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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Denita Smith murder 1/4/2007 Durham, NC *Found shot to death outside her apartment*

Denita Smith

Police Probe Death of NCCU Student at Apartments
NCCU Student Found Dead
Police Search for Possible Witness to Student’s Slaying
Police Search for Suspect in NCCU Student’s Death
News Archive: Denita Smith murder


148 Responses

  1. I have been troubled by the recent death of this promising young woman. I pray that family, friends and collegues are comforted by God’s love during this most difficult time. I hope that the person(s) responsible will be so guilty that they will come forward and own up to what they have done. She was so full of life and well-respected from articles that I have read. My thoughts especially go out to her family and fiance. Much love and support to them.
    God Bless!

  2. rest in peace denita s. you are with god now

  3. Denita, Thank the Lord, there is justice for you. This situation is so unfortunate – the lives of 2 young African American women ended this week. One to the grave and the other to the jail. The shooter needs to be punished to the highest extent of the law for the family’s sake. We all need to teach our daughters and sons the value of a life so when they are adults they will not easily forget it! God bless the family of Denita Smith and may he welcome her into his loving arms this day. Be blessed and share your love. Marie

  4. Marie,

    I have made an updated post about Denita:

    I hope it covers everything so far. I am so sad for her friends and family. I hope they will receive justice.

  5. I would like to say, that it hurts when you find out that someone you went to school with has been murdered. She was the sweetist person. I was pregnant when we went to WC. She was a friend to me. She was not just trying to be in my business. She was actually a friend.
    I hate that she will never know how she inpacted my life back then. I would see her ever year when I would go to NCCU home coming. I miss this year so I did not get to do our normal hey a 2-3 minute catch up session.
    May GOD bless her family.


  7. I am hurting so bad…. this is awful…

    I have to say as one of Denitas friends I am lost. I hurt everyday because this is not something that anyone would think about happening to their friends..

    when he propossed… she emailed and called me talking about weddings and the proposal on the plots… I just cant stop crying…

    every day… more and more info is put out… as a friend I am sadened.

    My God handle this situation for all of US. Give me and everyone else the strength to understand evil, which consist of lies, murder and much more.

    I pray for my campus echo family, Broadcasters club family, and my eagle family… because some might not understand how much this hurts us…. I just wish my heart could understand and stop crying…. but it will take time and everyone knows journalist (we have to write our feelings..)

    I love all you who love her for the person she was…

    Julius “Ju” Jones

  8. My heart goes out to the family, friends, and acquaintances of this young woman. This is truly an awakening to all of us that life is Too Short, that we have to increase our sense of family among each other. We have to care about human life, even if we don’t know the person personally-they are like we are-CHILDREN OF GOD

  9. I personally did not know the victim but I am hurt as well by the trajic news of this young ladies death, of course speculation is here surrounding this fiancee character, I just feel very saddned by the lost of so many lives in this proces as another reader has posted, Ms Denita Smith’s life has been taken physically, Ms. Crawley life has been taken menatlly and her children, so sad a woman, two women lives full of achievemnets cut down so short, I hope EVERYONE involved is brought to justice, no tjust the physical killer.

  10. If he were dating Shannon for years,where the heck did those kids come from, are they his? This story does not sound right.

  11. David, in the news they said that Shannon had a 7 & 4 yr old. Now the 7 yr old we know wouldn’t be his but, the 4 yr old could be his child. I believe Kimberly’s story. I hope all of the details will come out soon to the public. It seems as if the police aren’t giving out any info about anything. I think they are trying to cover it up since he is a fellow police officer. I hope that men see that trying to play women can turn tragic.

  12. I think it is very insensitive try and justify Shannon killind Denita (allegedly I will say since she is innocent until proven guilty) It takes a very INSANE person to kill someone else REGARDLESS of the rationale behind it. I have known Denita since 6th grade (well over 15+ years) and she was a very kindhearted, giving person…..Only a weak minded female would attack the “other woman” as opposed to the man….

  13. I would be interested to know what type of person Shannon Crawley was before she committed this crime. My heart goes out to Denita’s family and friends. I did not know her personally but I believe that everyone that knows about this story wish they had known her. I pray that this was not a love triangle because too many lives have been lost in such a senseless crime.

  14. I really do not know the victim. My heart goes out to both families, because you have a Mother that just lost her child, and 2 children who just lost a Mother. This is oh too sad. The wrong Man, can make a GOOD GIRL go bad. He needs to speak, if not to the public, to the family, because he definetly owes them an explanation. As far as I am concerned he is a Coward, because he has been lying to everyone. Including his closest friends.

  15. Some of the stuff you people, “friends” of Denita, is senseless and completely unfounded. I knew Denita and know her fiance as well. It is amazing to me that everyone has automatically convicted her fiance (Jemeir) as an additional suspect in this terrible crime. He has been at every memorial service with the family. Before any of you spew any more lies, maybe you should think about the fact that Denita’s family has embraced him and continues to do so. And what makes you think that police would not arrest him at the drop of a dime if he was a suspect. With all the police that have been arrested for crimes, why would he be any different if he was involved…Think people! It’s sad that we have become so cynical as to create this whole scenario and be so darn wrong….If you are in any way God’s child, you will agree when I say pray for Denita in heaven, her family, fiance and friends. Also pray for Shannon Crawley and her children and that God would have His way in this situation.


  17. H-Town said: ” he may not have “killed” her but it is TOO obvious that HE IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF HER DEATH! ”

    This is a ludricous and irresponsible statement to make, period. The ROOT CAUSE of her death is that the Woman who killed her put her desires to own and possess another human being’s affections above another’s life and the welfare being of others. These are the kind of people who will do or tolerate anything to get what they want. This is a sickness in our society.
    Listen to the lyrics of the songs that play over and over teaching perverted values. They teach a message “that if u can’t have her/him, then life isn’t worth living.” Almost every week, the news has some story of somebody kidnapping/ killing their children, ex spouses, or themselves because things didn’t go the way they wanted them to.
    How irresponsible to even blame any blame on the fiance-He didn’t kill anyone! Folks had choices- the world is full of choices and options for intelligent, sane people!
    People who do these horrible things have to take full responsibility for their acts and WE better wake up and start instilling more morals and social responsibility in our youth and teach them to become GOD centered instead of self centered. Period.

  18. I believe there were 2 victims in this tragic situation. My prayers go out to Ms. Smith’s family. However, I know Ms. Crawley personally. VERY WELL!!! U ALL SHOULD REMEMBER THAT SHE IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!!!! WHICH SHE WILL BE!! In response to previous msgs, her children are not that man’s!!! However at one point he was very close to them. They meet and starting dating shortly after he joined GPD. SHE DID NOT AND HAD NO REASON TO STALK HIM!! In fact it was the other way around. And this can & will be proven in court. Jermeir lied to both woman…according to him he no longer dated his college sweetheart. Actually Ms. Crawley wanted nothing to do with that man in the last few months. He initiated all contact…which also can be proven!! SHANNON IS AN EXCELLENT MOTHER WHO WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING TO BE SEPARATED FROM HER CHILDREN!! She worked extremely hard to provide for them. In fact on her days off, she goes in for overtime just to make sure they want for nothing!! After normal 12 shifts, she’s the 1st to come in for more. When she’s not working she’s extremely involved in church and the kids school functions. Anyone who knows her knows that she is not capable of such a horrible crime. AND WE ALL SUPPORT HER!! WE PRAY THAT SHE COMES HOME SOON!! AND THAT THE REAL KILLER BE CONVICTED OF HIS CRIMES!!!

  19. Wasnt Shannon Crawley supposed to go to court for the second time on February 2nd? I guess this is not newsworthy anymore in Durham.

    A shame.

  20. Hi RaCol,

    According to the District Court calendar for Durham County, Shannon Crawley’s next court appearance is February 28. They had originally said on the news, though, that she would appear on February 1, but I guess they had to change that for some reason.

  21. Thank You LaShawn. It irritates me that every other day we are updated on the Lacrosse case, but have heard nothing more about this murder case.

  22. RaCol,

    I was thinking the same thing. She was supposed to appear in court but the weather was very bad that day so a lot of offices in Durham were closed. I heard they were moving the case to Cumberland County because of the media coverage. This is a very sad case. Unfortunately, it will not get nearly as much coverage as the Lacrosse case(I am sick of hearing about that). I say we stay in constant prayer for our people because we are definitely in the last days and human life is not highly regarded the way it used to be when blacks shared everything and depended on each other to stay alive(Depression, slavery, etc.). God bless Denita’s family and Shannon’s children.

