Update: Ward Parkway Shopping Center shooting

Ward ParkwayThe day after the shootings at Ward Parkway Shopping Center and the story is starting to unfold, although not everything has been confirmed officially. Apparently this all started when police went to make a welfare check on an elderly woman who had not been heard from. They found Patricia Ann Reed dead and her car missing. Then a police officer spotted her vehicle and pulled it over. As the officer tried to arrest the driver, he started shooting and shot the police officer in the arm and left. Then the suspect, now known as David W. Logsdon, 51, went to the Ward Parkway Shopping Center and started shooting. He killed 2 people in the parking lot, Leslie N. Ballew, 33, and Luke A. Nilges, 30. He then went into the mall and kept shooting. He wounded at least 2 people. Police arrived at the mall and confronted David, and during that confrontation, shot and killed him. It is discovered that David was a security guard at the Target store in the mall.

Today the police went to David’s home along with the Bomb and Arson squad. A police officer who went to the house earlier saw something suspicious inside while looking in the window. After sending in a robot, it was a confirmed:

“We found that the house had been booby trapped with a bomb, a self-made bomb,” Police Chief James Corwin said at a Monday afternoon news conference.“David Logsdon had a plan. That plan was he had been an employee of the Target store. He had been turned down on a private security license for outstanding warrants. It’s our speculation at this particular time in the investigation that he had two handguns, a long rifle, and his objective was to go to the mall and cause havoc,” Police Chief James Corwin said

The mall was still closed today (of course) but according to the owners, it will reopen tomorrow.

So far I have not found pictures of the victims or anything about them yet. Except for a blog entry from a family member of Luke Nilges zombie’s Blog. Please keep all of the victims and their families in your thoughts and in your heart.

One story listed the suspect as James Logsdon, but in the news conference, they called him David, so that is what I used.

Patricia Reed, 67
Leslie N. Ballew, 33,
Luke A. Nilges, 30
David W. Logsdon, 51 (shooter)

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One Response

  1. Leslie was a dear friend of mine and I am still numb and trying to process all of this.
    I just wanted to post that she was a funny, smart, original and loved person and she will be missed!


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