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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Sean Powell murder 3/10/2007 North Knoxville, TN *Teenager shot and killed outside teacher’s home*

Sean Powell
Sean Powell

Affair Between Student and Married Teacher Leads to Teen’s Murder in Tennessee
Students in Shock Over Alleged Love Triangle Murder
Details Emerge From Saturday Murder
Local murder gets national attention
Affair With Teacher Leads To Slaying
Murder suspect’s wife put on leave from teaching internship

Jason Eric McLean
Jason Eric McLean


Since so many of you decided to post comments blaming the victim and cheering on the accused, comments are closed.


100 Responses

  1. The people at fault here are Erin and Sean. Why did he go to her house? I feel the husband should be let go, given his children and told to live a happy life.’

  2. You think a murderer should be let go? Maybe I’m misunderstanding you but it sounds absurd.

  3. can someone please tell me why he was at there house? Maybe we can get a better understanding of what’s going on.

  4. Wait… Betty thinks Sean is responsible for getting shot in the head? That kid, whatever he might have done, did not deserve to die. I think Erin bares a lot of the responsibility here, but Eric made the choice that someone’s life had to end because he’d been betrayed. He’s a murderer and she’s a pedophile. They deserve each other and they deserve nice, long jail sentences.

  5. Erin should serve the Jason’s prison sentence. She’s the one who’s guilty of having sex with her student and leading him on. She’s the one who cheated on her husband. She’s the one who got that boy killed.
    Jason is merely a victim who fought back, and having him in jail is a travesty. My heart goes out to him.

  6. Scott,

    Please tell me you don’t really believe that Erin should be serving Jason’s sentence. Jason is the one who killed him, not Erin. Of course, she did something horrible to an innocent child, but Jason has to be responsible for his own actions. And just because a wife (or husband) cheats, does not justify murder.

  7. I feel very sorry for Jason(Eric). I think he probably was pushed to his limits and snapped. Why would that boy be out side of his home? The wife had problems with keeping her mistakes out from her children and then when they told their dad they were punished by ERIN. The whole thing is sick. I do feel like Jason should serve his time for the crime he did, but I feel like Erin is very responsible as well.

  8. How can you feel sorry for Jason(Eric)? He’s a murderer…Jason should serve a life sentence for what he has done and I hope that he realizes that his wife was the one who betrayed their vows. I feel that Erin has alot of responsiblity as a wife & as a teacher. She betrayed her husband and the teacher/student relationship she crossed the line, and Sean ends up losing his life. He had his whole life ahead of him. I knew Sean and he was a very sweet young man. My heart goes out to Sean’s Family!!!
    Sean is in God’s Kingdom, Rest in peace..You will be missed.
    The Dimler Family

  9. Murder, in any form, is unacceptable… Capital punishment on the other hand, in most murder cases, isn’t necessarily out of the question. What this Jason/Eric character did was not right. Then again, neither was what Erin did. They both should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for their respective crimes. Sean should have been mature enough to at least have an inkling of the kind of repercussions that his actions could/did bring upon him. He was, after all, 18. He shouldn’t have been murdered, but he is at least somewhat responsible. The real victims are the families of the parties involved. This kind of thing can really mess with a child’s mind later in life. I hope the McLean children can grow up in a loving, caring environment and not have this haunt them for life.

  10. Are you nuts saying the kid and the wife are responsible for cold blooded murder by a cuckolded husband? It was his wife’s choice to cheat on him.
    And pedophile? Sean was 18. Eric killed Sean because he was impotent to stop his wife’s desire for the young man.

  11. Seems to be alot of judgement here……I could only hope non of you are ever in this situation, bottom line is no one knows how they will react when pushed beyond their comfort zone. Everyone involved is to blame. An 18 year old knows the difference between right and wrong. A grown man should know murder is not the answer. A grown women should have never put either man in this situation. We all make desicions in our life and never expect them to turn out this way. It is a perfect example….you NEVER know what your actions will result in for those you love.

  12. Erin betrayed everyone involved. Her husband, her kids, and her student. Sean was not a complete victim. When you decide to have an affair with a married women ( or man ) you have to know the ending is likely not to be pleasant. He was 18, not a 14 or 15 y/o kid who was new to the adult world.
    As far as Eric. I don’t know how I would react in the same situation, but I don’t think that Erin would be still walking this Earth. She made out lucky, that is until she has to explain to her kids why there dad is in prison.

  13. until you have been lied to, cheated on, and betrayed, you do not know how hurtful it is or how you may react. I’ve been through it and displayed violence I did not know I was capable of. Does it justify murder? No. What the husband did now haunts him just as much as what his wife did to him.

  14. The have to charge Erin for something. It’s absolutely ridiculous that because of her this young mans life is over and her husband is on trial for murder. Her husband killed him … but she’s as much to blame for his death. 29 year old woman with kids having an affair with an 18 year old… freaking ridiculous.

  15. No, she is not to blame for his death. Why do people keep saying that? No, she should not have been having an affair with an 18 year old or anyone for that matter, but HE is the one who chose to kill him. Why can’t people see that!

  16. Melissa,

    I agree with you. Yes, Erin and Sean should not have had an affair, but that does not excuse Jason’s behavior. It does not justifiy his actions at all and I do not understand people who think it does. Murder is murder. He chose to have the gun, no one forced him to have it in his hand. Erin used very poor judgement in having an affair, especially one with a teenager, but that does not mean that it is her fault her husband killed the boy. However, she is culpable in the situation for having the affair. If not for her it would not have happened, that kind of thing, but her goal was not murder. She did not tell her husband to kill the boy either. Jason made up his own mind of what to do. He says it was an accident, which may mean he only meant to scare him, however, he should not have had the gun out if he did not mean to hurt someone.

