and i ask why did god see fit to take this wanderful person away from us? It has drasticaly changed my life, I can truely say that I havent been the same person I was before this, I became a more angry and violent person. Then 1 year later we lost his brother Aaron, he was murdered in sacramento, and I truely lost it. I know they say that god dont put to much on you that e know you cant handle but this is way to much even now!!!!!

    • I am so sorry for the loss of your brothers. I did not know about Aaron. Beamon was a great friend. We used to joke around all the time…..he was SO very funny. They will be missed. Anyway I just wanted to share. You probably won’t see this because you wrote this a couple years ago.

    • were u older or younger than beamon? and did u hear about that little girl who’s life he saved???

  18. I lost Beamon Hill in this ordeal, and havent been the same sence, ever sence this has happened I have been a very angry female, and just hateful that how could god let a man just take someone so precious and kind hearted!!!!Then 1 year later is brother Aaron was murdered in Sacramento, and that was it for me, I lost it all the was and became this massive bitch that i am!!!!I need Help!!!

  19. I was good friends with Beamon he was always so happy never ever got mad. I was also friends with Aaron it was very sad to lose them both.. When I’m in the area thats the first place i go.Gotta pay my respect 2 my hero & his bro. I knew them both through my uncle Mike Aaron taught me how 2 slap bones and roll fatties and Beamon taught me 2 be happy. RIP guys miss ya WE MISS YOU

  20. I am a parent of what back then was a Jr. at Lindhurst. My oldest daughter graduated from Eric’s class. Anyway this was a day none of us will ever forget. I think this massacre was one of the first of the school shootings. Talk about being a scared parent, luckily my daughter was at a swim meet when this shooting took place but we did not know for sure for awhile where she was.

    Reading so many of these stories brought everything back, but one thing I am very disappointed in—that the school doesn’t even take a moment of silence on the aniversary date of this shooting!!! I have a friend who has a child in this school and they said nothing is said or done on the aniversary. That is SAD!!!

    • Barbara,

      I agree. They should remember it every year. Remember those who were there and never forget them. Something should be said to school officials there too.

  21. My brother and I attended Cedar Lane at the time of this shooting. This is the very first one, I ever heard of, yet one of the ONLY ones I never hear about. I had people deny this ever happened, but I knew better. I knew it was on the news, I knew there was somethign somewhere ( I now live in a different state) Sad part, is my brother and I, used to be babysat by Eric’s sister. I will never forget the day my mom got us from her house, and never took us back. I believe my uncle started watching us from there on. I feel so bad for the families that were effected by this, and EVERY single person who has been effected from this. This should be remembered, so I thought id say alittle something. Everyone knows what he did was wrong. No doubt. I think he has since been to death correct? I do not know 100%. I will pray for everyone!

    • Shawna,

      This was not the first case of school violence or shootings in the US. Not even close. Look up the Bath School Massacre, Brenda Spencer (I don’t like Mondays) and Nathan Ferris, just to name 3 from before 1992. And also, most of the cases of school shootings or violence have not been highly publicized. Only the ones in the last couple decades. And then only some.

      No, he has not been executed yet. He is still on death row.

      • To mylifeofcrime, SMDH go back and re-read what Shawna Crane wrote. She did not say that it was the first school shooting, she said it was the first one she had ever heard of. “This is the very first one, I ever heard of” you must pay very close attention to what someone types, writes or says because otherwise you get a person’s message twisted and end up putting word’s in his/her mouth (basically like you did here). Furthermore, I am so glad she made the point about how as big as it was and as historic as it is it is ignored or rather forgotten by the media and society. We hear so much about Columbine (1999) this and Virginia tech (2007) that, which were horrid events as well, but Lindhurst was also horrid and deserves just as much attention and remembrance. Shawna, by making that statement, pointed out something that I have been questioning myself all of these years.

        • Parkman,

          I apologize if you thought that I meant that the shooting at Lindhurst was meaningless. It was not. Every single one, no matter when it occurred, is important. I was just pointing out that people forget that school violence did not start in the 70s or 80s. And I do agree that Columbine and Virginia Tech seem to overshadow all others. I do not think that they should, either. To me, it appears that in general, people only care about the victims of the recent ones, when every single victim is important and should be remembered.

          However, what did you mean by SMDH?

  22. I always think about that day and the after math it left. I lived down the street from Beamon and his family. Our brothers were best friends. It was a very sad day. After Beamons death I remember walking to the bus stop in the morning and as I passed his house I would hear his mom weeping over her sons death this happened on many occasions. She was a very kind lady with a great love for all her children, I still see her sometimes and I always think to myself she is such a strong woman to lose two of her babies and remain the strong woman she is today. I have kids of my own now and I dont think I could be as strong.

  23. Such a sad day…I was in the same grade as Eric Houston…I didn’t know him well, but knew who he was.
    I did know Mr. Brens however..Our Senior class was his first year of teaching(1989). Mr. Brens was an awesome teacher..We would joke with him alot..He was pretty young, I think in his mid 20’s, and so he could relate with us pretty well.
    I remember Mr. Brens attending our baseball games after school with his wife. I thought that was the coolest thing. It wasn’t very common for teachers to do that.

    I can’t imagine what the families are going through. I knew people related to Beamon. I feel so bad for the families. I often think of them. I heard that Mr. Brens had recently had a child prior to that tragic day or his wife was expecting. I am not sure if I have this correctly.

