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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Kristi Johnson murder 2/15/2003 Hollywood Hills, CA *Victor Paleologus convicted; sentenced to 25 years to life for her murder*

Kristi Johnson

Death in the Hollywood Hills
Crime and Justice
Police Confirm Body Is Missing Woman’s
A fountain of joy in Kristi’s memory
Find-a-Grave: Kristi Johnson
Missing Woman Is Found Dead
Press conference remarks by James T. Butts, Jr., Chief of Police
Man Charged With Murder of Kristine Johnson
Johnson murder case heading to trial
Convicted felon accused of murdering young actress after luring her to phony audition
Suspect Lured Women with Promise of Bond Role
Ex-Convict Admits Murdering Young Woman Three Years Ago
Kristine “Kristi” Louise Johnson
Dateline: Hollywood dream turned nightmare
A Risky Road to Stardom

Meet Me For Murder

Dateline: Death in the Hollywood Hills
Dead on Arrival: The Road to Hell


CDCR #: P49597
Age: 49
Admission Date: 08/11/1999
Current Location: Corcoran


21 Responses

  1. Ref: Victor Paleologus: Parole that SOB to me in handcuffs , and, provided you ask no questions I will assure you that you won’t have to feed him/it until he/it dies.

    Concerning this case: What in the devil did he have for parents that would allow him to do such a thing?

    There should be a penalty for parents whenever any of their offspring do such damage to society!

  2. William,

    Victor was an adult when he committed his crimes. His parents should not be held accountable for what he does as an adult.

  3. Not only that, but he was a SERIOUS a**hole. I saw the story on women that had come forward regarding what this creep did to them. And heres the kicker. This wack job actually DENIES trying to rape this women to their faces, while they were pointing him out FROM the witness stand!! Unbelieveable!! I hope they kick his ass daily for what he did to all those women, ESPECIALLY Kristi. RIP

    • Hi Shauncey, letting you know that one of the women who testified at the trial is doing a documentary about the experience. You can find out more here:
      We are interviewing several of the other women who testified, people directly involved in the investigation, the trial, as well as psychologist to explore the many angles as to why this had/has to happen. – Sheila

  4. And I agree with Bonnie. If my son kills someone when he’s an adult, I sure as hell am NOT going down for it!

  5. worthless piece of shit. die in prison.

  6. I hope someone rapes him (Virtor peleooeo whatever) in prison

  7. RE: the parents. I knew his parents. They were wonderful people as were his brothers. He came from a fantastic family anyone would have been proud of. Not all anti-social psychotics come from bad families.

    • Hi Lindsay, I am doing a documentary with one of the women who testified at Victor Paleologus’ Trial. She would like to reach out to you and have a phone call with you about his family. It does seem he came from a solid family, which makes it all the more sad how everything unfolded. Hope to hear from you, Sheila

  8. this Psycho Should have Never been on the Street in the First place. He had quite a few Prior Run In’s with the Law for Serious Offence’s. I would have to say that ” Once Again ” The Turn Style of Madness Called the Justice system is to Blame!.

  9. Kristi was my friend. She was a beautiful young woman that had her whole life ahead of her and because of this horrible man she didn’t get to experience so many things. She was taken away from her family and friends when her life was just beginning. So many people miss her and the only positive I can see is that he won’t be able to hurt anyone else. RIP Kristi

    • Hi Becky, so very sorry about the loss of your friend. I wanted to let you know that one of the women who testified at the trial is doing a documentary about the experience. You can find out more here:
      We have connected with her family in CA, are interviewing several of the other women who testified, people directly involved in the investigation, the trial, as well as psychologist to explore the many angles as to why this had/has to happen. We are looking to empower women with this doc and call attention to the signs that can prevent this from happening to other women. The woman I am working with Thank you, Sheila

  10. How could these girls believe this creep? He doesn’t seem smooth at all. Are they all so star-struck that they lack a scintilla of sense?

  11. If I had the money, I’d pay a bounty to every convict who could prove they’d raped this a-hole creep in prison….THAT would be justice served

  12. poor innocent girl

  13. F**cking Victor

  14. Victor Paleologus needs to be very uncomfortable in prison. Plastic mattress that gets real sweaty. Rough wool blanket that’s too hot and rough. Overburned microwave food. And a swift kick in the ass everyday! Hollywood needs to admit the number of failures vs. success in Hollywood so that most people know it’s a nightmare just like the phony “economy”.

  15. Victor your one man and raped everyday of your sorry life your mom and dad their not blame for you being a sick person

  16. If you profile most “sick” people that seem to gain pleasure in killing/raping/hurting others you will most often (not always) a broken home or poor parenting or both. This does not give anyone an excuse to do bad things, it does however signify the importance in providing children a good stable homelife with lots of attention. If you cannot provide this to your children, do not have children because ultimatly children are a product of their parents.

  17. I actually met and dated (if u can call it that) Victor for almost a year in 1988-1989, when his sociopathic proclivities were more masked —but I was on guard from the get-go when I discovered after the first few dates and an evening at his home in Marina Del Rey that he was actually in a relationship and living with another girl. I never had sex with him, thank the Lord, as I suspected he was a skilled liar early on. But back then he was working for a company called Nynex and driving a BMW and seemed to be on a path to success and had the confidence and charm to impress. I had contact with him mostly by phone for an entire year intermittently after those first few dates and evening in his home, refusing to see him because he was involved with someone else, jokingly calling him The Shenanigan Man when he’d call (always safely from work, not home) . I actually spoke to him about honesty and integrity, challenging him to do some self-exploration into why he had a lovely lady but chose to be a player. Of course I was aware there were many more like me out there who had not yet seen through his lies.
    After not hearing from Victor for a few months (much longer than usual) one day I received a call from a very different Victor- telling me his father had just died, how he had thought about all I had imparted to him over the past year in just those intermittent calls and how shameful he felt about the man he was in life…. he truly sounded broken. Mind you, I had NOT been some girl in love and waiting for him to leave his girlfriend— I was that one gal who had figured out his shit and called him on it but had her own great life going… So, after he asked to see me, I refused but wished him well on what would hopefully be a new journey towards being a better person to women and ultimately himself.
    About six months later, after I had married and moved, I got a call from my neighbor. She had a knock on her door from Victor Paleologus looking for me. She said he stood stunned on her doorstep after she informed him I was gone. She watched through her window as he sat on the curb, head in hands. And after a while she watched him get into his white BMW and drive away.
    That day in early 1990 was the last I had heard of Victor Paleologus… Until I got a phone call from a girlfriend telling me to turn on the news.
    Imagine my horror and shock- and relief. I cried real tears for Kristi, that poor poor beautiful girl. I read that his first attack on a woman happened in the early to mid 1990s… Was all that darkness lurking beneath the surface when I was “involved” with him or was it unleashed after or partly as a result of?? I can’t shake the creepy feeling that while I was married, at times when I was unhappy wondering whatever happened to him, that he was terrifying and stalking women as his prey. My heart breaks to this day for Kristi and her family. Her beauty and innocence are forever lost to this world and her loved ones.

  18. Lynne, I’m so happy that your intel called him out.

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