    It is a very sad situation all around. No one gets away unhurt or unscathed.

  17. Statement by Scarlett Powell:

    Sean’s family members are hoping you can understand; to us this is not a story but our little boy that we had to lay to rest and release into God’s care. Words are hard to speak regarding the loss we feel for our son, Sean. The moment Sean walked into our home, he held our attention — like every room he ever entered. Sean was charming, handsome, athletic, smart, and one of a kind. He struggled to overcome his pain from his early childhood. Since we were his fifth foster home at the tender age of six, he had been displaced many times in his short life. We hoped to assist him to feel wanted and loved which Sean desperately needed, but mostly we wanted to keep him safe and out of harm’s way.

    On March 10, 2007, shortly after 5:00 pm, my husband and I were laughing and rejoicing the victory of the battles in raising all our children, and we could see all our children on the right page, not perfect but happy and proud they were making the right choices for themselves. Then the events changed; Sean came home from work around 7:30 pm and took a shower to go out with his girlfriend Erin Myers – a part-time student at Pellissippi State who we believed to be around twenty years old and who worked so much that Sean had to hook-up with her when he could. Around 8:15 pm, Sean who was standing in the living room speaking with his father. I remember looking at Sean, who was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a red tee-shirt, while I had on a black tee-shirt with the same color and style of shorts which I thought to myself “That’s pretty cool – we have on similar outfits”. Sean asked his dad if he had any cash because he would get paid on Monday and his dad said, “Well honey, all I have is three dollars.” Sean ran into the kitchen and wrote down the amount and signed his name.

    I owe Dad $3
    Sean Powell

    Then, I jumped up and said I would look for some cash in my pocketbook and found $5 and handed it to Sean. Sean said he would write it down. I stated, “You do not have to do that.” Sean stated, “I want to do it.”

    + Mom $5

    I told Sean that I appreciated that and said, “I love you and don’t forget to call me if you are late and I will stay up waiting for you – 1, 2, or even 3 am.” “Call me if you plan to stay the night with someone.” I said, “Sean – the rules aren’t that bad, are they?” He replied, “No Mom – they are pretty easy, I love you too”.

    It was our last conversation on earth together, and the knowledge of his clothing was the only way I could identify Sean’s body. Now we go to Sean’s grave and throw down a blanket to be close to him. We cannot see his face or hold his hands, but we know he’s looking down on us and protecting us. I know Sean wishes he heard my words to lock his car door even when he was sitting out in his car listening to the radio and smoking a cig, but yesterday is dead and we can not go back and change things. Tomorrow is unknown and today is the only chance we have to make a choice. It can be a good one or a bad one, but either way we have to deal with the consequences.

    Now we know Erin Myers and Mrs. Mclean, Sean’s English Intern teacher, is the same person. We listen to the news regarding a love-triangle, but how can anyone put love into this situation? Love does not put someone in harm’s way. We are asking people to step forward with any information regarding this relationship which to me has not been proven sexual but only manipulative, please contact the local Knoxville Police Department.

    We have more information, but honestly; we want to grieve and reflect on Sean’s life. We want to remember all the smiles and laughter and only the good things Sean experienced in his short life. We wake up each day telling ourselves that we are not God or the Judge so we do not have the authority to set the punishment but in that wisdom knowing we do not have the burden of having to forgive but only accept that God’s plans are greater than ours.

  18. Erin is the true criminal here – and yes, her husband is one also. She didn’t pick the gun up but did everything in her power to provoke her husband. She was surrounded by men who didn’t know any better. She should not be allowed to keep her kids. I hope her life turns out like the two men she brutalized.

  19. She is to blame… because Erin all along had a choice to commit to one or the other. The so called man was 18… how many men are actually mature at that age… she on the other hand knew what she was getting herself into.

    She created the mess… she should be accountable.

  20. Sadly Erin is essentially unchargeable given Sean’s age and the fact that she was not an accessory to the shooting. In fairness Jason should at most get manslaughter given the obvious provocation involved with having your wife’s lover camping out in front of your house.

  21. Sorry I just saw this on Nancy Grace tonight. If I am asking a question that is answered here already somewhere I appoligise. My husband is from the area. Does anyone know Sean’s parents name? We fear we may know them but are in Texas (In the Military) and aren’t sure. I will read more of this site tomorrow it seems very interesting. Thanks you.


  22. This comment is directed to Sean’s mom, Scarlett Powell. I just want you to know how much my daughter has been affected by your son’s death. This is the fourth classmate that has died in the brief two years that she has been in high school. It isn’t supposed to be this way. High school should be about having fun. Sean made things fun for everyone. As my daughter said, “Sean always made a sucky situation fun.” She said that he was so nice. It really
    hurts her to hear some of the comments from people that
    never knew him are saying. She had gone to see him at the
    mall the night before he died. She too finds it hard to grieve
    when the story is constantly being shoved in her face. She is having alot of trouble dealing with the situation and the grief counseling at school isn’t happening because he was no longer a student there. She still tears up at the mention of his name and it will take a while before she moves on. I just want you to know that his life mattered and he did make the world a better place. My daughter tries to see the
    good in people, and she saw alot of good in Sean. You raised a good son.

