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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Cold Case: Aaron Wood murder 4/16/1989 North Philadelphia, PA *Trial of Thomas Gibison – jury now deliberating*


Authorities Charge Man With 1989 Slaying
Suspect in ’89 slaying has violent past
Authorities charge man with 1989 slaying, ethnic intimidation
Delaware Man Charged In 1989 Philadelphia Slaying
Del. Man Charged in 1989 North Phila. Murder
Our target was the black man
Suspect in ’89 slayking has violent past
Hearing set in Black man’s death
Feds: Childhood friend gave up skinhead in ’89 killing
Murder victim on drugs and alcohol, jury told
A third witness IDs defendant as killer in ’89 case
Tape comes back to haunt skinhead
Driver testifies in 1989 N. Phila. shooting
Jurors hear arguments in ’89 murder blamed on racism
Prosecution near close in racial-murder trial
Attorneys deliver heated closing arguments in skinhead’s murder trial
Final arguments, varying scenarios in skinhead trial
Jury in Gibison trial talks, does not decide
Philadelphia jury weighs murder case against skinhead
Update: Aaron Wood murder *Thomas Gibison acquitted of murder; convicted of conspiracy and firearms violations; sentenced to 12 1/2 to 25 years in prison*

Thomas Gibison


109 Responses

  1. Some how I found this case online and have been enthralled with it and the guy.. he was sentenced to be locked up for 10 yrs on weapons charges and criminal mischief – yes.. but, he doesn’t have any record for similar acts so severe, the case report talks about how he was 17.. a kid.. and shooting a black person as a right of passage in having the peer pressured affiliations that we ALL form growing up. I’ve been looking through all of this.. for the 10 yrs he was sentenced for, he was released in 8, kicked early – maybe… good behavior? So far has had NO further instances, not even for a violation of parole. In July of 06 he was quoted several times in a press release as a Project Manager for Vineland Chemical.. helping the Philadelphia district and federal government save millions of dollars by coordinating and overseeing the reuse of federally owned construction equipment… and when they arrested him for this ‘cold case’ committed 17 years ago, when he was a kid.. his ‘infatuation’ with weapons turned up a big ZERO in the confiscation list. I see a news report stating the tattoo or badge, as they’re referred to, that he ‘earned’ by this drive by – he was “displaying proudly” ……. I highly doubt he was doing anything flashy ‘hey look at what i have’ .. he’s been a productive member of society, a cost effective member of society contributing to repairations in a depressing American economy that suffers a multi-billion $ defecit. No guns, no crimes, just hard work and an attempt to salvage the pieces of a mistake made in adolescence.. and move on. The government should do the same.. But they wont because it’s all a part of this fully funded ‘squash people’s views’ act petitioned by the federal government. Stick it to them as hard as you can.. commit them to imprisonment because there’s no possible way that these ‘degenerates’ can be intellectual, productive, beneficial, hard working members of society, right? Well.. if he’s squeaky clean record since his release and his position as a Project Manager for a City Organization isn’t proof enough.. then consider the possibility that the person who is writing this comment once shared similar views… Just another example of the ‘stupid & evil’ spin the media and the government puts on things that are foreign to the ‘norm’. I feel bad for the guy.. and in my opinion, his ‘peterson’ friend.. needs to learn his 5 words again.. “I have nothing to say”.

    Written By – A Girl.

  2. Go find someone else to be enthralled with. My husband never worked in Philadelphia, you’ve got the wrong Tom.

    Written By – His Wife

  3. A Girl:

    So, you believe that just because he “clenaed up his act” since the murder he should not be prosecuted for it? Does the victim not mean anything here? So there should be no justice for Aaron Wood just because the accused has been a good boy for a while? That is nonsense. Look at Karla Faye Tucker. While on death row she became a different person, but that did not change what she had done Ask Aaron Wood’s family how they feel. Do you think they would just say, “OK, just let it all slide” now? I doubt it. He was loved. He was a person. He deserves justice too.

    Yes, the accused can be intelligent and maybe even hard-working and such but that does not mean he should not have to suffer the consequences of his actions, even if it was 17 years ago. How would you feel if it was your loved one.

    Now, if you truly believe that Thomas should not be prosecuted and that Aaron Wood’s murder be just dropped, tell his family and friends that to their face first. See how they feel.

    Also, be sure you talking about the correct person. From the sounds of a different comment, the Thomas Gibison you were talking about is not the one who was arrested. At least that is what it sounded like to me.

  4. Tom Gibison did not commit this crime. Keep an eye out for the trial date, folks. You’ll see. The victim and his family may deserve justice, but Tom didn’t do this.

  5. what’s up TOM i’m home now & i really hope they find the right guy instead of putting it on you because they hate your guts because they never thought you were gonna come home and do as good as you were doing GOOD LUCK BIG GUY

  6. First, I wanted to say that comments from person #1 are inaccurate. This guy, T.G. was in jail on federal weapons charges during the time of suspeted employment

    Secondly, regardess if he is an employeee of the city of not, or whatever the hell he was doing DOESN’T JUSTIFY COLD BLOODED MURDER! YOU’RE WRONG HE KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS DOING!

  7. To “One Who Knows The Truth” – you clearly don’t. THOMAS F. GIBISON WAS NOT INVOLVED IN THIS MAN’S CRIME!!! This is nothing but a set-up. His skanky ex-girlfriend, Patricia M. Miller (“Trish”) a/k/a Trish Skelly has been working closely with the feds, honing in on an unsolved crime that would’ve taken place around the time that he actually WAS arrested and convicted for Reckless Endangerment. And Craig Peterson, the alleged ‘accomplice’ in Aaron Wood’s murder, he has already been CONVICTED OF PERJURY in a federal court. Craig has been given 100% immunity for his testimony (of pure lies) against Tom. WHEN IN HELL IS ANYONE EVER GIVEN 100% IMMUNITY IN A 1ST DEGREE MURDER CASE? How about NEVER?! Does NEVER sound about right? Had Craig had half a brain and lawyered up when the feds started coming around and threatening him with charges if he didn’t cooperate, none of this would have happened. It should be interesting to note, that during the Preliminary Hearing, at which time Craig had to testify UNDER OATH, he said that the feds gave him the story as to how the ‘crime’ he and Tom committed unfolded, and all he had to do was agree to it. Check the court transcripts for yourself! I read them with my own eyes. This is a major frame job, coming from several different angles. You’ll all see when trial comes. If the DA’s office actually has the nerve to try this case in front of a jury. I’ve already seen their weak ‘evidence’ beginning to unravel. At the time of this guy’s murder, when the Philadelphia homicide detectives were going around getting statements, everyone said the same thing: Aaron Wood was a coke dealer who was fronted a kilo when he got out of prison for (guess what) drug charges. He took off with the drugs and a hit was put out on him. This hitman contacted Aaron’s girlfriend and several other people, threatening them, telling them to give Aaron up. Interesting: it has never been mentioned in any of the news articles, but witnesses said they saw three black males running from the scene after the shot was fired. And Lee Epps drove a car that fit the description of the one seen right before the murder. So get a grip, you dirtbags. You don’t know as much as you think you do.

  8. Where can I obtain the transcripts of the premliminary hearing?

  9. How could you have read the transcripts when in this case they are not public knowledge. Apparently you don’t know anything about this case and are blind in believing that this animal Tomas didn’t commit such a horrific crime. He apparently has not regrets in doing it either.

  10. Yeah, that’s right, they ARE NOT PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. But then again, I’m not PUBLIC. I’ve seen everything there is to see in this case, including the original handwritten statements taken by the homicide detectives in 1989 that were signed off by the people they interviewed. So shut your mouth, jackass. Apparently, YOU don’t know anything about this case.

  11. You are naive in thinking you know everything because you don’t. Only the authorities know the truth becasue they are the ones that are honest and respectable unlike yourself whoever the scum you are. Actually I think I’ve figured out who you are – somoene heard about in the past – and your just stirring up trouble becasue your a wanna-be and think you know it all. I also know that you’ve been folllowing some folks aruond and spreading rumors about this whole thing. These are real lives we talking about – I trust that the authorities will uncover the truth and will be the ones to bring justice when the time comes. By the way it’s impolite to call others names that you dont’ even know. Shame on you!

