Regina Stachmus murder 11/7/06 McAlester, OK


On Nov. 7, 2006, Erick Stachmus called 911 to report that he found his wife dead in their hot tub. He said she drowned.

Erick Stachmus told police he found his wife lying face up in the hot tub with the tub’s cover pulled over her.

However, it appeared suspicious to police, an autopsy proved their suspicions correct.

An autopsy found Regina Stachmus died of asphyxia caused by drowning and-or compression on her neck. It also found she had blunt force trauma to the head and a fracture on the bridge of her nose.

Erick Stachmus was arrested on Friday February 2, 2006 for his wife’s murder. He was jailed with a $1 million dollar bail. However, he is no longer in jail as of today.

Erick Stachmus walked into the Pittsburg County Courthouse in chains and shackles on Monday afternoon, but later walked out of the Pittsburg County Jail after making a half-million dollar bond.Stachmus left the jail after Pittsburg County Special Judge Donnita Wynn reduced his bond from $1 million to $500,000.

Stachmus, 34, posted a $115,000 property bond at the courthouse. Paula’s Bonds later posted the remaining $385,000 later, according to jail records.

He is not allowed to leave the county. Apparently the prosecutor does not believe he is a flight risk, although it has been reported that Stachmus’ family is on the wealthy side.

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