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    October 21: 2005: Terry and Darlene Anderson were bludgeoned to death in their Mongo, IN home. Sadly, it is still unsolved. If anyone has any information at all, no matter how small, please contact them or even Crimestoppers (800)342-STOP or Sheriff Terry Martin LaGrange County Sheriff Dept.

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AMBER ALERT: William “Ben” Ownby 1/8/2007 Beaufort, MO

William “Ben” Ownby

Boy, 13, Missing, Feared Kidnapped
National Center for Missing & Abducted Children
AMBER ALERT: William Ownby
Amber Alert Issued For 13-Year-Old Missouri Boy
News Archive: Michael J Devlin


28 Responses

  1. I am the grandmother of Bianca Noel Piper, missing since March 10, 2005. My heart goes out to the Ownby family and my daughter and I plan to go down to try to see the family, hoping it will help them to know that they are loved and prayed for. Nobody can understand how the disappearance of a child can feel, unless you’ve actually been through it. It is the most terrifying , gut-wrenching thing that can happen to parents and grandparents. A day doesn’t pass but what I am reminded of my sweet granddaughter, and I pray that God will bless the family of Ben, and give them courage, and hope that he will return home soon.

  2. I’ve been watching the Nancy Grace coverage & my heart aches about this. I have an 11 yr old boy who sounds so much like Ben it hurts. If anything like this ever happened to him, I believe it would kill me, but I hope Ben’s parents stay strong & make the seachers, rescuers, police, & all involved stay on track & follow up on the common sense possibilities. The last to see him? Has there been a polygraph? And DMV records for the white truck if there was one & how it could’ve been modified since Ben’s disappearance, etc. Searching those DMV records shouldn’t take more than a few hours or a day in this age of technology.

  3. They found Ben !!!! And the most wonderful thing is they found Shawn Hornbeck in the same apartment . He was missing since 2002!!!

  4. William “Ben” Ownby, the 13-year-old Franklin County boy missing since Monday, has been found alive-and so has Shawn Hornbeck, who was 11 years old when he disappeared from Richwoods. A suspect had been charged with kidnapping.

  5. They found ben and Shawn Hornbeck in the same apartment. They arrested the man who used them for molestation and ect. Shawn was missing for over 4 years and Ben less than a week, both came from around the same area and found in KIRKWOOD, MISSOURI. Both were taken away from their home when they were near it. Sound strange? Sounds like someone was waiting for them. And if you look carefully at a video realeased of the two boys walking in a court room, there is a marking on Ownby’s neck which looks like a bruise.

    More info soon to be realeased on the two boys.
    Continue to pray for the missing.

  6. These two boys who have been found will never be the same again because of how they were kidnapped and used.

  7. My prayers are that no physical harm has been inflicted on these boys. I was thinking this case sound so much like the Steven Stainer case from the 80’s. We will certainly be keeping these families in our prayers as they go through the hard healing process.

  8. The man that kidnapped Hornbeck and Ownby worked at IMOS PIZZA a popular hangout for young children. The man was a sex offender that got arrested for a short period of time in a different state for over exposure. He is said to be a homosexual, and a pedifile. A young man, a neighbor and friend to Ownby had noticed the white NISSAN truck parked sideways in the middle of the road, not thinking anything, until he heard the news that his friend Ownby was kidnapped, he also noticed the truck flying down the road, and he told his mother about it. The news began spreading, and then someone noticed the truck in a parking lot outside of a kirkwood apartment building. Matching the description. Inside the apartment building was OWNBY AND HORNBECK. BOTH ALIVE. BOTH NOW SAFE.



  10. God’s miracle!! They found Ben…and Shawn! God Bless thier family and those families with loved ones still missing

  11. This is great! I have been praying for Ben, and praying for a MIRACLE, and one happened far beyond what we could imagine!

    Pray for any emotional healing that needs to take place for these boys now. God only knows what happened to them,
    especially the one missing for 4 years. God is able!

    “Call unto me, and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not”.

