• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Channon Christian and Chris Newsom murder 1/6/2007 Knoxville, TN *Four men in custody for their murders*


Suspicious Death Investigation
Police look for missing woman after boyfriend found murdered
Marshals: Rape, Murder, Kidnapping Charges Considered
Body Identified as Channon Christian
Chris Newsom is Laid to Rest
Family and Friends Remember Channon Christian
Funeral Arrangements for Channon Christian Announced
Friends of Christian and Newsom Share Thoughts
4th Arrest in Tennessee Couple’s Slaying
Four men charged in Knoxville double murder investigation
Double Murder Suspects Face Judge
Federal complaint against Lemaricus Davidson sheds light on murder investigation
Updated: Double Murder Timeline of Events
Statement from Christian family



178 Responses

  1. If these are indeed the perpetrators….then I hope they really, really suffer for a long, long time. I really can’t think of a punishment that is too severe for them. I’m against killing, but I certainly think that if anyone deserves to be tortured, burned and killed it would be these guys. I’d like to think that maybe they would be consumed by their own consciences and would go through a living hell, but they obviously lack one of those.

  2. I pro-forgiveness, anti-death penalty and diehard liberal. However, the murders of Chris and Channon have left me stunned. Any murder is cause for feeling sick, but for some reason this one has put me over the edge. I can’t believe I am going to say this but here goes:

    If these men are indeed guilty: may they be sentenced to life and on at least one occassion surrounded by attackers twice their size and weight, beaten, gang raped repeatedly, humiliated, left to fear for their lives and begging for mercy.

    May they live long lives and have that experience burned in their memories to torment them every worthless second they breathe.

  3. Senseless murders…I hope that God has mercy on their souls…

  4. To think these two young people only wanted to have a date! Why should the scum bags that did this get a life sentence ?Let them stay in prison long enough to get what they did to this poor girl, May God NOT have mercy on thier souls as I dont think they have one left, may they rot in hell for eternity and see the faces of Channon and Chris face every awaken moment that is left of thier sick life!

    And may God Bles you Channon and Chris, I know the two of you are together in Heaven.

    Steve Hurley

  5. I think it’s time we take a hard look at our justice system. Again this is a case of repeat crimes. Justice can only be the death sentence for the one’s involved. I would favor a public hanging in this case. Maybe that will open the eyes of some future criminals. Anything our justice system comes up with will take to long and please no plea deals in this case.

    My deepest sympathy and prayors go to the families of Chris and Channon.

  6. Haven’t read any massive coverage about this “Hate Crime” in the national media. Just imagine what the outcry would have been had the races of victims and perpetrators been reversed.

  7. I am one that believes in the basic good of humanity, and that forgiveness should be cultivated in all situations. Truly this crime has made me doubt what I believe about criminal justice. I am disgusted to live in the same city that this crime took place, because it doesn’t sound like my hometown. I am disgusted that people other than the perpetrators were aware that Channon was in that house at a time when they could have acted to help her but did not. I am sad to say that they could kill these men five times over and I would still feel that their penance was not nearly enough. I pray for the souls of these men, because I think they will be in big trouble when they face our creator. God saw what they did to Channon and Chris. I pray for the families, and that they will have the courage to make it through these bleak days. Channon and Chris are in a place where no one can hurt them again.

  8. i believe if we have stiffer punishment to people like this this kind of thing would never happen give them the death penalty and do it as they did thier victoms it will end all the violant acts uppon everyone if it was carried out in every case in that manner to forgive somone of such crimes is lying to yourself because in your heart the worse thing you can do to somone is take thier lives all they are and all they ever were to be gone in a instant without regret now forgive that i dont forgive i never forget

  9. Typical monkeys being the savage animals that they are. Blacks are only about 15% of the population in America, yet almost 65% of crimes are committed by the filthy, uneducated gorillas. They murdered two people that would have made a positive difference in this world. We should exterminate them all. Oh yeah, screw the liberal media for not covering this story more and the judges who let these monkeys roam free. I do wish the best for Channon and Chris’ families.

  10. Perhaps this tragic turn of events may encourage the perposternous of christians everywhere. As is irrevicably demonstrated in this animalistic attack against two unfortunate individuals, god has no control over life and or death. I would love to confront the christian bible thumper that can explain this tragedy with the ignorant response”god is in control”, “it was their time”, “god must have needed them in heaven, more than here on earth”. “it was his will”. I sincerely believe if a tragedy of these proportions does not open the millions of christians eyes to their unrealistic and brainwashed ideals than nothing will. The christian community has become a slave to the bible’s ludicrous testimonies. Our culture is a simple mindedness of minions and deceipt of thousands of years of justification for “evilness”. I refuse to believe that human decency can be attained through prayer, attending church, or the fear of judement based on a heaven and hell. The christian community needs to grow some balls, why would any intelligent individual pray for the souls of these five mongrols? Society needs to reliqiush their simpleton views of animals like these. they have become a mass of individuals so blinded by their religion, they have lost all grips and states of reality. These tragic murders carry nothing more than what has taken place for millions of years. The animalistic actions that christians have carried out against non-believers, the holocoust, slavery, the kkk, and the unwarrented belief in civilized culture that the afroamerican society is still repressed by the caucasions of the world. Had this crime been of white people perpertrating a black couple the city would have been consumed by riots, but instead the soul loving chritian community has turned this into a case of religion and pity for maggots that should have never been born. Go, go, go, you pro-lifers you. And for the fool and his followers that believe in the almighty “purpose driven life” , that god had a purpose for you before you were conceived, I demand you take a look at the millions of people being murdered and delibertly starved in third world countries. I guess god has a purpose for these battered and forlorn individuals? If I ever met the morons of this insane piece of literture I would feel compelled to knock some sense into their shrunken heads. Simply stated, people have the simplest of tasks to be either decent or animals. It’s all just a simple matter of choice. As in right now I could choose to piss my future away by purchasing a high powered rifle, state of the art long distance scope, become proficiant at using my weapon of choice on my own land, and position myself to blow the brains out of these niggers and any law enforcement/government personnel that so foolishly attempted to protect them in the name of god and or the law. These varmits do not require the light of day or oxygen in which to sustain life. But I choose not to do so, not for fear of punishment, judgement, or retribution, simply for the fact that I am counting on the prison population to take care of things in their own humanitarium way. The bible thumpers of the world should take a long hard look at their conceptions of justice and realize you have to thin the heard. Pro-lifers, anti-death penalty advocates, grow a spine and deliver what these useless examples of life deserve. Relentless torment, inhuman treatment, and the closest thing to hell they can receive on earth. Because the thought of a judegment day for these motherfuckers can be guaranteed here and now, with no consideration of their “Souls” now or ever. How could childish views of right and wrong ever be condusive to these bastards and bitch. I welcome any response to the belief’s in this blog. Christians around the world wake up and smell the bullshit, god has no power over life or death, it’s all just a matter of luck. And finally why do you allow an unfounded religous conspiracy to dictate your behavior? Are you that mentally manipulative that you believe god will somehow punish them in an afterlife, more justibly so that we could here on earth. These hideous crimes of rape, torture and inexplicable cruelness can only be dealt with here on earth. Not at some mystical gate of mercy in the so-called afterlife. I beg you not as minions of a religion, but as believers of consequence, stand up for these two precious individuals in the name of humanity instead of a so called merciful god.

  11. see above paragragh, i typed it in this stupid comment box.

  12. Why is nobody talking about the “woman” [subhuman] who did nothing to save Channon, who actually saw Channon alive, bound and captured in that house, after poor Channon had been carjacked, kidnapped, and witnessed her boyfriend shot and killed.? This “woman” [subhuman] saw Channon alive in the house as she was being tortured, raped and killed… having her mouth washed out with a household cleaning fluid!!!! This other [subhuman] woman did not go to the police to report her observation of a torture-in-action. She could have saved Channon’s life. This “woman” was undoubtedly coerced to confesss about the torture to Channon she witnessed to save her pathetic self from arrest as an accessory to 46 plus felony counts of murder- rape and kidnap.

    I have been having nightmares and unable to eat for 3 days
    I have been praying to get these images out of my head.
    Cleaning that poor baby girl’s mouth out with cleaning fluid?
    May Lord Jesus help Channon’s family and help me deal with this. WHAT?

    I have been praying for Channon and her boyfriend, and crying like I knew them. I did not. I cannot imagine what these families are going to go through, having to deal with
    a criminal trial with monsters like these.

    These perpetrators must be put to death. The people who killed the musician in Richmond, Virginia and his entire family
    last New Year’s Eve must be put to death, too. I am now, after many years of naivete, totally in favor of the death penalty.

    There is no sociologist or psychologist that can come up with
    any good excuse to me for not killing these types of criminals.

  13. These disgusting good for nothing monsters should be castrated as punishment. This will give a clear message to other scum that these kinds of crimes won’t be tolerated in this country. We could also send them to an Iraq prison were they’ll be given what they deserve.

  14. As an American I am sickened by this act of barbarism in my home town.
    I don’t think we have a punishment to fit a crime like this.

    Anything short of the death penalty for all involved would be a serious miscarriage of justice.

