• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Doris Ann McLeod murder 2/23/1991 Milkwaukee, WI *Joseph White convicted, sentenced to prison; not eligible for parole until 2073*

Find-A-Grave: Doris Ann McLeod
Slain teen sought acceptance
State of Wisconsin v. Joseph White
Murder Victim Was Ward Of Illinois
Suspect May Face Prostitution Count
Witness Says Runaway Girl Was Recruited As Prostitute
Man Convicted Of Transporting Teen Prostitute
Man Guilty Of Transporting Teen Found Dead, Handless
Man Gets 10 Years In Prostitute Case
Appeal Rejected In Murder Case
Murder Victim Runaway Girl, 16
Doris Ann McLeod
Bail Denied In Teen Slaying
Goose Lake Case Sent Here
Child Saw Victim Without Fingertips
Cops Identify Suspect In Teen Slaying
Prisoner Charged In Runaway’s Murder
Murder Suspect Goes It Alone
Victim Was Desperate For Love
Boy Links Dad To Teen’s Death
Shackled Defendant Coaxed Into Court
Murder Suspect Won’t Leave Bed, Hearing Goes On
Witness Recants Prior Story
Bragging By Suspect Led To Murder Charge
Informant Testifies Suspect Confessed
Court Hears `monster’ Story
Jury Hears Gruesome Tale Of Runaway Teen’s Death
Cellmate Says White Told Him Of Murder Victim
White Trial
Jury Deliberates `monster’ Murder
Teen’s Brutal Death Key For Conviction
Murderer’s Words Haunt Sentencing
County Detectives’ Pursuit Of Girl’s Killer Featured On A&E
Detective Draws On Experience For Murder-mystery
“Just Another Shade of Blue” and “Casualty Crossing” , by Kevin Hughes

Just Another Shade of Blue


Registrant: JOSEPH WHITE
DOC ID#: 00387959
Alias(es): None Reported

Gender: M
Age: 45
Description Detail
Eye color:
Hair color:
5 FT 8 IN
Photo(s) Taken: 04/17/2010
Offense Requiring Registration
Conviction date:
Conviction county:
Conviction state:
Criminal code:
940.225(1): First-Degree Sexual Assault
Sex Offender Registry Status
Registration begin:
Registration end:
Compliance status: INCARCERATED

Institution currently supervising offender: COLUMBIA CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION
P.O. BOX 950


68 Responses

  1. I watched this on the cold case channel and can not get over how horrible this crime was. I also really feel for the child who saw her, and how that must have affected his life. I just wanted to say how sorry I am for the loss of Doris and even though she may not have felt her life was worth anything, it was. Atleast we can all know she is in a much better place and can finally rest in peace and be eternally happy.

  2. I also caught this episode of Cold Case files. It filled me with a sense of grief to know someone went through this. I am an avid ‘fan’ of crime shows/serial killers/etc, i’m involved in cases the way I can be, but rarely is there a case that provokes me to go around telling people about it. This case makes me sick, and I feel it should be remembered. She lived a horrible life, then it was ended in a very horrible way. And I have but one questio; why?

    • I would look to the mother of Doris to place blame. How this woman lives with herself beggars belief.

      • How about her father? Why is it always only the mother‘s fault?

        • I didn’t realize we were speaking in terms of “always” and “only”. However, if you knew anything about this case then you know that a lot of people failed Dori. As a child, i placed blame where my friend (Dori) placed blame, her mother. As an adult, i still blame her mother, but Joseph White is guilty, guilty, guilty. You are entitled to your opinion of course. But I am a mom and i KNOW that my children’s safety, happiness, love, tolerance, appreciation are my absolute responsibility. If i fail even one of those directives, i have failed my child. That is why it is “always” and “only” the mother’s fault. Because it IS.

          • We should be looking to her father, as well. A man should teach his daughter what she should expect from other men in her life. Girls who are abused and/ or abandoned by their fathers tend to make easy prey for other hateful men.

    • I sat next to Dori in history class at EHS, down the street from Webster Cantrall Hall. It;s beem 20yrs and I still miss her. Doris Ann McLeod RIP.

