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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Jameisha Nise McKnight murder 5/18/2006 Killeen, TX *Mother, Kahtisha McKnight arrested*

Jameisha McKnight
 Jameisha Nise McKnight

Killeen Police search for mother
Killeen woman turns herself in for murder charges
Mother Arrested In Death Of 2-Year-Old Daughter
Woman accused of killing her child
Killeen woman charged with murder of child
Kahtisha’s MySpace
Update: Jameisha McKnight murder *Mother, Kahtisha McKnight, convicted of her murder; sentenced to life in prison

Kahtisha McKnight


134 Responses

  1. This has been one of the hardest thing in my life that i had to go through. I am the grandmother of Jameisha Mcknight it will be one year on May 19th 2007 that i laid my little angel down to rest and i hurt over this every waking moment. I still cry everyday for her i know that she is in a better place but how do i get myself to the point where it doesn’t hard as much. Everybody says i know what you are going through but they don’t . Everybody has given me and my husdand there support and i thank them for that.Kahtisha Mcknight is my oldest daughter and i can’t come to grips with what she has done , I pray for her daily i’m not God so i chose not to judge her i leave that for the good Lord to do. I visit Jameisha daily I have her two siblings whom misses her very much. I ask that everybody prays for me and my family that i will continue to find the strength that i need to help easy the pain. Rest in peace my little angel i will always love you.

    • To Miss Rosemary I was locked up wit your daughter n I have to say the person and the crime don’t match! But like u said we r not God so we can’t judge! I pray for Jameisha and I pray for u and your family as well! Sorry for your terrible loss ma’am!

  2. it really sad what she did to her daughter but she has to take responsible for what she did…she has hurt and ruin countless individuals including broke up a marriage so she gets what she paid for

  3. TO LARISSE: you must have been hurt by Kahtisha as well. Her soul is bad.

  4. What is really sad is she blamed her oldest son for the injuries that her daughter sustained..when he grows up and read all this that boy is going to resent his mother…just like kahtisha to always place the blame on someone else…at first she blamed her sister and then she blamed her son…was is even more crazy is when she went in jail she thought she was pregnant and has a std..ha what a joke…this girl has really been around the block..she don’t know who the father is of her youngest son..also my question is where is her husband because she is married??…it must be really hard for her mother and especially her two boys and i hope they find the strength that they need to keep moving on..and i hope that little boy doesn’t grow up with a hard heart because of what his mother did and said about him…

  5. To Larisse thank you for your concerns about my grandsons they are fine .

  6. After reading all these comments above, I have to agree that I get an erie feeling everytime I read these things that happened. I never met her, but apparently I know enough to say that after the she killed her daughter, we exchanged emails twice, 22nd,23rd May 2006… and for personal reasons, i would rather not get into…she didn’t sound as if some tragedy happened (the death of her daughter on May 19th). She was going on in her email, that a “child is a blessing” and she had plans in the letter as if she was putting all behind her???? And of course she stated in her last email, “I won’t be able to check my email for a few days”…I guess that is when she ran from the law enforcements. Yes, Mrs. Lewis, God is the only one who will judge, and thank God for that. For all we need to do is look to Him, for he is our comforter and strength. And to Larisse…sounds like you know her very well. This is a very tragic turn of events for everyone…and Larisse…I know what you mean about her ‘messing up marriages’…it takes two I guess…and I just am grateful to God for being there for whomever is bitter towards Kahtisha if thats the case or not. God is our avenger…Mercy and Grace be upon Kahtisha…

  7. What about Jameisha’s father?? I happen to be in a relationship with him and I was there when all of this happened. I think it is sad that he didn’t have the chance to be at the funeral because no one would tell him when or where. Its even worse that his attempts to get a picture of Jameisha remain unanswered. How fair is it for him not to be able to say goodbye to his only child? Lord knows Kahtisha wouldn’t let him come get her when she was alive, how could she continue to hold whatever grudge against him when she took his daughter way?? My intention is not to cause you any pain or start trouble ma’am; I only want you to be aware that he is here hurting too. God bless you and your family.

  8. My heart goes out to all the families that are suffering from this tragedy. I hope Jameisha’s father can find a way to past this and move on with the knowledge that his baby is up in heaven smiliing down on him as well as her grandma and grandpa. I will keep everyone in my prayers and my God help ease the pain…

  9. This is terrible. God bless.

  10. Brandee,

    You are correct. From what you are saying, he (I don’t know his name) was treated very unfairly. Jameisha was his daughter, too, and I do not understand why he would not be told about his own daughter’s funeral. That is WRONG, very wrong. I feel very badly for him and I am sure he is still grieving for this loss of his daughter. I do hope that he receives some kind of justice for her murder. Maybe the prosecutors can help him get a picture of her, since they will surely be using some during the trial. Just a suggestion.

  11. Ok now it’s time to shed the light to all this you wanna say that Jameisha’s father was never told about the funeral well if he had return all my phone calls when i was in Texas on may 19th , 2006 at the hospital saying good bye to Jameisha and return the CPS worker phone calls he would have know about all this. But instead he left a note nailed to the door asking about pictures the note never said anything about when and where the funeral is going to take place or where we could find him at. He left the note and never came back. I was in Texas for a week after Jameisha passed making arrangements to have her flown home i passed him on the streets right in front of the house where Jameisha lived did he stop no he didn’t. Just like 3 weeks ago the officer of the courts tried to find him can’t because he will not let them no where he’s at what is he afarid of? I can’t find a man that don’t want to be find. And if he had Jameisha best interest at heart why when i had her at age 3 month when her mother was over in iraq for a year HE NEVER AND I DO MEAN NEVER pick up the phone and once called me asking how she was doing? Why because he was so busy doing his own thing and you know what i’m talking about because while she was over there fight for her country you and him was in a relationship then correct me if i’m wrong. Don’t make him out to be the one that’s hurting by all this did he tell you what he did to Jameisha older brother when he was just 3 month old oh i guess he forgot to add that in there there is no secret I DON’T LIKE HIM AND I NEVER WILL. I maynot like him but if he was so determine he know where i live he could easily pick up the phone and say hey could i get some pictures i would do that. It was mine and my husbands choice to bring her home to be buried at least that way her brothers are close to her. Nobody feels the pain from this more than i do it feels like my heart was rip right out of my chest do you know what it feels like walking in a store and seeing a child that looks just like her? Do you know what it like accidently calling another granddaughter Jameisha and realizing you have done that? Do you know how it feels to watch her two brothers grow and knowing she should be here? They say a mother can fix anything well this is one i can’t, Do you know what it feels like to beg god to bring her back no you have no idea. Yes i know that a lot of people are gonna say nasty thing and a lot have said nice things why this happened only the lord has the answer to that. Yes Kahtisha is my daughter and she has done a terrible thing and she has to pay for it but that don’t mean that i stop loving her.And no i’m not trying to be cold hearted either like i said he knows where im at let me know and i will make him some pictures and the only reason i would do that is i know Jameisha would want me too

  12. Rosemary,
    I am sorry for your lost. Thank you for the sacrifices you made for this country. What I mean by that is you made a sacrifice when you supported your daughter while in Iraq. That we not only a brave thing to do but also an unselfish thing to do. I hope that someday your heart will mend and you will be able to move past this. My thoughts are with you in your time of need and you will be in my prayers.

  13. Thank you Amy it’s always nice to know that me and my family is in prayer with some one else. To everyone i’m sorry if i sound bitter but what has happen has happened and god knows if i could change it i would but it doesn’t make sense for some of the comments about the children they are too small to understand any of this. Again thank you for your prayers

  14. Miss Lewis….you do not sound bitter. You sound as any mother would be. You have lost not one but two daughters in such a short time period. I dont know my stand point on her guilt or not. All I know is that I too stand by her side and your side and the boys side. I pray that everything will be ok. I dont even really pray that much either. I wish that none of this would have happened. I usually feel responsible for Kahtisha’s troubles. She was doing ok with the thought of having her first born. I introduced her to Jamiesha’s father. And he really broke her heart and it hurt me to see it without being able to do much. Lord knows she tried to talk to him before she left for Iraq. She never knew how bad it would turn out with him. Jamiesha was a blessing and though she was quite she was joyful. Her brothers….though a handful were and I hope still are full of just the same amount of life. Do not allow them to hate their mother as many would want. Show them the love you have for the world and the love I know that Kahtisha wants for them….otherwise she wouldn’t have fought so hard for you to have them. If any of the fathers of the children wanted to help…they could have. I know everyone one of them know who they are. They chose not to step forward when they had the chance, why would they come forward now. The children may not understand everything that is going on but they know that things are not right and hurt as well. I hope that people would learn not to pass such vile judgement on each other. Past is past and cant be changed….why can we not help each other make it through the future. Sorry I speak too much…..God Bless you Rosemary Lewis and your family. I will pray for Kahtisha and her boys….she is a dear friend and her boys are hard not to charish.

  15. Thank you Mac and this come from the bottom of my heart. Even though all this has happen i will never speak a bad word against my daughter to those boys, i’m so greatful that the lord has allowed me and my husband to be in great health to raise those boys. Yes they misses there mother terrible but we take it one day at a time. I think what has me so angry with the fathers is that those boys were placed in foster care 2 different ones and they didn’t try and help to get them out of there they turn there backs on them, i went through pure you know what to get my grandsons i never stop praying i never lost my faith i’m here to tell everyone that god does answers prayers. There has been a lot of terrible thing that her husband has done to her i know that i shouldn’t hate him and i should leave it in gods hands but he played a big part in all this.How can one human being be that cruel? Yes taking on too small children can be a handful but a get my reward everyday knowing that they are safe,they are smiling and they are being the little boys that they should be. I truly hope someday that there dad realize what they are missing out on. I love my grandsons with all my soul and more. Again thank you for taking the time to share this with me.

