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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Alexandra and Ashley Kukla murders 2/4/2007 Macomb Township, MI *Mother, Jennifer Kukla arrested for their stabbing deaths*

alexandria.jpg“I am going to the deep ends of hell” Jennifer Kukla told one of her sisters as the sister called 911 to report that Jennifer had stabbed her children to death. Not an easy call to make, especially when you could have been a victim yourself, as Jennifer wanted her to stay when she was there the day before. The 911 call is heartbreaking.

Kukla, who had been drinking and possibly doing drugs before the horrific rampage early Sunday, also stabbed her Pomeranian and its two puppies and stacked them neatly in their cage. Even the pet mouse was found dead from a knife wound, according to the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office.

Apparently the family knew she was struggling, not just financially, but emotionally and mentally as well. Jennifer had been having an extremely rough time financially, not able to pay her bills, her car had broken down, and she may have lost her job.


Unable to pay the bills, she lived without electricity and water. She took a taxi to the McDonald’s restaurant on 23 Mile where she worked because her car broke down two weeks ago. It was unclear whether she had lost her job recently. A manager at the restaurant declined to comment but said everyone there was trying to cope with the tragedy.

Police have said that they do not have a motive yet, but believe that alcohol may have been a factor. Also, there may be some mental health issues that led to these horrific murders.

Police have said that Kukla’s sister made a tearful call to 911 Sunday, reporting to police that her sister said she was under hypnosis, and that “a man’s voice was in her head” while she committed the murders.

Jennifer was arraigned on Monday where a plea of “Not Guilty” was entered for her (to those who are horrified by this, please realize that this is basically a normal part of the procedure-it has nothing to do with real innocence or guilt). A preliminary hearing has been set for Feb. 15. It was almost scheduled for Feb. 20, but when the Judge announced that, one of Jennifer’s sisters let the Judge know that Feb. 30 would have been Ashley’s birthday, so please don’t schedule it for that day. He changed it.

jennifer-kukla.jpgMom accused of stabbing kids held without bond
Mich. mother held in stabbing deaths of 2 girls
Woman Charged in Daughters’ Stabbings
Woman Charged in Daughters’ Stabbings
Macomb Mom Charged in Murders
Michigan Woman Charged in Stabbings of Daughters, Ages 8 and 5
Mom says she heard voices before killing daughters
Mother Charged In Slaying Of 2 Daughters


39 Responses

  1. I appreciate what you are doing, but I also want to point out that you reported nothing that the local newspapers didn’t report in less than than 24 hours from when the bodies we’re discovered.
    For instance, her electricity was on before, during, and after the crime took place. Her pipes were frozen due to the extreme temptures, a responsability of the owners she pay’s lot rent to.
    There has also been no evidence of drug abuse found.

    I am in no position to say how she needs to be punished, but I have to think people may jump to an early opinion with very little of the facts and evidence that emerges daily, and one of those misinformed just may end up on the jury.
    Is that fair?

  2. Just came upon your site. I like what you’re doing.

    To Kt: I hardly think anyone should question the maker of this website on fairness. I’m fairly certain Jennifer Kukla didn’t consider the “fairness” of slaughtering her children and pets. She is a disgusting person (drugs or not).

    I think I’ll start praying that I get to be on her jury.

  3. get the facts right!!

  4. whats the point of this site, local news covers all the same things and at least they get the stories correct lol

  5. I guess it needs to be spelled out for some of you that have no experience dealing with CRIME. The purpose of these BLOGS and WEBSITES is to raise awareness and to get the news out to those that are NOT in the local area and for those of us that do not have access to ‘your’ local news.

    You’re Welcome.

  6. Ken & Karen:

    Please tell me what is wrong? All the information I got was from the news from Michigan.

  7. I’m not a local, and I’m just now hearing about this, so thanks to the creator to this website…you don’t need to listen to ignorant people. Also, WE were never and have never been given the right to punish anyone…..Her punishment should be left up to the only one that has that right, our lord and savior , He is the only with the right to judge and she will be judged on judgement day….and anyone who participates in judging her will be judged on judgment day also…..absoloutley not right with what she did and i fully with all my heart believe she should be punished, and I know that she will, It is just not up to me or anyone on earth to decide how she be punished.

