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  1. To Eddie and Raj,you’ll proably never read this or know who I am.But someone will tell you this.You’ ll never know the hurt that you both have caused to your parents as well as Deterrell’s,mom.But because I am a christian I have asked God to help heal our pain that you both have caused.I’ve asked God to have mercy on your souls,because you all did not have mercy on Deterrell.Each day,each night I think about my cousin’s great loss,it will never go away.God will be just,and I know it will be on your minds each day until you both see God.

  2. Well in response to this posting. Although Rajiv may not read this I will. And as far as all this goes, you are not the only one that was hurt by this tragic accident. As far as I am concerned alot of people may not know the real story behind this event nor do people know the friendship that Deterrel and Rajiv shared. So in conclusion my heart goes out to his family and also to Rajivs family because not only did he lose his close friend he lost his family as well and his freedom. This is just an example of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. R.I.P Deterrel Jackson. ………………….. FREE Rajiv

  3. Rajiv did not do it,period!!!

  4. I’m with Allen Day RAJIV DID NOT DO IT. FREE RAJIV!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rajiv did do it hell he told on himself

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