• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley accused of stalking Denita’s fiance*

shannon-elizabeth-crawley.jpgRecently there have been comments left here that have been disturbing to me, but at the same time, I thought I should see what develops. Well, today news stories have come out that have confirmed what I believed all along since the news of the arrest of Shannon Crawley. Several people are accusing Denita Smith’s fiance, Jermeir Jackson-Stroud, of being involved, if not directly, then indirectly. However, indications tell me a different story.

The woman accused of killing Denita Smith was stalking Smith’s fiance, Jermeir Stroud, according to a statement included in a search warrant affidavit made public Tuesday

This tells me not only part of the motive, but also as to why Jermeir has not pubicly spoken about this.

According to warrants, the groundskeeper heard a shot at 8:18 a.m., and one minute later, saw a woman walking around the building in front of which Smith’s body was later discovered. The woman was driving a burgundy Ford Explorer with a gray stripe, according to warrants. The groundskeeper noticed the woman was crying, warrants said, and asked the woman if she was OK. The woman “just continued to cry,” the warrants said. The groundskeeper told police he asked the woman if she heard shots and she nodded, at which point he said he was going to call police. The woman then drove away, despite the groundskeeper’s request that she stay.Upon hearing the groundskeeper’s description of the woman and her vehicle, Jackson-Stroud told investigators he knew a woman who drove such a vehicle and that she had been ” ‘stalking’ him for a while” warrants said. He told investigators Crawley had seen Smith before and would know who she was.

If Jermeir Jackson-Stroud was involved, I doubt he would have said these things, as they would have linked him to the suspect and not in a favorable light. However, this stalking evidence does give another interesting look at the case. Since it had been previously reported that Jermeir had told Shannon that he was going to marry Denitad, it has become obvious that this upset her quite a bit. Jermeir and Denita became engaged in November, and it was then that he gave Shannon the news also So she had time to adjust to the situation, but it appears that this did not happen. I do not know when the “stalking” started, but I would be interested to hear that.

To those who keep saying that Shannon is a victim and that both Shannon and Denita are victims of Jermeir, I disagree with you. Even if Jermeir had been dating both, that does not mean anything really. It really does not mean that Shannon had any right or reason to kill Denita. NONE. Instead of blaming Jermeir, personal responsibility needs to be taken, by the murderer. Apparently Shannon had the sense to drive all the way from Greensboro to Durham and to bring a gun with her. To me, that is premeditation. Which also does mean, if I am not mistaken, that this could be a death penalty case.  Yes, she is young and has 2 children, but she should have put them first rather than trying to chase a man who was engaged to another. Especially since he told her he was marrying Denita. Many women have been dumped by a man for another woman. It is devastating. But it is NOT a reason to murder. Period.

I realize that Shannon has friends and family that love her and that is a wonderful thing. If someone I loved killed someone, I would also give love and support to that person, but that does not mean I would condone their actions. However, to continually want to blame someone else for her actions is not very responsible. Shannon is a grown woman and as such, needs to take responsibility for the life she took. Regardless of the reasons anyone and everyone wants to offer. Give Denita’s loved ones some peace and also some respect. They do not need to continually hear that it is not the murderer’s fault.

News Archive: Denita Smith murder
New Details Released In Charlotte Student’s Murder
Warrant: NCCU Slaying Suspect Was ‘Stalking’ Victim’s Fiancé
Victim’s fiance possibly stalked


171 Responses

  1. Jermeir must have been a darn good guy to have a woman want him soooooo badley to kill? Must be a heck of a catch. Good career, educated, handsome, to name a few of the attributes most stalkers would find attractive in a man. I think Shannon’s past relationships with other men made her crazy enough to kill for a good man. I hope she stays in jail for life. No other man will have her when and if she is released anyway.

  2. Jermeir must have been a darn good guy to have a woman want him soooooo badley to kill? Must be a heck of a catch. Good career, educated, handsome, to name a few of the attributes most stalkers would find attractive in a man. I think Shannon’s past relationships with other men made her crazy enough to kill for a good man. I hope she stays in jail for life. No other man will have her when and if she is released anyway. Once a nutcase , always a nutcase.

  3. There is this double standard in this society. When a woman kills out of passion it’s always “well what did the man do to her?” When it’s a man who kills, there are no excuses and sociey and the justice system wants to put him under the jail.

    If he did do or say things to her physchologically, so what! She still doesn’t need to be amongst people. She killed someone just because things didn’t go her way and you can’t do that! People who have the gaul to kill another human being doesn’t need to be on the streets!

  4. I am shannon E Crawley cousin . I can state without a shawdow of any doubt her family is going to stand behind her in this time of trouble. All that know her know her character and her ways very well. Shannon is an innocent person. I know that it will all come out in the end and she will hold her head up. I am truly sorry for Danita and her family but I know that she was taken from this world too soon. She had a lot to accomplish in life and so does shannon. I know that his other victims will also come forward and verify the type of man he is . He is the stalker , he is the one who threatened her children and her imediaite family. He is the one that is not being able to be located now- it is weird that he was on location at the time of the discovery and he pointed out that it is shannon that someone described to the police. He will be brought down … again my condolences do go out to the family of Danita Smth.

    • I am just curious about your thoughts on this matter today.

    • so sorry to say but yer cousin is a very distube women. she was jealous envey and slighty. she wanted this man so bad her only hope was to kill her rivary. its unfailr to have a rivary and not be aware of it speaking of Danita. she never knew shannon was even around. then she tried to play that dam tape recording in court further showing the world how crazy she is. sayn u go’n to kill me too. dam girl all this over a man that u dont even have and never had other than a booty call. i guess when she saw them in church that morning that was the straw broke the camel back..

  5. Choll,

    I want to thank you for looking at this incidence in a different light. He is not as innocent as everyone thinks- were is he now =why is he not willing to take a lie detector test. Even though it is not admissible in court.

  6. Lynn,

    I want to know one thing .. shannon is black woman who recently purchased her own home , single parent, on her job for 6 years. Pretty woman -now lets look at his back ground= unattractive man, on his job for four years, stalker, etc.. Why would shannon risk loosing all that she has accomplised for that shit of a man= for what .. Shannon comes from a family of professionals, educated, respectful people in and outside of their communites.

    • Apparently, he was attractive to Shannon and it doesn’t matter what type of family she came from; People from all walks of life commit murders.

    • It’s your Cousin sweety. We expect for you to stand behind your family. And how ignorant are you …people kill no matter how educated and beautiful you are. Sounds like to me you need to get some education. I can’t imagine what your family must be dealing with. I’m very sorry and sympathize with everyone who’s been affected by this story. But she deserves the death penalty if you ask me. At least you can see her. Pick and choose. Would you rather her getting the death penalty or life imprisonment? That’s what i thought.

  7. Where’s the gun? No one has said that a gun has been found. Neither has the security guard stated that he saw a gun on Shannon. I was willing to bet that Shannon was guilty, mainly because she left the scene of the crime. But now that nut says she was stalking him…I’m not buying that.

  8. Is their any new information on the case or facts. I hope this story is not forgotten

  9. Nothing new lately. I believe Shannon’s has a court date coming up in April, as the last one was delayed. As soon as I find anything, I will post.

    I have not forgotten her. I think of her everyday.

  10. Are there comments being erased??

  11. Megan,

    I deleted some comments, yes. Especially those negative towards the victim and her family and friends. Also, on another post, I stopped comments. I am not trying to be “mean” for lack of a better word, but trying to keep a bit of control. Things got out of control and off-topic. I don’t remember deleting any of yours, however, sometimes comments get caught in the spam filter and deleted. I can’t go through the hundreds I get of those. So, if one of yours was deleted, I do apologize.

  12. Yes I’m sure we all still think of her. Thankyou for keeping us posted

  13. Great she was officially charged. It seems to me that they are keeping everything hush hush. I wonder if she will take a plea?

  14. […] made* Update: Denita Smith murder *funeral held for Denita and Shannon Crawley went to court* Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley accused of stalking Denita’s fiance* Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley indicted for murder* Update: Denita Smith murder […]

  15. I always thought there was more to the fiance than meets the eye. Where is he?

  16. Any new info on this case?

  17. I have found nothing new on this case recently. Last I could find, Shannon Crawley got out on bail the day before Mother’s Day.

  18. Oh Shannon, sweet Jesus help this cripple minded, rejected woman. Has anyone heard her side of the story? Get some popcorn and take a seat – – it’s entertainment at the very least. Ask her why did the police find gun residue kits? (see the internet posted search warrant findings, on official documents – not cut and pasted news). If Jermeir was stalking her, does that explain her truck being seen at the scene, and her being at the scene?

    Why was she late for work that day? What reason did she give? But then why didn’t that information match what her cell records indicate?

    Hey – anyone bold enough to ask Shannon why she was in court after she was released because of her stalking? What did her attorney want to keep taht quiet? GO CHECK THE PUBLIC COURT RECORDS IN GREENSBORO! Ask Shannon did she used to get shots, and ask her what for. Hmph. Ask her why she had to stop getting those. Ask Shannon why she has her lawyer believing Jermeir did not get engaged to Denita. (See news reports and public court records of her lawyer’s statements) Ask her if she is in that much denial? Is she still THAT delusional? Ask her about the “co-worker”.

    To Shannon’s mom – has your relationship with her has been strained? What conflicts have you had with her that are so familiar in this circumstance. A mother’s heart knows, and you KNOW what I am talking about. Give your daughter up.

    To her Dad – Why did Shannon try to get an order against you, and why did she accused you of threatening her and her children. The story is on the internet, from a news report, and in public record. (Google it: “Suspect and Dad on poor terms” Did you really threaten your own grandchildren? I think not. Same story isn’t it? In fact, this is a continous movie for Shannon. WHY does she accuse EVERY MAN IN HER LIFE of the same bull crap? Who damaged this woman? Why didn’t you guys gt her help?

    She’s not stupid, but now she’s got grandiose delusions, believing that she has outsmarted the law and investigators.

  19. To Soul Sista

    You have pointed out some issues in this wicked woman life that really should be examined. Somebody or something really messed her up. Her family is supporting her now but where were they when she woman was loosing it. She probably should have been committed to an institution years ago. She was never taught any self pride or dignity. She allowed herself to become a booty call.
    And whoever messed her up should also be held criminal responsible for her actions. Don’t worry about her legal team. They are just taking the money of whoever was stupid enough to hire them. Justice will prevail!

  20. I’m just pissed that she got out of jail on bail. Totally not fair. I’m really interested in learning more about her background. There is not much in the news to go on.

    Looking at the facts and Soulsista:
    Thanks for the info. Ant updates, please let me know. I want justice for Denita. I have been following this case for months.

  21. No matter what her relationship was with Jermeir she had no d–n right to kill Denita. Did anyone listen to the 911 call when Denita was found. It was horrific. Lets all ssume that Jermeir was a total jerk, (just assuming) There is absolutely no reason to take the life of Denita. That selfish sorry piece of trash of a woman was only thinking about herself. All she saw in Denita “Jermeir’s Heart” nevermind the fact that Denita was a friend, a cousin, a niece, a granddaughter, a student, a tutor, an employee, a church member and most inportantly someone else’s child. Did Shannon as a mother ever stop to think what she feel like if one of her children were shot in the head and left to die alone at the bottom of a staircase. That sick selfish b—- must pay for her crimes!!!

  22. Also. In those very same Guilford County Public Court Records spoken about above, Shannon’s attorney also admitted to Shannon and Jermeir not being involved for more than a year before Denita’s death. She’s crazy!!!

    Not to mention, she was still fighting to be able to be around Jermeir after her release. Jermeir was seeking a restraining order since she killed Denita and is now free on bond. She was in court fighting tooth and nail not to get it passed. The hearing since then has been continued twice.

    If her attorney admitted in court that its been over a year since they have been involved, that means that Shannon had a year to get over Jermeir(Denita and Jermeir were engaged exactly 2 months to the day when Denita was killed). So here we are at least a year and a half later and one innocent life taken later and the crazy chick still cant let go.

  23. Now I am beginning to understand. This girl is a certified fool, nut, psychopath, and basket case. Do she really thinks that he wants her or that any man would want her. All of you that says she has got so much going for herself (Geri) go give her some shock therapy.

  24. Get a Grip
    I agree with you. What’s even more sad is that there are people like Geri, friends family, and co-workers of Shannon who asited in trying to cover for Shannon after the murder who actually are as twisted as she is in thinking that she is innocent and has no mentl issues.

    What is this family of professionals that Geri speaks of. Which one of her siblings or parents are doing all so great? The only info that we know about her family professional life is that her father was a former Sherrif’s deputy. I dare anyone to do the research to find out why he lost his job when he was one. You might be very very surprised and yet not so shocked at the same time.

  25. Wow.

  26. Abortion? If Shannon was obsessed with Jermeir, does it make sense that she would “elect” to have an abortion? If she was looking to make trouble in his relationship, a child would have definitely caused some.
    By the way, I am not a Shannon supporter. I cannot begin to imagine what Ms. Smith’s family is going through. Nobody deserves to be killed for ANY reason.

  27. The bottom line is she SHOULD be in jail, but she’s not. I don’t know what to make of this.

  28. Does anyone know whether this woman is headed back to court soon? There is a rumor out that she is?

  29. No news about a court date.
    I did hear the sister she had in Greensboro has left the church, which is the same as Jermeir’s church. I suppose the taint of “talk” among church members, AND CHURCH LEADERS, was too much. Plus, I understand some church leaders questioned Shannon before she was arrested, and they knew she was involved.

    It IS true that Shannon’s co-workers have begun to accept the TRUE story. At first they thought she was being set up, by Jermeir, and then they thought “well if she did it HE should not have been dealing with her.” I think they have now had time to actually THINK and have realized, well wait a minute . . . if someone doesn’t want you that does NOT give anyone the right to go kill the person they do want. Duuh! In their defense (as much as I can muster up one), they recalled that Shannon had been telling them a very different stories about Jermeir “wanting her. I suppose they finally came to realize that if Jermeir wanted her as she said, she would have no reason to be in Durham on the morning of Denita’s death, and would not have told her work team a lie about why she was very, very late going to work that day. Guess the location of that cell phone when phone numbers were called gave her up.