  23. I am praying for her family as well. I hope justice is served and hope her family can get some answers to rest easy.

  24. Everyone: unless u KNOW what u are talking about…everyone should stop throwing blame on the fiance. Why? 1st, we don’t KNOW what the actual situation was. Right away big time guilt was thrown on him. 2nd, we don’t KNOW what kind of relationship he had with Shannon: friendly working, intimate, 1x fling, casual, or what? Only a few really do, and I suspect they are not on this board talking about it.
    I can accept that she was stalking him. I remember a friend of mine used to cruise around her ex’s place, confronting him at every opportunity. He didn’t report her as stalking him, cause he just figured, as we all did, that she’d get over it. As her friends, it was very inconvenient cause she couldn’t make a sentence without calling his name, and she was constantly driving by looking for him. Now don’t tell me that this is not a common occurrence. And who bothers to report it as Stalking? It just appears to be the rough edges that wear away when one party ends a relationship. No body dates somebody or starts a friendly working relationship- thinking the other person is going to be a ‘psycho’ case.
    Until we KNOW for sure, what was happening, we shouldn’t let suspicions and conjectures ruin someone’s life when they may be innocent. How could we take all that harm back?

  25. finally someone with sense it is correct make sure you know what you are saying because it cannot be taken back.
    as for sista blondi she has a point not guilty until proven other wise and Keyrah oh please. i would like to say my heart goes out to the smith family and may god grant them confort in knowing that she is with the lord. no one can speak of your pain and the remarks should be withheld to the final gavel of the judge is done. everyone is writing from hurt feeling and passion with i am sure no intent on hurting anyone. vengenence is mine sayth the lord he knows and will render justice.

  26. This brought tears to my eyes when I saw the story on the news. Such a beautiful and intelligent young woman.

  27. Everyone refers to God, he had no part of this mess. God is love, God is holy, and sin is what it is.


  29. in response to logical:

    no offense intended to you (i was feeling prophetic) or any of the bloggers, just reviewing the statements in the press and the blog….

    i guess there are three victims instead of two and all must have been deceived by the Father of Lies, for he was a murderer from the beginning. God is my Protector, He is My Stay, My Shield, My Comforter… my help cometh from above…with that said I am certainly not condemning anyone; for the Word of God judges us.

    You are right, logical, healing and forgiveness, reconciliation, these are themes central to believers…

    to anyone associated with this incident who reads this and who knew the victim:
    put on the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;

    to the purported suspect who from what i have seen in photos is strikingly beautiful: if you committed this act you have not committed the unpardonable sin, if you are a believer, as some imply that you are, you know what you have to do;

    to the fiance: i am in the same field as you, i think it it was put best, in my opinion, when a dean of a bible college stated that police officers are agents of God, working for God…who should have the attributes of honesty, integrity and doing what is right in the eyes of God.
    do the right thing…

  30. Just want to send my prayers to all families involved. I have read this blog and several articles about this case and I’m very saddened by this ordeal, I do feel that Stroud needs to come clean about his relationship with Crawley even though there is no justification for her actions but it would help the Smith family thorugh this difficult time.

  31. in closing what i meant if there was something going on with him and ms crawley he should come clean. i spoke to someone i know that is a policemen and he says there is probably no chance this man was stalked maybe it was visa versa. a policemen has ways to rid himself of a stalker.
    For the smith family
    I pray god grant them the serenity and peace they deserve.

  32. Has anyone heard any updates on this case? Or has it been brushed to the side and not deemed as “newsworthy” anymore?

  33. RaCol:

    I have not found any updates recently, but keep checking nearly everyday. I thought that Shannon was to go to court, but I have heard nothing.

  34. Yeah her court date is 2/28/07 still in Durham

  35. Life is life. _ _ _ _ happens. HUMAN BEINGS end relationships and/ or friendships everyday for any reason , or no reason at all …….Who are WE to judge anyone about anything. I will say this……THOU SHALT NOT KILL is one of the Ten Commandments.

    T H O U S H A L T N O T K I L L !!!!!!!

  36. any updates on the court appearance today?

  37. I’ve been wondering the same thing, Plasma2008. I haven’t seen anything on the local television news or news websites. I went to the North Carolina courts website yesterday to see if her name was still on the criminal court calendar for 02/28, and there was a “1” in the column labeled “CONT” next to her name. I’m guessing that may mean that she’s been allowed 1 continuance thus far. I can’t remember if there was a 1 in the “CONT” column before yesterday, so if she was granted a continuance, I don’t know if it was yesterday or if she had been granted one previously. In any event, a citation search on the NC Courts website reveals that she now has a court date scheduled for 03/28/07. So, based on all of that, my guess is that she and/or her lawyer appeared in court yesterday and requested a continuance, which was granted, thus moving her court date to 03/28/07.

    BTW, the criminal court calendars can be searched at:

    You can search for a defendant’s court date at:

  38. Geri please keep it too yourself it can only hurt if you love shannon as you say you say you do if you are a cousin as you say you are we dont need speculations because your story sounds like someone who is really trying to hurt her

  39. Geri,

    I am sorry your family is all going thru this also. I hope that she can prove she was no where near the crime scene when it happened (and that would be tough since the security guard saw her and talked to her, also asked her to stay but she left–not very law abiding there) and also has evidence of Jermeir being there. If she is innocent, then she was not there. I think this will be tough to beat.

    What it sounds like is that she wants to show that even though she pulled the trigger, it is not her fault, It is Jermeir’s. Well, that won’t fly. She is an adult and needs to take responsibility for her actions. If he is such a monster as you claim, how come there is no evidence of this? It would have come up by now. And yes, it is possible for a police officer to be stalked, regardless of what others may think. He may not have wanted anyone to know what was going on and thought he could handle it himself. You call him an officer of the court, where everything else I have read said he was a police officer. I will be checking into that.

    Of course you are going to support and defend your cousin. I would not expect otherwise. But remember that others may not see her the same way. You cannot look at this objectively no matter how hard you try.

  40. I am baffled by the whole ordeal. I believe the truth will all come out in the end and the real culprit will be brought to justice. I also know that the guilty 9 times out of 10 plants themselves near the family so they can try to keep one step in front of legal system. I have watched 10o’s of lifetime movies & this sounds like another one. But shannon will be let go………………

  41. I am confused, I have been following the story, and please help me understand this portion of the story. Around 8ish that morning, 911 operators and Durham police got a call about gunshots, okay. They checked it out and nothing, correct. During that time, the maintenance guy said, according to the newspaper, that he saw Shannon Crawley at her SUV and questioned her about the gunshots, he also said he saw he coming from the back of the building, apparently this was all at the time of the calls and Shannon Crawley leaving the scene. If this woman was crying and said “yes” she heard the shots, why did the maintenance man not proceed by going behind the building, going behind where she was coming from, and then two hours later Ms. Smith is found, that makes no sense to me and I have done investigations for a couple of years. I think we are missing some parts of the puzzle. I am so very sorry that Ms. Smith was murdered, I did not know her but I am so sorry that this happen to such a promising black woman.

  42. In regard to what the last person wrote- thank you I also believe there are a lot of missing parts to this whole story. In my personal opinion a) this all ( supposed) to have occured in a college setting where lots of people live in an apartment complex how is it this maintence person only saw shannon- at 8am in the morning – they are trying to say that no one else identified her on this location but him- how is that correct – so no one goes to an 8 am or 9 am class at this location. No one else is leaving the apt complex in Durham at 8am come on this is a busy area. I am remember when i lived on and off campus there was always someone walking around going in and out of the apts. How is it he is the only one who could identify shannon. Ok add this up and you will not come out to two. b) the maintance man stated that he stopped shannon and she continued to leave why is it he didn’t return to the area to where ” shannon ” was supposed to come from . Why again did it take 2 hours to locate the body at a busy off campus apt complex there are to many people that go in and out of there. So he is the only one on the apt complex grounds that could identify her and only her. According to the news and newspapers the area in which her body was located is an open area which could be seen from many angles. So he wants us to believe that he can 100% identify shannon Crawley as the only one who was at that location at that specific time driving a SUV. This is a college apt how many black woman on a campus in the state of NC drive the same type of SUV, same color, you know they say all blacks look alike. I don’t belive that he can honestly say that it was shannon Crawley. Has this maintance person took a lie detector test to prove he is correct. I also find that it very weird that Jamier pointed out shannon as the guilty party. He pointed police in her direction. Of course he would … so they don’t focus on him… I am baffled that this is a person that he dated yet he probably at one time confessed ” He loved her” but yet he threw her under the bus…. So now what did he tell Danita the same thing probably .. But yet he was there to identify shannon as the “supposed killler” did he arrive at the same time the police did – did someone call him , to tell him the news, or was he there in hiding and then came out when the police (his partners of the law) came on location and then he stated – its shannon Crawley you are talking about. Come on people open your eyes the story doesn’t add up… THere are parts missing and Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder… can all see this.. Everyone needs to step back and exammine the true facts .. Again there are several victims in this whole ordeal.. My question is we all know that many police have several things in common
    a) Divorce rate is high b) Very controlling c) Abusive to woman/men d) have access to more things than a person not on the force.. e) they will lie for each other and stand behind the shield to protect one another. LETS ALL WAKE UP AND REALLY TAKE A LONG LOOK AT THIS….

