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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Janice Ordidge murder 10/23/2006 Chicago, IL *Anthony Triplett charged with her strangulation murder*

Janice and Urszula

Janice Ordidge, 39 [12/2006]
Urszula Sakowska, 23 [1/2007]

Hospital Worker Found Dead In Bathtub
Hyde Park Woman Found In Tub Was Strangled
Cable Man Charged In Nurse’s Bathtub Slaying
Police: DNA, iPod Among Evidence Against Cable Man
Cable guy’s bail denied
Cable Installer Denied Bond On Murder Charges
Monsters Among Us: Anthony Triplett raped and killed 2 women when installing cable for each of them; Sentenced to life in prison

Anthony Triplett prison mug
Anthony Triplett


42 Responses

  1. Isn’t she beautiful? That is my sweet aunt and this has really put a dent in my family. Its hard trying to get over this unmoral act.I am very upset and it hurts second by second knowing she is gone because of an unhumane animal took ger away for his own sick fantasy.I love her dearly and justice will prevail it wont bring her back but hey we will be glad when he is convicted,

  2. what ever happened to this guy. i would check on him periodically on the cook county sheriff website but he is not in the county lockup anymore, nor is he in the illinois departmernt of corrections. please give me some feedback

  3. GOOD DAMN QUESTION. from my understaning he is on the psyc ward or either protective custody. how is that possible when he did what he did but im definitely going to check on it

  4. I was actually working at this company when this happened and worked with him before. I would never in a million years would even phathom the thought of him killing someone. This guy affected the lives of so many people. Not just family members, but people in the industry as well as current and future cable customers. It bothered me so much that I had to leave cable alone. It was always on my mind while I was working and especially if a woman was home alone while I was doing an install. I would not close any doors, didnt want to converse while installing just doing whatever I thought would make the customer comfortable. I am really sorry for what happened and this animal should and will pay for it, but I dont think Premier Cable should be responsible. Comcast controls all of its contractors; we’re the puppets and they are the puppetiers. They knew about the investigation and if they didnt remove this guy or even suggest removing him from the field then it would have happened. I would love to correspond with any family or friends about this if possible. God bless

  5. Why is it that my responses keep getting erased? Is it because of the fact that I’m telling the truth? There are two sides to every story and while this family is hurting over there loved one so is ours. Is our voice not to be heard as the victims familys? Justice does not always prevail. In all actuality people get convicted of crimes they did not commit every day. Nobody has the right to plaster Anthony’s name as though he is a cold hearted murderer. He is somebody’s friend somebody’s family and is loved and missed just as much as the victims. I’m sure this will be deleted but i’ll write responses until i am heard and justice for my family prevails. Maybe if his skin color was different he would be at home in our arms. Free Anthony!!

    • If your previous responses have gone to spam, then that is why they are not approved. If they violate my comment policy, then they would not be approved. If you are here to bad-mouth the victim, then your comments would not be approved. You should be here to talk about the murder victim.

      You might also want to check your email as I did email you earlier on this specifically. This post is not about Anthony, but about the murder victim, Janice. If you did not come here to talk about her and your sympathy for her murder, you are in the wrong place.

      And that will be your last comment due to your comment about skin color. Skin color, race, gender, etc. matters not to me at all. By the way, off the top of my head, I do not even remember what race or skin color Anthony is/has. As it does not matter.

    • I went to school with Anthony , (st.Francis de Sales) I had a few classes with him (4) , He was always a lil quiet, reserved. I say that to say this, I’m not completely surprised. I can also say that I read up and researched this case. And to his family member who wrote this statement ur very cold hearted. You come to this forum made to specifically give condolences and sympathy to the victims family and vent in defense of her killer. I am disgusted! Anywho, I am overwelmed with sympathy for the family and friends of Ms.Janice Ordidge. The person that did this will be punished by God and the law. Praying for Peace for the victims love ones.

