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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Monsters Among Us: Diego Pillco killed actress/director Adrienne Shelly but made it look like suicide; All because she complained about the noise

Adrienne Shelly

Find-A-Grave: Adrienne Shelly
The Adrienne Shelly Foundation
Indie actress, 40, found dead in New York
Adrienne Shelly Dead of Unknown Causes
Star’s suicide was killer cover-up
Adrienne Shelly Update: Police Say It’s Murder, Not Suicide
Actress’s Death Is Ruled Murder, and Worker in Building Is Charged
Cops: Murder Of Actress Staged As Suicide
D.A.: Suspect admits he killed actress
Man charged with killing actress
Adrienne Shelly’s Murder Caused by Construction Noise Complaint
Construction worker: I killed Adrienne Shelly
Man in NYC Jailed Over Actress’ Death
Actress set off illegal’s ‘killer’ rage by calling him ‘S.O.B.’
Adrienne Shelly’s Murderer Pleads Guilty, Now Claims He Was Trying to Rob the Actress
Adrienne Shelly’s killer pleads guilty, gets 25 years
Adrienne Shelly’s husband slams killer before he’s sentenced to 25 yrs.
The Heartbreaking True Story of Murdered Actress Adrienne Shelly
Murderpedia: Diego Pillco

The Perfect Murder: Fade to Black



Identifying and Location Information
As of 06/21/17
DIN (Department Identification Number) 08A1607
Date of Birth 04/08/1987
Race / Ethnicity WHITE/HISPANIC
Custody Status IN CUSTODY
Housing / Releasing Facility COXSACKIE
Date Received (Original) 03/21/2008
Date Received (Current) 03/21/2008
County of Commitment NEW YORK
Latest Release Date / Type (Released Inmates Only)

Crimes of Conviction
Class B

Sentence Terms and Release Dates
Under certain circumstances, an inmate may be released prior to serving his or her minimum term and before the earliest release date shown for the inmate.
As of 06/21/17
Aggregate Minimum Sentence 0000 Years, 00 Months, 00 Days
Aggregate Maximum Sentence 0025 Years, 00 Months, 00 Days
Earliest Release Date 04/06/2028
Parole Hearing Date 02/2028
Parole Eligibility Date
Conditional Release Date 04/06/2028
Maximum Expiration Date 11/04/2031
Maximum Expiration Date for Parole Supervision
Post Release Supervision Maximum Expiration Date
Parole Board Discharge Date


59 Responses

  1. I hope this Pilco piece of illegal trash gets hanged by the balls from a shower rod!

    See what “diversity” can do to a culture? We let people in here from cultures which are diametrically opposed to ours and then they murder our most talented people. This rarely happens in ethnocentric countries.

    Karen Hughes
    Berkeley, CA

  2. No, Karen you’re absolutely right! In an ethnocentric society, the killers are of the same ethnic origin as the victim – I guess the WASPs who are killing other WASPs in North America are lesser felons because they share your european (‘Hughes’ tells it all) ethnicity (see Scott Peterson (now there’s a nice trustworthy name) – and eventually Reiser (blond, white, weallthy), Young (again blond, tall, good English name!), who are only under investigation for planning and carrying out the murders of their young , ethnically equal wives).

  3. Does anyone have any info on Plicos trial or conviction??

  4. You don’t go around calling people S.O.B.’s no matter how much money you have.

  5. james if that was the cruteria to being killed then the world would be empty. I just don’t understand what would make any person think that they could stage a suicide and think they could get away with it? What a world…… It is a world to be very scared of.

  6. This is really sad….it just goes to show you, that in today’s society, you have to be *really* careful HOW to talk to other people. I was always concerned about getting shot in a drive-by after flippin the bird at a moronic driver. Now I have to keep in mind to not piss off anybody – esp. in a private setting – or they may murder me and make it look like a suicide. There’s a lot of nut jobs out there, and they’re not all immigrants…

  7. It’s a sad tragic thing that happened. However, a lesson can be learned and that is to treat everyone how you would like to be treated. She called this Hispanic man S.O.B who comes from a strong Machismo Latin background. You just don’t do that regardless of the culture, race, gender and even class. We just need to learn to respect people despite of any differences we may have. Of course I don’t blame her, she is the victim, but one thing is for sure and that is if she would have had more respect for them man, she would have still been alive.