  43. As Malcolm X once said “the chickens are coming home”
    finally some logic

  44. Dear Hurt ii am sure the person who refered to the chickens have come home meant no disrespect. if you can remember or have knowledge of Malcolm those words were said in sarcasim and that was the intent. a life is lost and a family has a void that will never be filled nothing i mean nothing justifies what happened to that yound lady. by saying chickens i am refering to insensitive people that are playing dime store games for lack of having a life. they are not helping the accused and is only compounding the pain of the victims family. let go ad let GOD

  45. I’m sorry Bewildered, that message was Confused.

  46. Oh boy,

    yes you do reap what you sow…so i hope that you can find the stregth to be merciful. because you are sin free you have the right to judge him…so tell me master since you decide who has mercy and who doenst, where will I spend my eternity. You probably have never met any of the people involved have you.

  47. He who judges without mercy, shall be judged without mercry. So I hope you are prepared for God’s judgement on you

  48. Im not tryin to defend Jemier at all but this really is an eye opener Yall gotta read this thing for real.

    Please tell me that you did not attend NCCU. If you did, you missed some classes because that long entry posted is incoherent. I did not get anything out of that garbage. If you were making points, you missed terribly. If you are “an angry friend all of them,” please go and sit down. You would not make a good witness.

  50. I have read & re-read what the person wrote above Time 4 for a little truth wrote… I must say I don’t get the point behind the long blog.. I am not going to comment much about it but I am not sure on the point of it all. I understand we all have our own religious beliefs and I feel that we will all come to that day where we will have to meet our maker. Unfortunately some will meet theirs before others but at the same time … I am not here to quote scriptures b/c like the earlier entry says we all must cross some bridges in our lifetime. I just want to say I am very sorry for Danita’s family loss and also Shannon’s family and also Jamiers.. No one wants a family member to endure any pain but we all will feel some pain. From what that person wrote I gather that there were some family issues between the family but I don’t feel that it should be discussed on a blog… I wouldn’t want my family business discussed on here and i don’t think they would be to happy about it either. Lets just wait until all the facts come out and the truth will be set straight once and for all. I will conclude with this — there are 3 sides to every story and sadly we will not be able to hear Danita’s side( I am truly sorry for that ) but her side will be told…Lets let Danita and her family rest … This is very hard time for all of them and they do deserve that respect and honor.

  51. Time 4 Truth,
    You words have really made me stop and think. I believe we all are guilty of judging and casting stones, and even gossiping when spreading the word of this and not knowing all the facts.

    Again I will say, I pray for the families throughout all of this.

  52. To all that respond to this blog. I think we are all missing the point here. Ms Smith has gone home to a much better place.. After all she has passed over where there is no pain, no anger, no madness. She is in heaven where there is unconditional love. We may be angry, upset , even confused on what has happened but remember we are in hell on earth she is one that is seeing all the gold, happiness etc. Yes, we are upset that we can’t see her anymore but lets all remember the good times you shared with her, remember her laughter. Look at her smile on the picture on this blog. Let her enjoy where God has taken her. All these comments on her are our way of dealing w/ what we feel happend, didn’t happen. It really doesn’t matter what we say ..But it does matter How we say it ..I don’t think Danita would want all of this to continue going back and forth, she sounded like she was about LOVE..Do we share in that LOVE….I am not here to blame anyone ..There are questions that we all have but let just let GOD show us where to go to get those answers..We all need to ask GOD How can I help the Smith family ? Jermier family, Shannon family. All who say that they are a friend to all involved How are you helping that friend in this ordeal. Yes it is tragic but what is your role in healing? My question to all is this. Have we helped Ms. Smith family in achieving her leagacy. Lets talk about the good in Ms.Smith. She was a good person, a woman of substance. I know we all have anger, pain in our hearts but does do any good to bash the next person that responds to what you say on here. In conclusion remember GOD IS LOVE.

  53. I hope and pray that all who read my comments understand where I am coming from. We are only her for a short time …
    It takes so much from ones life to be angry at another- just think you are angry at a person, they may know you are angry but your life has stopped b/c you are filled w/ the anger yet the person you are angry at just keeps going on in life. Life is too short to be angry. I try to live by one saying Do unto other’s as you would want done on to you. If this was you or one of your family members HOW WOULD U FEEL READING THIS ……………..

    GOD IS LOVE……….

  54. It appears everyone is maturing and is able to see the point the “Time 4 Truth” made in that long blog. (Even looking through the obvious emotional tiesthat person has to everyone invovled) Time 4 Truth makes some very true and real undeniable points. Both about the case and about ALL of our behavior on the blog. “Since Time 4 Truth’s” blog there has been such great maturity in everone’s comments. That blog really makes anyone with any conviction at all take a long hard look at themselves and what Denita feels about us looking down from heaven.

    Among several points made in that blog, the most stand out ones were that Jermeir loved Denita and she loved him, and even Shannon saw that ever so clearly, so why cant we.

    The other point “Time 4 Truth” made was that, Jermeir is handling this like more of a man thatn any of us. He has not run from this, he has faced the music, he has given it to God. Think about it…He walks with his head held high nd the truth about him and Denita in his heart everyday.

    We can’t even post coments without hiding our name. Proof that NONE of us has the courage he has. True character is how you are in the face of fire. What if out past mistakes were exposed. Some of us have worse istories than him.

    The last point was one that I agree with all along. How uneducated and thoughtles it is to think a police officer couldn b stalked. Just last week police uncovered a pot for local Bloods that were stalking a Guilford County Sherrifs Deputy and were plnning to break in his house. Just a year ago marked the end of the rash of High Poit police offices who were getting talked and there houses broken into once their work schedules were figured out.

    Keep maturing

  55. One more point…..Everyone please plase take the time to read those Bible verses “Time 4 Truth” said Jermeir holds onto when dealing with the public. Even if you are not Christian take sometime today to read them. It will bless you. (especially if you imagine that you are him whn you read them)

    Psalms 64, Revelation 3:7-9, Psalms 27, Psalms 46, Psalms 61.

    Especially the first two scriptures. there are online bibles so there is no excuse why you cant make time.

  56. I think there’s a misunderstanding of thinking a police officer can’t be stalked. There’s not a question of if a police officer CAN be stalked. The question would come when a police officer IS stalked and doesn’t do anything about it.

    Clearly anyone can be stalked…That’s why in my original message I stated in order for that statement to be believable something would have to be produced (from a legal stand point) dated before Jan. 4. From a public prospective, that’s all the information that was given in any of the reports. Remind you, this is the first and only thing the public has heard from Mr. Stroud via the media. So I think that comment was misinterpreted.

    Secondly, people have different relationships with the people involved, therefore are looking at the situation from different perspectives. I don’t think is fair to cast down someone’s opinion (especially those close in the case) because no ONE person knows every detail. Sadly enough we will never know all the details because Denita is not here to tell her side.

    Thirdly, Denita was an outstanding woman. She represented her family well, she represented God well, she represented Black women well, and she represented NCCU well. So why wouldn’t someone that admired both her spiritual and academic perseverance want to see that earthly justice is rendered on her behalf? I do. Just so happen, since the situation occurred the only place that has the updates (i.e. court dates, continuance…etc) is this blog. From that aspect, it’s informative.

    Lastly, there is some drama here, people have emotions. A lot of people are emotional about this situation. One thing I learned about emotions is women and men deal with their emotions differently. Most women wear their emotions on their sleeves, they talk about it, they’re laughing this minute and the next can be bent over in tears. That’s because we are emotion driven. Men on the other hand have this way of making emotions seem emotionless. (That’s why women in relationships have to be careful that they don’t look at the man like he doesn’t care because he’s not responding the way we want them to.) I said that to say, I see a lot of pain in this blog. People are hurting, people are misunderstood and this is the way they are dealing with it. Like someone said before, this business just happens to be on the internet for the world to see. Opposing emotions is why there’s drama here. We can’t say someone isn’t telling the truth (the cousin, co-worker), because that’s the truth that they know, they just don’t know the WHOLE truth. That’s why on 3/28/07 (if there’s not another continuance) you will see witness from the plaintiffs side (State of NC) and the witness from the defense (Crawley) sworn to tell the truth, but will all be saying something total different. The job for the Judge and/or the jury will be to gather all facts, evidence, and witnesses’ testimony to put the puzzle together to rule on the big picture.