  6. Ok everyone has a family and they are going to stand behind you no matter what but be serious. I KNOW this psycho killed both women. I was actually cool with him before all of this and then when it happened, I just put 2 and 2 together. This dude was nuts period and will never be back on the streets again so just deal with it! Free anthony my ass! When will justice prevail? He has been in the county way to long wasting tax payers money. Find him guilty and then fry his ass. I swear it should actually be up to the families of the victims to what punishment he should get. F*ck anthony triplett!!!

  7. THANK YOU ‘mylifeofcrime’ for your 1.23.10 response to Ochoa’s ongoing ignorance.

    Ochoa, how dare you think this is an issue of race. Two women senselessly lost their lives to a horrific monster! Who does Anthony think he is? And how can you or anyone else argue with the DNA? This animal has affected the lives of hundreds of people due to his heinous and horrific actions. This should have NEVER happened! And it sure as hell should not have happened twice!

    Justice? Where is Jan’s justice? Where is the justice for Jan’s family? Anthony took away Jan’s voice! So don’t go screaming ‘where is our justice’! You are small minded to think that the only truth is YOURS! Yes, there are (at least) two sides to every story – but my dear friend Jan will NEVER be able to tell her side. You’re acting like this was a traffic accident. Two women were brutalized – where is your head?

    I don’t fault you for standing behind your family member, but that will never change what he did to Jan. It hurts my soul, knowing that the last image Jan saw – as she gasped for her final breath – was the face of this horrific monster, choking the life out of her! So please do not tell me that Anthony is NOT a cold, callus, and calculating killer! Had he never gone on that service call to her house – OUR LOVED ONE would still be here! Pull your head out of your ass, wipe the shit out of your eyes and recognize that what he did was commit murder! He should NOT be allowed to sit in the county psych ward and play the ‘crazy’ card. Free Anthony? HELL NO! He should never be allowed to see the light of day ever again! In fact, since he has a looooong life ahead of him, I’d like to see him rot in jail. But hey, at least you can still visit and talk with your loved one. Show him photographs, write him letters and tell him of all the things going on in your life. We will NEVER have the chance to communicate with Jan again. She won’t be able to see her baby sister get married. She won’t be able to see her nieces grow up and graduate from college – NOTHING! Anthony took all that away on that cold Saturday morning – October 21st 2006. So do not compare your pain to the pain that Jan’s family has been dealing with for over three years. I was at her funeral. I watched her casket being lowered into the ground while hearing her loved ones cry out in guttural pain and sorrow. I felt and still feel the huge loss of a dear friend. How can the pain of your family compare? HE IS STILL ALIVE! He knew exactly what he was doing when he took Jan’s life. While we were all left to mourn the loss and were forced to deal with the wrath of his murderous actions, he had enough sense to continue with his daily life for over a month – until he murdered again in December 2006. Free Anthony – HELL NO!

    Jan was a truly unique, amazing and wonderful woman. She had a huge, giving heart, a warm, beautiful smile and an infectious laugh – that I still hear to this day. She is missed by many, and will never be forgotten. Given the nature of our loss, I hope her family and friends are able to find peace and closure as best they can. Something good and positive needs to come of this senseless act. Janice Ordidge needs to be remembered and her story is one worth telling… her life was taken too soon!

    One day, I’d like to start up a scholarship fund or something positive in the spirit and honor of Jan’s memory!

  8. This is really a sad thing. I went to highschool with anthony, he actually missed our ring ceremony because his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend died and they were questioning him! how could the system let this happen to these poor women. My hearts sincerely go out to all of you, I have been periodically checking on what is going on with him and can’t find out, please update where he actually is, because this is scary

  9. I was looking for a friend withe Janice’s last name and I came across the story. Sorry for your loss, it must be tough, where did this happen?

