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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Rachelle Watkins murder 1/6/2007 Junction City, KS *Husband, Cedric Peterson, convicted of her murder; Sentenced to 25 years to life in prison*

dv awareness

Rachelle Watkins (has the flower in the one on the right)

Junction City police find woman stabbed to death
Homicide victim identified
Woman dies of stab wounds
A Domestic Dispute (great blog on domestic violence)
Former Fenton woman stabbed to death in Kansas
Man, accused of stabbing wife, in court
Husband arrested for wife’s fatal stabbing
Woman Stabbed to Death, Husband Arrested
Search for better life ends in death; husband charged
Junction City woman stabbed to death; husband arrested
Man, accused of stabbing wife, in court


Name Type Name

Birthdate Type Birthdate Age
True Jul 01, 1968 42

Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5′-11″
Weight 205
Gender Male
Race Black

Current Status reported by Dept. of Corrections
Earliest Possible Release Date Jan 07, 2032
Current Status Incarcerated
Admission Date Mar 04, 2008
Current Location Hutchinson CF-Central
Custody Level Low Medium

County Geary
Case Number 07CR26
Offense Date Jan 07, 2007
Sentencing Date Feb 25, 2008
Criminal Conviction Description
Counts Murder in the First Degree
Counts 1
Crime Severity Level Off Grid
Case Status Active


38 Responses

  1. I went to high school with this woman, that man was her husband. Please correct you miss print.

  2. What misprint?

  3. I had recieved a phone call from my sister Tuesday evening. She was crying so hard I could hardly understand what she was trying to say. In between the crys she said “April , it’s Rachelle”, I said ” What, what’s wrong?, is she ok?”. She said “No, Rachelle’s dead”. I hit the floor. And then proceeded to scream” NO, NOT RACHELLE! NO! IT CAN’T BE! NOT RACHELLE! WHAT HAPPENED? ARE YOU SURE? WHERE ARE THE KIDS? ARE THEY OK?”. But, it was true. And then my sister proceeded to tell me what had happened to Rachelle. How could this happen to the most wonderful person I’ve ever known in my whole life? – My friend? I just couldn’t believe it. Even after I talked to Rachelle’s mom. I still just couldn’t believe this had happened.

    Rachelle was the very best person in this world. Rachelle was a very special person with the biggest heart. She was so sweet and her life shouldn’t have been cut so short. We’ve been friends since high school. She was my maid of honor and I was hers. Rachelle was the greatest friend I’ve ever had. She didn’t deserve what happened to her and neither did her children. Rachelle was a wonderful mother, my heart hurts that her children will grow up without her. Sure, we will all be able to share memories, tell stories, show pictures of their wondeful mother but, it’s not the same as her actually being here.

    I attended her memorial service on Saturday. Her family and friends were there. Rachelle was very loved by everyone who she knew or even came in contact with. She just had this way about her, she was just such a sweet and genuine person that you felt happy just being around her. We all still can’t believe that she is gone. She will be greatly missed.


    There is NEVER a reason to EVER do what he did to sweet Rachelle.

  4. Quit making her out to be a freaking angel. She did things just like he did!!! Lets not talk about how she broke up our family! You don’t want me to put things out here about how disrespectful she was to our family. For no reason. She messed around with a married man. She wanted my father so bad so she got him.

  5. (name deleted per request of person saying she is the poster’s mother)


    No one deserves to be a murder victim. I am guessing that Cedric is your father, so I am sorry for the pain your family is in. I sure hope you do not condone your father’s actions either.

    However, that being said, this is my blog. I will NOT allow murder victims to be revictimized here. I am sure she was not perfect, that is not the point. She was murdered. She did not deserve that. You may not like her, but she had family and friends and they do not need to hear ugly things about her when she was murdered and cannot even defend herself.

    Again, I am sorry for the pain your family is and will experience in this situation. I hope justice prevails.

