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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Krystal Flanagan and Tavares Barksdale murder 3/1/2007 Riverdale, IL *No suspects or arrests yet*


Couple Killed, Infant Spared In South Suburbs
Police Find Suburban Couple Dead, Infant Alone
Young Riverdale couple murdered in home
Double murder investigation in Riverdale
Parents shot to death


51 Responses

  1. Tavares and Krystal was not a couple. Just because they shared a child doesn’t mean they were together. That was only Krystals apartment. Tavares did not live there and only stopped by to see his daughter.

  2. ok but that don’t have shit to do wit they murder they didn’t have to be together but most likely they still was messing around get ur shit together before u say anything

  3. It is so sad, that during these grievous times, people still can’t get along. So what if they were or weren’t together, that is totally irrelevent to the situation at hand. The most important things are, finding the killers and taking care of Cycere. When will someone post pictures of these two? There may been some people who may know them, but can’t seen to grasp the face through the name, so please post so pictures to help people identify them. And now I would like to send my prayers out to the families, and God will send the strength you need to make it through this tough time. I know you will make it through, be strong, I will definitely keep you all in my prayers. Especially their daughter, Cycere.

  4. I noticed I just totally mispelled her name (cyncere), please forgive me. My teachers and professors always said “proofread”.

  5. It is truly sad that they both lost their life at such a young age. I didn’t know the young lady but I knew Tavaris. We attended the same high school (Thorn ridge) and college(South suburban) I don’t know what he did in the street so I can only speak on behalf of what I know of him. I just helped him register for school for the fall semester he was a good person you know the type that all ways keep you laughing with big dreams his major was business/real estate and he will be missed. I send my condolences to Tavaris and krystal family and also I hope this is a wake up call life can easily be taken from you no matter if your guilty or not so cherish it don’

  6. Does anyone know when Tavares’s funeral will be?

  7. Regardless to what the press writes or what people may say, Tavares was a beautiful person. He had his faults, but he was someone that I loved as a son. He was beginning to make a change in his life. Tavares was smart, but foolish. He lacked wisdom and for anyone that does, it means destruction. It is my goal to reach as many youth as I can and provide them with a message of hope. Tavares has been a part of my family for 14 years and this is having an effect on all of us. Tavares had just completed 2 weeks of CDL classes at Olive Harvey College and was excited about taking his test on Feb 28; however he didn’t get the opportunity. I saw greatness in him even when he didn’t see it in himself. I pray for the family of Tavares children. To love him is to know him and I did both. Most people lives are not perfect, nor was he. His mother and father don’t know what they missed with him. Tavares had started going to church and he began taking his problems to the alter; the only things is he didn’t leave them there. He kept bringing a portion back with him. Peace be with him. He was loved by my family and will be sincerely missed. He will always be in our hearts

  8. Is the Ms.Herndon that left the message “does anybody know when tavares funeral” the Ms.Herndon that was our sixth grade teacher at Dirksen middle school? HOw have you been do you still teach?

  9. yes Ieshia this is Ms. Herndon–I am now the principal at Caroline Sibley–call me 868-1870.

  10. Im going to save the number do you have a instant message or a email address

  11. Funeral is today at AR Leak in Country Club Hills
    Wake is 10:00
    Funeral 11:00

  12. Tavares was like an older brother to me.. I attended the funeral today and I could not stay long, cause it hurt…!But I will be a frequent visitor to Mt. Hope Cemetery to visit him. I knew both Krystal and Sincere…! He will be missed by me, and it hurts to know I cant call him anymore. But at the funeral today many people from Dirksen, and Thornridge was there. People I haven’t seen in a long time, its just sad circumstances on which we came back together. So to everyone that did attend I know the family really appreciates it…

    My love goes out to you all…

  13. So sorry to hear this of bad news. God bless and rest the souls of Krystal and Tavares. Both names are definetly familiar, especially Krystal and the Flanagan family. (pictures?) Poor baby. Bless her heart! I’m in Ohio now (family doing great, thank the LORD) but my heart is and will always be back home in Chicagoland, particularly Dolton. Hey, Ms. Herndon! It’s D’cember’s Mom. Peace. God Bless and Godspeed. Take care of the ones you love.