    Plus, I think there is some knowledge among the co-workers about the weapon. If anyone has heard this, let’s not ruin Shannon’s chances to get a fair trial. We don’t want her lawyers to claim we tried the case in the public and in the media! No acquittals for this demon!

    Can you believe she went to work that day after leaving Durham? Is that a calculated crazy woman? is there anything more to do to bust your way into hell? I keep wondering if she put on an adult diaper like that crazy astronaut did.

    On the other hand, she must be tormented by her own mentality. God knows she must scream silently.

  30. I agree with Soul Sista. It is taking time but all the people who are claiming Shannon innocence will see the light. I just have one question. Do anyone out there know who or what mess this woman up? Is she a product of a screwed up family, was she neglect or abused as a child, was she dropped on her head at birth, does she hear voices, etc. There are several comments that alluded to the fact that she is never got the attention she needed. She definitely appear to have made some bad choices in her life. That does not excuse her actions.

    Parents and future parents, let this be a lesson to you.
    Be careful how you treat your children and what they are exposed to. Shannon’s parents probably neglected her as a child and she harbors that resentment toward all men. If it had not been Denita, it woud have been somebody else. She is a scorn woman and we know that hell has no fury.

  31. One more thing! Now I don’t have a dog , but I do not condone animal torture. But would someone please explain our justice system that make such a fuss over Michael Vick killing/torturing some dogs. But allows an “accused/charged murderer” out on a measly $175.000 bond. The message to me is “killing a human is less of a crime than killing a dog” especially if the accuser and the victim is black. The longer Iive the more I realize that there is so much I will never understand.

  32. I never thought that the public could be so cruel and judgmental ’til now. No concrete evidence, couldn’t be picked out of a photo lineup, no real motive to kill. Its amazing how wannabe detectives concoct an entire theory and have others believe it. As someone who is very close to this case, I can assure the non believers that justice WILL be served and Shannon will be free from all wrong doing and criticism. Its funny to see how people who know nothing about the victim, accused, or real killer, can jump to conclusions based on what law enforcement wants them to know, lies and half truths. What’s taking the prosecution so long? I thought this case was open and shut? Not so much, huh?

  33. This has been the perfect setup, and who better to do it than a cop? I’m almost impressed! Tis man has been able to use his position to take the life of two innocent women. One who loved him and was killed by his hands, and another who wanted nothing more to do with him, and is accused of a serious. Has anyone looked into the fact that it is on record that this guy tried to kill himself a year before all this went down? That he spoke to Shannon after the murder and before he supposedly found out about it? Wen he ‘found out”, he told the police that he was on his way back to the scene! Why was he there in the first place?

  34. You talked about the fiance supposedly trying to kil himslef. You have now shown your hand and have made it known that you a member of the crawley camp. because that theory is one of the defense team’s. Y gotta be more careful not to hurt her defense. So you tell me…actually she was picked out of a photo line up, both her and her vehicle were seen at the scene of the crime, she was wearing her work uniform at the scene of the crime, there is physical, electronic and eectronic evidence that all places Shannon at the scene of the crime. The fiance has kept the sae account of all the events. Shannon has told the police 3 different stories. And they are all on paper. One of them in her own handriwting. Shannon also lied to her boss and was absent at the time of them murder. The idiot also bought gas with a credit card during her trip out there to durham. and shannon probably used her own gun. On top of all that, you all better hope that the person she confessed to doesnt start feeling bad about you all falslely accusing someone and come forward. All this has been made known before…however you get on heere accusing an innocent an of murder tring to use the whole, “he’s a cop so he can cover up theory” that her defense willl try to use as a last ditch effort to get public sympathy for Shannon, not working. Its all prophecy….the word you use will come back to haunt you because you have accused a man having no evidence yourself, only what you heard. IN the bible times, if you accused someone falsle, you had to face the punishment of the crime for which you were acussing them. The man has lost his fiance, he has faced the public acusations. The bibe says, turn the other cheek, you family member has killed his best friend and he has turned the other cheek, you accuse him and treat him as if he is the offender because you cant imagine that your quiet mee shy sister/sister in law/cousin whichever you are to her depending if you are brother or brother in law (by the way dont try that crap you did last time, your actions may not be ignored and may be met with strict opposition.) or if you are really a male; has snapped.
    Above all, remember that while we can repent, we never ever get away with what we do…VIOLENCE BEGATS VIOLENCE….so now soul man you have decided to continue making entries falsley accusing, you have now set yourself on the side of those who has it coming to them…Justice will be served…the courtroom is just a legal proceeding. If Shannon and her family and friends are acquitted of the crime she commited and they helped cover up or lied to get her out of, Justice will be served. There is no escape….for the day of venegence cometh and time does not wear it away…She will have to live throughthe pain of watching the innocent sufer, just like she caused others to do. Vengence is Mine saith the Lord, and he is far bigger than a courtroom. HE is not concerned with what happens in a courtroom made by men. Nothing makes the Lord more angry than when you mess with his believers and persecute them falsly. in the word of God all throughout the old testament especially.. No man, no woman, and sadly enough not even………the children…are free from the wrath. Therefore the righteous arent but so concerned with what the courtroom turn out will be because no matter what there is still a score to settle and God will see it through. What goes around comes aroundForever is a long time to wonder when it will finially come back around.

    So now that you, soul brother, have shown how close you are to Shannon, by your repetition of certain information, you have now shown that as the trial is now getting ready to be scheduled, you know that it doesn’t look took good for her. Therefore, you know that part of the defense strategy is too damage te public opinion of the fiance as much as possible in a last effeort to make the trial more about his chracrter. The character of Denita Smith is impecable and no defense attorney never wants the public or the jury to really try the defendant, therefore, lets play the dirty cop womanizer angle. The problem with that is that no atter which way you try to turn it. Denita Smith was still a wonderful person and a truly innocennt victi. And while it makes for cool gossip, the fact is that there is absolutelty no evidence to point toward the fiance whicle there is a a huge amount of evidenct that points to ward Shannon Crawley..A HUGE AMOUNT. Therefore, when the pictures of Denita Smith are shon in the courtroom, of her life and all the happy ictures of her and the fiance together just days before she dieid with her brand new engagement ring on and when pictuers are shown of her dead at the crime scene brutally murdered, left to die alone. The jury is gonna be upset and ready to hold the fate of whoever is responsible, and the fact is that the fiance is not on trial, its Shannon and all of that evidnce. Funny how the Crawley family decided way back in the spring not to make any comments regarding this matter, yet less than a week after Crawley and her attorneys decided to go forth with pleading not guilty (at least for now) here comes the reintroduction of comments in the public. Her defense attorneys begin leaking word around Greensboro and to people in the dapartment that they are going to ruthlessly expose the fiance during trial and in the media. But here is the thing…if the fiance is such a dirty cop and evil individual, why is there so much work and research put into destroying his character. Sure, eveyone has bad stuff that will make them look bad in the public. You dont have to make poop stink, it already does. So when you try to make a mint smell bad everyone sees that its just a plot and that its just a shame and it only brings forth more sympathy because nothing exposed about the fiance will remove the obvious evidence against Shannon and it only makes her look more sick because she is still operating in a world that it deceiving and evil and is still trying to bring someone lse down. Its all prohecy….Psalms 64. The prophecy of that scripture is coming to pass, that is why Shannon can act, respond and seem innocent with all of her actions and responses except for when she is confronted with two words…cause in the end if no one else knows, Shannon crawley knows the truth about what happened at the top of that stairwell where the only people there were her and Denita Smith and a bullet fired from a particular caliber was fired in to the back of the head of young Denita Smith as she fell to her hear death and was left to die at the bottom of a stairwell like and animal. And those who support her in this lie and cover up will be on the bottom end of Psalms 64. The chickens of this evil will come home to roost. And not Shannon but the innocent, like Denita was innocent will be the vessel. it is not my word but God’s. The actions of Shannon’s supporters and defense are so obvious because the iniquity never does anything new, its always the same plan of evil. Dedeption always follows the same course.
    Psalms 64..its prophecy baby!

  35. Quick question for Soul Brotha…when did they arrest Jemeir for the crime? Just wondering how they think he’s suppose to be a part of the defense. Technically Jemeir is only the explanation for the prosecution as to why Shannon and Denita may’ve known each other or how Shannon came to know Denita. But it’s not a true defense. Defense would be insanity plea, but I don’t think qualifies for that becasue she planned to go to Durham. Or a defense would be self-defense, but she can’t say that either because Denita was shot in the back of the head. I’m running out of defenses, but Jemeir is not one.I really wish Shannon and the pack would stop trying to use him as the defense for her actions.

    I understand that she felt like it was the best thing she ever had and her emotions was all tied up in it. But emotions don’t purchase cell phones, gas, or guns, emotions don’t dial numbers on the key pad, pump the gas, or pull the trigger. Emotions can get you excited or make you cry, but between emotions and the actions is something called decisions. And Shannon decided that she was going to go to Durham, she decided that she needed some gas when making the trip, and SHE DECIDED to pull the trigger.

    Tell me what this sound like, I approach my husband because another woman says she’s pregnant and his defense is “it’s not his baby”…. To me he just admited he slept with her although he’s denying that its not his child.

    In the same manner, Shannon is accused of killing Denita, but you guys defense is well Jemier was a bad cop….that may be the case, but Jemier is not on trial. (It’s going to be up to the prosecution to keep them off of Jemier in court, so the trial can go on for Shannon and not be side tracked on Jemier).
    Prosecution evidence is going to be all that Psalms 64 stated above and more..much more.

    If Shannon and her lawyers walk in with only a defense of “Jemier tried to kill himself” or “Jemier was bad cop”. It wonder how much faith you have in that.

  36. this is terible. Why am I just finding out about this?!

  37. What defense, you post was very good and the points were very solid.

    However, I am confused as to how your hypothetical example applies because that was not really applicable to how this situation went. So I am failing to undestand how you example applies.

    I am pleased and in agreement with the rest of your post, except for where he somehow becomes a bad officer on the job in investigations and law enforcement because of his involvement with Shannon Crawley. Despite this personal fiasco, he seems to be a faily good officer.

    Thanks for your submission

  38. I’m not saying that he was a bad cop. What I am saying is that regardless of any of the issues of career, as soul brotha pointed out, it doesn’t matter. It’s not a defense to why she’s committed the crime. Same as my example, to say it’s not an excuse or a defense.

  39. Gotcha

    Thats the way I figured but wasnt quite sure. I agree

  40. Denita and I would have graduated together after finishing our thesis research. That did not happen. My heart still aches as I begin the write mine. I stopped writing when I heard the news. I stopped researching and reading after I attended her funeral.

    Today, I was grieving very deeply for my colleague, friend and sister in Christ. Many nights, many, many nights, I lie in bed and just cry. It still hurts. It is unbelievable. But I KNOW Denita is still smiling right now and feeling sorry for us because we are left among the sick-minded, wickedness dogs of the earth. Yeah, she is watching and so is Our Saviour. They feel for us…

    Suprisingly, I came across this website. I was after the “official court documents,” not the gossip, judgmental junk from other humans who have fallen short themselves in one way or another. Some of these comments on here are just sick, especially the excuses and cop-outs of shifting blame to others. This is about an INNOCENT LIFE that was murdered for only GOD knows and who the devil CARES?! Denita is gone. And she SHOULD NOT BE…not this soon and not this WAY. Nonetheless, it is my first time reading a “blog” of any interest to me whatsoever. I must admit that I did not glean anything from it, but more injury to a wound I am still dealing with daily.

    I wanted the facts with the evidence type of information. I don’t want to judge Crawley or Stroud or anyone for that matter. None of us have a LEGAL right to try this case. And for that very matter, the author of this site should be careful NOT to jeaopardize fairness for the Smith family or the Crawley’s. All I would like to know is the trial date for Michelle Crawley. I don’t want to miss it. I do want to hear the testimonies and especially the defense attorney’s embarass themselves and the client with a wild card about Stroud. They better come strong with the proof. Frankly, everyone knows their part in this so called “triangle.” The fact remains that one person paid the price for it with their life. Now, justice will be served on earth…tone it down so it is a fair trial. The evidence is already pointing fingers–must we do the same?

    And of all the “blog” comments, I must say that Psalms 64 has said it all. There is NOTHING more to say…so Soul Brotha, Geri, and all the supporters of the “accused suspect”–read Psalms 64 (KJV) and then the blog comments on this page one more time.

    The worst thing a person can do is make themselves look stupid by defending another man’s character when we ALL fall short. You CAN NEVER say what you think someone DIDN’T DO…don’t you know they can make YOU look stupid? Be careful and just watch things unfold.

    In the 21st century–technology is bad as a mamma jamma. It can pinpoint your butt ANYWHERE and NO ONE has to say a word to defend another man. Some of these cards are just not stacking up in favor of your dear one. I am sorry, but we MUST reap what we sow. If you sow a seed of pre-meditated murder (WHOEVER you are)…you will most certainly not reap a harvest of peace, but HELL and DEATH. There is nothing like dying yet still breathing.

    This will play out on God’s turf and NONE of ours. Trust GOD. The righteous are NEVER forsaken….type your hearts way Crawley fans. You need to be praying for mercy because she is in a conspicuous situation that has no good end. May God bless those innocent children who have lost their mother in the legal system while this case plays out.