  12. Listen, stop speculating and imagining things. You know absolutely NOTHING about this situation, you’re just leaping to wild conclusion after wild conclusion. Yes, these are real people’s lives. And one real person is sitting in prison, held without bail, for a crime he had nothing to do with. So mind your own business. Because THIS IS MY BUSINESS. More than you could know. Naive? Nope. I don’t know who you’re referring to about following people and spreading rumors, but you clearly have me mistaken for someone else.

  13. And if you ‘trust’ the authorities, and ‘trust’ the police (especially the Philadelphia Police Department, one of the most corrupt law enforcement agencies in the country), that pretty much says it all. They’re ‘honest and respectable’? Please. You clearly have never worked in law enforcement. I have, and I’ve seen up close and personal what is done to people in the name of justice. Enough, already. Just stop it. There are, in fact, REAL PEOPLE being effected by all this. It’s a horrible situation for both sides. Stop inflaming when it is YOU who’ve never read the police reports, YOU who’ve never read the court transcripts, YOU who’ve never seen the handwritten notes taken by the interviewers, YOU who’ve never seen the crime scene photos, YOU who’ve only read about this story in the paper and seen it on the news. So just mind your own business. This clearly has nothing to do with you.

  14. The witnesses will be telling the truth so it doens’t matter what you have to say about this, it happened and regardless of the who victim was or what he was inolved in a life was taken by a malicious coward.

  15. Murdering a drug dealer doesn’t make murder any less heinous. But pinning it on an innocent man isn’t justice. There’s your thought for the day. I’m through corresponding with you about this. You are obviously blinded by something other than the raw facts of the case (and FACTS aren’t what you read in the newspaper, dimwit). And not all ‘witnesses’ tell the truth, so that you know. Craig Peterson, the prosecution’s ‘main witness’ (the one who’s been given total immunity in exchange for doing as he’s told) has been convicted of perjury in federal court. He’s already spent time in prison for the lies he told to a federal grand jury. Between him, and drug-addicted ex-girlfriends with axes to grind jumping on the bandwagon, this whole story is a sad commentary on human behavior. Some of the things that were testified to at the Preliminary Hearing have already been PROVEN to be false. Things that allegedly occurred that were communicated to the court under oath have already been discounted as never having existed. This is such a waste.

  16. I know this man from a few years ago. I don’t see him having done this. Weak evidence, non credible witnesses……hopefully the justice system will work this time. There is no way the prosecution will be able to prove this. Happy Holidays Tom, my heart is with you.

  17. don’t believe mrs. gibison. he’s guilty…she knows it and while he sits in jail, she’s out humping everything in sight. what a loyal wife.

  18. i have no opinion on whether tom did this or not and frankly its none of my business HOWEVER i had to clear one thing up trust me when i say this -i know this without a doubt to be true- CRAIG PETERSON got his charge for perjury for lying to a grand jury in 1999 because he told the feds he know nothing about the crimes allegedly committed by tom , not knowing that a then friend of his and toms, who had got caught with guns,got off on his charge by secretly audio taping craig and tom talking about the crimes- the feds – already having the tapes-gave craig a chance to rat and he did not and craig did 2 years for obstruction of justice, lying to a grand jury and conspiracy because of this some of you made it sound like craig could not be trusted as a witness because of a perjury charge when he got the charge, by not being a rat that is not to say he was right or wrong in this case because i cannot judge anyones action until i have been in thier shoes and even then i still cannot judge HOWEVER again i cannot comment on anything else because this is the only fact of this whole situation that i know to be positively true because i was with craig at the time, in the car when he was arrested and at all the court proceedings in my experience craig was a wonderful person to be with and i fondly remember the time i spent with him and in my expereince i never saw a mean bone in tom he was always very nice and respectful to me this is only stating MY expereince with these two individuals.

  19. I would like to make some corrections to “Jennifer’s” comments about her ex-boyfriend Craig Peterson and the federal investigation. In the beginning Craig did refuse to cooperate with the federal investigation and as a result was arrested. After sitting in Gander Hill Prison for four and a half months he most certainly did agree to cooperate with the government against Tom Gibison. He also implicated Trish Miller in his statements to the A.T.F., but for reasons still unknown, she was never indicted. He agreed to testify against Tom Gibison of the case went to trial-which it didnt- and as a result received a 5k.1 downward departure for substancial assistance. He was sentenced to 3 years in a minimum security, federal camp, with no fences around it instead of the 10 years he was originally facing.
    Craig Peterson and Tom Gibison were set up by “police groupie and wannabe” Rob Paolo, who himself cut a deal since he was known to buy and sell firearms to prohibitted poeple. While Peterson did partly lie to the grand jury to protect Tom Gibison, he most certainly lied to protect himself from prosecution. He was cought on video handing over several stolen firesrms to federal snitch Rob Paolo. Peterson had also bought, sold and traded forearms with seeral people who were prohibited. So he had much to hide himself.
    And finally, perjury is perjury. A person who lies under oath in a court of law most certainly can not be trusted to tell the truth a second time. Of any of these allegations were true then why didnt he bring it up in 196 and save himself from 3 years in prison? Why wait 17 and a half years to speak? He only spoke after they tranted him “total immunity” for 1st degree murder, which is unheard of. And at the preliminary hearing he admitted that the A.T.F. and F.B.I. gave him the story before he made his 3rd statement. The first two he denies any knowledge of an actual homicide. After repeatedly harassing Peterson for 2 years then threatening him with murder charges, giving him the outline of a crime they thought had happened , the DE feds offered him a deal he couldnt refuse. Before he ever spoke a word they ran down a scenario to him and gave him a grant of total immunity. It was as sinple as this: “agree to our story and you can go back to your new home in Vermont, your fiance, and your good paying job. Just point the finger at a guy you havent seen in a dozen years and you can have it all back tonight. Refuse to cooperate and we will turn your entire world upside down. You will lose your job, fiance and house and sit in jail for a year or two fighting the case as well as tousands is lawyers fees. “The choice was simple. It was a deal with the devil. Aside from lying to the judge, D.A. and federal grand jurors in the mid 90’s he also gave a total of 4 conflicting statements in this case. So he also lied to the F.B.I. and the A.T.F.. His past is riddled with theft and burglary convictions which are crimes of dishonesty. Lying is second nature to this guy and now instead of having his world turned upside down hes silling out an old friend and lying once again. Of nothing else hes consistent. Craig Peterson is a liar and a perjurer – FACT! The DE feds ran down the story to him before he gave the statement implicating Tom Gibison – FACT! And this is their star witness!?! This is the corrupt DE feds st their best! Worst!

  20. First of all to correct voice of the truth, I have read Craig’s federal jury papers from his case back in 1999. Craig was never arrested or convicted for theft and burglary convictions. Second of all, Craig is the most honest man I have ever known. He made of made some wrong decisions in the past, but he is a honest man. Who are you to make such false accusations?

  21. Of all the “FACTS” given in my statement this is the only you would dispute. I am the one with his arrest record.

  22. Iv’e been following this unusual case for a while now, as well as the “back and forth” comments on this site.

    I spend a lot of my spare time watching shows such as Forensic Files, Cold Case Files and C.S.I. Miami. I am a strong believer in physical (scientific) evidence. From what ive read so far there seems to be none of that in this case. 19 years is a long time ago. Where is the D.N.A.? Where are the fibers, shell casings, fingerprints, positive ballistic match to a murder weapon? I understand it was supposed to be a drive by shooting, but there must be something! Qhile I certainly dont know the entire story, as of now I remain on the fence. I look forward to the trial.

  23. First, Jennifer why didn’t you stand behind Craig? – it looks like you dumped Craig after he was arrested. Perhaps you were terrified of Tom, so you’re statement above might not be the exact truth. Are you c.y.a. or is it true that you are just another skanky druggie that thinks a guy like Tom who has been convicted on assault among other serious crimes like harboring a “streetsweeper” that’s only used in the most brutual of crimes with a fist tatooed on his head and one who desires to eliminate folks that are not of his own color is a respectable and nice individual? Wake up!