  15. Why waste the money on castration? I do believe that if ever there was a good case for the death penalty, this one is it. I live in Knoxville and have been following this case. Is it me, or is someone shot or stabbed in Knoxville every night lately? Big crime is happening in our neighborhood now.

  16. All you people who say you are against the death penalty, consider this:

    If these guys are put in prison, then they will continue to rape. You need to really understand this. The fact is, people who are predators on the outside will also be predators on the inside.

    Read the book, “You Are Going To Prison” by Jim Hogshire. Once you read that, you will understand what I am talking about. These animals will pick on weak people in prison who are unable to defend themselves, usually young white males. I’m just telling you how it is.

    This brings up a whole other question about how are prisons are run. If you are not able to handle yourself against really scary dangerous people- murderers, rapists, etc. , and you get sent to prison for say, not paying your taxes, you will be raped by guys just like this.

    Now back to these guys. We need a special extra category for people like this:

    1. Not Guilty
    2. Guilty
    3. You gotta be kidding me?

    If people (like Richard Allen Davis in California) fall into Category 3, and there’s absolutely no doubt whatsoever that they committed the crime, then the following happens:

    They are given one appeal, which must begin within one year of their original conviction. The appeal cannot last more than six months. After the appeal, they are taken out of the courtroom and executed the following day at dawn. Period, end of story.

    And in the meantime, pass a federal law, saying anyone who get sent to prison, stays in a single cell for the entire time, on their own. One hour’s exercise a day. No contact with other prisoners at all. That’ll end all this rape and beating that goes on in prison. Like thje border guards who got sent to prison for shooting the drug smuggler at the U.S. Border with Mexico. One of them was savagely beaten the other night by scumbags like these guys. Probably raped too.

    God Bless poor Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom and their families.

  17. What is funny is most of the young white girls out there could care less about this, and will continue to date these monkeys.

    This is tiring, we all know what needs to be done and yet we continue on everyday and let these monkeys have their way. We allow them to soak up our welfare system, pollute our streets with their criminal acts. We tolerate the appointment of judges that set these scum free, and entertain and rule against lawsuits that would insure the separation of this kind of trash from our society and in our prisons.

    If this was my daughter or my son, I know what I would have to do.

  18. These filthy subhuman pieces of monkey shit need to be given the death penalty. Anything less, and a mob of angry White vigilantes needs to storm the courthouse and string these savages up!

  19. let’s see. …….Hum where did you say the four lived , well cut off thier heads put them on sticks in front of the courthouse…. and say below them on a post you kill ..plain and simple this is what you get …not life in prison with a bed at night, food when your hungry, cable tv when your bored, a weight room for a better body, education to expand your mind ,sorry muther fuckers you just do’t qualify!! and i do somewhat feel for the families of the guilty ..hopefully they contribute ,,but we are all born with choices.. My heart goes to the families of Christian and Newsome….and by the way why did I only hear of this 4 weeks after the fact. and my God just an hour from Knoxville..humm….more news about Anne( bimbo ) Nicole -Smith …like who cares?


  21. Wow, I don’t think any other race is capable of such monstrosity. Damn. Blacks representing yet again.

  22. Holla, keepin it real on the low IQ boogy man tip. Ngger

  23. Remember one thing savages, this is precisely why…even in 20 years your grandchildren will still be kept down and away from the real privileges. Whitey knows about your ngger savage genetics.

  24. Its a shame indeed, my condolences to the victims families.
    Does anyone have a link that says what exactly happened to the victims bodies before and after their deaths? Need this for my Criminal Justice class.

  25. It’s time to wake up folks. This is a race problem.

  26. Glad to see you good people calling it exactly what it is. There are countless blogs on these murders and seems everyone talking about it insists IT ISN’T a race issue.
    The 14 Words echo in my head and their sacred meaning has never been as clear as it is now.


  28. I hope these four rot in hell. Let’s hear it liberals. Momma didnt love them enough when they was younginz right? They should be released and shit right?

  29. Why isn’t this story all over the national news? One black stripper accuses white men of rape and it’s all over the news. A white couple is murdered in a savage manner and not a peep out of the liberal news!

  30. How is it that a month after this travesty happened, the U.S. mainstream media HAS STILL NOT raised this story to any type of national prominence? AS AN AMERICAN, I AM OFFENDED! AS A CHRISTIAN I AM OUTRAGED! We all remember the name “James Byrd, Jr” from Jasper, Texas. The media made absolutely certain we would all remember that name forever when three white savages picked up James Byrd, Jr., beat him, chained him to the back of a pick-up truck and dragged him three miles to his death. Yet when black savages perpetrate an equally or more heinous double murder of whites, most of the nation hasn’t even heard about it? Why the double standard in news coverage? In case you haven’t been paying attention, the U.S. “mainstream media” has their own agenda. They deliberately skew the stories they carry and how they carry them to mold and shape the way WE THINK. Their silence on this story is DAMNING! Add this story to the list of proof the National news media is no longer an objective bastion of truth, it is a propaganda machine that deserves to be exposed for what it has become.

    According to God’s law these savages should be put to DEATH. I have no tolerance or sympathy for this kind of behavior, or those brain dead among us who defend it.

  31. Honestly, why haven’t we heard more about this? This is a story worth reporting and it seems to be back page. Like another person posted on this site – I’ve lost sleep after reading this story and the double standard that seems to be in place is making me sick. Maybe the parents will make some noise about this and I hope that they do. This story as difficult as it will be to show needs to be told because it’s a prime example of our society failing and the further slip with regard to the value of a life. There isn’t a day that goes by now where you don’t hear about someone losing their life over nothing. Here is another one.

    Oh and for the record I hope they all get fried. They don’t deserve to live after what they’ve done and we know they did it.

  32. “If these men are indeed guilty: may they be sentenced to life and on at least one occassion surrounded by attackers twice their size and weight, beaten, gang raped repeatedly, humiliated, left to fear for their lives and begging for mercy.”

    That would be nice, however, these men are certain to be prison rapISTS themselves. They should certainly be executed, if indeed they are the perpetrators.

  33. This was an anti-white hate crime. This kind of attack occurs all over the place but our media will refuse to cover it. A black woman makes up a rape case and its STILL being covered by CNN. This case barely made a footnote on their page for less than a day. Our sick twisted society has made whites feel guilty for the color of our skin. Because of slavery, something of which hasnt happened in ANY blacks lifetime who is alive today.

    Where is the NAACP or ADL to plead for the victims of this HATE CRIME? Oh thats right they arent concerned with the civil rights of whites no matter how innocent they may be. Blacks everywhere are going to push peaceful whites into violent action against them.

    Until we have a group speaking for white people the way the naacp does for blacks, they will continue to trample upon our life liberty and persuit of happiness.

    Like one poster said Could you imagine the headlines if 5 white people found a black couple kidnapped them brutally raped them, tortured them, fed chemicals to them?

    Our media would have a feeding frenzy so fierce even the death of princess diana, anna nicole, and britneys hair wouldnt compare. Wake up white people non whites dont like us they never will. In fact they want us dead, every one of us. Better ARMED THAN HARMED!!

  34. I would just like to say that this has really disturbed me to the upmost. I have never meet this two individuals but I feel as though I have lost something because of never knowing them personally. I pray for both of their families on a daily basis along with hope that those who did this to them will in return feel the same if not worse pain and fear that Channon and Christopher must have been feeling. I will forever keep their memories alive in me. I will always keep their families in my heart and prayers. May God be with you and your pain become somewhat bearable.

  35. This is definitely a case for public lynching. These subhumans need to be put back in their place.

  36. This is an example of the New Age American Government and the jew controlled puppets who are their mouth pieces.
    The American Public should educate themselves about the facts of todays society and realize that the nigger is just the symptom and tool; whereas, the jew is the true problem that we are facing within this New Age jew Controlled Society.

  37. DONT let this happen to YOU or your loved one!…if you are carjacked, DO NOT LET YOURSELF BE TAKEN to a SECONDARY LOCATION…even if it means CRASHING your car or getting SHOT — you will have a better chance of survival if seriously injured in public then at the mercy of animals like these…
    ….remember, if they JUST wanted your car, they would steal an empty parked one – CARJACKING is often about RAPING & MURDERING – not theft!!!


  39. This comment is directed at Rhonda. How ignorant can you be to take a case like this and turn it around as an attack on Christians and on God as well? You clearly do not understand the Truth. The Truth is this: that God let satan be the ruler over this world. Man sinned and now he is living in a sinful world. God cares, but he does not come down and intervene in every situation. He will come back and there will be ultimate victory over sin. Grow up, get educated on the truth, and quit throwing blame at God and at Christians. You’re very ignorant.

  40. Karen and Rhonda,

    Please remember that not all people in this world believe in God or are Christians and then there are many that do. This is NOT the place to debate religion or spiritual beliefs, nor to tear down anyone for their beliefs. A person is not horrible if they are a Christian, and on the flip side, a person is not horrible if they are not Christian. It really bothers me to see people judge others like this, mostly because they believe what they believe is the only truth and there is no room in the world for those who don’t believe the same. That is the real ignorance.