  8. Her water was shut off. She had lost custody of the girls once before but had gotten them back. At the bus stop the day before, Jenny was told by a neighbor that they were going to call CPS on her. Jenny said she would kill them before anyone took them away from her again. She had the knives out on the counter the night before. She sat in that house for 11 hours with their bodies laying in the back room.

    She planned it & she is NOT insane and I highly doubt she will get off.

  9. Ok, wether it was planned or not she is still insane, anybody that commits that type of crime is insane. she is sick and thats that, i hate what the woman did yes but i believe she needs help not prison. her water pipes were frozen, she had heat yes. alot of people have blamed her family but only jennifer is responsable, and mental illness runs in her family. when jennifer was 15 her mother chased her around the house with a butcher knife, you think that maybe messed her up a bit? i never heard any news that made me feel so bad, its rough to drive past the street where her home used to exist as well as driving past the childrens school on my way around town, you never expect to have things like this happen near your own home and a day has not passed that i dont think of what happened that day. god bless the children and i pray for all the family members who have to live with this.

  10. “mylifeofcrime”,

    Don’t worry about what Karen and all the rest who are negative say. Just keep doing what your doing, because you have MILLIONS of people who love you and love what your doing.

    Zoltan: Thanks for stickin up for my girl!!!

  11. Oh, she does look slightly crazy if I must say so myself.

  12. Well, thanks Shauncey! I had forgotten about them anyway! Obviously I did not have misinformation, otherwise they would have responded, which they never did. And I do check things out before posting. But they can believe whatever they want.

  13. I just happened across this site.. was reading an article on foxnews about Stephen Grant (the man who killed his wife just days after this situation) and how he’s been writing flirtatious letters to Jennifer Kukla (suggesting they meet in the broom closet).. because I had not heard the story of Jennifer Kukla and her daughters, I did a search – hoping to find something on crimelibrary, but nothing there… I was glad to find this site to read about what had happened. Just wanted to say thanks for having it posted here.

  14. I have followed this story from the beginning. I saw their my-space pages months ago. So sad. I believe one daughter lived with mom and one with dad, but the sisters were close and wanted to live together. I was stunned when I heard what this mother did to her girls. How pitiful that she couldn’t just kill herself and leave them out of her misery.
    God bless them. At least they have each other.

  15. Today is the first time I have saw this and it brings tears to my eyes.. I would have taken those babies and raised them.
    I saw where S thinks she should have help not prison and I want to know what S is smoking or are they just that stupid to believe that? She deserves death and nothing less.
    God bless the family

  16. […] for the murders*Update: Lane Bryant shooting *victims named; police still searching for shooter*Alexandria and Ashley Kukla murders 2/4/07 Macomb Township, MITwo mothers and their two young children killed in Indianapolis shooting 1/16/08 Indianapolis, IN […]

  17. Lavonna,
    I can answer that friend. S is smokin’ CRACK.

  18. I think i went to school with this girl. Although i cannot find out any information about her. Does anyone know where she grew up? Or where she went to school?

  19. What a horrible story of a family.

    Where was the safety net that could have saved all of this family? Sad to say but crimes of this magnitude are preventable or at least should be.

    Hopefully Jennifer Kukla will receive the help she needed long before going on a killing spree. There are a lot of single moms out there who hopefully never arrive in the hell that contributed to this most horrible of crimes.

    To the Kukla family I could not ever offer enough condolences to you.


  20. Norman,
    I agree. So many people states she was unstable, and look what happened. It makes me wonder did she have any kind of support system. Mental issues, hearing voices… we all need to take things like this seriously. I have never forgotten these girls. I can’t comprehend what they went through when their own mother was killing them.

  21. just a reminder is tomorrow Ashley birthday don’t forget

  22. i knew both the girls they came to the daycare i work at and its very sad that they had to go happy birthday Ashley

  23. Happy Birthday Ashley! (for tomorrow)

  24. i’m a 9 year old detective and i’m inspired by the cases that is happening in the world yesterday we thought we heared a gun shot from across the street but me and my grandma thought probably it was a fire cracker but i didn’t check out if it was.
    – madelyn B.

  25. Hi,
    I do realize tat all of te mixed emotions coming from the unthougtful acts that took place on that nasty un forgetable night. I how ever would like to send thanks out to the people who kept their wits about them and gave their support to the family. One big thanks goes to uncle Kracker. You know why thank you!!