  3. I was one of Dori’s room mates in the webster cantrell hall staley group home, and she was my best friend. I was also one of the people who testified against white at his first trial. Dori’s life was horrible, every male in her step family sexually assaulted her and her sister. Their mother chose her husband over the girls, and so they became “wards” of the state of illinois. It would have helped if in becoming a ward of the state, counseling was readily made available for us. Which never was. It also would have helped if Dori’s caseworker would have listened to her, and cared about her. She hated the placement where she was, and she wanted to be moved. She wanted to live with her sister, but the caseworker wouldn’t allow it. Yes she should always be remembered, and she always will, because i will never forget her.

  4. Tears poured down my face when I watched this particular episode about Doris. I was completely overwhelmed with discust and shock that somebody is actually capable of a murder so cruel and morbid. This man cannot be human and I can’t believe this monster did not get death row. I know in my heart that Doris Mcleod is in heaven with the angels… where she doesn’t have to be alone anymore.

  5. Does anyone know what happened to Doris’s sister?

  6. I read somewhere there is evidence her sister may be Jane Doe in Arizona. How sad if both sisters ended up like this.

  7. Does anyone know the name of Doris’ sister and what happened to her? I, like auburnmommyof2, are trying to get some information on her. Any insite as to what happened to her and what her name is would be appreciated.

  8. I know exactly where Shanna is, and she is NOT dead!!! I talk to her atleast once a week. Her and Dori do NOT have the same last name. If you can email me and let me know why you want to get in contact with her I can pass on the message. Please know that any message you give to me I will pas on to a Detective that Shanna and I are both in contact with and he will thouroughly check it out before it will be passed on. Thank you!

  9. Melissa, Thank you for letting us know she is ok. We have been investigating a Jane Doe in AZ from 1999 and she had a ring with the initals DMA on a chain. After reading about Dori and learning she had a sister, I thought it was a long shot that her sister could have possibly been our Jane Doe. I’m glad to hear her sister is ok. Thank you again.

  10. Thank you so much for letting us know! I apologize for not responding sooner but I was already informed by Detective Hughes (nice man!!!). I’m so glad to knwo that Shanna is okay!

  11. Joseph White was a member of “G.D” GANG. Yes, he is not soul……NEITHER IS GD AND THE RULES THAT those SCUM made. I hope GOD deals with ALL of these people. …rest assured….God takes care of business in HIS time, in HIS way. Hell is a horrible place to go.

  12. I was equally horrified by what happened to Doris even though it has been many years since I watched the episode on Cold Case Files. I still think about her to this day and wonder if anyone at all cared about her. A young girl like Doris should never have had to experience the horrors inflicted upon her. What a loser her mother must be. RIP Doris.

  13. hello i believe i am a first cousin of doris ann. i would like to know a bit about her and her family if i may. could you please contact me thru email i do not want everything posted for the whole world to see.

  14. to melissa. I believe i am a first cousin to Doris Ann. I would like to know a bit more about her if that is ok can you please contact me by email at

  15. i still think about the episode of doris and it haunts me until this day. chills go up my spine and i cried during the entire episode. she is with her angels now and god bless her….R.I.P DORIS MCLEOD. YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!!!!

  16. When I first saw the cold case files episode about Doris, it scared me to tears. I could not imagine how that poor girl sufferred living in that basement and enduring daily beatings, rape, and other forms of extreme torture. she was chosen young but it blessed to be in heaven. she wore her cross and beared it. She always seemed happy and blamed no one..

  17. I am the nephew of Joseph White through marriage.I am truley sorry for dorris and her family, I could only imagine what they’ve been through.Now with that being said I will like to point out a couple of things. Dorris was a prostitute, a runaway, young troubled soul who made her own decisions. Joseph White was not the man who killed Dorris. There was never any DNA records,or anything. The statement they got from the son (who was only 3 at the time) was coached, and scripted. Joseph White denies these alligations still to this day. Who’s to say that in the mist of prostituting that she did’nt run across a daranged trick.I don’t mean to sound heartless, I just think the wrong person is locked up. FREE (JOSEPH WHITE aka YUSEF)

    • Mario,

      Doris was a prostitute because your uncle, Joseph White, forced her into prostitution. If you have evidence to prove that Joseph White did not kill her, please present it. Also, Joseph White represented himself in court. And remember, only fools represent themselves in court, especially when they have not been trained in the law. If he was innocent, he did a lousy job representing himself!