  6. In response to Rachelle breaking up your family, I really doubt she even knew Cedric was married when she met him. He always proclaimed that the mother of his children was his girlfriend, not his wife. Over the five years they were together, there were so many lies he had told Rachelle and some things he never shared with her at all, but she would eventually find out from other sources. Things like how old he was and the numerous jobs he was fired from during their marriage. All the drugs and other women he was involved with. I could go on and on. He was such a manipulative bastard. she didn’t even want to marry him, but did it for their first child that was born out of wedlock, and I have no doubt that he controlled that decision that they should marry. Oh, there are so many more things I could write about! I tried to accept him as her husband, but as time went by, I grew to hate him more and more because of the person he was and what he put Rachelle and her two children through. It’s just to bad and so sad that she was such a sweet, gentle, patient woman, allowing a man to treat her this way. Thank you Lord for putting her out of her misery with this monster. I just wish it could have been in a different way, so that Rachelle and the kids could have enjoyed a long life together. Please forgive me for not stepping in on many occasions when I felt the burning desire to do so, but felt it wasn’t my place. It will be hard to live with those decisions I made during those awful times. Cedric truly deserves to rot in HELL!!

  7. Thank you cheeks. I am so glad someone else who knows Rachelle and knows how Cedric really was voiced their opinion also. You and I and the rest of Rachelle’s family and friends know what kind of wonderful person Rachelle truely was. It hurt all of us not to just jump right in like we all wanted to and get her away from that evil bastard. I just wish I could have done something so that this outcome never happened. Thank you also bmp1213.

    As for anon, you obviously are very young, very angry and very closed minded. You don’t want to believe the TRUTH and what he was really like. There is nothing anyone ever does to deserve what happened to Rachelle. NOTHING!!!!! You have no idea what he told Rachelle. What he said to her and what he said to your mother are two entirely different things. YOUR ANGER IS DIRECTED AT THE WRONG PERSON!!! In time as you grow up you will learn this. Rachelle did nothing to your family and Cedric did it on his own!!! Rachelle didn’t make him do anything! She didn’t twist his arm…he did it all by himself! If not Rachelle….. it was someone else. He is not a faithful person(never was), he’s a liar, a manipulator and PSYCHOPATH. That’s just how he need to except that!!! Don’t take out your anger that should be directed at the one person who is entirely at fault! AT THE VICIOUS PSYCHOPATH….CEDRIC PETERSON. HE SHOULD BE PUT TO DEATH!!!!

    You obviously didn’t know Rachelle. I DID!!! And Rachelle was a very sweet and loving person. For him to do this makes no sense! She had finally had enough and was on the road to a better life when he took that from her too.

    Believe me I didn’t want her to marry him and two months before her wedding-she didn’t want to either. I kept telling her she didn’t have to…even the day of her wedding. But, she did because she wanted to try to make it work for her son.

    Rachelle loves her children and when it got too rough she did what was in their best interests… She left, she got an apartment and was about to have a great job. And because of this JEALOUS, CONTOLLING PSYCHOPATH…she’s gone. He just couldn’t let her be happy.

    Until you get over your anger and finally realize who you should actually have it directed towards…. DO NOT PUT DOWN AND DISRESPECT A WONDERFUL & SWEET PERSON, MY FRIEND, RACHELLE!!! SHE DOESN’T DESERVE IT AND NEITHER DO HER FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!

    One question… what if instead of Rachelle it was your mother?? How would you feel then?

    Please do not even respond… We don’t need anymore negative comments from people who don’t know all the facts and don’t truely know Rachelle.

    Rachelle was a smart, beautiful, loving, kind, gentle and wonderful person.

    Anyone who says any different obviously DOESN’T KNOW HER and DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT!!!!


  8. This is a very sad situation and my heart goes out to Trey and Alexa, I in fact have been around Rachelle on several occasions and she was sweet and very nice. I was around her alot. And no one never said she deserved to die. But in fact no one knows what happened. Neither you nor I knows what happened that morning and we’ll never know the real story.
    April, you asked nicely could people stop disrespecting Rachelle, so I think it would only be fair if you stop disrespecting Cedric’s family because he has loved ones just like Rachelle does. You are not God, it’s not up to you to condemn anyone to hell because it’s not up to you to decide, it’s up to God and only God.

