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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Sergeant Todd Sommer murder 2/18/2002 San Diego, CA *Wife, Cynthia, convicted, but her conviction was overturned*

Marine Sergeant Todd Sommer

Friends Remember Marine Who Died From Arsenic Poisoning
Extradition Sought in Man’s Death
Did wife kill Miramar-based Marine Sergeant to get hs SGLI life insurance?
Wife’s to-do list: 1) Kill him 2) Boob job
Authorities: Wife Killed Marine Spouse For Breast Enhancements
Killing for Breast Implants?
Woman Suspected Of Poisoning Husband Pleads Not Guilty
Wife Accused Of Poisoning Marine Husband In Court
News 8 Investigation: New Evidence In Miramar Marine Poisoning Case
Widow Charged With Poisoning Marine Due In Court
Hearing in case of widow charged with poisoning Marine husband
Judge Excludes Sex Evidence In Marine Poisoning Trial
Judge: Some Evidence Not Allowed In Poisoned Marine Trial
Release of widow ends bizarre case
Murderpedia: Cynthia Sommer
Marine Widow’s $20M Federal Lawsuit Dismissed

Cynthia Sommer


28 Responses

  1. Awesome, man

  2. Cynthia Sommer is innocent.
    Read the real story here:

    If we allow them to get away with what they did to this woman,
    we have no right to complain when it happens to us.

  3. On February 18, 2002 , Cindy Sommer’s husband, Sgt. Todd Sommer, USMC, died following a brief illness. Cause of death listed on autopsy was cardiac arrhythmia, etiology unknown. His heart was later labeled “morphologically normal”, which is quite plausible in the presence of an arrhythmia.

    NCIS launched an investigation into Todd’s death in May of 2003. Cindy was arrested for murder in 2005.

    Despite: claims by investigators that the tape recorder used in the initial interview with Cindy “broke” and they reconstructed the interview from memory; babysitter testimony that conflicts with that of first responders and telephone records; and countless lab discrepancies including breaks in chain of evidence, no quality controls, and defense expert testimony that the results of the AFIP heavy metals testing were inconsistent with arsenic poisoning; Cindy Sommer was found guilty in January 2007 of murder by arsenic poisoning for financial gain.

    The scientific evidence does not support death by arsenic poisoning. There is no evidence Todd Sommer was murdered.






  5. What’s really pathetic is you IDIOTS who feel these jurors are just bumbling morones who can’t make up their mind for themselves. Wake up foolios! She killed her husband, and we shouldn’t pretend to know why, because we are murderers and we can’t relate to the thought process of someone who is. Fake boobs, money? Maybe and probably all of the above, none the less she got what she deserved.


  7. SIXTEEN breaks in the chain of custody for those tissue samples from the organs Cindy willingly donated…

    NO LINK between Cindy and arsenic – she didn’t research it, she didn’t discuss it, and she didn’t purchase it…

    NO paper trail.

    The Medical Examiner, Glen Wagner, was baffled by the results of the heavymetals testing, so he contacted his old colleague, Jose Centeno.

    Centeno admitted that he initially had reservations about the test results andconsidered whether the tissues had been contaminated. Centeno said, “I had never seen such high levels of arsenic.”

    In the e-mail he sent to Wagner, Centeno said he was surprised by the highlevels of arsenic found in the liver and kidney, which were inconsistent with the negative results in the blood and urine. He said he had considered, and then rejected the possibility, that the samples could have been contaminated upon collection.

    WHY did he reject that possibility?
    WHY was the Death Certificate Amended?

    This should have never been labeled a murder; and therefore, should have nevermade it to a jury.

    The scientific evidence does not support death by arsenic poisoning. There is no evidence Todd was murdered.

    Todd Sommer was not poisoned. The first mistake was when they labeled this a murder… the second was when they said Cindy did it… Correct the first mistake, and the second one corrects itself.

    Think about it! This could be YOU or somebody you love.