  16. what has happen has already happen….I total agree with Ms Rosemary if jamuel was so interested in getting a picture from kahtisha then he would’ve gotten one…that is a lame excuse…and a real father wouldn’t let no one keep him from seeing his own child…main focus right now should be on making sure the boys are taken care of which i already know they are…only one that can save kahtisha is GOD and he is the only one that can pass judgement on anyone…now kahtisha has done some wrong and we all have because we are human and i’am not making excuses for her…she has really cause some hurt to me and my family but i have never expressed or spoke of hate towards her because what she did wasn’t only her fault she was just part was the situation….god will handle those accordingly… I truly truly truly hope that those boys get best out of life because a situation like this can easily turn the wrong way…nothing hurts me more than to hear or see a child hate their mother or use it against themselves to go down the wrong path in life…Mrs. Rosemary I know you are going to take good care of those boys please keep the word of God in their life and don’t let no one poison their mind with foolishness…that is what happen with kahtisha she got messed up with wrong people…no one know what happened that night because none of us was there and we will never know the full story because we only read what we see on the internet and hear from others…so please don’t pass judgement…i’am a true beliver of you reap what you sow and yes kahtisha should get what she deserve because that would be the case with anyone who takes a life especially a innocent little baby…this is a unfortunate situation that has happen but that doesn’t mean the whole world should gain up on her boys are Mrs. Rosemary…let them be…let them live…it already tough having to be reminder of what happen especially if you can’t change the situation…Mrs. Rosemary much love to you and your family i promise i will call you name and the boys name in prayer…i know you don’t know me personally but i know about you..and i wish you all the best…
    God bless

  17. and by the way i do know what he is did to the older boy…to brandee make sure you have all your facts straight before making comments

  18. Thank you Larisse i just wanted to make sure that everyone knew i wasn’t a mother that was bitter and trying to lay blame on no one else for what has happened, or make it sound like i’m trying to justify what Kahtisha did. Yes i do understand that Kahtisha will be punish for this and if this was done by a total stranger i could not expect any less. The boys are doing fine the oldest will start kindergarden in August and the baby is 19 month old they are so full of life.I will do everything in my power to make sure that those boys be all that they can be and get the things out of life they deserve. I never knew how much a community cared until this has happened, i have support from my family as well as my husband side.Yes i have went over and over in my mind trying to figure out what happened that night and i just give up. I know a lot of people think that i know the whole story and truly i don’t. I have made my self sick with grief and now i’m trying to move on for a long time i told myself that i should have automatically knew something was wrong but i can’t blame myself anymore. We raised 3 girls and we did a good job. When parents say i know my child wouldn’t do this or that i would never say that because as a parent you don’t know what your kids are doing when you are away from them and no i’m not labeling kahtisha i just wish i had knew more of what was eating away at her. I know my daughter and this is total out of character for her,what went wrong she still doesn’t want my to know. But to Brandee yes you will believe anything that Jam tells you and i hope he does hurt you in return, but if you really want to help i need him to contact the guardian ad lithem that’s been trying to get in touch with him. As always i thank everyone for there kindness and prayers.

  19. Wow…I am just overwhelmed with reading all of the above since I last wrote. I am happy that the person that’s really getting some feedback if you will, is Mrs. Lewis. Believe it or not, Mrs. Lewis…I am writing because I feel compelled to write to just encourage you…or even myself. I wish that I could just pick up the phone and speak with you. But that definitely is in God’s timing. Do you know who is the father of the 19th month old? Did your daughter mention who? I read all the comments above and I was just wondering if you knew who it was. I feel like I have a the “key” to answer your questions regarding some specific things, but again…All in God’s timing. Someone mentioned above that, “keep the two boys in the word of God”?? I agree. There is a cycle of fatherless children out there…I can attest to that from experience right now, BUT–God is the one that can break that and HEAL, and those two beautiful grandchildren of yours will be and are a blessing. I am experiencing something similar to you. Questions..Loss of a loved one…two loved ones…going over in our minds…why….But sometimes somethings are better left unsaid. That is why I hesitate to go into detail in this blog. I don’t know if I’ve helped you at all. But, I am a victim of your daughters actions including another. When I found out that she wanted for this crime…God spoke to me, saying to “let Go and let God”. This internet thing is amazing and when I found out more information about the “situation that took place that night”…and also reading Larisse’s comments…I knew I wasn’t alone in my feelings of remorse over your daughters actions–I’m talking about adultery/messing around/infidelity. But here I am writing to you all those that read these lines: I just am grateful that God is helping me learng what TRUE forgiveness is, An EVERYDAY process! Processing the lies that Satan wants us to believe and replace it with the truth of God’s word! Guess what people, God forgives if someone does ask for forgiveness and fully surrenders all. What I’m finding out now, is that God usually doesn’t take away the consequences no matter how “faithful” we seem to think we are praying for our daughters/spouses/family..etc! Mrs. Lew and know that I am on the same side as you, in respect to knowing a loved one in prison just recently and raising a son without a father. Your daughter could spend the rest of her life in prison or not, BUT just know that God probably saved her life…meaning she might want to turn her life around. And Jameisha is in heaven!! Not suffering anymore. Can u imagine? Two people saved…and we on “earth” suffer because this is the ‘sinful’ world we are living through. I take it by reading Mrs. Lewis comments that she is looking to God…and truth be known…God will judge and we here now have to do our part and be accountable for our own actions here on out. Let us all be blameless before He comes! Jamiesha is in heaven. And your daughter Mrs. Lewis could be on the road to true salvation…God works in mysterious ways! And if anyone out there is questioning: What about the kids, the brothers…they miss their sister…or anything else about who’s suffering, the father who put a note on the door or what not….. IF your asking “what about this or that”….then that’s exactly IT!!!! We are out of answers and all God is asking is that we each look into our own lives…and know that God is calling us to live a life for HIM! Praising God through the STORM! (listen to Casting Crowns, song…)

  20. Thank you Rin your comments was very heart touching, yes there is a lot of unanswered questions about the boys. You can call me i will leave that up to you. But i need a favor from everyone the 19th month old is sick and may need surgery if it’s not to much to ask would everyone say a prayer for him. I am so over come by all the nice comments truly no one knows how much that means to me. Rin i would really like to talk to you more but there is limited things that i can see in the blog about my grandsons. I walk in the footsteps of the lord and i try to bestore that on my grandsons and granddaughter they are never to young to learn about the wonderful things that god can do. I know because i’m still her today.Again thank you so much Rin.

  21. Rosemary,
    I will definitely say a prayer for your grandson. I hope he will be okay and that he will be able to live a productive life. My thoughts and prayers will be with your family. Please keep me informed on how is doing. And may god bless you for being such a wonderful grandmother. Our children are our future and our future depends on the them. God Bless you.

  22. thank you amy for keeping my grandson in prayer. i will keep you inform.he has to go through some more tests before we know for sure but we are all thinking postive. he’s not lying around sick he’s still being the active little boy he is. again thank you amy.

  23. That is great that he is able to be active. It is always good to think positive. He has the lord on his side and that will get him through. Thank you, I will wait to hear the good news and I am sure it will be good. There is power in prayer and I am sure he has a lot of people praying for him.
    God Bless you and your family.

  24. Mrs. Lewis this blog for me was to really get some answers and I did get some, by everyone’s blogging. Now, the 19month is sick and God could use this blog for us to pray for that too. Please find comfort in the Almighty Lord for your pains and cry to him. I believe you do and through your weakness you will find God’s strength. I know there are countless blessings in disguise as well. Thank you for responding…

  25. your family will be in my prayers…what happens now with kahtisha is there a court date what is going on with her case? Mrs. Lewis please be strong and find strenght thru the lord when you put your trust and faith in him he will work miracles…I will pray that kahtisha find solace and strenght within the lord to get her through…

  26. I feel sorry for eveyones lose, but I fel the need to speak up. Jam was not the only one to blame for their break-up. She was sleeping behind his back ALL the time. How do I know this? Well she was sleeping with my husband too, prior to us getting married. Once she found out that we were married she flipped. My husbnad felt compeled to take it up with their commander,, but was affriad of the outcome since she was married and that is frowned upon in the Amry. Long story short, she told my husband that he was the father of her unborn child and asked him for support. My husband denied that he was and still does to this day, but why she was in Iraq she would call our house all the time and even went as far as to send a picture of Jamisha to our house telling my husband that it was his child. Was she or wasn’t she. I don’t know. I never got to see that picture of her child, but I did get to talk to her on the phone. She want on to say that Jam was not the father, etc… So who really knows what the hell is and or was going on. All I know is Kathisha is wher she belongs and will get the proper mental help that she needs.

  27. She should have gotten the proper mental help when she came home from Iraq. I am a military spouse and I feel that someone, somewhere failed her. She was military, her 1st SGT should have seen the signs. She went through hell over there just like the rest of our soldiers. Has anyone even thought about the fact that should could be suffering from PTSD.. No, that doesnt excuse this horrible crime but there is a chance this could have been prevented..Yes she is were she belongs but her other kids are gonna suffer. I dont care who gets mad for this post but its about time someone stands up and says this government needs to start paying attention to the soldiers that come home from the horrors of what they see over in Iraq.
    People with PTSD have horrible flashbacks, I know my father has it. I was there when my father had his flashbacks and lucky me, I didnt get caught in the middle when he would have them. I pray that she gets the help she needs. While I feel she deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison I also feel like this tragedy along with other tragedies committed by soldiers can be prevented.

    Ms. Lewis, any news on your grandson? I hope all is well.

  28. When I was engaged, my fiance( now husband )was in Iraq with Kahtisha…and she and my husband both made conscience decision to have their ‘fling’–she got pregnant and she and my husband lost contact. But she did contact my husband when she gave birth to the youngest one, the boy (19months old). We are not sure if it’s true that my husband fathered this last child. She did call to tell him it was him?? We will never know. After emailing Kahtisha several times, she told me she knew my fiance was engaged to me during her time in Iraq. My husband and Kahtisha are adults they knew what they were doing and CHOSE to hurt everyone who loves them, for their own selfish desires. And Kahtisha too, admitted that she had a boyfriend (never mentioned she was married in her email. Kahtisha took the “high road” she thinks and said she would NOT pursue paternity test because she didn’t want to accept money if my husband wouldn’t be there for him?? Well, both parties involved fell for their own selfish desires and are reaping what one sows. And other suffer around their actions as well…God is so gracious and just and we all can know that things happen for a reason. To get closer to God maybe? Wake up call for everyone. Kahtisha seems like a person who was caught in infedility alot according to my story and others on this blog. Can a man have a coal on his lap and not get burned? May God we be blameless before he comes…

    • Lol u mad r nah? Like u said it takes 2 so bash it husband like u Reyna bash my friend! Kahtisha couldn’t do Nunn yo husband didn’t allow her to do! U the bitter one!

  29. Rosemary do you have any idea who the father is of the 19month old? Did your daughter mention who? As a wife and mother you can relate to my ‘unanswered’ questions of needing to know for I need closure in this area where my husband is allegedly fathering the 19month old. Let me know on this blog if you could…thank you and I hope that everything is making some sense to you… as they are to me…about maybe how your daughter could be wrong that my husband wasn’t the father of the last child. She too sent some pictures to him…and I wasn’t convinced it was his son.