  9. To those who have commented:

    I edited my comment to *anon* (the ONLY thing I edited was the name of who I was addressing) due to the following email:

    I am getting really upset about seeing my name posted on line. My teenage daughter wrote under anon and you put my name out there. Let me make a few suggestions. First of all, you need to remove her posting as she is a minor. Secondly, I don’t want anything to do with this website or drama that is going on. I have a family, in which to protect. If you don’t remove those postings, or print this one. I am going speak my attorney regarding this. As you should know, this is ongoing investigation and everyone is subject to being subpoena.

    I am not emailing you again. The next time you hear from me, it will be through my attorney.


    (no reason to post name)

    I see that this situation is very emotional and upsetting. Please remember that there are family and friends on both sides that are upset. One thing I will NOT tolerate, however, is bashing or making nasty comments about a victim. No matter the victim. In this case it is obvious that there are some who harbor extremely hostile feelings about the victim. I am sorry that you feel that way, but please do not post those types of comments here. My blog is aimed at victims, victim’s rights and their families and friends. I want justice for the victim. If this bothers you, I am sure that there are other blogs you can go to. As I was reminded about the ongoing investigation, I will forward to Investigators those nasty comments. Sometimes they do hold hints and clues about the crime.

  10. I am so sorry that you are recieving such emails and I do apologize and hope that you do not get into any trouble.

    But, (anon’s) original comment:
    (where Anon Says:
    January 21st, 2007 at 10:21 am
    Quit making her out to be a freaking angel. She did things just like he did!!! Lets not talk about how she broke up our family! You don’t want me to put things out here about how disrespectful she was to our family. For no reason. She messed around with a married man. She wanted my father so bad so she got him.) –WAS TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR.

    Rachelle was just killed and can’t defend herself. So, that’s why I did. Rachelle was the greatest friend I’ve ever known and she was very loved by all who knew her. Your blog has really started to help me deal with her death, a little better by talking about her and sharing what a wonderful person she was.

    I really do apologize if my comments have caused you any discomfort.


  11. April,

    I completely agree with you and I am glad to hear that my blog has helped you, even if only a little. Please don’t stop commenting just because one person is “unhappy”. I just wanted people to know why I would edit something and also thought it was interesting that someone would threaten me as such. However, it is no problem. I have posted nothing illegal or immoral for that fact. I do not intend on taking anything down at all. I have First Amendment rights and I will use them. I do not try to hurt anyone, nor offend. My goal is to defend victims, and victims families and friends. Anyone opposed to that has issues of their own.

    Take care! Don’t leave!

  12. Thank you so very much. Your blog really does help alot. I had returned home the morning of her memorial and it was just in time. I had to be back to work on Wednesday….Short Trip

    Rachelle’s death is really hard to take. I really miss her alot. We were the same age, we graduated together, we were the maid of honor in each others weddings, and we both have two children; a boy and a girl. My son is 4 years older than Rachelle’s son and my daughter is only a year older than hers. I really miss talking to her. You were never unhappy around her.

    She truely was like a ray of sunshine.

  13. Contributions/donations are being accepted as scholarships for Trey and Alexa and can be sent to the SageLink Credit Union, G3311 Van Slyke, Flint, MI 48507 in Kathryn Watkins’ name.

  14. For all of Rachelle’s relatives and friends,

    I have an idea…just something I’ve been pondering on as to what else we could do for Rachelle. And I know the weather in Michigan has not been the best lately but, maybe when it warms up a little…….how about organizing a walk for Rachelle & her children ( FAMILIES AND FRIENDS AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE) in the city of Fenton. Let me know what you think and maybe we can put our heads together to get this set in motion.