  41. bmp,
    If you will re-read my message, you will see that it is NOT a debate about God and Christianity. It is a direct question to Rhonda as to why she is directing her bitterness, anger and hate toward God and Christians. A fair and a direct question. I don’t see the word ‘horrible’ in there anywhere. If you can find it, I will recant. But you will not. And where is the judgement in there also? Please point that out, and also, I will recant. Just the mere mention of God brings people to think they are being judged. Amazing. The reason for that is that somewhere deep inside all of us, we know the Truth about God, right and wrong, and we get angry and defensive when it is pointed out. You all can believe what you want, in the end, the Truth will prevail. I am in good standing with God. It would be my advisement that you would get there too. If not, and you love the darkness more than you love light, in the end and for eternity, you will have only darkness. It will be too late. As for these two kids and what happened to them, what a tragedy. If they knew God, they are in heaven. I pray that they did. I do not pray for these cold blooded killers as you think all Christians are doing. Instead, I wish only for justice, as most Christians do. Justice will prevail and that is God’s determination what it will be. You can be assured that justice will prevail, in this world or the next. God’s timing. Not ours. Good luck.

  42. The moral of all this? I keep my Glock cocked and ready in the console.

  43. I follow the news closely (on the internet especially and TV), and I cannot believe that I am only hearing about this story today (Sat. Feb 24).

    I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more horrified and sickened by a crime like this one. It is just absolutely mindboggling that our media does not cover this like it would undoubtedly if the races were reversed.

    I feel so much pain for the families and friends of those that knew these two victims. I am the same age as them and I honestly wonder if I should carry a firearm now.

    Just pure senseless crime. I’m certain that they will have painful time in prison, as even prisoners have more of a soul than these slimy murderers/rapists. Prison justice will likely supercede our justice system. (ie Jeffrey Dahmer type situation).

  44. The fact that we are just seeing this (on the internet) shows the absolute bias of the MSM – mainstream media. And to carry a firearm is a part of one’s God-given right to defend oneself. If you are questioning it, look more closely at this incident and think, gee, if these two were carrying, would they still be alive? Statistics say yes. The statistics that the anti-gunnies don’t want you to see. And just remember, if you are in a a state full of anti-gunnies(think liberals who don’t believe you should be able to defend yourself against monsters like these), it is better to be judged by a jury of 12 of your peers than carried out in a box by 6 of your peers.

  45. Such a terrible crime, my heart goes out to the families of the victims. I agree the media has kept this quiet, had the colors been reversed no one would have known Anna Nicole passed. Here in the North East its as if it had never happened. The way I heard of it was because someone mentioned what had happened on a forum. They do not deserve prison thats an element they will grow in. A public lynching at the very least, live coverage….They deserve the same, true justice would make an example of them.

  46. Karen,

    I have had this story on here since Jan. 14, right after it happened, and I have updated several times. And will continue to update as anything new appears. All of the TN newspapers and TV stations have had stories on this from the beginning also. Maybe not alot of bloggers have done much, but that I can’t say why.

  47. Dear bmp,
    thanks for your focus on this incident in your blog. I had never seen your blog until I was emailed an article about this terrible crime. And I am pretty in-tune with things that are happening in this country. But, I must say, I have been focusing on some other political matters that are pressing on this country. I am concerned. Thank you again and Lord help us all.

  48. These animals posing as human beings should be sent to a Guantanamo Bay where they shoould be deprived of everything for what this inflicted on this innocent couple.Then and only when they are brain dead to be released to ensure that they will never harm another human being again.I never have nighhtmares from things I come across but this is so bad I am having them during the day anytime,anywhere.My heart goes out to their families and the loved ones they left behind.Their loss is indescribable under these horrific circumstances.

  49. In case you haven’t read it, further details are that these savage apes sodomized Chris Newsome, cut off his penis and set him on fire. Then after raping Channon for days, they poured cleanser in her mouth, cut off her breasts and urinated on her before they killed her. This would not have happened 60 years ago, because these simian primitives knew they’d be hanging burning from the nearest lamppost before they even got to the jail. Turns out out forefathers had it right. How many more of our precious people have to go through these outrages before we wake up to the fact that blacks have no place in a decent first world society. These bottom of the evolutionary pyramid dwellers are just intelligent enough to be dangerous.

  50. Reb,

    Are you actually saying that there are no decent black people in our country? If so, you are so sadly mistaken. There are good and bad people of every race. There have been horrible white people (Hitler, Ted Bundy, Gary Heidnick) horrible Asians (Charles Ng) and plenty more!

  51. look at the crime statistics or a daily newspaper. The Bundy’s and Ngs are relatively rare cases. These types of outrages (e.g. the Wichita horror) can be seen daily all over the country. Sure there are some decent blacks. But the fact is empirically, they are much more likely to engage in this type of savagery. Just look at Africa.

  52. Good thing those nuckas picked a state like TN to pull this shit it…Death penalty–coming up!


  53. Reb- Thanks for the details of the crime itself. I find it very interesting that this is not a hate crime.

    Truly horrible what happened to these two young people.

    I’m sure there will be some bleeding heart that will find compassion for these animals.

    Desecration of their bodies and the torture they endured are truly horrible. I wish their families the best of luck in the healing process….because it will be a long one.

  54. Reb,

    I do understand what you are saying, although honestly, I don’t believe the statistics would prove quite what you want to see. There are more white people out there doing these than you want to believe, apparently.

    However, I find it inexcusable for ANY person of ANY race to commit these kinds of horrors. I strongly believe in the death penalty and I hope every single day that all of the people in this case are sentenced to death and have it happen.

    However, you did not answer my question, which was basically a yes or no question.

  55. I see the Virginia Legislature just voted to apologize for slavery. When do WE get an apology? I’m sick of spineless groveling white politicians who are just as responsible for this atrocity as the perpetrators.

  56. Zoltan,

    Those details have been prevously posted in several articles I linked to at the beginning, including the warrants. I do not post them constantly due to the fact that the families and friends of the victims read my blog and I will not make them see that constantly. I hope you can understand that. They live with this daily and do not need to read it all the time either.

    As for the hate crime, I personally not sure how I feel, as I believe ALL crime, especially rape, murder, torture, etc, is out of hate, so it makes ALL crimes hate crime. But that is me personally.

  57. ….I need more details of this incident, this horrable incident..I don’t need to hear racist evil bull shit……..It is hear breaking enough, without people clouding the facts..with racist diatribes……those 4 men ,the perpatrators should of been in the miltary, they look military age, too bad they ruined there lives…..too bad, for the victum. would love to know how these four men got hold of the vitums in the first place…How can we protect ourselves?
    It is not always convient to pack a side arm

  58. Dorothy,

    Here are the links to all of my posts on this crime. Some include the warrants, which have alot of detail to them:

    latest update

  59. Why should these feral savages be in the military? give them training to make them more effective?

  60. Reb- I certainly understand the family’s concerns and appreciate your compassion. As you know this is not a National case for some reason and I am not at all familiar with all of the details.

    I also agree that all the categories that you listed are in fact hate crimes, however it is the ‘extra’ consideration that some crimes receive automatically introduce the death penalty (Especially Federal). In this case the Death Penalty is certainly appropriate, but I am concerned that the extra level of will not be applied here. Reb- I’m sorry that this case has created so many victims beyond Chris and Channon, but all murder cases create extra victims.

    Thank you for your understanding and if I am able to assist you in anyway, please feel free to contact me through my site. I wish the Families the Best of Luck in their quest for Justice.

  61. I apologize, I meant to address that last comment to bmp1213.

  62. This is just another symptom of a decadent society in its death throes, where the majority has neither the authority or the willpower to effect any sort of change. All most are interested in is their latest lay, their bottle of beer, or what ball team is currently at the top of the roster.

    As a man who has observed the “african american” animals in action firsthand, I submit that nothing can be done to civilize these uncontrollable savages.

    I am certain that a young girl of fifteen years named Amanda Maynard would agree with me, had she not been slaughtered by yet another “african american” savage over a year ago.

    Some hand-wringing fools have remarked that a “god” should have mercy on their collective “souls”. Obviously there was no god on hand to have the slightest bit of mercy on Channon and Christopher; let alone young the Amanda heretofore mentioned, all they do now is decompse in the ground, nothing more.

    So much for god – such stupid, superstitious beliefs make me laugh sarcastically; it is patently evident to those who think that such a being does not exist and never did.

    Now, as for the disposition of the murderous negro deviates in question: They should be at first raped repeatedly for hours on end, then mutilated and urinated upon, then, shot and left where they lay to die from their injuries.

    That, friends, would be true JUSTICE.

  63. Teutonic measures are far too kind for the likes of these creatures. The only justice that can come is the awakening of my people. Will we forever be too late to save our own? Will we ever allow ourselves to see what is put in front of us? This is a matter of race and if we fail to realize this, everything that we have worked for will one day be gone forever.

  64. william…AMEN!!!!! when will whites wake up???

  65. Regarding the feds dropping charges:
    A better example would be that of Terry Nichols who has stood trial in the federal jurisdiction and is now facing trial in the state jurisdiction. Depends upon the will of the charging agencies and we know that whites are a low priority when it comes to state or federal monies. Don’t think they aren’t counting the beans in this case.