  30. It seems like everyone is more concern about who the father of the 19 month old is than how the boys are doing. There is no father of the 19 month old he chose to leave his son in foster care, he stated that he was married and have other kids and don’t want to be a part of his life thank god for recording. I had the DNA test done in March. See when it comes to those little boys i’m BITTER. There’s no need to upset your happy home i had all right terminated nobody will ever make my grandsons feel they are not wanted. The sad thing is he has my name the same way i have his, the address na phone numbers in the court papers doesn’t match when i tried to call to talk to him about his son why didn’t he just pick up the phone all those month back and call. Yes there’s alot of comment about Kahtisha, about this and that but you know that’s not my first concern. By reading the comment alot of people have been hurt but like someone said in another paragraph it takes two one person cannot do something to another if they don’t allow them to. Right now my main focus is making sure my grandson will not need an operation. So i’m sorry if i didn’t tell you what you need to know and yes i can relate to all this as a mother and wife but i cannot and will not upset my home. I’m sorry.

  31. Rosemary,
    I left a message for you at the end of my post. How is everything going with your grandson? I see from your post that you dont about surgery yet. You are still in my prayers and I hope everything turns out alright.

  32. Amy the doctors have ran more tests on him and now he has to go to one of the children’s hospital for more testing. but thank you for asking about him.

  33. Amy what we all thought was a swollen gland could turn out to be something different. The the purpose of sending him to the children’s hospital they can handle this faster if surgery is needed.

  34. I hope everything turns out okay. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep me informed on how he is doing. God Bless you Rosemary. You are a wonderful person and I know that I dont know you but just seeing what you write and how you respond tells me what a wonderful person you are. You family is very lucky to have you..

  35. You know, Mrs. Lewis, I’m bitter too about alot of things…but bitterness softly kills our spirits and I’m using this blog as a way of letting out some stress, some joys, some cares, some burdens…for whatever reason anyone is participating in this blog, I for one thought after reading your blogs that your just trying to learn more about your daughter…for you mentioned earlier, “what was eating her inside”. I am sorry that I brought up the questions about the father of the child…as everyone is also putting in their opinions. I for one, feel I have the right to ask for I’m directly affected by a statement of your daughters: “I just had your baby a month ago”…(she gave birth in Nov’05 and called in Dec.) I mean… your right Mrs. Lewis, your dealing with so much and I don’t expect you to totally understand where I ‘m coming from, but I will pray for the boys…specifically the health issue at hand. This blog has helped me in a way. So, I take it you contacted the “father” in March and had a DNA taken? And you tried calling him, the father? See, I don’t know if your talking about my husband “not wanting to be there”?? Or did Kahtisha tell other guys the same thing?? So, if you are talking about my husband…than I can share what really went on when Kahtisha contacted him. Either way Rosemary…please forgive me, I’m on some kind of quest to end this “questions” I have been having for almost 2 years this end of Nov. Yes, I know the boy was born in November. And if I do find out it is or is not…I will share the whole story and you’ll see why things don’t make sense on some obvious issues. So, let’s not be so quick to assume that the “father chose not to be there”. Kahtisha made a choice (aside from my husband) lets focus on Her for a minute…she made a choice. If it was me…I would contact the father of the baby and then not hold a grudge against the man who fathered the baby..for it was my choice…and I didn’t plan to marry the guy…(this is an example). It is the child who will have the opportunity to grow up and decide from the facts what happened and why the other parent wasn’t around. Kahtisha spoke well on her emails , saying she wouldn’t do anything to ‘taint’ the childs mind about the absent father… So, I dont’ know…Kahtisha seemed to be mature in her emails. She did apologize and we left it that for I spoke clearly that my husband has no obligation to her or that child until a paternity test was taken….and none was taken for other reasons…..anyways…there’s more to it..but as you can tell…It’s all still very clear to me..and I would love to let go of all of it…but I won’t happen until I get the facts and yes, I’m trying to get some of that here today. Please just forgive me again…and I just ask that you pray for us too….hurting marriages and our bitterness toward everyone affected. We all fall short….but by grace of God we can use this blog wisely….Thank you for your time…

  36. Mrs. Lewis…please help me. What is his two initials? That’s all I ask..and if it is my husband’s, I tell you right now, as a wife, there is nothing more I would like than to find out if my husband is the father…so we could deal with it accordingly, cause’ I never heard from your daughter since May of 2005. I didn’t intend to contact her anylonger for she did claim that it was up to “us” to contact her and proceed with the paternity test if we wanted to. And in the meantime, she wanted to remain in contact with my husband. I couldn’t agree with that until I got the paternity test. Right now I know you working in favor of the boys. But are you representing Kahtisha’s wishes or did she have any wishes upon leaving the boys with you? I’m in no way judging her, but only seeing through my own experience that if you don’t respond, then I’ll have to let it be and God is in control, yes? I guess I’m trying too hard to do God’s work and maybe I should not continue in this blog. My best to you and my prayers go out for you: Dear Lord, I come to you as our Father and Saviour, asking for forgiveness for not trusting you enough to see things through. I pray that I do truely forgive my husband and Kahtisha for what happened. I pray for Mrs. Lewis and the family that is supporting her. May she have a close Christian friend she can lean on, and may they call upon your All mighty name giving you full surrender in all things. I pray for the boys who are young and who will grow up learning much, may they grown up to Godly men who will glorify you. I Pray and ask that wherever Kahtisha’s at that she may find comfort in your word and may she come to know you. In Jesus name, Amen.

  37. Anynomous, maybe i shouldn’t have written the blog i posted earlier, but you have to understand i fought so hard to get those boys out of foster care and when i didn’t see a father standing by my side side to help that really upset me. Then to find out later from someone that knows everyone involved in this that the fathers knew and chose not to help how do you think that makes me feel? To put your mind at ease i’m not caring out any wishes of Kahtisha i terminated her rights also, i love my daughter but don’t get wrong my main concern is the welfare of the boys. I ask myself what if anything i could have done to prevent all this from happening. I look back on it,it could have been all the children not just Jameisha God took my angel on to heaven for reasons unbeknowing to us.I’m not a person that carries hatred but i look at a person for there actions and that’s why i feel the way about his father. Now let’s say for fairness sake that he really didn’t know about the baby, But i will be fair i will talk to you but not across the internet .We make contact by phone and talk is that fair enough i can’t and want talk about my grandson openly on the internet hope to hear from you.

  38. Yes, that’s fine…In all fairness, I’m not looking to hold against Kahtisha myself for her actions. And I would hope the same for you against all these absent fathers. You see I don’t even know if your talking about my husband, that’s all. So, I hope that I could call and contact you just to get a simple answer and I could move on…and yes, still pray for the boys. Thank you…

  39. Anonymous i’m glad that we can come to an agreement. I don’t know if you know what state i’m in but that’s how you can find me infromation will give you my number. I will be at home in the mornings.Hope to hear from you. I have to do it this way because there are still alot of unfinished business concerning the boys that’s still going on in court so i don;t want to say over the internet where i’m at. I hope you understand for the boys sake.

  40. Anonymous 2,

    I understand how you are feeling. I too have those same questions. And I know that little girl is no longer here and her mother is behind bars, but I can’t help wonder, if she was my husbands daughter. I know she (Kahtisha) “got around” so who knows, but for her to go to the same leangths as she did with you and your family, i.e. phone calls, emails, pictures in the mail. You just can’t help but wonder.

    It also makes me think, what could possiblely be going on in her mind to want to destroy other famillies. Part of me just wants to go to TX and ask her, “what the hell were you thinking”, but what good would that do. I’m trying to put all this behind me, but it’s hard. It makes me wonder if there was anything we or I could have done to prevent this tragedy.

    Mrs. Lewis, I wish nothing but the best for you and your grandboys. I hope everything works out with the little one. You just have to understand that some of us need to vent. Kahtisha really did a number on all of us. Do you still speak to her? I noticed that she had a court date coming up soon.

    You and your family are always on my mind. Take care and God Bless.

  41. Mrs. Lewis, I was only aware that your daughter was residing in TX and I do have her number. Is that where I could reach you? I don’t know what state you are in…but please understand, you have your priorities and I have mine. I really respect your personal life and home and I don’t want to disrupt any of it. The welfare of your sons are in your hands, and ultimately God, just like Kahtisha is your daughter and you have done your best to raise her and yet, you are not to blame for any of her actions and God has been faithful to you and her and everyone, and YET God is in control…in control of everything, but not our decisions…we are all learning how to deal with the consequences of our actions. So, honestly I am not worried about them…for I know you are looking after them and God is looking after you as you look to him daily. And you could be the best parent for them. Again, I’m not walking in you shoes and I just know that there’s alot of opinions going around and I’m sorry to overstep my beliefs on you. Forgive me… But, I hope that oneday soon I will make that call to you. All I can say is that my husband is not with me for now…and he’s going through some hard times…and I am walking by faith and not by sight. So, he’s not there for me, physically for almost a year so that is why I am trying to “pick up the pieces” if you will, and get some answers. I maybe overdoing it with contacting you? What do you think… Thanks for your time…. God Be with us all

  42. Anonymous 1, when I first read your blog…I was like..that’s it…I’m going to share my similar experience, I guess just to vent or whatnot. But more or less, to relate to you and others above. I only want to encourage you that we need to help our “husbands” to apply how to guard their hearts, if that makes any sense to you. In a Christian sense, you know there will be other women out there who will intice and stimulate our men who are visual people, and then act out…and I hope your marriage if your still married, is stronger than ever, because they statistics say that a marriage that has been through an ordeal like ours can become ‘ten fold’…more stronger (with God’s guidance of course)…So, my prayer for you is that we can totally forgive our husbands..the infidel (the other women) and let our men “know and feel” those remorse and hurts…
    Take gentle care and May the men in our lives rise up to a greater calling and really be the provider,protector of our home, our marriage!

  43. kahtisha is really a piece of work…it seems like she likes to sleep with anyone that would give her the least bit of attention…married men seem to be her number one choice…my heart goes out to mrs rosemary and kahtisha boys…but honestly i’m glad kahtisha is were she is can’t do wrong and get away with it…mrs rosemary just like the rest of us who been hurt by kahtisha i know you are hurting the most please don’t blame yourself for your daughter’s selfish acts she knew exactly what she was doing..the military has a way of turning people into monsters especially when you hanging around the wrong crowd…everyone has questions about what happen how could kahtisha do such a thing and not to mention hurt so many people in the process…there was something in her mind that made her snap one day and kill jameisha..lets not forget that the boys lost a mother and a sister and everyone should focus on prayer to get the lewis family through…

  44. So, what is the status of your daughter? Is she serving time now…for how long? Or awaiting trial? There are no words I can think of to comfort the people directly affected, just look to our Lord, for comfort and refuge and peace!