  8. Come on people get real. She did it. No doubt about it. He was worth more dead than alive. It didn’t take her long to revamp her look and move some other man in did it.

  9. the law and the constitutional rules of evidence say that the broken coc should never been allowed at trail because ther is a huge possiblity of contimation if you wactch ctv you will see that tey follow those rules and it is rule of law weithout that they have noting they started with nothingand still have nothing and show me how she did do not guess like laura gunn did you need facts not therioes if they can convict you on what they belive happened without real evidence they can convict anybody that puts the entire nation in jeporday of being convicted for crimes they did not comit they have no evidence give her a new trail or set her free she has been falsey inprisoned for almost three yrs proscutors are supposed to find the truth not guess at what happened as they did in this case

  10. I saw this case on 48 Hours Mystery tonight. Although the case is circumstantial, the fact the her computer “may have been thrown out” after her husband’s death and she can’t explain how she did CPR with a phone in her hand, I think that she did murder Todd. Unfortunately, if I had to decide beyond a shadow of a doubt if she did it, I would have to reach pretty far to vote guilty.

  11. Poor Todd, the young and the brave strong one, who was willing to father three step-sons, but couldn’t speak for himself.

  12. UPDATE:

    SAN DIEGO, CA, April 17, 2008 –

    Cynthia Sommer, who was once convicted of killing her Marine husband with arsenic, was cleared Thursday after new tests showed no traces of any poison.

    Todd Sommer was not murdered, yet his widow spent 869 days in jail for a crime that never happened.

    WHAT SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN is that this case is still not over. The District Attorney has stated that she still wants to leave the case in such a manner that she could re-charge Cindy at some point in the future!

    Cindy and her attorney, Allen Bloom, want this case fully dismissed – with prejudice – as soon as possible. Towards that end, a hearing has been set in the Superior Court of San Diego County to determine if the case should be dismissed once and for all time. This hearing (currently scheduled for July 18, 2008, with a “status” hearing scheduled for May 16, 2008) will present extensive evidence as to why Cindy’s case should, because of the evidence in the case and the improper conduct of the District Attorney, be dismissed once and for all.

    The DA, Bonnie Dumanis, should be ashamed of herself and her hand-puppet Laura Gunn. This is a travesty.

    People of San Diego County – stand up and do something!

  13. p.s.

    LOVE the avatars!

    Sorry that my 8 and end paren turned into a smiley… oops!

  14. I would love to comment, but I need to read more about this case before I do. I do want to know how they can find arsenic and then NOT find it on another test. Can someone help me out?

  15. That’s a really good question, Shauncey. Best explanation is probably accidental contamination in the lab.

    What they actually found is DMA, which is in the family of arsenic. DMA is dimethylarsinic acid, or Cacodylic acid. There has never been a poisoning in history in which ONLY DMA was found. (If you google arsenic, add the word “speciation” or “species”).

    However – Cacodylic acid is commonly used in labs. There’s a good piece on Cindy’s website, left side, “Dr. Bakowska Report”.

    Lots of good info there. Lots to read. Have fun!

  16. Moda,
    Thanks for the info. I’m on it!!

  17. Court will consider blocking new charges against widow
    Friday, May 30, 2008
    (05-30) 11:23 PDT San Diego, CA (AP) —

    A San Diego judge says he will hear a widow’s request that the court block prosecutors from refiling murder charges against her in the death of her Marine husband.

    Cynthia Sommer spent more than two years in jail on charges that she poisoned the 23-year-old sergeant with arsenic and used his life insurance for breast-enlargement surgery.

    The 34-year-old was cleared of all charges in April after new tests showed no trace of arsenic in her husband’s preserved tissues.

    Prosecutors say they don’t want to rule out future charges if new evidence is found.

    At Friday’s hearing, Superior Court Judge John S. Einhorn found Sommer has the right to ask for her case to be dismissed with prejudice and set a July 18 hearing.