    And for the voice of the truth if you are so convinced that this is a FED set-up then why don’t you take your assumptions to the officials (if you really are so called law enforcement) and let them investigate. It’s very difficult for me to believe that FEDS would be behind a set-up like this for there is a federal prosecutor and educated judges in the pic that are able to sort out evidence and facts to determine the truth. So are you saying that both DE and Philadelphia are corrupt? You ask why Craig would come out of the wordwork after all of these years instead of confessing up at the time of his first conviction, welll perhaps he was afraid to do so since Tom known to be involved with a larger group of felons and skinheads who might have threatened him to keep quiet.

    By the way, theft and burglary convictions should have nothing to do w/this case since they occured when Craig was a juvenille from what I understand. And if this crime would’ve taken place around the time that Tom actually WAS arrested and convicted for Reckless Endangerment then why aren’t there any court records indicating this conviction?

    Kirb B. I do agree with you in that this is a very complex case and so far we haven’t heard anything about an actual
    piece of evidence. Furthermore, if this so called get away driver is Lee Epps then why hasn’t the public heard of this if this is actually true.

    My heart goes out to Aaron Wood, regardless of being a drug dealer or not, his life didn’t deserve to end the way it did and someone out there is accountable.

  24. dear bewildered and anyone else who had some opinions on my thoughts first me not being with craig had nothing to do with tom i was young, not even mid twenties and thought i was in over my head ,and yes more interested in partying than dealing with some racial and legal situation and when he got out well two years is a long time to be away from someone not that i owe you or anyone else an explanation let me tell you what i have learned after being married, having 2 children and battling cancer EVERYONE has thier own opinion, beliefs, views, reasons for doing what they have done, and thier share of mistakes and neither i nor you have the power or right to judge. one individual always sees things in a different view than another individual neither view is right or wrong JUST DIFFERENT

  25. dear bewildered what is c.y.a ? and maybe im wrong but i suspect you are jen thompson i hope you not still holding grudges from 12 years ago are ya?

  26. This is not Jen Thompson. c.y.a. (cover your ass) I wasn’t judging you I was merely posing the question of being afraid, since all of the papers indicate that the witnesses are afraid of Tom and thought perhaps at the time you were also afraid. I am sorry to hear about your cancer, although I don’t know you, I hope it has terminated.

  27. well then im sorry for the misunderstanding TRUCE?

  28. On Friday, Feb 15th, Tom Gibison had a special hearing in front of the trial judge, Teresa Sarmina, due to the prosecutions withholding “discovery” from the defense. For 2 hours the judge blasted D.A. Roger King for defying the pretrial judges ruling that he turn over numerous documents to the defense. She said his behavior so far has been so “suspect”, that if it is discovered during or after the trial that he withheld exculpatory documents, that are thought to exist, from the defense, that she will see to is that he be brought up on charges of prosecutorial misconduct. She also threatened to declare a mistrial if any other statements, that are said to not exist, magically reappear when trial starts. Harsh words from a veteran homicide judge who was also a D.A. herself.
    Among the missing documents are the detectives “rough notes” which are the most crucial documents in a murder case. They are the only PROOF that the witnesses said what the detectives & feds allege they said, before they get typed into official “302’s”. This is so because sometimes the 302 reports arent put together for weeks after the rough notes are taken. The D.A. said that he doesnt have any rough notes. This was so unbelievable, even to the judge, that she threatened the misconduct charges if its discovered they still exist. The reality is that they destroyed them because the early versions of a homicide didnt come close to matching the Wood murder.
    After an entire year of battling the D.A.’s office to obtain the statements of Trish MIller, the defense got them. It was soon well understood why they fought so hard to conceal them. In one version she says Tom Gibison and Craig Peterson killed a black man and BURRIED HIM. Aaron Wood was found lying in the street. She later said the murder happened right next ot an I95 exit ramp. This didnt match either since Wood was killed eight miles from the nearest I95 exit ramp. She even added the Tom Gibison’s ex-girlfriend, Jen Kaczmarczyk, was in the car when the murder happened. Trish Miller, at one point, says Tom Gibison killed a black man to earn a “blood tear drop” tattoo. The only problem is that Tom Gibison doesnt have a tear drop tattoo.
    So, “Bewildered”, I agree- whay isnt any of this making the papers?

  29. At the hearing last Friday there were journalists from both the Daily News and the Phila. Inquirer, taking notes rapidly for 2 hours. Why didnt the D.A.’s withholding of exculpatory evidence make the papers? Perhaps the pro-lawenforcement media doesnt want to print the TRUTH and ruin a sensational story of PURE FICTION.
    It was exposed at the hearing that people who were in the bar with Aaron Wood on the night that he was murdered, reported that he got into a loud argument with 2 other black males over money. When he left the bar, they followed behind him. A few minutes later a shot rang out and Aaron Wood was found dead. But even when the trial starts on May 20th, dont expect to find these things in the paper. You’ll have to come to the trial to get the real story since the media only reports the prosecutions theory. This is a FACT! Folow any trial in the paper and youll rarely find a quote from a defense lawyer.

  30. As for Ernest Lee Epps, its not alleged that he was a “driver”. He was an actual SUSPECT in the murder, since he made numerous death threats toward Wood. SEVERAL witnesses reported that Wood took nearly a pound of cocaine from Epps and never repayed him. All of the above is reported in homicide activity sheets.
    You quote me as having my facts wrong, but could you please show me where Tom Gibison has ever been found guilty of assault. You’re right . Peterson’s burglary & theft convictions are not as important as his arrest for perjury, since they happened when he was a juvenile. But they do prove a life long pattern of dishonesty and dishonest behavior.
    Ive never claimed to be in law enforcement. And no, the entire law enforcement communities in bith De and Phila are not corrupt. But there are some select members who have a vested interest in seeing Tom Gibison convicted. Ill talk more about that at a later date. Peterson wasnt scared to confess in 1996. He just knew that neither one of them committed an actual murder.
    And while your feeling sorry for Aaron Wood, the gun carrying drug dealer with a violent streak, feel some sorrow for all of the lives he destroyed while he sold his poison for over 15 years- women, teenagers, people in his own community- in other words, African Americans. How is that for a reality check?

  31. Oh and to Kirk B. You are right. You havent seen any physical evidence because it doesnt exist. Not a shred! Other than the testimony of Peterson, this is an entirely circumstancial case thats nearly 20 years old and will be virtually impossible to prove. The ONLY strategy the D>A> has is to demonize Gibisons PAST lifestyle and prejudice the jury. Otherwise this case is dead in the water. Its been nothing but a modern day witch hunt. The trial should begin on May 20th Kirk. Drop in.

  32. Ya this might be one of the things Tom actually didn’t do. He might not be a killer but he’s a pathological liar and he’s spent his life building a rep on hurting people and victimizing them. Just ask his family and his wife they’re the ones he hurt most. They live in fear and intimidation, she finally got her head togeter to divorce him now that she’s been away from his sicko ways. Good luck Big Tom but better luck to you Mrs Gibison, its about time, girl.

  33. I knew Tom we were friends and he was ok with me. But he did tell a lot of lies a lot. and he wasnt very nice to his wife. She was pretty and nice and cooked real good and alwasy was nice to all of us. But she was sad alot and that wasn’t fair. I hope he gets out of prison real soon but yea I guess he wasnt very nice.

  34. does anyone know what time the trial starts?

  35. can someone also tell me where the trial is to take place thank you

  36. It looks like the court date is May 19 – May 23 in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

  37. There have been several new developments. It has been discovered that the original suspect in the Aaron Wood murder, which was drug dealer Lee Epps, was killed in 1996. In 1989, homicide detectives searched for hom for two weeks, then gave up! In fact, they pretty much shut the entire investigation down after two weeks, according to the activity sheets. So no real attempt was made to hunt down the real killer. Any chance to interrogate Lee Epps has now been lost.
    Also, all three of the original homicide detectives who investigated the Wood murder in 1989 are ALL DEAD! Their “rough notes” and crucial statements from a witness, who is mentioned in the activity sheets are “missing”.
    As for the person who started this entire investigation, Trish Miller, a very interestion fact has come to light. It explains her absence at the preliminary hearing last year. It also explains why the D.A.’s office fought so hard to conceal it. And when the judge ordered the D.A. to turn this piece of evidence over, he complained that they might not even use Trish Miller as a witness. This is what came to light.
    On August 25, 2006, the DE State Police, from Troop 6, arrested her and had her committed to the state hospital for a psychiatric evalutation. She was later transferred to the Rockford Center. Under the section titled “charges”, it simply states “MENTAL PATIENT”. It was reported that she had been displaying bizarre behavior for several weeks. What makes this such a big deal is that she was labeled a “mental patient” just days after she went in front of the grand jury to give testimony against Tom Gibison, and that she was displaying this strange behavior weeks BEFORE the grand jury. So this was her frame of mind while she made her final statement against Tom Gibison and while she testified at the grand jury. The rest of her “record” raises more questions than it answers.