  15. I was a good friend of Tavares. I met him upon moving to Dolton in June of 2006. He was a very nice, fun to be around person. His girlfriend was very beautiful as well. And their daughter even more beautiful. I didn’t know this was him involved in this, since i really only knew him as T. I was very upset when i heard of this. I’m still upset i missed the funeral. I didn’t get to pay my last respects to him. Everyday i think of T and what happened. And everyday i want to cry. No one deserves what happened to T and Krystal. As long as i live they both will always be in my heart. I still have his number in my phone. I’m never gonna erase it. He was just too young to be a victim to this type of violence. Regardless of what anyone has to say about him, he was a good person. I don’t care what cases he has against him. T, Krystal, and Cyncere will always stay in my heart and on my mind. I love them forever. If anyone has an obituary, can you please email me a copy or something. That would be the only memory i have of them.

  16. patrice,
    you can go on line to and see a picture as well as read the obituary. You can possibly go to the store and get an obituary printed or definitely can get a plaque.
    If you want to get a plaque without the obituary printed on it, then they will do it for you. I hope this helps.

    Look under “in memoriam” and scoll to his name.
    I love this young man as a son and miss him dearly.

  17. does anyone know how to get an obituary or krystal. if anyone knows hit me back

  18. krysatl was my best friend for 5 years until we lost contact i will never forget her she was so real everytime i think about what happened it brings tears to my eyes to this day is till cant except it she will always be loved .

  19. my t was my guy since the 7th grade i’m mad that he and ol girl had to go like that . now that i’m in the military alot of things just doesnt make sense we as young people are dying before our time but god doesnt make mistakes every thing is for a reason RIP T love you keep the basketball court open for me

  20. To all who read this,
    Just reading what everyone has posted, brings me to tears. The reason why everyone has so many good things to say is because both Tavares and Krystal were wonderful people. It is a blessing the killer spared the babys life. I am the mother of messiah, Tavares’s oldest child and only son. I deeply respect Belinda and Krystal, the mothers of his three daughters

  21. Labria, Cyncere, and Shanell. I also have no hard feeling toward the familys of the other mothers. We all couldn’t help but love him. He was funny, charming, intelligent, and very hansom. Tavares and I (to my understanding) had a great friendship, and relationship for three years.
    To this day I am still hurt, but trying to be strong. To all family and friends if you ever need to talk, or want any information, please give me a call. It’s important we stick together, plus I want Tavares’s children to have a sibling relationship. My # is 7087246100. May Krystal and Tavares rest in peace.
    Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts…

  22. R.I.P. Charles Tavares Barksdale. I really do appreciate all the Love that my Lil Cousin recieved from ALL…. I did want to know who took the time out to do the Obituary? I feel that if you are gonna do it, do it right:} U left out his Auntie Cedra whom is my mother. I Love all my Lil Cousins that Tavares born into this world. I also Love the mothers of the children for bearing them, Yall always got us. Love yall R.I.P. Tavares


  24. Rest in Peace Tavares and Krystal! I met Tavares in 8th grade in Mrs. Carter’s class and he kept us laughing, then there was Thornridge your personalty stayed with you, last memory I had of you is when I had english with u at south suburban and I walked in class and you hit me with a joke everytime. I have been blessed to be in your presence. Despite your flaws (which we all have them) and I told u that time and time again. You are a special person and know matter how down I was u managed to put a smile on my face with your humour and every time I drive pass thornridge I think about u stand across the street in front and was just so funny I will miss that. You were trully a good person and friend to be around and I know God will bless you and her your children your family and friends we were all blessed to have known you!

  25. I was so close 2 Krystal also the Godmother of Cyncere. I luv Krystal beyond words could explain. I thank God 4 allowing me 2 have a friend like her becuz now i kno wat a tru friend iz.
    I jus wanna let whoever did this u effected alot of people Krystal & Tavaris were both well loved .

  26. what up i just wanted to know if anyone could tell me how i can get in contact with tavares baby ma with the lil girl i had some pictures of the them from agether that i think she might wanted to have and how i can get in contact with his cuz

  27. I was just reading all tha comments, and its amazing how tha people had so much good 2 say about Tavares and no really much 2 say about my cousin Krystal. But if i aint mistaken he tha reason why she dead. All tha dum shit he was out here doing, and he got her all mixed up in it, and they took her life 4 shit.