  41. i just found out about this case(shannon crawley) when reading information about the murdered student whose body was discovered alongside I540,my heart goes out to the families, i know for a fact we are living in the last days and the bible is so right when it says in the last days men would become lovers of themselves(taking a life affects so many people)m God help us all

  42. its been more than a year. looking at some comments many like me are upset with the slow turns of justice. but it will be in due time. okay so one could do the right thing and settle it all, or one could continue to sow eveil and thereby reap evil. Let’s face it, you can’t hide them forever. Forever is along time to wonder. So why wonder. It Doesn’t make a difference to how one pays the cost for stealing someone’s life. Someone’s child at that!. Has Shannon ever thought if it were her very own. Maybe she doesn’t really love them. she can’t. Otherwise she would not have thought so selfishly. Maybe she does love them. How could we ever find out? Fact is payment will be due! No escaping that. How you pay is stil currently your decision. But time is running out. That’s why slopiness and desparation are showing. They really are. Even those who were once apart of the evil are now getting a conscience and coming clean. Yeap, hard for one to be among people knowing they look at you in disgrace because of the role you play in evil and the aftermath of t. Eventually that gets to a person and they come clean. one has already turned away from you. now they are about to turn against you to save themselves. Or you could not come clean and let evil run wild on you. Doesn’t matter. Time is ticking. Attonement cometh. Whatever do we choose! just in case you are thinking about bothering more people, remember. forever is a long time for them to wonder. plus THIS TIME…

  43. Me again,
    So interesting, your comment. You are one of those people that just GET it. I never knew Denita, but cried like I did. All that hard work…..gone. Definately not forgotten though.
    My friend, my sister who I have never met. You see me. You know I pray for your family. God bless you sweet Denita. I will see you one day.

  44. It has been over a year since Denita was found shot down like an animal. I want justice so bad I can taste it. The case of the police officer in Ohio that killed his girlfriend that was pregnant with his baby. That case happen after Denita’s murder. Well, the family of the girlfriend received a little jusctice this week. Although they are waiting on his sentencing, they can begin to heal. Well I am also waiting on justice. I look forward to the day that Shannon is found guilty of MURDER.

    To Geri, Soul Brotha, daddy, sisters, brothers, cousin and anyone else that still believes Shannon is innocent better start preparing yourself. Shannon is going to prison. The case is air tight. If the jury is made up of 12 blind people they could still see through the defense smoke screen. I am sure the defense attorneys will try to pull some tricks out of a hat. After all Shannon’s case is good adverstising for them. I also believe that Denita is crying out from the grave for justice.
    Advice to Shannon “Don’t drop the soap.”

  45. Denita IS my cousin, while this has been a trying and very hard time for my family, we continue to keep our faith and trust in god that her killer will be brought to justice, nothing else around her matters! not her kids, not her mother, and not her father. Because none of this mattered to her when she pulled the trigger aimed at the back of my cousin’s head. All over a man, and probably a little jealousy of the fact that she had it going on and was going to be something in life other than a lame 911 dispatcher. I pray for her family because so many of you have prayed for ours, but as for her, i pray that justice is served so that Denita can spread her angel wings and continue to soar and watch over her loving family and friends…Gone but never forgotten cous! I love you!

  46. Stephanie,
    I pray that your family does get the justice and I pray that God will comfort you and your family in the years to come.. I am very sorry that this happened.

  47. Stephanie,
    I almost started crying here at work. I do believe in my heart that God is not going to let her get away with what she did to your beautiful cousin. I can imagine Shannon walking around without a care in the world, thinking she is the shit and that she got away with COLD-BLOODED murder. Her day is coming soon. God bless you.

  48. I want to thank you for your thoughts and prayers, and for responding to me, it really helps to know that so many people care about your feelings during a time of sorrow, i greatly appreciate any and all responses as Our Family heals from this pain and hope that it will all be over soon and she can rest in peace

  49. Stepanie
    I am also a family member. We have all been hurt to our core over the 14 months. With much pray I have made great progress in dealing with my pain. There were days when I thought I was going to lose my mind; but God is Good All the Time. I don’t think the pain will ever leave us, but as far as I know everyone (family) is managing their hurt. I believe the reason we are doing so well is because of Denita. She set an example for us with her love for life and for the people she loved. Shannon’s action made Denita light shine brighter in death than in life. We can all be proud to call Denita family. And thank God for loaning her to us for 25 years. Be patient! The justice system is slow especially when the victim is Black. I believe before everything is over Shannon will be wishing she had died on Jan 4th.

  50. I just can’t find any information on the latest on this case. Does anyone know of a pending court date or any further updates on the case since the search warrant was released?

  51. I am a 26 yr old grad student whose boyfriend has an ex-girlfriend stalking him. Unfortunately, she has now started including me in her threats. The similarities between myself and Denita are uncanny. It now has me seriously thinking about ending this relationship. While I don’t believe it’s his fault, I have to think of my own safety. So, maybe Denita didn’t die in vain……she may have just saved my life.

  52. Ty
    You and your boyfriend need to report every incident to the police; create a record of the stalker’s actions. No one wants to appear to be a whimp in these such matters but the victim must be able to show a pattern of stalking. Don’t let anyone convince you that it will all go away. The stalker just gets bolder and bolder as time goes by. Take pictures of the stalker (everyone has a cellphone w/ a camera) and if anyone else is with you when the stalker just happens to be where you are get a witness. Also be sure that your boyfriend is not encouraging the stalker. Some men/women enjoy being chased by many love interest.

    You have to decide whether you want to end the relationship. Remember no man is worth you being kiiled over just becasue a psycho can’t deal with rejection.

  53. well, word has it that the gun belonged to Jermeir Stroud. Also, that the kids of Shannon’s are his as well. He definitely sounds like the womanizing type. He knew she lived up the street from him. If the stalking was so real, and you were about to begin a new life with your true love. Why subject the true love to living under such conditions. Houses are bought and sold daily. He could have sold his and moved someplace where a real man, who is out to protect what is his (home, family, wife, life, etc) would do. This BOY sounds like he is very selfish, greedy, and have inferiority issues. Otherwise, there would be no need to desire to have his ego fed by two ….. or more women simultaneously, which is obviously what he was doing. DOG…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. How in the world could they be his kids when he hadntt evel lived in NC long enough to match the kids age. not to mention the kids were born in another state not even close to here where he didnt even live. how could the word be that it was his gun when shannon told the police that she bought it from aa co worker. thaat same cco woker told the police that he sold shannon his gun. then in a protection hearing the same co worker testified that he sold shannon the gun. just where are you getting your information…sounds made up. not even shannon’s family would say that the kids are his. kids were concieved on a different coast. stroud was still in high school when on kid was borm. IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING PERSONAL AGAINST STROUD THAT OYU WOULD GO SO FAR OUT THE WAY TO TRY TO POTRAY THINGS THAT DONT EXIST. FIND HIM AND SAY IT TO HIM. NOW WHO IS THE COWARD?!!

  55. Does Shannon have a trail date yet? How long is this case going to sit before it goes to court?

  56. Ty,
    I’m on the outside looking in here, but if that stalker is not removed out of your life ASAP, I say dump him. Though he may not be encouraging her, it’s simply not worth your life to take that risk. And if it’s meant for you and him to be, you’ll be together in the end. Think about Denita, and stay safe always. God bless you.

  57. According to the docket, Shannon appeared in court on May 5th. Do anyone have any details?

  58. DJ,
    Get a life man or woman whatever you are. How can you get on here and tell the lies that you tell about Stroud. I worked with both Stroud and Crawley. First, of all the boy and girl are not his, they were born when she lived in California if I remember correctly. Second, she bought the gun from a coworker at the 911 communications center. Third, Stroud bought his house in the neighborhood first then she moved into the neighborhood. You must be a renter, because if you were a homeowner you would realize how hard it is to sale a home that you just moved into when they were still building homes in this neighborhood. I am sure that it does not make much sense to you to realize that a propespective buyer would rather have the newer home at a lower price than a used home on the market for more in the same neighborhood. DJ, I can only pray for you for putting these lies about Stroud on this blog.

  59. Shannon is due in court July 7, 2008. I am sure her lawyers will be this case off as long as they can. She still owns the house in the neighborhood as Denita’s boyfriend. Hopefully this man doesn’t have to see her in the street. Don’t worry, her being on the street is only getting her hopes up. When she goes to trial and gets convicted, reality will definitely hit her hard.

  60. I hope Shannon goes to jail forever. RIP Denita.

  61. Yes Shannon is going to prison. I believe that with all my heart; her lawyers know it too. This case is just being prolong. Their strategy is that whenever the case goes to trial people will have lost interest and no one will care about the results. But I have news for them, there will be as much publicity on this case as it was on OJ. I only hope that while she is waiting on her new address she does not go out and get “knocked up” and then have to leave another child to be cared for. Shannon, there is a program that comes on TV called Women in Lockup. Get ready them some hard core bitches.

  62. Shannon trial dates were set today for November!! I hope justice is served so that the family of Denita (INCLUDING JEMEIR) can rest in peace!!!

  63. Finally, It seems like just yesterday that my world came to a sudden stop. Shannon and her family have had almost 2 years to get themselves prepared. Well her day of recken is here. All the lies are about to be exposed and we will see just how insane she is. When I was a child, I remember older folks saying “You can run, but you can’t hide.” Well Shannon it time to come out of hiding.

    To everyone who has written comments on this blog and others, the Smith family needs us now. I know we are busy but if you can spare 1 day or a few hours to attend the trial; please do so. We need to show the Smith family that we have not fogotten Denita. Try to come! If you can’t get into the court room, just be outside in the hall. I feel this is the last act of support that we can give them. Don’t let them walk this journey alone. When the media covers this story, we want the world to see that Denita was loved and her life was valued.

    I know some of Shannon’s family will show up by they are going to be camera shy. They are not going to want the TV to show their faces. We need to make sure that the prosecution side is represented.

  64. Tomorrow is the day that her trial is set to begin. Let’s pray that justice is served for Denita. I don’t know Denita but have been touched by this story and have been following since day 1.

  65. jameir is my cousin and im NOT gonna go back and forth with yall throwing in ur opinions on him when yall DONT know the situation. He did NOT stalk her crazy azz. Geri, if ur her cousin u know dmn well she DID it. no matter what she HAD goin for herself she threw it ALL away on a man-point blank PERIOD!! i didnt even feel like wasting my time to read everyone’s “theory” on who did what when and how! him being a “bad cop”…im lost what does his JOB have to do with his PERSONAL life?? yall people need to get a life, especially GERI and whomever else agrees wit her dumb azz. I hope you ARE in court for her sentencing so you can understand CRIMES dont pay! If she had soooo much goin on for herself why would she disrespect herself to mess with someone who has a girlfriend. thats the problem with females these days who subject themselves to come 2nd. bring ur self esteem up ladies and get it together. A MAN AINT WORTH IT!!

  66. p.s. jameir does NOT have kids!! FYI for folks who THINK they know but dont..DJ DUMBAZZ!!

  67. Whether Jameir is a “good” or “bad” cop is irrelevent. Denita and Jameir were engaged to me married. Shannon was not engaged and probably was not even marriage material. She is a scorned woman and did not want to see anyone else happy. It will be interesting to see how many of Shannon’s family shows up at the trial. Will you be there Geri? And to all of her suppporters who have made excuses for her actions (in secret on this blog) will you be brave enough to come to the trial and say that is my wacked family member or friend?

    Everyone, stop giving Shannon credit that she had so much going for herself. The only thing she had going was the Dispatcher job. She did not care enough for her children to think about their future.

  68. I went to the courthouse to attend the trial in November, but to my surprise it was continued. I went to undergrad with Denita. I remember seeing her each day outside the communications building. Although we did not know each other personally, we would say “hello” in passing. That’s what type of person she was. Very cordial and friendly.

    This situation saddens me so much and I think I can relate to it because as black women I think each of us have been involved in a love triangle whether we knew it or not. While I was in undergrad I was in a similar situation and I am so grateful to God He kept me safe. Sometimes men/women don’t realize that when you are involved with multiple people, you are dealing with feelings and emotions and people can get hurt and killed in the process. God wants us to be loyal in our relationships and when you begin having sex with people you send the wrong message.

    Please know Denita did not die in vein. I pray for the family. Denita has touched my life in such a tremendous way! Please know I think about her daily and pray her family heals in peace.

  69. For all you conspiracy theorists outh there, the children are not his. The father of the children is Therman Martin. They have his last name.

    By the way Shannon, North Carolina stalking laws were just amended to include much more loose standards of codes of conduct. So watch yourself. Obviously with your last two lies found out about, the things you are u to now surely won’t help come trial time.

  70. Everybody who posts on this website is being used (including me). Only on sites like this can we find amusement in the emotional back and fro dialogue of half informed, speculating, gossip mongering individuals who feed like pirannahs on the misfortune of others. Some posters even go to lengths of fabricating juicy morsels for their insatiable appetites for misery and tragedy.

    Do you want facts? Or do you just want sensationalism at any cost.? The same mentality that allowed anonymous viewers to watch a 19 yr old kid commit suicide is the same mentality that is being fostered here. Cowards cowereing in the shadows of the dark throwing out barbs-shouting encouragement.

    Everybody on here has a real name. Mine is FAYE. To Danita’s family: Justice will be served. To Shannon’s family: Justice will be served.
    To everybody(especially the anonymous moderator): LET JUSTICE BE SERVED. In the meantime- do something productive to make the world a better place for yourself and others.

    note from blog owner


    Obviously you did not even bother to read the name of the blog. It is called Bonnie’s Blog of Crime. Hello! My name is Bonnie. That is my real and true name. Sorry to disappoint you. Not everyone posts anonymously.

  71. Faye, I don’t post anonymously either. My name is Lavonna and I always have used my real name.

    You tell us to do something productive and yet you post anyways? If you don’t like this blog then get out of Bonnie’s world..

  72. I’ve ALWAYS posted under my real name, Shauncey. You haven’t made a point yet.

  73. I apologize. I was wrong. No excuses.

  74. In fact, the moderator can delete my whole post as it was in poor taste and I clearly see that now. NEXT…

  75. Don’t sweat it Faye. Everyone makes mistakes.

  76. New update on WRAL. Her trail has been postponed again. This time because her lawyer has asked to be withdrawn from her case. She will be assigned a public defender. What is that about???