  38. Although the incident happened during the early morning hours, just after Halloween 2001, she wasnt arrested until 6 months later, in May of 2002. A report from the Allentown, PA police department says she was arrested for “ACCIDENT INV. DEATH & PERSONAL INJ.” The strange part is that under “DISPOSITION” it says, “disposition unreported”. Three D.U.I.’s that she was known to have between 2001 and 2006 are not showing up on her “rap sheet”. In a handwritten note by DE A.T.F. agent Diane Iaradella, attached to a statement by Trish Miller, it says,”grant of immunity”, by U.S. attorney Richard Andrews- the same one who gave Craig Peterson total immunity. But it doesnt say what for. However, at the hearing on Feb. 15th, D.A. Roger King said he spoke with De. federal agents who told him she (Trish Miller) never received immunity! They are denying their own notes! So there is no denying that something very “shady” is going on in this case. And there will be more to come.

  39. TO JENNIFER: The trial will be held in the Criminal Justice Center (C.J.C.) on 13th and Filbert St., which is in center city Phila. It is scheduled to start on Mon. May 19th. However, the first day, and possible the second, will be spent selecting a jury. So the actual trial wont start until after lunch on Tues. May 20th or 9a.m. on Wed the 21st. Sorry I cant tell you which one it will be since it depends on how long it takes to select the jury. I do not know the court room number that the trial will be held in but that should be available any day now. The trial judge is Teresa Sarmina.

  40. to voice of truth thanks for the court info i am totally in disbelief and shocked by this info thanks for your reports pls keep me informed of any new info thanks

  41. So Voice of the truth, what are you saying: This whole crime is a conspiracy? What are you trying to prove? That Mr. Gibison is not gulity?

    Are you now saying that Mr. Peterson’s grant of immunity will not be honored? I am ony aware of one grant of immunity and that is for Mr. Peterson. I thought that since Mr. Peterson’s testimony and at the original Prelimanary Hearing was recorded and it was stated to the court that he was granted full immunity than nothing can change this.

    Since I have also be enthralled with this case, I am curious to know what you think is going to happen at the trial since you are the only one who seems to have a true sense of the facts surrounding this case.

    What are the consequences for the witnesses if this case turns into a mistrial and Mr. Gibison is released from prison. It was stated in the paper before the preliminary that the witnesses were afraid of Mr. Gibison. It seems to me by the looks of this man; the fact that he is a hardened crimianl that has servced some serious time; the fact that he is allegedly involved with some serious hate groups in addition to the fact that he has lost his wife, home, etc that he would want to take revenge on the indivduals who have testified against him.

    And finally you had mentioned earlier that the DE Feds are corrupt and were out to get Mr. Gibison…why would they be out to get Mr. Gibison when he has been sitting in jail for many years? This is the part that I don’t get.

    I also don’t understnad why the press didn’t publish what happened at the hearing on 2/15. Who would have the authority to prohibit what they wrote to be publlished?

  42. To: “Amused”
    In case I havent made myself clear- yes! Tom Gibison is 100% NOT GUILTY of killing Aaron Wood. Nor has he ever been to North Phila. in his life. He and his friends would occasionaly frequent SOUTH St. and surrounding areas in SOUTH Phila.
    Peterson still has total immunity for 1st degree murder. In other notes it clearly states that Trish Miller was also granted immunity by U.S. Attorney Richard Andrews. It just doesnt say why she was granted immunity. Now they say she WASNT granted immunity, contradicting their own writings!
    The so called “witnesses” have absolutely nothing to fear from Tom Gibison. He wants to move on with his life and to continue being a hard working, law abiding citizen- like he was for the two years before his arrest. He doesnt have a speck of interest in harming ANYONE!
    Some people insist on keeping the MYTH of Tom Gibison alive. They can not accept the TRUTH. Tom Gibison is almost 37 years old. He grew up, got married, settled down in Newark, De. and became a WORKAHOLIC at the company he worked for. He had all new friends, including African Americans and Hispanic Americans. Go to his place of work and tell them he is still a “raving nazi”! They will probably laugh you out of the building. He has not been associated with the “skinhead scene” for more than a dozen years.
    These people need to get on with their lives and get over themselves. They are not that important. No one has any desire to hurt them. After Tom Gibison left federal prison, for the next 2 years he never even got so much as a speeding ticket. He never “went after” anyone. He never threatened or assaulted anyone. The trusth is that they were frustrated because Tom Gibison went strait. He wasnt doing ANYTHING wrong. Compared to most men who did 9 years in prison, he became a success story.

  43. Continued: But they took it all away! Yeah, Toms wife left him for another man. So, he lost his wife and home. He lost a great job, his brand new truck was repossessed, and his credit trashed. His family has received threats and because of lawyer fees, his family is in debt. And for what?! Tom Gibison didnt kill ANYONE! After pouring over the original statements from 1989, a blind man could see that Aaron Wood was gunned down by a drug dealer and his cronies.
    One witness heard a gunshat and saw 3 young BLACK MALES in dark clothing run away from the shooting. Another saw Aaron Wood in a bar, minutes before hewas murdered, talking loudly with 2 unknown BLACK males. After he left the bar, they followed a couple of minutes later. A few minutes after that a shot rang out and Wood was found dead less than a block away from the same bar.
    Woods girlfriend, his “side girlfriend”, and a female roommate, all reported that Aaron Wood ripped off his drug supplier, Lee Epps, for thousands of dollars in drug money. As a result, all three women reported that Lee Epps and a “so-called hitman” called and made death threats towards Wood in the months leading up to his death.
    No one- and I mean no one _ reported seeing two white teenagers prowling around that night. Not a shred of real, indisputable, physical evidence exists that links Tom Gibison to this crime or that even places him in the cith of Phila. It doesnt exist because he was never there.

  44. continued: This was a “black on black” crime involving drugs and money. As for the years of 1988 and 1989, in the city of Phila., combined there were 907 homicides and nearly 4000 attempted homicides! Think about that! Most of the shootings involved young black males. Do the research! Dont just take my word for it. In 1989, specifically, there was an explosion of drug related violence due to crack cocaine.

  45. And for you hardcore skeptics, keep this in mind:
    Craig Peterson DID NOT identify Aaron Wood as the victim. He failed to identify the crime scene when driven there by the feds, and again at the prelim. hearing when shown a photo of the crime scene. he doesnt dnow the STREET or NEIGHBORHOOD this allegedly happened in. He doesnt know the DATE or what MONTH. He gets the victims AGE wrong and hasnt a clue WHAT HE WAS WEARING. He names things at the crime scene that DONT EXIST. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. This entire thing is a hoax. Through intimidation and scare tactics, the DE feds invented a case where there never was one. Paranoia, vindictivness, wishfull thinking and tunnel vision led to this tragedy. Yes, an innocent man sits in prison for a murder he didnt commit. This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened, and it wont be the last.

  46. Oh, and to “amused”: As for your comment about a “conspiracy”, I have a few words.
    Did the De. feds and Philly homicide conspire around a table, in a dark basement, under heavy cigar smoke and say ” Today is the day we frame Gibison!” – no, that is NOT what happened.
    One of the things that has been discovered is that Trish Miller told the agents involved in Gibisons federal case that Gibison planned on having them and their families killed when he was released. This was an OUTRAGEOUS lie. She told about this, the alleged murder and other crimes that were supposed to have happened, in 1999. They did absolutely NOTHING with this information for the next 5 1/2 years! It wasnt until two weeks before Gibisons release that they started investigating alleged crimes to prevent him from getting out. Three crimes that Gibison was alleged to have committed in De., proved to be false, or at the very least, led to a dead end. They then went back to the story about a murder.
    The bottom line is that these agents did not was Tom Gibison to be free in their town. Since the death threats allegedly were made against the very agents who set this ball in motion, they were biased from that start. There is a strong conflict of interest here. They (De.) did the ENTIR INVESTIGATION for Phila., packaged it, and handed it over to them. They coached witnesses (PETERSON ADMITS THIS), granted an ex-con TOTAL IMMUNITY for murder one, and launched this investigation based on the rantings of a scorned ex-girlfriend who is a junkie and was labeled a “MENTAL PATIENT” by the state police.