  45. Anonoymous i think i missed understood you when you first wrote to me i thought that you wre asking me if your husband could be the father of the 19th month old? I just realize that you were talking about Jameisha. Oh we really need to talk i will tell you what i know. I miss my angel so much and i still have alot of unanswered question about Jameisha. Yes a marriage takes two people to help make it work i have been married for 23 years but i find that if you don’t have god in your life how can you go forward with anything else. I do know that there is a court date coming up really soon i have no idea of the outcome for legal reason i can’t get to involved in it. But i prayed that the lord will help me to forgive her for what she has done i don’t want to have hatred in my heart and then try and teach my grandsons, and granddaughter how to love. No i don’t live in TX. I’m sorry that my daughter has cause you so much pain, if your marraige is what you truly want try and fix whatever is wrong. Have you ever seen Jameisha? Wait to hear from you.

  46. Anonyomous i looked back on one of your comment where you said that also you think your husband could be the father of the 19th month old too, and Jameisha i’m i understanding you right?

  47. Mrs. Lewis—I’m Anonymous 2—-i’m asking about 19month old… And Anonymous (which is 1) is wondering if Jameisha is her husband’s child. Sorry so confusing.
    Anyways, I tried calling TX (last four 2248) and wrong number. So, I don’t know how else to get your contact number.

  48. Mrs. Lewis I would love to speak with you about Jamisha. I’m sorry but I have not seen a picture of her. What is her coloring? I know Kahtisha had sent one to my husband after we pcs’ed out of Ft. Hood but he would not let me see it. This is a very touchy subject in my household. Our marraige is very strong but it was hard in the begining after I found out that she was pregnant. Did she mention anything to you about who she thought was the father? How do I go about contacting you?

  49. There is something i have to check on first and i will give you both a phone number where you can reach me. I am trying to find a way to do that with out posting my phone number on the internet. Are one of you now living in New Jersey?

  50. Mac i kept reading your blog over and over now i realize who you are we spoke on the phone if you can i need you to call me. You have my number i need to talk to you it is very important that you contact me. I know with your location it can be difficult but i really need to speak to you.

  51. Anonymous 1 and 2 i’m truely sorry for the hurt that has come to you both. Please be patiene with me and we will make contact real soon, but alot of this cannot be said in this blog it can do more harm than good so that’s why i’m asking for your patience.

  52. Mrs. Rosemary
    What was Kahtisha like as a child? Reason why I asked is because Kahtisha seems smart and you seem like a humble god caring person and I just can’t see you raising a child that would destroy so many people I’am quite sure you didn’t raise her this way and something or someone gotten a hold on her and invaded her.

  53. I apologize now for I may or may not be over stepping my boundaries…but from what I understand is that Kahtisha has hurt quite a few of you…..but maybe she didnt mean to hurt everyone that way. I believe in a relationship as one of you has said “help [the] “husbands” to apply how to guard their hearts” from the “infidel” as you so called her…I still dont understand why everyone is still asking so many questions in this manner. Everyone obviously knows NOW that Kahtisha has been with a few more people than others would have known or would have want to know….but do you still blame her for everything. From my understanding it takes two to rumble. And for any type of relationship to commence, both parties have to be willing. I saw above that one of the men didnt tell Kahtisha that he was married and that she threw a fit when she found out and then didnt want to let go. It looks like to me that she was desperately seeking love from anyone who seemed sincere…..and coosiderate. Do you think that it could be a possibility that she wasnt “a child that would destroy so many people” but a person hurt and confused. “The military has a way of turning people into monsters especially when you hanging around the wrong crowd…” one of you were so good to say. Maybe the crowd was the same crowd as the husband. I can tell you this….if your in the right crowd you can hear and learn about everyone in your unit and the next one while your in the military. Maybe some of the guys thought is would be nice to pass her around because they knew that if they gave her the right attention they would have what they wanted. Dont get me wrong….I am not condoning what she or the husbands did. I really dont like it when people cheat on their significant others(dating or marriage). I have had a lot of friends hurt by a lot of people. I dont even know what my stand point is anymore. I just know that it feels right to stand my friend even through all this that she has created. And Anonyomous, if your marriage has just become strong after so much time and effort…do you really want try to open up old wombs…can you handle that….can he? Again I apologize if I may have upset anyone. If anyone wants to contact Ms Lewis you can either make up a fake email address and then have her email you at that address. After a few emails to make sure you are who you say you are I am sure that Mrs Lewis would be glad to give you her phone number…through that email. She is trying to protect the boys the best she can because that is all she has left in control of. She has much love for them….please help her. If you dont want to do that, post a blog and I will put a fake email and contact her for you. Also, please continue to pray for the youngest boy…he should have seen the doctor by now. I trust that he will be good by the Grace of God. Thank you!

  54. Mac, It’s always nice to stand from where your standing and take “higher ground” and I quote: ” I just know that it feels right to stand my friend even through all this that she created.”…. As you stated.

    I’m not here to debate about Kahtisha’s intention. Actions speak louder than words. Sometimes it could be as obvious as we would like to think…I don’t even know Kahtisha. So, I wouldn’t even try to. But here’s this blog…all about her and everyone directly affected. I thought of making some bogus email and have Mrs. Lewis write me several times there so she can give me her number. And my marriage is my own business and opening old “wounds” is not what I’m doing…do you even understand? I have responsibilty to know if that child is really my husband’s? I’m just trying to do it through this way…or maybe 1 year, 5 years…who knows..when I can get in touch with Mrs. Lewis. Either way, I am in no way promising anything to anybody here on this blog. It’s a burden that I’ll have to carry for the rest of my life…and I’ll be forever attatched to Kahtisha. So are you asking me??? can I live with that? Yes, I can. But I don’t really care for two party advice from you or others who don’t know my story and my intentions. You know what I’m saying? Mrs. Lewis has been doing fine communicating with me, I think. I’m content with any information I’ve been getting. And so far…we all agree the damages that has been done and confessed the blessings in disguise with her two boys..etc.
    Yes, by the Grace of God…may we acknowledge everything to him, our joys and cares. Mac, and I too hope I haven’t stepped over any boundaries too…

  55. to mac
    I fully understand what your saying about the multiple relationships she had with married men…and they should get their dicks cut off…not only has kahtisha hurts all of us…she has done sometime so cruel so mean…she has taken the life of a beautiful little girl…and there is nothing anyone can do to bring her back to her grandmother…her brothers…her family jameisha now doesn’t have the chance to have her first day in kindergarten or her first tooth to fall out..learn to ride a bike…for that she will always be a cruel and hateful person regardless of how many men she slept with…truth be told her unhappiness had nothing to do with her babies they are nothing but pure and absolute joy…and in fact if kahtisha never killed jameisha none of us would be sitting here communicating over this blog…there are a lot of things that enlighten me since this blog…i forgive kahtisha because ultimately she really didn’t hurt me my husband did…and kahtisha only hurt herself know she locked up and is blaming everyone for her problems…and you’re absolutely right about the military…they turn vulnerable men and women into monsters,liars,cheaters,thefts…everything the devil is the military has a way of turning people into devils….and its a shame that the country,government and other countries around the world look towards these same men and women…it no wonder why the united states of fucked up america is looked upon in disgrace….now there some men and women in the military who carry themselves with respect and god given grace…however kahtisha is not one of them and it not her fault she just few into the wrong group of people…her judgement was bad and i can’t hate for it…..i have prayed for kahtisha to find comfort and solice in the word of god…i pray her boys are well and happy and i know their sister is shining down on them….they will always be questions because kahtisha is not here to explain her actions….

  56. I have read all the blogs if anybody knows anything that will put Mrs. Lewis heart at ease please let her know. Unlike the rest Kahtisha didn’t mess up a relationship for me or anything like that. I went to school with her and the person they have in Texas is someone i don’t even know.The times i went to there house i was treated like one of there kids{you eat you wash your dirty plate}. Mrs. Lewis i haven’t been over to see you in a very long while and i’m truly sorry. I just hope all of this will some day stop and you can enjoy your grandsons/granddaughter i promise i will come and see you really soon

  57. Even though it sounds like Lahtisha was a whore, lets not forget it takes two to tango. She didn’t get herself pregant. I know women like her who doesn’t want a man UNLESS he’s someone else’s.

  58. Her name is kahtisha at least get that right.

  59. Mrs. Lewis, again I’ll be checking on this blog to see if you do have contact number for me so I could possibly see if I can get some answers from you and maybe you from me…Either way…this blog has helped me “discover”, unfortunately the issues concerning Kahtisha’s other consistent patterns in life. My intentions to join this blog was to get some “positive-foward” feedback from the right source: Mrs. Lewis. If she wants to continue to be that for me. I too could be of some help, meaning it could narrow down the ‘possible’ count of “whos the real father”. But, right now I’m trying to find out who’s the father of this 19month old. I really hope it’s not my husband so I could move on.

  60. And of course, continue to pray for the child’s health…both of them..and everything else mentioned on this blog…Lord help us all!

  61. Mrs. Lewis: Yes or no, please…are the initials, T M or R T or T S …. You pick the one that’s associated to me and I will try to contact you and we can go from there. Remember, I’m Anonymous TWO asking about the real father of A.Mcknight.

  62. In response to what you wrote below: Mrs. Rosemary Lewis
    It seems like everyone is more concern about who the father of the 19 month old is than how the boys are doing. There is no fatheold he chose to leave his son in foster care, he stated that he was married and have other kids and don’t want to be a part of r of the 19 month his life thank god for recording. I had the DNA test done in March. See when it comes to those little boys i’m BITTER. There’s no need to upset your happy home i had all right terminated nobody will ever make my grandsons feel they are not wanted. The sad thing is he has my name the same way i have his, the address na phone numbers in the court papers doesn’t match when i tried to call to talk to him about his son why didn’t he just pick up the phone all those month back and call. Yes there’s alot of comment about Kahtisha, about this and that but you know that’s not my first concern. By reading the comment alot of people have been hurt but like someone said in another paragraph it takes two one person cannot do something to another if they don’t allow them to. Right now my main focus is making sure my grandson will not need an operation. So i’m sorry if i didn’t tell you what you need to know and yes i can relate to all this as a mother and wife but i cannot and will not upset my home. I’m sorry.

    My comments: You see Mrs. Lewis, all this above you wrote
    earlier…makes me wonder if I’m going on wild goose chase
    your daughter put me in??? Put me in by saying that my
    husband is the father of the 19month old. Of course my
    husband put me in this too. But what I’m talking about is
    that with this information above you’ve given me..DNA in March, court records of your names and contacts…

    What if Kahtisha just called my husband and just wanted
    to lead him to believe it was him, because out of the “guys” she’s been with, he seemed to be more friendly in terms
    of continuing to be in contact and for whatever reason Kahtisha would of liked some “father figure” around
    for the youngest. You see, your daughter continued to
    send pictures and keep tabs with my husband. but she
    claimed she had no clue where we were at. that was too easy to find out.