  57. True that 3/28/2007 hpoefully we will get the truth

  58. Just wait. I promise he truth will be very very close to “Time 4 Truth’s” blog entry. Just FYI Tina. “Time 4 Truth’s ” blog wasn’t a perspective it was the truth with some sensitive details left out. Now we can look at that blog and can be somewhat blinded by the overwhelming support for Jermeir. However this does not remove the facts so let’s erase the emotional aspect of “truth’s blog” and look at the absolute truths in chronological order.

    1. Jermeir hired as Greensboro officer in 2003

    2. Jermeir meets Crawley in workplace operation 2003 but there is no further contact what so all until 2004

    3. Crawley and Jermeir become friends and Denita is aware of friendship

    4. 2005 Crawley and Jermeir become physically involved.

    5. Jermeir buys house and moves from western greensboro to upper Northeast Greensboro.

    6. Summer of 2005 Jermeir joins church

    7. Shortly after joining church, Jermeir begins attempting to end relationship.

    8. During this same time Crawley then moves from apartment in the very lfar lower sothwest

  59. to mediator:

    you seem to have alot of information….why in the world would crawley go to all this trouble if nothing had gone on to begin with

  60. to ask that question is to have not thoroughly read the 2 most importnat blogs on here.

    I think what you might be getting at is “why would she do all of this if there was no contact for such a long period of time? I understand where you are coming from. Even Durham PD didn’t believe Jermeir until they did two things.

    1. they got a hold of the stalking reports and most of all

    2) The truth that Jerneir told that there was no involvement between the two of them for over a year was corroborated during the investigation by the one person who everyone would think is the LAST person to say they were not involved in over a year….none other than…I won’t tell you, b/c if I told you you wouldnt believe it… but you will find out. This is the part where many people will be floored.

    But the answer as to why.We may never know. No matter why, can you think of an answer that makes sense out of this happening to Denita. Thw why doesn’t matter. It shouldnt have happened. There is no good enough reason.

    Let her R.I.P. lets see if week can go for a full week of dormant activity this time.

  61. First, I want to say I haven’t read your entire message yet. You have two things wrong about me before you even start.

    1. I’m not curious about what went on…that’s DRAMA.
    2. I don’t recall saying “hopefully we will find out the truth”. My concern is for Justice for Denita, as I recall saying, in that the Judge and/or jury will be able to rule on the WHOLE truth.

    Again, I only read your first paragraph. If the remainder of your blog is as Dramatic as your first paragraph (correct me if I read it wrong), I don’t respond to Drama, because that’s what it is Dramatic. If it has to do with there personal intimacy, I don’t respond to that either. Now if the rest of your posting encouraging or correcting me because I was being Judgmental, I can handle that.

    Just in case you don’t know what I am interested in.
    1. Court date
    2. Court Judgment
    3. That people are not “cast down” as it was put, because they have an opinion or have emotions they are trying to deal with.
    4. That people (including myself) understand that there’s a life lesson that can be learned from this situation. Many life lessons.
    And the reason that I keep coming back to this blog, since you think you know. Some people are in this situation as we speak. This situation reminds me where I could’ve been if I didn’t make the right choices, when not for myself but for the people I love. This situation reminded me of what GREAT man I have in my life, and not to take him for granted. This situation reminds me that there’s people out there that still need guidance especially our youth.

    But why are you here, since you’re so offended?

    I choose to say, Denita spirit or legacy didn’t die. It lives on. I do that by not letting her passing be in vain. I choose to better who I am, not take people for granted. Help a fellow friend or enemy that may be hurting and for peace sake as I live each day, learn to forgive.

  62. Tina,

    On much of what you wrote. I stand humbly corrected. I believe some of the problem is that we may actually agree on much of principles that our writings are based on. I think was sensitive to some of the speculations that were made. I understand that this may be a way to deal with emotions. However, lets keep it healthy. I one chooses to speculate, at least do it in the privacy of your home and not on here. (That was a general statement, not necessarily directed toward Tina) If you are interested . Just stay posted but be mindful of the comments you make. The intent wasnt to cast down opinions, it was to address the very ignornt speculations that people were making. Some of which you were guilty of..the evidence is written above.

    So Tina I would like to make peace with you. But I would like to ask you and everyone, simply out of kindness, to keep speculative opinions about the case and ALL the people involved to yourselves. Other than that, I agree with many of your principles.

    Keep appreciating your man…Keep the positive vibe going!
    Thats what Denita was all about.

  63. Mediator,

    I agree…I even agree that I was guilty in my original posting that I was speculative of Jemier. Honestly this blog has set me straight on that.

    After reading your blog, I think a petition needs to be sent to the legislative office to challenge the stalking laws in North Carolina.

  64. Firstly, thanks to Mediator and Little Truth for posting actual facts/inside information about the case. Eye-opening to say the least.

    I was just curious as to whether Denita was ever aware of the affair and/or stalking? Anyone know?

  65. Neutral,
    From what I understand yes she was and she was involved in a fight with Crawley a few days before the incident.

  66. Family has stressed that no one use this blog to make specualations about thier loved ones passing. Enough hurtful things have been said. Please Please stop. There are oly three people qualified to say what actualy was and one of them is no longer with us. Please rsspect the families that are involved. If you have a question, fine. But don’t make an assumption on the internet. Let familes heal. I beg you, if nothing else stop the speculations and rumors. Im sure you mean no harm, but please stop.

  67. So the court date is still scheduled for 3/28?

  68. I will say this….and I am offering it in love….The last thing I as a family member would be worried about is what people I do or don’t know put on a blog. Sadly we live in a society now that nothing is sacred. People will sensationalize any and everything. That being said we also have equal protection under the 1st amendment to say, write and express ourselves as we wish as long as its not along the lines of shouting fire. It might sound cold but my advice to any family members who don’t wish to hear these things…don’t visit the site or entertain that which is written her. This isn’t meant to be mean but its honest. People are going to do what they want regardless of how you all feel as sad as that sounds. The truth will come to light in one, way shape or form and if the authorities think that their case is being jeopardized by the blog or any other medium they would have shut this joint down by now through a cease and desist or media gag order or something of the like. Basically what I am saying is that its probably best to focus on your family, grieving and honoring your love one’s life. Don’t allow others to taint your memory or this period of mourning with ignorance. Do not let what people say or trying to speculate on because in the grand scheme its just chatter. They talked about Jesus and mocked him to no end why would any of us expect any different if we are followers of him?

  69. Hear me, O God, as I voice my complaint;
    protect my life from the threat of the enemy.

    2 Hide me from the conspiracy of the wicked,
    from that noisy crowd of evildoers.

    3 They sharpen their tongues like swords
    and aim their words like deadly arrows.

    4 They shoot from ambush at the innocent man;
    they shoot at him suddenly, without fear.

    5 They encourage each other in evil plans,
    they talk about hiding their snares;
    they say, “Who will see them [a] ?”

    6 They plot injustice and say,
    “We have devised a perfect plan!”
    Surely the mind and heart of man are cunning.

    7 But God will shoot them with arrows;
    suddenly they will be struck down.

    8 He will turn their own tongues against them
    and bring them to ruin;
    all who see them will shake their heads in scorn.

    9 All mankind will fear;
    they will proclaim the works of God
    and ponder what he has done.

    10 Let the righteous rejoice in the LORD
    and take refuge in him;
    let all the upright in heart praise him!

    Psalms 64
    Enough Said!

  70. Those of you in NC, please keep this blog updated with the latest factual developments in the case–it’s not easy to come upon that information from out the state. RIP Denita.

  71. I am sorry that this has all gone to this. My blog post and the updates are meant to be about Denita Smith’s murder, not a race issue or a Christian issue or about anything else. I believe in Freedom of Speech, but people have gone way too far. This is not a place to bash the victim AT ALL and I am offended at comments that have done that. They will be removed. And I am also turning off comments on this post, as people cannot be adults, and want to argue rather than discuss. I do understand that Shannon’s family and friends support her, but be realistic, she is the accusted, NOT THE VICTIM here. I find it distasteful for any of them to be here and crying about this and wanting the attention on them. This was for a murder VICTIM, not the accused. I want justice for the real victim. Being accused of a murder does not make you a victim.

    By the way, I deleted many comments. Don’t take it personally. It got out of hand and any post that was not about Denita or had too much drama has or will be deleted. Some I deleted may have had relevant comments, but if it was in reference to another I deleted, it was gone too. Especially the one that said something negative about Denita. That one angered me and was the first one deleted. NEVER post on my blog anything negative about a murder victim. The victim may not have been perfect, but who is? I will not tolerate anyone bashing a victim, regardless.