  47. continued:
    Phila. homicide gladly accepted such a “headline case”. Black on black shooting- boring! White on white shooting- boring! Man shoots spouce- boring! Skinhead kills black man – WOW! This is the kind of case EVERYONE in law enforcement wants to be involved in. It gets attention, people get promoted, careers are built on such cases. EVERYONE got their hopes up on this one and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars were spent investigating. Now REPUTATIONS are on the line and there is no turning back now.
    So in the traditional sense, there is no mass conspiracy. But due to the above, yes, people ARE doing everything under the sun to mold this case into what they want.
    Special interests have taken over. The De. feds are operating under the motto “The end justifies the means”-“if he didnt do this, just imagine what he did get away with”.
    One way or another, they want him out of De. and locked away. And like Phila., theyll gladly share the limelight that comes with such a case- even if is manufactured.
    Thing will get ugly and dirt will fly, but in the end, ultimately, Tom Gibison will be acquitted when everyone sees what this case is really about. The man has already served his time. Let him live in peace one and for all.
    The press never published an article on the hearing on 2/15 because their editors stopped it. No paper is going to publish a story that favors an “alleged nazi”.
    Besides, that papers are trash anyway. You cant believe 75% of what you read.
    What the De. feds have done here should scare everyone out there who has a spider web tattoo on their elbows. Were talking about thousands and thousands of people. Today is Tom Gibison. Tomarrow it could be you.

  48. i have said from the beginning that i have no opinion on whether tom commited this crime or not because i had no real knowledge of the case or the facts surrounding this case and i beleive it is up to a jury to decide, i have said from the beginning that my experience with tom was that he was a respectful and kind person to me and that i had never seen a mean streak in him some have said i stated this because of fear from tom and i just wanted to say i have never had fear of tom i still feel the same way and still have no opinion BUT i must say that i have found what the THE VOICE OF THE TRUTH has been reporting to be very interesting to me and ask THE VOICE OF THE TRUTH to keep reporting on any updates. i will say this from my own experience that anything can happen and people can definitely get a bad rap for the things they have done in the past and that it is hard to get people to see that a person can change. now before people start lashing back at my comment pls remember i am not bias, i am not afraid of tom, and i am not saying he did or did not commit this crime i am just saying that sometimes people do not let you forget your past even when you have changed and im sorry but the lack of evidence in this case is astounding. look i am a recovering drug addict i have been clean for many years, i have a family and i lead a good honest life i had committed many crimes when i was out there using if a cold case came up that involved the perp being a drug addict that does not neccesarily mean that i did it even though i may have been guilty of other crimes. im just saying keep an open mind and lets see what happens in the trial TO THE VOICE OF THE TRUTH i for one look forward to reading your reports and at least keep them coming for me to read thanks

  49. I can’t believe this B.S. There are witnesses that can attest to Tom’s violent and intimidating demeanor. If you want to see what a person is all about just look at their eyes, they are truly the window of one’s soul and from the most recent pic the media has of Tom he cleary has no light in his eyes. The only thing that’s there is a cold hard stare..which needless to say is frigthening!

  50. Hey VOICE OF THE TRUTH — stick to your court reporting, and don’t make commentary on people’s personal lives which you know nothing about. Tom’s wife did not “leave him for another man” as you wrote. Where on earth did you get that idea? She gave him a beautiful life and what did he do? Kept running home to his Mamma like the punk that he is so he could chase after any nasty skeezer who would pay any attention to him (and there sure are a lot of them out there). When they took him away in handcuffs, that was the first day of the rest of her life, believe you me!! He gave that girl nothing but pure Hell. She lost almost everything because of what he put her through over the years. He had every chance to turn his life around but as soon as they cracked that cell door in 2004, he dropped his nice-guy mask, climbed back down into the sewer, and started behaving like the sick, demented, animal he always has been and always will be. People who know Tom know exactly what I’m talking about.

  51. now,now” too much” didnt your parents teach you if you have nothing nice to say you shouldnt say anything at all!?

  52. The Tom Gibison that has been portrayed in the news papers, on the internet and described by the many “anonomous” authors on this site is not the Tom Gibison I have known for nearly 20 years. The person I know did not commit the crime he has been accused of.
    The person I know is compassionate and caring. He has paid the price for his past and wanted to just be left alone to do the right thing for his future. He just wanted and still wants to live the rest of his life making up for lost time with his family and to enjoy life. He is not the monster everyone has made him out to be. He is not a “sick, demented animal”. He a human being who is not even able to defend himself from all of the hatred being spoke about him. Well I am here to do just that. Tom is a very kind and gentle person. When loyalty is given to him he returns it. When unconditional love is given he returns it. He is not judgemental unless he himself has been judged and who is anyone to judge? We all have skelatons in our closets. We all have made mistakes. We all are after all HUMAN.
    Tom will be acquitted and his life will go on, because he is a survivor. To all of the persons out there who have so much hatred you will have to live with yourselves till the end . Will you be able to do that? Or will your hate eat at you and make you a very lonely sad person?
    I love you Tom, I believe in you and will never judge you as others have.

  53. Well, lookie here it’s DAWN,, aren’t you the Hag Supremo he was running aroun with? it was only a matter of time til the scum came up to the surface,, this is getting good,,

  54. Let me ge t this straight, Dawn is one of the “Nasty Skeezers” behind his wife’s back? Just goes to show, a dumb cooz comes a dime a dozen!!!!!!!! Everybody listen to what “Dawn” has to say about Tom Gibision, she’s as much of an eff up as he is!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!! Your right, bro, this is getting good!!!!!!

  55. I was wondering what kind of ‘person’ would even defend this POS but I was trying my best to not get in this one but thank you Believer and Andrew for clearing things up for me.

    To the Woods Family,
    I am very sorry for your loss and I am sorry that people get on here and forget what this page is for. God bless your family.

  56. Yea, Dawn was one of them. THere were a few from what I was told, some from the job. She says she knows him so well but I bet he never told her that he cried like a little b!tch last summer when his wife finally had enough of his garbage, and I bet he never told her taht he wrote his wife hundreds of times telling her how much he loved her and he wanted a new life with her, Don’t bash Dawn too bad, even thoush she is a homewrecker and has no brain or self respect, she’s just one of many who beleives the lies he tells. What kind of female would come on the internet and let everybody know that she has nothing better to do then run around with a married man? The comments that were wrote before give you away and let everybody know what you were doing.Honey, You look pretty stupid. Far as I knew, he never had a nice thing to say about you and laughed about you being so fat, so wise up. What goes around comes around. I think Tom even has that tatooed on him somewhere? Hold up, stay with this fool and do a favor to all the decent women he might target next. And whatever you do, dont beleive any rumors you might hear about him and any other women bahahahahahaa

  57. To the voice of truth–as per your comments from March 14th, I am a bit confused as to Patricia Millers dates that you referred to about just after halloween 2001 and 6 months later May 02. I thought she did not start seeing Tom until later in the year 02 or beginning of 03 and what was she even doing in Allentown while living and married in De during that time of 10/01-5/02.Just trying to understand

  58. forget 4/17 post by me–the dates in the comments make sense now

  59. I have known Tom for a long time and the Tom that I have known since 2002 is a compassionate caring adult. I cannot speak for him when he was a kid, but he did have black and native american friends. I can one thing for him. He was and is a loyal friend. I have never seen him get mad, or violent. He is a good friend and I believe in him. I don’t know Dawn but I have made a lot of mistakes so we shouldn’t be too judgemental. None of us are god and all of us have things in our past we are ashamed of. Stop judging. This isn’t about a mistress is it?? He got married to a woman he never spent a day with outside of the prison and it didn’t work. It takes 2 to ruin a marriage. Tom is a loyal friend who I will support until the end. I wish his ex wife Susan would stop posting on here and get on with her life. Maybe she can go back to being a good parole officer. Dawn, I don’t know you but good luck with Tom. Tom, I love you man!!!! You have always been loyal to me and I will be your friend forever. THOU SHALT NOT JUDGE. 🙂 Have a good day all!!!!