    So by your info above, I’m really trying my best to either ask
    you to help me out, for only the specific initials I asked above. And then I could know yes or no…you don’t even have to point it out…just say, “you got on of the initials correct” or “you don’t have any initials correct”. LIke that. Then I could move on out of this blog and you would just help bury this in my heart and really just get out of your
    way so you could narrow in on those that could really
    give you the answers you need. Thank you for considering it all. and I’m still up to that phone call too.

  63. This is a reply to everyone out there and it may sound harsh if you take it that way… if so I am truely sorry.
    Here goes I am in the army, my house was staked out for days because of the people who wanted to cash in on the reward. PATHETIC… Yes I knew kahtisha VERY WELL and this was a girl who was EXTREMELY KIND TO ME AND EVERYONE I EVER SAW HER AROUND. Everyone still asks me how she is. YES… she slept around here and there but she wanted to be accepted and loved. She and I talked about that ALOT!!!! But everytime she hooked up with a guy she got real attached before she really knew him. Many women out there have delt with the same thing. DONT JUDGE HER ON THAT! We have all seen Dogs out there.
    AS for the woman that replied with “Kahtisha slep with my husband while we were deployed” LOOK I WAS DEPLOYED WITH HER, there were only 4 of us women, so if you knew her or our situation you WILL have NO doubt who I am!!!!!!!!!! Ever heard of what goes on in the field stayes in the field? FYI I KNOW your man and he tried to hook up with ME, and I did NOT go for it! So dont point at her get your facts strait before you judge her. OK I SAID NO AND SHE COULD HAVE too BUT SHE DIDNT. To often a women will go off hating on another women before realizing where the problem realy is ( its with your man. If it wasnt Kahtisha it would have been another woman)! Im sorry if this upsets you but if you dont realize this now you will later HE WILL DO IT AGAIN!!!!! trust me! I know him he talked about YOU to all of US. You may not be so bad but he said otherwise OK Men lie to get what they want! Many times I saw this from different men… unfortunatly she didnt. Thank you Mac you are completly understanding it takes TWO!!!!!!!
    AS FOR YOU the woman who wants to know if the baby was her NOW mans. If he really wanted to know he would go threw the PROPER chanels to find out. YOU are way more intrested in this RUMOR then he is. Think about that for a second, and STOP PUTTING MRS ROSEMARY THREW THIS!!

    Mrs Rosemary I am so sorry for your loss and your familys ordeals. All I can say is “We all know GOD makes waves to make us stronger to get closer to HIM”. NOT only the boys but YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY are all in my prayers. You are a strong woman to keep goin threw all of this. He surly has a wonderful seat for you.
    In conclusion I ask you all… you say you dont judge her but reread what you wrote and if your angry or hate her what if GOD came to you after you died as her? We know he can do what he wants would you still love her/ Him.
    You dont know!!! YOU wernt there, and it has hurt me many times that when she called me in histerics while I was in JRTC and I couldnt talk to her (Mission First) about what happined I told her I would call her back.
    MRS Rosemary your other daughter stayed at my house while Kahtisha was hidding. I took her to the bank. I talked to the attorney, I just want you and your family to know… I hope you are ALL OK, because this has put a toll on YOU, the boys, and your WHOLE family.
    Jameisha was a beautiful little girl and she sits beside GOD now. We WILL all see her again!!!!!!! God LOVES and takes care of us all. I have faith in you, the boys, your whole family, and Kahtisha. Instead of tearing you all apart I PREY IT WILL BRING YOU ALL TOGETHER!
    I am just getting back from Iraq AGAIN, still in the same military company (and we cant blame the military for this either). I got on here to find out what happined to her and where she is.
    Mrs Rosemary If you need ANYTHING, ANYTHING at all please let me know. Kahtisha loved you and told me ALOT about you.

    As I said before you are TRUELY a wonderful STRONG Woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Amanda,
    Your right….your so right…about what? About what you know to be true. I know enough to say, I made my own personal contact with phat_kat. Right…that’s one clue of how I know what I know via email and Kahtisha’s explaination of what went down in Iraq between her and my then fiance’. In her own words. But anyhow, no one on this blog ever denied their “other-halfs” were at fault. Mine included. I feel bad for the spouses, like myself and you feel as if we are bothering Mrs. Lewis. Mrs. Lewis is a strong woman and is hurting and trying to heal like all of us. So, Mrs. Lewis if I am hurting you more than helping you, just let me know… and I will leave you alone. Amanda, It aint’ no RUMOR that I’m interested in. It’s the facts!!! Kahtisha went out of her way to contact my husband, and try to keep in contact for the sake of a the child. Ok, I agree, but have some decency at least, Kahtisha…and let me and my husband discuss some things before you try to make things work out with some guy who was unfaithful in the beginning, my husband. I don’t care if my husband has twenty kids out there, if your the “other woman” who now carries a child from a fling…let him know and have some respect for married couple who might be trying to work things out. If I had a kid from a fling, I would let the guy know, but that is it. Let the guy pursue the contacting. That’s his loss and by all means move on and know that if the guy never contacts the child, it’s a big sign that he might not be a great father…even husband, as I should well know now. I mean, have some respect for the “wife” at least, who just found out her husband just fathered a child in Iraq. She didn’t have an open mind and she just wanted to pursue her own agenda. But she made no real apologies and she just wanted to move on too. And she admitted that she too was in a relationship and he was devastated when he found out she was pregnant after she came home from Iraq. What do you think, Amanda? Did Kahtisha honeslty think that my husband who has also screwed around would be such a great father figure, that’s why she insisted on emailing my husband and keeping in contact with him? Even I wouldn’t want to pursue that when I know the guy has issues with messing around. Kahtisha knew what she was doing. My husband knew what he was doing. And I’m not surprised if my husband tried to hook up with you, too. And guess what, my husband wanted to remain in contact with her and just “see” if her last child was his. So, he did his part and then Kahtisha is in this situation now.
    Amanda, the whole point of your blog above in summary is: “it takes two…so don’t point fingers at Kahtisha, and just leave Mrs. Lewis alone”.
    Yes, it takes two and there is a child left behind. But in the great loving care of a woman DESERVING of that child’s love. My husband doesn’t deserve that child’s love. Better yet, We don’t deserve God’s love, BUT that’s what’s called God’s grace and Mercy! Grace is receiving what we don’t deserve and Mercy is extending grace to others as God has given us today.
    By God’s grace, my husband all other spouses who have been unfaithful, have a chance to make things right with God and their spouses, etc….. And believe me my husband is dealing with God one on one and the circumstances of his choices, and if God is giving my husband a chance…Who am I? Who am I to think I’m better than God and not give a chance to my husband, too? Who am I to think that Kahtisha’s doesn’t deserve God’s grace and Mercy?

    I don’t deserve anything, but I have everything to be thankful for, by God’s unchanging love. So, Amanda, as you stand up for Kahtisha….yes, stand up for her and how “good” she was. But, I’m not going to stand up for my husband in this blog as to say he was good back then…I am going to say that my husband is in God’s grace and Mercy every single waking day of his life. He’s trying to make things right with God first…I pray, then everything else should fall in place.
    Mrs. Lewis, if your reading this…I don’t know why I feel compelled to have written all this to Amanda, seeing that she “knows” everything. But apparently she doesn’t. As women we tend to be more emotional…and more involved in matters that “men” seem to not be so keen to. So, as a wife, that is why I am involved in the facts. And pursuing the facts that I know that your daughter told me.
    To Amanda, I have to say that I felt your blog was speaking to me. But there are other women on this blog that has a similar story as mine… So I don’t know if you actually know my husband. He aint’ caucasian nor is he Black. But I have a feeling you do. It sounds like him.
    By the way, Amanda, would you know who the father of the youngest boy would be? Did Kahtisha tell you that part? Or did you figure that out by yourself?
    I’m sorry if I’m irritated, but I’m allowed to be irritated, seeing that I have made some “good” contact w/Mrs. Lewis and you have told me or whomever your trying to address on this blog to, “Stop putting Rosemary through this”.
    Since your telling me or whomever what to do….you should try to suggest it better. How bout’ I suggest to you, that if you have anyother friends who you are close to who like to sleep around with other men who are specifically involved, maybe you could share Kahtisha’s story and have everyone learn a great lesson about it. In that way, you will not only be a close friend but a GREAT friend to Kahtisha and her family. Yes, men are dogs. BUT…who are you? Who am I? We all are sinners who need to Repent and live for HIM!! There is a great lesson to be learned from this. And going back and forth might help, but please be more sensitive to everyone else on this blog…cause’ you don’t know what they are going through.
    And your right, the military has nothing to do with what Kahtisha actions. I don’t blame the military for my spouse’s wandering eye/infidelity……that would be a cop out, I know better than that.

    We all are just trying to “pick up the pieces”, of our loved ones. Mrs. Lewis is, that’s why she is on this blog???!!! I am…Other women are…..and you too. You just came back from Iraq…and JUST found out?? So, we are not holding that against you since your such a close friend of hers???

  65. To Anonymous one, two, and Amanda here is an email address that you can contact me on and then we will set up phone contact . Anonymous two if you can tell me the name of the 19th month old i saw where you had his initials then i know it’s you. Amanda what is my youngest daughter name or state she came from before coming to tx? Anonymous one what is Jam’s home state, once verifyed we will go from there is that fair enough?

  66. Ok, thanks…we could do that and see where that leads us…Thanks Mrs. Lewis, for taking time to do that…

  67. Mrs. Lewis,
    After reading the blogs of heartfelt blessings, concerns and accusations, the only thing I can say is you are truly a “GODSEND”! I have not endured such a loss or a loss of anykind for that matter and you have inspired me and prepared me should I ever be confronted with such a loss or many losses.
    Your strength, compassion, kindness, loyalty and love speaks volume. You have grasped my attention like no other Godly person has.
    I am from the San Antonio, Tx area and I am firm believer in punishment must fit the crime or punishment of any kind should be served. It is so unfortunate that your daughter is losing precious time with her children due to her actions. Through you, I have learned the meaning of “Children of God”. While I just mentioned the unfortunate hardship of your daughter there is too a blessing for her children, which are now your children, and that is through you, all you have done and all you continue to do.
    You’re daughter’s character is not of importance to me and I mean no disrespect however; the well-being of her children with you is very comforting to me as a Mother. You are sucha a comforting individual. You know that your raising of her had nothing to do with her actions towards her children/child, she was an adult and she new that her anger may have been out of control. The military should hold some blame over the stress of her deployement and her culture shock return home.
    Mrs. Lewis and Family, I stand, pray, love and support all your dedication and loyalty
    Oh and by the way, I have shared custody of my son with my ex-husband and he resides in AR with his Father. My priorities in life has placed him with his Father because of bad decisions I made has lead me to maintain two jobs and unfortunately my family takes a back seat. You Mrs. Lewis have instilled in me I need to rearrange some things in my life; God, Family, etc.
    With God’s Love and Speed we will overcome our hardships or overcove witness to other’s hardships. We must continue to Live right, Learn and pass it on.