  72. OK, I have turned comments back on for this post. Hopefully things will stay reasonable.

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  74. […] Bonnie’s Blog of Crime Update: Denita Smith murder 1/4/07 Durham, NC *arrest made* « on Denita Smith murder 1/4/07 Durham, NCmylifeofcrime on Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley released on bail*Question? on Update: […]

  75. To mylifeofcrime,

    How do you justify closing down the message boards and deleting posted comments on the Denita Smith murder while allowing those who post to the Channon Christian and Chris Newsom message board to spew some of the most palpable racial hatred that I’ve ever read on the internet? In case you want an example, please see a post by Rhonda dated 02/02/07 and one by Bruce dated 02/23/07. For myriad other examples, just do a find search for the terms “nigger” or “savage” on that message board.

  76. LaShawn,

    I DID shut down the comments on at least one of the Channon Christian and Chris Newsome posts. AND earlier today I turned comments back on for this one or you would not have been able to post your comment. I have not turned the comments back on for the Channon and Chris post that I turned off comments on. And I deleted alot more comments on that one than this one. By far.

    The reason I shut off comments on THIS post had absolutely nothing to do with racism, so there is no reason to compare.

    I am sorry I personally offended you. However, I do not need to justify my actions to you or anyone else.


  78. Why didn’t my comments post? Too much damaging information about Shannon and her abortion?

  79. Soul Sista,

    I do not know why your comments did not post. They were not in my spam filter or in the moderation folder. I cannot explain it. I have not deleted any comments lately except what has been in the spam filter.

  80. In Guilford County Public Court Records Shannon’s attorney also admitted to Shannon and Jermeir not being involved for more than a year before Denita’s death. She’s crazy!!!

    Not to mention, she was still fighting to be able to be around Jermeir after her release. Jermeir was seeking a restraining order since she killed Denita and is now free on bond. She was in court fighting tooth and nail not to get it passed. The hearing since then has been continued twice.

    If her attorney admitted in court that its been over a year since they have been involved, that means that Shannon had a year to get over Jermeir(Denita and Jermeir were engaged exactly 2 months to the day when Denita was killed). So here we are at least a year and a half later and one innocent life taken later and the crazy chick still cant let go.

  81. I believe I am beginning to understand now. Shannon is a certified, bonified, and documented fool, nut psycho, and basket case. Do she really think that Jermier or any other man would be interested in her now. While her family (Geri) is standing by her side, why don’t they talk to this woman.

    Let me try, Shannon darling IF you had a fling with Jermier you was just a “booty call.” Denita was a respectable woman and she had a promising future. Get a grip honey! If the man who fathered your children didn’t stay with you what makes you think that any other man is going to step up and take on that baggage.

  82. Soul Sista

    You mention an abortion in a previous comment. What’s the 411? Is is it possible that these two made a baby?

  83. My hunch is that “Geri” is Shannon’s brother in-law. (will leave his name and such anonymous for Shannon and her family’s protection.) Either the case, while Shannon is with you all, you should be a real family and express the importance of coming clean with her crimes rather than adding salt to wound that she has opened in the lives of Denita’s loved ones. We can already see what measres people take when they are hurt. We dont want vioelnce to repeat itself.

    Some people are really trying hard to move on and pt the tragedy in the hands of the Lord. BUt the mindless and heartless and cowardly acts of Sannon and her lawyerin court and in the public just set the stage for life repeating itself.

    Repenting is powerful.

  84. I have not seen anything on TV regarding this case. Can someone fill me in on the things her and her lawyer have said. Is she denying that she killed her?

  85. Shauncey

    You know the wheels of justice turn very slowly. It will probably a year and a half or 2 years before we get any resolution. I am sure that her lawyers want the passion of this case to subside. But rest asure as long as I have breath in my body I will be there the day she has to face the judge and/or jury. You see Denita was very special to me and I will not let her be just another Black woman that was killed and forgotten. I ask all of you who knew and loved Denita to yes go on with your life. But let’s keep this blog going until the day that justice runs down like a mighty rushing water.

  86. Oh yes, justice will prevail. Shannon will not get away with what she someone who did nothing to her but be loved. She will pay.

  87. Does anyone know if Shannon is on any kind of house arrest or is she just free to do whatever she is doing?

  88. Writing is Therapy,
    I am so sorry for your loss. Denita’s story hit me hard, and I found myself constantly looking at her photo on this blog. I wish you the best and I am praying with you that Shannon will pay for what she did to Denita. God bless you.

  89. Durham

    The Guilford County website shows that Shannon Crawley still owns her house near the fiance. The question is why?? Why is she still keeping her house near him. It is becoming evident that she is obsessed

    I couldnt find where anything actaully says that she wants to still be around the fiance, but there is a hearing that has been contined twice. This strongly indicates that she is in fact fighting the restraining order. The qestion is why. The man does not want her. More indication that the stalking allegations may be true.

    She is not confined to any house arrests or has to even stay in the state. So unfortnately the woman who visciously murdered a promising young woman and left her to die alone (911 tapes are on the internet) is walking around totally free with no restraints among us.

    Now that she is out and no longer in jail, considering what she viciously did to that poor girl that so many loved and cared for, is Shannon Crawley really all that safe?

    There are probably plenty who would like to come face to face with her or have the opportunity to return the favor of a loss that she has inflicted on others.

    So before we get all up in arms about the mockery of justice that was done by letting her out. Being out ay not be as peaceful for Crawler, her kids or her family as we all may believe.

  90. Artist: 2Pac
    Song: “Hail Mary”
    Verse: 1
    Line: 1
    We reap what we sow…

  91. Mediator
    Thanks for the info. That is what this blog should be used for. If anyone gets info about her, please post it so she won’t think that we have forgotten or she has gotten away with murder. So far as she still owning the house, that does not surprise me. It takes a while for a house to be foreclosed on. Just becasue she owns it does not mean she still lives there. For anyone who has purchased a home knows that taxes, utilities, maintenance, furniture, etc has to be taken care of. So unless she has found another source of income it’s not going so easy for her. And I don’t care how much money her family is suppose to have. Somebody has to pay for the lawyers, feed her and them children and still take care of their own home/family. Remember, she has been terminated from her 911 job. Excuse me I digressed! No, she will never be truly free. I hope that Denita haunts her a** ever time she thinks about going to sleep. Before it’s all over she may beg to die just to get some peace.

    Some of you may ask why I am so passionate about Denita. Well when justice is served, I will tell you what my relationship was to her.

  92. If I’m not mistaken, Shannon Crawley’s lawyers Bruce Lee and Duane Bryant announced that they are working Pro Bono (for free) on her behalf. Usually lawyers will do this to gain free noteriety on a high profile case. Therefore you can probably count on the lawyers creating a knock down drag out court battle that will contine to tear open emotional wounds for the ones who love Denita. All in the name of that all mighty dollar.

    Unfortunately the cold hearted efforts of Shannon’s lawyers don’t surprise me. As an employee in the Guilford COunty justice system, from what I understand Bruce Lee is a mildly respectable defense attorney in the area. Duane Bryant on the other hand is a disgrace to an educated black man. Bryant is the one who at the bond hearing suggested that Denita was not even engaged to her fiance and that Jermeir Stroud somehow made up the engagement. Bryant is known for defending murderers and serious felons in the High Point and Greensboro areas. He also commonly defends members of the “Bloods” street gang. There was a case in the local news not long ago concerning young men who were on mini crime spree in early 2006 and late 2005. One of the crimes was the murder of young black male during a “home invasion” style robbery where they left a young black male for dead aftre shooting him several times in the doorway of his home. This same group was also responsible for another “home invasion” where a mother was forced to run out of a back door and climb fences while holding her infant baby. Meanwhile her two teenage sons were left inside to be held at gunpoint. And guess who is one of the attorneys for these men. None other than Mr. Duane Bryant.

    I understand that the justice system here in America allows for everyone to be provided defense. It is just so hard to believe that a man who has any kind of a soul could wake in the morning everyday and consiously play a role in the ripping to shreads of the wounds of families such as Denita’s and her fiancee’s by their actions. And to do without a conscience at all.

    I bacame more interested in the case when I learned Dane Bryant was one of the attorneys. His office is listed at 1207 Brentwood Rd. High Point, NC for those who are interestd in sending letters to express your feeling about his work.

  93. Writting In Therapy what is the big secret? Are you a ex-boyfriend? Someone she was seeing ? Whay all the secretcy?

  94. Mediator thanks for the info!

  95. If “Writing is Theropy” needs to keep the relationship a secret, there is probably a reason why. Just because we may know or understand a reason doesnt mean that its not a good one. Whatever the relationship is to Denita, it was probably a close one so its only respectful that we not chastise this person. If you pay attention to the comments, especially 8 months after the urder, most people on this blog are closely related to one of the persons involved. Surely we can understand people releasing frustration toward the mrderer, but you will probably notice that no one will stand for people victimizing people who were close to Denita, not even Jermeir. In all truth and fact, no one who is above ground was closer to Denita than Jermeir was. We all remember when Edythe got exposed on here. And Chris, you were close, thank you for slowing yor role. Hopefully somwhere along the lines someone has told you what really happended and not the lies that you were being told over the last year and some months.