  10. Thanks jenny for your kind words and as as far as the comment of plastering his name that was my aunt my mother’s little sister who loved life yes there are two sides to a story but how can you justify his dna on her and in her she NEVER dated black men so for one that was a red flag to her family. He did it and now he’s playing crazy my aunt didn’t deserve this and neither did the other young lady and as stated you can still talk yo him Janice is gone forever and why? My family is still dealing with this anthony is a cold hearted murderer and he will pay here on earth and to the man above. R.I.P Janice “NIESE” Ordidge I miss you and I Love You we will not by no means give up on this case

  11. I honestly didn’t want to go down this road again, but recently I was questioned about this case. For those who are reading this I was the wife of Anthony Triplett. I am not hear for any confusion, I am just tired and miserable. I am so sorry for the loss of the families. I wish there would have been something I could have prevented. I am so sorry but I do blame Comcast because I used to complain prior to this going through a separation for them to not allow him to bring his work truck home, across the border line. They didn’t do anything and there was plenty nights he would sleep outside my home. I won’t comment on our personal life but I will say he was a great husband and please understand it took us all for a surprise. Please forgive me but he needs help. I do understand why everyone says what they say about justice will prevail and it will. My prayers are with everyone and I am so sorry.

    • Hope,

      You say you are blaming Comcast for this? Really? So, Comcast is at fault for a murder? I am sorry, but that is taking the responsibility off of the human being who committed the murder and that is just wrong. The person who killed Janice is at fault. Not the employer who let him bring home the truck (as Comcast allows with thousands of other employees – and how many other murders happened “because of that”? None that I am aware of). The blame and responsibility belong with the person who killed Janice. Period.

  12. @ hope I’m sorry this young man doesn’t need help he needs his punishment. What he did was WRONG and I’m so sick of when people commit murder the first thing they do is use the crazy card if you knew the half of the half of what we know you would understand but I’m not saying anything to jeopardize the case. I blame comcast for the second murder he was a person of interest in my aunt’s case and he did it again. We have been waiting 4 years for a trial and he keeps firing his public defender so do you actually think he needs help nothing is wrong with him he is a murderer and its just that simple. He needs to suffer just as he made my aunt suffer. Don’t defend a murderer just because he is/was close to you Imagine being in the shoes of Janice’s family.

  13. Its crazy that first of all i worked with this crazy m.f. and i recall overhearing him telling a co worker about how he shot his ex-girls “nigga” and now that i do some research and find this blog site im seeing that someone has actually said something about this, so this had to have actually happened!?!?! i think they need to reopen this case!!! this is some wild shit this pussy was kinda smart too. I heard his dad is off his rocker a lil bit as well. well too bad u were fooled miss ex-wife of the murderer. i hope u dont have any kids by him,especially a boy, if so, well u figure it out……..

  14. I want to thank my life of crime, the people on here that are positive and especially Jenny. We are taking this one day at a time still and every time i hear the word rape i get emotional. CHI-GO-GETTA you couldn’t have said it better. The Lambert family really do miss her a lot. She was such a beautiful woman inside and its really hard especially now knowing the trial should be coming in the next couple of months. Its hurting in a way because from day one my right hand to GOD when this happened I said check the cable man. It hurt my mother because when it came out she looked in shock and said my daughter said it. I love my auntie and I miss her and I know she’s never coming back however I’m paying for this animal to have shelter cable and 3 meals a day and I suppose to be happy about that? He cost us sorrow grief and pain and know the justice system is making our family pay for his sorry ass. The day they free his pathetic ass will be the day he takes his last breathe he’s not leaving jail he’s getting life. He should be thanking me and half of our family members because some of us don’t believe in the death penalty however most of her siblings do.

  15. You do not need to thank me Niesa 🙂
    I met your Aunt(s) back in 1994 when i worked with Jan & Laura (and Lara too) at the answering service. Jan was there for me when i was at a very low point in my life – and that is something i will never forget. I remember seeing many photos of you all – she was a very very proud Auntie! 🙂

    The people who love Jan will always have a painful hole in their hearts.
    I have a small sense of peace knowing we all have a wonderful angel looking down on us. But id give anything to take away this inexcusable, viciously brutal and flat out evil attack that took Jan from us 10/21/06.
    No woman should ever have to endure what Jan did – NO ONE!!!!!
    As a friend of Jan’s – and as a woman – I literally feel sick to my stomach when i think that the last thing Jan saw was this twisted, sick, animal!!