    • Kimberly,

      I am sorry for the loss of your cousin. To my knowledge, no one has been arrested or even a person of interest named in this case. Are you aware of more than has been stated by the police so far? How do you know that this is Tavares’ fault?

      • Of course it is related to him,If he never came to her apartment then maybe she would still be alive.

  28. No i dnt no anything other than whats in the news. But if i did the Riverdale police would no about it. But if u ask me Riverdale police just stopped the investagation, just another unsolved murder.

  29. Kim, Im with you. Everybody had something to say about him but nothing to say about Krystal. I didnt really know Tavares but I did know about what happened with them with the car and I heard that he was mixed up in a lot of drama. I hate that Krystal got killed because he was with her. Im just glad we still have Cyncere. I will always miss Krystal and I know whoever killed her will catch karma…..through God’s will of course

  30. Who ever they are,just know that God is still watching you.You may think it.s over and you got away with it,Dna will catch up to you.

  31. Today is another anniversary of Krystal’s death,March 1st of every year I try to get through the day. How can someone take the life of such a beautiful young lady? Just to let you know that whoever you are,God continues to watch,and he says that I should forgive you,for you know not what you have done!

  32. Idk what caused me to type my sisters name in the computer at 2 in the morning… I’ve read all the post, some disappointing others others very heartfelt… Not a day goes by that I dnt think anout my sis… Never really knew my niece father, but much resoect to his family… I see my sis in my niece and that is enough to keep me goin… I love krystal

  33. krystal,I will always love you,I hope that one day the person who has committed this crime will come forward and ask God for mercy. Because In their darkest hours of the night,I believe they can still see the look on you and tavares face,just like i still remember the disappointing look on your face because God saw it all,and before they go to sleep at night they should fear our GOD,and pray for forgiveness.

  34. I can’t believe that people are on here blaming someone dead for another persons death. Regardless of what either of them have done in life, NO ONE on earth has the right to judge, fault, or execute another human being. She didn’t deserve to be taken from here by the hands of another human being for anyone else’s transgressions, true…but he didn’t deserve to be taken from here by the hands of another human being either. Its GODS job to judge and also to decide life. They were BOTH killed at the fault of another man…

    • Most of your statements are true,God is the judge! It’s also been stated ,that because of His transgressions she was murdered .She would have been able to identify who they were,and that is why she is not here.Facts have been stated,THIS CAME FROM THE STREETS! They wanted him,for his transgressions.Of course it doesn’t make it right!True it should not have happened!Thank God that they SPARED A BEAUTIFUL CHILD WHO KNEW NOTHING!!

      • My HEART aches remain the same! Whatever the facts are!I I liked Tavares,and of course “I LOVED MY DAUGHTER”!.I wouldn’t have wanted this to happen to EITHER OF THEM! my prayer daily is for JUSTICE!!! IT”S NOT YOUR HEART THAT ACHES!!!

  35. Ma’am, everything I have said is true…and, quite frankly, I find it offensive that you say its not my heart that aches. I am a 26 year old who has had to BURY 2 children of my own. I faulted many and did some things that I will have to answer to when MY day comes, but I have come to the point where I have found peace. I will pray for the same for you. Just please do not let the people TRULY responsible for your daughter’s death put you in a place where you are full of transgression, be it legal or spiritual.

    • Sorry for your losses,may The Good Lord Bless you!,and all I can do is pray for Justice!!

    • This is not personal,I don’t know you.I am speaking from my heart,when I said what I said!,My comments are not meant to hurt anyone!

    • & 2o u mama my hod b with u but u have no idea ways goin on please keeo comment to ureself.we are goin thru more than u know stsy blessed

  36. Another year!, It’s The fifth year anniversary,I thank GOD for all the blessings HE has given our family. We could not have made it ,without his guidance and blessings. For God knows!!!

  37. Today is a hard day for me because i was calln my cuzn n tomorrow marks the day i came to get her n was unaware that they was n her apartment dead.i just drove away leaven my lil cuzn behind alone with her dead parents.i still here those words she said to me the day before she stoppd answern the phone.i have never stipd huntin these heartless killers i will help the police find u even if i takes my life.u wilk not get away with it.may taveras n krystal rip.

  38. I Thank God for the strength he has given my family. Krystal and tavares will never be forgotten.The people who have committed this crime will answer to GOD,They will need to “FEAR GOD’S RAPTURE”

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