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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Murder-Suicide: Rachel Pendray murder 12/03/2006 Huntsville, TX *Killed by Jake Taylor, who killed himself afterwards*

Rachel Pendray

Sam Houston State cheerleader dies in murder-suicide
Police: Ex-boyfriend killed cheerleader, then himself
Central Texas Cheerleader Dies In Murder-Suicide
Sam Houston State cheerleader dies in murder-suicide
Update: Rachel Pendray murder *Rachel Pendray remembered*

Jake Taylor


35 Responses

  1. My heart is completely broken for the families of Rachel and Jake. I hate that their lives ended in such a tragic way although it makes me happy just to have known them. Rachel had such and happy spirit and touched so many peoples lives. She seemed to be an angel long before Sunday. I am so sad that I lost touch with Jake, I wish like so many others that we could have somehow helped him through his struggles. He was such a fun-loving guy and I will hold him dear in my heart. I know they are both looking down with free spirits now. They will be so missed, but I know that their great spirits will live on forever in all those who were blessed enough to have them in their lives:)

  2. One of them is looking down but Jake doesn’t belong seated next to the father almighty. Sadley sucicide does not grant entrance into heaven. Bastard deserves to rot in hell.

  3. Rachel is awesome. I am proud to be her Dad. More than 1000 people
    attended her funeral.

  4. If anyone out there can shed a little light on something for me I would appreciate it. If their relationship was so casual, why was Taylor’s mother sending Rachel $100.00 for a Christmas present?

  5. Kathy,

    Maybe that is how his mother was. Some people are like that. Maybe she was grateful that Rachel helped Taylor. I personally don’t believe it is a big deal. If you need to know, email Rachel’s father, who has commented here a couple of times.

  6. Kathy,
    Maybe because a month prior she had saved her son’s life by calling for help after he took too many pills in an attempted suicide? That would be reason for me to give someone 100 bucks.

  7. i would just like to say that jake was NOT her boyfriend he was obsessed with her and he was a very sick person to do something to such a wonderful person who touched so many peoples lives. Just to see his picture below hers on this page makes me sick because he is no where even worthy of ever getting to have someone like her in his life.

  8. It is christmas day and I am still not over the loss of my brother Jake. I will always miss you and be close to your family forever.
    Rachel, I will never forget our long talks about life and all the good times we had. All of us our together tonight for christmas and to honor two friends that we dearly miss. -WOODYI

  9. There has not been a moment in my mind where I have not thought about rachel. Its amazing how wonderful she was and how much she cared about people. I dont understand jake’s illness or selfness, knowing both of them well and knowing their “friendship…not Relationship” makes me sick…how could he do this to her? As I visit her as often I as I can all I can do is sat there slient and look at the ground. Just hearing his name makes my stomach turn.

  10. I was a friend of Jake. I don’t know why? He did what He did. I never met Rachel. I would have never in My life think that Jake could or would have hurt someone. I’m so sorry for both Familys and friends. Linda and Eddy are Very Upset about this!! Linda and Eddy have” BIG HARTS “they are very giving people. Linda lost her only child.

  11. I never got the chance to meet Rachel and there’s no doubt in my mind that she wasnt a great person. Jake was one of my best friends and yes he was sick but there was nothing anyone could’ve done to help, he wanted to go bc he wasnt happy … call it being selfish, call it whatever you want but we Jake’s friends and family know the truth and we know that he didnt kill her intentionally. People can say all the mean things that they want about him but Jake cant defend himself, his friends and family are the one’s suffering from the hurtful things people are saying … have some respect!

  12. As a longtime criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, with experience in over 50 murder cases, I must say, you don’t shoot someone three times in the chest and torso unless you intend to kill them.

  13. Observer,

    I agree. And I don’t see how anyone could think otherwise.

  14. Well i disagree and it wasnt 3 times it was 6 times so get your facts straight … not to mention the investigators have already come back and said that it wasnt a murder! Yall are just “observers”, yall dont know anything … yall are just going by what people are saying and what you’ve seen on the tv which is a bunch of crap … your entitled to your own opinion but like i said before, were the ones suffering not him so have some respect!

  15. Sorry, I find it hard to respect someone who took a pistol to an innocent girl’s apartment and killed her. Not a murder? you have to be joking! Had he lived a Walker county jury would have given him a life sentence in about 10 minutes.

  16. i am very honored to be one of rachels long time friends. she will surely be missed and i have been truely blessed by the times we had when she was here with all of us! she will truely be missed i think about her everyday

  17. Jake was a under the influence of a dibilitating disease. He must have thought the only way to escape the demons in his head was to kill himself. Unfortunately, Rachael got in the middle of it all. She saved him once – maybe in his tortured mind the only way he could move on to the next realm was to take her with him.

