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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Linda Damm Juergens murder 2/4/2007 Lafayette, CO *Daughter, Tess and her friends arrested*

dv awareness

Linda Damm Juergens

Find-A-Grave:Linda Juergens Damm
Girl held in mother’s death
Lafayette woman killed
Neighbors: Girl Parties While Stabbed Mom Decays
Mother stabbed, stuffed in Subaru
Teens in gruesome slaying held without bond
MySpace outlet for teen girl
Teens linked to stabbing death expected in court Friday
Bryan Groves’s MySpace
Tess Damm’s MySpace
Judge Orders Teen Stabbing Suspects Held Without Bond
News Archive: Linda Damm Juergens murder


Tess Damm
Bryan Grove
Jared Smith
Jared Sajal Guy


19 Responses

  1. I was so sad when I realized the woman that lost her life and the person responsible, as my 16 year old daughter had played rec basketball with her for two years. I knew the silent pain she lived, I too had an alcoholic parent and it is very lonely. My prayers will always be with and for you Tess.

  2. I went to school with brian and i didnt think that he was capable of something like this because he was pretty much an all-around good guy. It is sad to see, this world is falling apart..

  3. I Went to school with jared smith until he got expelled
    he was a goth
    he was always stomping around in the hallways shoving kids who got in his way
    he never ever EVER went to class

    i also went to elementary school with tess, i remember her as a very nice person she even used to help me with schoolwork sometimes

  4. I think no matter how bad you feel you are being treated by your parent there are other ways out…how could you stand by while your boyfriend kills your own mother, the one who gave you life. I hope she and the others get what they deserve. My mother too was an alcholic and I would be damned if you ever heard of me killing her. Sometimes they do the best they know how. Where the hell is the father? Way to go Bryan, you kill the person who gave you room and board!! Where are your parents, maybe you should strangle them and stab them in the mouth and throat. Gee what has really gone wrong with youth today?

  5. Here’s the really great part. These kids were in the house partying while Moms body was in the car decomposing. This is beyond cold.

  6. Bryan’s parents lived a few blocks away- that’s where
    they were.

  7. what a bunch of ugly muppets

    I bet some big buck in the pen is eagerly lubing his schlong in anticipation..LMAO


  9. We have long had a battered woman’s defense for murder. Mary Winkler killed her husband last year while he slept and is already out given time served for voluntary manslaughter. Her story is not uncommon for wives and girlfriends who kill abusive partners even though there certainly were other ways out. Why is society understanding of ADULT women who have been mistreated and make a terrible misguided choice, yet children, who are not yet responsible enough to vote or sign contracts, are typically charged as adults and often locked up for life. Colorado has many people in prison for life without parole for crimes they committed while juveniles. It saddens me that Tess and the boys were immediately charged as adults. There seems to be a perception that if someone doesn’t get the ultimate punishment (life sentence or the death penalty) they will not be punished at all. I’d like to see the juvenile justice system used for juveniles, and give abused children the same consideration we give abused women. Many women have husbands just as abusive as Mary Winkler’s husband, yet they do not kill them. This does not invalidate the battered woman’s defense.

  10. Jean come on get real. These Juveniles are cold blooded killers and need to be punished as such. Nobody has a perfect childhood. She is just a brat who wanted to whore her self out and didn’t appreciate her mother trying to stop her. As for Mary Winkler don’t even get on here and say she was a battered woman that was just her defense so she could get off of the charges. She is a perfect example of getting away with murder. If she was so battered how come her own children never recalled any abuse. As for the making her dress up in slutty clothes and perform sex acts. My take is she probably liked role playing and had a few outfits laying around. What woman doesn’t?

  11. You know Jean and Carolyn, Who are we to judge???? We all live with sin every day of our lifes! People make mistakes and people can change. But no one can change without a little help.

  12. I agree with ya Carolyn. And Nicole, get that religous sinning mumbo jumbo outta here. We may “sin” every day but not all of us kill for our own immature, greedy desires.

    People that have the capacity to kill an innocent victim need not be rehabilitated. Most prisons just make people better criminals anyway. And although CO has probably the best prisons in the country, anyone sociopathic enough as these two will never be rehabilitated beyond a public facade that they “found God” in prison or some other lame excuse to gain sympathy from the parole board.

  13. that is sick and wrong that some one could do some thing like that they should both rot in hell

  14. Burn, baby, burn!

  15. one word,,,,,,,,,,,,,, remorse,not callable,they dont feel.only for ones self.period,end of stroy,and they make of 2% of our people ,scarey, x was one.horrable,person,drained me till I felt like didnt have a soul,really,,good luck.there tons more out there,just sharping there knives.y

  16. It says I need an invite to read the blog the screams painted on the wall. It says it’s also called true crime blog. Can u send me an invite??


    Tess could’e as alot of wicked,and wild teenagers,or spoil brat,run away.
    She has had options,and refuse to use them,if not for her spoil ways,low self esteem,boyfriend bryan grove will not be in prison,but he is and him too should have to pay in prison for what cold blooded killing happen.lastly,i also think JARED ,who help cover up the killing of mother Linda Damm should NOT be out of prison.sad thing that he is.

    RIP Linda Damm

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