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Joshua Julius Anderson murder spree 11/06 – 2/07 Tulsa, OK (poss. serial killer)

joshua-anderson.jpg19-year-old Joshua Julius Anderson, who was in jail for a rape charge, has been linked to 5 murders that have occured in Tulsa since Nov.

Joshua Julius Anderson was initially arrested on a rape allegation, but detectives added five complaints of first-degree murder Monday.All the victims were found within blocks of each other. Four of them _ a third of the city’s homicide victims this year _ were killed in the last two weeks.

Detectives believe Anderson is responsible for the double murder of Herbert and Rose Mary Hobbs, who they say were shot before their house was set on fire.Police have also linked him to the death of David Gilbert who was found dead in the 1500 block of east Independence on January 24.Witnesses say Anderson also robbed and killed Christopher Moderow early that same day.Authorities say the earliest murder Anderson is linked to dates back to November 5, 2006.Officials say Anderson confessed to shooting and killing Evaristo Tovias in the 700 block of north Madison

He is being held without bail. It does appear, however, that this is not his first time getting in trouble for a violent crime. Not even close. Read this for some of his criminal history summary of Joshua Anderson’s criminal record

Joshua’s brother, AC, apparently helped him set the Hobb’s home on fire. Joshua admitted to killing and robbing them, then he and his brother returned to their home and set it on fire.

Hobb’s home on fire


Christopher Moderow 1/23/07
David Gilbert 1/24/07
Rose Mary Hobbs 2/2/07
Herbert Hobbs 2/2/07
Evaristo Tovias 11/5/06

ac-anderson-brother.jpgMultiple Murder Suspect Arrested
Oklahoma Teen Accused in 5 Killings
Tulsa police link rape suspect to five homicides
Oklahoma Teen Accused in 5 Killings
Police Say Man Suspected In At Least Five Tulsa Murder Cases
Man linked to five Tulsa homicides since Nov. 5
Tulsa Police Link Man To 5 Murders
Murder Suspect Had Several Run-Ins With The Law In The Past
January Homicides: Just like 2006: Killings swamp police (last half of article)
Murder Victims Family React To Arrest


                                                                                                                                                                                AC Anderson (brother)


17 Responses

  1. I bei=lieve that as young as Joshua is the State needs to seek mental help for him… I cant believe that these acts of violence could have been created in a rightful state of mind. If the state puts him to death that makes them no better than they claim him to be, intead of killing our children why are they not trying to hepl them. These act of violences were not commited in a clear state of mind. I believe that Joshua needs serious Mental treatment…. I pray for all the familys nvoled in this horrible chain of events, I pray that we will all find some kind of peace.. In Jesus name…. I pray AMEN!!!!!


  2. While I can certainly understand a Christian stance in regards to believing all life is precious and worthy of effort; I am quite sure that this man and his brother have been provided numerous opportunities for acclemation to civlity in our society, as it stands I have personally suffered the loss of two very precious family members and can not fathom the idea of anymore of an effort being put forth to assist someone as sadistic as these sorry excuses of our human race. The cost of these men taking unwarranted or deserved breaths is not only financially draining on our community but also emotionally defastating for our family. I personally wish no peace on them.


  3. Just execute the bastard, and fast, thanks


  4. I first off want to say to the Hobbs family and the family members of the other victims that I am very sorry about your lose. I am also a victim of Josh Anderson! I am the person who had the kidnapping charges on him plus assault &battery and a couple other ones . I wish Muskogee County would have taken things serious when I was in court every time testifiying against him and letting them know how much of a monster he really was and locked him up like he should have been then your loved ones would still be here with you!!! He is a monster who knows right from wrong no matter what his age was at the time trust me I lived with him for months and lived through hell everyday from beatings that would actually knock me out for a while to being told that he will kill me before I was to ever leave him . I pray that this time the justice system in Tulsa does the right thing unlike Muskogee and lock him up without parole because I know for a fact that should he ever be released to the streets again then he will do alot worse !!! So to all the victims of this monster I want to say that you are all in my prayers and to stay strong cause there will be justice finally!!!! GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!!!!