  8. Karen Hughes, shame on you! Especially someone who lives in a city that promotes cultural diversity. Regardless of what ethnicity each person was, this was a brutal crime and hopefully justice will be served.

  9. S.O.B.? Really? And exactly how do we know this? Ms. Shelly certainly isn’t here to tell us. I think that this should be completely discounted, unless one of you is ready to produce some other credible evidence of previous behavior to support it.

    I wouldn’t believe much of anything the killer had to tell us.

  10. What does it matter if he was illegal Karen? Let’s roll with your way of thinking and send all illegal immigrants and their descendants back to their countries of origin. Lets start with the people who came over on the Mayflower, illegally I’m sure, unless of course you want to argue that Native Americans wanted to be killed and have the land that they had lived in for many generations taken away. EVERYONE in this country is an immigrant and the most illegal are the white people who first stole the land and their white babies. So just be quiet and accept that there are good people and bad people no matter what country they are from, I mean just look at you.


  12. I just finished seeing the movie “Waitress” and as I was sitting back checking out the credits I see at the end “In Loving Memory of Adrienne Shelly” and I am thinking to myself what a bummer. Here is some who wrote, directed and starred in a decent movie and now she is dead. When I get home I start to do some searching about her death only to learned she was senselessly murdered. And then I read all these opinions from this blog about this and that and everyone’s point of view. How about the respect comments – those are priceless! How about the individual who committed the murder respecting the fact that someone asked them to quite it down, I guess that was too much to ask, and I am sure some words were exchanged like who are you to tell me to quite down. I don’t know about you but not too many people strike another without being provoked. So then the big mischimo as another wrote thought it was ok to hit back. I am not sure what culture you live in but I am pretty sure it is never ok to hit a woman. Then as for the illegal immigrant comments, how about the owner of the construction crew that was creating all the noise be charged for hiring an illegal that committed murder. He or she was trying to circumvent the law to save a little money on labor cost. And after everyone’s comments the only thing that remains fact is Shelly is still dead and was taken away from her husband, her child and her career because she asked someone to keep the noise down because she was working. I think there is medicine for people with cranial-rectumytis.

  13. I think it’s understandable in a situation like this for a person to harbor a prejudice and it’s human to blame a whole culture for the actions of someone from that particular culture and it’s most likely more prevalent for these views to be adopted when it’s a minority ethnicity involved in such a despicable crime. Of course, that doesn’t make it righteous, moralistic, or justified. That’s just the way our minds work to make sense of something senseless.
    I should also point out that minority and majority cultures are all relevant to a particular area. If your Caucasian in middle America, you’re most likely in the majority. But you fly to the Far East and you’re most likely a minority…
    The original poster is justified in her indignation at this piece of sh!t that killed Adrienne Shelly but to blame all Mexicans for one woman-beating cowardly murderer is, indeed, like convicting all of us white people for the Timothy McVeighs, Jeffrey Dahmers, and Scott Petersons of the world.
    I read a post recently on a feminist website that said justice wouldn’t exist in society until the freedom of speech of white males is taken away. (It was in reaction to some airhead who wrote/attempted a satirical editorial for the Central Connecticut State University newspaper called “Rape Only Hurts If You Fight It”) Anyhow, I split the difference and said that the jackass deserved to lose his position on the paper but that this one idiot’s actions shouldn’t lead to advocation for limitations on my freedom of speech.
    The real tragedy of the Adrienne Shelly case is the knee jerk tendency of certain human beings (from all races) to act or react to adversity with violence. People who can’t find other means of confrontation than to punch, stab, shoot, etc. really do show themselves to be of a limited intelligence and, consequently, limited options to handle the pressures that we all have to withstand as a fact of life. The sadness becomes overwhelming when we have to lose someone worthy of living at the hands of someone who is obviously a lower class of human. Stories like this are not homogeneous and they cut across all ethnicities, classes, sexes, and cultures. The damage done is irreparable and resonates beyond the huge and most significant loss of someone’s life and into the disturbing lesser ripples of prejudices like those invoked by the original poster.