  77. Okay Soul Brotha, Geri, her cousins, sisters, brothers, momma, daddy and all other basic dumbazzs. What now? Are you convenced that Shannon is a murderer? I guess you are all sitting around with your thumb up your anus trying to think of the next move. It time to give up and admit she killed Denita. The way I see it Shannon has 2 choices left, but I will let her figure them out.

    Shannon was all this worth you losing what little you did have to kill Denita? You still don’t have Jermier!

  78. Geri On March1, 2007 you made this stupid comment. She played all of you for fools. Didn’t she! Why don’t up step up and be her lawyer.

    “I am shannon E Crawley cousin . I can state without a shawdow of any doubt her family is going to stand behind her in this time of trouble. …Shannon is an innocent person. I know that it will all come out in the end and she will hold her head up. ”

    I agree with you on one point. Shannon will hold her head up; in prison. She is going to wake up and find her psycho/ pathatic ass looking up at the fence surrounding the prison.

    We have patience and time on our side. God is in control of Shannon.

  79. It is the understanding that Denita and Jermeir had been college sweethearts; which would put the seriousness of their commitment at longer length than the two months prior to her being murdered. Even if Shannon and Jermeir were involved a year prior to Denita’s death, that is the evidence that Jermeir was infact involved with Shannon, as everyone was initially wondering. He called it a stalking case as though he did not even know her to begin with. Also, his job has a lot to do with it because that is obviously where he met and got his two-timing a– involved with Shannon. The longer this case is stretched out, the more information is coming together answering questions that arose when it all first went down. Jermeir’s a– is not as innocent as his friends and family would like him to be; nor is Shannon. The fact that Shannon’s attorney quit proves that even her attorney knows she’s wacked, and guilty. Attorney’s take winnable cases; not loseable ones. She can’t even take a cold shower long enough to get herself off the case, even when a reputable attorney, knowing her a– was guilty, took the case. That’s where the rest of the insanity comes in. Furthermore, the day prior to the shooting, Shannon was seen by one of Denita’s neighbor’s stalking Campus Crossings Apartments, and waiting in her car, speaking angrily on the phone with someone, and walking back and forth from the car to the building. This was definitely premeditated. But, if anybody should have been confronted, it should have been the one who played with Shannons emotion, Jermeir. Denita had nothing to do with that garbage. And, unfortunately, God was not going to allow her to become a part of it by being in a marriage with a dog, who was still not going to do right by her.

  80. You, WOW, is obviously the coward; calling yoursel WOW. Jermeir Stroud has not been in my presence; and if he were, I would have no hesitation about interviewing him for the facts. When a suspect allows the public to wonder what happened, instead of coming forth explaining it themselves, what is put out there is all we have to go on. Obviously, you have some connection to have learned where the gun came from and whose children they are not, and the age factors. Give us more to go on now. When is the actual trial date since you seem to be the one with the facts; or so you ass-u-me.

  81. Ironman, since Jermeir was (probably no longer is) such a friend of yours, why was he too stupid to request a restraining order if he was, indeed, being stalked. You, nor any other blogger knows anything about anyone on this blog. If you have answers, provide them. Assuming you are putting me in my so called place, you are sadly mistaken. I am inquiring just as everyone else is. And, if Jermeir is so innocent, why isn’t he speaking for himself. Because he is obviously not as innocent as you, and other crooked staff where you all worked would like it to seem. Everybody’s not narrow-minded. I know the process of home-ownership, as well as how to file a restraining order against someone who is stalking me. So, what is Jermeir’s excuse? And, yours, Ironman-the one who probably provided the link to the gun sale; at the rate you are sounding.

  82. Hey you guys,
    During situations like this we should pray to god to that he comforts the grieving hearts and shows mercy and forgiveness to the guilty ones. We don’t have the power to judge any one or their faults. Situation like this should bring us together and teach us lessons. Don’t let Denita’s life to go in vain. What I mean by that is if you are in a situation like this fix it or get out before its too late and someone loses a life. I have been in a situation when I argued with boyfriends ex. Now I look back and thank God because I could have ended tragically. This should be a time for prayer and forgiveness not arguing and hurt.

  83. Shannon it has been 2yrs and 9 months. No we have not forgotten. Get ready for the world to see what a evil person you are. Tell all of your family that supported you and your actions that you need them to show up at court and explain why you could not allow a “beautiful angel” live her life.

    On Jan 4th, you ldid not think of your children. Have you made plans for them now?

  84. The trial has started and we all will allow our court system decide based off of the evidence what justice if any will be served. I knew all parties involved.

  85. How did you know all the parties when the fiance was the only link between the two women and their social circles?


    Geri – Do you really believe your cousin is innocent? Really? That’s hilarious.

  87. Trial was delayed. One key witness was overseas.

  88. It is truly sad hearing that Shannon Crawley is still roaming the streets instead of being locked up for public safety sake; whether she is guilty of murder, an insane murderer, or both; especially given that there are no other verified suspects in the case. Other murder suspects are in jail awaiting their trial dates. Why isn’t she? And, provided she was persisting in seeing Jermeir Stroud against her attorney’s guidance says something as well. Since her attorney quit, I wonder who is now responsible for keeping her under lock and key. Further, one of Denita’s neighbors witnessed Shannon stalking the parking lot, and ranting over the phone the evening prior to the murder. Then, it happened. Talk about pre-meditated.

  89. Dear Lord please give us justice in Denita’s death. I know she is with You and the other Angels; but we need answers to this vicious act of violence. It is approaching 3 yrs since Denita departed this world. I know she is resting, but we need closure. Lord, I know your time is not our time but we all need answers. The pain is still deep.

  90. Any idea when this will finally go to trial, and what exactly is taking so long for justice to be served?

  91. Trial started today in Durham

  92. The trial is underway and evidence is being presented. Jemeir has taken the stand for the state and admitted to his involvement with Shannon and the fact that Denita was not aware. Also the defense is making a case to say that Jemeir did the shooting and not Shannon despite the evidence that puts her at the scene and her motive. Jemeir was hiding in the back seat behind her and thats why the worker didnt see him cause the windows are tinted…that dark of tint is illegal in NC is it not…What the defense has not released is Jemeir’s motive for killing the woman he proposed two exactly two months prior. Had spent Christmas and New Years with her and her family and had been involved with for 7 years. The defense has also attempted to have several pieces of evidence surpressed such as the evidence in the vehicle, the fact that Shannon accused Jemeir of rape one year after the murder along with her abortion. If Shannon is in fact innocent and Jemeir commited the crime there would be no need to falsly accuse him of rape or supress evidence that you say will implicate him for the murder. Her original attorney quit the case…wonder why? Shannon is guilty to me too much doesnt add up in her story and statements made to police. Jemeir may be a no good cheating dog but there was no reason for him to kill Denita. God in heaven knows I miss Denita and it pains me to know she was killed and to her without reason!!! Peace is coming in a matter of days honey Justice will taste oh so good!!

  93. It,s crazy when you have a mother of two,who did not think of her two girls,when she went to kill Ms Smith,a young lady who was trying to better her self,what about Danita,s family,when will they get to put this behind them, so they can began to heal,three years is too long for any family.

  94. Some of you people are so insensitive. First of all if she did it and I say if because a jury’s verdict don’t necessarily mean one is guilty. Just look at all the people being released from prison because they are innocent. I think, Mr. Stroud does have something to do with it. Nevertheless, her life sentence won’t bring Denita back, and her parents should have been over it after three years. The other thing is, Life Without Parole, that’s crazy. If one of you drove down the street and killed someone by accident, you could be convicted of the same thing regardless to what you say, that’s our system. I truly feel sorry for the parent’s and children of Shannon Crawley and I wish i could express that to them. They too have lost someone and it doesn’t matter if she is living or dead, she is gone for life.

    • Neffie,

      You have got to be kidding – her parents should be over it by now? How insensitive and uncompassionate can you be?? Some people never get over the murder of a loved one. I am so offended by your statement. You do have the right to your opinion, but to be like this to a victim’s family? That is outrageous. Obviously you have never had a loved one murdered. I have. It has been over 30 years now and I am not over it. I think of my mother everyday and cry everyday about her not being in my life. Denita’s family has every right to deal with this the way they need and want to.

      And LWOP is just what Shannon deserves. It is not crazy. She took a life and she needs to pay the consequence. And it is unfortunate that her family and children have to pay for her actions as well.

  95. I fail to mention that the fact that Mr. Stroud is a police, makes a world of difference.

  96. To Neffie,

    The fact that he is a police officer means what?… Police officers lock up other police officers all the time. Fact is, there was was evidence to show that he was not at the scene of the crime. Not only that, there was absolute proof that Shannon’s story about him forcing her to drive there was absolutely false. He was at work and on duty while Shannon was at Denita’s apartment complex stalking her. What is the basis of your point? Other than some Lifetime movie.

  97. Neffie,
    Not only did the fact that he is a police officer keep him out of the loop of the evidence and information the police were gathering he was told nothing by durham police at all. He is a greensboro police officer. And if the person that you feel sorry for had have been “honest” about Jemeir comitting the crime from her inital questioning or better yet her arrest and not four months later after her lawyer tells her what evidence they have against her, maybe her lie couldve been investigated. Second I could go on and on all day about how your insensitive comment about the Smith’s should come back and bite you in the rear end but I wont. Just know the death of a loved one is hard enough to have to deal with a murder and a murderer who was walking free the entire time, is not something “you get over” just because its three years later. They had to sit in that courtroom and relive her death over again. I hope and pray you never experience death in that way. I have, my brother was killed by a police officer while he was comitting a crime. I can tell you know I would much rather he be locked up in prison where I could visit than in that casket at the graveyard I have to visit. And it does matter that Shannon is living or dead those are polar opposites. Denita’s family will absolutely never see her in the living flesh ever again. Shannon will have visitation, she will still get to see her family, still get to look at pictures of her kids grow up, Yes she will do this behind bars but she will be alive. The sentence and ruling was just. Jemeir is not without blame and if cheating with a lunatic, pyschopath was a crime he would be locked up for life too. He will answer for his part in this and probably is being ate up by guilt as I type at least I hope so. Both family’s suffered a lost but I’m sorry the Smith’s lost is entirely different and greater. The Crawley’s can be in all the denial they want and spend the rest of their lives attempting to prove Jemeir did the shooting..good luck. As for me I believe the evidence was clear and her lies even clearer. Her lies are probably the main reason she locked up now. She didnt realize the life she took, she thought she was shooting some regular nobody who wasn’t a bright and shining star to everyone she knew. She was mistaken and now she will pay for her decision with the rest of her life. By the way if you knew the law Murder 1 is premeditated, vehicular involuntary manslaughter does not carry the same sentence unless you were drunk or under the influencen in which it would be involuntary anymore. Get your facts straight honey before you make more comments that leave you sounding uninformed and uneducated.

  98. You said it very well, it is my opinion and it won’t change. You are apparently a friend or relative of the Smith’s or Stroud’s. Like I said, two wrongs don’t make a right. Ms. Crawley”s going to prison for life will not bring Ms. Smith back. If she did the crime she should pay for it, but I think it is ridiculous that someone with no record would be given life, and why they said parole puzzles me because there is no parole in NC anymore. Anyway I’m not going back and forth about this issue, somethings are meant to be. I only hope the judges statement regarding Mr. Stroud be taken in consideration very soon.

    • Neffie,

      You are assuming a lot. I do not know ANY of the parties involved, so I am not apparently a friend or relative. Sorry to disappoint you. Nor do I know the majority of the people involved in the over 3000 posts on my blog. Yes, I am friend/relative to some, but I do not know most. But I would be honored to be the friend of the Smith and Stroud families. I admire them for their strength through this difficult time in their lives.

      Shannon going to prison will not bring back Denita, but nor is it justice for Shannon to get to just go home and act like it does not matter. Personally, I believe she should have gotten the death sentence, but it was not a possibility here.

      Maybe if you had a friend, loved one, relative who had been murdered you might feel differently. Except that you believe people should just get over it, so maybe it would not bother you.

  99. Lady,
    Well Said… Except for one part… But i’ll get back to that near the end


    Your logic is flawed and uneducated and severely devoid of lots of facts. Life was because of the premeditation invovled. Such as the 3.5 hours plus, Shannon spent stalking Denita at the apartment complex and then tried to blame it on jemeir who was at work at the tme…There is PROFF… That point i nt up for argument unless you are…well I’l leave it at that.

    To Neffie & Lady,

    Jemeir has no reason to feel guilty over the murder. He was responsibe for cheating on Denita over a year before the murder and not telling her. Shannon independently decided to go and do this terribe thing. She on her own did this! Jermeir should not feel guilty at all about the murder. He does not have carry the resonsibility for someone’s actions. Not at all! He is responsible for cheating and that’s it. And you know what, Shannon would have don this even if she was not the other woman. If there was no overlap in the relationship and Shannon was just an ex girlfriend, no one would be blaming Jermeir at all. Period. She decided to do this because she wasn’t chosen. There isnt anything for anyone to take into consideration regarding the judges comments. He dd not cause the perfect storm. Shannon did… all on her own. Jermeir dealt with two women at the same time, stopped dealing with one and a year got engaged to the on he oved. That is not a perfect storm for murder. Never has been and never will be… Period. He should feel bad about the tragesy and al that came about it. but under no circumstances should he feel guilty about the murder so get off your freaking high horsed and move out of your glass houses. Just wonder what it would be like if your mistakes made the front page paper. bet your a** would be a little bit more humbl in your comments. Cause its not like you havent made mistakes in life its just that yours ain’t so public. God knows there is something youve done you dont want anyone in the world to know about, especially dont want it to make the paper or the news. Apparently, you forgot all about it when you were typing coments about Jemeir.

    And you know something. Denita’s own mother doesnt hold Jermeir responsible for Denita’s death, So where in the h*ll do you get off doing so. She holds him resonsible for beiing dishonest to the family and hs forgiven him for that. I know this FIRST HAND ! its not an assumption. So where do you get off as an uninvolved party making it your resonsibility to hold him accountable.