    My comments concerning the case:
    I think that there are very few adults that did not have a crush on one of their teachers when they were in high school. This should never have gone any further than that.
    Erin should have been adult enough to never let it go any farther. Yes, he was 18 at the time of his death, but he was
    still a kid and did not have the maturity to walk away. This
    was wrong and Sean should never have ended up dead. The interview on T.V. was just a media circus to get support
    for a murderer. His life was not in danger so he has no reason to take Sean’s life.

  23. Please do not leave me a reply. I did not mean to get into the Leave a Relply Mode> I just wanted to get a message to Sean’s mother. Also my daughter last saw Sean the evening of the day before he was killed, not the same night
    he was killed. Didn’t mean it to sound that way.

  24. Sean was a great a person and we all know it wasnt an accident. I went to school with Sean. I dated Sean last year. He was a great person. I couldnt stop crying with disbelief that such a happy go lucky, and fun loveing person could be hurt in such a manor that is beyond accord.
    Erin doesnt deserve to have her children if she only minipulates and seduces other’s children.
    not that Sean was perfect. Everyone who knew him knows that. But he never wanted to see someone hurt. He’d give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.
    It is really a great loss for the entire world.
    Shelley Marquis
    may Sean Powell rest in peace in our hearts and on earth

  25. Excuse me? It has nothing to do with me being female, or quashing opinions that don’t agree with me. You obviously don’t pay attention. My blog is about remembering the victims and getting justice for those victims. Not victiminzing them all over again. And, many people do not agree with my opinions, and that is what makes the world go round. I believe in the death penalty, many don’t. If we all agreed on everything, the world would be boring.

    Maybe you expect everyone to agree with you – you know, my way or the highway. Well, the comments I “quash” are ones that are overly racist, rude, demeaning, or negative about the victim(s) or their families.

    I would normally say, how would you feel if it was your loved one being disrespected, but, from your comments, I would not think it would bother you. You would find some way to justify their murder. Very sad. Learn some compassion and empathy. It will make you human.

  26. From the crimes we see committed by humans every day against each other and against other species as well, I would say that being human is highly overrated.

  27. Thank you for words and prayers for Sean and my family. Let me gave you some information: Sean would not go somewhere he was not wanted. The DA’s office is focusing on the first degree murder charges on Eric. If you notice the holes in Eric’s story, you can realize the truth is far from his words.

  28. Regarding the lack of compassion for the students at West High School, I have contacted the crime coordinator to notify the Knox County Juvenile Court and hopefully; to enforce West High school to provide grieve counseling to the students. We need to assist these students at West High School in their pain and suffering.

  29. From: Cagle, Lynn C
    Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 1:56 PM
    To: Nordquist, Vey M
    Subject: West High and grief counseling


    Bob Rider sent me the exchange of emails regarding West High and grief counseling as well as Sean Powell’s status at West. I can tell you grief counseling was available and still is. There are three counselors on staff and others outside the school who are “on call” including the Student Assistance Program counselors associated with Peninsula Hospital. The principal tells me that they know of five students who sought counseling. As to status at West High, Sean , as an 18 year old, did file withdrawal paperwork and was officially withdrawn in late Feb. His status in the school has no bearing on the provision of grief counseling. It was readily available following the tragedy.

    Do what you feel best about this information. I trust its accuracy.

    Lynn Cagle

  30. The victims here are the children. Erin McLean IS NOT a victim. She is obviously some borderline nutcase who recently attempted suicide, pity she wasn’t successful. Sadly for Eric McLean, rather than walking away from his loser wife whom he put through school he defended his home and property from an intruder who was told to leave and refused and, it just so happens, was sthupping his wife. Yes, the deceased young man was porking her. Why is his family deluding themselves as to the preceding events?

  31. Im sorry this young man was taken advantage of by Erin. Who knows what she filled this boys mind with. She probably told him her husband beat her and so on. Im sorry for the husband who was taken advantage of by her and made to look like a fool. Sean and Jason were both victims. To bad Erin can’t be brought up on charges.

  32. I’m totally with the people who have said Erin and Sean are to blame. Guess next time Sean will think twice before having an affair with a married woman who’s got two kids. Oh wait, he’s dead! Either way, he won’t be a bother to anyone, anymore. From his troubled past, it was only a matter of time before someone took care of him. I just feel sorry for Eric, who now has to go through this.

  33. See Carolyn….no good can possibly come from messing around with married people. It all revolves around ‘choices’ once again.

  34. Is it just me, or does the story seem too familiar with a Nicole Kidman movie? Anybody remember the name of it? At the time it came out, I thought the movie was far fetched. Now you can expect anything!

  35. This is tragic all around. God bless this young boy’s family. Had the teacher just did her job and kept her legs closed, this would not have happened. She had sex with a CHILD. Everybody loses here.

  36. Yes NewsQueen Married women who f&*k kids thas a bad choice.

  37. This is a very sad case. Eric should pay for his crime because he was wrong but he should only get voluntary manslaughter which is a maximum of 10 years because it was heat of passion situation. Erin should be registered as a sex offender. I feel sorry for sean and he should have never died but he should have known not to go with his teacher. Everyone is hurt in this case. I pray for everybody affected by this.

  38. You know what else is a bad choice….a man (18 years old is considered an adult) boning a married woman.

  39. A high school boy was seduced by a older woman his teacher almost twice his age.( She was wrong for that
    ) Who knows what she filled his mind with. You see it one way all I see is a married woman who went after some young dick.