  96. No, I am not an ex-boyfriend and we were not romantically involved or would have ever become involve had her life continued. We spent many days together on joyful and happy occasions. Although, I can understand how someone whose mind is in the gutter would think like that.

    To Justice, thank you for the information you provided and I would greatly appreciate if you could keep this blog updated with court dates and any other pertinent information. You obviously know more about what is going on than many others on this blog who are trying to belittle Denita and Jermeir.
    I will check in weekly/occasionally to see if there are any updates. In the meantime some of you all need to get a life. Remember at Denita’s funeral, her euology was about all the things she did in her life and many people spoke of how she touch their life. What will be said about you at your funeral?

  97. Rest In Peace sweet Denita. I just read this and dont know how I didnt hear about it being I am a North Carolina native. My heart goes out to the family and her friends. May God Bless you and all. I sincerely hope she gets the justice she deserves. May Shannon get what is coming to her.

  98. Fact about Shannon and Jermeir is that it had been over a year before the murder that Shannon Crawley and Jermeir Stroud were involved or even on good terms of any level at all. I was in the courtroom the first day this case was in court in Greensboro for the 50-B. I recognized the case as they spoke from the recent news stories. There were not many details discussed. The judge decided that there was enough of a claim to have a hearing at a later date and continued it.
    Shannon didnt speak, her attorneys did all the talking. And to answer someone from earlier, both her attorneys and the fiance said that it had been over a year since there had been anything. And from the sound of things whenever they didnt speak it was not on good terms. That day Shannon and her attorneys were strongly contesting the order. So many blog entries and news reports were invalidated because people were who even claimed to have known one of them were so sure the fiance and Shanon were messing around when Denita Smith was murdered. Going by what both of them said in court, not only were they not messing around anymore, but they weren’t on good terms.
    It was odd to me that Shannon and her attorney’s were contesting the order. Basically the fiance was asking that something be on paper saying that she can not be near him. I didn’t understand why she was opposing that.

    However that isn’t what inspired to write this blog entry. Since that day I check the net once in a while for updates. I get more and more sad as I come across information about Ms. Smith. The dedication to her is beautiful. As I learned about her by the net and by people who know people who knew her, she was a truly beautiful person.

    The last reference I paid attention to was the 2pac song. “Hail Mary”. I didnt have to go dig the song up, I remember the line myself. “Revenge is like the sweetest victory…”
    While we all wait for the outcome of this tragic case, there are two systems of justice that could kick into gear and both are in the sole control of Shannon.

    One system is that of Spiritual repentence. See if Shannon confesses to her crimes and admits to God her sins, she will still have to face the reality of the consequences, but spiritually she will be fully forgiven by God and her spirit will be set free. Shannon if you are reading this, you can not fool yourself into thinking that you can repent in private then go out into the public world and claim not guilty. You keep yourself in bondage and you hold everyine elso who is in pain from healing. Time that people spend not healing is more pain than what they are already carrying. But to release yourself is to release everyone else.
    The other scenario is to plead not guilty, blame it on the fiance or claim what some people say is that yo are a victim too. The problem with Shannon is a victim of Jermeir is that under no circumstances is it okay to kill another person. While whatever Shannon may say about the fiance whether true or untrue, when its all said and done, no one is goiing to every make it okay to take Denita’s life.

    Repentence is forever, freeing and secrity in heaven. This mode of justice can never be reversed by man. The bible says whoever the Son makes free is free indeed. However the bible also says that whosever sows corruption shall reap corruption. Shannon(if you are reading this) if you continue to sow evil, lies and blame into the situation, then you will only reap corruption in the future. You must understand that the same pain that lead you to do what you did to Denita, someone else ay not be able to control theirs. We reap what we sow. Therefore the same corruption, lies, deceit and murder is only prophetic to come back around if you dont set forth another system of justice.
    As someone stated before, Denita was a child of someone, a sister, a fiance, a student, a cousin, a friend, a niece, a granddaugter, an employee, a future in-law and the list goes on. She was all the things that your children, youre nieces and nephews, your brother, your sisters, your parents are to you or someone else. Are you ready for that. And is your family ready to live their life waiting for your sins and corruption to catch up to them for the rest of their lives. Or for the rest of their life, your life, the fiance’s life, the Smith family’s life you can be the spark to atart healing.

  99. To Justice Thanks or the info. As you get any info that is pertinent, please send out a blog. Don’t forget court dates.

  100. I’m sorry I’m not the same blogger as “Justice?” I was in the courtroom that day. I dont work for the courts. I don’t know when the other court dates for that are. There is a website that allows you to look up the dockets online to find out court dates

  101. To My Life of Crime. Is there some real reson that you can’t expose as to why some comments are being deleted. The first wave of comments you deleted you gave a reason for that that was understandable. But for those of us who have been on this blog for a while quickly realized that the only comments that you deleted were the ones that publicly destroyed Shannon Crawley with facts about the case that we now know are absoltely true or possibly true. While every other version of mudslinging that absolutely fit the reason you said you were deleting comments stayed. The only comments deleted were details about the case. Some of us are family members, friends, classmates, co workers, old childhood friends, baby sitters, NCCU almumni, Durham natives, Charlotte natives, Grensboro natives, fellow church members and on to Shannon, Jermeir and Denita that are all piecing together the truth. Court documents, public records, county websites, certain blog entries that are consistent to court records, public records and other inside information have all helped us see more clearly. The start of things was more difficult because there were so many people offering strong opinions or absolute false information as fact which made it harder to find the truth. Some facts that we know for sure now are that Shannon and Jermeir were not involved during or around the time Shannon killed Denita. We also now know that the fiance did report the stalking to the police department. We also know that Shannon moved into Jermeir’s neighborhood 2 months before she killed Denita. What seems suspicious to this blog is that My Life of Crime only deleted the blog entries that were consistant to these facts. Not to mention Soul Sista’s mysteriously deleted entry. My Life of Crime, have you been contacted by Shannon’s attorneys. Is there a court order that I need to research pubic records for to see if there is some order not to publicize facts about the case. The reason you stated for deleting the first wave of comments was terribly inconsistent because other comments of the same nature were left on here. So I very respectfully ask why is the truth being choked. Please excuse me if I offended you. Do understand that apreciate that there is a blog dedicated to Denita Smith and the wonderful person she was.

  102. To Justices (facts about Shannon and Jermier) My bad! So many people are commenting on this case it is difficult to keep everyone seperate. Woud you give the website site for the court docket. Thank you


    Shannon Crawley does not show for any court dates yet. There will probably be a lot of admnistrative dates on the docket where she wont even probably be there. The calender doesnt say whether or not the court date will be continued. The next appearance she will show up in a courtroo will be to plead guilty or not guilty. That is the one that will be on the news.

    You have to already know the date to find the guilford county stuff between her and the fiance because its civil. I couldnt find on here where you can look it up by name for civil.

  104. For the fiance’s court dates for his officer arrests you have to put in his full last name not just stroud under the officer search

  105. It was 8 months ago today. My how time flys. I will always remember what I was doing the moment I got the phone call.

  106. I think we all remember. Its so sad. very very sad. But she is in heaven now. Its sad that someone allowed themselves to be used by the devil to get her there. BUt we know what Romans 8:28 says. To all that love Denita hold on to that scripture and remember what was said at her funeral, If you want to see her again, get online so you can see Vanished…remember, don’t let Vanish, vanish on you. God she was such a beauiful girl, please hear our cries and ease our hearts.

    This was such a tragedy. I pra that Shannon Crawley’s attorneys don’t think for one second that they will win the public sympathy or appeal. And horrify Denita’s memory. Shannon you already took her life, kiilled a daughter and murdered a fiance. My God woman, what more do you want from us!!

  107. any updates on the case?

  108. Shannon Crawley and attorney’s for the first time publicly denied Shannon’s involvement in the murder. Civil judge ordered that Shannon is not a danger to the fiance. No trial date has been set yet. Shannon is free spending time with her martin children

  109. My how time flies. It has been 10 months. The communications, thoughts and opinions seems to be getting cold on this blog. Does that mean that we are healing or that we are forgetten? I still think about Denita, but the pain is not as strong. And I continue to pray for justice.