  68. Nar thank you for you kind words it means alot to me and my family.

  69. August 2, 2007
    The Teaching of Adversity
    In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world ―John 16:33

    The typical view of the Christian life is that it means being delivered from all adversity. But it actually means being delivered in adversity, which is something very different. “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. No evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling . . .” ( Psalm 91:1,10 )― the place where you are at one with God.

    If you are a child of God, you will certainly encounter adversities, but Jesus says you should not be surprised when they come. “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” He is saying, “There is nothing for you to fear.” The same people who refused to talk about their adversities before they were saved often complain and worry after being born again because they have the wrong idea of what it means to live the life of a saint.

    God does not give us overcoming life― He gives us life as we overcome. The strain of life is what builds our strength. If there is no strain, there will be no strength. Are you asking God to give you life, liberty, and joy? He cannot, unless you are willing to accept the strain. And once you face the strain, you will immediately get the strength. Overcome your own timidity and take the first step. Then God will give you nourishment― “To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life . . .” ( Revelation 2:7 ). If you completely give of yourself physically, you become exhausted. But when you give of yourself spiritually, you get more strength. God never gives us strength for tomorrow, or for the next hour, but only for the strain of the moment. Our temptation is to face adversities from the standpoint of our own common sense. But a saint can “be of good cheer” even when seemingly defeated by adversities, because victory is absurdly impossible to everyone, except God.

  70. Today August 14, 2007 is the day Jameisha(Meechie) turns 4 this is a very hard day for me and my family, but being her birthday makes today very emotional for me. I try to stand strong but today i can’t i am hurting like it’s the day when i said go bye to her. I love my precious angel and misses her so much. She will always be in my heart. I had wanted to come back with the update on my grandson because i promise i would.He will be having surgery, the surgery will be done as of right now Sept unless we get a call of an earlier date it will be done at the children’s hospital they specialize more in the type of surgery he’s having. I know that God is here and everything will be ok . I know i maynot say this right but everyone will know what i’m trying to say. You know there’s this saying that when people are kind they don’t have to be kind to you. I would like to say with all the people that have came to this blog and commented about how my daughter affected a part of there lives could have very well had angry toward me but instead you send prayers encouraging words for me and my family, even some i know personally that i have spoken on the phone with, what i;m really trying to say because of your niceness and prayers you sent to my family it have touch us in ways that we never thought of and i really wanna say THANK YOU FOR BEING NICE TO ME. I wanted to post this today this is what i feel in my heart.

  71. Mrs. Lewis,
    You all will be in my prayers and I hope everything goes well with your grandson’s surgery. Thank-you for keeping us all up to date on your grandson.

  72. Mrs. Lewis,
    You are so strong and the fact you find away to express your feelings and emotions, tells me of your will for strength not just for yourself but, all of those around you and beyond.
    Remember how precious your beloved grand-daughter was, well she still is. Visialize her presence, she is still with you everywhere you go. Her spirit is with you as often as you think of her, don’t be afraid to talk about her. Be proud of her.
    I believe that this blog and you had a much to do with my recent wonderful news; I no longer have to maintain two jobs as I have been doing for the past two years. I have had a full-time position with a private government firm for the past 4 1/2 yrs. and I’ve maintained a part-time for the government MWR program at the Equestrian Center as a Trail Guide and responsible for feeding the 90 privately owned horses for the past two years. I am and always have been a “Go Getter” very independent whether I have a significant other or not. I have learned; to share my life with someone is to sacrifice my time with other’s. Due to my recent divorce and losing everything but, my dignity I am able to start over and put my family and loved ones first.
    I will be taking on a civil service role as the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Assistant beginning on 08/23/07. I am looking forward to this opportunity and realize slowing down into one full-time position will come as a culture shock in the beginning. I will not no what it is like to work just five days a week instead of 7 days. I will not no what it is like to get home before night falls.
    Thanks for your sibliminal inspiration. God bless your grand-son during is up and coming surgery. Charish your many blessings and you do have many. Thoughts of you, thoughts of them. NAR

  73. Mrs. Lewis, thank you for your last comment above. You have shed some light too on “us”…that there is hope, there is forgiveness, there is kindness and love. I take no credit for my ‘sanity’ in all of what I’ve been through…I give credit to God for leading me in someway through my “storms”. God doesn’t promise to take away the problems in life…he does promise to help us through the Storms in life. As you look to God, and cry to him…I know that your suffering is allowed so He can strengthen your faith…He knows your cares and your burdens! Praying for you…
    2Cor 4:17
    17For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

  74. Mrs Lewis, I am sorry that I have been unable to contact you like I said, but I see here the status of your grandson. I will pray for him and have some of my friends also send a thoughtful prayer. I will try to contact you again soon on the email that you posted above to see how everyone is. The numbers I have now do not work anymore. Take care Mrs Lewis and stay strong. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  75. Mrs. Lewis I hope things went well for the young one…the possible surgery you mentioned. can you still be reached at your email that I contacted you earlier…


  77. thoughts of losses sadens me
    imagine me ,drasticly
    seeking gravity in a situation
    tragicly leaving me ragedy
    soul torn
    where once worn, questioned
    why I was born, in the moment
    I knew my daughter was gone
    returned to the infinite,
    reasons, never known why
    left as memories
    and tears in my eyes
    the truth’ll set u free
    the truth’ll make u bleed
    blood seen only in tears
    Im with with the truth now
    had to break up with fear
    men find strengnth & confidence
    being ready to die
    understand the pain involved
    when a man cries
    Shell of my spirit refusing to break
    cant stom my soul from flowing
    waves from my face
    pain lies deep no sleep,
    a nigga still gotta eat
    Packin’ bags, totin’ emotion
    mind separated from my body in motion
    get the notion to set em’ down
    & can’t explain the frown on the brown
    unexplicable, unpredictable
    like a strobe light bout 2 blow
    couldve been a killa in an instant
    I heard the voices that
    put me in that mode
    I thank God for his holy control.

    Jamiesha was taken by God because she would’ve lived a torn life, thought the pain of knowing she’s not here is still.
    I was there in ICU when they came to take pictures of the bruises she had all over her body, the doctor said that she was malnourished, though CPS said the other children were healthy. lost in the matrix when they turned the machines off, my mind couldn’t believe it was real but the pain in my soul reassured me.

    There have been many lies told, I chose to be silient & pray for us all, I found forgiveness. though my understanding is low.
    Kahtisha said I gagged her infant son with a sock and duct tape. (lies)
    I knew the truth but was content with being sent to the barracks to live (I was unhappy with her and my marriage). IF I HAD DONE SOMETHING WRONG I WOULD’VE BEEN LOCKED UP (and not let out) which never happened. Mrs. Lewis you were a guest in my house that week, I came home to get some things and you locked me out of my own house. Why would you let an unknown man (trying to sleep with my wife) spend the night in my house?
    I find that disrespectful and unjustifiable, I havent found forgiveness for that yet.

    No one told me when Jamiesha’s funeral was. I came to the house your car was there (Kentucky plates) why didn’t you answer the door. the CPS worker told me she asked you if ya’ll had told me you said “oh I thought they already told him” the lady said she could she could tell you were lying.

    Kahtisha kept me from seeing Jameisha, I’d come over and knock and they’d turn off the lights. (Karma)
    Why would you deny me knowing when and where my daughter was to be burried. You had no say in it either Kahisha was the custodial parent, which is why I couldn’t make the decision. You know no one told me and thats not cool, I forgive it. The day I came by to find out where she would be burried I left a note requesting pictures, that note also said “God bless you all” that still stands but..

  78. TO THE MARRIED WOMAN WHO THINKS HER HUSBAND IS JAMEISHA’S FATHER, Jameisha was a bright yellow baby with good hair, I believe Kahtisha was going to let me raise Jameisha to hurt me for leaving her. I have and infant picture of her but nothing recent I’d be happy to share any truth I know.

  79. Mr.JAM,
    I have been off the internet for awhile trying to deal with the death of my granddaughter Jameisha but after seeing you were brave enough to come on here i feel i need to answer you back. When you came to the house i was out making arrangements to have her flown back to Kentucky so there was no way i could be there to answer your so called knock at the door. And this about the CPS worker told you i was lying i know you have told a bold face LIE when i can have them call you right now and tell you different.You talk about kahtisha wouldn’t let you see jameisha i wouldn’t either if you come when you wanted to and not when the courts set the time and with some of the complaints made to the police why would she. Remember the night i called you from Kentucky trying to find out what happened you hanged the phone up on me why was a complaint made then against you? So please don’t try and make everyone feel you are victim.And the part about me not letting you in your house when i was up there when you TAPE THE SOCK IN MY GRANDSONS MOUTH there was a paper signed by the CPS that stated you were not suppose to be within 10 feet of him so that’s why i locked you out. And if you didn’t ;who did Kahtisha was in the field and yes there are still records of that if you are calling me a liar. I don’t know where you get the idea that i let some man stayed at your house don’t try and play games with me you have to pay bills and be a man of the house to call it yours.Thanks funny i have two CPS workers that will testify that they were trying to find you so it doesn’t matter rather you find it in your heart to forgive me or not. Should i forgive you for the times when you never pick up the phone and never called about the kids when she was over in Iraq that hurted me more than you know i thought of you as the son i never had. When you came to my house we opened up our hearts to you my church family welcomed you ; my husband took you along on there yearly trip to Memphis for the Nascar racing that’s how much we thought of you. But hey i have two wonderful sons whom have brought nothing but JOY to my life. Why you felt that you were going to raised Jameisha and she was suppose to be someone else is a bold face lie jam you made your decision when kahtisha was over seas not only did you leave you wife when she needed you but you left the kids for someone else to care for. And i’m glad it was me. When see was over there fighting for her country you were playing house with your girlfriend and that came from a very good source. If you are stating that jameisha isn’t your daughter why would you want pictures of her?????????? I have all the answers that i were searching for SHE ISN’T YOUR DAUGHTER which you will probally get on here and start calling her this and that but that’s ok to. She made alot of mistakes and so have you but, all this have been a test of my faith and without the Lord in my life i would be here today GOD is awsome you really should call him pray to him trust me it works. And for the record as far as everything i am prepare to prove everything even your child support case. I have papers on everything never know when someone like you might decide to call me a lair i deal in facts not hear say i have everything .

  80. when i was on here earlier i forgot to let everyone know that my grandson surgery was a success he is doing fine. Getting ready to celebrate his 2nd birthday. Thank you for the prayers.

