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Nicole Speirs murder 3/25/2006 Tooele, UT *Boyfriend Walter Smith charged with her murder*


Nicole Speirs

Update: Nicole Speirs murder *Walter Smith sentenced to 1-15 years in prison*
Find-A-Grave: Nicole Marie Speirs
Man Admits to Taking Part in Girlfriend’s Death
Her Obituary
Boyfriend accused of killing young mother
Police Say Man Confessed To Girlfriend’s Death
Local Marine now accused killer

Walter Smith


19 Responses

  1. Natalie Pratt

    I know Walter.
    I Really can’t believe that this happened.
    I hung out with him almost everyday for a whole summer!
    I know alot of his Marine friends and actually dated and lived with the same friend Wally did before he moved to tooele.
    He all had BBQs together, drank together, hunting and camping together!
    He doesn’t seem like he would ever do something like this.
    I never met Nicole but her little Boy and little girl are abosolutely beautiful!
    I just feel terrible about the whole thing!
    I also think they should do more for the Men that come home from fighting in a war……I know that they are pretty much on their own after they are done fighting. They have been to hell and back for everyone here in America. It seems like no one cares and no one understands. I dont know if anyone will understand how they feel and what they went through. I know that the men who have fought and men like Wally struggle on a day to day basis. I can remember a number of times when I knew they were having flash backs and memories. Certain sounds, certain smells, certain people will take them back to that very dreaded day on April 8th. They had the courage to fight for their country and I have seen first hand what it has done to their families and their lives.
    my e mail is
    feel free to ask me anything you would like to!
    Thanks for your time
    Natalie Pratt


  2. Well you better believe he did it. He confessed. He has left his children without their mother. I hope he gets 20 years to life so that his children will old enough to say I don’t anything to do with our dad.


  3. I knew Walter in High School. I was fairly good friends with much of his family. Walter was a good kid…he served an LDS mission. I know that after he returned he left the church, and I don’t know the reasons behind that since I was away at college and had lost contact with him. But I will absolutely vouch for the fact that he was a good kid. One of the best. My heart goes out to all involved in the tragedy.


  4. In reply to Steve Feb 17th:

    Walter did NOT serve an LDS mission. He was activated in the Marines for 18 months before he had a chance to go on a mission. I think he may have had his mission call when we were activated but I am not certain.


  5. people get your facts straight. walt never went on a mission and never got a mission call. as for “steve” i don’t even know a steve so if you do know his family you must have a different name. we as a people are very quick to judge. as per walt’s confession i hope it’s proven false we shall see as the hearings and trials persist. i used to be one who was quick to say put ’em away but, now i’m on the other side. i don’t know what to believe. there have been quite a few times when someone who has come forward in admitting they have done something and the facts prove it’s just all in their head. i hope this is one of those times but, i’m also prepared to accept the truth if it goes the other way.


  6. Lois-

    No offense, but that’s a bunch of crap. I don’t know if you were at the funeral or not, but if you were have you probably saw that Walter wasn’t really that worked up over Nicole’s passing. I think Waters a mentally sick person who needs help. Whether that was brought on by the war or not is pointless to consider at this time. He killed the mother of his children and he deserves any and all repercussions of those actions.


  7. josh-

    i think in our own ways, with our own feelings we are saying the same thing. i know walt needs help. where the war is concerned and where people are coming from on that is not just that walter needed help and sought it and was not given it is the matter at hand. they are making a big deal out of this not just for him but, for those others he served with so that no one else will wind up in his situation doing something they so horribly regret or having their minds play so many tricks that it is hard to know what is real and what isn’t. i’m assuming you are a friend or relative of nicole and i am sorry for your hurt. but, i hurt to. you have lost a loved one and so have i. right now walter doesn’t know if he did indeed do this or if it was all in his head. i said i hoped it is in his head. but, i also said that if he did indeed do it i was willing to accept that truth. i can’t imagine losing a loved one to being murdered, i haven’t had it happen. but, i have watched a love one hurt and hurt himself until he has killed himself. it is a horrible sorrow, one i hope you never have to endure. so please forgive me if i hold out one last crude hope that this is all in his head.


  8. Thank you Josh. He showed no emotion at the funeral. If he didn’t want to have a life with Nicole then why move in with her and the kids.


  9. All this crap about poor walter and iraq. What about the poor victim and her children that will know their mother and all she went thru to get them here. Walter was never there for her until the twins were 8 months old. Hopefully he will get life in prison. Don’t blame it on the Iraq crap.


  10. All this crap about poor walter and iraq. What about the poor victim and her children that will not know their mother and all she went thru to get them here. Walter was never there for her until the twins were 8 months old. Hopefully he will get life in prison. Don’t blame it on the Iraq crap.


  11. All you ever hear when a murderer kills someone is ” I went to school with him, he was a great guy. Or “The person I know would never of done a thing like that”. Wake up people. People change. People also have choices in life. No one knows what goes on in other peoples heads, or behind closed doors. The person who you think is “so sweet and would never hurt a fly” is the same person having sex with children and beating the shit out of their wives on a weekly basis. Wake up people, and get educated. I’m learning from statistics that criminals RARELY change, if ever.


