Chris Jenkins murder 10/31/2002 Minneapolis, MN

Chris Jenkins

Chris Jenkins Homicide: Someone Knows Something
Dive Team Tests For Clues In Jenkins’ Death
With Unyielding Resolve, Jenkins Sought The Truth
Jenkins’ Investigator Talks About Parents’ Pain
Police: Jenkins died after being thrown from bridge in 2002
Police: Jenkins Was Thrown From Bridge
Police say student’s river death ruled a homicide
Chris Jenkins case now ruled a murder
Chris Jenkins Murder
I-TEAM: Possible Suspect In Jenkins Killing
NBC’s Dateline covers Chris Jenkins murder mystery
Smiley face killers may be stalking college men

Dateline: What Happened To Chris Jenkins

4 Responses

  1. Chris disappeared on Halloween night, 2002. Please correct the date listed.


  2. My heart goes out to the Jenkin’s family. I hope you get the answers you need and that the person or people behind his death are brought to justice.


  3. Its been one year since the six people murder him and everyday i ask myseif why god? i knew pat for 7 years and

    the fact that six people got away with murder.

    the six people know what they did and if they had any

    decency they would admitt it
    i think the judges choice wase’t good

    and i strongly believe they should have gotten more time

    then what the judge gave them.

    and since im a good friend of his family my prays got out

    to them and his daughter who sadly one day learn her

    father’s death and see what kind of world we live in

    when people can kill a man and burn his body

    and get away with it

    but like the song by nickleback goes ” if everybody cared”



  4. I saw the show tonight about the Chris Jenkins
    story, and my daughter that went to UW Madison, Wi for four years definately thinks all of these
    young men missing have met with foul play,
    she said everyone gets wasted in Madison, but they don’t fall in Lake Mendota, ect. Is there
    any facts that might include a dark blue sedan
    like an old cop car, a rose colored hugh in the air,
    red brick street or walkway, with black wrought iron fence behind it, and someone looking like Freddie Fender with glasses???? I would go to great lengths to find out whatever happened to my child. Not sure if anything I invison could
    help or not. My prayers to the family.


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