    • Mario:

      Perhaps your uncle should have tried getting a real job instead of forcing Doris into prostitution. He is where he belongs and will be until he dies.

    • You say you family through marriage and if that is so how do you have his nickname wrong and by marriage to who if i may ask

  18. White, I’m not going to sentence you because you murdered this young woman. You might have. Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. I don’t know. There is no or even sufficient evidence for me to conclude at this time on this record that you did…. But you put into motion a scenario that had the inevitable tragic result that this one did. By putting this young emotionally disturbed teenage runaway without any direction in her life on the streets, meeting the kind of characters that one can meet in that situation, in my view was foreseeable that she could end up like she did. Maybe not with her hands mutilated, but certainly her death was [sic] under that circumstance is not an unexpected event.

    Now these are the words from the judge. There was no evidence, none at all. The only thing he’s guilty of is tranporting a minor, which was wrong. Everything from the beatings,to the pimping was wrong. The judgement that was made was wrong also.

    • Mario,

      Now why not admit where that came from. It was from the Judge sentencing him on the prostitution charges. The murder charges and sexual assault charges came later, in front of another Judge.

  19. Mario,
    You were not the only one at that trial. You and Joseph White’s (AKA Damos Alexander) family can continue to hold on to that myth of Joseph being innocent. He is right where he belongs, in prison for the rest of his nasty life. I had the honor and priveledge of being Dori’s roommate at WCH for years, before she met Joseph on the bus during Christmas season. I was her best friend! NOT ONCE DID SHE EVER PROSTITUTE HERSELF, UNTIL SHE MET YOUR UNCLE AND RAN AWAY WITH HIM TO SPRINGFIELD!!! Where she was found and brought back to Decatur, and then ran away with him again after he filled her head with lies. I had the horrible fate to identify her beaten and abused body, and to have to watch your uncle walk out of the courtroom smiling and laughing. You say “all he did” and “she did it herself”….EXCUSES! Not Facts! I have seen the evidence, I have heard the evidence, and until you can show me irrefutable proof, i think I will believe his guilt. As well, since you don’t want to be disrespectful, then go talk your crap elsewhere, I can guarantee noone wants to hear you, except maybe detective hughes??? Which I am sure the ladies have already notified him of you (Thanks Ladies!)

  20. who want to know where doris sister is at and why? her cousin please send me a email

  21. hey there to every one who is asking about dorie sster this is her and i am ok and very fine thanks for all ur concerns. dorie i just want u to know there aint a day that goes by that i dont think about u i sure miss u so much. it kills me to know my best friend and my sister is gone r.i.p. dorie just know ur sister is there and i love u and u are never forgotten and i know u are with the lord now rejoicing with the angles. i truely miss u alot and the smiles u brought to people.

  22. hey sis this is ur sister and ur momma we just wanna say happy birthday to u and ur truely missed , and i sure love u and i so wish u were here to just have fun on ur birthday. its been 20 yerasrs already and i cant not get over that u were taken away from so soon. there is days i cry because i just wish u were here with me. but just know i will never forget u.

  23. I just gotta say that joseph is a fake gd he is a rapist there aint nowhere in gd laws and policies where they condone any form of rape threat or force i am a true plugged gd who abide by all laws and policies under the gd act he use gd as a cover up hes a bitch n should b dealt with by the folks for using our organization for his personal habits his day is coming first for the false accusations that hes a gd then for the rape that he commited on my girl sister he been using our name under false pretense and to get by ask him whats law number 16 and after he answer it beat his ass.

    • To Dareman: You need to learn how to write. Why don’ you go back to school so that you at least sound intelligent?