    I was very shocked (and saddened) to learn Anthony was married.
    Hope, i think it took courage for you to post your apologies on my life of crime.
    And i am sorry for your loss as well.
    However i strongly disagree with you – blaming Comcast for his actions.
    The ONLY person to blame IS Anthony!
    Your dear, loving husband was ‘on the job’ the day he violently stole Jan’s last breath. I think it’s safe to say he was in a solid state of mind – since he was able to continue on with his ‘normal’ life/routine like nothing happened.
    When he made the choice to put his hands on my dear friend Jan, his actions changed 100’s of peoples lives FOREVER – and that can NEVER be undone!
    No words, apologies or court ruling can EVER make this right!

    2011 – JUSTICE FOR JAN!!!

  16. It is really crazy… I knew Anthony…I am so sorry for what happen to these young ladies families… I met him threw a friend and never thought he would do something like this… I was going threw something when I met him… I was alone in my cousin’s house with him and my daughter who was 6 months at the time.. This could have been us… I couldn’t sleep for weeks after I heard this… I’m sorry to Anthony’s family but he deserves everything that happens to him… He knew what he was doing and he was cold hearted about it.. He went on with his every day life.. Smh looking at the dates now after the first murder we went to a few parties and he was fine enjoying life… This is crazy… Once again I am deeply sorry for the young ladies that lost their life’s for no reason… But I do agree with some of the other post what happen with this case… WHERE IS THIS CRAZY MAN????

  17. Does anyone know if this trial started or what? I went to school with Triplett and honestly I can see him doing this as well…i remember him missing the ring ceremony as well and why….

  18. I wish I knew when his trial starts so that I could some understanding of what actually happened and if this cocksucker is gonna testify. I just want to look at him and try to understand how a real life MONSTER can live and walk amongst the normal people of society. I really want some closure too. This has really affected me mentally. Right now I REFUSE to let me Mom, wife, or any female in my family to be home alone with a service person. I myself just had the DirecTV man at my house and felt a little uneasy because I kept having to have my back turned to him. The only way I felt comfortable was to put my legally owned .40 cal on my hip. Death to the Tripplet supporters!!!

  19. Has anyone considered why he has not gone to trial in over four years. They have no evidence, they have not produced any DNA, they have no case. I knew Anthony to be a nice young man who worked hard, worked two jobs…He was always at my home with me, my husband our young child. The justice system has failed. Why hasnt the prosecution presented one shred of credible evidence. Is anyone considering the fact that he was framed. Who in the world would kill two people at a house that you are supposed to be in and there is record that you are going to be there. That makes NO SENSE…Two innocent people are dead and that is horriffic, but we cant just assume one person is guilty simply because the news media plasters his picture on the tv. WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE??WHERE IS THE DNA? IF THEY ARE 100%, WHY NO TRIAL??

    • It would be best to ask the defense about the trial actually. The prosecution cannot keep delaying a trial, but a defense can and many times in high profile cases does.

    • They already have DNA evidence against him. The reason he hasn’t been to trial yet is because he is in the psych ward at the county. Ever heard of being unfit to stand trial? That’s what’s going on with him right now. It is what it is just accept the fact that he’s guilty and deal with it. You ask why would he kill someone and they have a record of him being there? The same reason people commit murder when they know there’s a camera watching; the same reason people molest their kids, because they have serious issues. Trip was a cool guy but you never really know whats going on in anybodys head.

    • CJK – you’re just as blind as the rest of the Tripplet supporters. I understand family & friends of the monster want to stand by him – but dude is a cold blooded, twisted & obviously manipulative killer! He clearly has you fooled!
      Framed….are you serious?!!? Get your facts straight before you claim this monster was framed. Where are you getting these facts?? So much ignorance – you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. There’s plenty of evidence against him. If there wasnt ANY evidence, do you think he’d be locked up for nearly SIX YEARS? You’re so off base you simply need a reality check. Listen up & listen good – people do bad things – THIS is reality! DNA speaks TRUTH! AND YOUR “FRIEND” MURDERED RAPED AND STRANGLED MY FRIEND IN COLD BLOOD!!! The only FRAME in this scenario is around this monsters CPD mug shot!
      Like all of Jan’s family & friends, i want legal closure asap. But im comfortable letting the prosecutors take all the time they need to make sure Justice for Jan prevails!!!