  14. To all you misguided bleeding heartswho defend illegals, and are on Karen Hugh’s case, the simple truth is that if Pilco hadn’t been here ILLEGALLY, the talented writer and director Adrienne Shelly would be alive today! Oh yes, I agree that the business owner who hired him should be in jail also.

  15. I don’t think anybody is arguing that if Pilco hadn’t been here illegally then Adrienne Shelly would have died in some other manner. I also don’t think anybody is defending illegals. I think the “misguided bleeding hearts” that you’re mislabeling are attacking Karen Hughes because she’s deducing some common characteristic about a whole culture from the actions of one piece of sh!t from that particular culture and projecting some ignorant belief that multiculturalism is inherently dysfunctional. White America (and I’m one of them) doesn’t seem to mind if a Mexican puts a new roof on their home but do they then expect the Mexican workers to go hide in holes in the ground until its time to put a new roof on another house across the street?
    Is it possible to consider Pilco, no matter what provoked him, to be a worthless piece of crap for his actions and to also understand that most Mexican people are just like most American whites: good, hard-working, well-intentioned, and working class? Yes! That is possible. I’m living breathing proof that the mind can get itself around all of that at once.
    (And, completely off subject, I’ve got to ask before I go; is your last name Thorton?)

  16. To James who stated nobody should call someone else an s.o.b. – this is a stupid statement on so many levels. Is he suggesting that is what got this woman killed? Also – what proof do we really have that she even said this? Oh yeah, I forgot, we got that information from the really honorable guy that murdered her. Proof positive (that James should pull his head out of his ass).

  17. Illegal alien? What difference does it make. He was Illegal, period. He killed someone. She was, unfortunately for those of us who admire and respect the types, a brilliant writer and director. If there is a heaven, I hope she’s “Baking lots of pies with hearts in the center”. Bless her young daughter and husband.

  18. Two girlfriends and I saw “Waitress” Thursday evening. Of the three, only one of our group really knew anything about the movie’s premise or about the writer/director. Overall, we all went with an open mind and an open heart.

    Throughout the movie we laughed and cried, swore at Earl, and giggled with each letter that began “Dear Damn Baby…”. Little did we know that we would be in tears driving home because of the untimely and senseless death of Adrienne Shelly.

    My heart breaks for the little girl that will never know how much her mother loved her, or how it feels to have her mother’s arms wrapped around her when her heart is broken. I weep for the father that will have to one day explain to his daughter why her mother is not here.

    I hope that she might one day be able to find it in her heart to forgive this senseless act.

  19. Hey – not to defend the guy in any way, but apparently the actual reason he killed her was because he was worried about deportation after the assault.

    Just adding oxygen to the flames….

  20. I don’t think that defends him at all. The assault itself was enough to classify him as a ball of crap. To kill her over worry of deportation merely adds “extremely stupid” to the list of adjectives we can use to describe him. Now he’s being deported from his freedom for 25 to life.

  21. In reference to the arguement over whether the fact that this murderer was in the US illegally, I have to note that he stated that he made her death look like suicide because he was afraid he would be deported. Perhaps he acted in a more extreme way because of the added fear. However, whose fault is that? His. I have to wonder if peolpe who are living a life of crime (even if it’s only living somewhere illegally) put themselves in a position where they are more likely to act irrationaly out of fear and as a result cause even more problems. Had he not had that worry would she be dead? Maybe just hurt? I could be missunderstanding the story, but it seams that she was unconsious when he hanged her, not dead. Which means, out of fear that she would die and he would get caught, he went ahead and killed her and tryed to make it look like suicide. That is the perfect example of taking it too far out of fear. Again, I have to say that I blame him completely for puting himself in that state of fear and for his actions.

    That said, the idea that being confronted about noise is valid reason to physically even touch someone is completely out of line.

    I have to say, the idea that he was called an “s.o.b” (which inslulted him because of the reference to his mother) somehow sort of justifies his rage and reaction is straight crazy. Because, you know what? It is unacceptable in some cultures to insult one’s mother, yes, but it is definitely not acceptable to beat a woman and kill her. Period. The irony of protecting one woman’s reputation by taking another woman’s life is outrageous. There is no way that her insult was even remotely comparable to his insult in return.