  81. Ms Lewis,
    I feel compelled to point out the numerous contradictions in your response and your actions. You say you were out making arrangements when I came by, then why was your car there?? Kahtisha didnt have a car at that point so you would have needed to use your own. Secondly, Jameisha’s body was sent to Dallas for an autopy first, so it doesn’t even seem logical that you would be doing that in Killeen when the body had to be sent from DALLAS to kentucky. I don’t need you to have CPS workers call me because I have been in contact with both the initial caseworker as well as the investigator and neither one of them had many positive things to say about you (which probably why it was difficult for you to get the boys). As far as those accusations about the older boy, why would kahtisha stay with me and lie to me about jameisha being mine if i did something so terrible?? Why would you prefer me to keep the two kids for a whole year while she was in iraq??And why were those charges DROPPED and I didn’t go to jail ( I got my documentation too MS Lewis) That just doesn’t add up to me. In your statement above you say that it was “bold face lie” that jameisha wasn’t mine, but then you CONTRADICT yourself a few lines down by saying that “SHE ISN’T YOUR DAUGHTER”. That is low down!! You and Kahtisha knew all along that Jameisha wasn’t mine, but for some reason she felt like dragging me through the mud by putting me on child support and then not letting me have contact with the baby ( I came on scheduled visitation days but she wouldn’t let me in until after she had the youngest boy- she probably didn’t want me to know about the pregnancy). You accuse me of playing house with someone while she was in iraq and you say she needed me, well our relationship was over before she left. ( i thought you dont deal with hearsay anyway??) Think about it, she was sending emails to one guy telling him that jameisha was really his child AND she was over there getting pregnant by another guy. Do you honestly think that she wanted to make our relationship work?? But go ahead and put the blame on me if you want, I really dont care. You say you have papers on my child support case, well why don’t you tell them what you told me and everyone on this blog, that Jamiesha really wasn’t my child. Maybe I’ll get a refund. i really dont have anything else to say to you but this:

  82. Jamuel Mcknight,

    This is NOT the place for this. Email me privately, as these comments are not appropriate for my blog.

  83. Jam yes my car was there but so was another. I have no reason to lie . Even though you feel i am i don’t have to explain my granddaughter buriel to you. What ever happen between you and Kahtisha i really don’t give a d–. And for your information i never had a hard time getting my grandsons and the court records can prove that i went through all the proper channels the judge and the boys lawyers had me go through. So it wasn’t hard at all i don’t know what cps workers you were talking to that bad mouth me i can prove different can you. You never have to or want to talk to me it will not hurt me in anyway. I have low tolerance for small minded people and you wear those shoes very well. No i didn’t know Jameisha wasn’t yours until a short while ago and that fact is still waiting results. so don’t try and peg me as the bad person here. Why didn’t you do your research since you try to make everyone feel like i’m a lair but that’s better than being stupid. Have you ever made funeral arrangements from state to state until you do don’t ever question me on that again concerning MY GRANDDAUGHTER. And for the record her body was not sent out of Dallas do i need to prove that also.This really could have turn out on a nicer note but i don’t care who agrees or disagree you will never receive anything from me about JAMEISHA.I can’t not stop you from making statements but i can for making false ones when i can prove otherwise.

  84. To my life of crime i’m sorry if i let things got out of hand concerning statements that i made on your blog. Even through it’s been over a year since my granddaughter has been gone it’s a very upsetting subject for me. So again i’m sorry for acting the way i did.

  85. mrs rosemary i hope you and your family have a happy thanksgiving and merry christmas…i know this maybe hard for you and your family….but just put your trust and faith in the lord he will work everything out i know he will….

  86. Larisse thank you very much. And i hope that you and your family have a nice holiday as well. Season greetings goes out to everyone.

  87. without pain, there is no contrast for pleasure
    without absence, no appreciation for presence
    Cherubs come frome somewhere, the natural truths of life hurts though.
    can’t teach an old dog new tricks
    without lies, no appreciation for truth
    dispise the lies, that are truths to a liar
    some apples were made to be bad
    u can’t blame the meat for tasting like the seasoning on it
    who seasoned it?
    in the midst of confusion, we often forget what caused it
    sinners us all, none of us blameless
    there are those who’s actions are simply shameless
    observe the one, who tells mistruths
    for God even had a plan for Judas

    it’s better to dwell on a rooftop, than to share a house with a contemptuous woman

    The truth hurts, and WILL set u free,
    There are those who reject freedom naturally
    Those with nothing to share, but the misery they know
    Cursed in a way they can’t control
    Good for what ONLY God knows

    I dont need any pictures or anything from u, God bless u with all u deserve (R.L.)

  88. I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s Mrs. Lewis. I am sorry that I have not been on to greet you and that I have not been able to call and say hello to the boys like I wanted to. The number I used to have no longer works. I have just returned from Iraq and would hope to send something nice for the family sometime if it is alright with you. If you want to you can leave a message at Take good care of your family and God Bless!

  89. Hi Mac sorry that i haven’t been on here, had alot going on i left my where about in your email hope to hear from you soon. Welcome home.

  90. This is my first time hearing about this tragedy and my heart goes out to Mrs.Lewis, her family and anyone who has been directly affected. I hope that both boys are fine. I hope the surgery went well, also. But, I am truly saddened to know that in a time like this, the only thing we as God’s children can do is insult one another. To the wives whose husbands have violated their marriage vows, I will pray for you to find a way past the hurt. But, I feel as women there needs to be a better way of expressing our disdain with each other. I’m not excusing what happen between Kahtisha and these men nor am I defending her part in these flings. But, she was not the one at the alter pledging love, honesty, honor nor FIDELITY to you, your husbands did in the front of GOD, you and your families. I’m sure your angry with them also, but it seems like your all more angry with her. I read all these blogs and you all seem like your walking with the Lord, and want to move forward with your lives. A few months ago my cousin and I were having a conversation about forgiveness. Do you know what it means to truly forgive someone? Because I, myself, was confuse and had questions of my own on this subject. To me to forgive means to let go and start over with the promise of a new beginning. I know we’ve all heard “I forgive but I won’t forget” but isn’t that contradicting “to forgive and to forget.” Please, find forgiveness in yourselves and everything else will fall into place and be thankful that your not type of women,like Kahtisha, who only feels whole if they have a or any man. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m going to continue to pray for her because any parent that can inflict such pain on their child has some serious problems. Ask yourselves as a community what could have been done to help her prevent this from ever happening. In my heart I believe that if she had it to do all over again that precious angel, Jameisha, would still be here. To Jamuel, for you to say that maybe you should get a refund is very appalling. I do believe that you are hurting at the loss of a child, but instead of bickering back and forth with Mrs.Lewis or at the fact that she was or wasn’t your child, be thankful for the short time that you had with her. There seems to be two things that you all agree on and that is love for Jameisha and Kahtisha. Yes, I said Kahtisha because there was a time when you did love her, Jamuel. Life is what you make of it. So, instead of the shoulda, coulda and woulda’s, think about what you can do to make the rest of your days on Earth count. I pledge to everyone who have nothing but negative things to say about Kahtisha to really search their soul and faith in the Almighty. He without sin may cast the first stone. I don’t know about any of you, but my hand won’t leave my side. To people everywhere of every race and nationality, “Learn from the past, appreciate the present, and prepare for the future.” Once again, my prayers are forever with this family. Mrs.Lewis, I don’t know you nor your grands, but, in God “I LOVE YOU’LL.”

  91. Shaniqua,
    Hello, I am sadden by the loss of this child’s life. I can not imagine why a mother would do this to her child.
    I agree with you on what you said except for the part of him getting a refund is appalling.. I think that if he is not the father he should get his money back. I do not think what she did was right, why should he pay child support if the child wasn’t his?
    Trust me, I am all for the man or woman having to pay their child support but I am not for someone paying when it is not theirs. I think that when a woman lies about a child belonging to a man and he has paid her child support over the years then she should have to pay him back and pay back every penny that he has given her.

  92. Hey Lavonna,
    I’m not saying that her deception was in any way right, but sometimes we have to learn to let God be our avenger. What is it going to change? Will it bring him closure? This child has been a pawn in a sick, twisted game her whole short life. It’s apparent from the comments that he was not an active person in her life for reasons we on the outside will never know and I’m not blaming anyone in particular. I feel that when she died he was her Daddy and in death he is still her Daddy. If I was a man who had any doubts about whether a child is mine, I would have done what was needed to find out? It wasn’t a hidden fact that Kahtisha cheated. People fail to realize that you can lie to everyone you know, but God will always reveal it. That’s just how I feel,but other people may not feel it that way! But I can respect our difference in opinion. May God Bless!

  93. Hello Mrs. Lewis, how are you now? I hope that things are doing a lot better. It is mostly my fault that I have not been able to contact you sooner. I also cant find your email you sent me. If you could send me another message to Thank you again and I am glad that the boys are with you. I know that they will have a great life. God Bless you and your family

  94. To everyone again i thank you for your kind words and prayers. In the next coming weeks i will be face with a hard dilemma that’s going to hit my family really hard, but i know
    the Lord will see me through it. To Mac you have been a great friend through all this and i thank you. Mac you can email me at i tried to email you but it was sent back. The boys are doing wonderful and thanks for keeping them in yours prayers also. Again thanks to everyone for there kinds words and prayers.

  95. now both jamuel and kahtisha are in jail together…..jamuel was booked on jan 8 2008 and is know sharing a cell with his lovely wife…maybe now they have enough time to work this out

  96. Name: MCKNIGHT, JAMUEL KORY Booking Date: 01/09/08
    Address: 104 E CARDNAL LN APT. 206, HARKER HEIGHTS, TX 76548 Bond Cause
    Offense(s): 356101 M B MARIJUANA POSS 0-2 0Z 3,000
    Offense(s): 480124 F S EVADING ARREST/DETENTION W/VEH W/PREV CO 20,000
    Offense(s): 489000 M B FAIL TO IDENTIFY FUGITIVE FROM 2,500
    Offense(s): 909001 F 1 PROB. VIOL. 0
    Name: MCKNIGHT, KAHTISHA SHONTEL Booking Date: 07/07/06
    Address: 1014 N 12TH ST, KILLEEN, TX 76541 Bond Cause
    Offense(s): 90120 F 1 MURDER 1,000,000

  97. just want everyone to know that jamuel is not the victim and kahtisha is not a evil person…she just made a bad decision getting hooked up with this clown

  98. I guess Jamuel is never going to change his ways he wants every body to think he is perfect far from it. May be i should go any visit him in jail when i’m in Texas on Monday and tell him not to drop the SOAP. I know it’s mean of me but with our history who can blame me. There is so much to Jamuel and Kahtisha that everybody don’t know i blame him 30% in all this. Yes there has been alot of bad decisions made on everyones part there are alot of things i wish i could take back and change but i know i can’t all i can do is be strong and move forward with the help of family,friends and the good Lord who has been my shoulder through all this. The fate of my daughter will be decided on next week emotionally it’s going to hit me hard i’m losing two important persons in my life. Please pray for my family.