  40. She seduced him? Were you there? Nobody knows the exact circumstances of this case. There appears to be so many wrong decisions within this love triangle, I don’t know where to begin. Everyone carries some fault, and that includes Sean who was old enough to know that messing around with a married woman is a no-no. Can’t argue that!

  41. I can argue regardless of him reaching his 18th birthday he is a high school kid. Kids are impressionable. She broke the vows to her husband. Not Sean.

  42. Impressionable or not, Sean still knows right from wrong. Give the 18-year-old some credit. He may be just a ‘kid’ in your eyes, but he is still responsible for his actions.

  43. Newsqueen:
    Your right no better way to take responsibilty for your actions than to take a bullet to the head and according to the same goes for Jesse Davis and her unborn child. No better way to be responsible and accountable. If only someone would make you responsible in the same fashion.
    That would be a favor to society. Go Get a heart you need one.

  44. You are cleary missing the point, but I am not surprised. You cannot argue that Sean was unaware that messing around with a married woman was at all wrong. You can’t tell me that he wasn’t aware that it might pose some ‘risk.’ Did he deserve a bullet to the head? Absolutely not. But was he in the wrong? Absolutely. They were all wrong is some form.

  45. Finally I knew you would see things my way

  46. Carolyn,
    Well said.


    It seems you only look at things one-sided. This woman had an OBLIGATION to her husband to not cheat on HIM. This young man owed NO loyalty to anyone. He did make a bad choice in getting involved with her, but thats what TEENAGERS do. The ADULT is at fault here. She should have known better.

  47. Shauncey,
    My only point was that each party of this unfortunate incident carries some fault; some obviously more than others. Sean could have been manipulated…that is very possible, but we don’t know that.

  48. Newsqueen,
    I’m pretty sure he was. I saw this woman on TV when they took her to jail. She told her husband, ” I just got arrested for having sex with one of my students. I don’t want to go into it right now because they tape these calls. I guess now I’ll give you some kids”. Isn;t that sick? Makes you wonder how many other kids she’s slept with….

  49. OH wow…I hadn’t heard about that, but yes, very sick indeed!!! She sounds very selfish.

  50. Round 1…. Seems like we have a debate goind on. Sorry but no matter how you put it, a teacher having sex with one of her students is down right nasty. Thats all I have to say about the situation.

  51. I believe erin should be punished, she makes me sick.
    Eric is simply and clearly a victim.
    Erin is a cheater who deserves nothing but pain and suffering which she will get, just think about when the time comes to explaing to her children what she did. sick bitch, i hope she dies. Eric deserves to be free, hes not only innocent but also a hero. the kid, the dumbass knew erin was married and he still went over to her house knowing eric was there, what did he expect?? he was 18 not 8!!! he deserved what he got. in fact he got lucky he didnt get to suffer as much as eric did. At least he died fast. all of you out there who think erin is right, you probably say that because you yourself have cheated and feel compassion for erin, but adultry is wrong, just ask clinton he got indicted for it. Erin your a dumb bitch, rott in hell along with sean.

  52. seems like we know what happened now. she’s busted again in a different city.
    I hope she goes to jail.
    what a sick woman.

    rest in peace sean powell.

  53. Well, I have been watching the news on this and feel that there is alot more to this than we all know. First, let Sean rest. Now, how can anyone defend the actions of this so called killer!! He said he knew for some time that he was aware of this , so, he buys a gun, loads it and now, after he pulls the trigger, claims it was an accident. Right. I guess I would say it was an accident too if I was on the hot seat.!!!His Attorney said that he suspected the affair, so ,if you think that something like that is going on, you just blow someones face off. I would hate to order a pizza and not tip, I might end up the same way. And now this sweet guy is going for custody of his boys, I thought he was to have no contact with them, is he going against a court order??? This is all a staged performance, I think he was taking acting classes instead of music. Now, we have one dead teen, what happened to her female affair, now he claims that she had a love affair before Sean, so, he just let that one sneak by, right.Why would a great guy allow all this to continue, the boozing, the abuse and the other woman, and only now step up to the plate, why,,, because it sounds like BS. So, he just let all this go on , I dont buy his story. He had grounds for a divorce, and let this just slide by. I also loved his so called Dateline story, I have never seen a farm hand look so clean, was that a new line of farm wear, looking at chickens, yet another staged act. These are all old tricks that Attorneys use to make a bad guy look good, too bad it doesnt work!!! As for his Attorney, I am waiting to see a family photo of him, throw the family pet in too, it would be a nice touch. I would be worried about a murder charge than a custody battle. This is about a murder ,,,.

  54. My sympathies to Sean’s family. The sudden unexpected death of a child is the most devastating loss to recover from, and the fact that this was murder makes it that less understandable. Rest in peace, Sean.

  55. first, whoever thinks that Eric should be let go, is a friggen idiot. Sean did not threaten Erics life in any way. Yeah, he was upset about the affair, but that does not justify murdering someone. Betty’s a fucking idiot. Please delete her stupidity off of this page right away.

  56. Its easy to see this is a pro Sean Powell website. Anyone screwing around with another mans wife or another womans husband deserves whatever they get. Thats a chance they decide to take. None forced them into an affair, that was their choice.

  57. It is hard to be quiet, but the investigation is on-going and we are put in a situation where we feel the facts should come out during the hearing with the jury members. If information is released prior to the hearing, the defense attorney could better prepare his client. The defense attorney wants to get his client off with reasonable doubt at any cost so we do not want to assist. We want justice.