  22. What’s really scary to me is that if Pillco was a little smarter to wipe his footprints off, they may have never found him!

    Also, if he has a criminal record in his home country, especially due to something violent, then he would never be allowed to immigrate to the US, which would make those who helped him enter the US illegaly guilty of “aiding and abetting”, right?

    As for his race, I think there are only two types of people: good and bad. We’d all love to see some sort of a clear sign that someone is evil, but those signs are not color of skin, origin, religion or anything similar.

    The more I read about this kind of horror, the more I believe that we should all have self defense classes from early on.

    My heart goes out to her husband and little daughter. And God bless those who caught the murderer.

  23. He made deportation more of a possibility now, than it would have been if he just left her alone and not attack her in the first place.

  24. Mayra,
    An illegal is someone is wasnt not born in this country nor filed the necessary papers to come here legally..So to say whites are here illegally too is pure bull because the whites that were here illegally are dead. Everyone White, Black, mexican that was born in this country is from this country. So therefore the illegals that are here is because they failed to follow the rules.

    The people that are here illegally make it hard for their race that are here legally and that isnt fair. Why should one person suffer for the actions of this illegal a**hole… I think it is great that people are filing the necessary papers to come here legally. To kill someone of the calling him a SOB and fear of deportation, is crazy. He would have had that fear if he had done it right. Not only has he hurt Shelley’s family, he has hurt his own family and disgraced his own race.

  25. I would have to agree with the people who are skeptical of the killer’s stated motive in this case. He can say anything. The facts are that he was physically linked to the murder scene before he was arrested. A sum of money in her possession was found in his possession. Do people who commit crimes out of anger and panic take the time afterwards to rob their victims? Adrienne Shelley came to several film festivals in here in Dallas and never once did she rail at anyone who had messed her over in her career when asked about them in Q and A sessions. She was always diplomatic and controlled. All of the films she directed were on a shoestring budget with crushing deadlines. There are no stories anywhere about her losing her temper and yelling at crew members or actors. At the time of her death she was still aglow about her recent film being accepted at Sundance. It must have been a hell of a headache to make her explode like that at a worker doing work that she and her husband had paid him to do. Because she is dead we will never know if she caught him stealing money or if he tried to sexually assault her and she resisted. Only his story survives.

  26. I just watched this film with my little one who lost her father. I loved this film but was also shocked that she died. I don’t remember hearing about this in the news. I must say that all the tragic events around this story is sad, uncalled for and a great loss. I am sad that some people in this big world have to be so ignorant as to the value of life. She was well on her way to a major stardom!! I will recommend this film ” the waitress” to all my friends. Hope they can make the proceeds of renting this to go directly to her family during this difficult time of loss.

  27. What is wrong with you people!?!> What does it matter what race he was or where he was coming from?! He murdered a human being!!! She called him an SOB ( so he sais!!!), so what!!! Does that give anyone the right to kill?!?!

  28. no way! the numbers tell it all. crime and prison numbers have increased many many fold since letting in millions of illegals from a lawless, backward, culture. It’s a culture based disgustingly on brutal machismo. They fight not for principles, way of life, land or self defense like the founding fathers, but for something as casual as a wrong glance or a name calling. They should be sent back where they came from, not paid $15/hr. to clean our housed, while they call us “stupid gringos” behind our backs. I can find an english speaking, decent, legal person for just a bit more. good riddance to bad rubbish.

  29. Let me get this straight. He killed her because he was scared of being deported??? Didn’t he think it he was ever caught that there are worse things than deportion, like, for instance, life in jail or a death sentence??? DUMB!!!
    But listen up people. It’s just not safe to yell at people and call them names. (not saying she did this)
    I always have a kind word and a smile, because you never know what people are going thru in their lives.

  30. good movie. sad real life ending.

  31. Can we please start securing our borders from the fucking Mexicans? What is going to take? To all the border crossers, WE DONT WANT YOU HERE!!

  32. One of the factors to consider about illegal border crossers is that they are criminals the moment they came to the US. This alone makes them they type of person more likely to commit crimes than the typical person from the same country. They are proven to disrespect the law.