  18. How stupid people can be – She the only one with access to his food and with a MOTIVE DUH!

  19. According to the documentary I just watched on the Crime Channel, when asked what happened to her computer, she “couldn’t remember.” I probably threw it out.” Who throws out a perfectly good computer and can’t remember doing so? For those of you who think she’s innocent, there’s a seat open at our poker table for you……and my guess is that each and every one of you is liberal/democrat.

  20. How come we never heard from her ex-husband? Bet he could shed some light on her. Anyone here think a man would have got a new trial?

  21. The woman has been EXONERATED. Where do you people, like Scienceman and Josh come from? There is ZERO evidence of murder. Oh, and, no, I can’t remember what I did with the computer I was using three years ago, either. Wow, Josh, I hope that if/when you are incorrectly charged with murder, that you get those ultra-conservative/republican prosecutors and jurors you so desperately and ONLY believe in. I hope your prosecutions forensic testing is as good as it was initially in this case. You really are a self – righteous idiot.

  22. I am not sure of all the legalities of this case but I was always under the impression that there is no statue of limitations on murder. So with or without prejudice, I believe she did something to her husband. I believe that is why she is fighting so hard to get this to go away for good. So that in the future if anything is ever found they cannot go after her again. It may not have been arsenic, but I do believe there was something.

    Yes, people grieve in different ways, but to go out sleeping around and partying and getting implants does not seem right to me. Yes, she married a man years her junior and none of those kids were his. She had a basically free ride. Military man, living in housing she was taken care of. She has not shown much grief for the man. She is extremely lucky at least she can get on with her life, tainted or not, he cannot. I do not believe she should be able to sue for anything she got enough from his insurance. Her children need to be taken care of by their father, not any funds from anything to do with Todd Sommers.

    Oh, and yes I remember what happened to my first computer 10 years ago. That is a high ticket item, something you just do not forget. Unless of course you have good reason to.

    • Donna,

      The beginning of your comments confuse me. The statute of limitations has nothing to do with this case. She was already tried. Dismissing the charges with or without prejudice has nothing to do with the statute of limitations either.

      Just a note here too, I do not remember what happened to my first computer myself. And I have had several over the years and cannot remember what happened to some of them at all. Not everyone can remember that stuff.

  23. I wonder why people are still thinking this woman is guilty of mutrder. To me it looks like the D.A. isn’t even saying they believe that a murder ever occurred – just that they feel suspicious because of the guy’s age when he had his heart attack. It seems they’ve tested and retested his tissue samples and found no arsenic or any other poison. Is it just the fact that she got breast implants that suggests her guilt? Because on the stand she read her husband’s last Valentine to her, and in it he mentioned wanting her to get implants, or as he called them, “new boobies”. They also explained what she did with the insurance money that was received after the husband’s death. Most went into a trust for the kids, 31 grand was used to pay back a loan from the husband’s father, a large amount also went to pay of the husband’s credit card debt- not hers apparently. They said she ended up with maybe forty grand in the end. So obviously she didn’t get rich when he died. Plus the D.A. is the one who freed her from jail – it didn’t happen after a retrial, appeal or a motion acted on by a judge. From what I understood, after secretly and thoroughly retesting
    all the tissue samples the DA/’s office found out there were no traces of arsenic or other poison which meant they had no case what so ever, so they asked for her release from prison.

    Why is it that people still think she’s guilty at this point? Is there some information I’m missing here? Were there other accusations against her or something of that nature, something I don’t know about?

  24. I worked there as Military Police. She did it. It’s unfortunate that not everything makes the news. When I found out she was released I was sick to my stomach.

  25. I cannot believe the simple minded comments of some of you idiots out there.

  26. She did it . she killed her husband . he was poisoned the same way I was ,just afew days apart .being sick eight to ten days before the big dose the killer dose thats what great about arsnic it make you so sick and when you die no one thinks 0f any thing wrong . Its a terrible way to go its so common ,in fact its a natural cause of death in Northern Michigan and no one ever gets in trouble!

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