    The preliminary hearing can be purchased for around $7.00 from the court house along with the search warrants for the house and car. In the tape you will find Sean stating to Eric, “I’ll go wait or sit out in the car” (I can’t remember which one right now) and Eric replied, “That’s cool”. Detective Boatman testified Eric’s statement given that no other words or contact was made prior to the shooting after Sean left the house so Eric shot Sean with a high-powered rifle with a seven pound trigger without any confrontation. Was it with intent, malice, and in cold-blood? We believe yes. As parents, we feel for Eric’s parents. To worry and protect your son is sanity, but I wish they would not disrespect Sean or our family. No matter how you spin this – everyone has lost and Eric should take responsibility for his actions.


  59. Look at Mcleans statement to police, he says he only knew of the affair for a couple of weeks, then after , he says he sorta knew, what a bunch of BS. Sean never confronted him outside, like some would want us to believe. I wonder if the gun was in his Dads car, the Honda, or was it in the house.?? If it was in the house, Id say its not a safe place for kids!!!!!And now this so called great guy claims he did it all, a real mister mom! well, alot of men do the same thing,but they dont kill teenagers,, if the wife works during the day,then men help. Mclean says he did so much, the boys were in class during the day, he worked at nite, if he was in a band, did he do this for free, and deliver pizzas for free??????not much of a bread winner!!!! had to make money. Drivers make good tips. This was no accident. This was a crime of anger. I hope he claimed all his tips to the IRS. I liked how he left the Honda at the High School. What a calling card??????? Now his Daddy says that his wife is evil, I bet he never said a thing about her before this, shes not the only evil one. this whole thing is a big joke.I hope the people of Tenn. can see the parlor games that are being played. Its the blame game, but hes the one that loaded the gun and pulled the trigger, he stands alone on this.He also trapped Sean in his car with no way out, so what does this say about this so called great guy. As for him saying that Mr Powell was stalking his wife, dont buy this story, its an excuse for him . Blame it on Powell, i dont think so, who was calling who??????? Its a shame that a teen is dead, killed out of anger.If things like cheating happen, you pick yourself up and get on with your life, you certainly dont buy a gun and kill a teen. No accident, no accident. Mclean is a nothing more then a whimp, that only had courage with a loaded gun. I see him and what to vomit.

  60. If I caught ANY dude at my house with my wife….I’d be in the same situation…Eric gotta do what Eric gotta do!!!

  61. Thank God we have Jason’s in the world. Melissa talks about a kid. Duh!!!, we have an 18 year old man coming into another man’s home destroying his family. I hope I would react as courageously as Jason in similar
    circumstances. If you saw the interview with Jason on
    CNN you saw a humble man who love’s his children driven
    to extremes by the actions of his wife and an 18 year old man, not a kid.

  62. Don Miller,

    Thank God we have Jason’s in the world? Thank God for killers? Don’t forget, that day (the day he killed Sean) is NOT the day he found out about the affair. He did not accidentally shoot and kill Sean. He aimed at him and pulled the trigger.

    You can feel sorry for him for what Erin is doing to him (hiding his children and such), but to admire him for shooting another human being in cold blood? I don’t think so. (That is not to say that what Sean and Erin did was ok, because it WAS NOT, but what Jason did was extreme and unforgiveable) I do understand that he loves his children and that is great. But killing Sean was an act of selfishness, not out of love for his children. If he loved them so much and needed to end the situation, he should have taken the children and left. Not pull out a shotgun and aim it at another human being and pull the trigger.

  63. How can you think Erin is not partially to blame? Erin is a thirty year old woman that betrayed her husband,her responsibility as a teacher and as a mother. It is tragic that Sean was killed. He did not deserve a death sentence for adultery but he does bear some of the responsibility. He was having an affair with a married woman. Her husband tried to befriend him and even looked for a place for him to live when his family turned him away. Eighteen is young but not a child. He knew right from wrong. I have more sympathy for Eric than I do Erin or Sean. He came home to find his wife cheating with someone he thought was a friend and he snapped. Yes he went too far but I think he should only have to serve a third or less of his sentence since he was the least guilty one in the triangle.

  64. Melissa2,

    So you’re saying if someone has reason to “just snap”, then they should be given a lighter sentence? He could have walked away and did the normal thing and left her…not committed murder.

  65. He didn’t have to kill him, just whop his butt real good and divorced the slut, took the kids and live his life.
    Now the kidsand Sean’s family all have to suffer . Joshua should have to pay for what he did and the slut should have to also. What was she smoking to have sex with a boy, not a man but a boy. She is a sick freak

  66. Melissa2,

    He was the LEAST guilty? But he killed another human being! But that is no big deal in this huh? Adultery (which I abhor) is by far worse that murder – from what YOU said. Sorry, but that is NOT correct. Jason was also an adult and he did not just snap. He knew what was going on and had time to think about what he was doing. He knew the consequences of his actions. He is the most guilty of this murder. Sean is not and it amazes me that people still want to blame a victim for their own murder. If he was a drug dealer who got killed during a shootout with another drug dealer or a gang shootouts, that is different. But that is not this situation. Sean was young and made a mistake. So did Erin. They committed adultery, not murder. If you believe that adultery is worse than murder, then all I can say is WOW.