    PS. If you would like to talk to me Kathryn has my number.


  15. Any new upcoming developements in the case? Upcoming court dates?

  16. April,

    I have searched for updates, but have not found anything. I will keep looking.

  17. Yes, I’ve been searching too and have found nothing. Does anyone keep in contact with her family? Maybe they would know more.

  18. There was a court day a couple of weeks ago, but it was more for the lawyers. It is my understanding that there isn’t another date for at least another month or so.

    A while back, his bond was increased to $1Million.

  19. Thank you for the update.

  20. Ive been on assignment. Just got back. Thank you for the update. Thank goodness for the bond increase.



  23. Rachelle was Simply The Best and Always will be in our hearts forever.

    I just had a new baby girl. Her name is Cheyenne Rachelle. Rachelle after you my sweet friend I miss you every day. Wish we would have had more time.

    Love Always,

  24. Hello everyone. I hope this message will be welcomed. I happened upon this set of comments regarding your friend Rachelle’s murder because I also had a friend Rachelle who was stabbed to death by her husband recently. This happened in Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada on June 28th. She suffered abuse from this man the entire time she was with him, which was almost 4 years. None of her friends liked him but she just couldn’t seem to break it off. He was even arrested last year for trying to get into the U.S. illegally, and almost deported back to his home country of Guniea. But Rachelle naively bailed him out of jail and wrote a letter to immigaration to stop him from being deported. What a mistake! So how did he repay her? When she told him she wanted to get a divorce, he illegally crossed the border BACK into Canada from the U.S. (he was in Atlanta Georgia) and killed her, then took a plane out of here back to Guinea. And the police have yet to name him a suspect. They tell us ‘Oh, your case is very complicated’. It is so discouraging! I’m glad at least your friend Rachelle’s murderer is behind bars. The evidence we have is mostly circumstantial, but a taxi driver says he drove him from the border to a pharmacy near Rachelle’s in the middle of the night! What more do the police need? Here is a link to an article about her that I posted, and our own set of comments: A lot of news articles about her are in French because it happened in Quebec. For a picture of her, go to: Also if you type her name in Google, you will find lots of articles about it. Once again, I hope I am not infringing on your privacy here, but I miss my friend so much, and people who never went through this just don’t always seem to understand. It makes me so sad my Rachelle is another statistic of domestic violence, that this man who supposedly loved her terrorized and killed her. We always say she was like a ray of sunshine, and I noticed April called your Rachelle the same thing! Our Rachelle was a sweet, gentle, generous, kind woman. Just the type of woman a manipulative psychopath like him could take advantage of, unfortunately.

  25. I forgot to mention if you want to see pictures of the presumed murderer of my friend Rachelle, he has a Hi5 accuont. you can go to: to see pictures of him. Since he’s free and probably on the web frequently, I don’t want to type his full name here. Also like I mentioned, all of her friends and family believed it was him, but he hasn’t been named a suspect yet.

  26. I was looking for junction city top 10 most wanted. While looking at the list I saw Rachelle and Cedric name. I lived down the street from them in junction city. Cedric and my dad was like best frieds, and many times I watched the kids for them. Just like Ced and Rachelle I also am from MI. I never knew what was really going on between them before it was to late. At times I wanted to tell Rachelle many things but was afraid that she wouldnt believe me or it would get back to Ced and my dad. I still remeber the day that it happened. My dad called me and told me to walk down to Ced house b/c everyone was looking for him. I walked the short distance and and banged on the door for what seems like forever. I called my dad back and told him that no one was there. Within the next hour my dad called me and told me the news. For about a week I couldnt sleep woke up scared. Everytime I think of the situation all I can think about is the last time I saw Rachelle. She came to my dads house to see if he heard from Ced and they talked for a few mins. I wish this wouldnt have ever happened. I wish I wouldve been told everything before so that maybe she could still be here today. I just tell myself that shes in a better place peacefull. I pray for the kids everyday and hope that this doesnt stop them from being the wonderful people that they were brought up to be. I havent seen them in months I was told that they were in MI at the time of the incident. Im happy that they didnt have to do through that. Everyday I go to my dads house I look at the picture that he has on the wall of them in the living room, and I say a pray for Rachelle, Trey, Alexa and Cedric.