    Neffie, its time to let go. No Shannon didm have a previous record, maybe al these terrible things that she and her family is going through should have considered during that hour drive to Durham, the 3.5 hours she sat stalking Denita, the hour drive back to greensboro, and the hour drive back to Durham the next morning to kill her. Shannon knew all those days and hours what could have been the consequences yet she decided anyway.

    • I keep hearing how Jemeir was cheating on Denita, but, how do we know he was “cheating”? He was dating 2 women. That happens a lot in this world. But it does not constitute cheating. I do not know if, in this case, that it was supposed to be exclusive with one woman or not.

  100. Thank you for your reponse, I have lost two of my family members that was killed during a break-in. First of all, I believe in God. I believe he has a plan for all of us from day one. Secondly, I view things from a what-if perspective. If it were me, or my child in that situation (either side). Thirdly, I never said she shouldn’t have gotten anytime for the crime, I just think fifty or sixty years would have been sufficient. What is the chance of her living that long? Again, this is your blog and if you don’t make it interesting to both parties, it wouldn’t be worth reading. So, keep up the good work. By the way, I had the opportunity to talk with one of the Jurors who felt the same way I do.

  101. You know Neffie I understand you have the right to your opinion. I do not understand your logic. Are you saying all first time offenders should not get life? If a man rapes a child and its his first time that he shouldnt get life. Because what you are saying in this case is that a person who planned and plotted a murder for the first time should not get life. They should be let go to potentially kill their next ex-boyfriends fiance. It is ridiculous to say that because she doesnt have a record she shouldnt get life. THIS IS MURDER honey not petty theft. It is not wrong to send a murderer to prison for life whether it brings back the dead or not doesnt matter. She broke the law and that is the consequence period.

  102. I can be uneducated or anything you may want to call me. I don’t particularly care about your opinions no more than you care for mine. Like some of you sound, I was not there when it happen and I will not comment on what I don’t know to be a fact, no matter what appears to be the truth. What I can tell you is, the man that was just released from prison last week after serving 17 years got the same responses from the victims family. Again, for those of you that are offended by mine or anybody elses opinions, I apologize to you. I don’t have an issue with any of these people, and I will not change who I am because of the way others think or feel.

  103. Victim or not, it is no reason to kill an innocent person.

  104. To K ALB,
    I totally agree with you.

    To The Blogger

    I was referring to the mother’s remarks, ONLY THOSE REGARDING THE CHILDREN. At this point I don’t wish to discuss Ms. Crawley on this blog anymore, It’s useless. I hear there may be changes in the works for Greensboro’s finest.

  105. Jemeir admitted on the stand to being dishonest and cheating on Denita this is how it is known as cheating. He admitted to doing so for a year and it ended in Shannon having an abortion. As for Jemeir having no need to feel guilty, I will have to disagree and so did you

    “He should feel bad about the tragesy and al that came about it. but under no circumstances should he feel guilty about the murder”

    That is the guilt I speak of. People feel bad when they hit a squirrel in the street accidentally. To reduce this situation to feeling bad is an understatement.

    Yes there are plenty of things I feel guilty for and want no one to ever know and I am not without sin. However, I still feel that Jemeir’s dishonesty and choice of mistress is the reason Denita is no longer with us. All things said and done had he not cheated with Shannon, she would have not shot Denita. Period there is no if and or buts about that. Shannon is a sick person for what she did and had no right to do so. Period. If I cheated on my mate and the person I cheated with shot my mate in the back of the head 1,2,3,4,5,6…how many ever years later after I broke it off with them, I would feel guilty, Guilt would eat at me everyday! So when I say Jemeir should feel guilty that his relationship with Shannon lead to this, I personally feel that is accurate because I myself would feel that way. You said he shouldnt feel guilty over the actions of another ok. Its human nature for people to do so though. My father feels like he failed because my brother turned to a life of crime that ended up getting him killed. I feel guilty that 4 months before he was killed I moved away and he wouldve never left had I been there. My ex feels guilty that I smoke because I started so that he would quit. The day we start not feeling responsible that our actions ultimately affect the actions of others I feel we lose our human nature. The fact is had he not cheated with Shannon, Denita would not have been shot by her. You make it sound as if Shannon would have shot Denita if she was Jemeir’s ex girlfriend from the past. I can’t say one way or the other, it makes me wonder though if the father of her children or any ex-boyfriend for that matter has any murdered girlfriends or wives. No she was not chosen and rightfully so Denita was a wonderful person. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that this was the first time Shannon was rejected and if it wasn’t, that every other time she murdered the woman that was chosen over her. If I were in Jemeir’s shoes, I would feel guilt beyond measure, the love of my life is gone because the woman I cheated with took her. My comments are what they are and if my s*** hit the fan and was on the national news, I would be there next to it. My guilt, remorse, apologies, and relief that justice was served would be right next to it as well. I was a Jemeir advocate all of this time, I cried for him just at the thought that the woman he loved was taken from him. I even cried for him because the woman who took her was a crazy ex. And a part of my heart goes out to him because I assumed he was guilt stricken by all of this. The thought that he isn’t, wouldn’t, or shouldn’t be makes my stomach turn. As someone who loved Denita, I hold him accountable for his involvement in her death and so should he. I am not saying he shouldnt be forgiven and for all intents and purposes Shannon should too. Like Mrs. Smith said right now I hope she rots in hell. and like Mr. Smith said I’m disappointed that he didn’t protect Denita.

  106. To the last blogger,
    There are no “changes in the works” for Greensboro`s finest.He was thoroughly investigated and cleared well before this trial all took place. Remeber, the murder was three years ago.This first hand information from myself, a person who would be a decision maker in the process if what you say had any merit. Your source is wrong and has misinformed you. Both he and Shannon were consistent in saying that they ended their relationship in December of 2005 and Shannon had an abortion in. Jan 2006. They both state that there was no romantic involvement. After 2005. With proof that Jermeir had nothing to do with the murder, what then would merit “changes in the works”. It is 2010. He seperated himself from this woman in 2005. She committed this act in 2007. [Nly because she blames him for the murder in an attempt to not spend her life in prison, the agency is supposed to suddenly reprimand him in 2010 for cheating on his girlfriend(not wife or fiancee at that time) way back in 2005.

    To Neffie
    I actually understand your logic. } disagree with your position and your logic but } do follow it.

  107. To Neffie

    It is apparent that you have a problem with a young mother of two with no criminal record is doing life for taking a life. Well I can see where you are coming from and I say that with full honesty. Nevertheless, your complaints are falling on deaf ears mostly because you are preaching to the wrong audience. If you have a problem with her getting a life sentence then you need to talk to her about it.

    Fact is that she made her choice and now she is paying the consequences. Shannon Crawley made her own bed, so why the h*ll are u complaining to us about the bed spread?!!!

    On ;anuary 3rd when sje dicided to drive to Durham, the consequences for her actions was life in prison. While she sat at the apartmrnt complex for almost 4 hours, the consequences was life in prison. When she went back the next morning the consequences were the same. When she waited for her to come down the stairs she knew the consequences. And when she pulled the trigger and put a .38 caliber bullet in the back of the head on an unsuspecting innocent woman, the consequences was life in prison.

    My point is that its not like the judge, jury, and prosecution got together and decided life in prison. Just for Shannon. Nope. The consequences of life in prison was for premeditated/laying in wait was on the books long before Shannon Crawley was on trial. She knew the consequences but decided to do what she wanted to do any damn way. \he independently made the choices all by herself. So if you got a problem with her life sentence, damn it talk to her!! She put herself there. The only damn way you end up with life without parole is if you kill someone. She knew that was a consequence and she killed someone anyway. So now that she has life, why the hell are you barking at us about it. Send a letter to Shannon at NCCI for Women and take your beef up with her. Because she made the decision to go there… not us.!

  108. to lady,

    Fair enoug. You explained your position in a manner where it is easy to follow and is quite reasonable. However, your theory on Jermeir feeling guilty only applies if he submits to your theory on why he should feel guilty. However, perhaps he serves the true and living God, jesus Christ. Now as we know. No person is perfect. Apparently it is quite obvious JERMEIR IS FAR FROM IT, Furthermore Christians aren’t either. On the contrary, Christianity is a faith for imperfect people. ]erfect people really ought to serve some other God. Christ is for. People who can confess “Father, I have missed the mark, I have not lived in a way that is pleasing in your sight. Forgive me and help me to be what you have destined to be.” This same God also calls us to be free from guilt. To accept HIS forgiveness and walk in it. Does this mean forget what happened?…absolutely not! The memory of his actions and the effect is had on so many others nay never fade. To be having a hard time “living with himself” as you put it, mmmm not so much. Not if the God who created him says not to. Seems unfair right, of course it does…until you see how that same grace and mercy is available to your and your life. ]erhaps you can’t see it because rather than removing the mote out of your own eye, you are too busy blogging and judging how someone whom you don’t even know should life in condemnation.

    Guilt is a natural and human you say. It sure is! I agree 150%. Thank goodness that God is a spirit God and not a human.

    I am so sorry for you and all the people you used as an example chose to live and walk in guilt. But know that the God that created you all has commanded you not to live that way. If you like I can list several, several scriptures to prove this non-argumental point. I really hope you all give that over to God. Perhaps if you watched Jemeir rather than judging him over the internet then you might find this piece of God that you have apparently admitted to not knowing or experiencing.

    So, on one hand you have “Lady” saying that he should wak around feeling guilty for someone elses independent decision and should be ashamed and should have trouble living with himself. But according to God he is called to be sorry, to be in rememberence, to be wiser, to seek forgiveness and to move on being a more proud stronger God fearing man living a fulfilling life until he is called home to heaven to join Denita.

    Hmmm. Let’s see. Follow the instructions of God who created the land the sea, the birds, heaven and all things through Jesus. Or he could live life according to “lady”… hmm in comparison to God’s living word… we we know what can be done with “Lady`s opinion of how he should move forward in life.

    As far as wondering about her reaction to her children’s father leaving her. No murdered girlfriend that we know of. Now keep in mind that a sex offender is one of the worst labels a man could carry. But his is a lil somethin you probably didn’t know. Her children are by the same man. He is just a couple of years older than Shannon. Their first child was conceived while Shannon was under 18 and still a minor ny California state law. The father was close in age to Shannon but was over barely 18. The two went on to have a second child after shannon was over the age of 18. The couple remained together for a short period after the second child. After the man moves on to another woman…suddenly he is charged and convicted of Statutory Rape with the dat of the offense being at the time of conception of the first child. Of course rape victims names are not released but do we have to wonder who the victim was. If you know her childrens father’s name all you have to do is research the Los Angeles county court records. Are we surprised that she played the rape card on Jemier? She has a history of pimping the legal system for revenge.
    There is yet another example of it if you like.

    And as for the part about him being responsible for her death…wow. there is lot for him to be responsible for, but not her death. No way. Women and mean cheat everyday and murder is not the result of it. That is an unconciounable act that is carried way beyond the scope of the circumstances that one person independently decides to pursue. “Lady” you speak as if murder is some sort of natural reation to a love triangle or being rejected. Quote Denitas mother…”you can’t just decide to take matters into your own hands because someone doesn’t want you” you speak as if murder just automatically comes with the territory of rejection in a love triangle…not so!

    And at this point, if one believes that he is responsible for her death, well then that person is either stupid or extremely judgemental. I’ll let you call it….

  109. First and foremost I know God believe in him, trust him, and I know that he forgives me after all the wrong I do every time I ask. I walk in his grace and mercy everyday. For you to imply that I haven’t seen it is okay because you don’t know me or my story and you like I am entitled to my opinion. God knows I am not perfect and I have never claimed to be. He also knows when I am wrong, I apologize not only to him but to those who I have wronged, and whether they forgive me or not is up to them, but at that point I am free from guilt.
    I also find it entertaining that you feel my comments describe how I feel Jemeir should live his life. The fact that you feel I am judging Jemeir is really funny to me also, only because I am not the judge and jury in this case and I personally have no heaven or hell to put him in. My opinions and feelings are just that MINE and they come from watching his testimony and me personally feeling like he is completely over the situation and has taken no responsibility for his actions except to not be “proud” of his dishonesty and it was just immaturity. It was as if he had no remorse and according to you he shouldn’t just because he didn’t pull the trigger. Could I be wrong about what he was feeling? Absolutely.
    I walked around for three years feeling bad for Jemeir. He lost the love of his life because this crazy ex-girlfriend who was stalking him killed her. Even after I found out he had cheated, I was like gosh he must feel horrible. The love of his life is dead and it is so because he cheated on her with a mental patient. Your statements suggest that he has no reason to have guilt or any responsibility to what happened to Denita. I disagree. Judas didn’t crucify Jesus but I’m sure you know the story.
    Now by no means I am saying Jemeir shouldn’t be able to live with himself ever again. My logic is always from my perspective and to me it would pain me. Would I stop living? Of course not. Do I feel Jemeir should have some responsibility for what has happened in this case? Yes. Do I feel it should simply be dismissed to “oh he just cheated people do it everyday”? No. Someone died as a result of his actions. No this is not what happens usually when people cheat. Someone’s feelings ends up hurt and they move on in extreme cases such as this people die. I am sure you watch television and have heard stories on TruTV or CSI or maybe even Lifetime. That is what this case has seemed to be for me except not an actual show on TV, the victim a friend, and this is real life.
    Yes Shannon is paying the price for her actions because she was tried, judged, and sentenced. Do I feel Jemeir should be locked up? No. Not at all. I would’ve however, as a friend of Denita’s, liked to hear him say he was at the very least sorry. Does he owe me that? Absolutely NOT. But you have minimized his actions to a simple act that people do everyday as if it has absolutely nothing to do with why Denita is dead.
    To me it does and I will defend that perspective. Did people still think OJ committed the murder after he was acquitted? OF COURSE. Is that their opinion? Of course. Just as this is mine. There is absolute proof that Jemeir didn’t do the crime. There is absolute proof that the woman he established a relationship with, outside of the relationship he was already in, murdered his at the time fiancé. He is the only connection between the two and there is no other way this woman would’ve known of Denita otherwise.
    He at this point could have apologized to her family, to his family, to Shannon (as he did on the mountain trip), to Denita, to God, and all of the above could have at this point forgiven him. That is fine. But I don’t feel the apology was just “I apologize for cheating on someone who was not my fiancé or wife at the time.” But again I do not know him and was not present as you were when:

    “Denita’s own mother doesnt hold Jermeir responsible for Denita’s death, So where in the h*ll do you get off doing so. She holds him resonsible for beiing dishonest to the family and hs forgiven him for that. I know this FIRST HAND ! its not an assumption. So where do you get off as an uninvolved party making it your resonsibility to hold him accountable.”

