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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Christopher David Ray murder 1/23/2000 Salt Lake City, Utah *Christopher stabbed over 40 times; Friend, Brookes Shumway pled guilty, sentenced to 6 years – life in prison*

Christopher Ray
Christopher Ray

Note: Brookes Shumway has a parole hearing on February 16, 2016 *Update* Brookes Shumway was granted a parole date of May 24. He has served 8 years longer than the guidelines. I hope he uses this second chance to make a better life and help other teens.

Dying young — Utah homicides in 2000
POMC: Christopher David Ray
Teen Expected to Plead Guilty to Murder
Teen Pleads Guilty to Killing Friend
Shumway convicted of murder
2 terms given in sleepover slaying
State of Utah v. Brookes Colby Shumway
Parole Hearing for Teen Convicted of Manslaughter
Victim’s mother lashes out as sleepover slayer tells a new story at parole hearing
Parole granted for man who killed friend at teen sleepover
Parole granted to inmate who killed teen friend at sleepover in 2000


Brookes Shumway 2016

Offender Number: 141330
DOB: Fri, 6 Jul 1984
Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches
Weight: 150
Sex: M
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 31
Location: Central Utah Correctional Facility
Race: White
Contact Facility: Utah Department of Corrections


20 Responses

  1. Chris was my best growing up and I’ve never gotten past his death. I would do anything to bring him back to the ones who love him. I’m not sure wether or not Shumway should be released but I do know that he killed more than just one person that day.

  2. he was my cousin, we all still miss him as much as we did the day after. but we know he’s still with us in our harts. i hope he never gets out of prison.

  3. I know the Shumway family well and know they are truely sorry for what did happen , and I also know that they are suffering a loss as well only you all can’t seem to see that past all your critisim. I’m pulling for Brookes and his family!!!

  4. Chris is someone that will always be missed i still love him and hope his family can make it through without him

  5. It is a great loss for the Ray family and i hope that you can one day forgive brookes no one truely knows how things went that day. I have a brother serving a term for attempted murder that he didn’t remember doing , do to mental reasons its hard to say but its still a loss. Iam marrying brookes hopefully this year i know he has emotions but god life behind bars isn’t a place that its easy to bring out !

    • Katie,

      Actually, someone DOES know what truly went on that day – Brookes, who confessed to stabbing Christopher over 40 times. If, and I do mean IF, Christopher really did come on to him, is that a valid and reasonable response? Why would he even have a knife with him on a sleepover?

      If he ever hopes to get out on parole, he needs to at least show real remorse. Thus far, he has not. I hope the parole board keeps him until he shows remorse for killing a human being, a person, HIS FRIEND. Real remorse, not just remorse because he is in prison.

  6. I hope Shumway dies in prison, where he belongs. To stab someone 40 times makes you insane I don’t care if you are 15 or 50.

    If the Christians are right and there is a hell Brookes Shumway will BURN THERE.

    Go to hell Shumway. Hopefully you will be destined to a life of eternal suffering you degenerate prick.

    People seem to want to support this crazy fuck, what if it was YOUR SON WHO WAS KILLED BY THIS INSANE WASTE OF LIFE. You would change your tone then wouldn’t you

    • Let me ask you fry if something comes out here in the future that shows that maybe just maybe something else happened there that night and say it was a little closer to home than what is being told, just evidence based here I saw the evidence and read it and something else is going on here, I will go along with you and say that if Brookes did do it then yes he will have to answer for that in the hereafter but, if there was someone else involved I would hate to be that person when they die. I would almost bet my soul someone else a little closer to the apple tree was involved here just based on what I saw and read. This is a non discriminatory comment not intended to upset anyone just an outsider looking in.

  7. One thing is for sure, Shumway is one UGLY POS!

  8. Katie, Brooks family does not have the right to say they have lost a son, that MURDER is still alive, they can visit him, talk to him, see him and unfortunally watch him grow up, and get married.. you can not say Chris’s family gets to do the same. Looks like you come from a family with violence also, a brother who dosen’t remember “interesting” guess they both have something in common no morals, no ethics, no soal they lact humanity. They have a saying for women like you who marry MURDERS still in prison.. You get what you deserve!
    Maybe when Brooks MURDERS you in your sleep he can add that to the long list of excuses he has used as to why he MURDERED Chris in cold blood, while he was ASLEEP on his own couch in his own house.
    I hope Brooks and his Buba spend many long nights together. Brooks has NO remorse he never has and never will he dosen’t even know what that word means, he had this planned he knew what he was going to do the minute he called and asked if he could sleepover, he dosen’t talk about it cause if he does he might just might reveal what really happend and who helped him… Your self centered and just like a MURDER you can justify anything you believe is right no matter how wrong it is.. I could go on but your not worth the air I breath.