  67. How about if his tramp-of-a-wife had kept her legs closed. Why is everyone blaming Sean. (that first comment was disgusting)
    How come the husband didn’t just kill his wife?? She’s the one who broke the wedding vows, people, not Sean.
    Anyone who thinks Sean deserved this is an asshole. So he went to her house? Don’t you think this WHORE should’ve had the common decency to go to a hotel?
    Yes, it takes 2 to tango. That’s not hard when your dealing with a WHORE posing as a teacher.

  68. Lauer observed, “It’s hard not to sit across from you and not feel some compassion for what you’re saying. And then there’s a part of me, Eric, that wonders if perhaps I’m being taken for a little bit of a ride here. And if the young man across from me plotted to commit a crime and is now trying to get off with a lesser crime.”

  69. DO any of us really buy this story? I certainly hope not.For someone to buy a gun, buy the bullets that go into that rifle, load it and walk over to a teen, it sure sounds like one had certainly planned to use it!! Its not every day that one just goes out to buy a gun, UNLESS ,,you plan to use it. Now, MR. Mom, claims that he did it all, well , by the looks of it ,, he did. Add MURDER to his list of chores. Erin isnt exactly up for teaher of the year, but his family,NOW, claims that she drank, beat the kids, and was just no good. Why now says things. If things were that bad, why didnt they step in, they state they knew!!!! This is nothing but damage control. Someone stated that Eric, cut his hours down, to spend time with his kids. Well, any great Dad would bust his hump to give his kids more, not less.The kids were in school during the day, he drove around hot and readies at nite, so he , I guess he had all day to lay around.Sean Powell walked out of that house, Eric Mclean followed .As for Mclean, hes the real stalker.

  70. I hope this gets posted since this is mainly a pro Sean website. Eric’s biggest mistake is that he didn’t use his gun once more on Erin. Erin and Sean are the ones that were in the wrong. Why is that so hard to understand. Sean deserved what he got and Erin should have got the same thing.

  71. This is simple. I do understand. I understand that a teen is dead. Over a 30 yr. old . But, stories dont fit the puzzle. If the kids were being abused, as family members are now saying, why didnt they act upon this. Its only after the gun was discharged.Great Grand Parents.She did this, and she did that.And the G-Parents just sat back. Sean didnt deserve this, no one does. EM reminds me of Ernset T. Bass. I love her!!!!!!!!!!! Shoot and kill an unarmed teen. Is this the American way. No, its Eric way.Hes an abuser. He kills. No one is perfect, but he sure is trying to make us believe that he is. I dont buy what hes trying to sell. I was reading an article, that his Attorney may defend one of the men in the murder case of the white couple that were car-jacked. Why isnt he on the air with that guy?????? After all Murder is Murder. To deny some one their right to their life. Isnt that what EM did. He ,and he alone, decided if Sean would live or die.

  72. Why do EMs parents now claim that the boys were abused.They make claims of booze, now!!! Shame on them for not coming forward, or is this just to make their son look better in the media. I woudlnt let my grandkids be put through this.Withholding.!!!1 Bad grandparents. If this was going on, why did EM ,leave the kids with a monster. He says hes worried about them ,,Now.. Why not before he killed a teen. EM is looking for pity, well, you wont find it here. I pity the kids, and if you ever decide to have anymore children, go to the nearest dog pound and have yourself neutered. Dont use your kids .Hey, Ted Bundy was a real charmer too, and a killer. Sean Powell made a mistake, but this was not a reason to kill him. And their is proof that Mr. Powell left that house. EM went out and shot him in cold blood!!Tenn. should take another look at why the Mcleans didnt report all this abuse. What is wroung with the state of Tenn??? So, its ok to abuse your family, but only after a murder.If the wife was a drunkin boozer, why did they not step in, they had all the legal right to do so. This guy has another side to him, which will come to light.If you believe in Heaven, you believe in Hell. If theres good, theres bad. And if their are those that disagree, then fine. For Eric Mclean, I think he can go to Hell, and enjoy the trip.

  73. Something is not right . Eric mclean states that he put his darling wife through school. I would like to know how he did that!! Let alone, he was going too. Just how does one afford to do it. You dont do it on pizzas.By the time one adds up the total , its a pretty hefty amount. No one could do this on pizzas. and if they did, I would like to know how, so I could do it!!!I know the State of Tenn. has alot of programs for college. Lottery, and I think a Pell Grant, so if the couple of the year were attending, I would say they may have rode the way to education on grants. Just like him wanting the taxpayers to pay his legal bills, well, we the taxpayers didnt commit a crime. I think this guy is trying to pull a fast one. We have all heard his stories . These were all said, after ,,, it was an accident, I have all the bail money, the kids were abused, . I guess, buying a gun was an accident. Being worried about his kids,, only after . I cant believe a single word this guy says. He (now) says that she was abusing the kids, well, you mean to say that he, didnt take the boys away from the situation. Didnt seem too worried. So, he murders a teenager, looks like he really got even with the wife.This is one person that I would really stay clear of.And when a person is arrested, the jail takes all items, rings come off, so why did Mclean where the wedding band on the tv interview, it was all for damage control. It was all staged.

  74. I guess that cheating on a spouse occurs, it goes on every day. Even Clinton had a roaming eye. Just ask Monica! This is a fact of life. But, you dont go out, buy a gun, kill a teen and then say, it was an accident. This was with intent!He just wanted to scare someone, then, why did he load the gun. Because he planned to kill. Its simple.Now the pity role is being played. It appears that this guy, wanted things his way,no matter what! He is not one bit sorry for this. Shame on his family for not reporting abuse. They say they are NOW worried. Werent to worry about the kids till after another childs face was shot off. Nothing but damage control being played out and the public is being used.