    Sweety this is a blog where people are free to express their feelings and opinions just because I disagree with your position doesn’t give me the right to challenge your faith or your involvement in anyone’s life. The fact that you apply quotations to my nickname is also entertaining. You are not my pastor and therefore your attempt to belittle my emotions and discredit my opinion with scripture is also funny. The anger that you display through your words for anyone who has anything to say about Jemeir is funny. I laugh because Shannon’s family if they had any sense (that’s a personal opinion) could have the same argument as you. Who are we to judge her and God has forgiven her and so on and so forth. Because just as Jemeir isn’t perfect, Shannon isn’t perfect and neither was Denita, we all sin and fall short of his glory. The same God I serve will forgive Shannon if she does as you say Jemeir has and says “Father, I have missed the mark, I have not lived in a way that is pleasing in your sight. Forgive me and help me to be what you have destined to be” and then as you say she is called “to be free from guilt. To accept HIS forgiveness and walk in it.” Of course she will be walking guilt free in prison. That’s the fairness of her guilt I suppose she has life in prison while here on earth but is still entitled to see Denita in heaven one day as well.

    So glad the God I serve manifested himself in flesh to die for my sins and everyone else’s, he is omnipresent and omnipotent and is a God of everything including the human I am. Because he forgives when I find it hard to and he knows my heart and soul. While I wish no harm to Jemeir or his family, I will not concede to the theory that he had absolutely nothing to do with the events that transpired. I am sorry for his lost and I expressed that to him at Denita’s funeral. However I don’t feel he is sorry for mine. And I suppose when I do feel that he is sorry, or hear him say it, I will be able to forgive him. There are people who will feel Jemeir is the scum of the earth, there are those who will feel his cheating was wrong but no one is perfect, there are those who he has apologized to that have forgiven him and moved on, but there is a public which consists of friends and random people who knew and loved Denita and people who were just touched by the story, that feel something was taken from them. I fit in the latter and justice was served to the person who committed the crime. I still will feel that the alpha of the events was Jemier. Period. And I am far from stupid and not qualified to judge.

  110. Oh and for the record I apparantly do not claim to not know any part of God and also so you will I did see him in January at her funeral and Also when he took the stand that Thursday. And it was then that I began to feel the way I do because the reason he was acquitted from those rape charges is because he was on the phone with a woman he met at Denita’s funeral. So a weight was put on my heart that the man I felt sorry for seemed to be over the whole thing. Again could I be wrong? Absolutely. But that is how I was made to feel from my own observation.

  111. Lady…

    Lady…first of all allow me to apologize for seemingly attacking your faith I had no right to do that and that was uncalled for. Many things we actually agree on however I speak so passionately because I know both Denita and Jemeir very closely. Most people only were close to one of them. And it pains me to see people who are perpetrating to have been closer to Denita then they actually were only to have an excuse to take public shots at a man they don’t even know and have made no attempts to. Then in the same breathe they mention God as if God and Denita who is in heaven with him are even in that frame of mind. So please read beyond my passion and see where I am coming from.

    Your points were well taken one many of them I will agree to disagree. Some ponts I beed to set you straight on. First. The woman he was on the phone with he became close with after the funeral not met at the funeral. He knew the woman be cause they had a mutual friend. He and the woman also attended the same church. He and the woman were aquaintances before the funeral and became friends after the funeral. They were tied together by mutual aquaintances and developed a closer bond. He never said he met her at the funeral. He said they became closer since the funeral. He bacme closer not just with her but with a handful of other people. That’s just who he happened to be on the phone with then. It has been 3 years since ths tragedy. U saying he can’t have friends anymore. You are entitled to whatever opinion of him that you have. But not everyone has to share their opinion. At least these people have taken the time to learn how he feeels from a personal level. You just write about it on the internet. It is your own imagination that wants to automatically jump to drama. Calm down sweetheart.

    Second.. his testimony was a time to answer quaestions regarding the case. It was not a time to vindicate himself or to walk around looking broken just so u can feel that he is truely remorsed. If he was on that stand to give a speech about his feelings and what he was going through, then yes it would appear that he has no remore and is cold. But he wasn’t there for that. He was there only to answer the question that each attorney asked and not a word more or less. This was necessary for the successful prosecution of the killer. If David Saacks would have asked if he wanted this time to make a public apology or a speech, then yes perhaps he would have said more than what you heard. However he was on the stand to answer questions to enter evidence of a crime into the trial. The questions where direct questions which required a direct response. I understand why it would be nice to hear more. And as someone who is still close to him, again I urge you to give him a holler. You may very well get Yes he said all the things that you quotes him in saying. However that doesent mean that is all that he is feeling. That was just his answer to that particualr question. If you want to know how his heart feels. Then ask him. That is a challenge. Seriously. Rather that trying to blast him on the world wide we. You obviously by your own comments have access to him or can gaim access to a conversation with him. So why not find out rather than assuming. You obviously care enough to blog back and forth about his life so you can’t use the cop out of you don’t care that much to do all that. I know first hand his thoughts and feelings. By your own words you don’t know and you are only assuming what his feelings are. I’m just saying, holla at em. Pick his brain. Tell hin how you feel and what u think of. Call him.. email him, something. Come from behind your name on the world wide web and the attack on his character and talk tim him personally. You seem like a woman of principle. And you have no problem pointing out how he has lacked principle. Put your money where your mouth is and talk to him personally if you want to know his true feelings about the whole thing. I can tell you all day about what I know. But noting like hearing it from the source himself. I just don’t understand how you as a friend of Denitas can find it so easy to got at her fiancee and best friend on the blog site with ease but not get at him persoanlly. If you were a true close friend of Denita’s then you are automatically at the least an arms length from him or someone who has contact with him. Help me understand that.

    But you know what. I wonder if you really want to know. Or is it more pleasureable fr you to continue talking about him and how your heart is no longer warm for him because he doesn’t seem as broken as you think he should.

    Not to mention you can take the all caps out of MINE when you are expressing the entitlement to your opinions. You decided to express your opinions about the life of another on the world wide web. You have opened the door for people to challenge them. You could have kept them to yourself. But you decided to place you sharp and judgemental comments about the life of someone you know but won’t contact to his on the world wide web. If you don’t want people to say your boo-boo stinks, then don’t take a dump outside.

    Now. I will offer an apology about me brash and offensive but I am a very dear friend to BOTH Jermeir and Denita and it bothers me to see people kick a man because they think he is down. Especially when they are anonymous and public and not to his face. Seems kinds cowardess to me. Secondly. It grieves me as a friend of Denitas to know that she is in heaven full of the joy of the lord. She is in a place where jermeit and even Shannon are forgiven. Yet people here who claim to be close to her say things that are oh so contrary and act like Nita approves, its quite interesting logic and even more sadening to observe. My behaviors included and I am ashamed to say that, but at least I admit it.

    Now for the major issue. I believe you have sorely misunderstood me. I am not in anyway saying that he should just get over it and be done with it. The assumption of him doing that is absurd. And you even suggesting that he is handling the loss this way says a lot and speaks volumes. anyone and everyone with the slightest bit of adult life experience knows that there is no such thing as getting over the death of a loved one. You never ever get over something like that. Ever. To suggest that he is this way says a lot about you and the motive behind your comments. It doesn’t say anything negative. It just shows that apparently isn’t something that you can conceptualize. He has moved forward, but he hasn’t gottem over it. You never get over that. Sweetheart it appears you have gottem “moving forward” confused with “getting over it”. Even when you move forward you still carry some sorrows with you and this definately is one that he crries with him. But ya see Lady, the test of a man isn’t how low he can walk, how ashamed he can look or how weak he can because of his failures, its about what he does with those failures and how he uses them to bless others and to bless God and walking around whith his head hung ashamed and broken isn’t gonna get the job done.

    Lady I actually am familiar with what you wanted to see in the courtroom that day. Its natural . In todays society people want to see and be sure that someone is suffering. It pleasures us to make sure tht we know that person is hurt. We gotta see it…just gotta! But what happened that day lady isn’t that you saw wa man wh was “over it”…nope . Not at all. What you saw was a man. Who had his head lifted high and his chest out. He carried every bit of his remorse and grief that day. He just didn’t show it to you. And he didn’t have to. And if you want to stop feeling for him because he didn’t show up that day as a broken man but rather a stronger wiser and strengthed man who still hurst,.. well then you do what makes you feel good. But if this man not looking like he seeks your pity disappoints you. Well prepare to be disappointed everytime you see him cuz he carries is pain and shares it with those who are genuinely his supporters not for people like you who need to see him broken before they decide to give condolences. I can’t stress enough the ridiculousness in theassumption that someone is just over it. Lady. Here is a suggestion for you that will carry far in life…just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it ain’t there. It sinply means that his day. His life, and what God now wants him to become isn’t dictated by that pain. Please prepare to be dissapointed if your goal is to see him downtrodden. He is very sorrowful and regretful. He just does not wallow in that sorrow. And again I challenge you to contact him and find out for yourself. Its available for you to know for yourself first hand at any point.

    Newness in his life doesn’t mean he has let go of the tragedy. He stll carries his limp from all this. Whether you see it or not. Most people other than his gang of friends orhis family, don’t allow him to share in her memory with her so he has to do it alone or with his family. People other than his supporters kinda lock him out ofcelebrating with them. So he doe it with his friends and his family. Or when he visits her grave, which he regularly does. Or whenhes riding in the car and their song cones on. Or when he prays at night. He does all those things. And like u said u aren’t around to see these things. But I guess if I were in ur position, I wouldn’t have to see it. And a court testimony most certainly would not be what I would use to try to sum up his heart on the issue. That logic is so probelmatic I’m gonna leave it alone.

    As far as the responsible for her death issue. Allow me to re-explain some parts of the. Cheating is never ight or acceptable. It is just as unpleasing to God as any other sin, including murder. My point is sayin that it happens everyday was not minimize it but to rather expose a point that was grossly missed.

    Let’s take the example you used with Jesus & Judas. I like that example but there is a major flaw as it relates to this situation. When Judas sold out Jesus he did it with a full fledge understanding that this action would lead to the death of Jesus. Here is another good example. When David got a man killed it was because he knew that placing the man on the front line with out back up would surely get the man killed. Although david didn’t kill the man, he knew that the result of his actions would result in an innocent man’s death. In both of these examples, including the example you provided, the betrayer knew that their betrayal would lead to the absolute death of the innocent party. The was a likely and forseeable result. As for this situation. Jermeir sorely betrayed Denita and her family. But his fiance being stalked and ambushed with a shot to the head a full year after the betrayal was absolutely not a forseeable, obvious and definate response to the betrayal. Plenty of other things were forseeable but not ccold blooded murder. People cheat every day and it is absolutely wrong, including when Jermeir cheated. But no one could see this coming. Jermeir is responsible for being involved with the woman who killed Denita. Although he does not walk in guilt, he does plead guilty to that fact that he connected this woman to Denita. And while he does not walk in guilt, he does plead guilty to betraying the family. He is free from guilt as directed by christ. But he does accept responsibily for these two things..and is very remorseful. When this all first happened, chncellor ammons said that what happened to Denita is unconsiounable (sp.). This quote made every paper in NC because it was such an accurte statement. It was unimaginable and unforseeible by anyone, including Jermeir. The decision to kill Denita was so far removed from the original betrayal. And only one person was responsible beyond all the forseeible. Consequences.
    Among the people going the hardest at Jermeir cheating, there are two who were themelves cheaters and the only difference is that no one got killed. Just like in most people. They think oh no. Something loke that wouldn’t happen that’s crazy. But the fact that they really don’t see that it could have been them further shows how much something like a murder as a result of cheating is flat out outlandish. Yet and stillsome feel like he is just responsible as the one who stalked and shot in cold blood. Not at all. As I said he is responsible for connecting the killer to the innocent girl and he will not argue his guit in that. The killer is the only one responsible to taking it to that unconsciounable and forseeable level. :e has explained this to mr. & ms. Smith and they have accepted that. And there is a reason why they didn’t find it hard to accept that as the truth.

    I appreciate the exchange but I think I have had enough of posting about this. I never intended to offend you or to speak so deeply about others lives. Again I challenge you to fim him and speak with him. Or you can continue on the net.

