This Day in History: Steven Vance Brown murder 3/23/1981 Falkner, MS

Miskelley v. State, 480 So.2d 1104 (Miss., 1985)
Parole may only be weeks off
Tammy Glissen Nance geneology – shows she has been married twice and has 2 children
Thomas Glissen (father’s obituary – almost bottom of the page) shows Tammy now lives in Columbus, OH

Desperate For Love

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  1. […] This Day in History: Steven Vance Brown murder 3/23/81 Falkner, MS Desperate For Love Movies Based on True Stories (this is a GREAT site to get the true story behind the movie, she does ALOT of great research) Posted in cases/theme of the month, homicide, Mike Miskelley, Steven Vance Brown, Tammy Glissen Nance, Movies Based on True Crimes, murder in the 20th Century, murder, shooting, Mississippi, 1981, missing people, crime. […]

  2. i love the movie but i never thought it was base on a true story it’s so sad

  3. I am from falkner and remember this day like it was yesterday. Everyone in Falkner new the family. His dad was a teacher at the school and the whole school yard was full of people with horses and dogs while they were getting ready to send people out looking for him. I was in Jr. high school and was very scared while we watched out our classroom window watching this. His sister was our classmate therefore it was very disturbing to us.

    • Wow! That must’ve been so terrible. Such a young life. I know the movie is only based on it, but I was confused because by the movie it made it seem that he didn’t really do it & never confessed to her though she was trying to pressure him to confess. On the stand she repeated the words she said that he wouldn’t say…and it seemed he just confessed in the end though she was lying to spare her. …Then in the research on this site it said he did confess to her & by the research that he admitted to burying the body. It also said 10 years & up for parole vs. 8 years, paroled in 4. I admit I was very shocked that someone would only get 8 years (or 10) for murder and then let out in 4. Usually that is 25 years with no parole to life. Was it just different back then and especially in small towns I wonder. Such a sad story. I figure best to ask you since you really were there during that time.

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