  110. I have not forgoten. Its been 10 months . Its also been one year to the day (November 4) since Denita got engaged at homecoming. Justice will be served under any circumstances. God always shines through. Despite the evil plans of the wicked. What the devil meant for bad, God turns into good for his glory. Psalms 64 saysthe plans of the wicked and their own tongues will turn against them. Romans 8:28 says “and we know all things work together for the good to those who love God are among the called according to his purpose. We know that God’s word is forever true. Shannon could actually receive God’s grace through his forgivness. If she actually walked in his purpose. However, lying, inflicting continual pain on the failies she has hurt and then accussing the fiance for the murder as her defense at trial, is definately not among God’s purpose. God never stands for evil messing with his annointed ones. That is dangerous dangerous territory that Shannnon and her attorneys will seriously receive God’s judgment. I only ppray for their mercy. I cant help but to wonder if Shannon ever stopped to think to herself, I am actualy doing all of this sat in the wound so that I can have a life with my children after I have taken someone else’s child. Has she ever asked herself if it were Rion or Janae, how she would feel if their killer took no responsibility and then ruthlessly accussed someone else. Could she imagine how God would reign over that injustice. Well, “vengence is mine” says the lord, so we all need to pray for god’s mercy upon her soul. Because the wrath of God will come, and come hard. We loved ones of Denita need to forgive.

  111. Justice

    You made some very good points. I am sure that we, the family and friends of Denita will one day forgive Shannon. But don’t confuse us forgiving her with the fact that she must pay for her crime. Shannon must face the court system and get her “just desserts”. I want to see her spend the rest of her miserable life in prison. She deprive Denita of a life with poeple she loved and I want to see her be deprived of the pleasures of a full life. Really, I would perfer the death penalty but since that is not on the table. I will settle for the next best thing. You say forgive her but I can’t until she accepts responsibility for her actions. And that is probably never going to happen as long as she walks free. She has convenience herself that she is not guilty and privately she probably laughs at the pain she has caused. She has weaved so many lies that she don’t even know what is true. I appreciate the fact that it is necessary to forgive, but I will do that as I move through my phases of grief. And right now I am no where near that point.

  112. This was suppose to be another special day for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I saw you have many birthdays and grow into a beautiful woman. You are not here, but some of us remembered and privately thought of you. We had you for 25 years

  113. It has been 11 months. Lord help us to make it through the Holiday season. Shannon can spend Christmas with her children; but we don’t have Denita. How long do we have to wait for JUSTICE?

  114. Well the interest has grown cold. We are quickly approaching the 1 year mark. The holidays are upon us and everyone should be spending time with family and friends. Shannon gets to be with her kids. Mrs Smith gets to remember her 1st born. How do we celebrate a joyous season without someone who brought us so much joy? I am going through the motion, but there is no joy. I live for Jan 5th, that is when my new year will begin.

  115. One year ago today. It was about 1pm when I got the news. I remember I was with a group of co-workers going to get some lunch. Good thing I was not driving. They offered to skp lunch, but I said no let’s go on because I knew it would be a long time before I would be able to eat. I had a bowl of potato soup and did not even finish it. I knew I had a long journey ahead of me. I was not sure where I was going to get the strengh to do what I had in front of me. I had 3 people who were also very close to Denita (and loved her dearly) to tell them she was gone. The Lord kept me and I made it through that terrible night and many more. This has truly been the worse year of my life. I am looking forward to 2008. Although we still have the legal matters to attend to, it can’t be any worse than what this year has been.
    If any of you have contact with Shannon, ask her if she and her family had a Merry Christmas and did she enjoy the holidays.
    Did she make any New Year resolutions?

  116. Shannon was suppose to go to court on January 7, 2008 according to the NC AOC court calendar, does anyone know if she did; the media isn’t saying a thing about the case?

  117. the appearance will actually be on Wedneday, Jan. 9 Monday just marked the first day of the superior court calendar week. There may not be much media coverage becuase most of this is administrative procedure leading to the trial.

  118. Okay, so pretty much there will be a trial?

  119. Not sure. Shannon has up until the start of and even during the trial to plead guilty. For her its a playing of the odds. Since the case, despite the arguments, is considered to be an air tight case for the prosecution to win at trial. All Shannon is doing is trying to see if 12 jurors will somehow find her not guilty and she can go free…So she thinks…but justice will still be served, just differently. Or she can take a plea and get less time, not much less, but less that if she dragged everyone, including the court system through a trial for a very nasty crime of a victim who was very innocent. So we just have to wait and see. Its a lose, lose, lose situation for her..She is just considering which loss she wants to take.

  120. Denita,
    I Love You and I Miss you!!!

  121. I love you and I miss You… its not fair. Its realy not. We ae have a tough time maintaining. But as sad as it is to remember you, you also become our strength.

  122. Wondering if anyone has heard any updates?

  123. I looked all over and have found nothing. I would think that Shannon should be going to trial soon.

  124. There will be updates to hit the media very soon. There has been a lot going on with the case. None of it has become public. Possibly within the next month there will be a ‘top story’ worthy update

  125. Thank you for letting us know that. I check every single day to see if there is anything. Please keep us updated!

  126. If I were punished for my mistakes I would be very unhappy. So, let everyone be patient and kind and be reminded of how we want to be forgiven. I just hope families can embrace each other in spite of mistakes otherwise God will take care of it.

  127. Nichelle,

    Mistake? You call cold-blooded murder a MISTAKE?

    Also, is there a reason you posted this message on 4 different posts? If you can give a good reason, they will remain. If not, they will be removed. That is called spam.

  128. It time to put up or shut up; trial starts Monday Nov 10, 2008 in the Superior Court of Durham County All of you that have tried to spread lies about Denita; tune in to the trial for the truth. Good timing because its not on Nov 4th (Election Day). I pray that justice rain down on Shannon and everything is over in time for her to have the first of many Thanksgiving meals in prison.

  129. I’m sorry that such a beautiful person was lost. Why haven’t we heard anything else about the story? I’m still hearing about Eve Carson and the Duke Case. I have sent emails to news people I WANNA KNOW WHY THEY PICK AND CHOOSE CERTAIN STORYS????????

  130. Whats the latest on the case. I havent heard anything so im googling and came across this site. How much time did she get?

    note from blog owner
    She has not gone to trial yet. It keeps being pushed back.

  131. Still no word on the trial?
    What is the reason for the pushback? This will mark 2 years in Janurary, right?

  132. Thats a shame that Denita’s family has not gotten justice yet for her murder. What are they waiting for?

  133. This trial was delayed due to the holidays it should be getting started any day now! I can’t make any judgments but I know my prayers will be answered because Denita was a beautiful person her spirit shined brightly in her smile which was contagious. I pray for her family daily.

  134. Okay Shannon, Here we go again. No we have not fogotten. Get your lies straight now because its time to go to court and face us (Denita family and friends). I say again was it all worth it?

  135. Finally Peace Day Sept 21, 2009. Justice will began to be served.

  136. From: FaceBook Support Group
    I am pleased to announce that the trial will be Sept 21(peace day) and will continue for a duration of two weeks ending on Oct 2, 2009! Please make plans startting now if you plan to attend ( I encourage you to do so). I would like to say to individuals who have a problem with the way I have handled statements and postings on this page, I apologize that you are offended but you and God work it out…I stand behind the hard work I have put into this page for two years. Guilt and shame will make you take out your issues on me and I do not plan to change anything posted on here. In the words of Durham’s Deputy Chief of Police (Mr. Hodge) I say to you….”a hit dog will holler.” So your family and associates deal with it. The truth sets you free and if you contact me again speaking hateful, I will report you and block you. I document a great deal and I do have the statements saved fyi. (be careful in your actions and dealings towards me).Her parents are aware of your comments and are VERY displeased. Only Denita, her family, and I know about our relationship. Please take my advice…don’t make me your enemy…the choice is yours ( I am done with that now.) Moving on, Please continue to share your memories, remember dress codes I have given you a outline of expected conduct in the courtroom(months ago). Thank you for your love, support, prayers, tips, and sharing stories of your time with Denita! Do not lose your passion of seeing Justice being served in her honor! Please come to the trial and let’s show the city of Durham WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT TAKING DOWN ALL INVOLVED IN THE ENDING OF HER LIFE! PLEASE KEEP THE FIRE, LOVE, RESPECT, AND FRIENDSHIP YOU HAVE/HAD WITH HER! WE NEED YOU AND EACH OF YOU ARE VITAL AND YOUR PRESENCE IS WANTED AND WELCOMED! May God protect you, get you here safely, and may anyone with information that will help with the conviction come forward and force the truths out they are holding back…In Jesus name I declare you come forward and out of hiding and release details. Amen. The family thanks you and they are checking this group/page and watching what is said…FYI. A poem for all the members:
    Your pain is the breaking of the shell
    that encloses your understanding.

    Even as the stone of the fruit must break,that its
    heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.

    And could you keep your heart in wonder
    at the daily miracles of your life, your pain
    would not seem less wondrous than your joy;

    And you would accept the seasons of your
    heart, even as you have always accepted
    the seasons that pass over your fields.

    And you would watch with serenity
    through the winters of your grief.

    Much of your pain is self-chosen.

    It is the bitter potion by which the
    physician within you heals your sick self.