    We need to rid the US of these lawbreakers no matter what the cost. We can generate enough on our own without the border filter that lets only proven criminals through.

  33. Waldo,
    Well said.

  34. I just saw Waitress and I too was shocked to learn that the tremendously talented screenwriter, actress, and mother who was responsible for this wonderful movie was a victim of yet another illegal monster who snuck into this country. Not only did the Arts lose a talented young woman in the prime of her life, but a young child had her mother taken away, and a loving husband lost his life-partner. How anyone can defend the scum Ecuadorian (not Hispanic, which is someone from Hispanolia!)
    unless one is a bleeding heart Liberal who feels sorry for all criminals and feels that criminals have problems and needs, just like normal people. Bull Crap! This guy was in MY country illegally, and if there was no promise of a job for these illegals they would go somewhere else. I for one do not hire anyone or any company to work on or around my house who has illegals on their payroll. I ask contractor right from our first meeting if their employees are in this country legally, and I have checked for green cards on occasion. So I talk the talk and walk the walk. If this Pilco scum had not been here illegally Adrenne Shelley would not have been killed, by him. Sure, she might have been run over by a dump truck or City bus, we don’t know that…but we do know how she DID die, by the hands of an ignorant criminal who had ZERO going for him. So what if Ms. Shelley was white and he wasn’t…and why do we have to respect his culture?? He was here illegally, he doesn’t have a culture…it’s back in Ecuador!! If every Jew in Nazi Germany met a stormtrooper at his door with a gun there probably wouldn’t have been a Holocaust…likewise, if we met every illegal at our border with a gun, there probably won’t be any more illegal aliens. This is not an isolated incident…just Google “crimes by illegal aliens”…there are dozens of web sites that track and report on this subject. Wake up America…the war on terror is here, and they do indeed walk and work among us!!

  35. Wake up.When you ask someone to pls be quiet and they start pounding the ground with a hammer and screaming.I think it is really OK to call them a son of a bitch after they follow you to you’r apt. and assault you physically.Paleeeeze.How could anyone say she did’nt have respect for him.Would you? Then he kills her.Cmon people!!! The guy was a monster.Shame on anyone who says her comment was’nt waranted.If she even made it.God bless her!

  36. To Shey LeRosen,

    Diego Pilco is Ecuadorian not Mexican. That means he is from Ecuador which is in South America.

    Please don’t assume things…not every person that speaks Spanish is from Mexico. Just as not all white people are British, not all black people are from Africa, not all Asian people are Chinese, and not all Native Americans are Cherokee.

    It’s a shame to see how ignorant, prejudice, and/or racist people are.

    To the family and friends of Adrianne Shelly,
    I am sorry that her death was sudden, and most painfully violent. I am also sorry that people have to use her circumstances as a way to justify and fuel their prejudice.

  37. To Anne regarding your note to Shey,

    Good call noticing that everyone assumed Diego was Mexican, however looks like you need to re read Shey’s comments.. he was attempting to call people out for the prejudiced remarks, not agree with them.

    To everyone else that made negative comments about entire groups of people, I know this may be too much to ask, but please please please try to grow a brain. You obviously have passion for your beliefs, don’t waste it on hate. It’s sad, cruel, and ignorant.

  38. There is so much more to this story than a disagreement about noise. Adrienne bless her soul, was reported to have struggled, and did not go down without a fight, as this jerk had a lot of scratches
    This meant physical altercation, hand to hand. Not a I hit this person, thought they died, and tried to cover it up.

    This was very sad for sure and yes, it is so scary to think that had he been a bit more careful, he may have gotten away with it all.

  39. HOW DARE ANYONE DEFEND THE MURDERER!!! People have a right to be angry as to the inhuman act that he committed. Who cares about this fight over ethnicity and what not, a person’s life was taken and it wouldn’t have happened if the illegal immigrant had not come into the country. This is not HATE! It’s the rules and regulations that all countries follow in order to account for people’s actions. Illegal immigrants live in fear from being found out, which raises the stakes if she threatened to call the police. Every citizen in the United States deserves to live in peace. American citizens should not live in fear from illegal immigrants. I am appalled at how this bulletin is posted as an argument over this. We should celebrate her life and she made such a beautiful and wonderful movie in Waitress. She obviously was spreading the message that people of little means can be happy and make a life for themselves. How dare anyone be upset about comments of this illegal immigrant. His feeling should not be accounted for, not because he’s an illegal, but because he’s a murderer.