      • When I made my comment I was working with true anger punctuation marks are not important u got the message fool and for your info I finished school and I took up boxing lessons I can fight to u must be a rapist too

        • Dareman:
          Regardless of whether he lied and used an organization of criminals to hide behind, or not. The fact is that Dori’s death was violent, and extremely brutal. The fact that you get online and “brag” that you are a GD, a member of a criminal organization, and act like a child calling people names shows that you have neither the compassion for the victims of his crimes, or the victims of the crimes that the GD organization has committed. Besides INHO, and experience, a TRUE GD would not get online and threaten people or harass them. Please see that your words are not words that we want children to read. We don’t want to lose another child to violence of any kind. I have faith that Joseph White reaps his “rewards” on a daily basis, and if that were not harsh enough in life, in death my friend and every victim from her murder, will be avenged from God’s own brand of justice. I pray that you see wisdom in these words,and know that God is just and fair, and God does not need you or any other self proclaimed GD to enact punishment. Death is to good for Joseph White. He must suffer every day for the rest of his life.

  24. I’d be interested in hearing what Doris’ “mother” has to say, and what Joseph White’s mother has to say, too. seriously. I’ve often wondered what the parents of these criminals were thinking when they found out that their child had commited such crimes.

    • Again, always blame for the mothers, and only the mothers? Most abuse, neglect and abandonement of children (and the mothers of those children) is perpetrated by the MEN in their lives! Let‘s name the real agent of harm, here. It astounds me that people still want to blame the mother for a child‘s problematic upbringing, EVEN about a case in which a child watched his FATHER kidnap, prostitute, beat, mutilate, and MURDER a girl! Are you going to blame his mother if the son of Joseph White ends up a pimp and murderer, too? How willfully obtuse.

      • Joeseph whites son turned out just fine he isn’t a pimp ,murder, or anyof the other things you may want to say about him or his father. I guess people don’t understand that he was three years old when he gave a confession, and what three year old won’t say what he hears over and over again and truthfully it was wrong for cops to even question him about it in the first place and then you have to think how reliable is a toddler’s statement. And how do they know what is to be true or false at that age?

    • To be honest joseph whites mother believed her son was innocent. And in all actuality his mother has nothing to do with what he didn’t do or did do. He was a grown man doing what he wanted to do because he was grown. And even tho your parents raise you right doesn’t mean that you will follow everthing that you were taught growing up. You have your on independent thought process and believe it or not it is influenced by others and by what you see and what you are around. So dont blame the mother’s for what their children go do. So I would like for people to leave my grandmother joesph whites mother of of the comments. And as for doris’s mother she needs to be left out as well.

      • Robert,

        Just as you have a right to your own beliefs and opinions, so do my other readers. And one thing to remember on this blog, the focus is on the victim, Doris Ann McLeod, and her loved ones. You need to remember them with respect as well.

        • Robert,
          Every few years you fools get on this board and proclaim innocence. It’s old. As I have said before you got evidence showing this proof, provide it to me. If it proves his innocence, I will fight for his freedom personally. However, all of his appeals have been denied and the innocence project has refused his case. I can guarantee that the only “Story” that Joey Jr. Has been fed is the one saying Sr is innocent.

  25. I am a mcleoud…not related I don’t think however I am a 6 time golden glove with connects everywhere from one of the bad est city’s ever…Philly this guy ever gets out he’s getting 50 to his chest just for starters I watched the story on ganglands (Pure piece of shit Killer rot in jail then hell! … God bless you Doris you are not forgotten

    • To be honest I don’t think you have a right to try and say anything about 50 to the chest and who cares if your a 6 tome golden glove whatever. And then to say you are so connected who cares. And there’s ab big difference between saying and doing and if your going to sit there on the computer and say your going to do this and that to someone it sounds kind of childish.

  26. Where. Was she born in Illinois I knew a Doris mcleod frm whr I ws born on bordr of Illinois and Wisconsin she went to my school. Thts very horrible frm mayb the same home town. A family of.mcleods livd at the end of my street. I’m am very Sory fr ur lose

  27. i do often wish u could add my mother to ur website, Delores Twidwell. She was beaten to death by Wayne J. Moss in 1964, the man she was dating and considering leaving.. Back then women were barley protected by law. In court the perps defense was that he didnt intend to kill her. He was given 6months probation. Years later he was beating the wrong person and was shot thru the heart, his killer walked on self defense. Thank u!

