Alan Bono murder 2/16/1981 Brookfield, CT *Arne Johnson convicted of manslaughter; sentenced to prison*

This is a really interesting story. It is about 19 year old Arne Cheyenne Johnson, who stabbed to death 40 year old Alan Bono, the manager of a kennel. According to Arne, he was possessed by demons when he killed Bono.

I cannot find a picture of the victim or the killer. If someone has one that they would like to share, please let me know.

Parents may post bond
Brookfield man indicted on murder charge
Man indicted on murder charges
In a Connecticut Murder Trial, Will (Demonic) Possession Prove Nine-Tenths of the Law?
Trial to begin in ‘devil’ case
Judge scuttles ‘possession’ as murder defense
Judge denies devil defense
Stabbing murder complicates family problem of ‘demon’
Lawyer claims client killed but the devil made him do it
Man guilty, not devil, in slaying
Man Is Convicted In Friend’s Death
By Demons Possessed
Suit vs. psychic says demon murder was hoax
Brothers sue world famous psychic Lorraine Warren for false accusations in Devil book
Wikipedia: Demon Murder Trial
Brothers sue world famous psychic Lorraine Warren for false accusations in Devil book.
the devil busted in connecticut

(There appears to be still a lot of controversy over this story about the demon possession – causing a family split with the Glatzels)
The Devil in Connecticut
Alone Through The Valley

The Demon Murder Case
A Haunting: Where Demons Dwell
The Haunting in Connecticut

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  1. I lived in that apartment next to the Kennel before this all happened and had a book of demons in the house. I left it there when we moved out. I wonder if there is a way to check if the book remains in evidece. I did stop by the apartment at one point, the place was empty at the time, a friend and I looked up into the attic and it was gone.

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