  112. I haven’t finished reading all of your reply but I did feel the need to comment while what I have read is on my mind. I do not pretend to be anything but who I am. Did Denita know me yes. Did I know her yes. Did we chat and message on facebook before her death yes. Would I be consider her bestest friend in the whole wide world no. Did I still consider her my friend yes. I in no way have attacked Jermeir’s character. You can ask anyone who knows me and has been around me from her death, to the funeral, to this trial, and until today, it was not until his testimony that nearly lost my mind in anger and hurt cause I NEVER rushed to the judgement that he cheated. Until the trial I thought Shannon was an ex-girlfriend that was stalking him, moving to his neighborhood etc. I often times was the optimistic fool in a group of friends who were convinced from day one that he cheated. I seek the best in people ma’am. On that thursday he testified I left the court calling Jemeir a cheater, I have cried because he cheated, I have said its all his fault, and when I dried my eyes and the anger went back to Shannon. I cried again because it hit me like a ton of bricks, he must think that this is all his fault and guilt must be eating at him. And I said to the people around me who were following the case “he was wrong and lied and cheated” but I will never believe he killed her or conspired to, or had any direct involvement because who kills the woman they proposed to and loved. I have said several times that my heart goes out to him and to me, I would reasonably assume he is hurting and probably hasn’t stopped its human nature. but you challenged that as well. I mentioned that he probably feels some guilt and that I could understand that and also I feel bad for him in that capacity and you challenged that as well. You have turned my comments into an attack on his character and you are the person I have been carrying on this dicussion with because it seems you are directly connected to him and so it seemed you were speaking factually when you said he holds no guilt or responsibility in the matter. That is the point I disagree with, walking in guilt the rest of his life, moving on with life, people are expected to do that. What I was going to tell you previously is that because my father felt guilt in my brothers actions didn’t mean he stopped living by no means and neither did I. My attack as you call it is not on Jermeir’s character is on the whole “no responsibility or guilt in the matter” I have in fact stated several times that I do not know what Jermeir is feeling because I haven’t witnessed his emotions but at the funeral. What I did see and hear at the trial was him answer the questions that were asked of him. Because he is a male and perhaps an officer he may be aware that breaking down or showing emotions on the stand isn’t called for. That is fine. If I could reach out to him I would. In no way am I a coward. I have not one problem telling Jermeir that I feel this would have never happened if not for him and in the same breath tell him I pray for his strength to carry on, I don’t feel at this point he needs to hear that from me because I figure he already knows that, you challenged me there as well. Kicking him or anyone while they are down is just not in me to do at all. But again you don’t know me. You see me say he should feel guilty and you jump on the defense. When 99% of my blog was about Shannon’s guilt. My initial blog was about how ridiculous the defense theory was and although Jermeir may be a no good cheating dog (this was the I can’t believe he cheated days). Clearly I am not typing in a manner in which you are able to read what I type and take it as it is. You read way too deep into something so simple to me. I would have gained no pleasure from seeing Jermeir in any pain, I hurt terribly when others are in pain, just like I gain no pleasure from seeing her family in pain. He was a part of her family whether he cheated or not. My comment is that Jermeir has some responsibility for the events that transpired period, point blank, no if ands or buts about it for me. Now does that mean I don’t care for him or wish him life imprisonment, or a lifetime of guilt, or that he rot in hell, that I feel he should lose his job and have no life. NO!!! If he needed a friend guess what, I could be that for him and still feel that he has some responsibility in the matter. Shannon’s family would be no less of a family if they said: “we know she did this terrible thing, but we still love her” What kind of family wouldnt do that. So if I knew them both, and I personally did not know him as I have stated along with the fact that I could possibly be wrong about how he was feeling (but again that went unnoticed cause you assume I am a Jermeir hater and I am not) I could have been disappointed by his actions and feel he is the connection that caused the events and still forgive him and go on with life. It is because I do not know him that I am able to say this is how I took it. Does it mean I am right? NO have I claimed to be right about his personality? NO what I have stated and will continue to say is that he is not an innocent bystander in this matter. Does that mean his friends and family should stop loving him or wanting to defend him at all cost? No. But right is right and again we will just have to agree to disagree that he has absolutely no reason to feel guilt in her death. I said previously, an apology would suffice. Does he owe me one? NO do I expect it NO. Do I hate him? NO Do I pray for him daily? Yes along with her friends and family. Do I still feel he was wrong? Yes. Can you can love people when they are wrong and not support their wrongness. Absolutely. No it is never an absolute certainty that cheating will lead to murder. Murder has been tagged as a crime of passion in this case a not well thought out plan of revenge and envy that led to the death of a beautiful person and to life imprisonment of someone who is clearly troubled especially from the things you mentioned in her past and who Mrs. Smith was right “doesn’t deserve kids” Denita deserved that opportunity. I am 150% sure had Jemeir known that his relationship with Shannon would lead to this, he would have avoided her like the plague. It is because he didn’t know and it did happen that I say I would feel guilt over and I consider myself to be a pretty reasonable human, not perfect, but average. So everyday I would not walk in my guilt but feel it. Does he have to display it? NO. Can his non disclosure seem cold to those that don’t know him? Yes. Could their opinion be wrong? Yes. People’s impression of others are not always on the mark. What I remember hearing at the trial was that he met the young lady through a friend at the funeral now do I think the next day they slept together and he was over Denita and could careless? Hell No. My imagination didn’t even go there! Do I feel Jemeir should never move on and have happiness with another woman? I would hope not. Could meeting someone at your fiance’s funeral that you are talking to a year later, throw people who don’t know all the details for a loop? Yes. So again my observations and opinions about that situation were wrong. I personally thank you for clearing them up for me and anyone who took it the wrong way. But from the outside looking in, which is what the judge is and many people who blog and comment are, his lack of display of emotions can be taken the wrong way. Your comments of him not having guilt coupled with what I observed led the comments of he must be over it. Not for one minute has my heart believed that Jermeir has not been hurting and through all that you have said, I still believed it is not humanly possible to go I’m over it and guilt free because God forgives me. Many people figured he would be by the family’s side after the verdict as everyone left the court room expressing his relief that justice had been served and his name cleared and that he was sorry he ever met her. But that is just opinion. His no comment may have been because he felt he didn’t owe the public a comment and felt comfortable and safe in the presence of those who showed him support. Perfectly ok. Unfortunatly, that leaves the people who want to support him with nothing to go on but the fact that he cheated. How is the public to know that he feels bad or cares at all but to see his emotion? He has nothing to prove to the public or to distant, uninvolved friends is basically what you are saying. And you know what I didn’t and don’t need that from him for me to know he is and probably will forever carry pain for his loss and his actions. I was never an I hate Jermeir advocate. I was concerned that you felt he was as I took it, not responsible in anyway other than being a cheater and had no reason to feel guilty about anything but cheating. Now as I get to the end of your comment it is clear to me that we actually agree. Although he does not walk in guilt, he does plead guilty to betraying the family and being the connection between the two. Guess what that is all I have been saying the entire time. And if the opportunity ever arrived where we were in each other’s presence. I would hug him and tell him to stay strong. Do I believe that God and the people who loved Denita can forgive Shannon? Yes we have to. Would I ever hug her and tell her to stay strong? NO. My anger at Jermeir’s actions has never taken my mind off of the fact that he didn’t commit this crime or that he loved Denita. I have been thrown for a loop and surprised a lot and the record has been straighten by you about some of the things that were unclear. You misunderstood me and my motives and my comments. You have been there day one and I am sure when you found out he was the connection you weren’t the happiest person in the world, but you love him anyway, despite his wrongs and rightfully so. Trust me when I say we only carried this conversation on as a misunderstanding because you just said the point I was trying to make. God bless you and Jermeir and I hope he provides Jermeir with the peace that passes all understanding. The exact same thing I pray for the Smith’s.

  113. Too much to read and respond even if I had a position either way. I have been watching this whole thing closely in and out mostly because I know some people who are connected to this thing indirectly. But as far as the female that he talkd about. I know that woman. She is a straight up and down good person. Im not sure what impression some people got from whatver he said on the witness stand, but that female is a close friend of a mutual friend of him and Denita’s and their social circles were already intertwined through several people. They just became real cool after the funeral. Yo, it aint rocket science some people shied away from dude when all this went down and some cats grew close. Some of those cats were dudes and some were women. God only makes two sexes so it had to be one r the other, but that don’t make it crazy. Im just saying, I know that girl and she is straight up good people. It seem like people get easily offended on here. Im not trying to offend anyone by correcting them. Im just saying. That giirl don’t deserve what somebody is implying and like i said she is good folk so just make sure you on point before you start bringing up other people. Cus its not fair to that person once bad info is put out there, its too late.

  114. To AHargrove:
    My comment had nothing to do with the young lady he was on the phone with at all. I do not know her and wouldn’t speak bad of her if I did. Again my response was in reference to my reaction to what I heard on the stand and how it made me feel. My feelings and impression were incorrect and I have not one problem admitting that. I was upset by the impression his alibi left prematurely. In no way was my comment to imply anything about her or their relationship. So I apologize if it was taken that way. As I previously stated in no way do I expect him never to move on with his life. Outside looking in if the comment was I was on the phone with a friend, I don’t think the effect would have been as it was. The comment was along the lines of I was on the phone with a friend I was introduced to at the funeral. So I was thrown for a loop. At the time I was like wow really. Two weeks later I can say it was not that serious. So again sorry if anyone was offended.

  115. To Soul Sista, i regards to the co-workers of Shannon…
    I am not a Shannon supporter, let me get that staight right now. But about her co-workers believing that she was innocent, or knew anything of the murder weapon…You have no idea what you are talking about. The co-workers have stayed neutral on the whole situation, and rest assured they have no idea of what shannon did, has done, or whatever was done with the murder weapon. She did what she did on her own accord, and the selfishness of herself. You need to get your facts straight before you start to slander the integrity of people you don’t even know.

  116. Hi, I just want to say something to everyone whose ever posted on here, or read all the comments. I was on the jury. I got the 11 day jury pay afterwards. I sat in the faded olive-green seats, and I was part of the deliberation. There is alot of speculation between everyone stating their opinions on here, and the truth is this: None of you sat through what I and 13 other people sat through. We started out with 3 alternates and ended up using 1 of them. We reviewed evidence on top of evidence on top of evidence. And we ALL found her guilty for a reason. Actually for a few reasons. But the main one, she did it. Simple as that. You can speculate ALL YOU WANT, but you didn’t see what I saw, you didnt hear all the arguments from each side, you didn’t sit in a room with 11 other jurors throughout deliberation and do exactly that, DELIBERATE. We each gave our opinions, and our thoughts, we tried different scenarios to see if we possibly overlooked something in the evidence, which is why we asked to review so many photos, and phone records and why we also originally requested to visit the crime scene. The truth is, it broke my heart to know that Shannon’s two kids wouldn’t see her come home that day. I saw her dad in the parking garage after we were escorted out of the building. All of you that claim she’s innocent, I can’t blame you for wanting to believe her, because she sounded very convincing at first glance, but when you asked her specifics, and looked at the evidence directly in front of you, it never added up. We all left that day, different. And it was depressing to know that she was willing to give up her job, her house, and her son and daughter. And the price that Denita paid, without ever having asked for it. This was tragic all around. It really was, and still is. I know that Mr. Holms her defense attorney was trying to take it back to trial after the verdict was given, and he may succeed, and if he does, I can guarantee you, any other 12 people, will also find her guilty. I won’t respond to comments after this, and I’m not stating my name or the number juror I was because we all agreed when we left that room we weren’t looking back to talk about it to anyone that asked. But I felt the need to say this. And before anyone else says ANYTHING for or against either side, take a minute, and pray for those left in the wake of all this. Shannon’s kids, her parents, her brother, her sister and brother in law, everone in her life. And Denita’s family. You would think that after giving our verdict, that looking her family in the eye would be easy, but it wasn’t. Walking past her family was possibly the hardest part. For two weeks we walked directly by her mother everytime we left that court room. And everytime you could feel how much it hurt her. Even with the guilty verdict, it was like the wound was ripped back open all over again for her. So before any comments, just pray for them all, cuz they’re all going to be hurting for a long time.

  117. Even if Jermeir Stroud did kill Denita, if Shannon had aided and abetted him in doing it or conspired with him to do it, then she would have been just as guilty as him. Simple as that!

  118. jus saw on snapped , such a sad story she was de finitely a scorned woman !!

  119. ” I’m watching the trial on Snapped now” I attended the funeral of Denita, for she was a member of my Church….and you know what? I didn’t personally know her, me being a new member and all! But the tragic death and youth of Denita drawed me to be supportive. I’m glad the bickering stopped! No one win’s during a tragedy!!!

  120. Well, let’s NEVER forget that DENITA is the VICTIM in this whole case. After I watched “Snapped” with my husband last night, we both came to the same conclusion: Denita who is the MOST INNOCENT in all of this is the one who lost her life. Let’s not forget that! I am sick and tired of hearing family members of the convicted defending her act and making her look as if she is the victim.

    By all accounts (at least “Snapped”), Jermeir has broken up with Shannon and they decided to remain friends. Even Shannon told that to the police. My opinion of this case is this: she wanted revenge. Not only she killed Denita but she framed Jermeir for it. Red flags were there from the beginning and I hope MEN everywhere opened their eyes by reading this story. When she joined his church, RED FLAG NUMBER 1, she moved in his neighborhood, RED FLAG NUMBER 2. That alone should have made Jermeir realize that Shannon wasn’t going to let him go. Jermeir crossed the line by getting involved with Shannon and he didn’t realized it untill the line was crossed and it was too late to come back. That’s why, we all need to think twice before getting involved in any type of situation. Ask yourself the question “Is this going to hurt people around me?”.

    My conclusion is this: Shannon is guilty cause murder is against the law but Jermeir is morally and ethically guilty as well Unfortunately, you cannot prosecute someone for being unfaithful to their partner. At least Jermeir will have Denita’s death in his conscience till the day he rests. I hope he changes.

    RIP Denita! You were truly a beautiful, intelligent and great person!

  121. I just watched Snapped it is truley a great lost for Denita Smith family and society as well. Denita had so much going for her and her life was taken too soon. Shannon has the rest of her life behind bars to think of what she done. Very sad for both families.

  122. I just saw the Snapped and one thing I noticed the court never looked at:
    Why would a woman who is supposed to be a stalker abort the baby of the man she is madly in love with? Such woman would use the pregnancy to manipulate the man.
    Check the web for Greensboro Police corruption . . . you will be amazed!

    • I understand were you come from and agree. But you have to understand were I come from too. My obsession is to find the real criminal in this case or any case because I know how it feels to be the grieving ones. I lost two nephews to murders in the most horrible way.
      I have been trying to find the truth for ten years. No one was ever arrested and I always had the suspicion that the local police were protecting someone, They live in an area well known for meth labs. So, you will have to forgive my zeal but I am driven by grief and focus and I often forget my pain and the pain of my family.