  66. It is mind boggling how I just heard about how these animals murdered these 2 young white persons over a month and a half after it happened. This story never made the papers or news in New York but god forbid if the races were reversed. No Al Sharptons, NAACP, Civil Rights lawyers or any of these Hollywood liberals have come forward to denounce this disgusting crime. Why, because the victims were white and all these phonie racists care about is making headlines showing their support for the poor black man who never got a chance or was shot by the police. I am surprised the news hasnt shown the usual graduation photos that always surface after these animals get arrested. Oh, and one more thing. There should be a rally/protest to show your support for these families and your disdain for these savages but unfortunately us white people rarely organize one.

  67. Couldn’t help thinking about the academy-award winning film Crash, with its two loveable carjackers.

    The film features a white policeman sexually molesting a black woman, not black carjackers raping and murdering a white woman and murdering her boyfriend.

    And Hollywood says they just hold up a mirror to society.

    review of film here:

  68. After spending some time in new orleans, I learned a lot about human nature, especially black human nature, as new orleans is 70% black. Because I am white, i was discriminated against, everything was my fault. I remember black on white a few times in the news. Figured it was probably drug related, but now I am not so sure, blacks they want to “GET BACK” at us whiteys. they call us crackers, but WE call them nggas then itis racist. In orleans, most of them blacks are on welfare in one form or another, the get public housing, They have a louisiana purchase card for their groceries…. They are kinda like a pack of wild dogs, you know how dogs get, they become feral, wild, that is how these “minorities” get they go back to their roots, they got a taste of blood at an early age perhaps, i don’t know. My feelings really changed about minorities and blacks especially after coming back from orleans. Nggas they will try to set you up, they make it look like your fault, they will take advantage whenever possible, and they are very much into drama and revenge. I learned this on my trip down there, and I won’t forget it either.

  69. Dorothy,
    Don’t lecture us for being “evil” and “racist”. The only evil ones are these 4 SUBHUMANS. Don’t refer to them as human. The country knew how to deal with these types in the past. Only extreme violence will solve this mess.

  70. Laurence Auster had an interesting comment on his blog about how this would not have happened in pre 1960 America, especially the South, because frankly whites were on guard about just this very sort of thing. With “civil rights” all the controls were removed and we see the predictable results. Separation is the only answer. Let natural selection take it’s course. Don’t throw 50,000 years of OUR evolution down the drain.

  71. I’m not shocked by this at all. The fact is most crimes against Whites by Blacks are dismissed as typical crimes, when in fact most of them are of a vicious racist nature. Our own govenment turns a blind eye to justice when it’s Whites that are the Victims of hate crimes. Our society is conditioned to accept discrimination against Whites as acceptable today and our own govenrment is condoning and making laws that specifically discriminate against White people. Affirmitive Action and many other laws typically give special privileges to specific races and in essence punish White people for being born White. If the reverse were done and Whites were given special privileges every Black Race Hustler in America would be howling about it and calling for riots on Washington DC.

  72. I would like to know where Al Sharpton and the REVEREND Jesse Jackson are in all of this? If the Reverend really IS a God fearing man as he claims to be…justice would be his first priority. They are nothing more than thugs in suits!!

    Those two precious kids deserve justice, and I would like to know why the media hasn’t put any of this on??? I am from the Knoxville area, and I know how this has been publicized. I can’t believe the Duke thing got as much coverage as it did and it was all lies…and this is SO sorry to say…the TRUTH and nobody is wanting to touch it. Is it because the kids were white? Does it make what happened to them less of a crime BECAUSE they were white? I am OUTRAGED!!

    Thank you for putting up this blog in their memory, it seems that is the only justice the family of these beautiful kids will ever see is that other people care enough to say something….just to remember them.

    God Bless the family and friends of these kids, and God bless them. I am so sorry for what they went through. My eyes are filled with tears that cannot do a thing to help them now. I can’t believe someone knew this was going on and didn’t stop it. I would love to get hold of all of them for five minutes. That’s all it would take. God help that family!

  73. I have a memorial page for them on my forum if anyone would like to see it. I hope you don’t mind…I posted this blog on my forum. I am so saddened that even CNN hasn’t reported this. I wrote to them and asked them why, I never got a response. I will never look at their website or watch the CNN Channel again.

    God Bless us all, we are headed for a very long and horrible ride in this country I’m afraid.

  74. a long and horrible ride ..only because whites..descendants of Europeans have become aracial drones. afraid to oppose the importation of thrid worlders for fear of being called racist,.afraid to even survive…of course you wont get a response from CNN..or the others..Trust in God..but keep your powder dry…as in stock up on guns and ammo.

  75. Call them what they are….kill them in a slow brutal way as they have done….rape them multiple times……this is why capital punishment should be set in all states and now. these guys do not deserve to live. and others will die if we do not kill the killers. May the souls of the two victims and their families be in peace.

  76. William Rigel Says:
    February 26th, 2007 at 9:19 pm
    Teutonic measures are far too kind for the likes of these creatures. The only justice that can come is the awakening of my people. Will we forever be too late to save our own? Will we ever allow ourselves to see what is put in front of us? This is a matter of race and if we fail to realize this, everything that we have worked for will one day be gone forever.

    Reb Says:
    February 26th, 2007 at 9:23 pm
    william…AMEN!!!!! when will whites wake up???

    I disagree William and Reb. There are good black people. would you hold a knife to the throat of the asian race if it were a group of Asians? These are bad people who happen to be black and they need to die, not the whole race. And yes there are many like them still on the streets. If you wish to form a group to do what the courts and lawyers will not do …. then you are on target.

  77. Just more thugs taking innocent lives of 2 kids with bright futures. I say executing all who were involved, would be doing us all a favor.

  78. Dave Says:
    “would you hold a knife to the throat of the asian race if it were a group of Asians? ”

    Dave, if Asians were, despite consisting of only about 20 percent of the population, committing 7 times the number of rapes and other violent crimes against Whites as vice versa then you damn well better believe I would. The crime stats do not lie. The liberal MSM is only fanning the flames of justifiable hatred in Whites by ignoring the atrocities being committed against us in ever increasing numbers. Thanks to the Internet thinking Whites have access to the truth. Our ancestors were far more realistic and observant than us and understood the true nature of the proto-human african negro and wisely kept them separate and unequal. Our biggest failing was in not forcibly repatriating them to the motherland when we had no further need of them. Events like this are painful for all Whites, but will help us in the long run in re-discovering our collective backbones so that we can roll up our sleeves and get on the road to taking this once great country back. This is all coming from a once brainwashed multi-cultural liberal. Its funny how reality can drop the blinders from a persons’ eyes. The sleeping White giant is beginning to rouse from its self-imposed politically correct slumber…and our response is going to be terrible indeed when it finally comes.

  79. Everyone check out this site that compiles little known black on White hate crimes. Pay special attention to the case of Melissa McLaughlin who was “a young White woman, was kidnapped by a group of 7 Blacks who raped her for several hours. Her abductors then forced her to sit in a tub of bleach, and they skinned her alive with knives. This crime was never reported in the national news media, almost certainly because the killers were Black and the victim was White.”…sound familiar?

    Seems like this sort of thing is becoming a national pastime to the Orc-negros.

  80. The animals should be lynched.

    A Tree and a Rope is allthat is required.

    And people wonder why they’re called niggers.

  81. murder of whites by blacks in knoxville tn?
    christopher newsom and channon christain?
    i havent been over to knoxville in almost 3 years…while i was there working…i saw hardly any blacks…..was thinking i would like to live up there….has it changed that much?

  82. Craig:

    I have heard of Melissa just recently, and since you mentioned her, I researched it. Your facts are a bit off, it was 6 black men and 2 black women involved. I made a post on the case:

    Melissa McLauchlin

    It is very sad indeed. One is on death row, having had one stay. Joseph Martin Luther Gardner. Hopefully he will be up for execution soon.

  83. These niggers need to be stopped:

  84. As Far as Melissa is concerned..I had never read the story of how she agreed to screw 3 lay down with dogs,,you get up with fleas as my mom used to say. White whore got eaht she deserved

  85. and of course,,the Jew Press wont even mention it..but if an Israeli loses a fingernail while beating a palestinian

  86. Reb,

    No, she did not deserve that. No one deserves what happened to Melissa or Channon or Chris.

    Just because someone agrees to have sex, that does not mean that if they say they change their mind that it can continue. No means no. She obviously knew that it was going bad and wanted it to stop. Their intentions were to kill her in the first place, so it would not have mattered if she said no at the beginning.

  87. C’mon Reb..thats pretty harsh. I agree that she did stupidly put herself at risk playing with fire and all but she didn’t deserve to suffer like that. For all we know Melissa might have been just another brainwashed White person who believed the lies of the media and popular culture that was constantly shoving down her throat from childhood about how congroids are just like us and just different on the outside and that she shouldn’t fear and loathe them and that she should ignore her natural common sence instincts…thats why the MSM is doing its best to keep the lid on these incidents. The cracks in their multicultural tower of Babel are getting wider and more numerous with every abomination these creatures commit against us and the elites think they can keep us from arming ourselves with the truth. Pity for them that they no longer have a stranglehold on information anymore. Whites cannot under any circumstances allow negros into their lives in any way if they can help it. The silence of the media is just as bad as the torture murders if you ask me…how did we get to this point?