  60. “Drew”, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and your timing couldn’t be more off. Telling her to “get on with her life”?? She’s leaving for Europe in a few days for an extended vacation. She started a new career and is making a ton of money. She’s got a maid service that cleans her house (that she’s been busy upgrading). And, she has a new man who treats her like a princess, and who deserves her. Please, everyone, leave her out of this. Some of us (obviously) Google this site out of morbid curiosity, but she’s a galaxy away from all of this. Despite Tom’s various attempts at contacting her, she maintained her silence. Let her be. Reminder: this is about a card-carrying KKK member, a goose-stepping Nazi-wannabe who is a pathological liar, has a well documented history of exploiting or abusing everyone he’s ever known, and has been held without bail for first-degree murder. And “Drew”, you wrote that you met him in 2002, when Tom was in prison which makes you an ex-jailbird. To say you lack any credibility whatsoever is an understatement.

  61. I think I’m done with this site. Will just wait to see it in the paper afterwards.

  62. I have never been in prison so my credibility is not an issue. I spent a decade of my life working for the criminal justice system and I met in a professional capacity. There are still some decent people in prison and a lot of the inmates and former inmates I have met throughout my career have more credibility than non-felons. Just because a person has a felony, doesn’t dismiss their credibility for the rest of their lives. Again, you are being judgemental about my being an inmate and you couldn’t be more off base. I am glad she has a man who treats her like a princess. I am sure Tom didn’t treat his wife like she should have been treated. She deserves that. Good for her Europe is awesome, I have been there numerous times. Tom is not a card carrying kkk member. I have no clue where anyone gets their information from. We can all hope that she is happy and does have a good job. Also, no matter what you or anyone else thinks about Tom, we can hope he does get a fair trial. The system does do some messed up stuff so I hope he gets a fair trial. That is all I hope for. People are still innocent until proven guilty and none of us were there that night. We have to have enough faith in the justice system to assure EVERYONE, even if they are a kkk member or a blood, or another gang member, gets a fair trial.

  63. when a white man cares for his race and is vocal it is way too easy for him to be railroaded…I believe Big Tom is not guilty but with 4 blacks on the jury how can he get justice? I mean blacks stick with blavcks in these situations….like voting, Obama is the worst thing that can happen to this country but like Marion Berry he gets votes by his owm king purley out of race.
    if Tom is not guilty tha I pray he walks free.

  64. I think everyone with an ounce of brains would say that Tom should walk free if he is not guilty. I am white, and very proud to be white. I would only hope that any other race out there would be proud to be who they are. There is ignorance in every single race. Let’s not forget that.

  65. does anyone have any updates on the trial? has the jury been picked? has the trial started? thanks

  66. Does he have the tattoo? They should slice it off with a razor and stuff it down his throat.

  67. go to and in the address bar type in thomas gibison and all the articles come up. Trial started May 20th. Yes, he has the tattoo but so do a lot of friends of mine too and from what I have known, the spider web tat is more of a prison thing I thought, than a racial thing. Check out the articles.

  68. checked out the articles and the only words that come to mind are………………….HOLY SHIT!!!!!

  69. Tom had black friends! look at craig ,well half black,his dad was black…….craig was half black half nazi !

  70. The jury went into deliberations today (Friday) so the trial lasted 8 days. How long do you guys think the jury will deliberate??

  71. not sure the prosecution seemed to have some believable witnesses but it seems there was reasonable question as to whether or not they had the right victim they say the longer it takes a jury to deliberate the more chance there is for a non guilty verdict guess we wll be waiting over the weekend to see

  72. Jennifer, you and I seem to be the only 2 people that have no had a bad experience with Tom. I went to Wilmington Deleware news online and read 4 pages of blogs that people wrote from high school and they have some horrible things, or memories to speak about him. I have know him for 6 years and he has been nothing but wonderful to me as a friend. Have you attended the trial at all??? I am too far away or I would most certainly be there. I hope to hear something soon. I will check later on. Take care

  73. Jen knew him by proxy through an old boyfriend, didn’t have much ‘up close and personal’ contact. Drew, you knew him in a ‘professional’ capacity. Clearly you know nothing about psychopaths. Tom couldn’t hide it, or maybe didn’t want to, when he was younger. You can tell this by the people who wrote in who knew him ‘then’. There was no reason for him to hide it then. He was a larger than life monster who bullied and intimidated. In prison, he learned quickly how to use those ‘skills’ and rose to the top of the prison hierarchy – something that you should already know, given the fact that you allege that you knew him in a ‘professional’ capacity. He is a master manipulator. He managed the whites (and problems with the other ‘groups’) while in federal prison, despite the fact that he was moved across the country to various prisons – his reputation preceded him for being ruthless and coldblooded. Why do you think he was assigned a ‘special’ federal probation officer when they finally let him out? He learned how to rein in his evil and use it when it was to his benefit, either directly or indirectly. His adult life is nothing but a series of lies after lies He is a bubbling cauldron of pure mayhem and destruction under the facade he tried hard to keep on. But it kept slipping. He could only keep up the front for so long before the darker side of him forced its way out. He is soulless, he is a liar, and he is capable of anything. From the sounds of things, there’s a good chance he didn’t commit this crime. But don’t fool yourself – he certainly is capable of it, and was capable, then, as a 17-year-old. He brutalized people, tortured animals, and had his mother living in fear her whole life. Don’t believe, me, well, go and visit her. Or ask the neighbors! She’s a step away from being driven completely insane from him. He had her on a short leash his whole life. Even when he was in prison, he controlled her like a dog. He was crazed and unmanageable and still is. Anyone who has a kind word to say about Tom Gibison either doesn’t know him, or has been lured in by him because he’s bleeding them. The sad thing is that they don’t even know it, and won’t know it, until it’s too late. Then when they’re all used up and he has no purpose for them, they’ll see that there is absolutely nothing behind those eyes. No soul, no compassion, no conscience. Kind of like Michael Myers but without the hockey mask.

  74. Well certainly he was close to you and did something to you because you are talking like you have had a close relationship with him. Is this his ex or someone else?? I read his mail, listened to his phone calls read everything there was to read about him and I just didn’t hear or read anything close to what you are describing him as. His mother is sweet and I have spoken to her. She adores him from what I got out of the conversation. I can only tell people about what my experiences were with him. He was good friends with a black inmate, and a native american. Those 3 were best friends in there. You are well educated obviously and that is wonderful but the only thing I can say is what I have experienced. There would be no reason for him to be a different person around me because we are just friends and there would be no reason to be someone he is not. I do not know much about psychopaths and I am happy for that. Nothing in his files, letters or phone calls was similiar in the least bit to anything you wrote about him. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones!! 🙂 Seriously though, he has been a great friend to me and has never once treated me wrong. So, I have to give back to him, what he has given me. I am so glad that I don’t see anyone the way you see Tom. I am thankful for that. I hope to god I don’t know anyone who would torture an animal, to say the least. I am an avid animal lover. So, let’s keep watching for the verdict. Thank you for your input.

  75. dear drew i have to be honest’ fed up’ is correct i only knew tom through an old boyfriend from 10 years ago and did not have much close contact with him i have to say i cannot say anyone who has given an opinion of tom is right or wrong because i have never been close to tom like that my experience with tom was not a bad one but we were not as you would say close. as to whether he is guilty or not i cannot say because i was not there for the trial or the alleged murder i think everyones opinion of tom is based on thier experiences with tom so no one is right or wrong however i can say this from personal experience… people no matter how well you think you know them are capable of suprising you

  76. hey drew how do you get to the blogs on delaware online that you were referring to thanks jenn

  77. Drew, since you asked, my first name is Dave and I have gotten to know Tom through my professional position, as you assert you have. It appears that his exes are too busy testifying against him and madly planning their relocations in the event he is released, to take time to post here. And yes, I am educated. Although education and intelligence are not mutually exclusive, it appears you possess neither. For someone who alleges working in a prison, working closely with inmates, you certainly come across as quite naive, or perhaps you were one of the prison guards he was greasing. You say you hope to God you’ve never known anyone to torture an animal, and yet you assert you’ve been working in a federal prison. I beg your pardon? The fact that you state that Tom was best friends with an American Indian is laughable. You are either an imbecile and he has you snowed, or you are not who you pretend to be. Which explains your concern with my identity. I hope I’ve cleared things up for you. —— Dave.

