Lentz family murder 1/11/2007 Janesville, WI *Danyetta Lentz and her 2 children found murdered in their home*

Lentz Family

Danyetta Lentz, 38
Nicole Lentz, 17
Scott Lentz, 14

A Triple Murder You May Have Missed (EXCELLENT SOURCE by Steve Huff)
The Lentz Family Murders – Investigators Look At MySpace (an update by Steve Huff)
Woman, Two Children Found Dead In Mobile Home Near Janesville
Autopsies Scheduled For Murdered Janesville Family
Autopsies Complete In Janesville Triple Homicide
Examiners Cite ‘Complex Homicidal Violence’ In Triple Slaying
Authorities Continue Investigating Rock Township Triple Homicide
Authorities Piece Together New Clues In Rock County Triple Murder
Lab Testing DNA In Rock County Triple Slaying
Investigators Examine Teen’s Internet Activity For Clues In Triple Slaying
Memorial Fund Set Up After Triple Murder in Janesville
Detectives Rule Out Ex-Husband, Boyfriend In Triple Slaying
Investigators Examine Murder Victim’s Internet Activity
Janesville Authorities Report “Progress” In Triple Homicide
News Archive: Lentz Family murders

4 Responses

  1. thats so horrrible there poor family

  2. thats so horrid that had to happen
    no one deserves to be taken away so early
    The man who did this to you guys
    will soon be put away..
    danny,nicole,and scott.

  3. nikki lentz i miss you so much it really sucks that your not around anymore people wish you were here and you wornt suposto be gone we all miss you much and wish you were her


  4. i was good friends with nicole,and i cant believe someone in my family did this to her.i cry inside everytime i think about this tragedy .

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