  5. In this case, each and every involved family is effected by these devastating situations… I believe that through Jesus Christ all things are possible. I cant say that if Josh did these things that it was right but, I can say that Josh is not in a normal state of mind whos to say what goes through this boys head whos to say that he should live or die… I believe that there is one Judge and one judge only, and that would be the almighty God!!! U hear me… I believe that Josh shows many signs that the WORLD should see that he needs some serious mental help but what I dont believe is that they should kill him. This comment is Directed straight to “FRANK” and “JAMIE” You both are stating that Josh should be killed not knowing whether he did commit these crimes or whether he is mentally stable enough to stand trial or whatever. You are NOT GOD!! In my heart that makes neither one of you NO GOOD. Anyone with a heart is supposed to be forgiving and understanding to all of Gods children and, We are all GODS CHILDREN!!! In case U didnt know that.. I personally know Josh and I can personally say that regardless to what people, media, whoever has to say about Josh I am a child of God and Josh is too. I have seen Josh Sad, Mad, Happy and Glad. I love Josh with all of my heart and believe that Josh should be receiving some kind of mental help, instead of locking him in a room and throwing away the key… How about someone trying to talk to him, pray with him and try to understand him the way that the people closest to him (including myself) know and understand him. He does have family and friends that are going to love him regardless to the outcome of this situation. I just ask God to place his hands on all of us!!!
    Through Jesus Christ all things are possible..
    Joshua turned 21 years old on the 17th of June… He is just now becoming a man…
    Please Lord, Fix this situation. Please let this man have a chance to have a life. To make a difference in his children and families life. I do belive that there is a calling for Josh and I pray that he gets the chance to follow it through… In the name of Jesus… AMEN!!
    Lord, Please bring Peace to all involved parties!!!!


  6. Just a little insight on how it feels to have this guy take your family away.. I personally don’t have remorse for this guy whatsoever. Just imagine if it were you. YOU try to look at this from a christian point of view and I really find it hard to do so.
    Im quite sure he knew what he was doing when he did it. So who the hell is he? Who gave him the right to take our family members like that?! In the bible it says forgiveness is the key gain closure and move on. I can some how find it possible to forgive, but not forget.! I hurt very deeply and wont feel better till he pays the price for what he has done. I see no signs of a christian in this man. And so far he has shown no remorse. So how can you sit there and stand up for someone so cold hearted? If i came and killed your family like he did mine im sure you wouldn’t be so forgiving. You would want justice just like the families that hurt every day behind what this man has done!! Dont get me wrong ill pray for him, but he has to pay for this!!


  7. I simply pray that the lord will protect the rest of us by enabing us to put this waste of human skin down like the dog that he is (and that is certainly taking credit away from a dog).


  8. He forced a 69-year-old woman and her 50-year-old son to have sex together at gunpoint. Then he murdered them. Then he went back and ATE THE DEAD WOMAN’S BRAIN …for laughs! Just to amuse his equally-simian brother.

    Oh yeah….he also has some other murders on his sheet as well.

    It astounds me that well-meaning nincompoops would respond to such atrocities by burbling feel-good sentiments about good ol’ Jesus Christ – when the only sane course of action would be to strap Joshua Anderson to a gurney and ship him, FedEx, straight to Jesus via a lethal injection. Followed lickety-split by his brother.


  9. Beanie,

    We are all NOT God’s Children. We have a choice to make. We either serve God or the Devil. It looks like this person chose to serve the devil. The lord says you can NOT have TWO masters. He is a jealous God. Does God forgive, he sure does. Has this loony asked for forgiveness. Has this loony changed his ways,shown remorse????? Either way it doesn’t matter. God also says we live by the laws of the land. If that means life in prison or Death P. so be it. If his soul is saved in the end before he dies that’s between him and God, not you,me and God. If your gonna preach then preach the truth!!!! God also tells us revenge is his!!! Are you saying God is ok with what this man did…..NO HE IS NOT. And if this man never finds his way to the Lord, then guess what Revenge will be his!! The 10 commandments are not the 10 suggestions.


  10. oopsie- I said revenge will be his….s/b Vengeance is His….meaning the Lords.


  11. Also when I say we are all not Gods children….don’t get me wrong he Loves us all. But its still our choice as to who we will serve.


