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Julie Bowling murder 12/08/2006 Rocky Mount, NC *Husband, Mark Bowling and girlfriend, Rose Vincent arrested*


Julie Bowling
Julie Rowland Bowling

Julie Rowland Bowling Obituary
Family, Friends Say Goodbye to Julie Bowling
Murdered woman laid to rest
Deputies seek clues in homicide
Husband, alleged lover tied to murder
Woman’s homicide jolts area
Funeral Home Owner, Mistress In Court for Murder
Couple to face murder charges
Investigators: Funeral director having an affair for a year
Bowling described as ‘suicidal’
Alleged affair investigated
Funeral Home Owner, Girlfriend Denied Bond
Bowling and Vincent may face death
Suspects met eight years ago
News Archive: Julie Bowling murder

Mark Bowling and Rose Vincent

12 Responses

  1. Mrs. Bowling was a nice lady at Nash General Hospital. She was one of the best damn nurses there. That husband of hers and that woman should be hung and tortured as they did Mrs. bowling. I am so saddened by this. I am an African American and you don’t hardly meet good people like Mrs. Bowling. It’s a damn shame her life had to be taken for no reason at all instead of that stupid ass husband of hers just could have left her alone and moved with his ugly ass mistress.


  2. Rose looks like she could be a real B**ch. That is so sad. I hope they both get the death penalty for what they did. Bunch of animals is what people like them two are.


  3. What the hell does you being an African American have to do anything??? Why bring race into this?


  4. I grew up with him and all through school and scouts and church… I cant believe this side of his life. I guess we all have closets … I think he is due in court today 1/28/08 am I correct …. I am trying to find out all I can about the next date of court and such .. I have been to wrla web sight adn all but nothing posted today can you infor me on anything ….Jim


  5. I have read these comments and never made one of my own. I agree race has nothing to do with this. Yes Julie was good at her job but so was Mark so how they perform their jobs define who they are. Rose is the murderer she without a doubt went to the Bowling home and shot and killed Julie. Does that make Mark guilty of the same crime well in Nash Cty eyes and it seems anyone in the world’s eyes it does. As some have not looked at many sides of this have deemed him guilty have you heard his side have you looked at the facts that he was not here at the time of this. Does or has he been to Flordia in the past yes he has at the same time of the yr each yr. If anyone knew Mark would know this Julie as well as been. If anyone knew Mark they also would know Mark is a very smart caring understanding man. Would he have his wife killed at his home by a woman he was having an affair with, NO. Why an affair he is human he makes mistakes there are men and women all over the world that cheat does that mean they are guilty of anything more NO. Mark is facing all this because of who he is in the community. Why take the word of one person who is gulity of murder and say ok well then she said it so it is so. Yes Julie lost her life because Mark did make the mistake of bringing her into the life of him and at the end she ended the life of his wife. He did that by cheating not by plotting. Rose is the one who left her house that morning with a gun she pulled the trigger many times. She is an adult she made the decision to kill Julie no one but her. At any point of that drive to the Bowling home she could have stopped and not went but she did. There are so many people in the area that want to see him put on death row. Rose will spend many years in prison why if anyone needs to be placed on death row is she not. Rose killed Julie Rose faced her that morning as Julie was leaving her home when she was confronted with Rose with a gun with one intent and that was to kill Julie. Rose did that and now Mark is the one facing a death sentence. Where is the justice at in North Carolina. If she was to rob a bank instead of killing someone would it be Mark’s fault no just like it is not his fault this evil woman went and took a life and now she is spared hers and Mark is fighting for his. Before anyone convicts him they need to hear his side and before anyone can bad mouth do you know him do you know the man that many people have got to know. It is a natural way to feel and think what you think we all have opinions and are free to do so. Give Mark a chance to speak as Rose was she got that chance and based on what she said Mark is not facing a 1st degree murder charge. If he is guilty then he is where he needs to be. If he is innocent he needs to be set free. But his free will never be the same he will not ever be able to walk in anywhere that someone will not say something behind his back. He will never be able to walk in somewhere that eyes will not be staring at him. He will never be able to live the life he lived before the voice of one woman destroyed what he spent so long to build. Mark will never be completely free anymore. All anyone wants to know it what happened and why so give everyone a chance to tell you!


  6. I went to school with Rose and she is not a b****, she is a good person and she was mixed up in a lot of other things. It wasn’t her fault what he did to her. So don’t place judgment on her until you know someone.


  7. i think your all a bunch of assholes to defend either one of them. They are both cold blooded murderers !


  8. Shocked,

    Apparently you do not know Mark as well as you thought you did. He pled guilty to Julie’s murder.

    And doesn’t it even bother you that he never even asked how she died? Or showed any emotion until the trial? Any normal, loving husband would have wanted to know how their wife died.


  9. Personally I can understand were some of you are coming because I have had a relative that was charged with a crime that he did not commit but later it was proven. What shocked me is the comment that K. Says: September 9, 2008 at 4:43 pm I went to school with Rose and she is not a b****, she is a good person and she was mixed up in a lot of other things. It wasn’t her fault what he did to her. So don’t place judgment on her until you know someone.

    My question to her is if that was your mother, sister, of friend would you care what type of person she was years ago? No and I think that comment was irrelevent. You think that because she was in loved with a married man that it gave her the RIGHT to take another life? Its sad that there are people in this world that think like that. Apparently she was a someone close to you but even if it was my sister…WRONG IS WRONG! Have a bless day~


  10. Mylifeofcrime

    I did know the Mark that so many people knew and as you and so many should have heard from Rose’s mouth she is the one who said from the beginning she made the comment about killing Julie. Mark ran with the idea at some point during this affair. If Rose was any kind of person she would have been home with her husband and children and not praying on a married man for what she could gain from it. Both yes were wrong for what they did with the whole affair. And now, they are both serving time for the murder of Julie Bowling. But for her to say he should have got just as much or more time is what she is crazy. She no matter what all the facts or fiction is the ONE who killed a woman that meant her no harm. She was only trying to get a woman out of her way so she Rose could live the life style she would never fit into or could ever fit into. Julie Bowling is the only one who could do that. Mark was completely wrong for ever cheating and yes was wrong for any plotting to kill his wife and for that is is serving his time. Rose was the one who made this happen she is the one who killed someone she could very well taken all this information to the Nash Cty Sheriff’s office instead of taken a gun to someones home and killing them. She chose to kill and now she is where she needs to be. No matter what way you look at it Rose Parker Vincent Killed Julie Bowling she is guilty of murder she is an adult and did not have to kill anyone she could have saved Julie by doing the right thing after she did the wrong by sleeping with a married man and went to the police and turned in everything she had on this and let them handle this. But as an adult she made the chose now she has to live with it. She ruined so many people that day but in her life the 3 people that should have mattered to her more than a big house and money she did not care a thing about. Her kids are victims too and they are alive and have to know and live and hear people talk about their mother. Where was her concern for them? And to hear her talk on TV about how she misses her kids how it upsets her well she should have thought about that before she left to go and kill someone because she did not care about them then that is very clear. She does not need to be around them if she can go kill someone with no concern for anyone but her gain and what she wants what about what her kids need and want because she cant do anything for them now but cost them money when they work because as tax payers one day will be supporting her instead of her being a mother and supporting them. So now who will be the parent her or her kids.


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