  40. TO MARYAN:

    The fact the you bow down to Machismo thinking is a little old school, don’t you think. I will call you an S.O.B because you are. How dare you say that she would not have been murdered if she was to keep quiet. If the illegal wasn’t in this country she wouldn’t have been murdered. If his sorry ass parents would have educated him, he wouldn’t have murdered. Stop posting comments. It is you who is uneducated and ignorant.

  41. Wow! A whole year later.
    What a terrible way to go, All because of a communication breakdown!
    Illegal, non, white, hispanic, male, female, who gives a #*^/%! We all have to communicate better! Have any of you seen “Babel” or “Crash”? When are we going to educate? Cable T.V. should show courses on communication. Not lack of it like on those reality shows! One class in college taught me so much. That’s all I’ve got to say.

  42. I just rented the movie waitress, and like another reader I was bummed when I saw that the writer, director and actress Adrienne Shelly was deceased. Then, no one mentioned how she died in the memorial piece the DVD contained. So I went to the internet for more information, and was appalled to find out how Adrienne Shelly died. How brutal a reality for a husband and child to have to deal with the rest of their lives! Now I know why I cried at the end of the movie when Keri Russell and Adrienne’s very own little baby girl walked off towards happiness. What a great loss for us all. As far as the other blogs about immigrants, name calling, and murder. . . God help us all.

  43. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you’re background is, or what offensive name someone calls to your face, murder is undeniably atrocious. I hope that Shelley’s memory is served well and that this man receives his proper punishment. No person should lose her life and no child should grow up motherless due to someone’s “bad day” or inability to control their temper. There is no acceptable way to place blame on anyone but the man who committed this horrible crime! on another note, however, this incident should in now way have any bearing on the status of any immigrants in this country, legal or not. This isolated incident concerns the malignant character of one individual and not the legitimacy of a heterogeneous group of people.

  44. Ed,
    Damn. So tell us how you really feel.
    I won’t say that all illegals are scum. That’s far from the truth. But I do agree we need to protect our borders way better than what we are doing.

  45. I understand that the perp at his trial admitted his guilt and copped a plea. Does anyone know what he got? Could he be out in 15 years!? I just read today about an illegal in MN who ran a stop street, bashed into a school bus and killed four innocent young children! There have been a spate of car accidents lately where illegals are killing our citizens on OUR roads. Adrienne Shelly is just one of the many victims of this epidemic of carnage and mayhem caused by these lawbreakers. It blows my mind that neither party wants to address the problem and all they care about is getting the Hispanic vote! what a way to run a country!

  46. Wow..some of comments on here are unbelieveable. If Adrienne Shelly wasn’t an actress etc her death would be just another unjust sick murder. And blaming culture and other races is not only a racist comment but a unfair one and the mentalitity of people who think like this is the reason this world is in just a sick mess. I just saw her movie waitress which was great and I was saddened to hear that she had been murdered. But I sure didnt start to condemn a whole race of people.
    And start looking in your own back yard before you start going on about “not wanting them people in your country”
    I have just one word for those who dont like to be invaded. “Iraq”

  47. To David from January 19, 2008. You are assuming Adrienne’s death was caused by a breakdown in communication and did so based on the murderer’s story. I have a healthy habit of not believing a murderer’s story at face value and give no merit to his version of events. She went down with a fight, God bless her soul.

    As for Pilco, I don’t care about his race, religion, culture, gender, or flossing habits: he took a beautiful life that he had no right taking, and took the warmth and love of a mother forever away from a beautiful little girl. Had it not been for one small mistake of him leaving his footprints, we would all be left with the impression that this wonderful person chose to take her own life.

  48. Oh, and, to further prove my point, I found this in Wikipedia under “Adrienne Shelly”:

    Diego Pillco entered his guilty plea February 14, 2008. He said that, contrary to his original story, Shelly had not complained about noise, but rather had found him stealing money from her purse and had threatened to call the police. Pillco received 25 years in prison without parole when he was sentenced on March 6.