  88. Craig,,,on second thought I agree with you.

  89. This is Prophecy by the Late Rudyard Kipling.
    Read it carefully and slowly so it sinks in!



    It was not part of their blood

    It came to them very late

    With long arrears to make good,

    When the SAXONS began to hate,

    They were not easily moved,

    They were icy-willing to wait

    Till every count should be proved

    Ere the SAXONS began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low,

    Their eyes were level and straight,

    There was neither sign nor show,

    When the SAXONS began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd

    It was not taught by the State,

    No man spoke it aloud,

    When the SAXONS began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred,

    It will not swiftly abate

    Through the chilled years ahead

    When Time shall count from the date

    That the SAXONS began to hate.

    — by Rudyard Kipling

    In the name of Jesus Christ I command the death by stoning of the guilty in this crime!

  90. Why would any of you want to see these scurges of the earth live if convicted as guilty?

    They should all be put feet first into a meat grinder and lowered 1 inch every 15 minutes with alcohol pouring slowly over their bodies the entire time they are alive.

  91. Why wasn’t this in the news!

  92. Well folks, here’s yet another negro on White crime that this time was fortunately botched that you’ve probably never heard of either.

    “Steven Johnson shot and wounded three people and sprayed several others with kerosene while screaming, “White people are going to burn tonight.”

    Hopefully this black on White hate crime will result in a conviction that consists of more than a slap on the wrist like the Long Beach Holloween hate crime.

    New Nation News is a great place to get crime information in a decidedly un-pc format which most of you will find refreshing.

  93. From the same site:

    “White Highschool Student Was Strangled; Bond Denied To Two Black Suspects”

  94. When I think of multi-culturism, I think of the people who are fresh off of the boats causing problems, like the problems that are surfacing in Europe, but these people were Americans, correct?
    This is one of the most sickening crimes I have ever heard of, and I wish I had never heard of it, because I’m sure it will haunt me.

  95. My God!

    Why did I hear about this 2 months after the fact and only after it was sent to me via email?

    I know that thinking about what happened to these two individuals can cause rage and racism to well up to the surface but just remember that hideous crimes have been committed by whites on blacks in the past also.

    I do find it perplexing that it almost seems like a cover up by the media because of the fact it was black on white crime.

    This is a form of racism.

  96. If you want your voices heard… and/or for this case to get the coverage it deserves- go to COURTTV.COM. Then go to MESSAGE BOARDS. Then go to current Crimes- and find the site where people are talking about this case and urging CNN, Court TV- Nancy Grace etc. to cover it.

    Do read the rules of posting first- as if you write inappropiate things, they will throw you off from being able to post.

    This case needs National Exposure and I don’t care WHAT color or race the accused or the victims were. This is a terrible loss of 2 young Americans that should be covered by our Media… PERIOD.

  97. Whoops- on it’s under “Current Crimes” on the message board.

    Also to quickly find Message Boards on this large website, just scroll down to the very bottom after the page loads and you’ll see message boards there clearly.

  98. I don’t know why but i don’t feel sad at all, perhaps america has created so much hatred among different races. Einstein was quoted as saying that “racism is America’s greatest disease” so true!

  99. stuff it Buckley..that old “it’s racism” dog just won’t hunt anymore. Too bad this didn’t happen to you.

  100. Reb Says:

    “stuff it Buckley..that old “it’s racism” dog just won’t hunt anymore. Too bad this didn’t happen to you.”

    Well said Reb….I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes the negro savages do us Whites a great favor when they behave in their natural fashion, as in the case of that stupid liberal college student that was actually walking around in a negro ghetto a couple of years ago in NYC handing out money to a disabled ‘groid who was chased into traffic and killed by a pack of feral africans. The police refused to consider this a hate crime despite the fact that the negros were chanting “Get Whitey” and “Kill the Cracker” and only filed lesser charges. One can only hope fools like buckley will meet a similiar fate from his precious non-whites…talk about Karma ;o)

  101. Racist….Savage….Black….BEASTS!!!!

    In a word: PATHOLOGY

  102. Black racists love to bitch and whine that horriffic acts like these are “kharma” ,or “what go around,come around”, for Whites alledged brutalizing of blacks for what they claim is “FO’ HUNNID YEAHS” of “slavery”.

    So,when do Whites get apologies/reparations from blacks and their muslim “bruthuhs” for,at least, SIX HUNDRED YEARS of enslaving Whites from Italy, Spain, and all the way up to Iceland, by the Moors and the Ottoman Empire, in North Africa?

    Another history of slavery that you’ll never hear about on TV,or your so-called newspaper.

  103. Here is another example. Savage negro attacks 101 year old woman.

  104. Jeeezus. I didn’t know that ignorant, inbred KKK douchebags knew how to use the internet. What’d you do, sell your trailers to get you a computer from the local pawn shop? This crime would be a tragedy no matter who perpetrated it. That’s what you all fail to realise, and then want to turn this into some hate forum. Why don’t you quit making meth in your baby’s room and then hiding it in their diapers, and go get yourselves an EDUCATION. Personally I know many, many black people who would never consider doing such a thing. And hey, if you want to get down to it, why don’t you just guess which race, overall, perpetrates crimes against children, sexual and/or violent in nature? It’s not the blacks. So now what, bitches?

  105., what ah expressive vocabulary you have! What’s wrong with trailers? You’re obviously a pathetic liberal elitist who looks down on white people of modest means…not to mention a foul mouthed POS

  106. oh…btw, it’s spelled realize, not realise.

  107. What an expressive vocabulary I have??? You are one to talk. Yes, I am liberal…and of modest means, btw. However, I will leave the job of being a POS up to you, white-trash asshole. Nothing wrong with trailers, but..what? You don’t like the stereotyping? That is how I spell realising, ass, a lot of Canadian do, since you seem more concerned about my spelling than about white people having a higher child abuse/child molestation rate than blacks?

  108. Thank you for blogging this.

  109. BTW…we’re discussing the Channon Christian Media Blackout here:

  110. Oy, what is happening in our society with the blacks and
    the violence? These black boys should be stoned to death
    like in the Talmud. Shvartze bastards!

  111. What a nice memorial video I found. So touching, its.

  112. Question:

    “which race, overall, perpetrates crimes against children, sexual and/or violent in nature?”


    HISPANICS. See Amrerican Renaissance’s report “The Color of Crime” for some mindboggling statistics.

  113. Latinos view sex with children as natural, it’s a normal part of their culture and not a taboo topic as it is with whites. I learned this from personal experience, living and working among them for many years now- I didn’t get it from the internet..

    The black savages that slaughtered Channon and Chris are not special, only typical- death for them would only cap that tiny leak, not save us from the massive flood of such occurences that is coming our way.

    The solution?: Death to ALL blacks. Period. I don’t support deportation because the negroes are eating gorillas and otherwise demolishing their own continents incredible biology- negroes don’t belong in Africa, either.

  114. Thank you ancestors!!! They are the one’s that opened this whole bag of worms. They brought these savages to our land in the first place. For what??? To kill, rape, torture us.
    I hope these guys suffer like these two innocent people did. I hope they are tormented every day of their miserable lives. It is a good thing I’m not in charge, I would make Hitler look like charlie brown!!
    Justice will prevail….if not on earth, in hell!!!!!!!
    My prayers and good wishes go to the families of these two people and I say “Kill these niggers that are heartless”!!!!
    Blacks you should really be proud of your “Black History month”. PLEASE>>>>> WHere is “WHite history month”???
    We ARE NOT equal and never will be. THEY ALL BELONG IN AFRICA!!!! Savage beast!!!!

  115. Like others who have posted here, I was once a liberal. I grew up in the 1960’s and was a true believer in equality and brotherhood among the races. However, after several black on white crimes against my family, I finally woke up to the fact that we whites need to separate and have our own White Nation. In order to be safe and free from the continuing assault against our people, we have no other choice but to separate. By some of the posts I have read here, I know that I am not alone in my beliefs. The only question for me is- – how and when?
    As to what should happen to the perps…I say do as our ancestors would have done; that is, hang them publicly!

  116. red Says:
    March 11th, 2007 at 3:55 pm
    Jeeezus. I didn’t know that ignorant, inbred KKK douchebags knew how to use the internet. What’d you do, sell your trailers to get you a computer from the local pawn shop? This crime would be a tragedy no matter who perpetrated it. That’s what you all fail to realise, and then want to turn this into some hate forum. Why don’t you quit making meth in your baby’s room and then hiding it in their diapers, and go get yourselves an EDUCATION. Personally I know many, many black people who would never consider doing such a thing. And hey, if you want to get down to it, why don’t you just guess which race, overall, perpetrates crimes against children, sexual and/or violent in nature? It’s not the blacks. So now what, bitches?