  75. The wife should be labeled as a child-rapist whore forever, and the asshole husband should never get out of jail.

  76. “child-rapist whore.. “That is the right label, Shauncey 🙂

  77. Lavonna,
    I knew you’d agree.

  78. I agreed and I laughed at your expressions.. As always you are so funny ( even if you are being serious)

  79. For someone stating that hes so concerned about his kids, why wasnt he concerned about the kids when he claims that one child told him about ” Mommy holding some guys hand, in the park”,and Mommy beat the kid for telling”, wasnt this in Dec. So, theres his proof, or grounds for custody, but he didnt do a thing. Then claims that he gave Powell a ride, this is months after. What a bunch of horse _hit!!! This guy is sinking his own ship. I have never seen someone lie so much.He sounds like his Daddy.!!! Go take a look at the statement that he gave to police. This was the day after he murdered Mr. Powell. Mclean states that he only learned of the affair, 2 weeks, . Got the gun 2 weeks before. And if she beat the kids, like he says, he should of taken them down to protective services. But, instead, he stayed with a abuser.!Erins attorney presented part of a statement, in which it says, that Eric mistreated her!! Isnt that mental abuse.????? You dont load a gun, unless you intend to use it!!! Take a look at his statement.

  80. Does this guy really think that ,since his wife had an affair, that we agree that it was right for him to kill?? His stories are not adding up. Its what he would like us to believe. As far as the State of Tenn, they should really look at just who they elect to sit as a judge.I thought Mclean said, they can come up with all the bail money!1 Well, where is it. And if they coundnt, then he should be returned to jail, to wait. This is unfair and unjust for others that didnt receive the same, and had to sit in a cell. And, if he (now) claims it was an accident, then Tenn. better let every one out of prison, they can claim the same thing. Heck, if you get caught drunk driving, your nailed to a cross in Tenn., but they let this guy out. I wont be going to that state!!!!!!

  81. I feel that this guy is full of you know what!!1 He says that his wife was being stalked, Right!!! So, HE DIDNT CALL THE POLICE TO REPORT IT.He didnt remove his kids from the abuse. His Parents didnt protect the kids!!!!DO this people think were stupid??? Go take a good look at his statement to police.

  82. This media attention on this crime is nothing but a way to sell newspapers and make money.Plain and simple.This is not a soap opera, its a circus. The papers love to give readers something to chew on. Is it at the cost a a life????Why dont the papers ask the Mclean grandparents, WHY they didnt protect their grand children? I see that Erics mother is standing by her son in court. So ,I guess the boys saftey was ignored. Was this picture in court,,, coached, ?HMMMMMMM…Bruce Poston is nothing more than a DRAMA QUEEN. He appears to love all the attention, but this isnt about him. Its about a life , ending before his time. No one has the right to end someones life.Only a cold hearted person could carry out something so cruel. Poston made a statement that he was ready to go to court, 2 weeks ,after, well. Now says he needs more time. The great WIZARD has spoken!!!!!Except hes hiding behind a curtain. As for the newspaers, they seem to love to play out the drama also, so ,,,why dont they go to the cemetery and snap a few pics.If they want to really make their story complete, but of course, we are only seeing the side that they want us to see. Its been over a year, since Mr.Powell was murdered. I didnt see the papers , writing a thing about it. I have only seen articles on the killer. Seems that the papers arent too interested . Lets not forget, Mr.Powell left that house, and Eric Mclean ,followed him . Sounds like INTENT. The media has joined the circus. Like they say, no news, is good news!!!! As for ERIC. he sealed his own fate. Suck it up, like a real man.,,, dont hide behind you kids!!!!!

  83. Dave,
    If your married I hope your wife knows that you will kill her if she sleeps around on you. You think that’s a good reason to murder someone?? Because they sleep with YOUR SLUTTY WIFE?? I also hope she feels the same way if YOU cheat on HER. You have a total disregard for human life Dave. Maybe your wife will cheat on YOU, and her lover will get jealous and kill YOU. How would you feel if that happened? Dead is how. Your comments are extremely insensative. What an ass you are.

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    I know this couple. I know that a lot of people are quick to see Eric as a man who loved his wife and children so much that this affair drove him to a heinous act. I happen to know that Erin was left alone for many years while Eric had numorous affairs. I would not say this if I had not heard him say it with my own ears. This was Erin’s first affair. I do not want to sound like I am defending her actions. I encouraged them to divorce or separate long before this. I do not condone cheating on a spouse or choosing a mate who is not matured in years. Eric was an abusive husband and obviously a cruel man.

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    Posted on 05/01/2008 at 1:05:27 PM

  85. Scarlett,
    Thanks for the info. What a shame. How do you have so-called “numerous” affairs, and then get pissed when your wife has one, and actually KILL her lover? The nerve of this guy if this is true.

  86. I had a feeling that something else was going on , and more to this! So, from Eric Mcleans stand, its,, do as I say, dont do what I do.!! What he did to Sean was cruel punishment, and for what?????? This is why Posten is playing up this great guy, doesnt sound to great! Eric Mclean now is granted a divorce, now that he killed someone!! Poor guy!!!!!! I knew he had a dark side to him, and he just couldnt get his storys right. The state of Tenn. should do a retake on where to place these kids. I wonder if anyone that he was having an affair with was married????