    God’s blessings, grace, and peace on the family of Adrienne Shelly.

  49. I just watched waitress and learned that Adrienne Shelly was murdered. I wanted to find out how and was brought to this page. I am disgusted by some of the comments that are posted here. To think that people are bringing up the possibility the Shelly called pilco an S.O.B. If someone was stealing from me i would do more than that. How do you talk to someone who is stealing from you? I guess you need to use your manners and call him sir. No matter what she called him it does not in any way give him the right to take her life.
    manteca CA

  50. God bless Adrienne and her family.


  52. All the debate over illegals aside, let’s just get back to the heart of the matter.

    Adrienne is gone now, and her daughter has no mother. It wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t allow illegal entry into this country. And we do allow it. As a mater of fact we encourage it, which is a sickness in it own right.

    The ‘Mayflower’ was a long long time ago, and long before the immigration laws were written. The simple fact is, those of you who would defend illegals in this country are the dirt bags. This little girl no longer has a mother, and if this f**king illegal a**hole wasn’t in the country to begin with she would still be with us.

    I have no problem with people coming here legally, as long as they do it right and follow the laws. No one says they’re perfect, but there what we have right now. So, I agree. Ship all the illegals back to where they come from.

  53. This cowardly little thieving punk should be kicked in the balls until dead.

  54. I have just watched this movie created by this wonderful lady. There has been so much work and creative talent put into this wonderful masterpiece. I wish all the best to her husband and family and hope that her memory will live in all our hearts as we treasure those times when she was alive on this earth and had given us something to think about. I remember at the end of the movie she said be happy and she just wants the good to come out! We as a family have been through so much tragedy and I guess we feel a lot of love for Ms Shelley’s family. Thank you for bringing such a great person to touch our lives. With gratitude to you and gods blessings be upon your family.
    Sincerely. From the land of the long white cloud(NZ)

  55. Shut the f**k up Matt,

    You’re probably a little white punk. Seriously when you wrote that the “Mayflower was a long time ago” it still effected the life of thousands of people that lived here before those stupid white colonists. It is disrespectful to forget that the Native Americans are still paying the consequences of the arrival of the Mayflower and every other ship filed with greedy white people that took over this continent.
    So how about you ship yourself right back where you and your ancestors came from? If it bothers you that I’m generalizing right now i have proved my point. Don’t ever generalize or stereotype people! You little know it all.

  56. Billybob it’s not fair to attack the politicians even if I agree they DO have to kiss certain people’s asses to get the job if you want ot tattack anybody atack the jizzhole who committed this brutal,sick crime and the jizzhole who hired him. It’s a known fact that a good number of illegals are criminals escaoing their own country for crimes there so if don’t like them coming here then protest the a-holes who hire them for cheap labor and protest your local congressmen and women for better protection[and money] for our borders.

  57. I wasn’t really familiar with Adrienne Shelly, but I remember seeing something about a year ago that mentioned how “Waitress” had gained aclaim after it’s writer/star’s death, and I looked up.
    The story is too sad. I’m an actress too and have done a few indie films. and to see someone so talented die is sad. I mean it’s sad when anyone dies and even sadder when they are brutally murderd. I did not know Adrienne, but she was a beautiful woman and a talented actress, and it makes me sad that her little daughter will never get the chance to know her, because of the monster that did this. I cry for Adrienne and her family, I cry for all these vicitms and their family.
    Rest in Peace Adrienne, you are very inspirational to me.

  58. RIP Adrienne…..You are missed by many and you will never be forgotten……

  59. ummm, excuse me, to teh ding-bat who ammonced ILLEGAL IMMAGRANTS PAY TAXES? I don’t think so to the clearly racist senstive person who commented they do. Why do you think the whole country is so pissed off. I can’t go to Mexico or England or France or canada and nor would I want to LIE. It’s wrong and it’s bad karma. The whole world is nuts. What I don’t get is how a man could do this over a name calling incident. COME ON. MURDER? that is some serious latent socio-pathic rage that has been dormant for many, many years. That poor woman and her husband and mother and child. Terrible, terrible, terrible. I am so sick of the male ego, seriously, he will pay for this in this lifetime and then some.

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