    I can tell by your attitude and use of the word “bitches” that you are a lowly white whigger herd animal. You will most likely be killed and eaten by the very beasts you admire and go to bat for.
    You say you know lots of nigra’s that treats you jes fine? There is an ocean of sharks out there and very few of them ever attack humans but I do not trust any of them, and therefore, never go swimming with them. Get it whigger?

  117. So discrimination against black people is allowed by calling black people niggers, savaged etc.
    Then those 4 discriminating those 2 people isn’t allowed?

    Hate actually started it, and by reinforcing the barrier that exists, you’re just making it grow. If you make it grow, there will be more deaths. More deaths means more bitching.
    So just shut the fuck up and end the vicious cycle.

    This comment won’t be repled to again by me…i’m just surfing and thought i’d do my good deed of the day by attempting to see you people see sense.


  118. Are some of you crazy? This blog is about the brutal murders of two innocent kids by the lowest form of animal that exists. Stop turning it into a pissing match.

    I just received this story via email today and I had tears in my eyes before I finished reading the story. Being from New York, all we have heard about for the last few days in the news is about the 10 illegal animal aliens that were killed in a fire in the Bronx where 22 people were living in a two family house while the father/husband of his TWO wives was in Mali, Africa. You would think the President was dead with all of the media coverage and politicians making speeches and attending the funeral. Fuck them. I could care less about people who are here illegally…period. Meanwhile, another filthy animal executed two NYC Detectives in cold blood and the story was buried until they were convicted and then it was out of the news within a couple of days. He was tried and convicted in FEDERAL COURT because New York law prohibits the death penalty. WELCOME TO LIBERAL AMERICA.

    Yet, a story like this is buried by the mainstream media. I have already begun an email campaign to all of my friends, coworkers, clients and friends to bring this story to national attention. I have already emailed Bill O’Reilly and asked that his crew take a look at this story and get it front and center.

    People, get this story out there.

    Does anyone have the contact info for the local U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators, from Tennessee?? Let’s also get the local DA and the Federal prosecutor. Let’s bombard them with mail.

    These animals need to be tried, convicted, and put to death. They should be charged in Federal court for violating the civil rights of the Channon Christian and Chris Newsom.

    I only hope that they are now resting in peace and I can only hope that these savages suffer for all of eternity.

  119. # mr. Whiteman Says:
    March 13th, 2007 at 12:39 am
    I can tell by your attitude and use of the word “bitches” that you are a lowly white whigger herd animal. You will most likely be killed and eaten by the very beasts you admire and go to bat for.
    You say you know lots of nigra’s that treats you jes fine? There is an ocean of sharks out there and very few of them ever attack humans but I do not trust any of them, and therefore, never go swimming with them. Get it whigger?

    Listen, freakshow. You have no idea what you are talking about. Now go take that sister of your’s that you’ve been sleeping with behind your wife’s back and hitch a ride to the Jerry Springer show.

  120. Well it looks like more and more Whites are getting sick of Niggeroid brutality cover ups:;bp=t

  121. God it makes you sick…what half evolved brutes..and we have to pretend how wonderful they are and grovel and apologize for slavery..yada yada yada

  122. Oy vey! You whites and blacks are equals! (not us though, we Jews have our own country!)

  123. I have written an article regarding the national media’s black out on this case and it has published at Associated Content. Please read and rate my article and pass it on.

    Thank you and RIP Channon & Christopher!

  124. PS the article’s url is

    just in case it can’t be found on my CP page.

  125. I am relieved that so many are willing to accept the brutality of this crime, and the reasons behind its doing. There is still hope for us. There is still hope for the Channon Christian’s and Chris Newsom’s who are yet unmurdered. You can save them. We, can save ourselves. Would you be willing to do this? You are people of courage and clarity in your thought, you can see change happen. But it must be made.

  126. Not sure what you mean.

  127. Superb article Myranda! I was just going to post a link to you here…I was heartened by the figures you quoted. I had no idea that so many people were interested in this latest negro abomination. I emailed Fox’s Greta Van Sustern and asked why she was still going through Anna Nicoles’ dumpster looking for the slightest news tidbit instead of at least once mentioning this…but we all know the answer don’t we? We need to orgainise a petition and let the the major news outlets and sponsors know we will boycott their products/shows if they continue to hide from this and all the other black on White crimes. We are many and we do wield considerable power if we use it.

  128. Jeff in NY,

    How could you possibly said that about the fire in New York. “Animals”? The majority of those killed were innocent children. Your comment makes me sick!

  129. ‘How could you possibly said that about the fire in New York. “Animals”? The majority of those killed were innocent children. Your comment makes me sick!’

    Think about how many future rapes, carjackings, torture sessions, and murders that fire in NY prevented. Someones son and someones daughter might not get the Channon and Chris treatment now, thanks to that fire in NY.

  130. So let’s just get rid of every other race in the world but ours? Is that your suggestion? That someone’s son or daughter could get the same treatment from a white person.

  131. Same treatment from a white person? You truly are an idiot.

    Hopefully you’ve had the spine to read all the details of this case, but I doubt it.

    After you have done so, use google and look up ‘The Hi-Fi murders’ and then the ‘Wichita massacre’.

    After you have done this, I want you to find me similar crimes commited by non-mentally ill whites (yes, there has to be more than one).

    You’re going to be looking a long time.

    Don’t even bother with the serial killer line, there are far more black serial killers in the FBI database than whites and if you challenge it I will easily prove it with .gov web sites.

    Anyway, to the point of your post, I don’t want everyone dead, not even blacks. I just want an ocean between us. They can go back to the savage anarchy of their homelands (I’ve been there…you think this is bad….sheesh…the shit that goes on in Africa is surreal) and I’ll be happy. I have a little girl, you see. I don’t want her to end up like Emily Rimel (there’s another name for you to google, if you’ve got the guts).

    Want to hear an interesting fact? Estonia in Europe is 100% white! 100%!! Guess how many gang rapes they have on the books?



  132. I’m a divorced mother of a 3 year old daughter and trust me, I fear for her future everyday. But I’m scared of EVERYONE, not just certain types of people. Look at the child molestors, most are white. Sure I agree that Channon and Chris suffered a truly horrendous murder but I don’t believe it would stop even if there were “oceans between us”.

  133. ‘Look at the child molestors, most are white’

    Wrong again idiot…despite what you see on TV, most (meaning, the highest% of) child molestors are HISPANIC!

    You didn’t google the names/events I asked you to, did you?


  134. I did read your stories. Honestly I’ve never heard of the Witchita Massacre or Emily Rimel. They’re all heartbreaking stories, i’ll admit.

  135. BTW, Have you noticed how almost all white killers are “mentally ill”? That’s a crock! White people are just as capable of being monsters as the others.

  136. Now you have to ask yourself why?

    Why didn’t you hear of the Witchita Massacre?

    Why didn’t you hear about Emily Rimel?

    Why didn’t you hear about them but yet you (and we all) know every intimate detail of a white on black rape that DIDN’T EVEN ACTUALLY HAPPEN!?!

    Could it be that some people would rather you not know about Wichita? About Emily? About Channon and Chris?

    Could these same people want to make SURE that you know about the Duke ‘rapists’? About James Byrd?

    Could these same people have led you to believe that whites are the largest group of child-sex offenders, when this is not the truth?

    Why would they do this? Who are these people?

    Those are the questions that lead to truth. They lead to freedom. Don’t bother asking them unless you have the courage to walk down some very dark paths.

    But you’ll be free. I went for it and I’m much happier. I don’t fear the future anymore. I work toward it. A bright one. For my daughter. A future where she’ll be secure with her own. Where the dark beasts the perform these nonsense, horrific, subhuman assaults are nowhere in sight.

    It’s coming.

  137. I look forward to that same day for my daughter. I just don’t agree with a lot that’s going on in this blog. It sounds like a bunch of people getting together to get rid of all black people. It’s a little scary. That’s all.

  138. Be afraid Melissa…be VERY afraid bwahahahahaha! On a serious note, I found this apt poem (didn’t write it) that many people (not you Melissa) will be able to relate to:

    “Our country hold new Aryan graves
    Those murdered by it’s former slaves
    Integration has failed, it’s only brought us death
    End culture clash before there’s nothing left
    American puppets snap your strings
    Awaken to the call and what truth brings
    They’re not our equals all the races apart
    All these killings by the beasts of the field
    -Day of the Sword

  139. You are exactly right Truth, I think this atrocity against our latest White Martyrs will be the tipping point…I really do. All it takes is one White to set things in motion, and when the reporters put the mike in front of his or her mouth they will say “My name is Channon Christian…my name is Christopher Newsome.” over and over again. Imagine the snowball effect then…

  140. “Think about how many future rapes, carjackings, torture sessions, and murders that fire in NY prevented. Someones son and someones daughter might not get the Channon and Chris treatment now, thanks to that fire in NY.”

    LOL…thats too funny, that was my first thought too :o)
    Not to mention all nations’ Centennarians!!!

