Update: Quinton and Marquise Jackson murders

quince-jackson.jpg(picture is Quince Jackson – mother of the victims) Brian Gilbert will be in court today to face a Judge on the murder charges for killing Quinton and Marquise Jackson and the rape of their sister. It should be a short hearing, just to read the charges and say NO BAIL. At least I believe that is what will happen.

Brian Gilbert went to court and was ordered held without bond. No suprise there. Now,Deputy Police Chief Michael Shields , Gilbert went to the residence to return a cell phone.

Deputy Police Chief Michael Shields said Friday morning that Gilbert had returned to the mother’s home to return a cell phone, when he decided to discipline the boys about cleaning up and he became angry and struck Quinton with a barbell.After that, he stabbed both Quinton and Marquis, and also stabbed the 13-year-old female relative and sexually assaulted her, before leaving her for dead, Shields alleged.“He thought the girl was dead, so when he realizes that she wasn’t is about the time she’s breaking away from the house, and at the same time, simultaneously, from her leaving the house is when the mother is arriving,” Shields said. “The mother doesn’t realize what’s going on but this all happening simultaneously.”

brian-gilbert.jpgThere was also a press conference today concerning the case. According to Police Chief Michael Shields, Gilbert was convicted in 1998 of predatory sexual assault. Also, the mtoher, Quince Jackson and Brian Gilbert had only recently started dating (something like 3 weeks). He came to the home sometime between 7pm and midnight. The exact time is not known. The children allowed him in as he was not a stranger to them. At some point, Gilbert decided that he could discipline the children over not doing their chores. This escalated to where he hit Quinton (the oldest) with a barbell. He then stabbed Marquis. The sister jumped in to help her brothers and was stabbed and then sexually assaulted. This story is quite different than the story that was told by other witnesses and family friends yesterday. I don’t beleive anyone deliberately said the wrong thing or it was reported wrong. It was just a highly emotional time and people were freaked out a bit.

Gilbert’s lawyer answered a few questions today, but nothing of real substance. She kept saying that this was an “emotionally charged” situation and that was a concern to them. She also admitted that the State could go for the ultimate punishment, the death penalty. Which I believe that they will and should. I cannot even begin to understand what Quince Jackson is going thru at this time, one daughter in the hospital and her boys dead, and knowing that her boyfriend did it. For her and her daughter, I hope that justice is served and he is executed, quickly–not twenty years from now.

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  1. I really don’t understand the reluctance (at this point) to go for the death penalty. He killed two children, tried to kill a third, after sexually assaulting her. THIS is what the death penalty is for, IMO.


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