• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Sabrina Gonsalves and John Riggins murder 12/20/1980 Davis, CA *Cold Case Arrest: Convicted sex offender Richard Joseph Hirschfield charged with their murders; faces death penalty*

John Riggins and Sabrina Gonsalves

The Sweetheart Murders
Cold Cases Heat Up, To Suspect (about 1/2 way down)
Justice Waits
DNA links inmate to 1980 student slayings
Davis Writer Helps Solve Local Murder Mystery
Justice Waits: The UC Davis Sweetheart Murders
Innocence lost
‘Sweetheart’ case hits the courts — and network TV
A Very Cold Case
’48 Hours’ mostly leaves out cringe factor with ‘Sweetheart’
Preliminary Hearing Under Way In 1980 Double Homicide
Richard Hirschfield preliminary hearing concluded
Trial for 1980 murders delayed until January
News Archive: John Riggins and Sabrina Gonsalves murder *Sweetheart Murders*

Justice Waits: The UC Davis Sweetheart Murders

Richard Joseph Hirschfield


21 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I live overseas and don’t always hear the latest news. Has this guy (ricard hirschfield) been to trial yet? and what was the result?


  2. I am John Riggins neice my mom Carrie Riggins (now Carrie Mack) and who evr the **** killed my uncle i will kill them i know i am only eleven but i don’t care!

  3. To call Davd Hirschfield a reprehensible and immoral “individual” is truly an understatement; rotting in jail is even too good for the scumbag.
    I will never forget what happened to John and Sabrina, even though I was born nine (almost ten) years after it happened. John was my dad’s friend, and I broke down after seeing John’s signature and comment in my dad’s Davis HS yearbook (1979-1980):
    John called my dad a “good friend”, and told him that it’s “better to be good than lucky”. He signed off with a “see ya later”. I lost it after reading that final line. John, Sabrina- hope to see you in Heaven someday- I bet that you two are very happy together up there. *chokes up*

    As for Hirschfield; there’s a nice spot in hell for you, you worthless piece of sh–.

  4. I’m sorry^ not that it matters or anything, but the scumbag’s name is “Richard”Hirschfield, not “Davd”. It doesn’t even matter, he’s still a lowlife scum that deserves to either rot in prison or the death penalty

  5. People!

    Seems to me that your idea of “Heaven” is a hate-filled, caustic-spirited eternity of malicious unkindness!

    Just think if you knew Mr. Hirschfield, like you say you know your friends and relatives, and you liked him for a good friend. The point is, everyone is human, and it is humans who kill other humans – good friends do murder, and inside they are still the same person – just like you.

    Me, too.

    Can you kill? YES! You just told the whole world you can kill, and in a very nasty tone!

    Is murder good for people? Is hating anyone like you tell us you do, here, good for people? In a way, you are more filled with death and self-destruction than Mr. Hirschfield. If you knew his childhood, it just might cause you to pity the man, not talk about him as sh ** and “Scum.” We are all just like Mr. Hirschfield, save for having a much better childhood, and resulting choices; no better, and no worse, plus, having the same potential he has, so long as he is alive, to make choices to love others.

    Heaven, the real one, is a place where Truth and Love are Lived all the eternity. Hell, the real one, is a place where most people wind up, because they refuse to treat others at least as kindly as themselves, everyone else, even those who do harm to them.

    I understand teachers in school do not teach this – they never learned the Truth where they went to school to learn to teach, unless home-schooled, but it each person’s responsibility to love others, so if we speak hatred, it is on our own head.

    Why don’t you begin trying to understand Richard from the perspective of his own life, from where he came from as a child, his home, who he was parented by, and how, and then you may find a very different man than the one newspapers and TV talking heads write and talk about.

    Think about it. What’s fair, is fair for you, too.

    • Not MY job to love everybody. That’s God’s job my job is to see people( probably being more generous than deserved) get what’s comming to them. In this case a free all expence paid trip to hades. Let’s just pray the jury has the intestinal fortitude to do what is needed. He should be killed in the same manner as his victims that is justice.

    • ClaudeA, you have made some excellent points. Jesus commanded us all to hate the sin (in this case murder), but love the sinner. If each of us unable to love men or women, we are throwing the Lord’s right back in HIs face. I do not wish hell upon anyone. It will be the eternal place of damnation that was only meant for Satan and his demons not mankind.

      • I meant to say, if each of us is unable to love me or women, we are throwing the Lord’s words right back in His face.

  6. ClaudeA,
    I just saw this on 48 Hour Mystery and I just have to say:
    HAVE YOU LOST YOUR EVER LOVING MIND???? This guy deserves nothing short of a firing squad.

    My heart goes out to John and Sabrina’s families.

  7. My nephew Terry Arndt was murdered in 1983 his girl friend raped in Berny California not far from these murders,there is dna from that crime.there is the eye witness girlfriend and the murder has never been solved.

  8. I just watched 48 hours too…and was trying to find out if this molester and murderer has been sentenced to be put down yet? I sure hope so! BTW – ClaudeA is a very scary, rambling lunatic! Makes me wonder what crimes he has committed to go into such a long rant in the DEFENSE of Richard )&%*$&#_. Creepy.

  9. ClaudeA, there are COUNTLESS people who go through things he went through, and actually worse things, and don’t grow up to slaughter two innocent people (that we know of) and molest children. PLEASE stop excusing inexusable behavior. I don’t believe anyone on this earth actually can say what heaven or hell is truly like, as no one can come back and report, so quit judging the innocent people so harshly and the evil one so gently.

  10. ClaudeA

    Asking us to feel sorry for this ASSHOLE is a bit like asking a Jew to feel sorry for Hitler’s sad childhood..

    It would be pretty interesting to see how you’d react if someone in your family was MURDERED and RAPED…

    wonder if that will happen someday and you will get a chance to understand what the victims went through 😉

  11. This case is about the biggest horror story I have ever heard, and it started with the autopsies. Do you know that RH made 14 appearences in court before he ever entered a plea? He is just a big time gamer.

    If he did this for the reason supposedly stated, then he is an animal, but there are so many questions about this case can you really be sure? His priors sure indicate that he was a capable of this. Unfortunately, the SCSO and the DA’s office have both bungled this case as badly as possible.

    As to that garbage about his upbringing, HE chose to hang around with the Hunt brothers. If he really did this as a favor to Gallegos, then he will rot in hell.

    We know that John and Sabrina are in a better place now, but we will always remember you. Now all we need is the real truth.

  12. @ ClaudeA: Why then did his brother grow to be a somewhat normal, happy-natured person in a normal functional marriage? Yes, he carried the burden of being at the crime scene with his brother for years and eventually took his own life when things came to a head, but the people on here have anger towards a man that chose to take 2 innocent lives. Was Richard’s murderous anger directed at these 2 young people because they took innocent lives? no. They WERE innocent lives.

  13. ClaudeA: Read your bible. There is also a hell. A hell that is aptly described. A hell that exists for a reason. It is so people like Hirschfield will be sent there to burn and writhe in agony for eternity. The wrath of God will be just and severe. We attempt to govern as best we can on this plane, but, have no fear – God will punish this man.

    • Unfortunately, hell will be the eternal place of damnation for those who have rejected God’s Truth and Grace. I am so very thankful that Jesus died for all of us because each and everyone of us deserves death and separation from God, who is a just and Holy God.

  14. I tried to read through the most recent posts. Has Hirschfield actually gone to trial yet? Thanks

  15. Trial is now scheduled for week of March 19th, 2011. Judge is getting tired of the defense’s pretrial motions and requests for additional time.

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