    “I’m a divorced mother of a 3 year old daughter and trust me, I fear for her future everyday”
    You know what Melissa? I fear for her too as she is cursed with a recklessly naive mother who will fill her head with a lot of pc myths and lies about non-Whites which will cause her great harm once she gets older. Remember one thing…any interracial trauma she suffers in her life will ultimately lay at your feet if you don’t wake up.

  141. Sorry for all the posts…but this is by FAR the best tribute video for all of you who arent part of the turn the other cheek and forgive sheeple herd like Melissa…must see:

    And the MSM wonders why most Whites don’t trust them anymore LOL…

  142. I was very close to Channon Christian’s family, and these types of “blog” entries make me sick: they are for the sole purpose of giving the families of the two prayers, prayers only. Not for discussing any other issues. Get a chat room for that.

  143. Actually Unsure, this is a crime blog and it is up to the pleasure of its owner,who fortunately unlike yourself seems to appreciate free speech, to decide what gets posted here…not you. Prayers aren’t going to do anybody a lick of good. If you really care about the Christians and Newsomes you would get off of your ass and contact every major local and national news outlet and demand they give this case the attention it deserves as I and I suspect many others already have. Continued silence will only embolden these savages. The rage you are seeing here is very real and justified and is out there whether you like it or not, if you don’t like it I suggest you move on. These negros have sown the seeds of their own destruction…soon they shall reap the whirlwind.

  144. Melissa Says:
    March 16th, 2007 at 9:34 am
    Jeff in NY,

    How could you possibly said that about the fire in New York. “Animals”? The majority of those killed were innocent children. Your comment makes me sick!

    Melissa, go fuck yourself. It’s amazing how you focused in on oneline of my entire post to point out how sick it made you feel. They are [or I should say WERE] animals. I can only imagine if a white guy owned that building instead of a lying, black, African bigamist who was in Mali looking for wife number three.

    I guess you felt pretty good about the two police officers who were executed by another filthy animal like these scumbags in this story. Look at the big picture.

    You make ME sick.

  145. First, thanks to this blogger for covering this, and kudos to her for respecting free speech.

    The point I would like to make is a simple one, one that we all know anyways: multi-culturalism doesn’t work. The cost is too high. Races conflict with each other, and the end result is not some new rainbow but the elimination of one or more of the original groups, in other words genocide. This is not emotive rhetoric or speculation, but simple fact. Races or groups can live in the same society only when separated. What did integration do for black society? I can’t imagine it was any worse than it is now. This particular awful story is one example of what it’s done to white society.

    Our forefathers (and foremothers!) would be devastated and confused to see the results of this absurd and farcical social experiment. (And it hasn’t by the way been a failure in its effects, it’s been a success.)

    It may be that most blacks are not violent animals, but even if this is so, would it be possible to segregate only those who are? Methinks not.

    Like it or not white folks, you have two choices — segregation, or in the guise of assimilation into the third-world majority, elimination. At this point this is obvious and the time for discussion is over. Choose your side.

  146. The comments on this blog are very good and encouraging … the repeat-after-the-TV drones are becoming inconsequential and can be regarded as a parody.

    We’ll take this country back, or at least not go quietly into the night.

    Regarding the request of Unsure — I would think that the family and friends would like to prevent this from happening in the future. There is only one way to prevent future black and white crime. And it ain’t “better schools” or “more welfare”.

  147. These 2 young people had such bright futures. And these animals were nothing and were never going to be anything more than parasites. Not only should these perps be tortured everyday for the rest of their lives but so should their families for raising such useless pieces of human garbage.

    And just where is the national media coverage of this event? If 5 whites did this to a black couple it would be on every news channel 24 -7. It disgusting evrything about this case is disturbing

    And they wonder why we call them niggers!

  148. Jeff in N.Y. wrote “I can only imagine if a white guy owned that building instead of a lying, black, African bigamist who was in Mali looking for wife number three.”

    Hey Jeff, don’t you know he just “be concubinen” which seems to be all the range amongst the negro-orcs these days….

  149. ArchAnglo and Jeff in NY:

    You two must be members of the KKK the way you talk. You obviously do not know how to have civil conversations do you? At least I know that I’m not raising a hate driven child unlike yourselves. I’m not sure who I should warn her about more…black people or people like you!

  150. TO ALL:

    Please please don’t make my blog about race issues. Yes, this case may have some race issues, HOWEVER, that is not all that it is about. It is about the murder and torture of 2 young people. Do not lose focus on the VICTIMS not the offenders. Some comments have become quite offensive in nature. If it continues, I will have to turn off comments. I do not want to offend the family and friends of the victims. My blog is about the MURDER, not the race issues. Please understand that.

  151. Melissa,

    Tickle us do we not laugh? Prick us do we not bleed? Wrong us shall we not avenge?

  152. Fair enough mylifeofcrime, its you blog and if thats the way you want it then I will refrain from posting any further. You are dead wrong though in thinking that somehow race is in any way seperable from what happened to Channon and Chris. I have met several good folks here and have found some good groups who I think might be able to affect some changes in the coming storm so your blog has served its purpose, whether that was your intention or not. Take care.

  153. ArchAnglo,

    I think you misunderstood me, or maybe I was not clear. I DO believe race is an issue in this case, however, I think the race issue in the comments here have gone far beyond appropriate. Saying or implying that ALL black people are the devil or are evil is just insane. I do not believe that. As an example, earlier this year, Denita Smith, a young black student in NC was murdered. She was not evil in any way. Just a young woman who was a good person. She was murdered and DID NOT deserve to be murdered.

    We cannot lump all people of one race together and call them good or evil or animals or angels. We must make our opinions on each person. I am not racist in anyway and do not like to hear such racist things. However, I DO believe in Freedom of Speech as stated in our Constitution. So everyone has a right to believe and speak their beliefs. That is why I have let this go on so long. But, I believe at this point, that people are getting away from the fact that two very promising young kids were murdered. There is more focus on the defendants being black than on the murders, so horrific and heinous I am sickened by. I DO believe that race is behind the murders, and that is just disgusting to me. Just as Melissa McLauchlin’s case too and so many others. I just don’t want to hear things going to such extremes.

    I hope this makes sense! I am very tired today! long day!

  154. Hey Jeff, don’t you know he just “be concubinen” which seems to be all the range amongst the negro-orcs these days….

    Why you be frontin’?

  155. I truly hope this racist nonsence is finished with now. RIP Channon and Chris.

  156. You mean ‘nonsense’.

    Yet another genius, stepping up for the kill-whitey side.

  157. wake up white america, while your sleeping this is happening everyday, now welcome mexicans who are doing more of the same,

    white woman are particular victims to blacks and hispanics, though dont you white woman love to date and sleep with them, think were all equall love diversity!,

    well i will tell you to, christianity does believe that god has the final say, but we are alwasys ina battle of good vs evil, justice against evil was never not christian, in fact turning the other cheek in the face of evil is not christian at all

  158. no of course not wake up you liberal wackop, will it take your daughter or son getting raped to wake you up, if it smells like shit its shit

  159. grr, we cant be color blind forever, i cant sleep from this nonsense either, but we have to look at race and crime, there is a connection, who was burning france?? do you know gang rape is so common by french blacks, usually aginst white woman, that they lovingly call it tournament!

    in africa gang rapes are so common its not an enforceable crime, it seems to me this is at the least a part of the black culture, could we atleast have a study to prove right or wrong?

    wake up we whites will be a minority in this country, who will save us then?

  160. * In Iraq there are many white american soldiers raping innocent women and children everyday

    * Kenyetta Bush was a black female student in N.C. tortured, raped and killed by two white class mates

    * Thousands of innocent blacks were raped, tortured and murdered in the 50’s and 60’s…and the juustice system turned a blind eye….ARE ALL WHITES SAVAGES

    * The victims of these crimes will be in my thoughts and prayers

    * anybody out there…dudes, narly

  161. Thank you Allah for pointing that out. As I’ve stated before, no race is more capable than the other of committed this sort of crime.

  162. It will be very interesting hear what kind of excuse Truth, Jeff in NY and ArchAnglo have for this. Allah is right. Those are our WHITE SOLDIERS committed these crimes.

  163. Ok, I’ll answer ‘allah’. I mean, it’s weird that a white 19 year old is calling himself allah and going on about Iraq, but whatever.

    Oh yeah, before I start…


    * In Iraq there are many white american soldiers raping innocent women and children everyday

    Wow, ‘many’ huh? Every day even! All white! I’m totally impressed by all the evidence you linked to proving that! I mean, after reading all this…wait…you didn’t link to anything….did you? Wait a second…are you just talking out of your ass? Why yes, I think you are.

    So far, 17 US Soldiers have been charged with crimes in Iraq in total. 17. In a WAR ZONE. Is Knoxville a declared war zone? I mean, the black neighboorhoods might be an undeclared war zone on things like speaking with tenses, proper verb usage, and employment, but that’s about it.