      • I know i posted a reply to CJK before, but this post still bothers me.
        Again, I want to thank ‘mylifeofcrime’ for allowing me & the people who love Jan to post on this blog. I do feel a small sense of peace by ‘venting’ my frustration here. Thank you.

        • Jenny,

          I am so glad you feel comfortable here and that is my purpose. Jan is the one to remember, her life and her memories. I do understand the pain you are dealing with.

  20. Well at this point, know one knows for sure what happened there except the people that were in the room, all we know that there are a lot of hurting people left behind trying to make sense out of the situation. Anthony is not in the psych ward and has not been there since his arrest to my knowledge. As far as the case is concerned, not once has he or his attorneys implied that he was unfit to stand trial…they are still waiting on the “evidence”. It has been four years, maybe more…if he was so guilty and they had all of this “evidence”..bring him to trial. How many other high profile cases have gone to trial already? It shouldnt take this long.

  21. People are so very unaware!
    Apparently he had you all fooled for most of his adult life.

    The evidence speaks so very clearly, that your monster is still locked up in
    jail. Its almost funny, except your ignorance makes me nauseous.

    Your ‘dear friend’ is behind bars for a reason. This monster BRUTALLY AND SENSELESSLY took two lives (and thats me stating the facts nicely).
    what dont you or cant you understand?? let the State take it’s time and get each and every single detail correct. i want to watch your monster rot in jail for the next 80years! Please trust that every dog gets his day.
    and this monster you call a friend will have his day in court.

    Oh, and you’re forgetting something – not only the ‘people in the room’ know what happened.. More importantly, GOD KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED!
    im starting to hope Illinois reinstates the death penalty just for the special breed of monster.

    Ironically, either way – I see eternal flames in your monsters future.

    Justice for Jan!

  22. I just found out about my dear friend Janice. I’m so sad. I grew up with her in Aurora and went to East Aurora High School with her. I remember her family well. I wish I wouldn’t have lost contact with her. She will always be in my heart.

  23. I miss her too and it is a shame that it has taken so long for justice to prevail. There is in fact a great deal of proof against this man. Unfortunately the system does not always work, Jan we still love and miss you!
    – Martha

    • I first want to thank all of you who knew my aunt Janice and appreciate your support. The triplett supporters don’t be so blind I know things that makes him guilty but will not by no means jeopardize this case. There is evidence to be in fact DNA evidence so yes he’s a monster & a cold blooded killer & you defend him but he’s still living & breathing while my mother aunts & uncles still try to cope with this after all these years JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL she was a sweet loving person who didn’t bother anyone & I’m not saying because she’s my aunt ITS THE TRUTH THERE’S NO MORE DEATH PENALTY BUT HE WILL ROT IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & Fyi he’s in protective custody but he has been in the psych ward so before you supporters try to make him innocent think of the 2 innocent lives he took my aunt who was waiting on him so she go shopping & Ursula who was babysitting at the time that inhumane animal didn’t even have respect for a child HE GETS NO LOVE HERE………JUSTICE FOR MY AUNT WILL COME SOONER THAN YOU THINK & HER FAMILY WILL BE THERE TO MAKE SURE

  24. Okay so it is now 2012 and has anything progressed in this trial???

  25. I cannot understand why the prosecution is waiting 5 years now, it will be soon 6 years. Now they for sure will have lost al the evidence that was there. I knew the other girl (Urszula) that he murdered and am awaiting his trial.

    • Basia,

      The delay would be with the defense, not prosecution. The prosecution cannot make delays, as it violates speedy trial. Why would they have lost the evidence? That does not make sense. Sounds emotional, not rational. The evidence does not just disappear. It should be locked up wherever they keep evidence.

  26. Did the families sue comcast? If so, what happened.

  27. The murder trial for Janice Ordidge started last week. 26th and California.

  28. GUILTY for BOTH murders… My family and Ursula’s have closure . Ineligible for parole

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