  12. Monsters are made, never born. There is no helping this man. The best option and frankly the most humane option is to put him down like you would a family pet. Let’s face it, this guy is an animal. One of millions walking our streets at out schools in our homes. Enough is enough. Thin the herd.


  13. Is this guy dead yet… I ran across this article looking for information on another subject wanted by Interpol. I hadn’t heard of this guy before…

    People who are calling for his death sentence to be reduced are just completely clueless and have removed themselves from reality. This animal (according to the records) Would listen to each of you call for his life to be spared and then in a very brutal fashion murder you, your children, spouse.

    I have been around monsters enough to know that he is not a product of God. He is a product of his own failures, failures of his community and his inability to even remotely feel empathy for his victims.

    He cares no more about a human life than you care about the well being of a sandwich that you make.

    And think about this just for once I want you people to think.. When he goes in to the penal system. Multiple points in his life he will come in contact with guards, other prisoners, hospital staff, administrative staff etc. No matter how high the security others are at risk. Prison staff are human and they have families that love and care for them and depend on them. Animals like this kill them when they are in prison. And at times they escape and kill more. Every moment this animal lives other innocent people are at risk.

    We should take death penalty opponents and put them to work in the prisons guarding these people. It is easy to post here about letting them live, it is easy to stand outside the gates with signs chanting let him live. Maybe you all should be the custodians of these people. How about if we move you and your families in to a prison with them and you can watch over these animals and everything will be peachy keen right? You can let your sons and daughters live in the compound with them and you all can hug them and tell them how much you and God love them.

    And then they will magically get better and because you and god love them you’ll be safe from their vicious attacks. Let’s let you guys take responsibility for these people. You want them alive? Good we’ll put a big fence around your home and armed guards outside the fence. They’ll protect the community but you are on your own and we’ll see how your reality changes. You can sit and chat with them for the 30 seconds before they destroy your family. But I guess with you all its ok if he destroys other families right? Bet you won’t put your own family up to watch him will you.

    Put your money where your mouth is so to speak. He is God’s creature? We’ll video it so we can all watch you at the moment you realize this is definitely not a creature of God. It’ll be too late for you but maybe others will learn from your horror. Because you haven’t learned from the horror of others.


  14. This is to the friends and family of this vicious beast. Your optisism is great, however, your grasp on reality is scewed. I too am a firm Believer in CHRIST. So many christians want to obsess over all the potential and second chances, thats a great thought, and maybe some of your hearts are in the right place, but the reality of the matter is, this evil beast will pay for what he has done, no matter how much his loved ones want to save him, u cant! This will be on his hands and he will have to face what he did, no matter what the reason for these slayings, he will pay, in this life and the after life. I am the proud sister of a man that shined with the light of Jesus! Yes he was a living, breathing, and loving son, brother, husband, friend and soldier of Christ! Jushua wanted to take my brothers life. Well, sorry to dissappoint u joshua, but all u did was set him free, free from the evil of this world. Pure evil took my brothers body, yet sent his soul straight home. He received the best gift anyone could get, the gift of enternal life. My brother is the fortunate one! Kill him dont kill him? My flesh wants him to suffer, but im trying,im tryin real hard. The true punishment for this beast, will be between God and him. I know that his punishment could be far worse than i could wish upon his body. I read the comment that were made by the people who love this beast. I ask each of you, would you want a second chance for somebody who brutially took the lives of YOUR loved one, not to mention the evils ways he went about doing this? You cant answer that! You can jot down some Christian morals to make yourself feel better, but i pray to God that u will never be able to answer that question. Put yourselves in the lives of the families of ALL the victums that were robbed by this evil beast that u love. This makes me wonderhow u can make this ok in your minds. What he did was not ok in any way shape or form. It has been over four years and i have grown alot. Trust me i went through every emotion that one could think of.


  15. Could it be possible that they could of killed Brittany Phillips too?


  16. […] Suspect to stand trial in 4 slayings – Published: Fri, August 3, 2007 Joshua Julius Anderson murder spree 11/06 – 2/07 Tulsa, OK (poss. serial killer) PENALTY: Because Anderson is mentally disabled, prosecutors are not seeking […]


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