    • Okay I will not state who I am and why i’m writing this, I’m just an outsider looking in but, my only question is, Chris’ hair was black at the time that he was murdered is that correct? The reason I ask is, wasn’t there a lock of hair found in Chris’ hand? and during the trial a picture was put up on the stand of chris with Bleached hair so to maybe confuse jurors in believing that it was his hair? Seems there is a lot more to this story than what is being told, Another thing a single wide trailer, I’ve been inside a couple of those things, pretty unprivate I believe, how does someone stab somebody that many times without a sound, I’m sorry if someone even tried to muffle my voice with adrenaline I guarantee I could fight 95% of anyone out there off of me to yell for help. Just some things that are missing in this whole case and whatever happened to that other knife? I know Brookes was charged with tampering with evidence but, why would somebody get rid of one knife and not the other? makes zero sense, my money is someone else was involved and it may be a little closer to home that what is being told here

  9. I love you and miss you forever Chris.

  10. Chris’s hair was NOT black the night Brooks MURDERED him while he was sleeping on the couch and put a pillow over his head his hair was NOT bleached it was his own natural color, I wish more than anything that the TRUTH would come out that night, Brooks has had so many different versions he is the only one still alive that can tell the TRUTH and to this day he hasn’t told it. I believe that Brooks did have help but I believe it was from his brother who also has a history of violence. As to why Brooks got rid of one knife and left one that is a question you will have to ask Brooks. I believe Brooks had this planned.. There is a lot about this case that no one understands or will ever understand as long as Brooks sits in his little cell with his mouth shut. He has and in my opinion never and will never take responsibility or be remorseful to what he has done. when his attorney had to nudge him to tell the family “I’m sorry” how is that ok? I agree about the apple tree comment but it should be Brook’s tree that is needing to be questioned and yes God help that “other” person that was involved in this.
    Why don’t we pitty those who claim to be picked on all there lives growing up so they can feel “justified” when they MURDER another innocent human by what they feel like is justified. In my opinion they don’t deserve to even be acknowledged in the same breath as the innocent people’s lives they took.
    We can all speculate as to what happend that night and only one person can answer those questions, My question is when will Brooks do that?

    • I am brookes brother and i would like to know about this “history” of violence that i supposedly have lol. There are so many lies online namely facebook about what happened that night. And yes chris hair was black cuz i remember seeing him the day before and wrestling with both boys. Why would chris have his own hair in his hand. Im not justifying what brookes did but if youre going to say something get your facts straight people.

  11. You know whats crazy is I was locked up with Brookes Shumway in Cornell Youth Correction facility when I was 15. I remember the day that Brookes got there. I also remember them putting him in the suicide watch cell with the camera as well. I remember him breaking down and crying in the class room and on the cell block. I remember brookes not being like any other person in there. He was soft!!! One thing that the rest of us had in common was STREET. Brookes did not have that. I found this page because I was telling my girlfriend about my juvenille experience and who and what kind of people I was locked up with. I googled Brookes name because how do you forget such a thing! The story he told me was a lot different from any of these stories. I don’t know if any of you know but when brooks came in he had stitches on the palm of his hand! It was a big cut from one end to the other. Serious stitches! I am sure there is more to the story! Some of you say he shows no emotion. I saw him show emotion back then! Not sadness cause he was locked up. It was sadness cause he just killed his best friend! Don’t you think throwing an adolescent in a cage with grown adults who have earned there seat there might affect his emotional and spiritual growth? Especially after being there for so long. Hanging out with skinheads and Sureno’s and Crips and Bloods. Don’t you think that will affect you. At the end of the day we all get to go home. He doesnt! Her has to live with these people. I don’t call myself a Christian but I do follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as much as I am humanly capable! Whats crazy is after reading some of the comments on here, some of the people on here scare me more than Brookes ever did! Now I am not saying Brookes should or should not be there. I don’t know! I truly feel for both families! I hope some day Brookes crime can be forgiven but not forgoten. Because the longer you all live with all that resentment the only people you are hurting are yourselves! Only God can judge Brookes! And the God I know is loving and forgiving!

  12. I would be interested in the story he told to you

  13. I knew Chris for years before he moved to sandy, he was my brother’s best friend, one of my first kisses/crushes. I never knew Brookes, so I can’t comment on him. In my opinion Shumway took a life, for that reason alone he should never get out. If your going to end someones life, then be prepared to give up yours, being sorry for what he did does not change the fact that Chris is gone. If the roles were reversed that night and Chris had done it, I would still have the same opinion, man up for what you did and give the rest of your life for choosing to end someone eldest.

  14. Chris is my brother that was murdered 3 months before I was born. I didn’t get to meet my own brother.

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