    Therefore trust the physician, and drink
    his remedy in silence and tranquillity:

    For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided
    by the tender hand of the Unseen,
    And the cup he brings, though it burn your lips,
    has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter
    has moistened with His own sacred tears.

    – Kahlil Gibran

    See you all soon (miracles & Blessings)

    note from blog owner
    Everyone, please remember, she is talking about her Facebook page, NOT my blog. No one else but me (Bonnie) has anything to do with working on this blog. I do not want to confuse anyone. 🙂

  137. Edythe,

    Try not to let others get to you. There are people who really think Shannon is innocent. there are some who wana blame Jermeir as if he had control over Shannon’s decision. Did he cheat? Yes he did, apparently) Does that mean he killed her, No not at all. Some people wanna say that you are wrong for the site at what you wrote above. Im not really going to say that either.

    I am not at all telling how to grieve. But please watch how you choose to grieve publicly.

    I understand the passion behind you message. However, you may want to respond to things personally said to you in private messages, in private. I say that because not posting things said to you personally will keep the page about Denita as the focus.

    Not only that, you must remember that many people who read the things that you all are beefing about, are also people that Denita loved too. If you are as close to Denita as you say, then sureley you would know that it would not be wise to engage in battle with others she loved. And it’s not up to you to decide whether or not those people have a right to relationship with her ater her death

    You have created great page in Denita’s name. It is wonderful. However, you are not the keeper to Denita’s soul. There are several others who had their own close relationship with Denita. Try not to isolate people that Denita would not have isolated becuse you want to be seen as “THE” best friend. Remember, Denita is in Heaven. Even Shannon has a place in Denita’s heart because she now shares the heart of God. The heart of God includes and forgives all! So if God is cool, ease off people you may not be cool with. At least publicly. It says a lot about your ow maturity too.

    It will show your true friendship and loyalty to Denita and will make you look less like a busy-body who is trying to make yourself look like a celebrity in the situation. A real friend respects the relationships of their friend. Even people you do not like and find hard to forgive, she now loves greatly. And guess what, Denita talks to them regularly too.

    Also, I would say that I might agree with what
    someone wrote on the facebook. It does seem tht some of your comments are driven by your own hurt. If the page is about Denita, keep it about Denita. Because your friend, Denita, is in a place of forginveness, joy and life. According to the word of God, she is probably not “hi-fiving” you on negative comments bout others.

    So really Edythe, all this can be avioded if you didn’t decide that it was your job to discuss very very personal issues on the world wide web. people who don’t know better. Sure we expect that. But you should know better. If you don’t know better, pure loalty should urge you to maybe just keep certain things to yourself.

    I see by your own wording that you apparently are Christian. Since that is the case, remember the word says to Not let your good deeds be evil spoken of. I really think the way you need to publicize personal matters probably comes from a good place. But it is causing strife and divisions, which definately means it aint God in it. So please keep the heart behind your works, just change the way you go about it. Otherwise, your credibility will be the one in question and not everyone else’s.

    So please continue to celebrate Denita publicy. Just watch how you go about it.

    Tori Robinson

  138. Thank you Tori Robinson for writing what you did to Edythe. Sometimes young people are very young and restless, and can not seize the impact of the repuation they build until a regretful later stage in life. I thank you for helping her think a little better.

  139. Happy Birthday

    You would be 28 years old today. The same age Shannon was on that awful day in 2007. I can only dream of what you could have become. Your life was cut short, but no one can touch your soul. We will never give up the fight for justice. Continue to take your rest!

  140. Well it is over. Shannon was proven guilty and her sentence is LWOP. Geri are you convenence now? What a fitting ending! She took Denita’s life and the justice system took her life. This has been the longest 3 years of my life. I have to give Shannon credit she LIED up until the end. Her family also lied for her. I don’t know if they lied out of dedication and love for her or is the hold family a bunch of liars. Whatever the reason she could not fool a jury of 12 people. Even her own attorney knew this was a no win case. He did his best to represent her but bottom-line she hung herself with all the schemeing: like accusing Jermier of raping her when it was proven he was in Greensboro. And the audio tape she provided that her lawyer said sounded like Micheal Jackson instead of Jermier Stroud. And what about the tale she told on Jan 5, 2007 and the more elaborate lie she told in May 2007. There was nothing her lawyer could do but sit beside her at the table. She was done before the trial even started.
    Many comments have been made on this blog and others about this tragedy. Some were out of anger, hurt, misunderstanding, support for the families and others were just being ignorant. Whatever your reason was mine was to vent frustration and to keep Denita’s memory alive until justice was served. My work is done! I wish everyone well and I hope that each of you have learned something from this tragedy. Denita was a beautiful person both spiritually and physically. I hope her short life was not in vain.
    As Denita said “It’s a Brand New Day”.

  141. I was so nervous about the verdict, because I could not imagine the flurry of emotions had there been a ‘not guilty’ verdict. But we don’t have to worry about that now. Justice has been served.

    I find it so sad that Shannon’s family continues to believe her. Or do they? Do they really believe that Shannon was with Jermeir on January 3, the day before the nurder, even though records show he was at work? Do they really believed he raped her and penetrated her with a knife, yet there were no cuts o her and cell phone records suggest he could not have been in Charlotte? Do they really believe that a voice that sounds nothing like Jermeir was really his confession? Do they believe I met and welcomed her? Do they believe Jermeir would purchase such a nice engagment ring months earlier only to harm his fiance? Does her family really believe that Jermeir asked to marry her? Does this family really know the truth, or simply desparate to find an exit for their daughter?

    “Today is a brand new day,” Denita would say. It’s not all joy. More accurately, its relief. There is relief knowing that the healing process truly begins for all of us. Relief in knowing that a dangerous person is not walking the streets. Releif knowing Denita’s death was avenged.

    I also feel sad because none of this brings Denita back into our lives. We’ll never hear her voice; or see the tips of her fingers curl up, or watch her delicate movement across a room. We did not get to enjoy “06-07-08,” which was Jermeir and Denita’s selected wedding date.

    The greatest piece of my heart is for Denita’s family. I won’t even pretend to understand what they feel, and I have little rebuttal for any anger they may feel. But I do stand by my belief: Truth has authority over everything. Truth is, Jermeir is the nexus for two women. Truth is, Shannon pulled the trigger, not Jermeir. Truth is when Jermeir asked for Denita’s hand in marriage, he committed to her. Truth is Jermeir brought Denita the bliss she savored in her last days with us. Truth is, people only want the truth when they can handle it, and that’s fine.

    I feel sorry for Shannon. She has left her children in the care of others. Sorry that her emotions were so misguided. Sorry that she did not know how to handle rejection. Sorry that she has caused herself to be tormented . . . for the rest of her days.

    I feel blessed that this tragedy will set someone on a straighter path, or cause them to seek a closer walk with God. I am blessed that men and women have watched the Smith family weep, but it endureth only for a night, and joy come this morning.

    The irony is, we were all very frustrated at Shannon’s release on bail. But Shannon used the time she was out on bail to create lies that would ultimately support her conviction, and life in jail.

    Wow! Look at God!

  142. I hope Jermier, the playa, learned his lesson and is no longer playing 2 or 3 women. His actions created this horrific situation. I hope his playing days are over. If you are going to be exclusively with one woman, then stay with that one woman. Stop messing with these women’s heads, minds and hearts. It only leads to jealousy, hatred and ultimately murder. Next time, it could be you, Jermier. Actually, this time it should have been you, and not Denita. Denita wasn’t even aware of Shannon. Did not know she existed. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for men to just commit to one woman. Denita was a lovely young lady. Why did Jermeir want to mess around on her? Why can’t men be faithful? I don’t understand it.

    • Lucinda,

      Honestly I think the focus should be on the VICTIM, Denita Smith, not in throwing accusations around about Jermeir. The trial is over and Denita’s family and friends (INCLUDING Jermeir) are trying to come to peace in their lives. Regardless of accusations brought up after the murder, Denita loved Jermeir. Please remember that. Let’s focus on Denita, not Jermeir.

  143. To Mylifeofcrime

    I apologize. Your point is well-taken. I understand that the focus should be on the VICTIM, Ms. Denita Smith. I know that everyone (INCLUDING Jermeir) are trying to come to peace and get on with their lives. But, in case Jermeir reads these posts, I wanted to give him some advice as to how to handle his relationships in the future and respect the woman he is supposed to be committed to. This is my last post. Thank you for allowing me to vent. Have a great weekend.

    BTW: I’m curious about your
    “handle” “mylifeofcrime”

  144. I’m from Romania and don’t know Denita personal..I just saw the case on zone reality….i’m so sorry for Denita.. For Shannon too, because I know what jelouse means..however, it’s not a reasons to kill someone.. God may bless her familly and Jermier too. How the judge said “jermier is not the murder, he didn’t kill Denita, but he defenately made that happend…”

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