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Missing: Heather Danyelle Teague since 8/26/1995 from Spottsville, KY


Heather Danyell Teague has been missing since August 26, 1995. She went to the beach and has not been seen since. Please read Heather’s story at the links here. It is a heartbreaking story of a missing daughter. Her mother works hard daily searching for any clues or leads to bring her daughter home. If anyone can help her, please come forward with the information. She deserves to know where her daughter is.

Where is Heather Danyelle Teague?
Missing: Heather Teague 8/26/95 Spottsville, KY
Upate: Heather Teague *New Reward*
Unsolved Crimes-Heather Teague
Cold Case: Kidnapping of Heather D. Teague


11 Responses

  1. hey left the e off of danyelle…..
    i miss my little girl. i know in my heart that she will be found someday soon. i know in my heart that God’s Army is being put together for a victory…It will be a wonder to all mankind when this is said and done. Heather IS coming home! Matthew 10:26!

  2. Mrs. Teague,
    Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you have a positive ending when that day comes. I will pray that she is returned to you safely. My heart goes out to you and your family. God Bless You.

  3. Her face takes my breath away…I lie in bed at night and just remember my Heather. I ache to go back to the days before that day that she was taken away. That ache is fierce! A man found the cross that we put into the ground on Newburgh Beach. I gave it to Heather’s dad. It’s hard to believe 12 yrs of our lives has been spent searching for Heather. Where could she be? A man told us this past week that a man named Jim had her in 2000 in an old blue Dodge pick up truck and she is on a river camp. I literally got sick just thinking that my Heather could be that close and we haven’t been down there to look for her. That is a part of this not knowing world that is a nightmare during the day and night. Won’t someone have mercy and just tell us where she is? Matthew 10:26

  4. Mrs. Teague,
    I hope and pray that one day you will find the answers you so desperately need. My heart goes out to you and Heather’s father. God Bless you both.

  5. On October 22, 07, a presumptive death certificate was issued for Heather. I cannot even look at it. I wonder if this could help Heather to come home. The reason we did this was to obtain the FBI’s files and hopefully to have Heather’s case reassigned as a cold case. The KSP are still not allowing us to know the exact time and location of the 911 call made by the eyewitness. This is a public record. In 96, I was told when I wanted to hear what the eyewitness said and to whom when he called for help, I was told that the tape had been recorded over. I called Frankfort to voice my concerns as to why that would be allowed since that call was a part of the day that my Heather was taken away. Then, in 04, I was told that the tape had been found, but the only recorder to play the reel-to-reel tape was in Frankfort. Now, almost 4 yrs later, we still don’t know what really happened August 26, 1995. We don’t know why KSP were really there on the beach. We don’ t know why the eyewitness has continued to change his story. We don’t know how the composite sketch turned out to be identical to Dill’s driver’s license photo and even more alarming, why the search warrant states plainly that it does. We don’t know why the Dill property still hasn’t been searched since KSP say Dill was the only suspect. We don’t know why we were told for 9 yrs that there were two spots of blood found on the passenger window of the Bronco by KSP , which wasn’t sent in until SEVEN MONTHS after the abduction. Then, the evidence that the FBI did find set in KSP evidence room for over 9 yrs. Only when Below became a suspect and other detectives from Ohio and Evansville, IN came to Post #16 Henderson, KY., did the FBI step back in and take my DNA. Somebody please tell me how the KSP sent in evidence that they found seven months after the abduction and leave what the FBI found just setting there? Osborne said on tv when the results came in, ( which were inconclusive), that this is the most disgusting case of his career. Wonder why? Where does this leave my Heather? Why has the eyewitness now picked Below from a line-up? And why was he allowed to go to the morgue to view Dill? Why was he at the Dill trailer? What was really happening August 26, 1995? Where is Heather? All I know is that something isn’t right about this whole ‘alleged abduction’. I am writing our story now . It must be told. I believe with all of my heart that the ones that have kept their secrets will someday bow their heads in shame and disgrace for what they have put us through. All we want is to know where our Heather is. That’s all. And if…IF….there is a chance that the plan went wrong and Heather is still out there, maybe now, she can come on home…..Please let her come on home now. Please. Matthew 10:26

  6. I could not find any other place to post this but have you looked into the unidentified females. I know that you still hope for the best and I cannot even begin to imagine how you feel.

  7. Bonnie, do you know what happened to Tim Gray? Solomon? I sent him my information and haven’t heard from him. sarah

  8. What a gorgeous girl. I hope they solve this soon… Sarah, I am sorry for your loss. 😦

  9. Evidence taken from the Bronco by FBI in 95 stayed at Post #16 Henderson, KY. for almost 10 yrs. Heather’s hair has been found in this evidence. We are trying to get a search warrant for the Dill residence and have been denied. There is a barn, a cistern and a pond on that property that need to be checked for Heather. Since we don’t have their permission, we have decided to search the areas all around the Dill place…and we do have permission for those areas. Pray for the Dill’s and for the investigators that they will just do the right thing. Pray for Traci Dill Kellogg. She knows something. She would not have invoked her fifth amendment right otherwise. We need to know where our Heather is.

  10. Mrs Teague,
    I am sorry for your loss. I can understand how painful will it be for you. You and your family will always be there in my prayers. I believe that you are going to see the hands of God, the almighty in the name of your daughter.


  11. Jaycee Dugard was found on August 26,2009..Heather’s 14 yr anniversary! I’ve prayed Matthew 10:26, which says that there will be nothing hidden that won’t be revealed. I know that someday our Heather will be revealed. I don’t know if Heather is dead. I have absolutely no proof that she is. All I know is that we love her and we miss her and we are all waiting on that day when she will be home. that ache never stops and it won’t until we know! ronald12, i believe you are right…another lady told me years ago that when this is all said and done, it will be a wonder to all mankind. please continue to pray for us.

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