  27. I am very sorry for the loss of your dear Rachelle. It is so hard to get over something like this, a young person senselessly murdered. We are still waiting for my friend Rachelle Wrathmall’s husband to be named a suspect in her murder, and it has been over 3 months. It is very frustrating to know her killer is free, but the day he is named suspect I think I will throw a huge party, and an even huger one when he is behind bars. I sympathize with the horror and sadness of your friend’s murder. May justice prevail.

  28. Larese, what do you mean when you say that there were many times when you wanted to tell Rachelle things, but were afraid she wouldn’t belive you? Can you tell me some of those things? I am a close family member of Rachelle’s, and I just have a burning desire to know everything about this situation. Rachelle was very quiet about her relationship with Cedric, said a few things once in a while, but I would hear stuff from others. I hope you are doing better now, as I know it is a very long healing process, for me anyway. I miss her so much, and am so sad that her children won’t be able to grow up with her. Like you, though, I am very thankful that she is in a much better place now, and has peace in her life. Trey and Alexa are two of the most wonderful children. They are such a joy to be around. They are growing up with their Grandmother, who is doing a fantastic job, and all us family members are quite involved in their lives. I know Rachelle is watching over them, as I feel her presence in the form of butterflies, whenever I am playing with Trey and Alexa.

  29. Felicity

    Thanks for the support. I am so sorry for your loss, also. You certainly understand what we are going through. I pray that justice prevails soon for your friend, Rachelle. I tried to connect to the websites, but was not successful. I tried to google Rachelle Wrathmall, also no success.

  30. Was this the same Rachelle that worked at the Western Wireless call center as a trainer?

  31. I’m not sure which Rachelle you are talking about, Scott, but it is not Rachelle Wrathmall. She lived in Canada and worked for the government. Thank you, Cheeks. It’s strange that you didn’t find her on Google, since I find her. Maybe Google results are specific to certain regions. Imagine, 6 months later and her killer is not yet brought to justice! He fled to Guinea, his home (where he claimed that he would be killed if he went back there. How ironic).

  32. rachelle was my stepmom and i loved her with all my heart

  33. Does anybody have any more information on what has happened to cedric? Any new developments? Has he been sentenced ? What was his sentence? Hope he gets the chair!!

    A year has passed and my sweet friend is still gone. I miss her so much. Rachelle my sweet friend I so wish you could have been here for my wedding. My baby girl-Cheyenne Rachelle- is getting so big. I really wish she could have had the privelage like I did to know the sweet person you were. Robbie and Kylie are getting so big. I really miss you. So much has happened that I wish I could have shared with you. I miss you so much. And love you lots.

    Your Friend,

  34. The asshole who murdered MY sweet friend RAchelle is still free. I just can’t believe it. I really hope the Canadian authorities do something fast to punish him. It’s been 8 months.

  35. April,
    This is Tony Tenerelli, Rachelle’s cousin. He was sentanced 25 to life with a chance of parole. My dad, Nick, and sister, Janelle and some of my aunts are going to the last hearing. It allows family and friends to speak their mind, directly to Cedric. Email me at and i will send you what my father is going to say to him.
    Tony Tenerelli

  36. Hopefully that pathetic waste of a human being gets raped and killed in prison. If not, and he ever gets out, I will be waiting for him.

  37. This is a helpful blog, What is the status of the case? what came of the devil? thankyou.

  38. So many years have passed, yet when I was in MI a while back, instead of laugh i cried when I looked at the tree Rachel backed into in my yard. She missed the reunion a while back, we miss her. And this monster has a parole year? I hope his body and mind are so ravaged by ill health, if he sees parole, he cant enjoy it!

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