  87. People dont like to be lied to. And if you get caught doing it, its hard to believe anything else that spills out . I do believe that Eric Mclean is nothing more than a liar. He cooked his own goose. So sad,, too bad!!!!!!

  88. This is to Linda. Im happy to see that you came forward with this information. But, why did you wait so long? We have been hearing alot about the guy that pulled the trigger.But this is some news!!!! I hope that the women he had affairs with, will come forward. if this is true. If this was indeed Erins first fling, its too bad she picked a student, I still hold her accountable part of this.

  89. No matter your age or circumstances, when you commit premeditated, cold-blooded murder, you should spend the majority of your life in prison.

  90. I agree with Mrs. Powell. If you plan on killing someone, then plan on going to prison. We know that this murder was planned. Eric Mclean is nothing more than a cold, calulated killer. Need I say more. It sickens me to see him use the media, as a tool. But, heck, hes used his kids, and pity, so why not the media. Its all coaching , under instruction by his attorney. Old parlor games. I dont buy his story. This is a way to distract attention away from what he did. And what he did , was planned, cruel, and hateful. I have also wondered if he was buzzed up on some kind of drug. I saw on another site that someone said he may have been on METH.!! You just never know!!!! But,,, the word that enters my mind is EVIL and anyone that would commit such a heinous crime could not have feelings for any human life, be it his kids, wife, family, or any beating heart. P.S. I wondered why his kids were at his parents home the night he murdered SEAN.Is this so they wouldnt see anything, and couldnt say anytihng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Splendor In The Grass

  92. This is to Linda. Glad that you came forward with your information. But, EM says that she had an affair with a woman, this was before SP. Do you know this?? You dont have to tell us that EM was cruel. We can see it , in the manor that he went about in killing SP. Eric and Erin are two creepy people. A match made in HELL. As far as the two kids, they dont belong with either one of this, so-called parents. Why,,, these arent parents!!!!A shame that SP was caught up in their sick games.

  93. I was delighted that the state of Tenn. recharged EM with 1st degree. It should of been that all along. Think he can lie his way out of these!!! Lets not forget that SP was sitting in his car, ALONE,,, and was trapped there. From what I have heard about this, EM was not living there,,, guess he came back to commit a murder!!!!

  94. Here something that boggles ones mind…Erins attorney said something to the effect that SP was always over there, but as we see, the teen was a work, and just who was calling who. It was HER!! Come home,,,,,, your beautiful!!!!!!!!! She is 50% to blame for his death, she lured the young boy there!!!!

  95. We dont need any more Jasons in this world, except for the Jasons that dont buy guns.Check the POMC site, and ask parents just how many children have been murdered in this country. The numbers are there. Try about 37000.So, we are to allow these killing to go on, and on.There is no excuse for killing, anyone!!! For Don on this site, if you think we need more Jasons in this world, why dont you go pay his legal fees!!!!!! Or better yet, go play with some chickens!!!!!!!!!

  96. Just here to add something about this. I think that its really strange that while Mclean was in court, and he must of been in front of a judge, that a pic of his mother was taken, right there with him. WOW. This was taken in such a way, that it looks so staged.!!! What a way for newspapers to make a buck!! And for the courts to allow it!! I have never seen any court in this country allow such stupid behavior to go this far !! Now, is this a cry for pity, It looks to me that she defends his actions on killing a teen. He was man enough to plan, and carry out this murder,,, ALONE, but now he cant stand ALONE for HIS actions.Id like to ask his parents a question, just how close was your son to SEAN Powells face when he pulled that trigger???? They appear to be enjoying all the limelight of their sons 15 minutes of fame, so come on, answer this one for all the viewers. His family wants to be right there, and have answers for everything, so give us an answer to this question???? Did that shot that caused Mr.Powells death,go right through his hand??? Looks like it was done at close range, and with INTENT. Now, Id like the courts to take photos of everyone that goes before a judge, and print all pics in the newspapers, this is so everyone is given the chance to have the same allowed chance to pull the wool over our eyes, just like Mclean !!!!

  97. Should of been 1st degree murder all along.

  98. I just wanted to comment on the ethics of Jason’s actions. Some people are saying that Sean got what he deserved. Some people are saying that Jason was unjustified. These are subjective truths. It really doesn’t matter whats right or wrong here because if everyone did right then none of this would have happened.

    Sean slept with a married woman. Some guys don’t like that. Whether the reaction is right or wrong if you sleep with someones spouse you are liable for motivating a reaction out of them.

    The moral status of the reaction is irrelevant. It won’t bring back Sean or repair the families that were destroyed and it definitely won’t prevent similar scenarios from happening in the future.

    When you act there will often be a reaction. People should try to learn from stories like these and take care that their actions don’t solicit such a brutal response.

    In short, I’m not saying that sleeping with someones spouse is wrong(it may seem right to the person committing the act) but it certainly isn’t a wise decision.

  99. EJ. WoW,, You are such a nice person, in fact, I believe that you should get an award for your writing, I will put you in for a caring (jerk ) of the year. I guess this must of touched on a soft spot, but its not in your heart, TRY your mushy head. First, you dont upset us, in fact , I sorta laughed!!!! Your comment shows just how cold you really are.Kill the teen and praise the cold blooded killer!!You must have alot of anger issues! YOU POOR THING! All I can say is , please go get help.

  100. This is strange, but some states say that if someone is 18 yrs. or younger, they are considered a child . I wonder if this holds true for the state of Tenn. And if anyone commits a crime, with the use of a gun, its a 2 yr. felony.

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