  12. My heart and prayers go out to these families. May God help them overcome this horrific crime.

  13. Just think…if Ben had not been kidnapped, then Shawn may never have been found.

  14. God bless!! This is a amazing day for 2 boys. They have alot of obstacles to deal with in the future, but I believe they will succeed.
    My thoughts and prayers are with each family and for the families that are still hoping and wondering where their children are.

  15. When you people say things like “God’s Miracle” and “Prayer works”, how do you think it makes all those parents who’s children are NOT foound, feel?
    Oh, God didn’t want to give a miracle for MY child? Why didn’t MY prayer work.

    You should be thanking the parents for not giving up, the boy who recognized the truck and the police men for finding the boys.

    and of course they were physically hurt, but more importantly, they’ve been mentally damaged.
    They will need people to listen to them when they are ready to talk.
    They don’t need people going around and pretending nothing happened or acting like they “don’t want to hear what happened”
    It’s very easy for a child to be embarrased and feel it is all their fault.
    I hope that perverted “man” burns and dies in prison.

  16. The US should call for ZERO TOLERANCE when it comes to any abuse of a child. End of story.

  17. Thank God. I pray for their mental well being.

  18. Has anyone looked at the Shawn Hornbeck website and seen the 2 entries from Dec 1, 2005 that a “Shawn Devlin” from Kirkwood , Mo entered? It appears that either Shawn himself or Michael Devlin went to the site and posted 2 messages. VERY STRANGE…….

  19. What a wonderful day. I am so glad that Ben and Shawn have been found! I hope that they can some how find a way to mentally erase those memories and I know it is hard to do. I wish the best for Shawn and Ben in the long run. I also wish the best for any family with a missing child/family member. I hope that you will be blessed with getting your family member or friend back.
    Did anybody else notice the strange posting on that blog from someone named “Shawn Devlin”?
    saying “when are you going to stop looking for your son?”. I’m pretty sure either Michael J. Devlin wrote that himself or that he brainwashed Shawn.
    Best wishes to all.
    Except for Michael J. Devlin.
    1 million dollars. He isnt worth it.
    Rot & burn in jail! I hope you have to undergo the pain and mental damage you gave to two innocent boys, or you never know there were probably more.

  20. This was a double blessing. Thank GOD!!
    But I also think that the young man who rode the bus yes I said young MAN needs to be recognized more on this recovery more so than the Officer because if he did not describe the white truck to the tee. They would not be able to their Job with much sucess. So thanks to the young man that spotted that truck!!! PLEASE RECOGNIZE HIM MORE

  21. I would like to extend a joyous congratulations to the boy who has helped the authorities find both Ben and Shawn alive. Yes Mitchell, you are a true hero and angel among us. And all of America is hugging you right now. 🙂 I would also like to extend a congratulations to the families of Shawn and Ben. I know during this time of elation and relief that your families need time to heal. I hope if anything that American’s have seen through this experience how important it is to be vigilent with searching for missing children. Although it is difficult to keep positive thoughts throughout this process, it is our duty as loving parents and caring individuals to keep searching until all of the children are found!!!! I will keep your families, Shawn and Ben, in my prayers in hopes that you can evenutally overcome the emotional impact of this experience. God Bless you all!!!! Love Grenlyn

  22. I just wanted to say what a blessing this is for everyone involved! This gives hope to anyone who still has a missing child out there! There is one thing though, that everyone needs to remember….Shawn was put through God only knows, and I wish that “experts” would quit trying to judge why he didn’t run, scream, ect back home. They are trying to say that he taunted his parents with E mails, that he hated school and liked that he didn’t have to go….what a bunch of B.S. Shawn is a brave young man, and everyone needs to back off and quit judging him. He needs space to heal in the months and years to come. When he is ready, he will tell his story, until then these “experts” need to just let him be happy being home with people who really love him. My prayers go out to both families. Congrats to you both!!!

  23. I am elated beyond measure that these young boys were found. They should be treated with kid gloves at this point and referred experts in PTSD.

    What is so disheartening is that people have started questioning Hornbeck–why didn’t he run, say something, etc.,. Let’s remember he was 11 years old. Not even a teenager! Four years of trauma imprints (esp. at this tender age), and that is why he didn’t “try harder” to escape (learned helplessness).