  78. this afternoon he was found guilty of criminal conspiracy and weapons charge, acquitted of murder and hate crime. Sounds like a few of you might have been there to hear the verdict.

  79. Was justice served? No, probably not in this case. But on a grander scale, I’d say so. He will be an old man by the time he gets out of prison. So many people can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that he’s in a cage where he belongs. His ‘current girlfriend’ (according to the news article) doesn’t realize it yet but she dodged a bullet, too. Everyone, go peacefully about your business and sleep well tonight.

  80. fed up, I do not recall insulting you once in my blog, I did compliment you. I will forever wonder why people want to insult people they don’t know. However, I am on this blog because I personally know Tom. Inside and outside of the prison system. When I say that I hope I don’t “know” anyone who has tortured aninals, I mean personally know them. I am not speaking of professional inmate relationships. I have a friend in jail. So, that is why I am on this blog. If he isn’t your friend, you should keep up with the sentencing by just watching the news. I am not on here to insult anyone. Like Jennifer said, all we can do is report our experiences with the person we are discussing. Things were never unclear for me. I hope that your next college class focuses on manners and etiquette. 🙂 I am so glad I got out of the system where people like fedup have no power in their personal lives so they get on the computer, or bother felons to try to gain an extra inch!! I am sorry fed up but you are too involved with Tom and that gives me the willies. So, don’t bother to respond, I am not coming back. There is no reason to. I will watch the news for sentencing. MORE IMPORTANTLY, Jennifer, I just typed in Wilmington, Deleware news online, type in Thomas Gibison in the search bar and follow the lead. Thank you for your mature discussion. Once there is a R-E-T-A-R-D on a site (fedup) I must move elsewhere, I have had enough of their little man syndrome. So, bye bye all. “)

  81. Hey Dawn – Is that the Dawn who was Tom’s gf back in the mid/late 80’s? You were very cool. A fun girl, if so…

  82. To: Susan Emerson: a/k/a Dave, Andrew, Fed up, Bewildered, Amused, Etc.
    Get over your self! Your not fooling anyone. Cant you focus on your new victim? Doesnt he have the money your looking for or match your self professed intelligence? Tom is fighting for his life right now.

  83. DD:

    What about Aaron Wood?

  84. It is horribly ashame that Aaron Woods’ family had to be put through the hurt once again by reliving his death to still not find his murderer. To the justice system that time and time again does this to families on the behalf of the victim and the accused it is nothing more than a political game. I do hope his family one day has the closure that they need, but until then Tom Gibison was accquitted of the murder.

  85. DD,

    Tom Gibison may have been acquitted but does that mean that he is factually innocent? Maybe the State just did not prove their case? Is that a possibility? So, should the State still be looking for someone else? Now, remember, Aaron’s family could still file suit and charge him with wrongful death, just like what happened with OJ. Do you believe OJ to be innocent also?

  86. does anyone know about his sentencing?

  87. supposedly as of the 25th which was supposed to be sentencing, it got postponed as the presentencing report was not completed

  88. DAWN DOYLE, enjoying the good life? Bet youre feeling pretty stupid around now. You don’t want to know what people are saying about you.

  89. I do not wish to be condemned by anything I have to say about Tom or this case. I believe what is in my heart and mind to be true. People tend to believe whatever they hear and take sides. Misery loves company and humans tend to embrace others dirty laundry and spread gossip. Trisha Miller left her husband and two small children in 1993 for Tom. She was obsessed with him and destroyed his relationship with Amber . Tom’s family, especially his mother, is a beautiful caring mother and person. She loves Tom like any mother would love her child. Trisha tried to extort Tom’s family for money. When she did not get Tom back or the money, while Tom was in jail, she went to the feds. She has been in and out of mental institutions and drug rehabs. How Tom can even be tried for this murder… is inconceivable! This leads me to believe that I can make up any story on someone out of spite and they will get 12 to 25 for no reason at all. The police gave Craig Peterson a cold case story on Aaron Woods and told him that if he did not say what they wanted to hear, he would be tried for first degree murder or recieve TOTAL IMMUNITY. Which is never heard of!!! Craig testified they used a black eagle tallion bullet, problem, black eagle tallions were not invented until 1993. Trisha told detectives that the murder happened off a 95 ramp, not where Aaron was murdered!!! Police drove Craig around Philadelphia and the murder scene telling him this is where it happened right right???? Until Craig agreed. But I guess I would sell my ‘brother’ out like Judas too so I would not go to prison. That’s twice for Criag if you are keeping score. ***First time was when Tom went to prison on gun charges. The funny thing is I know all this because if you google Tom you will know all this without being on a blog site. But I happen to know all this because I know Tom. And yet he should not even have got 12 to 25. The judge made a mistake on the questions the jury had and the jury found him guilty of conspiracy. Now, what will hopefully happen is a new judge will be ordered to read the questions and the conspiracy charge will be dropped. Tom has grown up and ten years of prison would open your eyes. Not all people but few change. Tom should not have gotten married. He is not the perfect person in any relationship. Amber was the best example. But like I said, I do not want to be judged and nor shall anyone else. Including Tom. I hope he gets a fair trial, hopefully is set free and leaves Delaware like all the others did!!!! To the Woods’ Family… I do hope you get justice and they someday find your boys killer. But it is not justice to put any man away for a crime he did not commit.

  90. Tommy was a childhood friend, though we got into a little mischief when we were younger, never thought his life would lead to this. I am not saying he did or didn’t do it, but it’s strange how they can say that Tommy and Graig were involved in a hate/racial crime when Graig is black himself!

  91. The Philadelphia D.A.’s office, along with the De federal authorities did everything in their power to stack the cards against Tom Gibison in a racially charged case. They assigned their top D.A., Roger King, who was black. The trial judge was Puertorican, the pre-trial judge was Jewish, and the jury consisted of 4 blacks, one jew and a cops husband. They coached witmesses and had the Phila. Daily News print the most inflammatory articles, which at times, were 90% fiction. They also did a complete ‘blackout” of the defenses side of the case. J. Michael Farrell obliterated Trish Miller, Craig Peterson, Richard Iardella and Detective “Luby”.
    The latter of the two were caught in so many lies that jurors were laughing and shaking their heads. Farrells cross examination of Trish Miller was relentless and lasted for 5 hours. She admitted that she was high on Valium and Percocets while teltifying, that she had been in mental institutions at least 10 times over the past 7 years, and that the feds had went over her testimony with her that morning before testifying. Her allegations of rape evaporated when confronted with hundreds of sexually explicit photos, letters, love letters, hate letters, and an extortion letter she sent Gibison while he was incarcerated. Jurors were actually laughing and covering their mouths while J. Michael Farrell read each and every graphic letter out loud for all the world to hear. It was devastating and proved the defenses case tht she was a vicious lear and a scorned woman. Trish Millers drug dealer and boyfriend, a dark skinned Mexican guy who wore more gold than Mr. T did not appear very happy aftger realizing that Trish had fed him a bunch of B.S. about her relationship with Tom. Craig spoke in a robot tone and proved to be the coached perjurer that he was. Aside from being shot in the head, he got virtually every detail of the murder wrong. Jennifer Kaczmarczyk is hardly worth mentioning. The article she claimed to have read about the shooting of Aaron Wood never existed. His murder was never published in any paper in 1989. It was made obvious that she was nothing more than an “attention seeker” who wanted 5 minutes of fame and who also saw a chance to get back at her ex for perceived wrongs against her.With all of this, they failed miserably at framing Tom Gibison. He was acquitted of murder and hate crimes against Aaron Wood by a racially diverse jury. If you want to have a beeter understanding of the trial go on line and look up the articles published by the Philadelphia Inquirer, not the Phila. Daily News, which is a fictional tabloid. But youll still only get half of the story.

    note from blog owner
    Please read my comment policy before commenting again. Your other comment was removed because it violated my policy.