  123. Patrick,

    As a recently former Guilford county resident, I am well familiar with the public “tug -of war” going on wth the police and the public activists in Greensboro. However, therese are real live of involving a family member who is now serving life in prison. Talking about something so personal and you dont have any first hand knowedge of the situation is the wrong place to advance you political initiatives against the police department, no matter what you fel abou the officers there. Being respectful maks others repect your argment rahter than dismiss it.

  124. To the parents of Denita you should be proud of the wonderful job you have done. This girl(Denita) was a power house! A woman who knew where she was going in life, and although i’ve never met her I can’t help but be proud of her for representing every young black woman the way we are suppose to be represented. Jameir had a choice of two women and yes he had his cake and ate it too (most men do). B ut you cant blame him for wanting to spend his life with a woman such as Denita. Men are attracted to women that have the desire to build a solid future for themselves whether a man is involved or not. Denita was the type of woman that had goals and achievements in life that had nothing to do with a man. THATS THE TYPE OF WOMAN ANY MAN WOULD WANT TO MARRY CAN YOU BLAME HIM? She would never have jeopardized her future to kill a woman Simply because she was a scorned jealous pathetic excuse for a woman. She had too much going for herself. But the thing that really upsets me is this trifling bitch (shannon) never utte

  125. Uttered a word to denita she shot her from the back like a coward. Most women in Shannons position would have made contact with Denita but she chose to committ murder. she didnt give a damn about her kids or her family who seems to blindly support her no matter what. Well there is loyalty and then there is stupidity and its a fine line between the two. I can only come up with one reason Shannon could have been so angry with Denita, Shannon realized in her research of Denita that Denita was more woman than she could ever imagine herself to be. Shannon came to the conclusion that the love of this man would somehow define who she is. SHE IS A MONSTER AND A MENACE TO SOCIETY AND UNTIL SHE IS WOMAN ENOUGH TO ADMIT THAT SHE COMMITTED MURDER I HOPE SHE BUSTS HELL WIDE OPEN. SHE OWES IT TO DENITAS FAMILY TO FALL ON HER KNEES AND BEG FOR FORGIVENESS AND TO DO THE SAME TO HER KIDS!

  126. I heard that Jermier’s gun was a 40 millimeter and the gun used to kill Denita was a 35 millimeter. Unless Jermier got that specific type of gun before the murder, then he didn’t kill her.

  127. Jermeir may be a dog, but he was able to move on after he and Shannon had broken up. He did have the means to kill Denita, but he didn’t have opportunity or motive to do it. Shannon had all three of these things. If Jermeir did kill Denita, how could Shannon sit there and watch him do it?

  128. Why has she not received the death penalty? Absolutely no excuses for this calculated murderer. Death would become her.

  129. It’s all spite and jealousy! That’s why Shannon blamed Jermeir for Denita Smith’s murder. Apparently, he was seeing another woman, and Shannon thought “Okay, since Jermeir is seeing another woman and Denita wound up dead, it means that he is guilty of murder. He didn’t actually do it, but I don’t want to take responsibility for my own actions, so I will concoct a story that they had argued about me. My family will believe my lies because they’re blind and want me to stay out of trouble. How could I be so stupid in making him confess to a crime that he didn’t commit? On the tape where he sounded hysterical like Michael Jackson and I was calm was proof that he was innocent, but I lied to get off. My name is Shannon Elizabeth Crawley and I killed Denita Smith because I couldn’t get over the fact that Jermeir was going to marry her instead of me. I am a terrible mother by putting my kids aside for an unavailable man. I know I’m vile Sharon, and I don’t expect you to forgive me for taking your baby away from you. I was an immature little girl who couldn’t move on and that’s why she’s dead”.

  130. Okay, I have something to say to Shannon’s friends who think that Jermeir caused Denita Smith’s death. You say “She’s going to live the rest of her life in fear because of him”. Uh, no. He’s going to live the rest of his life in fear because of her! She was stalking him, she had the gun, she’s the real killer, not him! Get that through your thick heads!

  131. Here we go again! Another Casey Anthony people’s parade of detectives, judges and executioners wannabes, rushing to judgement and jumping to conclusion without an once of thought but plenty of hatred for whatever personal reasons or psychological complexes. So many people still believe
    that just because the police arrests someone, she or he is automatically guilty. The same people are easily manipulated by the sensationalism of the media talking heads, with superficial answers and very little research and digging below the surface.

    Take it from me, my brother is a guard in a Federal prison and he tells me that it is common knowledge with the prison staff that more than 30% of the incarcerated population is innocent. Wait until this happens to you, and then you will be happy to have people who believe in you, stand behind you and do not automatically brand your every words as lies. I am more inclined to trust the judgement of Shannon Crawley’s family and friends than people who have no idea of the situation nor of what kind of person she is.

    • Patrick,

      OK, your brother is a prison guard in one federal prison. So, where did he get these statistics for all prisons? Just because it is “common knowledge” does not make it fact. Anyway, what does any of this have to do with the victim, Denita Smith? And what difference does it make what kind of person Shannon is now? After all, she has been convicted of Denita’s murder and sentenced to life in prison. What really matters now, since justice has been serviced, is the memory of the real victim here, Denita Smith. And since you never once even mentioned her, it is obvious that you only care about her convicted killer. Please read my comment policy before attempting to comment again. Have some respect and compassion for Denita’s family and friends. The focus of my blog is justice and the victim. Please remember that. Remember Denita and the life she lived. That is what is important.

  132. Well, I rest my case. It is quiet clear that this blog is not an open forum where a divergence of opinions can be expressed without retaliatory prejudice. How dare you preach victim sensitivity to me! My same brother had his first born murdered by a shot gun blast to the head because he was a DEA undercover agent. The entire police force of his community was at his funeral to pay their respect. The killer was never caught. So, I am sure the family of Denita Smith would never want anyone but the real killer of their daughter to be behind bars. Mine would never settle for anything less.
    Life is often more complicated than what lies on the surface. My only point was that one should be more rational and less emotional before joining the digital lynching mob! Furthermore, I have no intention to comment on this blog.

    • Patrick,

      You are entitled to your opinion. That is not the issue here. You obviously believe Shannon is innocent. However, she was convicted in a court of law. Denita’s family and friends DO believe she is the one who killed Denita. So they are not settling for less than who killed her. If you read all of the comments on all of my posts on this case, you would have read that. I would not have had a problem if you had said something about Denita, you know like how sorry you were for her murder and hoped her family and friends were ok.

      However, my point was that nowhere in your comments did you even mention Denita. This has nothing to do with your brother’s child. This post is about Denita Smith. And for the record, since you have not read my blog, my mother was murdered 36 years ago and no one was ever prosecuted. So I understand that side very well. And for most who are affected by a murder, it is hard to not be emotional.

  133. This case is no different than the Carla Hughes case they both took a life over a man , that is unacceptable they both got life and they both deserve it

  134. Coco, in some countries you can prosecute someone for being unfaithful to their partner. If Jermeir, Denita, and Shannon lived in one of those countries, then Jermeir would be tried for adultery. He may be found guilty of that, but he would still have a chance at a life outside of prison unless it’s a uber religious country who believes in stoning or some other death sentence. To whoever said that murdering for a man isn’t worth it, I have something to add. He’s not going to want to be with you anyway because you will go to jail if they find you guilty of murder.

  135. This is for Shannon’s father. You’re going to have to prove that Jermeir killed Denita and not just rely on what she says. You need proof, and if you can prove it, she will be let out of jail. If not, then she’ll be staying in jail until she dies. Unlike Avis Banks, Denita Smith wasn’t pregnant when she was murdered.

  136. What Shannon’s father and friends said reminds me of an episode of the children’s show “Super Why” where Whyatt the title character was accused of breaking his brother Jack’s guitar string. He denied breaking it and guess what? He was able to prove that he didn’t do it by finding evidence that lead him to the real culprit which was their sister Joy. Why didn’t Shannon Crawley Carla Hughes Carolyn Warmus et al do what Whyatt did? If they did they wouldn’t be in jail right now.

  137. what matters most is that she didn’t deserve to die at all, if a man or woman doesn’t want you simply move on…I wonder did she really think by killing her would he want to be with her in the end. If he was such a horrible man and did all the things she says he did to her,why kill to have this man? That should have been reason enough to kick him out of her life.

  138. Shannon Crawley if you’re reading this I have some questions for you. If Jermeir did kill Denita like you say he did answer them. 1) How could you stand there and watch him do it? 2) Why didn’t you talk him out of killing her? 3) Did you have any knowledge that he was going to kill her? 4) Was there a murder plot going on that would make you just as culpable as him for her murder? 5) Why did you decide you had to go with him to her apartment if he is controlling like you say he is?

    • Karen –

      I seriously doubt that Shannon would be reading this, as she is in prison for life and inmates do not have internet access (some may have email access, but not general internet access). Maybe one of her friends or family will see it and send it to her.

  139. I just saw this case on Snapped and I had a few questions that the show did not answer for me. How was it that at 8:18 am, the maintenance man heard the shot but the neighbor who phoned 911 didn’t hear it? Also, where was Denita shot? In her apartment? At the top of the stairs? How was it that the gun shot happened at 8 am but her body was not discovered until close to 10? And why wouldn’t she have been seen by the cops who came by the first time? It appears that some of you are close to the case, the family members, or the scene of the crime and perhaps could shed some light on these questions for me.

    • After during some searches online, I have found the answers to my questions. Some things seemed confusing at first with some misinformation from different sources but I think I understand now.

  140. Murder and every illicit detail leading up to the murder are outside the will of God. Fornication, adultery led each of them down an unfortunate, unintended path. Imagine the outcome from the point of Jemeir’s flirtation, with the Atonement, sincerity and abstinence as factors – without hypocrisy? “He that troubles his own house shall sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.” Needless to say, the lives of two beautiful women are irreparably destroyed as a result of his inactions.

  141. I just saw this murder on love scorned. Jermeir if you are reading this blog i hope you asked for forgiveness. If tv is portraying the events accurately this could have all been avoided if you stayed faithful to Denita or had been honest from the beginning and not taken advantage of Shannon. If shannon truly killed Denita then she deserves what she got. If she didnt kill i pray that god will bring the truth to lightl. This is all so sad anyway you look at it.

  142. I just watched this on Love Scorned on The Investigation Channel. This is so sad. That poor lady (Denita), she had no idea that, that shot was even coming. She had no chance. Such a gifted young woman that had so much to give. It really saddens me that she was caught in the midde of this. All of this could have been avoided if Jermeir was faithful.

    Shannon was blindsided by his relationship with his girlfriend as well. But, it did not give her a reason to go out and KILL this woman. Jermeir, like so many other men and women that cheat, was just being selfish and this situation is ALLLLLL because of him. If he would’ve just been there to finish school and not gotten involved with another female, Denita Smith would’ve been alive and they would’ve been married, probably with a couple of kids.

    This situation is so unfair 😦 and I pray that Denitas’ soul is at rest. I feel sorry that Shannons’ children will be without her. I just wish that Shannon could’ve just been able to go and find someone else. She is actually a pretty lady and if she would’ve just not been so emational, I’m sure God would’ve sent her someone.

    It does hurt when someone that you believed in betrays you and for a woman it’s devastating. But, you have to be able to cry about it and move on. Their is nothing you can do, to make a man want you, the way you want them. You have to know right from wrong and for Shannons’ wrong, she must pay for it.

    God Bless Denita Smiths’ Family and Friends

    R.I.P. Ms. Denita Smith AKA

  143. Oh, I forgot to mention that after the show went off. At the end of the program, it was stated that Jermeir is still a police officer, but for the State of Georgia. And he has since remarried.

  144. The dude wasn’t “ugly”, but he’s not what would pass for “handsome” where I come from. He was very average, and even on the deformed side. That head…have you looked at it? Both of these women could have done better.

    • I agree. He was just an average looking man. This whole situation is just sad.

      • I find it very sad that people are fixated on his looks. Physical appearance should not even be a part of this. Maybe, just maybe, Denita loved him for the man he was when he was with her. It is sad that you think that because of how you perceive his appearance that he was not good enough for her. I personally do not know him, but I do not believe this aspect should be even thought of.

  145. Any updates on Shannon? I believe we can help her

    • I have not heard anything about her and honestly, I don’t expect to. She was convicted and sentenced to LWOP. I don’t know what help you think she needs, but here, we focus on the victim, not the killer.

      And yes, I believe she is guilty and right where she belongs.

  146. I believe that Shannon acted alone. Evidence and witnesses are the key to freedom. And with the concrete evidence this key open up the cell which cost her ..her freedom.

  147. Sad sad

  148. Prayers are for both family’s we just watched the movie an I think he is the one that killed that poor girl an blamed everything on Shannon it’s a shame that she’s in prison and he’s on the streets an I Google it an in 2011 he’s a cop in Cobb county in GA an married an has a son I honestly think he done it an not Shannon an judges an prosecutors does judge ppl an they hold things bck that clears ppl cause they don’t want to look stupid he made his voice high pitch on the recording an I pray one day he is found an charged an Shannon gets to be reunited with her family an kids there is too many ppl in prison that have been wrongly accused I agree with her cousin Geri an I will be writing Shannon cause I believe she did not do this

  149. The Shannon Crawleys of the world, female and male, are the reason cheating is never ok! Countless lives, including the life of this beautiful and innocent young woman, was violently taken from her for something she knew nothing about. Her dreams, aspirations, and life are over! That makes me angry! While I do not believe Jermier Stroud was a willing accomplice to her death, his cheating caused the entire situation. Denita is dead and he’s married with a son; a life Denita will never have a chance at. There is a special place in hell for Shannon Crawley and Jermier Stroud better walk a clean, Godly line to try and make some type of ammends to Denita and her family. I didn’t know Denita Smith, but her death has affected me because she was an innocent in a filthy situation. May God keep her close and bless her family.

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