    I implore the experts to address this issue with regard to “why didn’t he just _____ “(fill in the blank). Please, for the mental health of this 15-year-old, explain to the public why this happens.

    It’s also the reason Hedda Nussbaum (who’s an adult) is a free woman.

    Also, to anyone who participated in the villification of Nancy Grace for “making someone kill herself” [impossible], reconsider. She dedicated much of her shows to finding Ben, talking to his young friend, and advocating for his safe return.

  24. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I know my experience in no way resembles what these two boys must have went through – but I will tell you that it is impossible for a child in that position to question the authority of an adult, both psychologically, and physically. A couple of notes….

    It is not the professionals that are questioning WHY – it is us, John Q Public. Why should we need to know???

    This is the same thing with a wife or husband that faces battering on a ocontinual or even short term basis, and that same stupid question of, WHY didn’t you leave??? When will we as a society ever learn????

    The only reason I can think that WE would need to know WHY, is because of our own fears. Fears that we would not be able to survive like Shawn did. Thank God for Shawn….

    Second, Shawn was so terrified internally, that when he was approached and asked if he was Shawn Hornbeck, he said no. The kids or adults or whoever thought it might have been him, should have contacted the authorities and given the information. If you are suspicious of something, TELL someone.

    And last, no one is accused of taunting the Ackers (Shawns family) with emials, especially Shawn – he did send emails….but it was a way of reaching out and maintaining hope for himself. Thank goodness for that…he never gave up hope.

    I wonder how many other children are being ‘kept’ in houses around our country…if they are rescued…will we question why??? Why did they stay? I sincerely hope not.

  25. Praise God that their are found Alive and Well. I hope all kidnapping stories end like this but I pray that they are no more kidnapping stories. Shawn, heal baby,Oh may you find a way to heal and to never ever believe it was your fault for staying nor for Ben’s kidnapping. All those people who said he stayed because he didn’t like school are less than fools. So what you are saying is this boy preferred having an overweight adult man touch/abuse him everyday/night over listening to a few adults maybe bore him for a few hours for five days at a time? Thank the Lord nothing like this never happened to any of you but you try being captured for 4 years and see if you will not try to make that life normal. I mean that was a child and HE was kidnapped, he didn’t believe that the world was a safe place anymore. HE WAS KIDNAPPED, if he did say something and was back with his parents, he believed he was going to be kidnapped again and go through what he went through again like starting from scratch, why not make his abductor his friend? Friends don’t hurt friends right? That was his self-defence mechanism that is in all of us. Next time you get kidnapped for 4 years,tell us what you will do untill Then Go Shawn,Go Ben,that man is the monster not you and he wil get his.
    This is the only time I am seriously wishing evil on another person and hope he will be sent somewhere the jailers HAtE people who hurt children and are going to make him wake up EVERY 45 minutes. Michael you like boys so much, You will have boys younger than you do what you only fantasied about but in ways you’d wished you had never ever met/kidnapped Shawn nor Ben.They will do this everyday untill all you can do is just die,but in the most painful way known to human’s psychic and then you will go to hell and then you will really know anguish but first you will meet it here on earth.
    Once more, God bless you Shawn and Ben and that little boy who described the van to a T, you are a wonderful boy may you be bless too by really all of you healing. That’s the best thing I pray for. Shawn,Ben, just know that it will get better,you have been through the worst already.It CAN only get better.God Bless you.

  26. Ben, God Bless you. I’m glad you are back home. To your friend Mitchel, I am so glad you were so observant,because of you, Ben and Shawn are home. Enjoy that new truck. I was so happy when they gave it to you. Good luck and God Bless all three of you young men, Mitchel,Ben and Shawn.

  27. Some things can be noticed if yu use yor sence of smell.That way of findinout isn’t very accurate and easy.I tryd to smell the Kullorn girl missin and seemd she was a ghost.I believ Michael Devlin may hav kidnapt and killd numerous kids from Missouri and other states but agan(again)smellin realhard very easy and can be mostly wrong.If he did he should admit that he did so the families can know what happend to their kids.

  28. Correction “smellin realhard ISN’T VERY EASY”

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