    * Kenyetta Bush was a black female student in N.C. tortured, raped and killed by two white class mates

    One, it’s KenyAtta Bush. You must be really up on this case to even get the name of the person wrong, Two, the KenyAtta Bush case was national news for weeks and the subject of a national paid ad by Benneton. Wow, just like the attention given to this case, only the exact opposite. Three, when something like this happens, whites are stunned and will lead the march to the death chamber. When something like Channon and Chris’ murders happens, the NAACP raises money for the defense. Also, at least one NACCP chapter president has justified this incident as retaliation for Emmet Till (happened in 1955, that’s some delayed retaliation). Four, this happened in 1992. Got anything more recent than a decade (that’s 10 years) and a half (half a decade is five years, figured I’d save you some web searching) ago? Didn’t think so. Conversely, I can dig up black on white attacks that equal this in savagery for every month of 2007 so far.

    * Thousands of innocent blacks were raped, tortured and murdered in the 50’s and 60’s…and the juustice system turned a blind eye….ARE ALL WHITES SAVAGES

    Hey, it’s not easy being a whites savages, but we work hard at it. Again, there we are with the ‘thousands’ again. Why not go for millions? Billions? I think you might be remembering the actions of the ‘juustice’ system incorrectly here. People who can actually think and learn know that the feds flooded the south with FBI agents and broke the back of the klan for good. I don’t see our current government really giving that big of a shit about black on white crime.

    Just for fun, lets look at some stats. Last year there were 900 black on white rapes. Horrible. Savage. Conversely, there were only 15,000 black on white rapes. Using black math, that clearly is the smaller amount. But I digress…

    * The victims of these crimes will be in my thoughts and prayers

    Whatever jackass. They were Christians, did you know that? If I may quote from the Koran…

    ‘The Punishment for those who oppose Allah and his messenger is : Execution or Crucifixion or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides’ 5:33.

    …so actually, the five misguided Rhodes Scholars were doing your satanic gods work!!! Go them! That is, if you’re really a Muslim (you’re not) instead of a 19 year old white dude (you are).

    * anybody out there…dudes, narly

    I’m here for a little bit, and then…


  164. Oh, and I noticed that ‘MLOC’ (I don’t know what you go by, sorry), who has been very patient with us indeed, brought up Denita Smith’s murder a bit up the page. For those who do not know, this was a love triangle type murder, and Denita Smith was killed by a woman stalking her fiancee.

    Denita Smith was black.

    So was her killer.

  165. Truth,

    I don’t know if you have any children (I hope to God you don’t), but if you do, I only hope you would have the courtesy to not take them to Knoxville.

  166. You know how I know we’re right and you’re wrong? Your side has nothing but personal attacks. Really, it’s all you’ve got.

    Melissa, if you could actually read all the words instead of just the small ones, you would have seen this…

    “I have a little girl, you see. I don’t want her to end up like Emily Rimel.”

    To help you out a little, I’ll isolate the relevant part.

    “I have a little girl”

    …you showed some good powers of observation there, Watson. Let’s play again real soon.

  167. * truth, please cite all of your sources yo the stats that you posted, or else you are talking out of your Ass

    * if you had real intellect and manners, you would mourn and pray for the departed…yet you do not care about them, you are just using their deaths to further your agenda

    * There will not be a riot because you and everyone like you are COWARDS…talking tough over the internet

    * ask the Klansmen in TOLEDO if they were tough, they needed the police to save thier lives!!!!!

    * truth, you are a DEVIL

    * the truth is, no matter how many false stats you post, there are bad people of EVERY RACE

    * Now have a goodnite and pray to Jesus, who was a person of color….Einstein

  168. […] Tim Wise Rebuts “The Color Of Crime” Criticism of the claim that there is an epidemic of anti-white crime by blacks. (For many examples of this claim, read through the astonishingly numerous and racist comments to this blog post.) […]

  169. Funny. Alas, a blog is a blog that talks about rape every two seconds but has made no peep about this case. They sure had the Duke LAX players hung from day one tho’. I wonder why? Could Alas, a blog possibly have an agenda?

    * truth, please cite all of your sources yo the stats that you posted, or else you are talking out of your Ass

    Sure thing, everything I posted can be sourced here…

    and here…

    Trust me, it’s all there. You’re going to have to know how to read big words and perform some arithmetic tho’. Good luck to you.

    * if you had real intellect and manners, you would mourn and pray for the departed…yet you do not care about them, you are just using their deaths to further your agenda

    Again, personal attacks. I know you’re short on facts (and IQ…are you about 80? The average for blacks? ( Oh right, my bad…you’re a 19 year old white dude posing as a minority).

    FYI we care a lot more about this murder than you do. We’re attempting to bring attention to it so maybe the next Channon and Christian will survive. Maybe we can even keep black thugs with 12 felony convicitions (Boyd) in prison longer than a day and a half.

    * There will not be a riot because you and everyone like you are COWARDS…talking tough over the internet

    Ahahahaha, allah, you’re really not intelligent enough to be participating here. Just to help you along, nobody is really worried about the WHITES rioting, you jackass.

    * ask the Klansmen in TOLEDO if they were tough, they needed the police to save thier lives!!!!!

    Not just the klan, everyone needed the police to save them from thousands of rioting, rampaging, looting, burning blacks. Why is rioting the default reaction by blacks to something they don’t like? Are blacks animals with no self control? Sadly, the evidence points in that direction.

    From wikipedia…Toledo…

    “The resulting mob overturned a car, threw rocks at police vehicles and an ambulance, looted storefronts in the area and also looted and set ablaze a historic local bar. It existed at the same location for over 53 years and was seen by some as an asset to the neighborhood and the local Polish community. The owner, 87 year-old Lou Ratajski, lived in the apartment above. All of his personal possessions, as well as his business, were lost in this fire. He survived the blaze, although he barely escaped in time, and now resides with his nephew. Jim and Lou’s Bar has since been deemed a total loss and razed by the city.”


    “Thirteen police vehicles were severely damaged, and several officers and civilians were injured, by the time the riot had ended.”

    Boy, it sure sounds like blacks can participate in democracy and deal with contrarian opinions, doesn’t it. They be engagin’ in political discourse ‘n’ shit, when they not out ‘concubinin’ ‘n’ ‘wildin’.

    * truth, you are a DEVIL


    * the truth is, no matter how many false stats you post, there are bad people of EVERY RACE.

    No one denies this.

    Look, I think the whole point has been lost here. This argument was not supposed to be about which race was worse (altho’ it’s obvious really, who commits the majority of crime vs. their % of the population in the USA), it’s about why this case has been blacked out by the national media. All we want is for this case to get the same attention the liar stripper whore Crystal Gail Magnum got. I mean, THIS RAPE (there was some savage torture, kidnapping, and murder involved as well) ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!! Are only hoaxes worthy of national attention?

    * Now have a goodnite and pray to Jesus, who was a person of color….Einstein

    You assume I am a Christian. You assume wrong.

    Again, the rally in Knoxville is not about black crime. It is about THIS SPECIFIC CASE and WHY it is being denied national media attention. That is it. Believe it or not, blacks are welcome to join! Somehow I don’t think they will, because most of them don’t really see a crime here. They see retaliation (hi NAACP!) for 400 years of oppression ‘n’ shit.

    I hope to see you all there.

  170. Hey Ampersand, I just read the ‘debunking’ you linked to. I can debunk your debunking easily, but only if it’s hosted un-edited on Alas, a blog.


  171. Allah, We don’t want to hear your politically correst bullshit. Blacks have been raising hell for the last 40 years. Not to mention the illegal latino invasion. Regarding whites being cowards. What about the Knoxville subhumans killers and negro who attacked a 101 yr old woman in Queens? Save your propaganda for other leftists.


  173. Allah Says:
    March 21st, 2007 at 8:21 pm
    * There will not be a riot because you and everyone like you are COWARDS…talking tough over the internet”

    So Allah, you equate riotous behavior with courage do you? I suspect you have endless admiration for your shahid warriors (or “youths in Euro PC speak) in France who doused and set afire an elderly disabled woman who was insulting your great “Religion of Peace” by daring to ride a bus. No doubt she was asking for it for not at least wearing a hijab in public…she was “uncovered meat” after all wasn’t she Allah? Peace be upon the great Pedoprophet!


    And here we have, ladies, gentelmen, and its, the endgame of our oppositions argument.

  175. Truth,

    There is not a thing you can do here. You are not going to bring back segregation so why don’t you spend your time educating your children about staying safe from any person. Did you not see the WHITE child molester who killed Christopher Barrios. It goes both ways racist.

  176. Truth,

    You should know, you and many others on this blog are doing nothing but taking away from Channon and Chris. You’re turning this into something completely different. This is supposed to be about them and their families. It’s not meant to be a place for you to vent your hatred onto other people.

  177. […] Channon Christian and Chris Newsom murder 1/6/07 Knoxville, TN Update: Jan. 18 Update: Jan 25 Update: Feb. 2 Update: Feb. 5 Update: Feb. 11 Update: Feb. 22 Update: March 2 Update: April 16 Update: May 4 Posted in racial, homicide, high profile, Channon Christian, Chris Newsom, murder in the 21st Century, missing people, death penalty, 2007, murder, Tennessee, sex crimes, crime. […]

  178. […] I heard about about their murders a few weeks ago I have thought a lot about murder victims Channon Christian, 21 and Christopher Newsom, 23, trying to figure out why their case has garnered little media coverage. On the night of January […]

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