    By the way to “B” who wrote that Jake is not with God because of his suicide. Well I don’t believe that. My God is more merciful than what you describe B. Jake was a good person. This was totally out of character for him. He cared for Rachael. She would feel the same I am sure.

  18. “RS” rachel didnt get in the way! jake sought her out. it was a murder and if you read the Bible and understand it the i do then you would know that jake isn’t in heaven! he mudered an awesome person and then killed himself… and i totally agree with observer and i dont care if jake was sick or not, there are people out there that couldve helped!

  19. You froth with hatred “friend” and you did not know him. I understand your anger but the hatred will not help you find peace. Who are the people who “could have helped?”

  20. All of you people writing rude, hateful things are FUCKING RIDICULOUS. Let Rachel REST IN PEACE. Dont sit around debating her or Jake’s death. Let them REST. It was a horrible tragedy and I mourn the loss for both families. Bring Rachel’s BEST FRIEND, I know many things about her and Jake that none of you know, and so help me God, you NEVER WILL. Most of you are just going off of heresay. YES, Jake DID kill Rachel intentionally. Otherwise she wouldnt have been shot 6 times. We dont know WHY he did it, but he did. He was obviously in a lot of pain. I was friend’s with him too and we talked about it on many occaisions. No one could have helped this OR prevented this because it is all a part of God’s plan. I’m just sick of all you people who dont know BOTH parties trying to comment or justify anything in either of their lives. Jake was battling some horrible feelings and you all need to understand that he was not a BAD PERSON, he just made a very horrible mistake in taking Rachel’s and his own life. Now STOP RUNNING YOUR MOUTHS! Carly, I respect everything you have said, other than the fact that he didnt kill her intentionally. If he was only going to kill himself, he wouldnt have brought that gun into her apartment and shot her 6 times. There is no justification for that. He killed her. You obviously havent seen all of Rachel’s medical reports to know where and how she was shot. So stop trying to defend Jake’s actions. The people who say mean things about Jake are ridiculous anyway, because if they really knew Rachel, they would know that she wouldnt want anyone saying anything bad about either of them. Rachel knew more about Jake than any of his friends and I know this. He told her things that he didnt tell anyone else which could be a reason as to why he took her with him. So everyone, IF YOU DONT HAVE SOMETHING NICE TO SAY, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!

  21. Thank you Sarah for your reply. You said all of it better than anyone has – truthfully and thoughtfully. My heart goes out to you for the loss of your best friend. I know that those people who knew both Rachael and Jake are having the hardest time of all dealing with this tragedy. I pray that you and everyone close to them find peace with those questions for which we will never have an answer.

  22. Sarah…a good response. I have followed this case for a reason that I don’t why. I never knew her but for some reason this tragedy hit me hard. I sponsored the online guest book for Rachel to stay on permanently. I know you were her best friend from what I read in the entries in the guestbook. My brother suffered from the same bipolar disease and was hit and killed by a car three years ago. I guess the only quarrel I would have with your post was that no one could have prevented it because it was God’s plan. I’ve wrestled with this for years.. If I were God..I’d sure plan things out differently. Anyway..I’d like to visit Rachel’s grave addy is thanks..

  23. I know it;s at Brookside,,,just don;t know where

  24. God works in mysterious ways. It’s hard to not be angry, but God is the only one who can help us through this and get us to a place where we can truly find peace within ourselves. I would trade places with Rachel in a heartbeat if I could. Because that’s what love is. When I say I love her, I mean I would do anything for her. Even lose my own life for hers. I feel terrible for everyone who has hurt because of this tragedy, both families and friends of both Rachel and Jake. The pain will never go away, but in time we will all begin to understand what meaning this has in our lives. Maybe this tragedy gave someone the chance to find God, or maybe this will open everyone’s eyes to really cherish the time you spend with your loved ones. Rachel comes to me in my dreams at night and she is full of love. God gives me the strength to get up everyday and live my life. Rachel and Jake would want the best for everyone they knew. Thank You everyone for the kind words. Sid, whenever you drive in on the left side, you circle around a big curve and then she is right smack in the middle, and I believe that there is no one by her, she is sort of secluded in her own little section. Other than that I dont know how to describe it to you. You might want to ask someone who works there so they can tell you specifically where the spot is.