  12. There is no excuse for taking a human life…NONE. I don’t care how much stress you are under or what life has put you through. Murder is inexcusable. Now there are two small children, who will never know their mother and her mother, father, and sister who will always have a void in their life and grief that no one should have to endure. If you want to feel bad for someone, it should be her family and her children. If he was so stressed and unstable than he should have stayed away from anyone he would hurt and check himself into a clinic where he would be constantly supervised. He had a choice in the matter and he chose to take the life of a young girl in her prime who never did a thing to deserve it. He is evil and manipulative and he should serve life in prison.


  13. I am sorry to here about Nicole I did not know her, she was too young to die nor did she need to die. Her kids are now without a Mother and now going to be with out a Father. Unfortunatly Walter did something otherwise he would not have confessed. I worked with Walter at wal mart when he first started working there. Shortly after he became my manager. He was a good kid. I never thought that he could be capable of something like this. It just goes to show you anyone is capable of anything. I just wish he could have gotten the help he evedently needed. I was in the marines also fortunatly I never saw combat. I hope he makes it thought however much time he gets. I just hope the kids get to hear about there Mother and see lots of pictures. I hope they also get to her about good things about there Father too NOT JUST THE BAD. From what I know of Walter he was a good guy and a caring Father. He was very proud of his kids.


  14. You know, I find it awfully coincidental that with in three monthes of Walter finding out that he would have to pay child support Nicole was dead. Even more so that with in one month the twins last name was changed, and with in two they were living together, and three weeks later, she was dead. I understand that his family is in pain about everything that is going on and I understand them not wanting to accpet the fact that he did this. But they still have a living person that they can talk to, that they can see, that they can monitor how he is doing everyday. What do we have left, pictures, memories, videos. Thats it. We have a cold stone reminder of her, and thats all her kids will ever have of her. Should they choose to search him out later on in there life he more than likely will still be around. They wont ever get that chance with thier mother. As today is sentancing day, we all know he wont get what he truely deserves, but you know the best thing that will come of this is that he lost all of his rights to those kids. They will never have the worry of a mentally unstable father coming back into thier life. At this the point I think that as someone close to her and close to the family that, is the best thing to be hoped for….


  15. I left the first comment … and I would just like to say, that I didnt mean to come across they way I did to some of you. I am sorry that I did. Walter did something very wrong. Something that can never be given back to Nicole’s children or Nicole’s family. I really undersatnd that. I never didnt mean to sound like Walter is the one you should feel bad for, NOT IN THIS SITUATION. ….. of course my heart goes out to her family. It always has. I was at the funeral and I also noticed Walter didnt show any emotion. This was intersting to all the people I went with (the other marines he served with). I am sorry this happened. All I know is that he wouldnt have done it if he was in the right state of mind. I feel deep down he was not in the right state of mind. I am not saying this is an excuse for what he has done. There is NO excuse for taking someone’s life. PTSD comes and goes. Some days are worse then others. Please dont comment about it enless you know about it. I have witnessed it first hand. It is REAL and it is SCARY. I hope no one has to go through that. I hope no one has to go through what Nicole did or her family. I dont mean to offend anyone. I hope I havent.


  16. Excellent article posted in the New York Times on Jan. 20, 2008, please read if you have not done so already.


  17. Angela,

    Thanks for the link. It is a good article. At least Nicole’s family was able to be heard as well. Hopefully people will understand that Walter murdered Nicole. His time in Iraq may have been a factor in his behavior, but it was still Walter that killed her and Walter that needs to serve the time for the crime and for what he did to the families involved.


  18. I heard about this traqgic event but did not relize that it was the Walter I knew. I served with Smith. I am proud to see that he has taken his place, though it was late, and confessed. I spent a long time with Walter in California before we went to Iraq. I was blessed to see a young man full of life and ambition. I am sad to learn of what has happened. I guess the point that I want to make is that Walter, though his actions were horiable, is now paying his debt. He will never be able to fully repay his debt. Just think of what he owes to his children. I my self now have three children, two girls and one boy. I love them verry much and am greatful for the chance to have their mother here with them. As a father I am sure that Walter will never forget the mother of his twins. Looking into their eyes will do more damage to him then war would ever do, and seing their mother in their faces will burn his soul forever. Now lets get off the fact that some have a hard time with PTSD, it is real and it is here. If you don’t believe in it then you go to that night at the five point intersection that was talked about in the article sighted. I was there and I provided security for the rear of it. That my frieds was the worst day of my nine years with my beloved Band of Brothers of Fox Co. 2nd Batalion 23 Marines 4th Marine Division. I have told my family and friends this, “I’f I was asked to go to war again, I would only go with my Sinners and Saints of Fox.” For all that it is worth I still include Walter in that for I have bleed for him and him for me.
    Thank you Walter for your honor and courage to tell the truth, and good luck.
    SEMPER FI your friend,
    Tons of Fun


  19. I worked with this man. And while at work ,he dated a girl who came to work and said he tried to kill her. In my opinion he totally knew what he was doing. I even had the opportunity to ask him about the other girl he tried to kill. And of course I did. He had nothing to say for himself. Why you ask. because he knew he just wants to kill people. He does not have pstd he is just a physo. And should never beable to get out. I feel bad that nothing was ever done to stop him. The company he worked for knew of all of this. And I think if they would have stepped in,maybe this poor girl would still be alive. May you rot in hell Walter.


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