    I came upon this sight and just felt like I needed to comment. I pray for the families..I wanted to specifically let the widow of Mr. Brens and possibly his child to know the influence that he had on me even for that one year was incredible..He was quite a guy…

  24. I was a sophmore at Lindhurst High the year of 1992 and my brother T. Lindsey had just graduated 1991…I was good friends with Jason White and knew Beamon and Boggs, Mr. Brens was my brothers favorite teacher. I just left that summer to Texas.
    I had lived there in Marysville/Olivehurst my whole life. My brothers wife is one of the survivors who is sadly left with bullets in her. I pray every day for those families and the young people so tragedly taken from us. Its sad for me to see gates and signs over the school that once looked so free. I miss all my friends and family from Lindhurst High School and I hope we never have to see something so horrible again.
    That person should have had mental help if people knew he made threats!!! He should of been looked at more carefully instead of ignored. My family and friends have all payed a price for a coward and no he doesn’t deserve to have a @##$% picnic or have visitors!!! God will give him justice.

  25. My name is Pamela Rice and my sister, Shannon Murray (Blanchard at the time) was one of the students there that fateful day. She was instrumental in the escape of several of her classmates. She was interviewed for an episode of “I survived” that we recenlty recieved a copy of. It was an amazing video. Shannon did not talk about this event very often, so it was a very real eye opener for my family to see. Shannon lost her battle with cancer on September 4, 2009. She is missed dearly by us all. I wanted to pay my respects to everyone involved in this tragic event and to say I love and miss you very much Shannon. To all the friends and family of those who lost their lives that day, my prayers and thoughts are with you. Remember to put your faith in the Lord and he will heal all wounds.

  26. I am sure that I will never understand how someone I believed in and loved turned my life upside down I began my friendships with Eric when I was eleven years old it was a double blind date with my realitive and his best friend David. David and were not nearly suitable but Eric and I were he was the poor white kid loner and I was the catholic school well do to do kid. My family did not care for him perhaps it was the fact I defended him fiercely the fact he was poor and came from a broken desfunctial home was no reason to hate him….yet. he seemed to unserstand me.I always ran away to his house found different ways to be with him. Going against my family.he became my first and I his when I was 13 almost 14 David was fiercely jealous of Eric and I and I began to suspect a homosexual realationship between them and found letters that were in Eric’s room validating my feelings that this was true.I was getting in AP mug trouble that I was eventually shipped off to another city to a girls group. but continued to seem to run away makeing it back to Eric’s house 1 1/2 hours away so much had occurred during several years my mom was murders my stepdad committed suicide etc erics family moved away to Sacramento and we lost touch the day I heard. I had come from work and saw the hostage situation his identity had not been made known when it was my eyes welled with tears as I sank to the floor. I knew that was the day Eric the first love of my life died.I was 18 years old.he 20 about to be 21 on June 8th I was so angry at David at the time because I had drove to David’s house on park circle drive approximately 2weeks before the shooting to see if David had seen or heard@ from Eric he told Me he @ had not.Witch now by interview’s and police report’s was a lie . David was still jealous and full of lies. Sad really. When I asked Eric years later if I would have found you would you still killed that day? He stated probably not. I feel if David knew of Eric’s plan’s he is just as guilty and should of been held liable to some degree. Eric and I correspondent over the year’s until the day I began asking him serious questions on holding himself accountable for may 1st we started to fall apart and i became less and less accommodating emotionally eventually he turned vicious to me and threatened to send someone to kill me I called the police and pressed charges for terroristic threats he always put blame on everyone else for may 1st I say put blame on him where it is due.our 20 year friendship is gone and it is apparent to me that I never really knew the monster under the man. I feel that the people he coldly murdered are God’s angel’s. Eric will reap what he has sown. God bless all the people affected by his cowardly act.

  27. […] This Day in History: Lindhurst High School Massacre 5/01/1992 … May 1, 1992 … I was in Knoxville Tennessee when I saw it over the news. I couldn't believe that something like … […]

  28. Bobby (Mr. Robert Brens) was my dorm mate at Sacramento State in 1985. We held study groups together…..we were both to become teachers one day. Later I find out that he was my non-blood relative! Yes, he was my step-dad’s nephew. He was a cool guy, and I was beyond shocked to hear that a former student murdered him in his classroom!! OMG so horrific. I went to his memorial on a hot day in California with the sun burning our eyes, and his father spoke of him and recalled all the fond memories of his little boy, He would have turned 48 next month. God bless the Brens family.

  29. I have herd of this storie in my family, but never knew of the facts. I always wanted to know what my cousin had done but was so young to understand. Now I do…My heart goes out to all of the families that were effected by the events that my cousin has caused….

  30. There is a tribute to Mr. Hill on the website the Daily Kos, by ThatPoshGirl.
    Some boys were harassing her and he defended her. What a fine person he must have been.

  31. So many years pass. Some with hard memories, some with sweet. Gone but not forgotten, known to three of the four lost, a happy friend, a kind teacher, and a sweet Dance; all lost too soon it seems. Still there are good memories to make a smile that will take away the tears that sneak up when you hear a song that pulls a hard memory forward. “Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son love all of God’s children no matter what they choose to do or what they become. The Savior paid the price of all sins, no matter how heinous. Even though there must be justice, the opportunity for mercy is extended which will not rob justice.” -Henry B Erying. I believe in the truth of that statement. Justice will come in the Lord’s time as will his mercy. I pray for those of us connected to this day or otherwise will be at peace; that these hard memories in the past won’t rob us of bright happy and whole future full of sweet memories to come.

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