  25. Sarah:
    Thank you so much for your kind response. It sort of struck home when you said maybe this tragedy gave someone the chance to find God. I think that someone may be myself. I’ve been away from Him for a long time, but this affected me in ways that are frankly mystifying to me. Ever since mid-December I’ve returned to church and really made an effort to change some ways of life that needed changing. I know this sounds kind of crazy, but I’ve sort of felt that Rachel is giving me encouragement, although I never knew her. Sort of my very own angel. Again, Thanks

  26. If this tragedy has helped you find God, then perhaps that was one of Rachel’s many purposes that her life fufilled. Her relationship with God was very special and she made sure that others knew her beliefs. Like I said before, God works in mysterious ways. Maybe he is showing you what true love is, the importance of forgiveness and the power of faith. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Remember that, it helps keep me strong. Have a wonderful week! Rachel’s website is also up, www.

  27. Thanks again. I’ve found people named Sarah are pretty It was my Mom’s name. BTW..web site seems to be just offering numerous services..nothing about Rachel.

  28. Sid,
    The website is not working yet & it will be when it is working. Carly,
    I read Rachel’s autopsy today & guess what
    the cause of death was? Homicide. 7 gunshot
    wounds (separate) I never heard of your evil
    friend & am sad that my daughter tried to help
    him. Everyone is entitled to their own opnions
    on what may be “God’s Plan” but in reality he
    made people with the ability to mess up in life.
    Rachel did not deserve this no matter what any of you think.

  29. Well said, Mr. Pendray… I think God did give people the ability to “mess up” in life… the only remotely good things I can say about this horrible tragedy is that it is helping people like “Sid” find God and people like me cherish every second I spend with my friends to the utmost. Other than that… IT SUCKS ASS! And you know what… I’ll bet you that God would rather her be back down here than up there with Him… If Rachel had lived to be 100, God still would have had eternity to spend with her in heaven… It was simply a tragedy that God did not mean to happen, but, at the same time, one in which he gave mankind the ability to commit. Love you, Rachel 😉

  30. I just wanted to say that Rachel is amazing! She was the kind of person that always had a smile on her face and would bring one to mine. she had such an amazing grasp of life. she lived her life to the fullest and i feel extremely honored to call Rachel my friend. I wish that everyone could’ve met her and i know that no one out there will ever replace the impact she had on all of our lives. She is definately someone to try to live your life like. she is a true angel, she had wings long before December 3. i still can’t believe she’s gone. i dont think i will ever get over it. i just can’t believe someone would ever want to hurt someone so innocent and perfect!! Mr. Pendray you’re in my prayers forever!! “keep smilin”

  31. Carly, GOD HELP YOU, because if I ever see you in person, you are going to regret coming across my path.

    That is all I have to say for now.

  32. Seriously. The fact is that everyone here lost someone they loved. Both family & friends are torn up about it, but honestly, if none of you were in the room or in their heads when all of this happened , then no one should say anything about what they believe happened. All you’re doing is causing drama and hatred. Try actually practicing what the bible tells you. Unless you are GOD, you should learn to forgive and not judge others around you for you will be judged one day also…..And arguing on this page is very disrespectful to the people you are trying to pay your respect to. The bible also mentions the amount of time one should take to mourn those lost….Rachel & Jake passed away 3 months ago. It’s time to let go. I know many of you loved them dearly, but would they really want all of this hatred because of their deaths no matter what the cause?
    If this has become a place that 1 or more of you can’t handle because it upsets you then perhaps you should not visit this site, or perhaps it’s just time to take it down.
    I hope everyone acting ill & childish can now calm down and finally understand the point of this site.

  33. I am Jake’s cousin and I never had the honor of meeting Rachel either. I just want to say as he was like brother to me and I will never really get over the horrific experience we all had to go threw, but that I do know he was not the person he became at the end and maybe Rachel & Jake were not boyfriend & girlfriend,but that Rachel did mean a lot to him.

    As we all express our personal feeling lashing out on others will not bring either one of them back and will just cause a bad situation to keep getting worst. Sitting around talking badly about what has happened it not going to help any of us move foward & celebrate the time we had with Rachel & Jake as they would both want us to do.

  34. OUTSIDER, few good points, but thats exactly what you are…an outsider. So I am baffled as to why you are even on here giving you opinions about anything. You didnt know either of them so why are you even posting what the families should be doing?? And 3 months…time to “let go.” Are you serious?? You need to get lost dude, because if you have ever lsot anyone, you would know that 3 months feels like YESTERDAY. There really is no point to this site because half of the tings on here are misquoted or the facts are wrong or people who dont even know them are giving their opinions….so yea, it should be taken down.

  35. It will not be taken down, however, as of now, the comments for this post will be turned off.

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