  99. Rosemary,
    I will pray for your family. I am very sorry for your loss and I hope that you didn’t get upset when I posted what I did. I should have just kept my mouth shut and if I offended you then I never intended to..
    I hope your grandsons are doing good.

  100. ms lewis i can’t imagine the pain you are feeling…please don’t blame yourself for what has happened…what is important know is your grandson are taken care of and they are in a safe place….no one knows what really happened that night….and no one will know the truth….what kahtisha and kim did was wrong and they both have to live with that..

  101. i just want you to know that i know kahtisha personally i met her in jail and she is a nice person. Bad things happen to good people. I love that girl with all my heart and i pray for her everyday. I was there when she pulled chain to go to TDC and i cried for a week because i missed her presence. I can only imagine what youre feeling and my prayers are with you and your family andher 2 boys. Things will get better with gods help. I love you tisha and i wish you the best i will write to you soon. Love Always Jazz

  102. No one is more hurt over all this than what me and my family are, my heart is so broken. But i love my daughter Kahtisha and that will never change.Yes with GOD”S help i will continue to be the person he wants me to be. The boys are wonderful they are the center of my joy. Thanks to everyone for there prays and words of kindness i love everyone for that.

  103. God bless you Ms. Rosemary!

  104. Kahtisha is my big sister. Lets just pray for her and my family because we all need it to pull through. Thank You and God Bless.

  105. Mrs. Lewis,

    I wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I am a family of the possible father to the 19 yr old (I’m sure his older now) and I think about him all the time. I pray that you and your whole family are in Good Health and if the boy turns out to be my nephew.. I know he has to be handsome and smart and brave and hard headed w/ huge caring heart..!
    Either way, May God continue to heal you and your family and give that boy lots of hugs and kisses and love from me and my children.

  106. Dear Suh
    Thank you for the wonderful season greeting. I spoke with the step mom to my grandson about six month ago. He is now three years old. I would like for us to be in closer contact since i’m 99.9% sure he is your nephew. Will be in contact with you in the next couple of weeks . Have a happy new year.

  107. Rosemary,

    I just want to say, my heart breaks for you and your family. I can’t imagine what you had to and are enduring. God is truly with you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. How blessed your grandson’s are to have you. This is the fist time I’m hearing of this tragic loss. I have to say I would normally be outraged and would post some crazy rant, but, reading what you write here I can only have compassion. Now I know that’s God. Some of your posts had tears falling down my face…and I’m not a crier. You have truly touched my heart. I pray God keeps you and strengthens you and meets all your needs. As I know he will. He is just and faithful even when we are not. I want to wish you a Happy New Year.
    God Bless You

  108. Donna thank you for your comment, and thank you for your kindness it means more than you realize. Yes i’m blessed to have my grandson i truely don’t know what i would have done if things went the other in court. But when you turn everything over to the Lord he makes the path easier. I hope that you and your family have a happy new year also

  109. Hey Ms. Lewis,

    Thank you so much for responding to my blog. That is a wonderful news! I’m so excited and can’t hardly wait to hear from you… till then God bless!

  110. Hi Suh
    Thank you for responding in order to know that you are who you say you are, I need you to go to which is a email i set up and tell me the name of your brother first,middle and last and the name of your sister in law. I know this may seem like alot but i have to be sure you are who you say you are before i give out my phone number, so please don’t be offended by me requesting this i really hope to hear from you.


  111. mrs.lewis
    i too am very sorry for your loss. we as parents sometimes become overwehlmed but it is a strength to be able to walk away for a short “cooling off” period which is essential for the well being of everyone. i truly am sorry. GOD Bless you and your family

  112. (I’d like to know who Stacy is), yes indeed I was in jail the same time as Kahtisha, I really lost my mind after Jamiesha passed. As a lost soul acting foolishly is natural. How childish and insensitive of you to say “sharing a cell with his lovely wife”. Oddly enough Ms. Stacy I did contact ‘Tisha while I was in jail, I liberated my spirit by finding forgiveness which I let her know that I no longer harbored any ill feelings. However, I would agree with you that it would’ve been for the best if I never persued her. (Ironic how I met her after Church)
    Thank you for posting my crimminal charges, they were the last actions of a foolish man with his mind gone. Though I don’t know who you are to speak of me so condescendingly. You must be a clown too, they say it takes one to know one.
    Mrs. Lewis Please forgive me for my distasteful behaviour, I really had been going through my own tribulations. I made some very rude comments venting my torn feelings. Truthfuly it’s all in the past now and it matters not.
    These days I’ve found clarity in what is now my past, mistakes I’ve made, dues I’ve paid are now lessons of my foolish ways. I’m very thankful for closure to so much of the painful things that have haunted me for so long. I’m healthy now & I wish the same to you and yours. ‘Tisha is serving Life for Capital Murder, may she find penitence for her actions. I never would wish death on anyone so I’m glad they didn’t execute her.
    I never said I was perfect and I openly admit (especially now) that I’ve made my share of mistakes. He who is without sin. . . . . .
    This blog posting is a means of bringing further closure, so I have some things I need to get off my chest.

    -hadn’t been so foolish
    -could’ve been a better man than I was
    -would’ve made better decisions
    -could’ve read through the lies I was told
    -didn’t have to experience the pain
    -didn’t respond to the negativity
    May Karma repay that which we all deserve.


  113. It’s been awhile since i have posted anything or even read any comments, I would like to thank everyone again for there prayers and kind words.This month makes the 3rd year that Jameisha has been gone, there are still alot of rough moments for me but i know my GOD will bring me through it all.

  114. Jam yes you have made alot of HHHHUUUUUGGGGEEEE mistakes. Cant take them back & did it make the situation worse well of course but by gones are by gones. Now all of this is behind you. So turn the page and start off fresh to a new beginning. I just wish my baby girl meeshie didn’t have to experience what she had to. RIP.

  115. anonymous i to wish that my angel Jameisha didn’t have to go through the things she went through. I still hurt very much over her passing, i visit her often.Are you someone i;ve spoken to on the phone before, wondering because of the way you said my baby girl meeshie not too many people knew that was her email address is if you want to talk any farther.Again i want to thank everyone for everything.

  116. Aug 14th is my angel’s birthday. Keep praying for us. But please say a special prayer for her brothers they are getting older and it’s affecting the oldest. I pray god continues to give me wisdom, strength, and health so that me and my husband can raise them into fine young men.

  117. Happy Birthday Jamiesha, of course I miss you. I can’t help but think of all the love & life that you’re missing. Rest in Peace baby I love you I wish I could’ve done more for you while you were here. I wish I could hold you now. I remember the innocence I saw in your eyes the last time I held you. I held your hand in the Hospital that day you passed, it was the worst memory I have. I wish we didn’t have to go through that but I am thankful that you suffer no longer, I love you Jamiesha Rest in Peace, you will never be forgotten.

  118. That was very sweet Jam. And your right meeshie will never ever ever be forgotten. I think about her all the time and words cannot even express how much I miss her. All I can do is remember her sweet innocent little face and all the good times we had together. RIP Jameisha Nise Mcknight, auntie loves you my precious baby.

  119. I want to thank everyone for their prayers that they have asked my family to be blessed with. I am Kahtisha’s youngest Sister. I am not on here to talk badly about my sister or anything like that I just wish things could of happened differently so that Jameisha may have still been with us today. Everyone makes mistakes. some peoples bigger than others. Dont get me wrong I love my sister, thru all that went on. It has been 3 yrs & 5months since the lost of Jameisha & everytime I think of our family’s situation my heart aches and my eyes cry. I cry for answers, I have so many questions, questions that had been left unanswered. Thank you for all the support, and Jameisha will never be forgotten only truly missed.

  120. I;m in tears even tho its been 4 years since everything happened. I was Kahtisha’s best friend in high school….JCHS…and we lost contact when she moved to or something like that…but she was a loving person and i cant imagine this at all. my prayers are with you mrs. lewis..she spoke of you and kim all the time and my only regret was losing contact with her…Jameisha is watching over your family and her brothers…i only pray that from here on Kahtisha confieds in the lord and the boys grow up to be very successful…My love and prayers…

  121. aww i read this and i prey all is well

  122. i know im super late!!! but god bless

  123. Thank you brandi and ambitious allen for your kind words yes its been 4 years and it still hurts like crazy but with family friends and god on my side im ok.the boys are doing great thanks for the kind words i love everybody.


  125. It’s been quite a few years since she passed and through all the pain and recovery from it, I still don’t know what happened. I still have a million unanswered questions. Rest in Peace Jamiesha, I love you

  126. I do not know what happened between all of you…and do not judge any body… I was incarcerated with Kahtisha. She slept above me….We are all human and fall short of the glory of God. Ms. Lewis I pray for you and your family, I pray for Kahtisha as well… I have spent many of nights talking to her, while she cried and wept, talking to God. Alot of people on here have used this to vent and talking about it helps…but pointing fingers and where blame is to be placed is not of your concern but GOD. I pray that your Grandsons are doing mighty well and in wonderful health Ms. Lewis I wish the same for your family…MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALL

  127. […] Jameisha Nise McKnight murder 5/18/2006 Killeen, TX *Mother, KahtishaApr 14, 2007 … Kahtisha Mcknight is my oldest daughter and i can’t come to grips with what she has done , I pray for her daily i’m not God so i chose not … […]

  128. The entire Mcknight/Lewis family is doing great could not have made it without the LORD on my side thanks everyone who still have my family in prayer LOVE YOU ALL.

  129. Kahtisha Mcknight and I were friends way back when she was Kahtisha Brown…In South Carolina… what she did is wrong but alot of people are leaving comments like there perfect and never done any wrong. Judge not unless you yourselves will be judged! For the mother of Kahtisha leave your pain with God and because the other siblings need you to be strong


    • Giving God the glory he has brought me this far. Today im a much stronger person after completly trusting God letting him lead me it has shown me inner strenghth that i didnt know i had. I would like to continue to thank everyone for the kind words. Prayers that had been sent for the boys and also for me i cant day how much it has touch my heart. The boys are wonderful they are growing fast they are now 10 and 6 years old. I love each and everyone of you God Bless.

      • I was shown this by Jam some reads back. I’m sorry to inform everyone that Jamuel committed suicide in 2013 at a co workers house. He talked about angels days before the he took his life. I hope he’s now at peace. The pain he felt was much to bare. Love each other and hold on tight to the ones you have left

  130. Jamuel committed suicide in 2013 at a co workers house. He showed me this article before he took his life. The pain he went through was too much to bare. I hope he’s at peace now. My prayers are with the family

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