  28. Come to think of it, with a face like White’s, he deserves to die in prison.

  29. i not once supported that fool in his crime i simply said that he is lying bout being a gd and theres nothing wrong with me being honest about my affiliation thats a thing of the pass i dated shanna doris sister so i do have enough righteous info about this matter do you i dont think so god bless you gossipers.

    • Yeah i do KNOW that i have the knowledge to talk about every aspect of Dori’s life. You may have dated Shanna, but Dori was my best friend. I identified her body, i testified against that thing, and i alone deal with the thoughts and dreams that my best friend had that were taken away from her. So listen up, because i want you to understand something. You should always think out what you say before you open your mouth. You sound like a wonderfully uneducated piece of evidence that shows we need better educations for all. Now I am no gossiper, but, i have been called worse. So if it makes you feel better about yourself to call us names, than have at it.

    • Do yourself a favor and sign up at a local community college for a course in “Grammar and Mechanics in Writing.”

  30. My comment was directed to dareman.

  31. Suck my dick margaret n stop making comments directed toward me bitch cause u dont know me bitch i bet u a white racist blue eyed devil.

  32. Dareman; Your comments are completely disrespectful, to Dori, to me, and to Shanna. I don’t care if you used to date Shanna or not, there is no room on this board, that is in remembrance of Dori, for your behavior. As well, no one on this board cares if you are/were a gang member. A gang member, or poser, took the life of my friend. While, you may know Shanna, you did not know Dori, and everyone on this board speaks for her now, and we all say enough is enough. I am a “blue-eyed white devil” and have been called much worse in my life. But when you yourself use these words directed towards another person, it shows your ignorance, and a continued rasicm. I could care less if you are black, white, green, yellow or purple. Color means nothing! But, I will not have my friend or her memory desecrated by hatefulness.

  33. I just watched this story, as I always do when it comes on Cold Case files. It saddens me. Her young life sound very tragic. I hope Doris’s family and friends have healed after all of these years.

  34. U know what this is shanna doris sister. And i know mutha fuckers better get off here disrespecting my sister real talk. She cant defend herself so im here to defend her. I love my sister and miss her very much. And she dont need anyone to talk shit. . And that goes for my momma too. Yeah she wasnt a very good mom but im not gonna let no bitch or anyone talk shit about her or my sister. That is still my family reguardless of what happened in my life

  35. Hey my loving sister dorie. This is shanna. I just wanna say i truely miss u. I wish u were here for me to talk to. But i know u are with me in spirit. And u see what i am going through. . But my love will never die for u. U were my best friend. And i just wanted to say happy birthday to u. U are really missed.

  36. I’m very sorry for your loss shanna, but how can you defend your mother who supposedly allowed you and Doris to be repeatedly raped and molested? I get there is a very strong bond between mother and child, but if the stories about your childhood are true, that is the reason people are talking so bad about your mom, she violated your innocence and its truly unforgivable in most people’s eyes.

    • I dont care that still my mother, and she didn’t have the best childhood. But i will not let No one bad talk my mother at all

  37. My question is…your sister was pimped out, raped and brutally killed by a GD…according to the statements on here, you are dating a GD. Shanna, why?

    • You know what it dont matter who I’m dating so what does my sister’s story gotta do with you. And why the hell should you care. None of you people know me or my sister so you guys just need to leave me and my sister be

  38. Doris I just want to wish you a late birthday. I love you and truly miss you. Each day I wish you were here with me. And that we would laugh and talk like we used to. Not only was you my big sister you were my best friend. Each day gets harder and harder for me because I want to trade places with you. You didn’t deserve this at all. You have 6 nieces and 3 nephews out here and they just know that you were a great auntie . I ❤u and you may be gone but you will never be forgotten. I think of you every day and every night wishing you never left my side. I am in this world all alone with noone

  39. I just saw this on cold case. This EVIL S.O.B should never be released. Never be eligible for anything other than put to death. He is a true monster! And he does these awful things in his home with a 3yr old child subjected or witness to such horrible acts! Now, what kind of man can do this and what kind of mother that doesn’t look for her child. They should have arrested her!!

  40. Rot in jail, loser!

  41. How is the little boy doing? Is there a page on him? I want to know if he went to Foster Care etc.

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