  92. To Vic of Circumstances. Obviously you don’t know Craig since you keep referring to him as “Graig” in your blog comments. What proof do you have that Craig is black himself? Growing up I thought he had black step dad (according to some sources), but does that make him black? If he is part black maybe he was abused by his father, perhaps his father was not a good man? We don’t know those circumstances now do we? I’m not saying that this justifys murder because clearly it DOESN’T, but if he did or were involved with this maybe there were circumstances above what anyone else can imagine. What if he didn’t do this and truly was coherced by the feds, as everyone thinks is a fact. If he was than shame on the feds. And for this Mr. Gibison take one look at his picture and let me know what you see – I see a man without a soul – eyes tell a lot about a person. I would be fearful of him, who knows what he is capable of.

    Even if Craig were black – is he any less of a person than any other race? Furthermore, blacks have been killing blacks for a long time now, which is devesating! If we all could just get it right for once, to eradicate racism we need to educate our young folks. But since we have whites spoon feeding blacks with white man’s dope (same as what we did to the American Indians with liquor) this problem will not go away.
    Perhaps you need a history lesson.- Howard Zinn might enlighten you?

  93. Thomas, Thomas, Thomas…I happened upon this story while researching racially motivated crimes, only to find your case.
    I am saddened to find that you are still unable to escape the legacy of your mis-spent youth. I have no doubts as to your innocence in regards to the murder of Aaron Woods, however, and I think that any idiot should be able to see through Craig Peterson’s true motivation in having fabricated his testimony pertaining to a crime that neither one of you ever had any direct knowledge of.

    Trish? Eeyuck! Anybody can see through that fruitcake. For the record, I’ve seen the photos of her that were exhibited at trial…what a FREAK!

    Voice Of The Truth….J.D.? You have done an excellent job in advocating on behalf of our friend, and I commend your efforts.

    Tom is anything but stupid, so don’t him out just yet.

    This witch hunt was clearly racially motivated, as all true evidence in the Woods Murder indicates that the killer(s) were black…as usual.

    Sincerely, Carlton

  94. Oops, er, that is, “Don’t Count Him Out Just Yet”.

  95. I was on state road with tom in DC on A block…. Tom was the only one hwo looked out for me weither it be a bit to eat something to read or a good joke… I know tom got the max for con…… I would like to know where he is at and his number cause I got released b4 his trial ended…. 1488…. WP…. Love you tom

  96. I was cellmates with Tom In Florence Colorado Federal prison This man Is great Guy he had his Mind straight the day he left He didnt get in trouble he caused no waves he wrote his wife ten page letters everyday and always talked about how much he loved her he was focused on working out and eating right getting out and moving on in a productive life …too find this news saddens me ….The damn government and all the sheep that follow them make me sick I know a little bit about tom and I can remember him telling me how some people were pissed at him because they were jealous of him being with his wife anyhow all you people who think tom Is a Murderer you are wrong tom is and was a great guy Good luck Thomas and sympathy to his family and friends

  97. sure there is sympathy from me for the wood family as well But for tom to Be locked up again after doing so well and being innocent of said crime is insane said crime happened when he would have been 17 20 years now? the man paid his dues for his childhood past our justice system is completely twisted thats all

  98. I’ve been watching the scuttlebut and one thing amazes me about those who have so much to say about Mr. Gibision and Peterson. They both were arrested as 15 year olds for burglary of a pawn shop in Wilmington where they both lived along with a third gent, who will remain anonymous. Tommy was also arrested several times for various drug and weapons charges causing violation of probation charges. This should be public record. An apology should be extended to the hard working man in Pennsylvania who happens to have a similar name. If no one else will apologize to you Sir, I will!

  99. I’m sorry Tommy!
    I mispelled your name. In Delaware you shouldn’t possess 50 caliber Desert Eagles or any other guns because you are a person prohibited. Then again what does a law abiding man need with the law anyway? According to some of the authors here it’s fine to be a criminal as a kid. It’s alright to go around killing folks regardless of their color and thinking that time alone makes it OK. What is the statute of limitaion on a murder? Cases of murder are supposed to be tried in a court, not public opinion. Craig and Tommy were together when they were 15 trying to do a burglary to get guns. Craig’s mom’s house in Wilmington and her garage was raided and all kinds of guns were found there. It was in the Wilmington paper. People need to stop trying to rewrite history. Facts are facts and it is facts that count not our uninform and in some cases downright prejudiced opinions.

  100. There has been a major development in the case against Thomas Gibison. Judge Teresa Sarmina just shocked everyone in her official Opinon to the PA Superior Court by admitting that she over sentenced Gibison by 10 years!!! Thats right. The combined maximum sentnce for both charges under 1988 law was 7 1/2 to 15 years. If you recall he was sentenced to 12 1/2 to 25 years. She has now come forward and admitted that the sentence she imposed is illegal since she it would exceeded the satutory max by a decade! But she did not do this because she’s a kind and honest judge who believes in the meaning of justice. She did it because she knew it would be discovered on appeal this winter. Gibison’s attorney had made it clear that he would be appealing that the sentence was both excessive and illegal. But at the time of sentencing the judge’s arrogance and bias towards Gbison prevented her from being rational. This move on her part is an attempt at damage control but its too little, too late. She made over 20 errors during the trial and sentencing. So right now Thomas Gibison’s sentence stands at 7 1/2 to 15. The illegal sentence of 12 1/2 to 25 years is being scrapped.
    Many of you have been confused as to why Gibison was acquitted of murder and hate crimes against Aaron Wood, yet be convicted of conspiracy to kill. Gibison was charged with conspiracy to kill Aaron Wood but thats not what he was convicted of. After being deadlocked for two days the jury sent out a question asking if the conspiracy charge was specific to Aaron Wood and only Aaron Wood. Obviously the answer was yes since the overt act of the conspiracy states, “shot victim” and then lists the victim as Aaron Wood. But this is not what Judge Sarmina told them. Due to her blinding hatred towards Gibison, she told the jury that Aaron Wood was not listed as the victim of the conspiracy. She further stated that they could acquit him of murdering Aaron Wood but convict him of conspiring to kill another unidentified, nameless, faceless, black man who has yet to be discovered. This was an outrage since in America you cant be convicted of “imaginary crimes” of victims that arent even identified. And for the record, Aaron Wood was named in the conspiracy and Judge Sarmina even concedes to this fact… despite her illegal instruction at trial when she angrilly stated that he wasnt named. When Gibisons lawyer showed the judge at sentencing that Aaron Wood was named in the “direct” murder conspiracy and that her insistance that the consp. was a “general” conspiracy to kill anyone was barred due to a 5 year statute of limitations in effect in 1989, her response was, “Then I guess on appeal you have a winning argument either way”. Well she was right and the Superior Court will also agree with her when they dismiss the entire conviction. In the United States it doesnt matter if your an EX-skinhead, a black panther or a member of the Rainbow Coalition…everyone gets equal justice under the law. Its too bad Judge Sarmina and DA Roger King ignored that right on June 2, 2008.

  101. Why should anyone care if this man, Tom, gets his conviction overturned? He will have to face did for the rest of his life to that defenseless man, that is if he has a conscious.

  102. If and when he hits the bricks again, like he’s ever going to give another thought to what happened. Next victim …

  103. Does anyone know if his conviction has been overturned?

  104. Would like to know if it was overturned as well.I was in a car years ago that Tom Gibison shot a .38 caliber gun into.The bullet wasn’t far from my head and went into the dash of the car.This also happened in 89′.When we went to court for this they had a table of weapons seized from him.I don’t know how the rest of his life went other than this trial but I don’t think very highly of this guy.

  105. It looks as though he could be out sooner than expected…

    A date for that hearing has not been set. Gibison could be eligible for parole in 2014 or earlier.

  106. any updates to his appeal

  107. Message From Blog Owner:

    I do not know why, but in the last few days I have received several very negative comments and emails about both Aaron Wood and Thomas Gibison. This is against my comment policy. My blog is to remember the victim, Aaron Wood. Not to sling mud at either person, especially since Gibison was not convicted of his murder. Therefore, I am shutting down comments here. People chose to be children rather than adults. I am sorry, but this is the way it is.

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