    Jennifer is my cousin. We are around the same age. I could only imagine what had happened that night. Everyone in the family was shocked. My condolences go out to her father and step mother. I do love you guys. And the rest of the family. May the memory of those girls never die. Thanks again for your time. C kukla.

  26. Would love to be able to talk to some family members concerning this situation. I have a very close friend who the very same thing happened with her. Would like to have some insight as to what direction to go in to be able to get her the help she needs.

  27. Judi, funny, I’m reading that same book about Stephen Grant and came to this site too. Messed up world for sure. The Devil is having his fun now, but it’s the fire pit for him soon!

  28. i want to thank everyone for their support….the girlies r my nieces..jenny is my sister this whole situation has broken me…its been almost 4 YRS AND I STILL NEED THERAPY. Imiss all 3 OF THEM more and more everyday….why didnt she call me…i lived 5 minutes from her.. i would have done anything for them

    • I don’t know if u know me Elizabeth…. My brother is billy.. Joes best friend. My condolences to your family. It broke my heart when I heard. I’m sorry.

    • Hi Liz,
      Its been along time I havent seen you since my daughter and I moved out of the apt. Bella and I still visit the girls grave time to time she remembers them I cant believe its been so long.

  29. I would just like to say to Elizabeth Kukla- Lawrie:
    I don’t know if you remember me, but my name is Jessica. I used to help Jenny take care of Ash and Lex, I would help babysit them and would go places with them and hangout with them all the time. My mother is Shally and our neighbor was Al. I jsut wanted to let you know that even though its been awhile since the tragity happened that I still think about them everyday and I, too, have to get therapy still. I still around where they used to and it’s heart-breaking everytime I go down their street.
    I just wanted to say, that my heart still goes out to your family and that I hope all of you are doing okay.

  30. to Trace: I understand that you didnt know who they were and what was going on. And I’m not saying it was okay for Jenn to do what she did to them. But I used to babysit them and I don’t appreciate that “fairness” thing. She was having alot of problems and she needed to get help. Some people knew it and some didn’t. But no one and I mean NO ONE ever thought she would do this to them. She loved those girls and never wanted to hurt them. She heard voices.., so she says, and maybe she did.. no one knows. We werent in her head. And I blame myself for them being killed because they were orginally supposed to be with me that night, but my Grandma got sick and I had to go over to her house and take care of her. So hearing/ seeing people talk trash about this hurts alot. I just wanted you to know, it was uncalled for, since all you guys know is what you heard in the papers about how their life was. It wasnt like how the Media made it sound.


  31. to Shauncey:
    they both lived with the mom. she had custody of both..

    To the writer: your information is what people were saying and i like that you did this. Those girls were close to me. and many people knew them but not the information. I must say though that not all the information is correct. but, with the media, it never is, but yours is very close and is different then some that I have read that are completely different.
    Thank you.

  32. the part about the drugs. she wasnt on drugs the night it happened.
    also, she had not lost her job yet. she was on the verge of it though. and you said that the hearing was set for Feb 20th and then after it says Ashleys bday is Feb 30th. a minor thing. he bday is the 20th but i think that one was accidental. i just wanted to let you know so no one else got confused. Like i said in a different comment I know alot about these girls since I babysat them and was with them everyday. I just didnt want people to get the onformation confused.

    • OK, anything italicized are direct quotes from some of the links and I can’t change a person’s quote. However, all of those were not written as definites (like possibly she was on drugs) that kind of thing.

  33. oh okay. also Alexandra is spelled wrong.
    but Thank you for your time.

  34. I know Jennifer personally… I hope she rots and feels the pain she caused. She used to live with us. I used to play dolls with Alex. She used to put make up on me….. Personally…. I would love for them to release her… I know of at least 20 people that would love to get their hands on her. Go to hell Jennifer!

  35. This story saddens me more then all of u combined. I was thses girls neighbor. They were my best friends. Yes, her mother was strugglig but, as I grew up I understood more. These girls were well behaved girls. But there family was also mean and brutal to them. There uncle, who usualy babysat, would send them outside with no food and water. And would make them stay outside. I remember breaking into there back door with them so I could help them get some food. And they had a palmeranian, and 2 baby kittens, and a hamster. I miss them everyday…..):

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